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V -> AAJhONAH feftOJKis THURSDAY, JfrtV 23, 1913. f>AGBirHftft* Adams' Departmeflt Stbrfe SALE Of DRESS GOODS I^TEST STALES AND PATTERNS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES VQlLEs'r-PIalri and. fincy, fast colors, at 20c per Yd. Value 29c CREPE&-^P£||fn, Flower Patterns and stripes with silk thread at 12J/o 2 ^»1Bo.«odtfeperY^., jt . RATINES—White and .colored, at 16c,'£0o and 29o per Yd. RfC'B CCQ^H—Exceptional Values at 25o Per* Yd. DUr^DEX^POPtlK—All colors, at 25c per Yd. . .,.«.,». f S/*IN ME5^ALlrJE.~Late»t .,8hades r and good quality at 50c per Yd. . RI^ONj|^PlaJ[n af|d fancy. .GbW.yJirlety of widths and colors. LACES, EMBROIDERIES & TRIMMINGS. \ f HOT WEATHER GOODS. BLUE FXAKfE OIL STOVES.—Any two or three burner at $5, $7 arid $9 respectively.' OVENS, $2.00, SKS'O $3.00.. WHITE MOUNTAIN Ice Creani Freezers. All sizes. r ^-HAMMOCKS AND LAWN CHAIRS W., B. AJ)A-9fS & SON, Inc. Bedford Hills, N. Y. fere's a Banker's Opinion of 1 \Pd almost lend Monty a /nan oft siterigth of His selection of a Lozierj,\- said a banket. Lazier own- er'ftecently. And he saTd it Hettdusly. I He explained that it 18 the greater part of banking to' note the habits, the tendencies, and the extravagances of possible clients. Bankers come tb^ consider Certain tendencies indicative of character and business judg­ ment—or the reverie. Many business men are ex-' travagant in their purchase of automobiles. No, not ia fee Writes they fky. Not that. Tfie; atef^ business man is, in' fac^ oyer conservative when it comes'£o Buying a car. u Their extrSva^rice is gfl- conscious—unintefltiotfall. Fist It consists in paying, not too much\ but in pacing-too'often for. automobiles. Faulty judgment leads them Into, the error of looking only at the surface of things. Mere eize and fresh varnish pass, in their estimate for %ra1rty. The result is the acquisition of cars that look old in a few months, arid are obsolete in a year or two. G66d judgment a^isi'edb^ the most critical investigation •ftrould lead to the purchase of a toiler—and then the buyer wo'u'fd have for his money a car that would stay good. Siay good—that is tfte'qtfat- it.y tffat, more than any other; distinguishes Loziers. Would you like to \mite such'' an investigation? Ycf&o^weut to.ypursclf. Your banker, will tell you so. <Rhtfrie ami a demonstrator will Setve ydOt convenience. / 8 tile flams Garage Go. LOCAL AQENT8 DIPOT J$iJAR% TELEF<rroN(E-71Z. I | I C$JT6WA1LS. Croton Falls, July 22. Mr; Cfffford Hahn xSt Wtdwbod, N. Y., Client the: week-end tn town with friends. MMs Minnie Reltman of Brooklyn, spent the week-end with Miss Anna Osirander. Miss Paulino Smith visited Camp at Peach Lake last week. She was the guest of Mr. P. A. Purdy and family. \ Mrs. Kate BuTrnB.of 'Paw'tnK, visit­ ed her, daughter Mrs. \J. Roberts for st-veral days last weeks. Several from here attended t&e mov­ ing pictures at Brewster on Saturday evening. Mr, and Mr.s William Braarton en­ tertained company from White Plains over Bimday. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brearton visit­ ed relatives In Carmel over Sunday. Mrs. Thomas Gulnan and father Mr. Michael O'Neil, spent Monday in New York City. Miss Rebecca Doming was the guest of friondB In Brewster over Sunday Miss Ethel Moses has returned I 'rom a ten weeks' visit at Peach Lake with the local campers. Ten t forget the date of the Bazaar to be given by the ladles of SL Jo­ seph's Catholic Church, August 4, 5 and B. both afternoon and evening. On the evening of the 6th there will be dar.ciug and refreshments. Mr. L. Juegst of Flew York spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George JlKllgSt. Mrs. Higglns and children returned to New York Friday from^wo weeks' stay at the 'home of Mrs. Arthur Swltb. Mrs. Fred Jenkins celebrated her birthday on Friday. About twenty {[relatives wefe present, Wllllatn Juengst Is having his home repainted. Mr DaVlel Juengst spent Sunday in New York City. Business Accounts The Springs Bankis thfr place in which to dep^savmgs. The CdB^saeto-Banb Is the place in which & Ireep your active b'usffiess account. ... The T^r^'&iBjanyj is tiie'place in wifilcnto deposit your reserve monies upon which .