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RECORD. A WEEKLYNEWSPAPER TJEVOTEtMTO THE HOME INTERESTS OF NORTHERN WESTCHESTER. VOLUME I, NUMBER 52. KATONAH, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y., THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1911. SIVJLF. COPIES. FIVE CENTS. AGRICULTURAL JOURNALISM Bedford Farmers' Club Gets Valuable Data on Trials of Farm Papers. BENEFITS OF COUNTY FARM BUREAU The Apr?l meetin g wa s held i n Firemen' s Hall, Bedford Hills , on Wednesday , the 29th Mr G. D. Bril l presiding MeBrs. 'Effingham C Murray , Chas! y. Mitcliell and Russell H. Rawl - ing s were elected membe r Mr. Brill spoke of the benefit th e Count y Far m Bureau woul d b e t o everyone cultivating land, an d strongl y urged all present to b e at White Plains on Saturday a t th a permanen t organization. The subject of th e da y wa s \What Should an Agricultural Pape r Be - ' 1 Mr. C W. Burkett, edito r o f t.if America n Agriculturist, wa s the speake r 'I n introducing Mr Burk. ett, M r Brill spoke of th e wid e ex­ perienc e that gentleman ha d i n ex­ perimen t stations and agricultural college s in man y different states be sides practical farm work , and ho w well fitted '.ie wa s by reason of such experienc e t o be the edito r of an agricultural paper A recent number of th e Sunday Magazin e contained an excellent 'likenes s o f M r Burkett an d an a count o f the valuable wo.rk done by hi m in different states. •Mr. Burkett 3aid that ha d h e been consulted he would hav e chosen a different subject, for in talking of this on e he must necessarily b e per. •onal . Briefly stated, th e paper should be true t o agriculture, t o be In broad toucli with everythin g that concern s country life, t o be useful jind helpful_, to b e critical with *o l eranc e au'cl\jealous o f farmers ' rights •without asking special favors , tn ceek t o build up and make a mor e gloriou s the country home ; to ?xait jtb e far m family an d \make mor e pr o tflable the family farm, and neve r fCTget that the on e purnoso i s i o serve the subscribers and them onl y The far m paper has been a grea t featur e in promoting agriculture . There is n o other wa y t o bring the necessar y knowledg e of it before the public. I t i s the forum wher e the farmer s com e and oxpress their views. The first experimen t station in Ibis couiltr y wa s started in Connecticut by Orang o Judd when edito r o f the Agriculturist . An edito r tries t o ge t the opinion o f farmers on man y broa d subjects and analyze s these opinions, and t o ge t articles from person s that have had practical ex­ perienc e witli the subject writte n about. I t seemB a commo n opinion tha t the business managemen t o f a pape r controls the editorial page Speakin g for the paper he is con­ necte d with , and he is convince d tha t such is th e case wit h ever y prominen t farm paper, ther e is nev­ e r eve n a hint that th e editorial page should be governe d by its ad­ vertisers . No farm paper could b e published ir it depended upon sub­ scriber s fo r its existence. The co3t of publishing on e equals, if it do3s not exceed , yia t revenue , therefore it depends upon advertisement s for its sustenance an d profit Far m pap er s as a class ar e ver y critical about •what advertisement s the y Insert. Every on e o f them turns awa y much money yearl y by reason of what they rejec t H e believe s the tim e is com­ ing wpe n ever y publication will cen­ so r advertisements and many * we now se e will no longer b e accepted Histor y is written in advertise­ ment s I t is ver y interesting to look 1 over the back pages of au / publication Much of th e advertis­ ing farmer s want t o se e i t published at cost, a s many wh o advertis e could no t pay a greate r rate. I There is n o fortune in publishing j a far m paper I f it pays a decent profit that is all anyon e