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V o l . G i l b o a , S c h o h a r i e C o u n t y , IN Y . , T h u r s d a y O c t o b e r l O , 1 9 1 3 . I N o 7 S E T W IT S T O W O R K W o m an Proved H e rself H e roine in E m e rgency. With Husband Disabled by Broken Leg She Employed Unique Signal Bripg Help That Might Save Him. to The following would be almost un­ believable if the facts were not the talk of the community and if it were not substantiated by the various par­ ticipants. In Penobscot bay, three miles from Islesboro, is a little island known as Mark island, owned by Pres­ ton Player, a State street broker of Boston, and he there maintains a big summer place. The keeper is Ralph Oollamore of Lincolnville, who in the winter, with his wife and two children, makes his home on the island in a lit­ tle cottage.- On Wednesday, January 23, he took the boat and started for Islesboro. Three hours were taken in making the trip o f three miles by water. He came back and upon landing and pull­ ing the boat up onto the shore on Mark island he pulled the boat over onto him, pinning him down and break­ ing his leg. His wife kept looking for her husband’s return and finally, at­ tracted by his groans, found him pinned under the boat. She is a frail woman but with him hanging onto his Injured limb, she managed to drag him up to the cottage. T h e r e w ith th e aid of a leather wallet and sticks she set the leg the best she could. There they were practically isolated and help was aeeded badly. Mrs. Collamore, full of pluck and de­ termination to get help, went to the Player summer home. There she man­ aged to set agoing the electric dynar mo by which the place is lighted. She turned on every light in that big house and put on also a red light. The lights were run all day Thursday and not until 5 :45 Thursday afternoon was the light noticed at Dark Harbor. Telephone calls were sent to the naval atation and the tug Zizania started to Dark Harbor to see what was the trouble. Dark Harbor waS reached about 9:30 Thursday night. There no one knew what was the trouble at Mark island. The Zizania cut her way through the ice, in some places 8 and 10 inches thick, for three miles to the Island. Captain Sherman and nine men went ashore. They made their way to the lighted house and there foiind no one. Groping ,?Iong in the • darkness they>were frightened by the sudden uprising of a flock of turkeys from a tree. Then they came upon the cottage in total darkness with the door open but no signs of life about. Going in they found the courageous little woman asleep, the injured man half asleep and both children slumber­ ing. The tug went back to Dark Har­ bor and there found a doctor who was brought back to Mark island. The Zizania remained at Mark island un­ til four o’clock Friday morning when the injured man was attended to.— Bangor Commercial. Britain's Indians. ^ The Indians in the British army on tbe western front, notably the Sikhs, that highly disciplined military force from British India, have little in com­ mon with the American red men. They come from tbe other side^bf the earth; they are sons of a deeply religious sect, and for 50 years or more have been an important factor in the Brit­ ish dominion of the far East. They are tall, well-built, handsome men, most of them with beards, and In perfection of drill and military bear­ ing they are not excelled by any troops on the western front. But while their methods of fighting are quite dissimilar, the Sikh fighting force being a well-trained military ma­ chine while the Am e rican Indian is a flexible unit, there is one thing in ^vvhich they are very much alike. As a “piumorous E n g lish w r iter— Punch and ^ t s punsters still live—puts it: “I have had an opportunity to study ^both the Indians of the East and the Indians of the West, and while they are very dissimilar in most things, when it comes to courage, I may be excused for saying that it is Sikhs of one and a half dozen of the other!” Stenographers to Go to France. A unit of 25 expert women stenog-^ raphers, who will wear a distinctive uniform, is now being recruited in the United States for overseas serv­ ice. This group will be assigned to the quartermaster’s corps of the American expeditionary forces and to the headquarters of the staff of General Pershing. Each applicant for service must be an experienced stenographer. She will be required to own in her own equipment four uni­ forms (two for winter and two for summer service); She must pass a physical examination, and will be en­ gaged for the period of the war. The salary now stated is $1,000 a year with the additional allowance of $4 a day for the first month and $2 a day