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A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE HOME INTERESTS OF NORTHERN WESTCHESTER; yVOLUME I, NUMBER 46, KATONAH, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y., THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1914. SINGLE COPIES, FIVE CENTS. SUPERVISORS IN Again Endorse Westchester County Tax Rill _ MAY MAKE CHANGES Board of Education of Katonah Con­ siders Discontinu­ ing. Kindergarten. OTHER CLASSES BENEFIT NO• CHANGE IN EQUALIZATION TABLE The BoanT of Supervisors adopted the table of equalization of taxation and assessment Thursday with but few members dissenting. There, were no changes made in the table as i t was presented by Su­ pervisor S. Fletcher Allen ami\Ills committee.' Tlie board fixed th e salaries of tb e , assistant engineers a t th e Court •House at $1,350 per annum and th e .firemen a t $1,014 per annum. This wofe done because th e -recent] changes gave them a da y oft cac^jj week which meant a day's pa y less. Clerk Harvey B. Green was di­ rected t o advertise for 'bids for 1.500 tons of coal for the Court House plant. Chairman E. P. Barrett was di­ rected t o appoint a committee of three to draft suitable resolutions of respect and condolence on th e death of th e late Blisha Halght.for- \'merly supervisor from New CasMe, funeral services for whom were held that afternoon The board adopted a resolution approving th e bill no w before th e House of Representatives which pro- . vldes for th e pensioning of govern­ ment employes. A copy of th e res - solution will be sent to Congressmen -Benjamin I. Taylor and Woodson R. Oglesby. The bill gives the em­ ploye, after twenty years o f service. 40 pe r cent, of Ills salary, /and a/'e r ~WWy^«Jtr8r-;60-per-icent. of h'ls 'sal­ ary. . •\' The Board of Supervisors In meet­ ing Monday refused to withdraw their support of the proposed West­ chester County Ta x Bill now before the Legislature and b y their vote, rebuked Supervisor Herndon, of Pel- ham, who for the first time In many .years, appealed from th e decision of the chair. Th e vote sustaining Chairman Barrett was 3i t o 2, when he declared .he held Supervisor Sin- nott's objection t o Mr. Herndon's talk to be well taken. Mr. Herndon •was only supported by Supervisor Turner. ' The matter' wa s called before th e board' when Mr. Herndon offered a resolution asking that the board re­ scind it s action approving the tax bill and asking that Assemblyman Hopkins an d Senator Healy with­ draw their support of the measure. 'Supervisor.! Sinnott* of Mount Pleas­ ant, held th e •matter .was no t prop­ erly before th e board an d that it could no t be brought ou t except on u motion to reconsider b y unanimous ; consent The chair held hi s position well taken and Mr. .Herndon appeal­ ed from th e decision of th e chair. The 'board, with th e exception of Mr. Herndon and Mr. Turner supported the chair o n the question, -snail th e fchalr be sustained. Later Mr. Herndon sought to gel the unanimous consent of the board for -a'reconsideration attacking th e bill an d saying that not even th e Legislative Committee knew its pro­ visions. He also said that there was much opposition t o it an d the Sen- ate had •announced a hearing'Tues­ day. Both- Mr. Sinriott an d Supervisor Fred L. Merrltt, of New Rochelle,- defended th e bill, saying ample hear­ ings had been given and Mr. Sdnnott quoted Senators Blauvelt. and White in • saying that th e Senate would not have announced a hearing if they had known the \Assembly'\had given a hearing. > *~ Mr. Merrltt said th e bill had been disoussed- from every angle both last year and this year an d while some of its .wpponents had held it to b e unconstitutional no t on e o f them ha d pointed ou t a single point where it could be assailed. The speaker .also said -the only desire\ back of. the bill was to get the best means of straigh­ tening ou t th e present ta x muddle in this \county. He denied that it legislated the assessors ou t of of­ fice. • * * • County Clerk Daniel J . CastUn called the board's attention to the request of applicants for citizenship -papers for a refund of $4 each paid when' they applied for their fl\-' papers. They ha d not applied with­ in the seven yearg required and\ thir- 