connected ' wit h it expects o r desires A farm I pape r is a school, the business de­ partmen t secures the mone y t o main-! tai n it, th e editors ar e th e instruc- j tor s an d th e readers t '.ie pupils. j Mr Burkett wa s heartily applaud­ ed at th e conclusion orchis remark s an d answere d man y ojuestlons aske j by his audience. When director of th e Kansa s ex­ perimen t station h e wa s sent t o Rus- • pla b y that StaEe t o investigat e the I ywietles o f whea t grown there. ' REESE CARPENTER ESTATE TO BE SOLD. Outcome of Foreclosure Action Brougltt by Estate of Late Jas. W. Daly, of Mt. Kisco. To satisfy claim s aggregatin g $170,000 th e estate o f th e late Rees e Carpenter, known as Buena Vistu, at Val.mlla, wil l b e sold Saturday at 11:30 o'clock from the front dour o f the Court Hous e t o the highes t bid der - • The sale is hel d b y th e direction of Attorne y John M Digney , o f the law firm o f Digne y & Digney , White Plains, an d Brya n I... Kennedy , o f New York City, is the auctionee r \ The sale is th e outcom e o f a fore closure action bvoug.it b y th e estate of the late Jame s W Daly, o f Mt. Kisco , and the origjifal clai m is for about $120,000 whit e ther e is a sub sequent clai m o f about $50,000 The property consists o f 301 acres of fine lands, a three story dwellim know n as the homestea d prope-ty, a two story cottag e an d man y out­ buildings The property is admirabl y situat­ ed and extend s alon g a rirt.se from which views o f man y mile s c f the prettiest part o f Westcheste r Coun ty ma y b e hart It overlook s tie Knollwoo d Country Club, th e Coe h ran estate, the Jame s Butle r prop­ ert y at Eastvie w and man y other handsome country places The Carpen'ter propert y is on e o f the best know n in - this section an d its late owne r wa s th e ma n wh o mad e the Kensic o Cemeter y possible anl develope d much o f th e coun'r y in that section. MAN FOUND DEAD AT VALHALLA TUESDAY. Body Was Lying in Brook Under Railroad Trestle Near Station When Discovered. The bod y o f Fran k Klusco . a driv.' -cr fo r th e Kerbaug h Company , wa s found at six o'cloc k Tuesda y lyin g In a Small brook beneath th e railroad trestlo south o f the Valhall a t>U tlon The bod y wa s discovere d by Joseph Prespep , a n Italian, an d be notified th e Valhall a precinc t o f the aqueduct police. Patrolma n AugerroitPller wa s sent out on th e rase an d h e found Klusc o lyin g on his back in th e broo k pa-- allel t o th e railroa d tracks: Corone r Dunn wa s calle d and ordere d ^tho body brought t o Lyon and Har'.- nett's morguge g In White Plain s Corone r Dunn could find n o evi­ dence o f foul play an d th e theor y i s that li e eithe r fell fell fro m th e trestle an d brok e his nec k o r wa s struck b y a passing train An au­ topsy wa s performe d Tuesda y after­ noon b y D r Lawrence Moody The dea d pian wa s 33 year s o f ace an d wa s last seen a t 6 o'cloc k Wonday evenin g b y Tony Merrltt . At 5 special meetin g o f the B iar i of Fducatlon held o n Frida y even­ ing, Mi3s Ruby Donohue, of Sharo:i. Conn., wa s engage d to fill th e va­ cancy in the list of grad e teachers and Mis s Hele n Pipe r that o f Kin­ dergarten teacher. The position o f extr a Hig h School teache r wil l ba filled by Mis s Jeanett e M Campbell . Thi s complete s th e list o f teachers engage d fo r the comin g yea r a s fol­ lows: Thoma s E. Morgan , principal : Mar y E. Crane, L/ois Stone, Glady s Mac - Arthur, Jeanett e M. Campbell , Hig h School teachejs , Caroly n D. Cain, Jennie M - Stark, Rub y Donobue, Florence M Tuck , Adalald e Arnold , Sophia A Wibbe. Ruth M Schoens, Frances E. Keegan, Grad e teachers; Helen F Piper , o f Mattfiawan, Kin ­ dergarten While abroad h e also studied th e matte r o f farm banks in German y and Denmark, an d wha t he learne d about them wa s o f benefit t o th« committe e sent abroad b y