^ou desire interest, as interest is paid from the dftterof deposit to the date of Withdrawaliattd ac- r *)«m!s are select to thfeqtre at any time without nbtice and yfrWSai ^fTellm^accmiinlatea interest 1 '' THE €QUNtY TRlfiSt 122-124 MAIN STREET WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS. CROSS RiVEfc Cross Rlt«r, July 22. The Cross River Amusement Asso- Baptlst Church, Friday evening, July 31st. Come and have a godd lailgh. Mr. .J. C. Newman, Jr., of New «To?k CKy, is speridlffg his vacotlotl with Ms father, Rev. J. C. Newma.'a, pastor of tie Baptist Church. Prof. Harry th« noted viol­ inist, of New Y<JrR, is spending MS vacation m Cress River. The Lffdiee A}$ Society of the Bap- tfst Church will hold their annual fair on the afternoon aad evening of August 6th. Come out and buy some til the pretty and fancy articles for yourself and help the ladles. Two were received In Cie Baptist •Church fast Sunday for baptism. MIsS Morlbn Hunt Is with a camp­ ing party at Peach Lajce. Miss Rose Reynolds and fief moth­ er hive returned Koine after enjoy­ ing a Plea'sant_vis'lt in. Tarrytown. SOMERS. Somers, July 23. Groat preparations are being mkli] for the lawn fete for the benefit of the District Nursing Sub-Commit:es a-»l Icings .Daughters of Spwrs to be held on ilie grounds of Wa'tor 3. Paulsj'n, at Somers, on the afternoon end evening of Friday, July 31, from S to 10 o'clock. Fancy a.fc'es, ap­ rons, home made candy and take, tea an/1 Ice cream will b<j or. sale and a general good time is In store for, all who attend. . BEDFORD HILLS. Bedford Hills, July 22. Ptilueas A. Cornell is now employed at the store of Adams & Son. Not finite llko the out-door life, say.; t:inl genial gentleman, but he Is busy and he wouldn't be liapyy unless he way that. Bedford. Hills rooters had the time of their life on Saturday when a league game scheduled to, be played in v Sep- tember was transferred to Saturday. Perhaps thfise wise Fleasantvlllb chaps thought our boys ware n6t going well and it would be a Cinch. Well, it took ten innings of good snappy ball to trim us to the tune of 6-8. Old reli­ able Ebbets was not on the Job until after the second Inning and Wherry essayed to do mound duty_ Wherry Is the boy who plays for all he te worth anywhere, but wasn't worth much as a pitcher and Pleasantvtlle garnered 3 runs off his Shoots. Ebbets then took the rein's and fnado monkeys of the visitors until the 10th. Wo are not one bit dismayed over the defeat by tho leaders—In fact the boys arc chock full of confidence and pep and are going after those Brewsterltes next Saturday and hand them another \Mt. Klsco.\ Come early, ye rooters and get a front seat. We're off now af­ ter the leaders. The flag might not rest on that old electric light pole Art Cornell has promised us, but if the boys keep up the clip they are going now we just guess a whole lot of med­ als will come to Bedford at the an­ nual dinner and several clubs nhn hnvo been nailing up the flag In thoir dreams will wake up with nn awfnl head. The bid gray bonnet didn't get any holes m It from tho weight of coiiiB last Saturday and remember, we are willing to buy a ne-.v bonnet after the game. We are not looking for any excuses or sympathy but we trust that \Mr. tJmp\ will watch the game a little closer hereafter, as BUCII verdicts as rendered Saturday takes the Interest of out of the game as well as making it displeasing to the Spectators. Blanche Skidmore, an inmate of the 1 PV 1 ? £L^. e rT ,nB £ lay :l Re '°™ at <«7. J »tnpBd from a second \A Pair of Threes\ at Cross HIverK, „.,„.,i' ' . «... _ tyOTlCE! TJie. Town Board -of the Town of Bedford,, acting not alon,e as a Town Board, but as a Board, of. Health, meets on the first Friday of .every month at 8.30 a. in. at the office of the TOWJI Clerk,. Main Street, Mount JKisco, New York.' ReStoMs of tire* Town having business to bring be­ fore }&e Town Soafa, can do so at thattHnev . ., ^^ottfRdi^fcfe,^ . Moiftls fn, Stoc*. C^talojJu£^on re­ quest laiy payments. OemSnstra- tfen.' Agentf vJatrtJa: