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«1 jM'. KATONAH RECORD. A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE HOME INTERESTS OF NORTHERN WESTCHESTER. KATONAH, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y, THURSDAY, JULY 30, 1914 *IN(;LE COPIES, FIVE CENTS. CUTS AQUEDUCT ASSESSMENTS Decision of Justice Mills May Effect Many West- Chester Towns. HOLDS VOMERS ITEM IS ILLEGAL A decision by Juetice Isaac N, Mills banded down o n Friday, holding illegal a n assessmen t of $16,- 776,300 by Yonkers against New York City aqueduct i s held t o be a n im­ portant on e not only In Yonkers but in al l of tie towns In Westchester County where th e aqueduct an d res­ ervoir property is located. The action of New York City against Yonkers assessors relative to th e as­ sessment against the construction oa th e HUIvIew reservoir has been watch­ ed with a great deal of Interest by th e nineteen towns is th e county In practically all if which Is a vast amount of assessable values of aque­ duc t construction. The work is going on constant!?\ and th e assessments are over $13,- 000,000 in these towns no w but un­ der the decision that Justice Mills makes th e construction work will *}& •exempt. Ia th e Town of North Castle this means a severe reduction to tie as ­ sessments eventually if th e Yonkers case is used as a precedent since Valhalla, In th e Town of North Cas­ tle, Is th e site of th e big Kenslco Reservoir and dam while in the Town : of Greenburgh, between Ellmsford an d IDaet/yleTV is the big Alter bod for th e 'Aqueduct. ; The '.aetkin, wad brqugh\trbV x Nfew jessoXB whic h Is? AaasS^p^op cfe H Neville, Daniel W. frfrroU ft saerli ederlck T. BreHhock and John J« hr. '.' Th e plaintiffs claimed that the aque­ duct- construction, most of which will be underground was unjust and that the Item of $15,776,300 should b e stricken from tie rolls. Justice Mills holds th e assessment .void and says th e solution- depends' jon whether or no t th e general t^X' act of 1909 repeals th e provisions of the New York City charter which exempts aqueduct property in other t counties from taxation. He says &e Appellate Court ha s held th e property 1';' io b e exempt an d that he follows the °-rultng of that court. Justice Mills also sets forth that when a e a state senator 13 1901 he 'J represented th e Interests o f counties ': outside of New York a fair agreement was made In tie adjustment of such taxation a t that time. TRANSPORTS PRISONERS IN AUTOMOBILES. i SURPRISED BROTHER AFTER ABSENCE OF 37 YEARS. Followed Horace Greeley's Advice in 1877 and Prospered in the i West. While Samuel P. Coite wa s sitting on hia veranda In White Plains Sun­ day evening, enjoying a Porto Rico perfecto, a stronger approached. \Excuse mej/' sadd the a tranter, \bat la this No. 16 Hillside Avenue?\ \It is,\ Mr. Coite replied, whoro- upon the stranger proceeded up on the veranda, helped himself-to a xiialr, an d chatted for half a n hour New System of Conveying Con­ victed Men From New York City to Sing Sing Institution. Sheriff Griffenhagen of No w York County last week tried out a plan of transporting his prisoners from th e Tombs t o Sing Sing Prison by auto bus, and s o well pleased i s he with the project that ho will try t o make the ne w arrangement permanent. Recently complaints were made by the Osslnlng authorities that prisoners were paraded from the railroad station to th e prison and that th e curious made th e thing objectionable. Th e auto bus will eliminate much of this and the Sheriff say s the ne w arrange­ ment i s cheaper. An automobile concern interested in the Sheriff's plan furnished tho vutv for th e trip. -It wa s a cage of steel with room for fourteen prisoners and four guards. Th e conveyance was backed Into tho Tombs yard a t 9.46 o'clock a. m., and wont out a little later with th e load of prisoners^ Four prisoners, handcuffed together, sa t on each of th e tw o long seats. Th e cage .was lockod with a heavy padlock and In . a separate compartment rode Dep­ uty Sheriff Miller -and three guards, {n\--lu> own- autpmopfja.