ou r gov­ ernmen t of whic h Mr . Va n Cortlandt wa s a member , and upon which he spoke s o wel l a t the meetin g o f tlio club in Octobe r last. WORKING ON FIRE ALARM Progress Being Made in Installing New System at Mount Kisco. TRUSTEES BUSY SESSION It develope d at th e regular meetin g or the Board of Villag e Trustees o f Mt. Kisc o on JJonday eventng thai the Gamewel l Company was at work on th e ne w fire alar m system The tim e limit will probably be extended and an extension granted by the trus­ tees, but it is hoped that the system will be complete d within the present month. The concret e nasi- for tne bell towe r is being placed by the Fowle r Construction Compan y in the rear of the Corporation Building and the larg­ est part of the equipment is on the ground President Banks reported that he had refused to approv e som e inferior parts of th e striking mech­ anism and his action wa s upproved by the Board Chairman Chichester for the Light- lag Committee , reported favorably on the installation o f additional street lamps =in front o f the High School building an d on Prospec t street The matte r wa s referred to the commit­ tee with powe r t o install . ' lu Feeponse to a request from the District Nursin g Associatio n Street Commissione r Dinge e wa s directed to place at th e disposal of the Assoeia tion on e of his team s on the afterncon of the 16th. t o be used in the ••Clean­ up\ campaig n on that day Truste e Dakin presented a map. plans and specifications drawn by Fowle r & Sigglekovv for the laving of 200 feet of concret e sidewalk on Mancheste r Terrac e at th e junction of Main street Bids for the work will be advertised fo r and opened at the meeting'of the Boar d on Ma y ISth A bill wa s submitted by the .Mt Kisc o News for $135 with interest amountin g to $8 l u for publishing or­ dinances Suit wa s threatened unless the bill wa s paid Corporation Coun sel Banks stated that the Board bud not authorized the publication and uu. - in n o wa y liable for payment of the bill and it wa s ordered reti.rned to Mr Meres . The following bills wer e audited and ordere d paid from thii r riv-pei tiv r accounts — Chief F J crrgio r ?s u on (ifficer Ega n . . 70 • Officer Piatt M 7.\. Officer Leopold 7\ on Justicfi„,nuFrane, •••».„.. ?•'•'< M Jos 10 Merria m , 37.} \ W illiamson -Law Book C'd *- 4 \>i> Fast End Printing Co . in no Walte r Selleck 24 no Town o f New Castle assess­ men t 13 1»> N Y Telephon e C o <;.3X L. B . Richard s 14 00 A Bartholdl 20.00 U. Dinge e . 2 on r ox & Fish 1 !»5 T Baggi o 1 r, 14 Jas. Hunnigan '24 00 W F Krundage 40 1.\ has. Brundage 2.V2N M Collins 4,<J.ii(i .I'riah Dinge e . lTU.tiK Fowler Constr Co. .Mountain Ave. s ewer wor k 3I».nn * Dolacav e 42 09 Treasure r Gree n mad e repott_of the balances on hand turned owr to him by former Treasure r Egan. and Truste e Sha w took occasion to sa v that the bondsmen of the latter had no occasion t o worr y as M r Fgan' s ac­ counts wer e correct, the only ml\-up being a matter o f bookkeeping not en­ tirely the fault o f M r Egan. nncl that the matte r would be straightened out to the satisfaction o f all in good tim e Truste e Shaw move d the pur> base of n flag Sxl 2 for use on the Corporation Building on all holidays The Clerk wa s authorized t o make the purchase and the*janitor instructed to se e that it wa s unfurled on the proper occa­ sions. The Board adjourned t o meet on Monda y evening . Ma y 11th. at 7 30 PLANS FOR \CLEAN-UP\ Rubbish Will Have to Go on May 16 Says Nursing Asso­ ciation. KATONAH IN NEW LEAGUE Four Team Circuit Should Create Ad­ ded Interest in Base Ball Here. FOR A SPOTLESS TOWN SEASON TO OPEN MAY 23 Plmis are being cirnpli ted I i i.ie village i lean-up to lie held mi M;i> hi Mr Lou U Elliott has allowed tin committe e in charge to liai c the ac cumulation of rubbish dumped i.n the vacant lot south of the -chnnl house and land owner s ui Hunt villi and Greenville, have also ottered to co-op­ erate in helping to dispose of rubbish it is to be distiiictU utidi rstoud thai no garbage w ill be taken On Friday and Saturday notice , printed in English aud Italian will bi distributed by th 1 : school i hildreti Thes e will be left at even house and will give directions for the (lea n up The Committe e on Street-, and Sidi walk s will keep a watchful ey e on the vpcunt lots and park.