UsTcTiniachfrfes at b'arijin'pricer. , -. FORD MOTO,BCSYLE CO. F. H. MNT'S Liveiry, Saleartd ExfiBattge K Y. Agent for NEWBY & EVANS PIANO Story window of that Institution on Tuesday nigCit and escaped. An of­ ficer fouftd her hiding in a nearby field Wednesday morning. Clayton Flewellen returned home from his studies at Mt. Herman. Mass, Monday Ho will return again about the middle of August. Louis McLaughlin, aged nine, a grandson of Mrs. J. Burt, while riding on top of a wagonload of hay at the Jfontifioro Homo, fell off and recolved a dislocated shoulder and a cut on bis head, which required several stitches. He v/as taTcen to the Montiflore Home and attended by the doctors there, A moohllght ride will be given by the ladies of this place for the hone' fit of Miss Michael Kehnan. who Is ill at her home. The large auto truck of A. J Cranflall will be uitoa and comfortaljle feeats for 50 people will be provided for.. Come and enjoy tho ride and help the good cause along. Admission $1.00 Master Harold Higgins is spending tho summer with His aunts at York- town. Henry Scheisser and family have moved into tho John Dlngce houso on Church street, recently vacated by Martin Hawley. What came near bring a serious ac­ cident occurred on the road to Mount Klsco Saturday evening about C o'clock when a large touring car owned by Frank S. Voss, of New York City, struck a Ford car driven by John Schneider of Mount Kisco. Both Cars were going north, the Ford car in ad­ vance, when the Voss car signalled Schneider pulled his car to one side, but got too far In the gutter and in try­ ing to get out he lost control and cut across tho road in front Of tho VoSs car Schneider's car was completely wrecked. Fortunately no One wife hurt. The Voss car was only slight­ ly damaged. B. G. SUTTON . BUILDER . Bedford Hills, - N. Y. Jobbing Promptly Attended To.| EST?MATES FURNf^HEtt. Telephone 452 Mt. KTSco. \GIRDLE RIDGE\ KAiONAH, N. Y. Vegetables of quality can now fee had Of us. Not an over-ripe veaetablo will be sold. Every one examined for blem­ ishes and Imperfections before being ipacked. Everything Is picked at the proper stage of maturity, so that all the goodness and tenderness Is pre­ served. You will be doing full jus­ tice to your guests By serving our products. ( Remember, please, tffJt we pack to your ordi'r oniy, and deliver promptly. A trial order wlfi co'SvfnJo yoD tnat our products are of superior quality Telephone 9-J, Katonah. PURDYS STATION. Purdys. July 22. Mrs A. Young Is visiting at the hoir.o cf Iior daughter, Sirs. P. Argoud of Newburg. Mr. and Mrs. G. W Gardner, of Bod- ford Hflls, were Sunday guosts of .Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gardner Miss Maud Dana Is tho guest at rela­ tives and frlendB In White Plains. Mrs. Josephine Frost, of Brewster, spent Saturday and Sunday visiting her sister, Mrs. D. Booth. Mr. and Mrs. W. HT' Gardner aro entertaining Mrs. S. B. Bailey ol Cro;itt- lyn Mr. and Mrs J.Masterson and two youngest children of Valhalla were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R F. Wuito on Sunday. \\.Mr. and Mrs.~Charles\ ISggleston and daiu:Utor Eleanor, of Goldens Urldgo, and Mrs. William Eggleston, of Mount Kisco, were guests at the homo of Mrs D. Booth on Wednesday. Mrs. A. Ferguson and children, of Astoria, are staying at tho home nf her parents, Mr. and Mrs WIIHa-n Corsen, for a few weeks. Clarence Ward, of Cross River, spent Sunday visiting his parents Mr and Mrs. William Ward. George Miller, of White Plains ,1s the guest of relatives in tho villaRo. Miss Annie Wilson of Brewster was the guest of her sister Mrs. Wit.Iain Ward on Wednesday. J. H. Martin, ithe MIsse-3 Mario and Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Votle and son Merwin motored to Burling­ ton, Conn., on Saturday where they were week end gueets of Mr. and Mrs S. Austin and family. Mrs. F. S.. Reynolds and her sis­ ter. Mrs. Baird and niece Miss Bulrd of jjpthel and a friend from Lock- port, enjoyed a 175 mile nutomoo'-o trip along the Hudson River towus oa Monday. Cement platforms now replace tho wooden ones In front of sach en­ trance door at the railroad depot, tie