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Essex County Republican. (Keeseville, N.Y.) 1839-1989, May 11, 1951, Image 10

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iPACBB TEN '. • ~& \ COUNTY REPUBLICAN, MAY 11, 1951 V ! - * V* K 20th Birthday of CmbU Giving Wing$ to Video 1G0OD NEIGHBORS' The recent 20th anniversary of the Invention of the coaxial cable sys- tem found the two Bell Telephone laboratories engineers who invented It comparing their first experimental jpodel with the newest type, of the cable which today transmits televi- sion programs as well as telephone messages. Lloyd Espenschied (left) holds a section of the early, experimental fable, installed in 1929. Hi* pbileague, lierman A. Affel, holds a section of the modern, eighi-tube cable now fceing installed in the Bell System's Expanding coaxial cable network. \ By the end of 1950, approximately 12,000 miles of coaxial cable are ex- pected to be installed, furnishing heavy-capacity communication pipe- lines between vir$u*Uy *11 the large cities in the East, Middle West and Pacific Coast. Today's cable can tarry wftenuK taneous telephone fcbnveisaiioni oi jwo video programson e%php$ir of pie eight tubes, £M#%ec*rtHiW%ncesr' *t the Laboratories are expected to -it teast double, and possibly triple this capacity. Mobile Voiceways Aid •?» In Mammoth Copper Are the 153 Telephone Companies in N. Y. Statewide Service Life is happiest when neighbors swap courtesies and cooperate in ser- vices. That applies not only to people individually but to organizations such as those providing telephone service in New York State, in the opinion of Edward V. Moran, general agent of the New York Telephone Company's Upstate area, at Albany. Ill his capacity Mr. Moran heads a group whose full-time job is getting along with neighbors—the 152 other telephone companies in the State with which his company connects in rendering Statewide service. Some of these telephone neighbors are big, others small. The New York Telephone Company operates more than 4,600,000 telephones. The Roch- ester Telephone Corporation, the na- tion's biggest independent company. serves about 170,000 telephones, and the Upstate Telephone Corporation of New York operates more than 33,000 telephones in large areas of seven counties in the Adirondack region. The smallest of the New York companies is the Cameron Mutual Telephone Company, which serves only four telephones. Neighborliness between the com- panies finds its most frequent expres- sion in everyday things like ironing out wrinkles in operating procedure, states Mr. Moran. More spectacular, however, was the expression when fire destroyed the central office of the Cape Vincent Telephone Company. Then the Lewis & Hall Telephone Company of Manlius supplied a needed switchboard and crews of the New York Telephone Company pitched in, helping to install the board, so Cape Vincent's service was restored in 48 hours. New Congo Radio Service Bring* Jazz to Jungles A new radio service to natives in the Belgian Congo, which,, has been inaugurated in six local dia- lects under the direction of native announcers and technicians, is displacing the old system of tom- toms as a means of communica- tion in the jungle. The National Geographic Society, announcing this new step forward, also hinted that the throb of distant drums in the Congo will probably be ac- companied now by trumpets and saxophones of modern orchestras. Drum communication has a lan- guage of its own, with each blow representing a spoken syllable The drum itself, hollowed from a hardwood tree, is limited to two tones—the result of cutting the wood thicker on one side than on the other. But these tones, pro- duced by good drummers, can \spell out 1 ' surprisingly complex messages. NEW CENTER IN NETWORK FOR LONG DISTANCE CALLS A major addition to the nation's network for expediting long distance telephone calls by operator toll dial* ing was placed in service with the recent opening of the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company's oew long distance center in Boston, This sixth major control point in the network, together with the other New England communities tied into it through Boston, brings to about 600 the number of cities and towns in the United States to which long dis- tance calls can be dialed by the oper- ator. All told, approximately 30 per cent of the Bell System's long dis- tance calls are now handled in this manner. During its first year of operation, the mobile radiotelephone on the New York Central Railroad's crack passenger train, the \Twentieth Cen- tury Limited.' 1 handled 5.288 calls. Conservation Department Mastic Fire Plan Includes Modern Radio Equipment Under a state conservation depart- ment master fire plan, Adirondack area rangers soon will guard against forest fire outbreak with mobile and hand radio transmitters. Bids on 77 pieces of equipment, including walkie-talkies, small trans- mitters and mobile transmitters will be opened Thursday by the conser- vation department's Division of Standards and Purchases. Included in the lists are 23 six- pound battery-operated, portable pack type AM two-way radios; 22 battery-operated AM two-way 50 pound radios for use in fire towers; 26 two-channel transmitters and re- ceivers for truck duty and five larger receivers and transmitters for use in district stations. The radio controlled fire fighters will be directed from a department 'airplane or a fire tower. tangier *On the Line* The international city of Tangier, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar in North Africa, is the latest addition of cities of the world that can be reached by Bell System radiotele- phone from the United States. Calls between the Moroccan seaport and this country are routed via Madrid, Spain, and New York City. The Bell Telephone Company of | Canada installed its 1,500,000th tele- \ phone recently, marking the addition of half a million telephones in four Tears. Power Mowers Hand Mowers Good allowance for your used mower. Francis N. Young Peru, $. Y. Phone 2-2543 DANCE ; Every Saturday Night At The North Country Club with CUFF JAMISON'S QUARTET and JAM SESSION Every Sunday Evening On Route US9 8:00 O'clock to 12 Midnight Keesevilte, N. Y. 