- and it is hoped that the Grenfell and Ili-gih; < lull will assist with rakes and oiler »<.i p ons of warfare to corral .ill tin c.vi - and stTaMng papi rs which ttial.c the streets unsightly The women o f the committee will lot ri, hold men c;?n do sotm thing\ better thai women , they would appreciate the of­ fer of a h.'If dozen athletic rn .1 tn lift barrels and Poxes < f rubbi.-h into tho carts Several publii-spirit, d (HZMIS ha e given the coinnitte e the 11 1 i.f tin It teams for the half d.n in onh r to help the good work along No newspapir s or niagiiziu\- will be collected until ne.it Fall when t'-.c Nursing Association hypes to make an effort similar to that made with such success last year The> will be grateful to all who will sav e magazines, papers and old rub her for the next collection ride in the carts but as they still to thi old fashioned notion Hat The Kalona h Tennfs Club held a meetin g on Saturday evenin g at whic h encouragin g reports wer e re­ ceive d from the Finance Committe e in c.iarge of raising fnnd3 to defray the expens e o f building the propos­ ed courts on th e city land opposite the depot , The applications for membershi p a- e comin g in fast and ever y indication points to a \most successful organization It is prob­ abl e that a* double court will be erected . Preparation s fo r Arbo r Da y exer­ cise s a t the various schools o f thp vicinity tomorro w ar e being made . STATE MASONS IN . ANNl'AL MEETING. Review of Work in Masonic Field of State During Year Was Given. The Grand Lodge of Fre e and Ac ­ cepted Masons open d its K!^d an nu'al communic;iuoii_ Tuenla y ai'itr. :iowi at 2 o'clock In, .Masonic Hall, 24tli Street near nth Avenu e Many representatives o f lodges throughout th e Stat e ar e gathered in New York fo r the meetin g and prep- 'aratlnns ar e being made by Col . E L M Ehlers, Grand Secretary, fo r the prompt and orderl y dispatch o f a large amount of business wliich will be brought before the commun­ ication for disposal Ther e are mor e than S00 lodges in goo d standing in the State, and the representatives of the lodges, with the permanent members o f the Grand Ixidge num- br nearly 1000 Fre e Masons entitled to take part in its deliberations. Charles Smith, o f Oneonta, wh o has been Grand Master for t.ie past two years, will preside, ami he is being a sisted in his duties by De­ puty Grand Master. Judge George Freifeld. o f Brooklj-n. the Senior Grand Warden , Thoma s Penney, of Buffalo t.ie Junior Grand Warden , Willia m S Farme r of Syracuse, the Grand Secretar y E I . M Ehle's , and tlie Grand Marshal, Edwar d M ''ethers of East Springfield Amon g the Fast Grand Masters w 10 are ex- p\c(oii to be prespnt at the sessions of llir Grand Lodg e are Col John W Vroonian. Willia m \ Brodie, Wil­ liam Shercr, Judge Townseiv l Scud der, Hobert Judson Kenworth y and Judge S Ne'so a Sawye r Grand Secretary Ehlers reported at the last annual communication that at that tim e there wer e S20\ lodges in good-. .slajdiiiK in this State, and that the membership numbered I71.H27 Since that time six new lodges have been institut­ ed, namely Mount Masada. at Mount Vernon . Menora, in Brooklyn, Neth- erland in the Borough of Man'tat- tan Ba y View at Henderson, Jef­ ferson Countv , A(|iichonga, in the Borough o f Manhuttan In the last jear the lodges hav e been in a pros­ perous Vendition and a substantial 11 cease in the membership has been