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PAGE EIGHT KATONAH BECOBD, FRIDAl, PBCEMBEB gg, 1M2. MOUNT KISCO. ' 1S«S> 1922 Tin- annual uniou Christmas ser­ vic e thio year will be held In the Methodist Churth. o n Sunday evening K<>\ J T VanBurkalow will preach the sermon A program of special ( hrlstmas music will be rendered Mls.i Horn Gulnand Is home from Drew Seminary fo r the holidays Frank Cronlc' s SIDIIP I S JUKI n bit more winning now to keep company with that newly painted store front of the John F Woodruff C o .lames Lnracy die d a t the Northern Winchester Hospital o n Monday of Injuries received when the large boll cr on the llunlen place exploded last week, killing Matthew J O'Brien The body was sent to the home of his sister In New York ADAMS DEPARTMENT STORE LATE SHOPPERS WILL FIND SPECIAL BARGAINS AT OUR STORE. TOYS, DOLLS, FANCY GOODS AND NOVELTIES AT KEDITED PRICES. SEND IN YOCK GROCERY ORDERS EARLY SATUR­ DAY MORNING FOR VOIR (' II RISTM AS DINNER SUPPLIES. CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY, THE 25th. Carols will be sung about the large ( hnstmai tree on the Episcopal lawn .in Sunday evening at G 30 The tree will be trimmed with eloctrlr lights HI various colors fo r the occasion BEDFORD HILLS, N. Y. RUM IN AUTOMOBILE TANKS Joseph E , Merrtam has sold fo r Ito - bi-rt B and William It Stewart their property a t No 127 Maple Avenue, opposite the estate of John V Culyer, which consists of a goo d siz e plot of ground, a seven room and bath reil dence with al l Improvements and a garage Tile purchaser was Kugene Havana Chauffeurs 8ald to Be Using It Becauee It Is-Cheaper Than Gasoline. AB0VEB0ARD WITH THE BOYS William H . Morgan's Remarks to Woman Who Questioned Habi t of Smoking. ANNUAL MJEETINQ V . I. 80CIETY. (Continued from first page) vi Ju all nd has been a great interested in oui William H Morgan, who conducts one of the best boys\ I 'amps I n Maine, has studied human nature I n both boys and men. and knows Just what to expect of people. The mother of as station agent I n M t Kisco In place of Mr Deacon, who recently retired A. report In the Scientific American haa It that the taxlcabs o f Havana are running on whut our forefathers knew as rum—though of the dena­ tured variety. They are using It be- a boy at his emmp noticed thnt sev - cauae It la SO nej seat cheaper than ^ ernl o f the Instructors smoked and gasoline, and It I s the product of f she wondered If this wasn't setting a Skully formerly of Patterson, who has b]nck8trap molnsse3i whJcn lg Just [ bad example to growing boys. Mr. been transferred from that place t o act | now a arug on market This by - ' Morgan replied, remarks Colllert: product o f cane sugar i s overflowing \Regardless of what we may think tho storage tanks; by turning It Into] about the propriety o f smoking, we automobile fuel, taxi rates havp been; are obliged to recognize the fact that cut, the minimum pow being 20 cents., the majority of active men do smoke. This cut I s sold to have been author-, if you select Instructors who do not lzed by the mayor at the request of ! smoke you limit your field ard may the cabmen themselves, who hope by have to do without other desirable this means to popularize this mode of qualities. Or if you ask men accus- traveL . | tomcd to smoking suddenly to change The superabundance of blackstrap | their hnbtts oud do without tobacco molasses has given them their oppor- 1 for two months, the chances are that tunlty, and overybody and his wife they win slip away and smoke when ore riding I n state. Jamaica, too , I s nobody I s looking. The boys are planning an Installation near Kings-' bound to leam of this and then they Recognition o f Chrysanthemum. It was early In the Nineteenth cen­ tury that the chrysanthemum began to attract attention In England, al ­ though It had been Introduced some jenr> before . Of ft BUilden It gained fimiicDse favor One writer of the dav