* •- - ' [ v A brief stop wa s nja$j&HBadnuar- 'jters, where\ tho fingerprints and Ber- tillon measurements were taken, an d then began an uninterrupted run t o |Slng Sing, tho Sheriff loading th e wa y in his car. Tho direct route to Sing Sing Is about forty-two miles from Headquarters, but thore wa s on e de­ tour which made tho total distance forty-eight miles. It required Just tw o hours and five minutes to g o from' Police Headquarters to Sing Sing. Th e best estimate that th e Sheriff had made wa s tw o and a half hours. Sheriff Qriffenhagen said \This i s what I call practical transportation of prisoners. It i s safe and sano and Just twlco a s choap a s the service w c are now maintaining. In m y budget next month I will Include a n itom of $2,400 for a special automobile bus, Tho bus I want will bo a little larger hnn the one w e used today, big enough to transport twenty prisoners at on o time. If th e Board of Estimate grants tho request I ca n discard tho three horses which my office no w main tains, and also tho harness and other equipment. I shall ask for on e cbauf feur t o take the place of th e drlvor and assistant driver w e no w havo. The total cost of th e outfit will be about $1,600. After th e ne w service 1b es­ tablished th e maintenance cost will be cut i n two . \This sorvice,\ b e continued, \will apply, of course, t o th e Blackwcll's Island prisoners a s well a s t o tho Sing Sing prisoners. W e will b e able t o do all our hauling in three days of each week.\ The eight prisoners wh o sot th e jprocedent in transportation \up th e CHAMPIONS DEFEATED In Best Played Game of Season Lake- sides Out-Batted Pleasantville. SUFFRAGE MEETINGS Enthusiastic Gather­ ings Hear Woman's Rights Discussed JnJW_Villages^_ with Mr . Coite. 'I gues s yo u don't remember mo , xlvor\ admired tho scenery on th e Sam,\ th e stranger ultimately ob- wa y and said they wished th e trip were eerv«»d. Mr . Coite agreed with him. 'longer. \Well Sam,\ the visitor thereupon announced, \I am your brother.\ Neither Mr. Ccdte no r hla mother j THINKS \BECKY\ EDELSON FAKES HUNGER STRIKE. was able to recognize their visitor.' Commissioner Davis Does Not Be- who had been away from Ciem for • , ieve ghe Hag Ha(J Nolh f ng To thlrty-«even yeara. Mrs . Coite 13 iab her eighty-ninth year, but on e of; ttfe j ' \if neba had been fasting those events which Interest her eystfr wcel? IjjSinety-sIx hours sh e wouldn't bo able In a letter from he r son, William T., i 0 walk. I know that, and I a m no w whic h never fails. Last week, tiow-1 convinced that sh e ha s been getting ever, this so n decided t o drop In for food ever since sh e went t o th e Island, a visit with hi s aged mother and. I know positively that she sucked a young brother, instead of sending hlg lemon yesterday. I guess there will Regular weekly letter. | bo n o forcible feeding. Anybody that William H. Coite wa s a young man is a s healthy and in such good spirits when he left Whlto Plains In 1877 to a s this girl doesn't need t o b e fed.