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A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED t6 THE H'OMT INTERESTS OF NORTHERN, WESTCHESTER^^ VOLUME I, NUMBER 34. KATONAH, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y., THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1911. _SrNGtE COPIES, FIVE';CENI^||I Head of Bedford Reforma­ tory Will Be Member ot Mayor Mtchel's Cabinet. GIVEN EXTENDED LEAVE OF ABSENCE -'Miss Katherine Bement-Davis, LL.D., ,—Ph.'t).;-superintendent of the-State' Re- - formatory for -Women at Bedford, will lie the commissioner of Correction m ./the cabinet of Mayor-elect John Pur- /,'roy Mitcliel of New York. This is an honor, never before ' conferred on a • woman in the. metropolis, and the fact that MIBB Davis is to bo the first wom­ an ever appointed to a commissioner- ship in Now York is' a tribute to her and an appreciation of the fire woifc Hhe has dono while' head of tho stale reformatory. - - At a meeting\ of the Board of Gov­ ernors of tho Reformatory on Satur­ day a four years' leave, of nuacmco 'vas granted to Miss Davis, and she loft Bertord Friday to g o to New York •• to prepare to assume' tuo .lut'os cf her ' offlce>__l_ liss Davis is one of tho most pfoml'- . nent women in Wettchestcr Ct-unty, and In the years she lias'beiii i>t Bed­ ford has done fine work. ' Miss Davis is fifty-three, years old, a graduate' of Vassar, a doctor of philos- 'ophy from the University of Chicago in 1900,v.and a doctor of laws frqm '., Mount Holyoko in 1912. \Sliejsjt.wlde-- ly* recognized authority; on tho social aspects of penology'\aud criminology, . an d when John D . Rockefeller, Jr.; - organized his Bureau of Social Hygi­ ene tw o years ago • to \make^wa r . JagaJnBt.tho forces of evil\ Miss Davis U-was-made pneofits menibera.'v ' \. On the walls of \the buildings at Bed- r ford hangs tho motto: \Forgetting the things,.which are behind and reaching , forth to those things which are before.\ \That is Miss Davis' creed, and she has ,-cafried it to tho point of declaring that . punishment should be fashioned to lit • the criminal.\ ' Nearly tw o years ag o Mies Davis outlined her »syste*ni to city magis- . trates and others -Interested in the Mibject. ' What she said thi-n was- with women offenders specifically in mind, but her theories could have been ap­ plied to all Classen. ' The y have an un­ usual significance at this time. \Do awa y with the women's.depart­ ments - in the penitentiary and the •workhouse,\ was her first declaration. \Establish reformatories, instead.'\ \\**\ \Establish a, cleariug bouse !or t>f- fenders; study them 'scleutlffcaliy, wor k for their reformation wherp it is possible; wfiere It is not possible, pro' vide for them so that they may spend their lives neither menacing nor men­ aced.\ •\ • \ • • SEVERAL WANT WHITE \ ^PLAINS POST OFFICE. The;position of postmaster of the Vl(lago\ot Wliite Plain's Is a coveted place, Judging _from .the number of petitions that are being circulated for the appointment to Hint office, to .. succeed Postmaster James K. Cowan.' 'Petitions are - being -circulated through the - villag e for signers .for Henry ( Sutherland, Benoni 'piatt> 'William A. 1 Hanson -and I.- Howard Klnch. The comment is heard that MK Kinch has the. least chance of.'any io receive the appointment because 'ho has so frequently been a candi­ date for some office or other, ' On' Thursday afternoon U3 Walter '•Iteynolds and Charles Murphy, of Mt. Kisco,- employed by the. Telephone Co.,. wxro\ near the Elliott Building on- Bed- _ ford Road, the IJord. runabout in which ,thcy were riding became .unmanage­ able and overturned, after, .crashing into a telegraph pble. -Reynplds was thrown heavily-and sustained a broken- arm,and. sevejal severe bruises. Mur- \: Phy. »ho was driving the car; escaped