work having been completed last Sat­ urday. Beeide this Improvement all the exterior electric lights have boen made stationary. Murray and Gardner have com­ pleted their contract for redressing and oiling the state roads In this section. SALEM CENTER. Salem Center. July 22 The midsummer fete advertised to be hold tomorrow (Friday) night under the auspices of St. James' Episcopal Church, and on their church grounds has been indefinitely postponed owing to the three cases of scarlet fever In the neighboring village. Wo are informed that proceedings ot the school meeting held In the Acad­ emy on June 30th, with a view of consolidating tho four school districts, were legal and tho resolution passed at thnt meeting'to consolidate stands as then voted, viz. - 43 for consollda tion; C against. Tho matter will bo completed at an early C3tc as possible, when It is hoped wo will have a re> spectablo place for the children to at tend school Our Town Board held Us regular meeting in the Town Hall hero last Saturday and the question was placed before the Board as to the strict en­ forcement of the. quarantines, then In effect in the village of North Salem The Board fully appreciates the posl tion of the afflicted families and while ll Is most unfortunate, yet tho mem bors of tho Board feel that such meas­ ures should be used to stop all pos­ sible spread of the much-dreaded dis­ ease. They therefore appointed two officers, to be in attendance, onn day and ono at night, upon the families wilder Quarantine, and to seo that tho luws of the quarantine aro lived up to, to the letter Wo believe that every person In tho town will look at the situation In tho same light, and will assist the authorities in every pos­ sible way to eliminate any possibility of an epidemic. The Old Hundred Tea Room Just opened by Mrs. Sharles Close in her residence hero, sliould not lack pa­ tronage during the coming summer Mrs. Close intends to cater partlcn-. larly to' auto parties, but will not, of courie, turn any one away who a- pears at the door with tho price, flnnfl- WICJIPH . laed drinks, otc., will fie on hand it all hours of the day Just don't forget .the place or thj name Tho Old HufldredvTea, Room. Salem Center. .K y.. _ .' . ... Electric Motor Way is the best Way There is an electric motor of the right kind and size for all work, requiring power. Economy of power is liot the only saving effect­ ed by the use of Electric Motors. The advantages of safety, reliabil­ ity, flexibility and cleanliness are self-evident. The benefit of these can be o'btained to a maximum tie- gree only by the use of Genera) Electric Motors. KATONAH LIGHTING CO, Sole Agents. 1 . »|1 • ft iv>lp ^«#i fcfcphone CdmpBiy its Telephone W. H. Clirk 33 W. H. CLARK CERTIFIED UNDERTAKER Of Hoyt Brothers Coirijpiany ~~ FUNERAL DIRECTORS and LICENSED 1 EMBALMER3 \ • - *- Ratonah, N; Y; W.H..CLARK, Residence, Bedford Road, Katonah; N. Y. Branch Office: Residence J. Smith Clark, Bedford Utl\a. G. ft MAPP Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal Work, Electrical .Work in all its Brunches. MOUNT KISCO, N. Y. Estimates furnrsnetfon all kinds ol work In the above' rtflS. Telephone 60-R NORTH SALEM. North Salem, July 23. GftA'CE MAY flOYT Tho sudden passing from this life of Grace M. Hoyt, daughter of Gcorgo M and Ida Hoyt, of tills village, has cast a suadaw of sorrow and gloom over the entire community, Tho de­ ceased up to Thursday night appeared to bo in her usual health. However, on Friday alio was stricken down with a fever, the physician being called, diagnosed tho cfi.se as \scarlet fever.