\ follow Horace Graeley'a advice about going West. He prospectea for sev - That's th e way Commissioner of Cor­ rection Katharine B. Davis summed up •ra l years, an d ultimately settled ta\on Friday her opinion of Reba Bdol- JDo W5tt, Arkansas, where Is Is no w son's alleged hunger strike. The th e owner of a prosperous fle e dndj youthful anarchist had Just left the cotton plantation. He canua t o Cal -jtnesB hall with th e other women. So *a*o last week to bu y a steam pump far as an y on e observed she- at e noth- •for -Irrigation purposes, an d while Ing while a t th e table, but Miss Davi s there, decided to come on io ,Wh|te thinks that if Reba were a bona fide .Platoe ifor a visit with* hla- inntherj hunger striker and really wanted, t o ;«md brother. He returned tp the West starve for the 'cause\ she wouldn't -Wpdiiesdiy. even al t at th e table. ' T0JPLAY SOUTH FALEM Filled with th e hope t o land th e league pennant in our midst before tho end of the seaeon, th e Lrakesldes succeeded in lowering the percentago of the leaders by sending th e fast- traveling Pleasantville team home with the abort end of a three to ono score. Certainly Lakeside field wa s the scene of much action and the of­ fensive and defensive team work of our boys brought Joy t o th e hearts of our irany loyal rooters. Lent, a s usual, pitched a masterly game, and was a a )ly backed up by hi s mates. H e tightened up i n the pinches and he wa s entitled to a eCiut out The locale were th e first to tally when in th e second Inning a base on balls, stolen base and single enabled Georgo Miller to cross th e much cov- oted plate. Th e Lakestde3 scored the other two runs in th e next frame. Gregory singled and stole second. Dennis caught on e of Scumelke's - curves on hie olbow and sturdy Jack Miller connected with th e pill for threo sacks, permitting th o former two to offer their contributions to th e cause of the anxious, watchful, watt­ ing public. An error and a single gave Thorn the opportunity t o pre­ sent Cits team mates with their lone tally In th e fourth stanza Th e beBt tho visitors could do thereafter wa s to die on th e bases. Cummins, the newly signed player befriended himself with th e boys and , the ' public by hi s 'fast and clover work in foe outfield. Hi s playing i^^isYiiyak^ncea^to^eiS^a^^ \ B, ' r ' a . ot antville -boys t o score. He made a wonderful catch of a foul fly which set th e grand stand in an uproar. Although th e vlotory did no t give us a place nearer the top of the bunch it nevertheless pulled down tho lead­ ers and another game ma y give us the place of honor. Once, there our boys aro resolved never t o vacate. The box score follows:. Katonah AB R HPOA E BANNER CROWD HERE It may be that all do not agree with the ideas of Woman's Suffrage tut it 's quite certain from th e at­ tendance at tho series of meetl g<< '.i the nort.iern villages on Satu-day last t.iat nearly all are willing to lis­ ten to tho arguments of tho earnest women striving for the success of tho cause . They were greeted by largo crowds In each village and by respect­ ful attention and much enthU3las \n The first meeting wa s hold at Ciiappaqua at 3 o'clock In front of HUdenbrandt's grocery store. Rov. Mr Barnes Gpoko and mado a telling •plea for women's rlght3. Miss Bird scored a point by reminding Lie as­ semblage that tho Friends are not disfranchised because they will not fight. At Mount Kisco the meeting wa3 held on the green near the station Col. J . Y Culyer wa s there and helped to make the meeting a suc­ cess. Mrs Scrlbner was in t.ie front row and a telegram was received from Mrs. John Henry Hammond express­ ing her regret at not b<?lng home to be present. Miss McPlkee wl*ty speech kept the crowd In gales of laughter. At Bedford HIH3 the meeting on the Methodist Church lawn wa s well uttended and much enthusiasm pre­ vailed. The most enthusiastic meeting was held at Katonah in the evoning on the lawn near the store of Kellogg & Mead. Mr3 . Lent presided and the Searles l b . Gregory 63 .. Marler c Dennis 2>b J. Miller cf . G Miller 3b Cummins rf Wanser, If Lent p . .. . 