wlth'.only 'slight bruises. It is sup- ippsed that the steering gear broke wiiil'o they were attempting to make a turn. Dr . McPhail attended the young men, who considered themselves lluoky to escape witty no more serious injuries. Thq car was badly damaged. Secretary Bailey, wllj resume his Y. M. C. A . classes jit the Hig h School building tonAjrow afternoon and eve­ ning. M.u'ch enthusiasm in these class- -.es - Is, being sSown\ bythe boys.lnLthfc. afternon and by the men in the-eve- 'ningjan* «n attractive-winter's pro­ gram is tuvjifi arranged by Mr. Bailey. PAUL M. WARBURG ON - .- NEW CURRENCY LAW. Says They Should Mean a New Era in History of Banking. Paul lib Warburg, of Central Ave­ nue, Hartsdale, Just outside of White Plains, wh o is a member of the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and who has been mentioned as one of the prob­ able members of the Federal Re ­ serve Board under >the new currency laWB, has- given out a statement in, w\hlch h e says that the law \woulo\ mean a new. era in the' history of banking in the United States'.\ ' : —\Ther e cannot b e any doubt,\ h e said, \but \that the enactment of this legislation will inaugurate a now era in the history - of backing- in tho United States -While it is to b e re« gretted that some important sugges­ tions made by the business commun­ ity could not be. adopted, the' funda­ mental thoughts,'^for the victory .of which some of us have worked for \so many years, have won. ; \That is to say, from now on w e shall witness the gradual, elimination of the bond-secured currency', of 'scattered reserves, of- - Immobilized commercial paper-and of' pyramiding of call loans on the Stocfc Exchange, The. ship is headed right; and noth­ ing. will ever turn her back into her old course. This Is a success of such vast importance that n o matter whether or.not the law/be perfect in many details, we have all reason to b e profoundly grateful for having progressed so far. \As long as-this legislation was a question for discussion, it wa s in- cumbent on all of us to try to b e helpful b y offering, the freeest crlti cism. Now that the discussion is closed and the law has gone into eP feet, there remains only one thing for lis t o do, and- that is for each of us cheerfully to cooperate in giving It the fairest and fullest test, \If after a few years, of actual experience, it should 1ie_ shown that 'the 'business community was wrong In its suggestions and apprehensions' we all'shall be satisfied. If. on the other hand, it should- be shown that errors were made, I believe that the country at large and its representa­ tives at Washington, will • then b e perfectly willing 'to make the neces­ sary amendments, to the law. . By that time. a.great many things which 'today or e questions of theory will have become hard facts and every­ body will be able to Judge from act­ ual experience. * . \\'It is only natural that in a mat-, tor on which so many minds had to- agree concessions and compromises wore necessary. B y forcing the member banks to continue Jo keep a portion of their reserves,in their own ' vaults, b y providing for a minimum of eight federal reserve banks, in­ stead of four, the la w arrests tlvo fullest possible concentration -of re­ serves, an,d thereby restricts 1 to a. material 'degree the power .and elec- tlclty of the.future system. If this wag done as an expression of. con- scrvatlsm, In order to bring about a gradual development,only .of the •sys­ tem! Congress inay have acted .wise­ ly, -but It'-ls sincerely to be. hoped that -the future - Federal Reserve Board will 'frame its .policy accord- Jngjy. CONFESSED SHOOTING Sheriff Doyle Makes Oeyer^Capture^of Ludwig Girl's As­ sailant^ -. IMPLICATED^ ANOTHER Aftrr' putting', Frank Cappelo, a young • Italian of Harmon-on-the-Hud\ son, through a grilling