for the remainder of the time. The’time has come when we m u st say good-bye to the readers of The M onitor and the friends we have outside of The M onitoi fam ily. We say this farewell with great reluct­ ance aud with m any misgivings. The future for Gilboa is such th a t all, sooner or later, m u st bid adieu to one another and seek homes th a t only the Good Lord knows where. We probably could have staid several m o n ths yet before the city would have asked us to get out, but inas­ much as the thing has got to be done and owing to the good opportunity that lias been offered us and tiie ex­ ceptionally good educational a d v a n ­ tages our new home offers, for the benefit of our two boys and the de­ sire to have £hem home nights, we have decided to lake the m a tter in our own hands and uot wait for or­ ders. Twenty years ago next February we came to Gilboa and began work for The Monitoi Publishing Co., of which A S. Thomas was president tnd m anager. We served in this capacity for four years after which we bought the paper and ever since have been its editor and publisher. We came lie re a young man but the w h itening of our hair today warns us th a t’.we have'about readied the sum m it of life’s activities and soon will he going down the other side. Twenty y ears has seen many changes in Gilboa. The families that m ade up the village when we first knew the place, or the most of them have passed over the G reat Divide and their place lias been taken by s tr a n ­ gers. W hen we pause to reflect on the changes that : !>e p assing of time brings!toa com m unity, is when we realize all th a t lias transpired in these years. We are sensible of the fact th a t many times we have m erited criti­ cism and have not done as well as we knew, but notw ithstanding our many faults our readers and friends and overlooked the mistakes and stood ready with their hearty handshake and liberal sup­ port to spur us on to do better and live b etter. All the favors th a t have heen shown us will ever be kindly'rem e m b e red and our life in Gilboa ch&rished tiie the bright­ est period p f our s tay on earth. Our address for the present will be 246 Main Street, Oneonta. The latch- stiin g w ill always be found hanging and it will afford us genuine pleasure to have our friends from this way\visit us. The distance is not so great but w h at all can come. Don’t wait for business to call you there. To all who have yet to find homes we tru s t they will be successful in finding a com m u n ity where life will b** as congenial and privileges the same as they have always iound in Gilboa, Again good-bye and may success attend you. T h e H o m e R e c o rd . Those who have discovered the flavor and quality of Otsego Coffee -idvise their friends to buy it. Ju s t convince yourself uuce. The taste tells. D r. W. E. Stevens >f W indham will be at the Gilboa House, this village, on W ednesday, October 16th, to do all dental work ■xcept gold filling. Owing to the discontinuance of The M onitor this will be Dr. Stevens’ last visit to Gilboa. daugh* The Upper Class. “So you wish to marry my ter?” said the proud parent. “Yes, sir,” replied the young man. “How much money are you making?\ asked the governor. “Forty dollars a week,” was the re* ply. “Forty “dollars a week! Why my daughter can make that in a muni* | tions plant and not work oVar^l mg n The undersigned will sell a t public it the farm of I. W. Baylis at W est Gonesville, beginning at 12 o’clock toon, sharp, on Tuesday, October 22, 1918, the following property: 11 y o u n g cows, due to freshen in February, pair of black m ares, two -iioats, 25 heus, mowing m achine, lorse rake, hay rigging, spring tooth uirrow, sidehiil plow, shovel plow, cultivator, M ilburn lum b er wagon, ight lum b er wagon w ith box and ’>rake, platform spring wagon, buck >oard wagon, wagon box, pair of heavy thills, set or bobs, Portland •utter, light single harness, grind­ stone, 2 log chains, sap pan, pair of horse clippers, cream separator, 10 tons of hay, 50 b u shels buckw h eat, 150 bushels oats and barley, 150 bu. potatoes, 5 b ushels of beans, quan­ tity of oat a u d buckw h e a t straw , 2 barrels of sweet cider, 4 barrels of apples, 2 beds, baby c a iriage, couch, oak cupboard, table, 3-burner oil stove with oven, hoes, forks, shov­ els, etc., etc. Term s of S a le:—T h ree- m o n ths credit on good, endorsed bank notes. No property to be rem o v ed.until set­ tled for. F rank Shaffer. J. B. W yckoff, Auctioneer. FOLEY KIDNEY PfiXS FOR BACKACHE KIDNEYS ANO BlADDE* Van F a h n e i transacted business iu M iddleburgh last F riday. Lum an H ildreth is spending the week with friends in Blenheim . Revillow R ichtm y e r is moving to