'ty-three of them ha d been denied ORGANIZING COUNTY FARM BUREAU. Supervisor Reynolds and Northern Towns Representatives Had a Meeting Tuesday. * & -• . Supervisor Prank. S. Reynolds an d many residents of .the towns in th e northern part of Westchester County\ held a meeting in Wilfite Plains o n Tuesday for th e purpose of organlx- ng a Parmer Bureau of Westches­ ter County. Representatives of the Lincolndale Agricultural School and many pf th e farmers interested atteuded tbo meet­ ing an d participated in the talks. Under the state law there is a pro- ision for the creation of a farm bureau and the' state.' will appropriate $600 if the county appropriates an equal •sum It is planned to ask the county for enough to put the' bureau on a prac tical working basis., The meeting Tuesday was called to order by Supervisor Reynalds and sit­ ting with him were Supervisors Bridge man and Michael. Mr Brill, of th e Broad Brook Farm,' Bedford Hills was elected chairman of the meet­ ing A temporary organization was form­ ed with th e following officers:— President—G. D . prill. Vice President—James M. Reel, of Granite Springs. Secretarj'rr-Enoch Lee,,o£Yorktow.a_ • Treasurer—Broth'e? ,i ^'arnab\fl6f* , \or i Lincolndale Agricultural School. a The meetinp adjourned te meet again at the call of the chair. B0AR1T ORGANIZED WILLIAM J. DOYLE, JR., < HAS BIRTHDAY PARTY. ' At a special, meeting of th e Board of Education held last -Friday night, the advisability of continuing the Kindergarten for another year was ulucussud: ' — ' This question arose not because the Board believes th e work of the Kindergarten has been unsuccessful, nor because it is not in' sympathy with work of this nature, but be­ cause It ha s been thought that pos­ sibly the -space and expense requir­ ed to operate a Kindergarten in K a tonah might possibly be used for some purpose which would be of greater value to tiie children of K a tonah Some^of the high\ school classes have'become so large that hereafter -theymuBt b e run in tw o sections, and other subjects in which classes have been instructed only every oth­ er year must hereafter have classes every year. To care for this sltua tion the Board 'of Education ha s about deoided to engage a teacher who is capable of_ Instructing two or three classes m* \the high School and wh o i s alsof\icapable of teaching sewing, and uoniestlc ^science. ThiB .plan would no t make the budget for teachers' wages larger than at'fr ent If both such teacher and kin dergarten teacher were employed, it- would increase the expense for teach ers' wages, aoove th e present ex­ pense, a6ou« ?GE0.0O. As ^ above stated the Board feels, that in Katonah, instruction in sew­ ing, domestic science, ' etc., could probably \Be pf a gf eater bejiefit to a igreater number., of .chlldreajthan. the lns|;ru£frQn7 In\-* aTKm1\iergarten. * The members \of the Board of TSS- ucatlon will pe glad to hear the views and opinions regarding this matter of all interested. in the school's we l fare before Its next meeting on April 6th,\ at which time this matter will be definitely settled. Annual Meeting of Mount Kisco Vil­ lage FathersrSees Few Changes. COMMITTEES^ CHOSEN The annual meeting of Urn 1'uaid of Village Trustees, which really means the organization meeting, was held on Monday evening at the Corporation Room \ 1 * \ Celebrating His Birthday Anniver­ sary With Pa'Jty To Few Friends in Grand Street Home. William J. Doyle, Jr., son of Sher­ iff and Mrs. William J.^Doyle, Tues­ day celebrated hi s birthday anniver­ sary with a 'party to a few' of hi s friends at hi s parents' home in Grand Street, . The occasion wa s the seventh an­ niversary of his birth and among his little guests Tuesday were his cousins Peter, Harry, Leo and Farrell Kuuf- maiin, of Greenburgh. The children spent the da y In play­ ing gumeiTaiid-later In the a/tcrnoou a real birthday dinner was given them. GROUND BROKEN FOR THEATRE BUILDING. Orc-und wa s broken Tuesday for the \new theatre building In White Plains, thai will be constructed for Frederick H. Berge's, th e confect­ ioner of Central avenue. When th e new playhouse Is completed It will have a seating'capacity of 1600 an d will In'every detail be modern; Prank Horton Brown i s the architect, Roc- co Briatfle has th e