made Th,e election o f office's for the ypar wa s held Wednesda y Mr Smith, wh o lias been Grand Mas - 'ter for tw o years, retired, and Judg e Freifeld, th e flppntv Grand Mastpr. wa s chosen In his place The Installation o f the newly elected grand officers on Thursda y will close tho meeting. . j. ai3fci2fefj At 11 meeting of the Wi - U hester \ \ A held at Pleasant! ill - last \ \ 1 i| m-stiay cw-iiiuf. it wa.s delinitely de eided that the Norierti Division l.eagiu be made up of lour teams rep n.senting Brewster. Kalonah Beilionl Hills and Mt Kisco > ;u li team pl.ni' ^ a twehe-gam e schedule. 01 four regu lar league gnm- s with eat h other team 111 the ICUMUC A sffliilar league is to he formed of tjw survivors of the teams lorn'.crls comprising the Southern half 01 last year's ten team league, with several new towns in addition, ami will in elude Pleasantville. Whit e Plains N M (' A. , Crt-stwuod and a team Iron) \onker s A \Post Season Series will l>e plaved between the winner- 11 ea i h league for the < liiiinpioiiship if lie Harle m Division Tin s will unhide two out of three or three 0111 of Hi e games, the number m gane - to il. pend upon the tiuie the ni.ul.tr -e.i-.on closes. As the weald r (tains h.i. e bei u dropped, both leagues a toi 1 im> stand urn much stronger than ihi league i.s ;i whole wj s la-t >e:tr ai d better and more inti 1 stite^ contests hould he thi' r tilt Anothi r aihan t.'.e.e of the four lc a m ham;, i-, 1n M trips for tie ham.- will In Miorli 1 anil less e\pin.iie ami tli 1* 1.101. e ' the local enthusiasts will !,<• Mile 10 Inilow te-'tns on iut-11'i'i>-1 tup - 111 iK ing larger and more 1 ntlinsi.istn i row-ds and better gate receipts and collections Though the Iwf.ue schedule lip-: not h\i n completed, it l s proposed , 0 |<| > the lirst regular leagii\ gam e on Ma i 23d Weathe r and the eondilio'i ot Lakeside Field permitting, a number of exhibition games will be played on' tile local ground- In fore tint cl.it - l.rouinlkeeper Siai l - win 11 mtei viewe d recent I < a s to when the In Id 1 mid be ri .11I1 lo r 1 -.• inn rated ihit h\ is purstiini. a pole 1 n | \.•<''il'' wailing, but sai.l ihiit «111 • a lan I'l'-ak o f the waller . .million |e ' • 1 ed to ii ne Hi. ili; iirm' 1 miii .'. • b.\ tpe 1 ml i.f the p\ -..nt week Meanwhil e ,.n 1 inmi-i'i.-iii • omiir , tee is inukini, prepar.itu.ji-. ior a n 111 tertainmeiit 11 huh it - priem e-1 w'II b • different from :.n i thnir. 1 1. - h. inr. given in Kutomili lo r the hem lit 01 the I.ak'side team diTlirint 111 mam r spects. huf similar in that 1' \ill I K full ol snap ami gin... 1 ami .il.-t.l.it.-i) worth the prf. 1 of ailini.--i..n vi hen esked what the nature nt the inte r talnment is to lie Miss ICtliel Green, who has the matter in charge, as- su ned an air of mystery and remarked \Walt and see \ So, then s nothn.i. to ilu I1.1t -•••]• down and wait Jj.r tin po-ti r.- e h well, as Ion- as ingo t note < 111 turn 0 secure a seat, we sln.ulil I Ye-, Reginald vim have gue-.eit i\ • \\ e should vioiri ' SUPERVISORS IN MONTHLY MEETING Transact Much Business of Routine Nature at Session on Monday. AWARD COAL CONTRACTS FOR YEAR WESTCHESTER MAN MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERV E HOARD Paul M. Warburg, of White Plains, Appointed 1>> I'resident Wilson. It is announced 111 Washington that Paul M War ! urg. whose home ls in the Town of Greenhurgli iver- lookm g Whit e Plains h,i< been ap­ pointed by President Wilso n as a membe r of the Federa f Reserv e Board which body will set in m o tion tlie new currency la w signed last Novembe r Mr. Warbur g will serve with Itich ard Olney, formerly Secretary of State, in t.ie ClevelanJ Administra­ tion. Mr Warbur g is recognized as on e of the forcfaiibt financial experts in this country, aid is a membe r of the banking Iirm of Kulin, Loc b & Companj . o f .