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KATQNAB BEfcOttp THURSDAY, MARCH 20. kiii. fAGETHflB* 1859 1913 Adams' Department Store Sale of Cap Consisting of it , Coats, - s, Gloves, Mittens. ^fiemffd weather has leffx good stock on our hands and special inducements will fie offered. and Lumberman High and Low Arties. Rubbers for All Shape Shoes. o W. B. ADAMS & SON, Inc. Bedford Hills, N. Y. BEDFORD HILLS. Bedford Hills, March 25. JWrs. R- A. Ingersoll, of Bedford Center, Xvidow of the late Baptist jninister of that locality, was a vlBltor for the'past week with Jlrs, James Reynolds. ' — We are gjad to report that Lloyd Cox i s improving nicely from his long Be !ge~of illness, and hope t o see him about town when weather pormits, Ctias. Brown, chauffeur for Mr. 0. W, Wheeler, met with a very painful ac­ cident last Thursday at the Railroad 'Depot, with his automobile. HIB motor -stopped and he got out to crank i t and in doing 30 the handle flew back fl.it- tibg Mr. Brown a vicious blow o n the left cheek bone, causing a deep gash which required the services of Dr . Brlggs, whoput several stitches \n tli'J •wound. Mr. Lloyd J . Cooper spent Friday with relatives in Elizabeth, N . J . Miss Annie Elch spent the week-end with friends in •Williamsbfidge, N . Y. Miss Marjory Christian has fully re ­ covered from her attack of the 1 mumps. NORTH SALEM. » North Salem, March 25 . OvMng to sickness the meeting of the Dorcas Society which was -to have been held April 1st, with Mrs. Maria Finch, has been postponed <Jin- -til A^Jril 22d, when the meeting will , be h*\eld with Mrs. S. Pierre Field. Tlie friends of SMrs. Hubert Vail * Sincerely regret to learn of hejr ser­ ious Illness at her homeJn Brewster and .hope fo r a speedy recovery. Davi'd P. Vail :ia d the misfortune to lose a horse recently. •MJjjsB\ 'Edna Shelley haB returned home after a lengthy visit with friends and relatives in the metro­ polis. (Several from here attended the dance at Bailey's Hall, Somers, on the Ktih. rind report a very enjoy­ able time. Floyd Y. Keeler of Englewood, N. J., spoilt.the week-end with hi s par­ ents, RTr. ami Mrs. H. Hdbart Keeler. | Wte are Indeed glad to report im­ provement in the conditions of Mrs. R. \3. Jtassell, -Mrs. Maria Finch, and' Master Earl Vail, all 6t whom have been quite seriously ill since -last writing. V^a .understand\ that next Monday, March 30th> at 10 a . m., Timothy Df- neen. will- sell at auction at hi s resi­ dence the W. H. I Howe farm for­ merly the Jolm Baxter farm a short diBtanctf from- the Norch Salem p\ogt- offics. his stock and farming imple­ ments. Putnam County's efficient Auctioneer W. Andrew Ferris will Knock down thei goods and &o«yin the market for farm goods should en­ deavor to be present George WUdey spent a fe w days the cast week i n New York. City. Mrs. Fred Burns was called to Waterbury the past week owing t o the -serious illness of 'he r sister. , The recent Are at the WelleBley College aroused considerable inter- test in this locality, as the Misses (Margaret And Frances Norton, daughters of the late Henry Norton were among the many i n attendance at €he cpHege at the time. Miss Margaret escaped with but fe w be- longifigs, while Miss Frances was in another .section and was ' not disturb­ ed. Miss JVlau'de Keeler has obtained a position in^Brewster. GOLDENS BRIDGE. Qoldens Bridge, March 25. Services will be held at'the Meth­ odist Church on Sunday next, both morning' and evening, with preaching by the pastor. I n the evening the pastor will giro lecture -on \John \Wesley and His Times.\ The gen­ eral public is' most cordially invited to attend. Services begin at 11 a. M. and 7.SD p m. CROSRrVBB, Where Living la High. Those .who complain of toe high volt of- lining would have reason for a mtjch, more.pronounced howl if they* llv^ fsr short time i n La Paz ID LOWer 'pajJfOTaJa. - Butter is never sold jfiir. less than 65 cents a pound and' during th e seven ho t months of the year freih vjiget'ahles we no t at ail bbtainable. Ice which i s ma'riuraV ' tared in La- Pa z tfelia for tw o dollarf i •j^fejjndrad. SALEM CENTER. Salem Center, March 25. Miss\ Laura Howe visited relatives in White Plains and New York the past week. 4 The choir of St. James' Episcopal Church met with Miss Ella Lobdell last