W e st Conesville where he has pui- chased the R ickard property. Page Croswell went to Binghamp- ton ja s t F riday after his M axwell autom o b ile. H e was accom panied by Edw in B a llard who drove the car home for him. The Board of W ater S u p p ly Is tak- iug down the Vrom an house prepai- atory to moving it to G rand Gorge where it will be re-erected f o r a gar­ age. We understand tiiat there are several other buildings th a t will be razed right along now. Charles Clark and D. W. South­ ard are in Kingston this week as witnesses in the realty cases th a t are being tried befoie the Commis sioners of A p p raisal. Miss Mary Ellen Clark of the Cats- kill H igh school, is home for the week, the school being closed owing to the prevalence of the Spauish in­ fluenza. Mr. a n d M rs. Charles Clark, ac­ companied by Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Wyckoff, were a t Laurens Thursday last looking for a farm. Miss Anna Hall, sister of Mis. E. W. Brown of this village, died a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Reed about two miles below Roxbury last Friday afternoon. The deceased was taken with the Spanish influen­ za which developed iuto pneumonia. Her body wa9 brought to the Brown home Saturday and prepared for burial and M onday was taken to H u n tergland where the funeral was held and burial m ade. John Shew has sold hislarge farm in South Gilboa, together with the stock and m a c h inery, to A rthur Pierce and Edw a rd Frazeew h o take possession the m iddle of this m onth. W e -understand the purchase price was $16,000. Mr. Shew who has as­ sociated with him Clyde More, has bought a tim b e r lot of Mrs. R o b e rt Lovell of M anorkill a n d the two fam ­ ilies expect to get paqved this week i^::d bsgifc -ifctttuqei .It Tspretty late for red raspberries yet they are said to be*quite plenti­ ful. L a s t F riday Mrs. W allace Stryk- ker picked two quarts of the fruit from the vines in her garden and says there is an abundance of green ones yet to ripen. The berries are said to be plentiful in Mr. S tryker’s siieep lot w h ere they were so a b u n d ­ ant in the sum m er. W. E. Bassler, editor of the Mid­ dleburgh News, was iu this village M onday aud took over the subscrip­ tion list of The M onitor so t h a t all paid in advance subscribers will con­ tinue to get a paper a n d it is hoped th a t all o thers will s tay w ith his pa­ per tbe sam e that they would had The M o n itor.continued. The News is an eight-page p aper, c a refully ed­ ited and its news colum ns full of in­ teresting m a tter a u d we are sure it will please all. Ml*.- B a ssler will have a c o rrespondent here who will cover the field thoroughly and one departm e n t of the paper will be de­ voted to Gilboa a n d vicinity. Read the News aud keep posted cn the happenings iu the town and county. E d itors M arsh a u d Griffin of P ratts- ville were ih town last W ednesday and bought the e n tire equipm e n t of The M onitor w ith the exception of the job press which has been sold to W illet B a k e r of this village. The type, etc., will be added to the e q u ip­ m e n t of Tire News office a n d w ill be m o v e d som e tim e in the near future. Mr. B a k e r will be pleased to take your orders for job work. “Several team s a n d men are em ­ ployed in grading the new cem etery. S. M. E llio tt of Freehold, a land­ scape artist of wid6 experience, has chaige of the work. The design of the ground is oval. Two tiers of lots will e x tend around the field w h ich w ill be followed by an 18-foot d rive­ w ay w ith the center a solid plot of lots. The g rade wiil be a gentle slope w h ich obviates terracing and w ill m a k e it m uch easier for the care­ taker. A barberry hedge will en­ circle the eutire field. Stone pillars m a rk the entrance to the g round. A goodsized plaza will be s e toff a t the entrance and ju s t back of this will be the vault. The design is very pretty and the lot com m ands a g rand view. Y’he ground is easy of.access and the soil dry and mellow quite free from stone. • ... *» ♦ ♦ . ------- Willie Hitchcock of Oneonta Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock, Former Residents of Thia Plac, Run Over By an Automobile Last Friday Afternoon^ D r . J . M a n n of M iddleburgh will be a t the Gil­ boa H ouse, this village, on Novem­ ber 4th, 5 tb, 6th and 7th, M onday, Tuesday, W eduesday and T h u rs­ day, prepared to do a ll d e n tal work. This will be last visit this season, Please keep dates iu m ind. W illie H itchcock, r%^jBd of nine years, residing with hi* grandpar­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. A > ©. H itchcock at 45 Broad street, was,-run over by a touring