foratx hours, Sheriff; William J. Doyle of West­ chester County-, announced Saturday morning ;that the prisoner had con­ fessed\ to 'holding UP and \ shooting Miss Mary -Ludwi g near Cfoton-on- Hudson on the afternoon-of Decem­ ber 18 last. MiSs Ludwig, when, she was shot, in the .right lung and then In the abdomen, fell to., the ground and feigned that she wa s dead. Her assailant then believing that he had killed the girl ran away. W'hp'n Cappelo was, arrested In one of the bunk cars of the New York Central Railroad Company a t Cro- ton, h e had a smooth face. Sheriff Doyle, noticed that he ha d shaved within a very short time,, and Jie Jook his prisoner before Miss Lud­ wig- in-the Ossining Hospital to see it she could identify him. • \Is.this..the man that shot you?\ Sheriff Doyle asked Miss Ludwig. \The man that committed the crime had' a mustache,\ the 'young .woman said faintly. \If I hear his voice and he repeats wha t h e said to m e before he fired tlve shots, I would recognize hi m positiveljy.\ Sheriff , Doyle made Cappelo repeat \ I will kill you.\ Miss- Ludwig slightly raised her head and said: \Tha.t Is the man.\ Sheriff D.oyla.Jhad to se-„ cretly convey \hhj prisoner' 1 to \ the Whit e Plains Jail because as soon as the residents of Croton and Harmo n heard that tihe\' assailant of the< young woman ha d been identified,- they formed a posse.and threatened .tP.-Jynch Cappelo. \ .Sheriff• Doyle has forced the pris­ oner to let his moustache grow, and now Miss Ludwig la sure' of he r identification. ', \In telling his. story to Sheriff Doyle> Cappelo admitted that h e ha d fol­ lowed the girl an d Implicated an­ other Italian who has fled from Cro­ ton, and-it is said h e may be on his way to Italy. • I n Ills confession he said: \I fol­ lowed'the girl and pulled the gun,In her face. She cried and hollered. 1 didn't shoot' her intentionally. I shot towards the river and she -got in the way.\ . Th e name of the other man who\ 1 he-implicated has-not been given out, but S\herlff Doyle expects to cap­ ture him within the next \thirty-six hours. Ho wa s i n New York last |trfl||*fc in the search, but did not lo­ cate his man. .. - : HOSPITAL SITE CHOSEN ervisors Decide to Locate—Tuber­^Village culosis Institution In North Castle. LAST SESSION WAS BUSY The instrument now created must not b e overtaxed. Within its limi­ tations it will b e safe, If conserva­ tively managed, but it can only very gradually lead toward perfect fluidi­ ty of c*redit b y the creation of Im­ portant discount markets. In order to reach the, ultimate^ aim of this law, if Is earnestly to b e hoped that ( the .ftrt'ure board will not overheat the boilers up- to the 'danger point by trying to make this delicate craft produce results, which, as\ now. =de-' signed, ma y b e beyond her'.'power ^andl'bgyond.the limits of'safety,- but 'rather, after a fair and conservative test, and as time and experience win 'teach'us, perfect the .construction.\ NEW ELECTRIC BULB \ . FACTORY NOW ASSURED. White Plains Business Men Have Raised Sufficient Funds To In- —£ure-New-Industry-There. Owing to' this being the \ holiday Reason soveral' of tho men who ar e interestejl_iiii.„ tho_ proposition - of- Guy- V.' Wifllams as to the building of a factory fo r the manufacture of .In­ candescent electric light bulbs wer o unable to attend the meeting MOD-' day night. The meeting, wa s held ih the offices of I. & A. G. Wright., * * It was planned' to effect a perma­ nent organization Monday night, but \this was put off' until next Monday night, when- a meeting will b e hold In the' Wright offices. It wa s announced Monda'y night that the sum of $10,000 had been sub­ scribed, and the factory is almost a certainty. The men have been look- in© over several places for locating, but as yctjhav_e not decided upon a. sitcl -. More details will bo -ntinounccd after the meeting of ne.xt 'week. The total sum which lia* been nam.