2S 3 6 27 13 3 Pleasantville. AB R HPOA 13 Chappaqua, prominent In the work of tho Christian Endeavor Society of the County and of tho Socioty of Frlonds. Mis3 Annie Hutchinson, a p-ofession- al violinist, of Ne w York City; Miss Sara McPlke, of Yonkers Th e Suffragists are grateful for tho exceptional kindness they received from th e many individuals wh o as­ sisted in making the meetings a suc­ cess Tie Mt. Klisco D-u m Corp3 furnished music at the meetings. FIREMEN ACTIVE Katonah's Depart­ ment Planning for New Apparatus and Uniforms. TO CHANGEWATER MAIN At ta e last meeting of the Katonah Fire Department, much discussion was indulgod in which It Is hoped will result In much benefit to Ka­ tonah and to the efficiency of tho company. H. W. Kellogg gave a very inter .estlng statement of silo, labors with Mr Whitman and tho ongineer of tiio Water Company In the matter of establishing a fire district, enlarging the present 4 Inch water main to 8 Indies and other mutters pertaining to tho general efficiency of fire fight­ ing facilities. A committee wa s ap- pointed t o study the matter and its report at fie next mooting should be of great Interest. , The proposition for tho purchaso of a ehemical engine wa s brought up by Lewis W Elliott who 3howed that he had given the 'natter careful study. He spoke of methods of raising fun'U t.ie benefits t.icreof. both to the Im mediate village and to the surround­ ing territory Mr Elliott wa s con< tinued as a coinmitteo to report fur- t .ier at th© next meeting The matter of new uniforms was brought up by I) J Smith, who call­ ed attention to their need by the lo cal boys and to tho fact that very few companies In Lie state were lack­ ing In this featu-e of equipment and to tho prestige it would give the company among nolghborlng compan les A committee la to report later on the matter. Tim n at urn and. amount, ot business to be trhnsacto-'l a t tiro next moot ing will undoubtedly se e every mom- be- of tho depa-tment orescnt as a groat amount of Interest hat b«on aroused by the fev?rnl Important propositions to come before the mem bcrs. WILL PAY OVERLOOKED TRANSFER TAX. Tho heirs of the lato Mrs Mary II Agnow, sonio of whom Hvo In the Town of North Castle, near Armonk. will pay a goodly sura in transfer tax which wa s ovorlookcd when tho ap­ praisals wore made. 1902 who dlod in 1S99, a repor t wa s filed Stalp s s . Thorn 2b . . Banks 3b Olbbs If Scbmelke p • Bond cf Myers c McClure lb . Davidson rf . lV last week showing that $1,9C2,S12 of MRS. RE1D GETS BIG SUM I ROM FATHERS liSTATE. Wife of Late Ambassador and Her Brother Each Get $l/,Gbl,50/ Mrs. Elizab.th Mills Reld, widow of the late Whliolaw Hold, of Ophlr Farm Westchester Avenue, the lato ambaseador to England, recoives $17.- 6G1.G07 from the -estato of her fauer, Darius Ogden Mills, wh o died Jan­ uary 3. lUlu. He left an estate of ?35,72.'!.0IJ, according to tlio transfer tax appraisal tiled Inst wytk by 1'or- Uuck- Although a transfer tax wa s paid 157 clval K - N °B l0 wil >> Edward W. 102 o n th e estate of Mary HTAgnew. lo y- Dcnut y state l'°»>Pfollor Ogdcn MJlls, Mrs Iteld's brother receives a su m equal t o her own and with the exception of $100,000 to pub 11c Institutions, they ge t tho whole 35 1 9 24 12 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0—1 2 0 0 0 0 0 x—3 Pleasantville.. 