Thursday. • ^ 'Dr. an d Mrs Merrill are spending \several days with friends in White Plains. •^IjHiss^ Cornelia Crooke spent Sun­ day at the Crooke farm. Mrs James H. Hartwell -visited relatives in DanbUry a fe w days the pa'st week. W. Garfleld Gardner is called for Jury duty at the County Court, Wliite Plain?, for the March Term. The dancing class that has been hold in the Academy the past Ave Saturday nights, under the instruc­ tion of Professor Dixon with the as ­ sistance of Miss Cornelia Lobdell, met for the last time under the former arrangement o n Saturday evening The members of the class have enjoyed the .evenings passed, and have been well instructed and we believe that MISB Lobdell will noC find it difficult to get up another class t o continue o n under her su­ pervision witS equal satisfaction to all. Miss Lobdell will continue fyie class on Saturday evenings without tho assistance of Mr Dixon, cutting the price to $1.00, and her friends predict that she will meet with greater success than before. WHITE PLAINS CITY CHARTER PASSES ASSEMBLY Albany, N . Y., Tuesday.—Assembly­ man Floy D. Hopkins' bill creating the \City of White Plains\ was passed by the Assembly Monday night The bill b y Mr. Hopkins was adopted without opposition and the vote 'was 130 to 0. The charter now goes to the Senate, where Senator Healy has been letting his bill on the city charter for White Plains slumber'in the Cities Commit tee. The Legislature will probably ad­ journ Friday, but Senator Healy ha s ample time in which to pass the bill in the Senate, if he gives it hi s .trten tion. The fact that the bill passed Hie As­ sembly without a single vote Lelng re­ corded againBt it i s a source of grat­ ification to those who stand sponsor for -the bill because of the effect it mdy have o n the Senate. There has been little doubt bu t that he bill would pass the Assembly wlifch has a Republican majority, but tho fact that it was passed without opposition means much. - The real troubles of the city charter bill are said t o await it i n the Seuite Which has a Democratic majority, and wliere the few Democrats from White Plains, who have appeared i n o|>i>osi- ion to the bill, have concentruted their endeavors. Whether or not Senator Healy feels that he can afford to listen to hi s political henchmen rather than support a tJnrthat means so much to the many thousands of people in White PlaiP3 •vrtll only be determined b y hi s atti­ tude toward the. bill between now and lhe tirao the Legislature adjourns. Allen VanYasseu has accepted a' po- sition as clerk with W. B. Adams & Son. B. J. Monahan and Godfrey Rosberg returned Saturday from Beacon City, where they have been for the past two weeks, repairing telephone Hires. ~ An indoor baseball game will b e played tonight in which the \Engine Co>ora. H . & L. Co.\ i n Fireman's hall. Everybody come out and see this game as i t will be well fought, for the losers have to put up for a supper and Captain Hines says it won't b e hi s boys this time. Miss Ina Hyde has accepted a posi­ tion as assistant clerk in our Post Office an d will begin her duties on April 1. * A peculiar accident occurred last Saturday at the residence of John Mc- Nally, when a brick became loose in the chimney and fell into it which clog­ ged <jtTp the passage an d when gas j was formed from the heated stove in the kitchen it caused an explosion which badly damaged the stove. For­ tunately nobody was hurt. Our sick list this week consists of Messrs. B. G. Amos, J S. Holmes and Harry George, who have found time to have the grippe. Mrs. J. J Corrigan, who underwent an operation for appendicitis several days ag o at Dr. Bugbee's Hospital at \White Plains, returned home Monday and we are pleased to report she I s improving rapidly. William H. Harrison, a colored man aged 87 years, died at the home of his son-in-law, Theodore Peterson, last Friday night, from Pneumonia. Mr, Harrison was a veteran of the Civil War, having served with the 45th Mas­ sachusetts Regiment, and was hoc orably discharged after seeing consid­ erable service i n the Middle West and Mlsslst(ppl- He leaves a wife^a five daughters and two sons to mourn his loss Funeral services Were con­ ducted by the Rev . Mr. Gordon and burial Tuesday-at Amawalk, his for­ mer residence. W. B. Adams, our