- .d as Joeing necessary-beforo-the actuaf work of manufacturing incandescent light bulbs is started is $25,000;and the remaining $15,000 is' e.\pected_.to_be fTijlTCd soon... A number, of men whom Mr. Williams has spoken to in regards to l'hi» proposition have said that they would* subscribe towards thfc plan; if • the investigating committee reported favorably, an d if they wore shown where other prominent men of affairs In the village had pledged money to-, wards it. Now that the matter has progressed so far.and so favorably It is expected that they will subscribe. Mr. and~'A|rHrRob\ert8Tn^T'\B^n : etf': are entertaining Mrs . Barrett > father, Mr. Backus, of Franklin, N. Y.. The Board of Supervisors Mon. day adopted a resolution , to pur­ chase a .site for the proposed- hospi­ tal for the care a of county tubercu­ losis patients In the Town of North CasUe, about two in tics. HOUUI of .Bed­ ford Station. .. . The property,, contains 225 acres, nnt£ the price Is $:i,r ,00. The rcsolit tion wa s adoptt'd after a brief de­ bate and after the property had been inspected b y the ' supervisors wh o wore • taken over the proposed site last Saturday The vote oii the reso^ lutloii was 21 to 13.. Supervisor Kornytli. announced that it would bo necessary to have all superintendents of bridges send 'n their estimates ror tho care of bridges. ' - k «T)ie heads of I ho various' county departments filed their estimates of expenditures for tho coming year The Poeksklli Boirfd of Trade, in a letter sent to tho hoard, asked that changes lie inado in the Jaws, regu^ latlng the ca*o of poor In .-Ins'titu tions .in the county Supervisor* AI len talked for t th e proposition and it was referred to committee. Tho Tioiids of Daniel 3: Cashln, Couuty Clerk-elect, and V . .Everlt ?/Iacy, Superinteudeut. of Pooj-elect, wore received and favorably report­ ed on b y 1 ho,.Judiciary Committee.. .—Iho-fo1Iowlng-»-hids were \received for'the construction of a \bridge over tho Kastcliester - f'reck at. Mt. Ver­ non, but no-awar d was-made:'- .Lupfer & Remlck. $88,541, alter? nate, $Si,54i • Frank Nordanc, \SSS .nsri. Jolyi 'Hart. ?!31,311. John Monks & Son, $lf!8,2-l5. Great Lakes Dock Company, $14$. 307. • • The question of* t|io alternate bid of Liipfer & Reifilck was laid over. The question, or Uio salaries for tho liien In Uio district attorney's office, those In the county clerk's of­ fice, the custodian of maps, and In­ terpreters, were defeated, andwhen a reconsideration wa s nBkcd they, wero Inljl over. . -The sanio course was taken with the resolution to appoint a county auditor, but the salaries for tho men in tho surrogate's office were' adopted The resolution fixing the salary of tho Superintendent of Poo r at $tT,- 000. was .-.adopted, although Super- vlBo'r Joint Jenkins -offered a n amend­ ment to, make the salary $1. Th e amendment was lost. -' fiupervisor Millard, for tho com­ mittee on Bronx Parkway, In re­ sponse to ~ request from the hoard, report p d that the total estimated cost ••of. the lands and the expenso of tak­ ing them for \the hig parkway plan was $.-t,000,000,\\and that tho average cost per aero up to the. present wa3 ..less than was estimated. Mr. Mill­ ard said this mlg'ht be due;to the fact that the mp't 'favorable options were closed first and that later the prices might not be no favorable. Thp commission had the sole re­ sponsibility In taking the lands, arid' thai it,had followed. ' n policy of notsryiiiR-' the hoard- before j closing titles so that If any objections\ wore raised they might bo lieard. ,Th o City of Ne w York' pays three-fourth* of fhe <\08t and the County of. West- chertcrithc^rcmaluder. At the close oR' the meeting- short addresses were made -by several oj. the retiring member?,' some of whom have \served as supervisors-for a nitin-. bcr'of years. Those who expressed their \'regret .it leaving Jth.e. board, where their relations had been mo:-t pleasant, were JtlongresKmait Benja­ min- I. Taylor, of Harrison; Edgar C.