masonary'-con- tract an d James C. Farrell will d o the plumbing- papers by Justice Mills. Th e money is paid, one r lialf to' the county -and one-half to the Federal Government and th e applicants having paid a dol •Tar for a new application wanted th e $4 back. Th e Federal Government could no t refund their half except by. an ac t of Congress and i t was the Bentlment of th e board that the applicants lost th e half paid to \the county b y their ow n neglect. ' The matter was referred to th e Judiciary Committee. When this discussion was under­ way. Supervisor Forsyth said an y re> fund now would declare the annual budget which wa s made u p an d which would be presented Wednes­ day so th e final adjournment could be taken April C as arranged. A resolution from Supervisor Jen­ kins directing; that Selden Bacon, of Mount Pleasant, pay unpaid school taxes for i91M2 and^.1912-13 aggre­ gating'$333.10^ prevailed. Mr. Bac­ on's property \is in Mount Pleasant but th e school district tax, .Mr. Jen­ kins claims, is due Ossining,'because the school bouse is .in that town. Mr> Bacon is the ..president of th e Bureau of..Municipal Researchr ,> ANNUAL . CONCERT Katonah Choral Club Win Show Result jtf JSeaso^ Study on April 7tfi. NOTED S0L0ISTS.T0 AID TUCCI CAUGHT BY r SHERIFF DOYLE Man-Wanted for Mt. i\isco Murder Arrested After Chase. The annual concert,, of the Katonah Choral O.V'b will -be given at the Methodist Church on Tuesday evening, April 7, 1914. The Society ha s done exceptionally SHOTS NECESSARY TO STOP FUGITIVE SUTHERLAND POSTMASTER AT WHITE PLAINS, Receives His Commission and Ex­ pects To Assume* Charge on April 1. ~ Henry Sutherland of White \Plains whose appointment as postmaster, of White Plains wa s confirmed by the Senate after his name wa s present­ ed on March 6 by President WU?JD Tuesday received his commission making him formally the postmaster here. The official notification received Tuesday diroMs him to assume charge' ot the post office as early as prac­ ticable but Mr. Sutherland said to­ day that he did not think he would assume' his office until April 1, un­ less there was some reason that should develop later of which he does not know now. On 'April 1 besides starting the new month, _ says ^Mr. Sutherland, there will Degin th e ne w quarterly business for'the postoftice an d i f lie assumes control then he will b e tak­ ing up the business of th e office Without having, to close up a part of a quarter when someone-else wa s in charge\ Whatever plans Mr. Sutherland, a s postmaster, has for th e future, re­ mains to b e worked out since he says lie\ knows nothing of the^condl- tlons of affairs that confront htm, and h e will have to be .guided large­ ly by the circumstances: a s they arise. •President Banks called the meeting to order and appointed Trustee Clias. D: Chichester a s clerk. Ho then called for nominations for Village Clerk and Trustee Shaw- read the following ap­ plication: Mt.'Kisco, March 9th. 1914. Chas. A. Shaw, Esq.,* Trustee, Village of Jit. Kisco. Sir:—Feeling that I am qualified and eligible for the\ position ot Village Clerk I desire to place my application before you. One year ago 1 placed lu the bunds of President Banks a sim­ ilar application, but as 1 learned later other Trustees did not think it wa s policy to consider same byrreason or the fact that I was co'nnected with the News, and that in that position they would be embarassed by giving me the legal advertisements. You will ob­ serve that notwithstanding the • fact that the News has been awarded but a small portion of the village work and personally the salary o'f.the office wculd compensate for the loss of pat­ ronage. .Yours very truly, FREDERICK R. MERES. Mr. Shaw stated that, like Lincoln, he did not believe it wise \to swap horses while crossing the stream,\ and spoke highly of the ability and pains­ taking work done during the_past year by. Clerk Cranston. In renominating Mr. Cranston h e moved that the sal- {axyrbe\ JncEah 'Bed ^d ^3&tf^pi-ywr-awfct:^>*«i<^pmmissi<m^va*-<}reHied- by the' unaM$i8*WB*J^ hers Mr. Cranston wa s appointed. Trustee Chichester nominated Chas H Banks for Village Counsel and h e received the unanimous vote of the Board. The following applicatlomfor Road Commissioner was read- Mt. Kisco, Marcli 