car driven by Fred Rich- ards of Low er C h e s tnut street at 4:46 o’clock F riday afternoon, sus taining injuries from which he died at the Fox M emorial hospital a half hour a fter, to which institution he had been rushed by Mr. R ichards im m ediately after the accident. The lad’s condition, was critical from the first, his ribs being broken aud lungs punctured. According to the best inform ation th a t could be obtained the bum p er knocked the lad down and two wheels passed ov­ er his body. According to the story of M r.R ich- ards, which is s u b stantiated by oth­ ers in th^ vicinity of the a c c ident a t the time, he was d riving flown Broad street a t a m o d e rate pjree toward tlie Union station, and as he*neared the new garage of Helm es & Powell, he turned out well iuto the center of the s treet to avoid vehicles, which were s tanding on the west side of the s treet a t th a t point. H e had barely reached the center of the street, when from behind the deliv­ ery wagon of A lderm an J . O. Coy, tbe boy darted directly in front of his car. The front end of R ichards car was nearly even w ith-the rear of the COy wagon when R ichards first saw the boy and before he could act the bum pqr h it the boy and felled lim. Riohprds applied, th e brakes as quickly as he could. Probably the wheels pasted ovur the boy's body. W b eu th e ear stepped the lad wafi fc^y abb». :;the out in an in s tan t. - Ha the boy up a n d placing him fa the ton- neau, s tarted foe, the. F o x hospital, halting at police headquarters to report his errand before proceeding. Chief B lizzard accom panied him to the hospital where D r /D a v id Mills attended the boy. The injured lad was scarcely breathing and the pulse was gone when the p h y sician reach­ ed the hospital. H e was conscious for a tim e im m e d iately after the ac­ cident, telling his nam e and w h ere he resided. H e com plained of ex­ trem e pains in the head. The boy was well liked by all who knew him . —Saturday ’s Oneonta Star. W illie H itchcock was born near this village and was about s ix years of age when his grandparents mov­ ed to H o b a rt a n d later to Oneonta. News of h is death is regretted by all.. In this m o st fascinating d ram a we have one of Charles- F r o h a m ’s suc­ cesses, in five reels, featuring an all star .cast, including D avid Powell w ith Olive TeU as “ H e r Sister.” This story is truly an interestingone and the characters well chosen'. A t th e Hi]»podrome Saturday night. ^ Dr. G. E. Shoemaker O p tom etrist, of Cobleskill, Will be a t the Oilboa H o u se, this v illage, on Tuesday, 22nd, to e x am ine eyes a n d furnish glasses. H o u rs 10 to 4; This will he the last appointm e n t here this season. A. Hays, Optometrist, of Schoharie, will be at the Gilboa H o u se, this village, on Thursday, October 17th, to test eyes and fit glasses. Call. Dairymen’* League Meeting. A m eeting of the Gilboa D a iry­ m e n ’s League w ill be hdld in the m oving picture hall tom orrow night (Friday) a t eight o’clock. One of the m a tters to be considered is the refunding of m oney to m em bers. A good attendance is requested. Thom as Becker. Card of Thanhs. For the m a n y kindnesses shown us a n d tbe expressions of sym p a thy from our m a n y friends aud neigh­ bors in our g reat sorrow we a re truly grateful. The choir a n d those Who furnished flowers have our h e a r t­ felt thauks. W a lter Richm o n d , R u th Richm o n d . TO OUR CUSTOMERS. W e ask all w h o h a v e u n s e ttled a c ­ counts w ith us to arrange for s e ttle­ m e n t iu full by Novem b er 1st, 1918. This does n o t m ean N o v em b er 10th, or any date later th a n N o v em b er 1. A fter N o v em b er V c redit will b e ex­ tended for 60 d a y s ehly a n d no de* viation will be m a d e lrom . thia rule, Please govern yourselves accord* ingly. LEW IS BROTHERS. BROOME CENTER ITEMS F rank N ickerson purchased a pi­ ano a t the Frisbie sale in M iddle- burgb last S a turday and i t was de­ livered to him w ith an auto truck. Mr. aud Mrs. F red C h ickeringand Mr. and Mrs. Theron V a u D y k e mo* tored to Gallupville one day last week to attend a birthday party of Mrs. C h ickering’s a u n t. Morton Reed is helpingontheclay hill road. ^ W e are all w ishing we could have our road worked once more. A. A. C h ichester worked in the cream ery Tuesday while o u r butter- mafeer, Mr. Chickering, was away. M orton Reed hired an auto truck last week to b ring Mrs. R e e d ’s bouse hold goqfis from Stam ford to their home in this place. Mr. Dunckle of M iddleburgh de­ livered a load of furniture to Mr. and Mrs. Lelana Cook one day last week. Miss R u th Richm o n d , teacher in the M ackey district, returned