- Bcccroft;-ar-Pelhaui:—Jnlin-J.-efbalil and. Alfred .M. Bailey, o l Yonkers.-Tlie other members or the board who re* tiro ar e Louis N: ICJrodt, Clarence Knj-- rington and James K .Fuller, df .Mt. Vernon; Frank Breuchnr, of New Ro- chelle; Joseph Hali?h\ oT live: AH'.n-, Barrett and Michael Molloy, of Yon- kers. ' - •f The .board will bo made up of. the fblldwipgTafter January 1:— Bedford\-Bdwar d P . Barrett. Cortlandt—S. Fletcher Allpn. •Eastchest^r—Frederick*!'. Closq. , Greenburgli—Charles D.\ Millard. Harjlson—Max Winkler. Le>visbor.o—WiiUam C; Hull.\-\ - Maniaroneck—John H . McArdle. Mount- Pleasant—-John J. \Sinno«t MT. KISCO VICTORIOUS Bowlers From That Defeat Best Pin Artists From County Seat. WON80UTOF10GAMES WhltWnS 'lalua lost the two trnme'a played agnlpst\ Mount Klpco >n War- ner's alleys, White Plains, on last Tuesday nign't in what was sup­ posed to have been a fifteen gaac', tw.o.man team, niatcli-hctwoen-lque- out and Se'cor of Mt. Kisco and Ma< N ,har and Thompson of White Plains Iii the first eight games p:a>vd i»t Mt. Kisco last week While Plains lost 6 out-of 8 and it was oniyuec^sary for tho Mt. KIBO'O tcrtm : to win tw o gamcH Tuesday night,\ which \ they (did ^aslly,. The scores. Secor . , . Fincout .. . Thompson .. Mahar . . . Tu the single which followed even; ond the scores mado follow.' -First Games. Secor . . Mahoncy Fineout (•Secor . . Mahonoy Fineout . Wabar . , ,220 . '2i r . 201 158 man match the village\!. 223 223 lfi-t 180 games broiio Second 147- 20H 1SS 182 2U 202 213 Game. 175 1U3 105 21!) 188 200 ir,7 205 170 210 1S8 200 PAY STATE LARGE INHERITANCE TAX. Community Celebration 1|| Held at Fountain Green mm CHRISTMAS CAROLS AND BAND MUSICS Tho Inheritance taxes pnid by West- chcutor County in tho'State funds this year -reaches the large sum of $450, X0G.48. ' . • . T.he tax comes from tho heirs-of. the decedents' from estates handleti,| through the Surrogate's office, and Sur­ rogate William A. Kawyor, daring tho tinio he has been in office, has passed >C'i many largo estates The figures allowing tho total of tho Inheritance tav paid into tho State funds havo Just been completed by William'('...Morton, the assistant trau.v for lax appraiser arid o f the large to­ tal .over $100,0110 has becu paid since May I -of this year. $ > The amount of money paid by West­ chester County from this noiirt'e also gives soino idea'df the work that Is handled in. die Kurrot;nte's office, but It ia ulso trim that llm lnrge ('.states coming into that O(HCD Is maponsiblc for the groat sum paid over' Many of the elates (il'iri are HO small that yicy pay no tax. whllo otjhers. pay but. imp pi?r ccnl. fhie es­ tate alono paid $115,(1011 in Inheritance tax'. ^! DISTRICT ATTORNEY WEEKS' SWORN IN TUESDAY. Mr. Winslow Presented With Lov­ ing Cup by October Grand Jury. Frederick IS. Weeks , of Wliite Plains, who wilLta'ke office as dlstrlc 1 attorney of Westchester County on Thursday' wasBworn In' Tuesday by County\ Judgo William P Piatt In his\ chambeni. ^ Mr. Weeks has beeti snventcen years in the ofilce of assistant district at­ torney and his election by'the people last fall lo tho office of district attor­ ney Onmo us n wrtl-deserved promo­ tion. Wednesday the, members of tho Oc­ tober Grand Jury, of which Andrew U. Buchanan of Buchanan, is the fore­ man, 'presented •'.through' this clerk; John I,. Mitchell, of New lUjchelle, to District Attorney Francis A. Winslow, wffi>-r,oUres, n silver loving cup.