enterprising mer­ chant, left Tuesday for a two weeks' vacation and same will be spent in South Carolina and other points of in­ terest. Mr.Harry L. McCall is a visitor this week with friends i n Stamford, Conn Miss Agnes Gaynor and Mr William Dieal both young people of this place, were .married Friday, March 20th, in Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Congratulations. George Yerkes and family, who re­ sided here for several years, moved Tuesday to Goldens Bridge. Mr A. N . -Whelpley, ou r liveryman, has purchased a new Ford auto for his business and expects same to ar­ rive in a fe w days. Howard Fisher, who is daily taking lessons in the art of driving same, will b e the man be­ hind the wheel. M r Whelpley b e Moves In up-to-date methods of trans­ portation of hi s many patrons. CROTON FALLS. Croton 'Falls, March 25: ' Mr. Joseph Miller\ was confined to the house for several days with a sprained ankle. Mrs. W. G. Smith an d children spent Saturday in White Plains. There\ was a special meeting of the Men's Clttb Saturday evening of last week. One da y last week several of our-! townsmen -saw seven deer in the woods near the Hemlock Dam. Bills are posted -for a social dance to be given o n th e evening of Easter Monday, April 13th. a t the -Town Hall. Brewster. The music for the dance is to be furnished by the fam­ ous Jobkers Brothers. Dancing be­ gins at 9.30 p..\to. The Jockers Bros, are considered on e of the best or ­ ganised orchestras in the Bronx. Several from here expect to attend. Mr. A. Ward Chamberlain has been confined to the hoflse with rheumatism for several days. Mr. and Mrs.* Paul 'Weinberg «ppnt t Sunday i n New York with rel - atlves, Over fifty dollars was realized at the cake sale held at the home o f Mrs. Adrian Smith of \Lincolndale on Tuesday -of last week, b y the ladies of St;. Joseph's CatHollc church. Quite a few from here attended. Miss Scofleld of Danbury has been' staying with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strang for a week or more. Several from here took i n Bar - num and Bailey's dlrc.ua at Madison. Souare Garden 6n Saturday. j tona:i Re «ord about April 15th Mr. Walter Fanchor, of Yonkers>+-», spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs. F. ' JOHN MILES SELLS HANDSOME HOME. Carrying ou t his plans to prepare for his coming trip abroad, John Miles has sold his handsome home in Old Mamaroneck Road to a White Plains man whose name is withheld The purchaser bought the place as a residence for himself and family and not fo r speculation ^ The salb was made through W E Morrell, Inc., and the price i s said to have been in the neighbor­ hood of $25,000. The house Is of brick and the interior is finely fin­ ished. There Is an acre of ground included i n the sale and the whole place i s one of many fine estates in Old MamaroneSk Road just outside of the Wliite Plains village line Mr Miles developed much of the^tlie property in that section. He took over unimproved -farm lands, know­ ing that a great future awaited tho village and the adjacent territory and hi s own residence is one of sev­ eral that he erected in the vicinity of Old Mamaroneck Road and Bolton avenue. The property he sold recently, which included many acres of hand­ some' building sites on Soundvlew avenue,\ Old Mamaroneck Road and Clrdney Way Js just beyond the pla.ee where is located -the property sold last week. The purchaser of the Miles, residence will take title with­ in the next ten' days. A. Purdy and family. Mrs. Dudley Thomas spent Mon­ day with her mother Mrs. Edwin Baker. - Misses Madeline and Adele Purdy were the guests of Do c Fanchor, o f Yonkers, o n Saturday. •. The Cecellan Society will meet on Monday with Mrs . J. Comstock q? Brewster _ ' — The Girls' Club 'met at the home of Mrs. Rimpo-on Monday evening. Mrs. George Austin entertained Miss N., Stone of Pawling o n Mon­ day afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Moses spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Moses, of New York City. C. E. SOCIAL AND BUSINESS MEETING. On Friday of last week the Chris­ tian Endeavor Society of the Bap­ tist Church met at the home' oTT/lrr and Mrs. Charles Decker. After the business meeting) a musical program was given i n which th e following took part: Reading by Hev. Mr . Rimpo i Irish History and Music. Solo b y Mr. Charles Decker Wearing of the Green. . Duet: Misses Malellne (Decker and Harriet Cooper The HaTp that Rang Through Tara's Hall. Recitation: Marion Purdy Law Backed Car . Piano Solo: Miss Hazel Purdy. Believe Me of all Those Endearing Young Charms. The Last Rose of Summer. Piano Solo: Miss Arlene Purdy. Irish Music. Solo: Miss Lila Purdy. Over the Hills t o Mary Irish Stew Song. Duet Misses Addle an d Emma Mc- Oollin: Kalarney. Solo: Mr . Edward Ostrander. Come Back t o Erin « Solo Gbarlotte Decker The program was well rendered by all and very much enjoyed. Dr B- Chamberlain, of New York City, was i n town on Tuesday Miss Pearl Kelsey returned to her duties \a t school on Monday afl(er an illness of a week Op. Friday evening of this week,- there will be a social a t the home of Mr aid Mrs. Frank McCollum, under the auspices of. the ladies of the Methodist Church at Union Valley. J With feelings of poignant grief, | the parishioners of St Joseph's Church, Croton Faals, listened last Sunday to the valedictory of their be loved pastor. Father Duffy. The heart-felt sorrow was mutual. After notifying his devoted flock of his transfer to St. Rapbaelo's, New York City he was so overcome b y the thought of separation that he was unable t o proceed with the conclu­ sion of hi s address In deepest sad­ ness he turned away letting silence speak more efoquently than words. He had labored for over eleven years with the people of St. Joseph's and the outlying missions, a zeal­ ous, faithful holy priest, the friend of the poor, afflicted and op ­ pressed, he carries away with him veneration an d esteem of all classes That God ma y bless him and prosper his works is the earn­ est, fervent-prayer of th e people he leaves behlndf. Father DufTy was ordained priest about .twenty-four years ago in - St Joseph's Seminary, at Troy, N. Y HIa first ^asslgnirjsnt wasj to S t Joseph's Clvarch, 125th afreet. New York City Other subsequent, ap. polntments were St Mary's, Pough- keepsie, St. Cegilia's, St. Raymond's and St. Paul's, New York City He came from St. Paul's to Croto„ Falls. He also served in th e Apostolate Board for missions to non-Catholics. (Whereever he ha s been he command- PURDYS STATION. Purdys, March 25 Miss M Caiiill wa s the' welcome\ guest of Mr and Mr s George F. .Rogers, of Bedford Hills on Sunday Harry Brady has been confined to his home with qulmsey sore throat, for the past week. * Mrs. Fred Reynolds, Mrs . Merwin Howard, and son . of Pawling, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rey­ nolds on Thursday laBt Miss Gertrude Smith entertained Miss Margaret Johnson, of Montrose, over the week-end. Mis's JohnBon was a former Primary teacher in ou r school, and her many friends were glad to greet her Miriam Knapp Is enjoying a sev­ eral days' visit at the home of M.r. and Mrs. J H. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lobdell of Salem Center, and Mr. -and Mrs. J . J. Masterson, of Valhalla, were Sun­ day guests of air and MrB. R. F. White.\ Mrsi.A. Kastner and Mrs . Henry Ginther and daughter spent Monday -nfternoon-in—Mount—Kisco: Mrs. William Ward, who has been 1H with tonsilltls, IB considerably im­ proved. MrB. D. Booth an d daughter Net­ tie, spent Thursday ou t of town. , Frahk Parkus, Jr. , ha s been as­ sisting R. D. Knapp in painting an d cleaning the Interior of the Knapp building at Katonnh, which was formerly occupied by th e \Times.\ It will be the new home of th e Ka- Mrs. R. F. White and daughter, Irs. Gilbert Lobdell, were visitors in Katonah on Friday * Operator J. S . Da y spent Sunday '.at the home of his parents in Port ClieBTdr, To all of those who would like to enjoy a pleasant evening next Fri­ day, must be sure and attend the Epworth League social which Is t o be held at the Church parsonage. Mrs. F. L. Dann was'tfie guest of friends in Katonah on Tuesday. Mr. an d Mrs. Darius Lobdell are. entertaining D r and MrB. Merrill, of Salem Center, this week. ' The new district nurse, Miss Eliz­ abeth Anderson, is boarding at the home .of Darius Lobdell. Mr. Martlh Tbdd and Miss Lillian Knapp enjoyed a pleasant da y i n th\ Metropolis on Wednesday. A very pretty wedding took place at the'home of Mrs. Kate Van Scoy oh last Saturday,, evening at T..10, when her daughter