to h er school last W eduesday. She was called home by the death of her m other. We sym p athize with her great sorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Roy N ickerson mov­ ed their household goods fro in1® rand Gorge to their home in this place last week. R ev. W ard and w ife of F latC r e e k were F riday guests at L. H . Chi­ chester’s. Florence Kniffen, our teacher, was taken sick last Thursday and had to go to her h o m e in M iddleburgh. We are pleased to learn th a t she was able to resum e her school duties on M onday. Miss Phoebe Cook was tiie opera- ator a t the central telephone office last F riday and Saturday while Mrs. V a n V a lkenburg visited a t Peter M u rray’s a n d E z ra Coons’. The Better World. If I had to choose between A world in which millions of people had things to believe that they would die for and run the risk of dying for, and a cold, weak, safety first world jacked up by lawyers, I should prefer- a world I could die in.—Gerald Stanley Lee in Saturday Evening Post. Physical Exertion and H e a rt Trouble. The only way of surely determining whether a sufferer from an Irritable heart can bear extensive exertion is to put him through a series of gradu­ ally increasing exercises, states Brit­ ish Medical Journal, with careful ex­ amination after exercise. Rice in United States. There are five varieties of rice grown in the United States. The so called Japanese varieties are planted almost exclusively in California, a kind known as the Wateribune being the one principally grown. Her Sister. Death of Albert Mayham Word was received of death of Prof. A lbert C. M ayham of W arwick. M r. M ayham was the son of the late Cornelius M ayhani of South Gilboa aud received his pre- im inary education a t the Stam ford sem inary. . H e had been f o rm a lly years engaged in educational work and a t the tim e cf his death was principal of the W a rw ick Public school. H is death was sudden, due to a stroke of apoplexy. He was a m an of m iddle age. He delivered the address last fall a t the M ayham reunion a t Blenheim H ill a t which place he had spent m any of h is sum ­ m e r vacations. H e was a candidate or M ember of Congress on the Dem­ ocratic ticket a t tbe tim e of bis death. All Is Not Lost. Boys no longer have the opportunity to learn their lessons by the light of pine knot. But opportunities to mas- ■er : draw poker in a quiet hay loft? and. by toe llght p f a smudged lantern still are available in many rural communi­ ties.—-Topeka Capital. . Hughes—Yuzovka. The first successful, iron and steel mill in southern Russia having been established forty years ago by a man named Hughes, one of the largest steel centers in Ukrainia bears the name Fiuovka—in his honor.—Gas Logic. Do Present Work Well. Some people hunt more Important work to do instead of doing the work they find to do. Any work well done opens the way to some task of Im­ portance. Donation. The annual donation of the F lat Creek B a p tist society w ill be held in ! J a rvey K ingsley’s lower house on ! ?riday evening, October 18. A cor­ dial invitation is e x tended to all. Water Rents are d u e October 10th and m u st be laid by October 25th. Can be paid m y store w h ere receipts will be given. JL A. W yckoff, Coll. No Meat for Her. ’ Mother gave the children an apple each. In little Marion’s there was a worm hole that obviously had a tenant. “You take this one, Tommy,” she s a id; “Tse a vegetarian.”—Boston Tran script. M i l l i n e r y a t C o s t . To Close o u tjpresent stock I will sell m y entire line of fall a u d w inter m illinery a t cost, Those who have not b o u g h t as y e t will h ave an op­ p o r tu n ity to get the latest styles at g r e a t saving. Mrs. L. S. O’Brien. NO T ICE TO SETTLE. As I am going out of^business at once, all persons who have accounts with me are requested to call and settle the same on or before October 15. All accounts not settled by this date will be given to an attorney for collection. - Frank VanLoan. FOR SA L E . B edstead, springs, m a ttiass, Ro­ m an striped couch cover, new; crow­ bar, wire fencing, m iter box, p lanes, circular saw, wheelbarrow , shoe­ m a k e r ’s kit,\\draw knife, etc. May A. R ichtm y e r, Gilboa, N. Y. FOR SALE. Good honest horse, safe for wom­ an to drive, or will exchange for young stock. Phone’or write Mrs. Libbie Teator, Cooksburg, N. Y., R. D. 1. Care Chas. Cleveland. ^ ' - 4 , N O T IpE . , , W ishing to change c lim ate oh ac­ count of m y asthm a , I offer m y two fam ily house in the village of Rox­ bury, consisting of 17 rooms, includ­ ing bath and toilet, together w ith 50 acres of land. W ill sell together or separately. Geo. W . Thomas, Roxbury, N. Y. C