\ ' Tuesday nioru.lng in the \County Court^ Attorney John M. Dlgnoy, took occasion to call the Court'B attention to the retiring or the diRtrlct attor­ ney after six years of service. H e 'k Hud Old Scborge stopped for lialf^ an hour from between the covers. oti^M •\riie _Chrlstmas Carol\.. and ..loitorod^| at.the.corners of Bedford Green .'and^r Valley- Itoad on* Christmas Eve. would havo seen sights^and heari^fS. sounds not less .inspiring than 1 those^ , to which, according to ' the,story 'a's ^i told by DickeiiB, his ghostly , viWors^ directed his attention.' V For. on that evening'all Ka'tonah5§ was gathered around < its., first -cpni^j- m-dnlty Christmas Tree, _ and Hlfe^ coremony was Impressive enough^fttf|s^ have thawed the- frigid exterior';' StM- evfcn hardo 'r hearjs than that ot) famous partner, of tho late lamented*-^ Jacob- Marloy. '\ • 1->'@W ; The tree itself was a ' tribute \to\$&§Si (lie eenso of symctry ajid propoklonS^ which some \genius displayed ln n ; 8ei |&2 'Rctlng It from among .mauy ' ot--iiB''^ fellows. ' Sturdy k well fprmed anVtSs graceful, It was as nearly perfect' as : &» a tree could bo, and stood amOirg jlt8%*| new-found surroundings as naturfljG®* ly as if itJiad grown tjiore .slnco .the ^i days when good old Saint' Nick; wfijifes a mere babe, in arms • - To tho natural .beauty,, of.t the-trg^^^ the Katonah Lighting CompMy.jji^i''-^ added a louc.h of tho' true.'Y\*' 7 \''~ congratnlaled Mr Winslow oii tho I . . ... maunBomenl. of the ofllco, saying J 8 P ,r| t furnishihg. a goodly;-nuro^Sr^ while crime had been prosecuted ; of • colored '.lights.; whlcVi^tTvjnWolflK' merrily'among the .himilock-jbongh'ri?' • About tho v baso\ 6c -'i&i'iaf^fif^ The trains which will not run over the Harlem today owing to the holi­ day arc: Northbound—5.3G. G.3I. 7.38 and 11.67 p. m. Southbound m., and 2.3C p. Mr. and Mrs. George. Hoyt' enter-\ talned Mr.^and Mrs Georgo Daly, of^, .Vow York City, on Christinas Day. • 7.50, 0.52 u, Mt. Vernon— First- Ward—IJaniel C. Hickey. Second W:ird—Or. II KsiRene-'Sinllh. Third Ward--Aii'irew Ur-idgeinau! Fourth Wurd-^rCharles Ilelnsolin. ' Fifth Ward—Edward Mitchell. Now Castle—Howard K. WashlAirn. New ltochellc— , .. ' : _ First Wtird— ICtlward Clirson. Second Ward—William .F. IIoITkliiH. Third Ward—Fred L . .\tcrrltt. Fourth -Wai'd—Louis ~(]osH. North Castlt:—Charles McIJouald. North Salem—Frank R. RcyrioTdlT' Ossin(ng^-John F. Jenkins. , IVIIiain—Hugh ilcrndoii. - ' I'oundrldge—Ueorge I. Hiiscoo. s • rtyx—Oeorgn Werner: - ' 'Srarsdalo—Alexander M.. Cranip. Soniers—Ceorgo Turner. ^ White Plains — Pfarrlngton M . Thompson. Yonkers— • • First Ward—Tieorgc Knglc. ' ' Scc'>nd..Ward—John DJ Mahonoy. ' Third .Ward—Kdwnril A.- Forsyth, li'ourth Ward—Joseph Larklnv Fifth Ward—Thomas J. O'Brien. Sixth Ward—Michael J. Nolan. ' Seventh Ward—William Dunn.- Elghth Wnrd—Clarence AloxaiTder. Ninth Ward—Benjamin Fltz'glbbons. - ..Tenth.. Ward—Charles M. -Kervan. Yorkto'wn—JaniCB U. Strang'. ' The political^ complexion e t .the Board\of Super'vls^gt\ after thfellrst'of the year .will be'twenty-thrce Ttep.ub- llcjns and twelve Democrats... Wr of IndlanB residing thefeon and p6je tribe to which they belong\ •j Thti' letter Is .signed b y Thomas F. Murpliy, special Indian agent in ifiharger—— • Deputy Register Charles D . Hoyt. who knows considerable about tho Town of 'Lewlsboro. says there are plenty of \Indians.\ but no reserva­ tion and no particular tribe.— •\»-<' been .diligently it. had been dono in a'kind and humane manner..-' - :— Judge Plutt Joined in ..commending \tho district attorney for his good work. SEEKS INDIAN TRIBE IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY. Government Writes to County Clerk Buck About Reservation Said T,o Be at Levvisboro. The Department of the- Interior, .United 'States Indian Service, through the Ne\W York Agency at Salamanca, N Y. , wants to kno.v- nbout. tho , Indians In _ Wcstcheste£_| -County.