Miriam was unit­ ed in marriage to Martin Vogler, of Katonah, Rev. W. R Hunt officiat­ ing. MIBS Anna Van 'Scoy, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and Rob­ ert Ferguson was best man. After the ceremony, the relatives- and guests were entertained by mu ­ sic and refreshments. Electric Motor Way is the best way There is an electric motor of the right kind and size for all work, requiring power. Economy of power is not the only saving effect­ ed by the use of Electric Motors. The advantages of safety, reliabil­ ity, flexifiility and cleanliness are self-evident. The benefit of these can bd obtained to a maximum de­ gree only by the^ use of General 'Electric Motors. KATONAH LIGHTING CO, Sole Agents. Telephone Company 115 Telephone W. H. Clark 33 W. H. CLARK CERTIFIED UNDERTAKER Of , ' Hoyt Brothers Company FUNERAL DIRECTORS and LICENSED EMBALMERS Katonah, N. Y. ^ W. H. CLARK, Residence, Bedford Road, Katonah, N. Y. Branch^Offlce: Residence J . Smith Clark, Bedford Hills. CROSS RIVER. YORKTOWN HEIGHTS. • Yorktown Heights. March 25. Miss Vina Minor has returned borne from a si x weeks' visit at M Merlon .N. Y. Miss Josephine Halleck is visiti Mrs, Theodore Purdy. A party of ou r young peoaW'aUend- ed the dance at Shrub Otiks .on Frl day evening Itev George Williams of Newark, N . J, will speak in the Friends' Church both morning an d evening on Sunday next. Mrs. Gilbert Beaver, Mr. nn d Mrs, -Kenneth Tuesdell, Mr and Mrs. Sam' uel White, Mr an d Mts. Anson Lee and. Mrs. Charles Rk'h. attended th o con cert and reception given by th o Gloo Club of the Washington Irving High School of Tarrytown on Friday night Mrs. John 3 Carpenter is visiting her daughter, Mrs. David Carpenter, of Peeksklll. An epidemic of la grippe seems t o have struck town. James Moseman, Sr ,and Jr. , Mrs. John Brannlgan, Mr. Richard Underbill, Mrs. Fairchild an d Mr. and Mrs. Bassett have been the victims. Mr. Wlllium Cornell an d sister, Mi«s Sarah, are enjoying Easter vacations. Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer MekeCl spent Monday in th e metropolis 'Mr. Gilbert Heaver is spending a week in Bcliefonte. I'a Jfcnaon Provided With New 8e «L The official seal of the corporation Of London was formally \brolten\ re­ cently and a new one substituted. The old one ha d been in constant us e for 632 years. I t ha d onlj^one predeces­ sor, which was destroyed In 1381, her cause It was \too email, rude an d an­ cient.\ The seal, which waB used for the last time o n the 1st, was of sil­ ver, about the size of a dollar. It i s much worn an d blurred. I t probably was used 1,G00 times anuuall.', or 738/ 000 times altogether. Dangers In Rare Beefsteak. You ma y like your beefsteak rare, but there is danger In eating any moat not well cooked. Measles In cows leave boxed-up purisltes In the bovine Veah. You do not notice them .'Ith the naked eye, but they are there, an d i| they are no t killed by thorough cook-' Ing they will cause tapeworms In the digestive organization of the human system, and then follow associated dis­ eases and discomforts. ed the admiration and respect of those with wliom he camo in contact and deservedly so, for his chief am­ bition ever was to follow in the foot­ steps of the MaBter. Cross River, March 2&, Mrs7 Pinchbeck is slowly improving from her accident The attending phy­ sician ha s applied a cap t o the knee to strengthen the ligaments that bo- came bruised and broken. Miss Ayres who still continues weak and sick is expecting to return t o the City again at, the end of the week to remain until after the middle of th o month of May. Sh e has received many sympathetic letters an d calls from the nighbors, who wish her a happy return to the village after her convalescence. The oyster supper at the Baptist Church on the 17th, St. Patrick's Day was quite a success. The receipts were about $45. Mr John Miller is busily engaged at­ tending to the outdoor work for Mr and Mrs. Harry Webb on tfie hill. Miss Green, wh o I s troubled with rlieumaljsm, repmln^ about in the same condition as sh e linb been all winter Delicucies t o tempt the appetite In sickness have been received by Mrs AJTOB during the past week, from Mrs. Hurry Webb, Mrs. Pinchbeck, Mr s UPO . W. Iteynolds an d Mrs . Wilbur Hunt. Leaflet from the Diary of a Real Kstate Agent ot Brooklyn, 1ST Y . 