23, 1914 Baord ot Trustees, \ Dear Sirs:—I present my appltcu tlon to you, for Street Commissioner and would be pleased to serve you this year.. I will guarantee,,tojjiye yon en­ tire satisfaction in every respect. Thanking you for past favors Sincerely. WILLIAM WHALEN. Trustee Reynolds nominated the present incumbent,,Uriah Dinsce, who was appointed. August Bartholin wa s reappointed janitor of the Corporation Building and John J. Foster was reappointed Sewer Inspector James Hannlgan was np pointed caretaker of the brick pave­ ment. President Banks then announced hi s standing committees as follows - - Roads, Streets and Bridges—Dakin and- Shaw Police and Ordinances—Reynolds nnd Shaw. J Streets and Public Lighting—Chi- Chester.-aitcLReynolds. Finance—Shaw and Chichester Buildings nnd Public Works—Rey­ nolds and Dakin. 'I-rlnt'.ng—Chichester ami Shav-. Fire Department—Dakin and Itey nclds. \\\ * - Tiic Board adjourned and roconven- -.d as a Board of Water Commissioners, George B; Cranston was appointed Clerk at a salary of 5100 and Gilbert E. Ganun wa s appointed Water •Super­ intendent and Collector. good work this season in the study of the Oratorio \Elijah\ under the lead­ ership - of Mr. R. A. Laslett Smith, New­ ark, N,. J , and i s prepared, to givo the public a first-class rendering ot the work, assisted by- the following solotstB:— Soprano—Mrs. Beulah Gaylord Young. ' Alto—Miss Rose Bryant. Tenor—Chas. W . Harrison. Bass—Overton Mngee. The chorus will bo accompanied by Mrs. J. F. Ryan, pianist, and S. Fred­ erick Smith, at the organ. All lovers of good-'inUolc-should set aside this date for a musical treat General admission tickets can be secured from members of the society or from-William G. Arnold, which can be exchanKed for reserved seat tickets at Hoyt Bros Co on or-.»nftor March 28. SENT BENFIELD TO PRISON FOR 15 YEARS. Charles Benficld, of Yonkers, was sent to Sing Sing Prison Tuesday 'ihori<ing for fifteen years by Cou;ity Judge, Piatt. t ^Benfield wa s indicted for larceny and also with having shot his wife. He pleaed In Court\'. Tuesday sayltig Mrs. Benfield never Intended to pro­ secute him but when h e ha d finish­ ed, Judge Piatt said, \You are lucky that you are not going to b e electro­ cuted.\ He wa s given seven years and 'six months on each charge. A meeting in the interests of Na­ tional Constitutional Prohibition, was held at the Methodist Church on Sunday evening under th e auspices of th e local W. C. T. TJ. and was well attended. Rev. Dr. Gay and Miss Lyon spoke entertainly o n this great question., ,' li - Katonah ha s \ been • watciiing Steeple Jack this. weekj In the per­ son of \S f eeple Jack\ Kohler, of Mamaroneck, who began operations on Monday by painting the' flag pole on Mrs. George Nelson's place and on the High School building. Tuesday he decorated the pole on the Village Green and did a good job despite the prediction that he would break hfs neck If he attempted the stunt. Later h e tackled th e pole on W. G. Barrett's lawn. Koiiler i s the man who painted the flagpole o n the Flatiron Building In\ 1903 an d who thousands watched at the time as he apparently took his life in his hands. The pole lias never been painted, since a s \Steeple Jacks' willing to risk the job are scarce. The Bpworth v League social at th e home of Mr. and Mrs. Duff on Fri •flay evening was well attended and the'evening wa s pleasantly spent, by all. . * LIST OF MARCH TRIAL AND GRAND JURORS. MOTORCYCLE LEGISLATION . NOW PENDING IN ALBANY. Bill Provides for Use of Head- Lights and Use of Red Light on Rear of Machines. Taxation of motor vehicles by local communities instead of by th<> 'Stats is recommended by HIP Neu- York Statu Motor Vehicle Legislation Com mission! \yhlch ha s roadi\ a'report to tho.,JDegI'slatuTO,*;' /. 1 t-6rcoii» fer rxmi similar' ommlsslons from the'\New-'-England. States and from -New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mary­ land an d Delawaro \with a view to harmonizing th e present motor v e hide laws.