\ The Health Offlcor was tmm'ed'lately called, a quarantine placed upon the house and the attention of both physi cians and a trained nutSe waB center­ ed upon the patient, Gut the efforts wcro of no avail, her condition being serious owing to other complications. Grace, having been unconscious since Saturday, passed, quietly .away about 7 o'clock the following Monday (July 13), morning. Tho deceased was born in tho town 23 years ago lasfcMarch, und has lived here in this vicinity her entire life. She was a regular attend­ ant of the Methodist Churoh bere and will be greatly missed In its social circle. Grace was of a quiet disposition, but always found sociable, agreeable and with kind words for all. The sudden ending of this young life causes us to pause and look back to the tall of 1913, when we were_shocked by the sud<Jen deaths otFlpre'aoe G. Tompkins, and of Grace Smith at Cro­ ton Falls; and now comes the third There are a few, but not many, who realize the love and friendship that existed between these three girls dur­ ing the latter part of ittielr lives, nnd to think that they should follow eah othor to the grave within nine months of each other makes this sad Occasion the more shocking and sympathetic The deceased Is sur^i^Od by her father, mother and, brotti'erj to whom the heart-felt and sincere sympathy of the entire town is extended. Owing to the disease. Immediate In­ terment was necessary. The body was taken to the Salem Ceiter Cemetery the next morhlhg (Tifes'day), arid In- ,crred In the family pldt. Rev. W n. Hunt officiating. Se.ykfal beautiful floral pldces we're placed Upon the grave. The entertainment whl(Jh was to have been plveii bjf Miss „ Roberts In the Univsranllst ChUrch last Friday night was indefinitely postponed. No future date has as yet been decided upon. I Mrs. Giles Cree has returned to her home In the metropolis. Mr. Eric TUcker IS'entertaining his sister, Mrs. McAllister. Our genial Deputy Sheriff Fred Burns, ts enjoying a well earned va­ cation of two weeks. We regret to report tho Serlons ill­ ness of Mr. George M. Hoyt, and sin­ cerely hope for a speedy fecdvery No services were held In the Meth- odijJr*'or UnlversRllst Churches hero last Sunday. OSCAR FRIED HELPLESS BUT GETS MSRRIED, Yotikers Lineman; Arrfflegs, Signs Marriage Intense 8y Holding Pen in Mouth. Oscar Fried, formerly a lineman on tho New York, New Haven & Hartford kallroa'fl, who lost both arms and the utta of his legs in an accident aboat a year ago, obtained a license In Yon- kors Monday^ to marry Miss Hilda luhlgrcn, of lhat city. He was en­ gaged to her at the tim'3 of the ac­ cident. Fried signed his name to the II- conso by holding tie pen in his month. Lwputy City Clork William Corbate went to Fried s home In North Broad­ way, Yorilwrs, to Issue the license. Tlie weeding took place Tuesday. Fried wa3 working on high tension food wires of tho New Haven Road at Mount Vernon when he was in­ jured. Word was sent that tha wires were \fi'sod\ and Uiat Mo could'so ahead tflth hie work. This message, however, was premature, and when Fried began his work no got Uia full fo-co of the heaVy cu-tmt. Hla arms were sb badly bnrncl that Ci6y had to bo amputated near the shoulder, and both his logs ba'va been parol- yzpd ever SInco. The ncoldcnt occurr >d just a few days before tho dato sot for bis wad­ ding During his long period of con­ valescence in St. John's Hospital, Mlse Da'hlgren was a constant visi­ tor Fried brought suit In tho Su­ preme Court against the railroad for dafifag'efe, and was' awhrdod $75.- nnn .insure Morachau3er -reduced tho vrlirf to »50,000 and an appeal Is pending. NEPPEKHAN HEIGHTS . SALES ARE INCREASING. The Arlington Construction Com­ pany of Yonkers, which recently pur­ chased a number of plots from tie NVpperhan Heights Realty Company, which ts now under tho management of Robert E. Farley, President ot the Srarsdalc Estates and Gedney Farm Company, has this week commenced the erection of three houses of the bungaTow type, of stucco, atfd eCltngle construction, each two stories high, and containing eix rooms and bath. These houses will later be. offered for sale at a price of about $4000 each. The Arlington Company is Also pre­ paring to erect another series of t'iree bungalows on Morhlngelde Road In Nopperhan Heights, In tho near future LEAVES YdklftEfeeWuSCH, The Rev. lssac Yohaonon, forjmbrly in charge of the Servian Mission of St Andrew's Memorial Episcopal Church, Yonkers. has accepted the ji-iprlntme'n't to tt© charge of Trin­ ity Episcopal Church, Munjhysbo.-o, 111. Ho will also serve St. Mark'* and St. Andrew's Churches, Jackson Couaty, BJ. •. f ! \.

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