\'ew York City The third member of the commis sion is said to he a southern banke- but no intimation as to wh o he is has been given Mr Warbur g is \ctv York' s re­ presentative on the commission He is one of the best known o f the hankers in t i e metroimlis and his home in Gre'enlmrgli. just outulde o f .liit e I'lainr Is on e o f the show places 11J Westchester County Georgi' lliiif'iiaii. wh o has been on - of the most trusted and valued ».n- ploypes of Ashurv Elliott for a number cf years, ha- given up his position and s crept ed a place as guard at tlie State Tleformatorj. i WESTCHESTER RED CROSS Nl RSES READY. Coun(> Chapter Offers Ser\ices if Needed in Event of Active War­ fare in Mexico. The Westchester County Chapter of the lied ( ro-s organization has offered its services if tho Mexica n situation develops into activ e war­ fare wit'i the I niteil Slates A let­ ter of instruction lias been received . On \pn ! jiltii. the. Executiv e Com- mitice of the Wistchestc r County ('liapttr o f the \mericun Nationa l Hcd ( loss met at vhe Hotel Gotham upon call of tit\ chairman. Mr s Frank Hunter Potter Mr s Potter , on 'icr return from Europe, go t into communication uith tho National lle:idi|iiarteis at Washington and re­ ceived from the War Relief Board 'a letter of instructions to Chapters n the event of wa r being declared with Mexico The Westrhe-tr r County Chapte-, meeting under these instructions, is now thornughlv nrguni/rd and while earnestly lopine tint war ma y bo averted .is readv at a moment's nn l:ce to a-f,i-t the Governmen t with funds, supplies and efficient work - ers The svsteni o f Chapte-s has been arranged by tho American National Ited Cro-s, so that the work of the organization may be more effective­ ly done It is important that all mnnev contributions in Westcheste r County be sent to the Treusuror o f the WestclieHter County Ciapter , W illiam I! Franklin, F-n., America n Malting Companv. i:p,d Street and Fast River. Ne w Yirk City, and in no case tlircrtlv tn Washingto n COUNTY Y M C A BOYS' CONFERENCE Plans nr. n...i 1 •u.;>'<- . .1 for the Boys' Conf.-enc . : i* - thp auspice; of the We.-t. r--, - C uiitir \ oung Men's Christian \? < >. i.ition, which is to be held.. . >:-<> 1M1II1, Satur­ day, Ma> 'Mb. s'nnu.g at lu o'clock in the morning Men 01 st.it. widi rcpitation have been secured to a Idre-s tjl s larg \ g.-itliering of in;« \mong the speaker< are - M r K N llobin son. International >. M C. A S e rretary for Bojs ' Work , M r John Tt Boardman. a specialist on Bo y Leade-shlp . Mr <' It lios, , o f Ma- nia-o.mck and Mr W I I Burge r Sta' e Seen tarv lor R >ys' Wor k Thi s is a nuuiile array of speakers and tin Wt stelies.\ r County Co m mit*--c> i i to lie congratulated on their HHO'SS 11 planning such a tine pro- gra r. The Pleasantville High School Band ol tweniv fou- pieces will at­ tend tie Coiiteri iter and will render -••veral loncert - dnrThg thr day Thi s in itself is ; 1 attraction that ever y hnv 111 t'n run.it 1 w II want to hear aud sue Tie - Confrrerr e Is t o bn ad­ journed tarl i 1 nongh in the after­ noon to giie opportunity fur som e athlete game, ,nnl spu-ts Kvp- y bov will want In t.iUp parj in this portiip of the procram The rtrnnxvlilp T^M C A Boy s Group n-e making thorough plans for tie entertainment o f the vlslt- I i g ilrlnjrafps anil urge ever y boy who ran pn--i!.K do .-o to attend Print ipal Thoma s F. Morga n cele­ brated his' lurilulqi on Ma y 1st. No he doe- i t tell now old. but bo is still young so wlints t 10 diffn-ence Anvliow he had a fitting celebration helped In some of the joung lady students of thi High Srhool wh o tried out their < ulinary art o n their popular teacher H e was presented with a cake mti on e candle aa d a huge i|ue-tinn mark and som e other fancy rakes anil dainties which hav e since kept him looking up authori­ ties on indigestion tablets W Inn the Hoard o f Supervisors nut on Miiinl.i' three sites wer e offer, d for the pmposed ne w armor y for th. honkers company of national guard-nn n The lu-t site offered is at No 10 Locust \1e11ue, a plot I!n;x33 feet for $\ Th e second 3ite is on the t levi land F.state In South Ii11a1lw.1v and tie third site is the t at/. V'siate. St Mary s Stree t and South Broadway \o price wa^s nam­ ed fur eiiiier of tie latter tw o sites Ml of tin 111 were received and re­ ferred to tin- committee on armor­ ies The loutr.ict fur 1 Mm tons o f buck. .