ID E R M AKING. I will begin n^aking cider on Oct. 8th and will m a k e every Tuesday and F riday thereafter until further notice. Chas. Storie, W e st Conesville, N. Y. F O R S A L E I am offering for sale m y store and fixtures and balance of stock oi goods a t a great reduction. M u st be sold by N o v em b er 1 as I am go­ ing away. Persons owing me on book are requested to call’rand set­ tle the same on -or befoie the date m entioned above. R. F. S tev e n s . Conesville, N. Y- C ID E R M AKING. We will begin m a k ing cider Oct. 1, and our m ill will be operated ev­ ery Tuesday and F riday up to and including Novem b er 8. M. A. Cam m er & Son, Conesville, N. Y. <? F O R SA L E —P a rlor coal stove, feed with heater attached. David W ilkins, Gilboa, N. Y. FOR SALE. 2 bedroom suits, 2couches, 4 rock­ ers, 1 w riting desk, dining room chairs, 2 stands, 3 porch rockers. 2 m irrors, 3 u p h o lstered p arlor Chairs. 5 o r 6 k itchen chairs, sm all parlor stove for wood, hall rack, quantity of dishes, jugs,\jars etc. Mrs. Ellen Wyckoff, Gilboa,’N. Y. WARWORKERSCOMBINE FORBIGFUND DRIVE, U n ite F o r $ 1 7 0 , 5 0 0 , 0 0 C a m ­ p a ig n In N o v e m b e r . At a meeting or the •representatives of the seven war work organizations which are to uniite in the $179,509,(MX) campaign in November, General Sec­ retary of the National War Work Council, Y M. CL A.,, John R. Mott, was elected Director General of the compaign, with a governing commit­ tee cons Ming of the following: „ Raymond B. Fosdick, chairman ol the Commission on Trfl.tn~ii.Tig Camp Activities George W. Perkins, representing the Y. M. C. A. Mrs. Henry P. Davison, represent­ ing .the Y. M>. C. A. John G. Agar and James F, Phelan, representing. the National Catholic War Council. Hon. Myron T. Heirriick, represent­ ing the War Community Service. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Mortimer L. Schiff, representing the Jewish Welfare Board. ■Clevefljand H. Dodge, Treasurer. Frank A. Vanderiiip, representing the American Library Association. George Gordon Battle, representing the Salvation Army. The campaign will occupy the week of November 11-18, and will be open­ ed by the president. Through his ac­ tion in bringing the seven organiza­ tions together, he has eliminated what would otherwise have been seven dis­ tinct appeals to the public for the support of war work. John R. Mlott, speaking of the cam- paijgn, said: “These seven great organizations represent everything that is bes't m the life of th? American soldier. They represent the church, the cluib, the theater, the library and the athletic field. Together they follow the boys on the troop train, through the ca n ­ tonm ents, onto the transports* and at every step of the way even to the front line trenches. - “There is not a single home to the country flying a service flag that has not received -a letter on the station- ery of at least one of the organize- +,lr»yS(. _ And .erjery..- Igttcxr ■vrrii.-tszz .Ji­ lted Triangle paper, or K. of O., oi Salvation Army, or Jewish Welfare Board paper, means that the boy when he wrote the letter, was being kept warm, cheerful an d happy throng!) the gifts of the people back home. “The campaign will be organized with the help of the very biggest mei: of every community. It 4s not a phil anthropic campaign; it Is a war oam- ipaign. Just as the Liberty Loan cam­ paign will furnish uniforms and am­ munition and gums; so this will fur­ nish that other essential for the win­ ning of a war—morale.’’ . “Y’» Orders 1,800,000 Bars of Soap. Fqr delivery in the next three months the Y. M. 0. A. has contract- ».d for 1,809,999 bars of soap to be ised by soldiers in discouraging dirt Sid cooties. , Just to Oblige. “Why did you put' up your city hall to look like an Ancient castle?” “Well, the movie people pay a good bit of taxes here, and they said it would be a great help in filming medieval scenes.”—Lopisville Courier-Journal. Self-Denial. You must practice self-denial if yc would get well and keep well. Tliei is no other way—no short cut or royi road to health. Do not permit you self to be deluded on this subject* And the “Wise” Do It. Perhaps onq/-reason why fools are always rushing into trouble is because they seem to know they ..can always call to the wise to come and help them out.—Detroit Free Press. Rather the Reverse. To see some small soul pirouetting throughout life on a single text, and judging all the world because it can­ not find a partner, is not a Christian sight.—Professor Drummond. All accounts m ust b e paid by October 15th or they w ill be put in proper bands for collec­ tion. F R A N K H . L E W I S

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