\ lt~recommends that the report Of the conference be not ap proved, but that radically different bills submitted by i t bo enacted Into law. S. W. Taylor, of New York, pub­ lisher of a motorists' magazine, Is chairman of th e commission, which dnefuded A. J. Deer, tho president, and Fay C„ Parsons, the treasuror^f ot th e New York State Automobile Association. The commission w.ould repeal the entire Callan automobile law and put an entire* ne w nrticlo In the highway law . If th e commission's recomraenda tlons were adopted this State would still have a motor vehicle law differ­ ing from the Jaws o f other states. Owenrs ot aiitomdbllos would pay 'a single registration fee of $2 for each machine as personal property •would ho stricken out. Motorcycles -would bo taxed at th e rate, of $2 each. BLAST SHOOK WHITE PLAINS HOMES A tfremor thftj shook houses in White Plains at 12.10 o'clock Satur­ day afternoon and wa s thought to have been an earthquake was really an explosion of a large amount of dynamite in th e quarry at Valhalla, amite in the \quarry a t Valhaliar The force of tho \blast'was plainly felt in the homes there and' when pictures and loose articles In the houses rattled for nearly a full min \ute. it was thought that there had been a local earthquake^ Superintendent Shrady, of tho VBoard of Water Supply Police, a t the Kensico quarters, sars the shock •was felt in that vicinity but there was n o sound of the explosion be cause it wa s a muffled blast. Ho had hi s me n Investigate and found Otft-£ ne ' remors were caused by th e ex­ plosion of eight holes filled with dy inamlte In the quarries where tho H. •S. Kerbaugh Company gets th e storio ifor the Kensico dam. The holes are driven to a- great depth In th e solid, rock and . when they are already the blast is put off 'with an electric spark. . Several big blasts have been ha d 'in th e quarry and\ each time th e shock wa s felt iiT White Plains. |t 'is said that the blast Saturday will be the last one. In nearly all nf the buildings and homes in the village th e tremor wa s ( felt an d having in mind the quake that shook New York City an d this 'vicinity about a month ago' It .was ;thought by many M} be ^recurrence. J of ihe-disturbance. Those Who Will Serve in County Court ,at Wluch Hon. William P. Piatt Will Preside. ^> The list ot Trial Jurors drawn to servo at the March Term of tho Coun­ ty Court, which convenes on Monday, March 30th, is as follows.'— , Hon. William P. Piatt, presiding. Bedford—Vernon Gj. Thorpe, 'Jos»- eph T. Griffin. Cortlandl—W'ifli'ain J. Tompkins, Henry S. Heg'emai), William M. Hlprt, Paul Lindemari, Vincent C. Tate, Ira Horton, David M. Vail, James Bradley, Luther Vredenburgh Grcenhurgh — Thomas Brecklos, Charles E. Francis, Herbert Reynolds, George A. Lander, Frank Scherer. Harrison—^Albert Bates, Richard Stafford. Mamaroneck—Michael JStaub,, Clar- erce B. Summers. — ' , Mt. Pleasant—Henry Jordan, Will lam Rlxman, Frank Bell, Alexander Douglas. Mount Vernon—John i__0'Connor, Andrew Bridgcm.nn, William J. Pas kett. New Cas'.le—George K. Carpenter. Now Rochcllo—Robert Yt Tape, Thomas F.\ Soxton North Castle—William .McDonald, North Salem—W. Garfield Gardner, Harvey Green w ,... , , ~ 0«suii'n^W4l1fe9ltt^2^Won,.;HarrK son Adams, Adelberl Carpenter.^ Ef­ fingham, H. Aichson, John Cunning­ ham, David Baker. Pelham—Harry F Miller. Rye-^-Alfred C. Shaw, Lester W. Toohlll. • ' - — Scarsdalo—Henry 1). Coughlfn. Somers—J, Louis Carpenter. Whito Plains—James »'Clark, John Hceney, Joseph M. Acton. Yonkers—Arthur Wnldron, Adam Metzgar. Peter MeLaurdi, Edwin J Hazzard, Peter Sarubbl, Alexander Clapperton, Joseph Andruws, LQUIS Schoen, Frank Pulver, Paul Homple. Yorktown—William F- Andercon, James J. Mead, Charles II. Wilson. The list of Grand Jurors dra\*n to Epr'-'o at the Varch Term which con vones on thu Sumo day i s as follows. Hon. William ? Piatt, County Judge, presiding. Cbrtland—Atnjjeus A. Cogley, Cas sius M. C. Gardener, Thomas Voughej-, Greenburgh—Matthew Allison', Syl­ vester JBuckhout Eastchesf er - - Marcus Puschkes Charles Chryata! Mount Vernon—George E. Cutler, John H Cordes. New Rochelle—James A. Manning, James G. Gleason, Charles H. Dore nuts. Osslntng—Richard Carpenterr;--\ Rye—Frederick 11. Bull, Henry L. Bird, Henry U. Halstead, Paul X.Bur gevlne, Harry L. Rolmer. Yonkers—August Fennell, Max Po tersdorf, Harry Weldon, Jesse E. Re y tiolds, August Wltzel. ' Yorktown—Theodore F. Tompkins, Lewis, Daniel APPRAISALS OF ESTATES ~ FILED WITH SURROGATE. Tax Appraiser Edward V. Brophy has filed with the Surrogate of Westchester County reports of pro­ ceedings x>f appraisal,- aggregating $3(13,837.45, in relation to <he flol lowing estates: Anna Eliza Brown, Rye . Aaron Coons, Cortlandt . Matilda Free, Denver, Col. Eliza A. Hallock, Somers Helen .Howes, New Rq- cheile-^ John F. .Tarvis, Mount Vernon '.. Peter Kramer, Eastfches- ,ter .'i Jessie L. Neilson, Larch- mont Anna Marie * Ren2 Yo n kers .. ..' Mary Rooney, White Pl'ns Eliza Lucy Thompson, New Rochelle . . .'