0 0 Katonah 0 1 Stolen bases, Searles, Gregory 2: G. Miller, Cummin, Davidson Tw o base hits. J Miller. Banks. Threo ba30 hits. J . Miller. Sacrifice hits, Cummin, McClure Sacrifice fly, G. Miller Hit by pitcher, Dennis. Bases on balls, off Lent 1; off Schmelke 4 . •Struck out, by Lent G; by Schmel­ ke G. Time of gam e tw o hours and flvo minutes. Umpire, Mr. John Carver. Scorer, Peter Noo, Jr . her estate which wa s subject to a tax escaped notice a t the time. This su m is the present value of a trust fund set apart by Mrs. Agnew, from which she had th e incomo for lifo and on her death it went in equal shares ttJ\ her children, former Senator Georgo B. Agnew, Cornelius R. Agnew, Cather­ ine S. Auchlncloss and Alice A. Flshor, who received $475,412 each At th e time the fund wa s created It amounted to only $500.0UO and wa s one-quarter of the cstato Mrs. Agnew received from her father, Georgo Bliss. Coun­ sel for tho Agnow estate brought tho trust fund t o the attention of tho transfer tax authorities. REPUBLICAN DELEGATES IN MEETING MONDAY. SOUTH SALEM VS . KATONAH. The open date in th e league sched­ ule, ha s given Captain Wlnants and his husky bunch of South-Salem ball tos3ers the opportunity they have wished for for th e last three years. They have waited long and patiently to te3t their skill In a battle agatns* a real league team and Manager Bar­ rett of th ? lakeside* ha s given the athletes from th e inland town next Saturday to prove their super­ iority or Inferlo-Ity In tho skill of the national game. Th e visitors are coming prepared to take our scnlp nnd the entire pop­ ulation of South Salem Is coming V nuto, by wagon, and on foot t o cheer for their favorites, and also Incid­ entally to cast their eyes an d to ex- County Chairman Wlllia-n L Ward met In th e Republican County Com mltteo headquarters on Monday, the delegates choson to represent Westchester at th e unofficial etite convention in Saratoga o n August 18. Thore was a large attendance, prac­ tically all of the delegates being present An exchange of views wa s had, and Mr . Ward stated what *io know about the political situation now existing In the state. Mr. Ward added that th e Saratoga convention would take no action a s to candidates, and that Its object wa s to formulate tho party platform and afford an opportunity for th e Inter­ change of views among Republicans as t o th e platform and party policy. press their views upon the skillful manoeuvres and tactics of th e far- famed Lakesides. the coming league ohamjiions. Come early y e rooters, so that the estate he bequests to institutions wore '$100,000 each to the Mcthopolitan Mu­ seum of Art. the American Mus.-um of Natural History and the Homo for Inrurabloe. $30,000 to tho Now York Botanical Gardens, $25,000 each to tho American Geographical Society and the Amorican National Red Cro3S. Mr Nngle declared exempt from taxation gifts of $1,000,000 each to (the so n and daughter on Christmas Day, 1909, eight days beforo tho death of Mr. Mills It wa s apparent from testimony before tho appraiser that Mr Mills formed a custom of p~e- sentlng $1,000,000 to oacli of his chil­ dren each Christmas and that the last gift wa s not made In anticipation of death In an effort to avoid the payent of a transfer tax Tho debts left by Mr. MIII3 to­ talled to only $28,022, and tho total deductions from tlio estate wero but $813,7\C. Th e largest debts wrro rent of No. r.34 Fifth Avenue, $S,437; du e tho University of California for as­ tronomical expedition. $6,675 and t o Mrs. Elizabeth Mills Ri^ld $8,000. Th e commlfslons t o the son and daughter a s executors amounted to $731,116. expenses of'administration $50,000 and the funeral, $3,057. JAMES M. HOWE CRITICALLY ILL. James R. Howe Is critically III In his summer home, at Salem Center, •N. Y . H o Io noventy-flvc years old, and because of his age , physicians do not expect hi s recovery. Mr . How e represented tho Sixth < New York district in Congress tw o terms. He gave $50,000 of hi s fees as Re ­ gistrar of Kings County for an'eques- HARLEM VALLEY ROADS GOOD Auto Club of America Says Section Furnishes