Raid- \Like the roses of China, chrysanthemums soon escaped from the cuiiservatorli 'R of the curious and II •• rapidly spread themselviVi over ever y part of the island, filling the ulmlmis of the cottages and the piirtiTrci of the opulent with their au - tiinml y be/1 titles, that now vie with tin' china aster In variety of color and glurj \ ton for the conversion of rum Into Industrial alcohol The first consign­ ment to be treated would be one o f have the example o f men doing things on thp sly , which I s infinitely more harmful than the example o f smoking 800,000 gallon* the splilts being would be I don't core anything about shipped to Canada and elsewhere XMAS SPECIALS 50 Cent Sale V (JRAPE FRUIT for .50 17 ORANGES for .50 1 Peck SPINACH for . .50 4 His. CRArVBEREfrES for .50 4 lbs. CHESTNUTS for ... .50 Fish Every Friday. Special orders for fish should be send to UB before (j o'clock Wednesday night smoking myself but I do light a clga- I rette occasionally heforo the boys so I that they won't think that maybe I | smoke only In secret. Nothing I s so 1 Important for a boy as to learn to do I whatever he does do In the open.\ Tri e Teaching Spirit One o f the most Important things a training school can do I s to get teach- I era Into the spirit of their Jobs. Train­ ing schools cannot send out teachers Imbued with the spirit o f their Jobs, having pride In their profession, and a belief in tenchlng as a life career unless they develop a love and con­ secration to their work. Tt I s the lack o f this spirit which is responsible for the unwillingness o f young teach­ ers to do the work of the rank and file, and diplomas should hp refused those who lack It.—Principal Olive, Junes. New York city \If you are satisfied, tell others, If not, tell us\ FIFTH DIVISION MARKET Antonio Felice, Prop. Corner Valley Road and Katonah Ave., KATONAH Mutes Hold Congress. The Latin lov e o f gesticulation had full piny In Rome a t the first n o tlonnl congress of deaf-and-dumb Ital Inns, the delegates to which repre sent 40,000 deaf mutes throughout the country Eloquent and lengthy- speeches were delivered, but not a sound was heard The speakers used only their fingers. The congress wants compulsory free education fo r al l their kind. been most actlv satisfaction to village Regular -monthly meetings have been held by the Executive Committee with a good attendance, and work of real value to the community has been accomplished by the several commit­ tees i The Entertainment Committee ar ­ ranged a series of entertainments— given last winter,—which were great­ ly enjoyed These entertainments were not arranged with a view to raising money but to afford pleasurable diver­ sion. The report from the Committee shows that tho proceeds about met the expenses. The Carnival Committee, I think needs no special mention The success of that undertaking speaks for Itself I shall now read the reports of the Committees, in which I s shown In­ creased interest i n al l that pertains to the welfare o f the community. Miss Agnes Hunt, » Secretary o f Katonah V I . S . My dear Miss Hunt The report of the Finance Commit­ tee of the V. I. S. i s necessarily a re­ petition to soma extent of the Treas­ urer's report and will therefore he brief. The first matter o f business trans­ acted by the Committee, was-the adop - tion of the following budget for the year- Rent $300.00 Salary of Libarian 300.00 Janitor Service . 87 6(1 Parks, Trees and Shrubbery 460.00 Coal 125.00 Light —.. 35.(KJ Books and Magazines .. . 10 0 0 0 Printing .... 25.00 Repairs, etc .. . 