18G<> lo 1900. now a resident of Crm* river N Y I ha d many realty speculations with a realty speculator who understood when to purchase and whi.'ii t o sell and Ubualiy -did very wclW,. i hi s r>-aU> deals. I sold him considerable ;>ro)> erty from time'to time I o\ered him L 'h I hi 'as/ypi of at fu.OOO an d the nfT ^r or ?3..\ U-J whs made by my speculator friend I wrote ' t o the owner, who lived In New Jorsey and he did not reply. One moi'th dapbCd an d then this mvi i— rmir.unicated with me r.n.l <wini<-ri t o know It 1* i-ould sell at th o c'/o r 1 made, which he Informed me he would accept if all cash was paid, tin- house i 'elng free und clear Tin jp .'uilat .jr held off trying to obtain it loan < u i-m house, bu t notild no t af-iino r t-> 11;- satisfaction. He then told me if I' could obtain a loan of $2,500 on the property, he would make the deal b> purchasing an d give me SG0O for m j trouble It was a Wg 'loan, but I finally obtained it. an it was accepted by n Lawyer to whom I applied wno was anxious t o put out that amount c -> I hold the house twlco and '-o'-opeil In J75\ —the second time for $S.\0n (or my friendly speculator, who was gen- IOUS enough to pa y me handsomely f.ir my quick deals In hi s bf'.nilt Thn two transactions took about three months in closing f G 1*. A. The outlook for an early planting of gardens is not tli^ brightest we have] ki-own-durlng the past. A family Is moving t o the Henrietta Webb plac« on the road t o Bouton- ville They no doubt flnd-haullng good., over the snow banks which are much In evidence on (his back road, a n nn desirable Job. Frank Austin, a basket-mhker an d a home which 'Jjad for ••:ilo and which Hie owner was/vpry anxious to diHposo carpenter, of Lewisboro, on driving? through th e hills in pursuit of chairs , to rcbottom, gave vent t o several ex- . 1' plosives concerning the snow bani*)«*~»^ over which he drove. D r 0. B . Lane, of South Salein, having travelled over this road on Sunday last also passed uncomplimentary remarks concerning those same snow drifts Should an accident occur from tuo town's ne­ glect in removing these drifts, the town no doubt would be called jpou to settle damages, if any were sus­ tained, while driving over this road In pursuit of their legitimate business. Supervisor Will C Hull has yet remaining between twenty and twenty- iivo barrels of nice Baldwin apples out of the two hundred barrels gather- ed last fall. Speaking of Will Hull, while we are now writing, he i s \era- basslst\ for Albany, to act as one of a committee of Supervisors t o endeavor to defeat the tax bill no w before the Assembly In company with Mr . Hull are Mr Geo. I. Ruser.o£..PuijMrJd£e : _ and Mr UPO . Turner of Sociers v Those\ gentlemen, if possible, desire to pre­ vent th e bill from parsing, at least a t this time. Tho Westchester County democracy it. IO have a big lay out .. Mm Waldorf In New York City on '-M inlay eve­ ning, th<> 28th ints. No'able rpeakcrs are to he present, among w ' .1 should the Legislature close on I-*nd. y night, as now expected, will be (>• . Glynn, August Thomas, playwrlgiit and one of the Ki'i 'JteKt orators of il.r dny wfll be present, a s nlro a number or othor notables to make after-dinner speeches. Martin T Silkman expects soon to take title to th e Lookwood lot adjoin­ ing lifs premises. A s M r Silkmap is raising some fifty calvt •» h e naturally tei is that u little more elbou room IK needed. AN'pN The usual service will b e hold .it the Methodist Church o n Sunday v ti •noon next, beginning at ' 2.30. ,• Xe*t Sunday la th o last or the Con fen nee year ill are most cordially inv.ted to atteriil 1 .^'-* * .• HMI'RRAY - '•'» •quipped Complete H/TPT7 \2 2 -'he practical mr Rtnadard lTHaa«i C quiiU'«l Full} guaranteed, (.enrlc-*-- tmn»niisston 4 -cyIirtdt-r water- conlnl mutor Travels 25 to 32 miles on one tfillun of c-isatiiie Great hilt climber. Call, or «mr h'r Cnuloc »••»». $475 Other Styles and Prices. Cars from $375 to $600. J. W. KNAPP I |g l , Cross River Hypocrite Pug. The Overbrook Citizen contends that me laziest animal o n earth la a pug doe and yet the pug do g i s always putting around a s if i t was worked, almost t o doulb. . - :• • j^Tt'r* v*? 5 '

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