\heat mal w.t- awarded to U Youn g Urol!.' i<».il I'ompa.l.i o f Whit e Plain- Ihi- prue 1- $1 pe r ton Tin in \ t low est bidder was Clinton C Sw j. kli.imi r. who asked $1 pe.- t..n Th., coal u for ta o Court I loiisj^plunt \&\\i> icpie M of the Westcheste r (min t 1 I arm Bureau a newl y or­ ganized liodv. chairman E. P Bar­ rett was 1 hos'n 11« a supervisor to serve on 'I. hu-eau t executive staff witli in-lit e n mbi.- of tho bureau Tl.e 1 o MI of Os-ining wa s auth­ orized to r.i.-. $]o.fiiin by bond issue to provide '..r the making o f an a3 sessmejit >».ip required undor the new la w ng.irlin g tie levy and as­ sessment of taxes Tho Tow 11 of Kastchester wa s au­ thorized to ii-r $u;,:,»0 by bond is­ sue to pin fo tlie town's share of the prop '\ed -tale highway through that town \ risniutnm trom Supervisor For- -ith calling f. T a JlsTr.OO bond is sue for the purpose of redeemin g certifu .ites of Indebtedness fo r that sum given :i- tie county's share t o dale for Uiml- taken for the Bronx I'ark'in in adopted Thi s amount repri -• 1 ' H e tnt.il cent o f tho pnrkw.i t 1 ' 1 e 1 .iintv thus far The H'maiti!'\ - o ' t'e' cost is borno by New \ r r k 1 11. \ res.ili.M in rillin g for a $52,000 bund i ««ui for l'i e purpose o f build\ Ing the Mount Ycnnn-Pejba m Bridg e OUT tl . 1 1 tchi'ster/t'ree k also prevailed lie structure Is t o bo a coufitv liridce MA\ DISMISS IvEWEDl I.NDiCTMENTS. Justice Morschauser Asks Couascl To Submit Briefs that He May Determine Points at Issue. The Silve - \nniversary o f the Rp- vvorlh League will br-lrrl d Sunday- evenin g next at T in'o'cloc k A n in­ teresting prog-am lifts beeu arrang­ ed and it is hoped t'tat ill members' and friends of the society wil l b o present. J'l-tue Unr'I'liauser Monday Inti matt .1 .1 H 11.1- -lioiin t tat other than the prop' r p> r-niii had II«->I I betiiro tin < 1 r 11 ill I'll In would dismiss th • li dii I in. HI 1. nn 1 I• MIti S Keii'ieil' . forim r iiirl-' 1 nl Sing Sing and l. » 11 in H i.il.l.- •••rim 11> -tor'keop i 1 at the pri-uii The m..•!• I ..line In fore th e Court c.u tin ipplu at on of Messrc Ken - m 1I1 .-trul 1.ih!.. inr ih. dismissal of the indict i.n' .i-i'ti-t them on Hie ground 1I1 it '\ . lit-! brought out did not w.irriii t' • finding of an indict­ ment Attorn. 1 l' i •' 1 11- I . Hughes apprar- 11.g for lx' . . li i.used tin- point that the Attor ..ni l had never super- side d ti . d ' II 1 .ittortiej and that James \ \ 11)..re the special ilei'pty attorin :• 1. vnl who appeared befor e the Grand Mir. hud no right there, or in mIn r i.M- th.it the indictment was v..el Histrnt vtornev Fr e leric k E Week- .ir-uirg toi* the state, said he hud Ie . 11 l.d to li-Iieve until recentli thai th .iit.irii. 1 general had super si de,i ili, di'-tn. 1 ittorney but recent li he h.el 1\ 11 tel.I that this wa s pn: the • as. 1 • • udictments xvere foui.ti bet ore Mr Week- u a s the district a' tornei Justu e \ | .r-. ii.oi-er put the matter ove r until - 1 11 Mine as counsel for bulb side- n'li'il submit briefs and fiwt- Tin lull- '\f the Investigation that resjlted .11 t'.e indictment of Kenned y .nil (.ilii.« net- ih.irged to this coun­ ty mid .u re-.iie nbout $]!5.000 TIP investigation was ordered b y the then (.oirrno r Sulzer A tl. w retidew e is being electe d by H..11.1I1I ( oiigdon on Bedford Homl.

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