5 0 n o Incidentals 12 7 5 0 Total *i,eoo.oo The Committee was sub-divided, with Mrs Nelson chairman of one section, and- Mr Covey chairman of the other section The first named committee arranged for a series of cake sales and a bridge whist party, which netted the Society $169.90 and $106.SO respectively M this time it was deemed advisable, ow Ing to the lack of funds In the hands of the treasurer, to solicit member ship in the - Society by letter Also the matter of a Street Carnival was proposed Mr. Covey, as chairman of the membership section, received from dues Sethis time ...... $217.00 and from BjkssHfalM^ 278.00 Total i.,, v $4515.01) A very succesatol Street Carnival was held i n September with receipts as follows - Total re'oipts afcer expenses had been paid and turned over to the Treas­ urer by the Chairman $1,931 4 3 Received since J:\. S 7 5 gest, Saturday Evening Post, Youths' Companion and St. Nicholas. Those given us regularly Atlantic Monthly, Foods and Markets, Monthly Review o f Credit and Business Condi­ tions, Extension Service News, Nab Catholic Welfare Council, Telephone Review, Independent and Friends In ­ telligencer, Forestry, Sea Power, Bird Lore, Natural History, Conservation­ ist and Country Gentleman. May we take this opportunity to heartily thank al those who have EO helped us in supplying the public with interesting reading? It is much ap predated Thanks are due also to Mlzs Hunt for he/ - never-failing spirit of co-operation I n the work. It seetnB fitting at this time to sny a word of appreciation i n memory of Mrs. Alfred F Avery, who was a moat efficien t member o f this committee fo r many years—from 189 1 until her d\ parture from this village Her council was always wise, and her faithfulness to the work untiring Respectfully submitted fo r the Com­ mittee, ELIZABETH C . ARNOLD. Chairman Katonah, Dec. 15th, 192 2 Katonah, N Y , December 14 . 1122 To the President and Members of the Katonah Village Improvement So ­ ciety: The Publicity Committee begs to re port that I t has endeavored in pynry way to give publicity to the activities of the Society and to call attention to the advantages o f membership and <U drives tor this purpose, to give aa nouncements o f Its meetings nnd en tertalnments. and to advertfi^ al l functions held under the auspices of the Society Your committee w-ould take this op portunlty of expressing It s apprecip tion o f the courtesy shown by , and tht co-operation of, the local newspapers whenever called upon to give public­ ity to matters pertaining to the So ciety. Respectfully submitted. FOWLER G PECK. Chairman These reports Bhow conclusively th; splendid work accomplished and I nri sure the Society will be inspired to put forth extra effort to make the coming year 8till \etter Respectfully submitted, MISS AGNES HUNT, Secretary Study your income, your family aud your surroundings, then make a bud­ get to guide your expenditures for next yoar. Bulletin H 12 4 from the State College o f Agriculture at Ithaca will help you True to Type. Bfx men-, able survivors of. wreck, were cast upon a desert Isle, wnere\ they abode for some months, till a man-of-war took them off. In his log the captain .o f the warship noted the racial characteristics of the six thus: The two Irishmen bad fought every day for the whole' time o f their so ­ journ. The two Englishmen hod not spoken to each other because they had not been properly Introduced. The two Scots had started a Caledonian so­ ciety. Bird Bleesed by th* Savior. A medieval legend I s that the cross ­ bill, a bir d o f the family o f finches, whose bill is peculiarly formed en­ abling It to extract' substances deeply Imbedded, worked at the thorns o f -Christ's crown, seeking to extract them and It s plumage became stained with blood. For this act of mercy i t was blessed by the dying Savior. Meandering Trout Stream., Did you ever follow a trout stream np a mountain? I f you did, you fonnd it a longer tramp than you would have supposed. For a broo k that. If i t bid run In a straight line, would have been about three miles long,* made so many turns and deviations that It traversed ten o r twelve miles I n all . Making a Mothe r 8mlie. One evening I was dressed I n a new yellow party gown when my ten-year- ol d SOD remarked, \Mother you look Just like gold to me,\ whereupon, my four-year-old son said: \You look like a nice blg~~ bowl of custard \to \me.