- i Th o following letter tells its own ptory: ''County , Clerk, Westchester County. \Dear Sir:—I havo been written' to .with regard lo an Indian reservation ln\~the northern part ot Westchester County In tho. Town of Lewlsboro, '.comprising 27(i acres, upon which three aged Indians' reside. . •• \I have no Information about such ia reservation, and if one exists, you \wlll probably he tho best person to Inform m e with regard thereto, i .\Please lot. nie know whether there Is any land of tlits nature In West­ chester County, and If so, the num- grouped a company,',otr,acji^l>;«h1][| dren who, vitndor the direction -bt £8i*l Misses Ethol and Alice : Oreeniyip.® dered •> a number- of well '''ta'qwpg! Christmas carols. TheW were•'•stfngr|§|| In a ,most pleasing manner,'\ andljde^^ lighted tho largo crowd. \nssomblecViif to attend tho'celebration. ':•''. *j <$SS Later in tho evening' the -^ombined^^^^ bands of Bedford Hills and'[ KatpnahJt^M furnished a very * attractive 'm.u«icill|ffiS program, consisting of -popular and' 'a ^m patriotic airs. - •-\ ' -M^ Tho perfect weather conditioris';'bi^^| Coinblned with tho excellent programf^^ rendered, made the performanee'.J.atj^i^ ,dcci(led success, and the.members bt|^|Swj Ihe committee which planned -HorJ^^m and carried out the celebration, V 8 ^!^^ ,to bo cangratulated.. , ' •' .•'••.v'.Vj^raSft —'• . Mm FIXED AMOUNT FOR APPOINTED SECRETARY TO BRONX iSEWER COMMISSION. Assemblyman Mortimer C. O'Brien Gets Position Left Vacant by ' James J. Shaw.* Mortimer' C. Q'Bricn, Assemblyman from this district, whose term expires .today, . has been appointed secre­ tary to the Bronx Vallpy Sower Com-'] mission, which position has only been filled temporarily since James .LJJhaw was deposed several months'.ago.. , Tlie*„appointment, it. is_said, .Was made .several weeks ago, but with the understandlng v that it did.not become effective until January 1 1. The salary is. $2,000 per year/ ' . - \' So far nn is known no appoinj.ment has been made to fill the vacancy oaus- cd by the resignation ot Henry C . Merrit, the missing former supervis­ or from the-Town of Fasten ester. This' appointment ia\ mado by ..Governor Glynn. • \The lire of ih e Bronx Valley Sewer .Commission expires in June. 1914, fi.ut It is said an. extcnstoir-Httiino will-be' asked. . ~ ~- j CARE OF HIGHWAYSiMl - Harvey B . Green Tuesday sqnt^t^S! the State Highways Departmen^th^^ amount of monies fl.<ed-*f6'f--'tiieJ'car^S of highways iu the TarIou»^to.wni[^^| the- county adopted b y resoiutior^^ora^ ,tho Board of Sapcrvteow/Mdtfd^j^K* The various, total amotiatS-tolio . ;i 20^600 :1 Bedford Cortland Kastciiester . (jreenbnrgh . Harrison . .\. I.cwjsboro . Mamaroneck Mt. Pleasant I^ew Castlo , Nqrlh Cafltle Kbrth Safert' Ossining . . , Pelham . Pouriridgc Rye . . Scarsdale .. , Somers White Plains Yorktown . -, Total' \--Mm .../\•KWoqjs. Items, bu^' the Is given above. Tho amounts aro -divided ^n^u ^^pji jms. but'th e total for' •eacti'ilow'nf/tfeit 5 -Is • Fred Hickokan d family spent-Christ;, mas 'Day and the week-end with IIIK parents at Pathel, Considerable - actlvltj- In^tlie building of the ' \siding north of the Bedtot'd.'HUia .Sta-^t* tlon.- A steam shovel-IS, 'eica^UnSi^^KS Uie gravel and a large^rce^b^mteti,^^^ is \engaged in laying tn«/.ngw^rack9jijy}^ The freight business a t Bedfor^jHflis|l^^-, hat* nearly doubled^ufing^th '^iiias^Sj l ....... —-—^_..^^th^ir >MK,-. ls _ few years, owing tb'-\me i \extei'AIv'eS^^ building operations, ^n§zp^^P^»$tiM of business doneWith^vlclnl ^Itarmfe ars who buy in car load-.lot ^lfisiMg^ ' Mirny._dqg_owjersslia*e^a(^|th^^^^ tnr to get their llcense5ta ^f^n^oji^|^^ Clerk MerHam?.-^hose-wh^;^too?theJg * pefs< should aUend^oVthe^at'tenrwiVl^u^,

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