. .. 1,406.92. Charles Townsend,- -Cort­ landt 2,686.00 Chnrles A. Winch, Pelham 9J.67fi.58 $1,214.50 G44.0! 10,000.00 7,082. 19,496.89 3.498.SG 19,925:38 lS7g§00.55 3,679.51 1.703.38 Sheriff William J. Doyle a t dusk Thursday ran down and captured Frank Tuccl, of Mount Kisco, want­ ed for the murder of Domenick Cor- bonnc \in that village on Sunday, March S. Tuccl, known among hi s country­ men a s a desperate character, and with a reputation as a -gun fighter, pulled his revolver from Ms pocket during a drunken brawl, and killed his companion- with a single shot, Tho slayer fled following the shooting urd although th e crime wa s riot reported_to Sheriff Doyle until. Monday\-morning his deputies kept the trail of the fugitive warm until Wednesday when It seemed that the man had disappeared entirely. Thursday afternoon a sure \tip\ reached the Sheriff*and with War­ den Hill and Deputies John C. Moore and Harry Mercer, h o follow­ ed tho \tip\ to an Isolated Italian settlement at Banksvllle, near the Connecticut line, where Tuccl- wa s In hiding until his relatives could- send him money to ge t ou t th e state safely. The deputies surrounded the house and. as they closed In, Tucci darted \Troru a hide door and headed for the wlltk country in the rear^pt tho hovel, where he had beep stop­ ping. He is an active man- and wa s speeding away when'*_War^daii' ; Hill'', JirejLyhml tho fuglUy^\.Ju^todXvl<^' : enough for Deputy ?VtfforeJU> -i close with him. H e gave but a short struggle and surrendered when the officer's revolver wa s jabbed against him. . That night lie told Sueriff Doyle he wanted to confess his crime after having admitted that ho was the man wh o had killed Corbonne. Tucci suid -he had been, drinking with the dead man and auotbor coun­ tryman all day Sunday an d they •were singing. A discussion arose as to what they would sing an d a •general light followed iu which he drew his revolver and shot Carbonno AB tho latter, seized hi m b y the coat. He said ho fled when Carbonne -Sell first getting his cpat from his house. He traveled about a mile and then rested under a tree. He- then went on to' the - McGee ' placo hnd stayed there that day until a -.driver from tho farm had returned from Mount Kisco saying that Car- bouno waB dead. > At-filght. Tuccl teays ^e went on and slept tw o bights in a ham only showing' him­ self to buy a loaf of bread* In tho Armonk store. He stopped a t a shan­ ty on Saturday and bought another Aoaf -»f bread and from there he made his way t o the house of Angelo Bor- nardo at Banksvllle, at which placo he wa s cauglit. H e says h e dropped the revolver somewhere along tho (route of his flight a s he fled from tlie scene of the crime 113 ASSEMBLYMAN LAW MADE VILLAGE PRESD3ENT. Republican Representative From Third District Heads Briarclilf Manor Board: i _ Tlie annual tillage election was - held in CriarclilT Manor last week' Snd tlie candidates elected .were Walter W. Law, Jr, president;\ T.\ Everett- Bishop, treasurer; V. Eyer- it Macy, trustee, on e year and Wtk Ham • McGowan, trustee, t two years. The only opposition was for th e . Charles H. Schuman won over Fred S. Messlnger by a. total of six votes which gave him th e place o n th e People's ticket. On election day Mr. Messlnger ran on a'stump ticket an d was defeated ;by live votes, Mr. s'chuman receiv­ ing 73 votes and Mr. Messlnger 68. The vote on tlie question whether tho collector shall b o paid a salary to 'be fixed by th e Board \of \Trustees instead of receiving fees resulted In fe eitfo, a tie, fourteen taxpayers-being in favor and the same number against. The new form of ballot caused- considerable confusion. Tlie voters, were evidently in doubt as to' ho w th.p. ballots should h e marked;*

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