\ Custarr} I s his favorite dessert.—Chi­ cago Tribune. OOOD SCHEME. Doing- your Cnrlitmaa shop­ ping early, ain't you Jonas? Well, yon\ see I, want to git my wife's Christmas present before my creditors git around to buy­ ing their wife's presents. Christmas Trees and Stockings. Two Christmas practices, both ol d and very pretty, that have come down to us are the Christmas tree nnd the hanging up o f children's stockings on Christmas eve. Each provides a way of making gifts, and the way provided by the stockings I s especially pleasing to children Perhaps It I s going out , but i n homes where It Is still followed there are delighted children on Christ­ mas morning when the mysteriously- filled stockings are examined I n some­ thing like awe blended with great pleasure. The Christmas ti«e sur­ vives, and no Christmas school festi­ val I s complete without one, brilliant with light* and, loaded, with presents, presided j o^er„ ; b/ a merry yet rener- able: Santa Olius.. , , • Paid out since i $1,940.1 8 by Treasurer 15 no Leaving a total $1,925 IS Received from School District for LIbiary Fund 150.00 KATONAH HALL PICTURES AT 7:00 AND 9:00 P. M. Friday and Saturday, December 22nd and 23rd HARRY CAREY IN \MAN TO MAN\ You will want to jump out of your seat when you see that mad stampede bearing down upon you—thousands of fire-crazed steers, rushing and careening right into the lens of the camera' And a man and a girl, apparently hopelessly caught in the thick of their onrush! A thrill 9 Such a one as you never saw nor felt before! And then—thrill on thrill—a terrific battle in the mountains by the man and his sweetheart against odds which seemed hopelessly uneven! A climax that will hold you breathless until the iast minute, and make you wish for more' AESOP'S FABLE PATH^ NEWS ADULTS 45c CHILDREN 20c SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOW LON CHANEY in \THE TRAP\ And Comedy \Snooky's Blue Monday\ Admission 45 Cents Children 20 Cent* $2,075 IS Sum total receipts..« $2,846.8 3 With thanks to the residents o f Ka tonab and members of this Society and particularly nembcrs of the Commit­ tees who so ably assisted financially and otherwise in the maintaining a credHable bii' mce for the year 1922 , I am Very truly yours, F H WILLIAMS, Chairman To Robertson T. Barrett, President K.itonah Village Improve­ ment Soc'Bty. # Dear Sir ' \ The Library Committee beg to re ­ port that the Library has been opened every day during the year from 4 to 7 p. m and on Saturdays until 8 p m., and It gives us-jnucn pleasure to note thp fict that ItaSpatronage has been greatly increased. The number of. visitors this year be Ing 6242, last year 3669; the number of books loaned. $898, and last year 3882 Ninety new members have been registered, al l of Which is most grati­ fying ,. As usual, OUR/ many friends have been most liberal with gifts of books and magazines.^Jfhere have been 23 3 books added to our shelves in conse­ quence. &B welL-es an EJnclyclopedin The latter has m*rt a long Celt want, and has removed tretn the Committee, for the present at least, the burden o f dis­ cussion as to whether we ought, or ought not to b»y one. We have pur­ chased 4 2 booksiof poetry, fiction and travel, and Wilson's History of the American People, during the year It is purposed to purchase as many more at an early date*. We not only have a comfortable sum on hand for the pur­ pose, but $7 5 la now due us frqm Al bany and may arrive at any time. We hope to make fiction of i t as soon as possible! , ^ V The magpilsias) subscribed for are as follows: Havaers, Scrlfcners, Cefl tury, Review ••-Reviews, Popular Me chanics, Outlook, Survey, Literary Dl lest Jlfelp* for a Father simply will do it; but the scratches his matches make on the woodwork may be removed by rubbing flrBt with a slice d f 'lemon, next with whiting, and then with a soapy cloth. Want Column RATES—Not exceeding four linos, S6 cents for each. Insertion. Over 4 lines S cents pei - line. $28 REWARD WILL BE PAID fo r information wbJch will lead to the arrest and conviction of the miscreant stealing evergreen trees from prem­ ises of Samuel Q. Bane, on the Croton Lake road, Townehip of Somers. Chas. H. Clark. 