'Phone 146-W For Commercial Printing Call 50, K'ville lights mirror or kitchen counter. Chromium bock plate, outlet, switch. A- 1 * for V-445-Ca J 2 .48 '. '* 1- light ventilated ceiling unit, vhromium holder, sparkling Crystal bottom. Ask £O O9 for J-1608 $6.£3 Down tight for mirror counter. Pull chain, outlet, *nomeled gloss, prismatic crystal bottom. Ask for V-53-CO/3201 Shallow 2-light unit. Enanv •led glass, crystal bottom. 11' spread. Ask for v-uii ... Plattsburg Electric SupiJy, Inc. 327 Cornelia Street Plattsburgk, N. Y. \THE HOME OF UGHTING FIXTURES\ The world's largest open-cut cop- per mine, in Bingham Canyon near Salt Lake City, is using the mobile f -telephone ~.in™operating its_ electric ore-carrying and maintenance trains. -- This system, installed recently by the Mountain States Telephone and ^Telegraph Company, consists of four land stations- and mobile equipment in,six electric^iocomoU^ts, two r^il \speeders\ and in the \iiihe superin- tendent's automobile. The service is expected to speed up repair and maintenance wo*k in the mini, Vhfift has 140 miles of tracks running along 43 different levels. Start Your -^ -a*\ . She's Operator, Mayor Too , The first woman mayor of Teter- boro, N. J., recently appointed by the community's borough council, is Mrs. Vera Martucci, 36, a supervising Iterator at the Hasbrouck Heights telephone exchange. She plans to %tick to her job with the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company and devote her spare time to duties of being mayor of the community of 40 resi- vdents. f OP SERVICE MARK HELD BY ALBANY ?HONE WORKER \ James H. Thompson of Albany, •*. Y., recently captured the top long service spot among the 73,000 em- ployees of the New York Telephone Company. A bookkeeper in the audi- tor of disbursements office for the Jjpstate area of the company there, Jim recently began his 51st year of employment. - \We did it th* hard -way then,\ Jim reflects concfrnfcg bookkeeping In 1899, when he started as a mes- senger with the^Hudion River Tele- phone Company. It «as the era of 'steel pens, eye shades, high stools •iftnd long working hours. He recalls Jhat bills were then written in long j WORK-SAVING/MODERN y^^ KITCHEN TODAY SHOP...SAVE...STORE V\..\ Oily your choke of 9 •>• sink mockls—iin. f «l* or double ^ drainboard—big storage space— fvtt rang* of price*. » kMMBMIMa TTTTT] ______ -rnnnr Q mmmmm €> 1 ONLY A FEW DOLLARS A MONTH ON EASY F.H.A TERMS BOM cabinets with maximum work- surface, big ftor- og« space, roomy drawers. Tops available in block, fd, gr—n, tan, pwt*>*-or wiro no* pie cuffing board. Now is the Time let Us Tell You about the Easy Payments—Give Yourself up to 2 hours of Freedom Every Day with a beautiful step-saving American Kitchen I -* » • > ** • Another telephone employee who ^completed almost 51 years of service §was Edward F. Murphy of Flushing, .^L. L, who retired on April ,30. Eddie 'served the New York company in its .^Manhattan area since 1898. Then it Hiad only 1,600 employees and some -16,000 telephones, compared with the present total of 4.600,000. i- Eddie's family has to date con- tributed 165 ye*» of service in the company. His late faflber had 37 years •€>f service, which his brother is now 'matching. Two oi his sisters and hi* two daughters have also been em- ployees. 'f- The two cities with the greatest inumber of telephones in the world, \ fmre New York and Chicago with f 2,768,600 and 1,460,400 telephones, respectively, at tlie beginning of this Wall cabinet*, no- tice the smooth, -ctea In 30 or 1ft rich beta**. AIM) big irtUHy respectiely, a gg year. The two cities have more tele- phones than France, Italy and Spain .combined. You too, may get out of the kitchen— spend more time with your children, save yourself youth-robbing kitchen drudgery —by getting your American Kitchen now. This w the kitchen women want most— beautifully designed—wiA mem work- saving features than any other kitchen in America. American Kitchen Sinks and Cabinets combine to fit any shape, any size kitchen —solve anv architectural* problem. Well help you plan your kitchen now. 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This compact home freezer with over eight cubic feet of inodern frozen storage has the amazing \sloping .' front\ ... exclusive Philco design which pats 70$ of storage space above **knee level* 9 ... permits you jo stand closer... eliminates excessive bending rand stooping... safely stores hundreds of pounds ; of frozen foods in two compartments. New Philco \' -'easy-lift\ storage baskets life right out of the freezer. Temperature control provides setting for \sharp freezing\ or *zero storage\. Model FH-81. - * jm- $330.00 ,J;-^. if: „ i At the beginning of tliis yeacr, there ! m an estimated total of 25,000,000 ; ^e}ephone subscribers in the United , States. The nation's estimated total '. <rf telephones was 38^00.000. * s , Kearly M per cent of ail Bell Syf- %em toll and lon^ distance calls are mm put through by the operator while the callin* per»on holds the This is a nr^ hi^h record. The Beli Systerr. has increased the sujnber erf its telephones nearly 50 per cent sxaee V-J Day. compared with Z5 per cent elsewhere in the -3d I A\ HENRY PATTNO & SON Phone 51-J AuSable Forks, N. Y. JBRAGGBROS. Phone 904 \ . Tlattsburgh, N. Y. V A.N. MONTVTLLE Phone 131 . *We»tport, N. Y, ^ dealers listed below are competent advisors in planning* the kitchen Ao give hest efficiency in your home. Consult them for free advice and l>enefit bv their experience. - '* * , .--*• PRESCOTT BROS INC. ^ 1 ^Phone'lSS > Keeseville, N. Y. : J. H. GILBO & SONS •phoneJ41 «^ Port Henry, N. Y. ROWLEY - MERO, CO. ^hone 4261 . WiDsboro, N. Y. a 7

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