fiooi Traveling for Tourists. ALL OF WESTCHESTER GARDEN SPOT LOCAL DOCTORS ON COUNTY MEDICAL BOARD. Drs. Coopernail, Briggs and Chap­ man Among Those Appointed to Staff for County Aims House Hospital. The now medical board an d tho visiting and consulting staff for tho County Alms House Hospital a t East- View, made up of physicians from all parte of Lao county, havo beeu an­ nounced. THo» men wh o will sorvo oa those boards, ae announced by Uie County Superintendent of Poor, V . Evoritt Mncy, havo been selected after a con­ sultation of several of th e doctors of th e county. Tho physicians on th e Medical Board are. Dr . W. B. Russell, of Tarry town, chairman; Dr . C . W. Falrehlkl, of Tarry town, secretary. Dr. A E. t'hace, of Tarrytown, Dr Georgo P . Coopernail, of Bedford Vil­ lage, Dr Henry Moffat and Dr . S . E. Getty, of Yonkcr3. and Dr . H. E. SmlLi. of Mount Vernon. After holding several meetings at East View, limpoctlng th e hospitals and discussing the work t o bo car­ ried on, tho \roard nominated ma n for tho tvio staffs. .The-following doc­ tors havo aocopted appointment o n tho visiting el&Tf- Dr . George P. Coopernail, surgeon, of Bedford VII- lago: Dr. B . H . Bolchor, of Yon- ktTs: Dr. A . E Chace, surgeon, of Tarrytown. Dr J . F . Black, surgeon, of Whito Plans. Dr. E. O Llttell, physician, of Yonlters; Dr. F. R . Ly­ man , physician , of Hastings ; D>*. E F Urlggtt. physician, of Bedford HHI3: Dr. (' W Falrchlld, physician, of) Tarrytown Members of the visiting staff aorvo for throe months continuously. This staff Is mado up of men living noor enough to tho hospitals to Atten d fre­ quently They are now engaged In tliedr work The doctors on th e consulting staff aro Dr S K Gutty, surgeon, of Yonk'j.-a, Dr. Charles Ogllvy. ortho­ pedic eurReon. or Ne w Rochello; Dr . Wlllam J . Vogelor. physician t o th e municipal tubercular hospital, Yon­ kers. Dr Ervln Torok, ophthalmol­ ogist, of Tarrytown. Dr. G A Peck, physician, of Ni-w Rochelki, Dr . Alex Snow den, physician, of Peek- skill: Dr diarie s P Chapman, gy­ necologist, of Mount KH8C0: Dr H Von Wodcl, pathologist, of Dobbs Ferry. Dr. J . L Kelly, dental sur­ geon, of No w York City; Dr. H. H. Forbes, nose an d throat special­ ist, of Ne w York City. Dr. H. R . Charlton, specialist in children'e dis­ eases, of Rronxvlllo FELIX WARBURG'S HORSES TAKE CHAMPIONSHIP. Felix M. Warburg's black pair, Woodlands Emp.-ror and Woodlands Empress wero declared champions among tho horses not exceeding 15. 2 hands at the Long Branch horso show Saturday. Louis At NCwgaw won In tho larg­ er class with his stately big pair, Elegant and Eieganc \ winners of sev­ eral blues in single and doublo Ciar- ness. Mr Warburg won a blue ribbon that wa s worLh something when hi s all black team carried off first prizo In the cla^s for four-in-hands. Five teams were 6liown — a remarkably largo class for thoso days—and they were slashing goers, on e an d all . grand stand ma y be filled to Its full.,. .. . capacity when th e umpire shouts— trlan statue of Georgo Washington o n \Play Ball!\ \*• the Williamsburg Bridge Plazas ory's famous fast trotting tea\n that won th e Arrowhead Challenge Cup a t the last National Horse Show. Mor­ ris E. Hewlett drove them, and such an exhibition a i they'tnado under the sklllfu' handling '103 seldom .If over been equalled nt Hollywood Park. Th e Judge.