2-8 EAT ED SURREY BOB8 FO R SALE—F. H. Lent, Katonah, N. Y . FOUND—8rria.ll male beagle hound; white and tan. Wurzbach, Lincoln dale , N. Y. LOST—Black and white fox terrier. If found, please notify Lawrence Butler, Phone 115-R Croton FallB. Re­ ward. WANTED—Position b y young glH as general house maid o r to care fo r children. Address Box 424, Katonah FO R RENT—3 room apartment, furn­ ished or unfurnished. Address \Z \ c|o-Recordr K-atonahr-N; ¥. • FOR SALE—Three Holsttin Heifers, just freshened The Croft, Lake \ Waccabuc, N Y. Tel 3 . Girl student, 19 , desires employment in private home or store for Christ mas vacation, Helen Katz, Tel. 231, Brookwood, Katonah, N Y STORE TO RENT—On Valley Road, Katonah. Fine business location i n heart o f village. Apply to F Restuccl, Restucci Building, Katonah FOR SALE —1916 Light Six Haynes, Touring, in excellent condition, has been run 27,000 miles. No reasonable offer refused. D Thomas, Katonah, N. Y FOUND—Truck Chain, between Gol d ens Bridge and Katonah Owner can have same by calling at Katonah Gar­ age, proving property and paying fo r this adv. FOR SALE—Torrlngton Vacuum .Cleaner, all new attachments, price $25. Mrs. F. H Williams, Katonah, N. Y. DANCING, Town-Hall, Brewster, Sat­ urday, p»c v 38d^Criterltm; Orchestra. 8:80 to, 12 9. m,iouia-tJ. MgjrityT\ *. WEED CHAIN*—I have a few sets Of all sizes.' Also Radiator Coven\ and Portage Tires. F. H. Lent, Katonah. FOR SALE—Pig lasa than a year old. ready for Xmas. Florence Nightin­ gale School, Katonah, N. Y . Tel. 70 . FURS BOUGHT—Leave word w!>h Mr. Gumboldt, Katonah, and Chas. Begley will collect the following Sun­ day FOR RENT—Furnlshtd rooms. Mrs . D. Thomas, Katonah. * STOP PAYING RENT; own your own home—List your property for sale or rent with me. Small deposit—pay the balance as rent Mrs. M. E. Killar- ney, Katonah, N. Y. PIGS—Fine young pigs and fattening hog for sale. A strong, well marked Hampshire boar, one year old, at ser­ vice. High Rock Farm, Mt. Holly Road. Katonah, N. Y WANTED:—Men o r women to take orders for genuine guaranteed hos­ iery for .men, women, and children. Eliminates darning. Salary $50 a week full time, $1.00 an hour spare time. Experience unnecessary. Internntlout'l Stocking Mills, Norristown, Pa. i f you wish to BUY OR 8ELL Farm Animals, Poultry, Implements, or~anythlng else. Write full particulars to The Farm Exchange, Peekskllf N.Y. A SUGGESTION 'Wpat more appropriate gift than a subscription to a favorite magazine.; A gift announcement'bearing the doners name will arrive for Xmas. i i • i I receive subscriptions at publishers prices | or less'for every magazine published. CLIFFORD H. SLOAT The .fefafaaJna Agent Phone 26-W KATONAH, N. Y. WOOD FOR SA;LE.—Any quantity. Send postal to \Simeon Brady, Jr., Goldens Bridge, N\. Y PIANOS, PLAYER8 and PHONO­ GRAPHS.— JVe* have Stelnwayg, Kranlch & Bach, Webers and otheis from $10 0 up; also small grands. Phonographs in cabinets $6 0 up, Pathe Actuelle and O . K . Records fo r sale or exchange. Take advantage now while prices are low Easy Jerms. \ Karl Bergstrom, 6 7 Spring Street, Mt N Kisco. Tel. 18VV7. . FOR SALE—$h easy term* or lease, country place, 6 6 acres, two houses, I new, 12 rooms, 2 baths; 7 room cot­ tage, two garages, fine artesian water, fruit, outhouses, large bearing vine yard, etc. lM. rabies West of Katonah. Address Box SiZ, Katonah, N. T. f^ GENERAL TEAMING—I am now p-e - * pared to continue a general team­ ing business. -Cesspool cleaning a specialty. Tel. USJ. James L. Turner, Katonah. ' '

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