-! placed thrm third, giving th e red rlblwn to Gregory'* black park fou- driven by Charles J . Barrle. Emll Seellg's bay team \Jack\ Ke- ough driving, wa s fourth. George P. Flnnegan's snappy little park team, driven by J . F . Manning, completed tho field. T.ii.s section of Westchester County and in fact all of the territory in the cnu lty attract many auto tourists now and tho Buroau of\ Tours of th e •\utomoljllo Club of America says of the va-lous route3 for autolsts: The Hjarlcm Valley route t o the Jterks'itres will afford tho beet avail­ able ronditlons a t the presont time. There are alternate routes to Pawl­ ing, bot.i of which afford very satts- faeto-y conditions. one of the/se Is by way of White PlairiH. Armonk, Bedford,\ Cross Riv­ er, North Sale™ to Poach Lake. It U nil state road to this point; then th.-c i s a short stretch or dirt road from the Westchester-Putnam Coun- t> In c to East Branca Resorvolr. Tnen at Sodom, state road i s again encountered w.'jlch is in good condi­ tion th-ougli Pawling and Wingda' - to South Hover. Tin. alternate routo to Pawling i s by w.i i of H-larrllff, Lake Mahopac. ('arm. 1 nml Patterson This Is'also Bind mad with the oxception of about two milt* I 1 tho vicinity of Lake Ma­ hopac A dirt road in fair condition lea.Is frnin Soutn Dover to Wassaic. State roa I connects \Va3salc to Ame­ nta and from this point th e direct road by way of Mlltertqn, Lakevllle' -Salisbury and South EAgomSrivfitM effo.-d the bpst available condfttdWroy «av of (J-r.it Harrington, Stockbrldge. !.eno\ to Plttsflold •> l-'rnin I 'ltlsfleld the roads aro good t > '.VilllaniHtown From this point, 1 lie hi- t road to the White Mountains !h by way of Manchester .Walling- fo-d nml Mt Holly to Woodstock K-oin t .iN point go through Hanover and Uoolsvllle to Twin Mountain and Uri'ttcn Wood3 On t 11' U'iany Post Road between New York and Albany, there are at presgit five detours necessary on ac­ count of construction; otherwise the conditions are good The flit of these detours i s at Scaruon The best wa y t o avoid the work In to co by way of Dobbs Ferry. Ardsli > li-larcllff, Yorktown Heights and then run west to Peoksklll. North of Pn-khklll tlio -ond Is still under conRtriiryim to Flshklll Village and It In hi-'t to g o by wa y of Garrison, then turn rlir'it and continue on the state fur, to Flshklll Village. F-om l-'lskkill Village through Wap- plng<T.s Kalln to Poughkoepste, >the road N 11 good condition with th e exception of Lie last five miles which Is mm being resurfaced, but no d-etour 1b necessary. On tie road from Pougiiket-ptilc to Hudson a detour Is necessary f.oin Livingston to Hudson. Tlio next detour Is from Stottsvllte by way of Stuyvesant Falls t o Kin- derhook An inc-caBing number of complaints in beiig received from various places in the vicinity of Ne w York where the offlce-s aro extremely exacting In the luTformance of their duties of oiiin-ilnK regulations against ex- ocbs I vc spied, mufflor cut-out, ap-\ proachiiii: trolley stops, etc . On Boston Post Road, special offi- coro a-c stationed along at various points Tioy are active on Satur­ days and Sundays and other days when a las'ge amount of traffic ia ex- pu ted. Between Greenwich and Stambord • t Is reported that eix o r eight me n have heen out at various times for the apprehension of th e law break­ ers Tills also applies to other towns al'in; the -oad. including Stratford. Fairfield. Bridgeport, a complaint wa s Among them was B . F. S . Greg-f made of acti\!ty In Mamaroneck whJcCi was tifr-eau«e of correspondence with the Chief of Police; this letter elid­ ed tho following from th e village clerk -Your lettor addressed t o the Chief of Police wa s presented and read at a mating of the Board o t Tru3toe« of this Village, an d I wa s instructe I to write you and state that any automobile passing through th e Village of Mamaroneck a t a moder­ ate rate of <=peed will ne t be molest­ ed It I* only those wh o drive at a speed ereater than th e la w allows that are stopped by our motor-cycte police officer.\ ( t

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