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Coxsackie weekly union. (Coxsackie, N.Y.) 1851-1852, September 24, 1851, Image 2

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• ([oxsackit muiou. COXSACKIE, SEPT. 24, 1851. 1.\7\ Tt!E FOLLOWlJl'o;i gen\lemen li!IV6 kindly con. tented lll1U!l!B Agenlli fortlri.A papef!-A. M_llent!ey, Greenville ; David Willi8lll9, Medway ; Andrew B Van Slyck, Now-Baltimoril; N. RansdaJI, Norton Hill; John E. S1earn9, CW!!Ieton> ,- 11:7 COID!UNfCATfONS of a Loear or Literary cha- neter are solicited for the columns of rhe Union_ 10\ V. B. P ALniER jg; the nnthorised Agent for thi. paper in the city of New-York. Office, Tribune Build. !ngs, comer N a55au and Spruce-streets. ~ Whig and Democratic Nominations. WHIG. DEJ!OCRAriC. For Judge of the Court of Appeals. SAMUEL A. FOOTE. I A. s. JOHNS0:-1. Fflr fieQ'etary of tit<te. JAMES c. FORSYTH. I HENRYs. RANDALL. For Comptraller. G.Eo. w. FATTERsoN. 1 JOHN c. WRIGHT. For Trensure'f. JAMES H. COOK. I BENJ. WET,CH, JR. Fur AUorncy-General. DANIEL ULLMAN, JR. I LEVI s. CHATFIELD. FtJr StaltJ Engineer and SurveytJr. HEZEKIAHC. REYMOUR,I WnJ. J. MCALPI:'iE. For Canal Commissioner. HENRY FITZHUGff, I HORACE WHEATON. Fa1\ State Pt'istm Inspector. AU!XANnan H. WELL~. 1 HENRY sToRnrs. El'lTOME OF THE LIFE OF LOPEZ. LoPEZ was worthy of a batter fat'3.- us, of his closing ex beloved Cu ha ! \ AN OLD GKa..N:Njr. The grandmother of D~:mr~r;rat, who~e ~ingulu have bPen the cause of no the Democratic phalanx has perpetrated another w by refusing to exchange reason, we apprehend, that pretending hebdomadal, limited am(nmt of Fatronage oft he county. We are at a er t4e motive for this brea unle~s we ascribe it to those longing only to the quad generated between the ass our right to an exchange m have been overlooked bad appeared, during a recent which places the the Democrat in the un of a traJucer of private as character. 'Vhatever have exhibited towards us in the source from whence it !be wholesale abu~'3 oft to deviate from the line pr.escii'J!)cd men under whose pay he subsjs\s, the frown of him who either That his actions wcm those of wild and seemingly aimless adventure, was a result ralher of the circumstances under which he wa& called to act, rather than of an in. eli nation lor excitement and a morbid pas- sion for reno1vn. Hb mind was imbued with deep and sincere love of Ljberty, nnd a desire to see Cuba, the island of his ged by the trammels which 1\\ol>•t\ ur he who conceives the think for himself. adoption and love, resting under its beni;:;n we are erased from this po'\''P\ influence. A military man by necessity exchangl.l list. W l.l prl.lsum£! my COUNTY FA!RS--1851. The followicg i:s a list of the and Foreign Fairs which have yet to for the purpose of exhibition. o/ Greene, at Coxsackie, Sept. Wayne 1 at Lyon•, \ 01intou, at Keeseville, \ Seneca, at Waterloo, Oct. · Allegany, at Angelica, \ Cayuga, at Auburn, \ Chenango, at Smyrna, \ Dutchess, at Washington 1 \ Genesee, at Batavia, \ Onondaga, at Syracuse \ Otsego, \ a Livingston, at Gene~eo, \ Ontario, at Canandaigua, \ Orleans, at Albion, \ Queens. at Jamaica, '· White Plains, \ American Ins., (cattle show) \ FOREIGN SOCIETIES. 1, 1, 2 1,2 1.2 2, 3 2 15, 16, 17 15, 16, 17 Maryland, at Baltimore, Sept 23 1 24, 25 1 26 :lfichigan, at Detroit, \ 2-!, 25, 26 Ohio, at Columbus '' 24, 25, 20 Upper Canada, at Brockville, \ 24 1 25, 26 Pennsylvania at Harri.burgh, Oct. 23, 24, 25 Georgia, at !tfacon, \ 20, 30. 31 New Hampshire, at Manchestrr,\ 8, 9, 10 Wisconsin, at Janesville, (' 1, 2 Bnel Ins., (Mich.) at Hennepin,\ 7, 8 Bristol Co. -(Mass.) Taunton, \ 9, 10 Orleans, \ Barnstable Co. \ 8 Amherst, \ l • Middletown, Conn. \ TnE FOLLOWI:\;G is an extract from a correspondent 11 ho thus writes from this villagP: Permit me here to sa~· th~t Cox>D.ckl,', the home of my earliest lio} IIoo<l days, presents many imluccments to the wcam·d a !Ill laugllls!J. ing Xcw Yorkers, to steal a\\av from the car<·s and sweltering intluence of our great cit!·· To the passer-by, 1 know Coxsackie does Hut pre- sent many iuducemcnts to sto]J. But l11e tray. c!P.r must step from tho sll'unll'r or rai[.p,tr, aud go among her rich and g'L'Derons inha.l>itaut~, and he will then see and feel what his W('dr ,. soul bas panted for. \riLle anu riehlysprcail-o.ut farms. varieil and ink rest iug drh es. and what is more than all else, the Jlllrest Cut,kill :llouHt.tin lf.ir wafteil over their rich valley Ly the zepLj r\ o!' our noble Hudson. I LOCAL CORRESl'ONDENOE. EDITOR-Being \ shooting men\ '\'--·'-·---· it was with cheerfulness that <UIJ~a~;eu in what is commonly termed muouu••~ Party, ~he anticipated pleasures ~tung Which, excited· oo little energy watchfulness on our part to become victorious party. But sad to relate, all the products of our labor were ht to a convergence, a premeditated plan, wu~, by the opposite party, exercised which, to use an expressive term, upset all the gratification and pleasure, as the se· quel will show: At Isaac's when the sun was low. All. bloody lay the lifeless crmv , Muskrats and squirrels together were cast, With Eagles captured ou Friday last- By J's party. But the owls were rare, the rabbits few, The squirrels had tried them all t'eschew, And[no es~uleut game coulu be produced, Tho' all as denizens in woods were loosed- C's party. Th\y'd labored from morn, till closing eve, all the birds were sure to leave Them 7 shooting in the leat\esand bushes And in consequence, to furnish suppers- For J's party. _\nd then was counted their fdocious game, Of chip-munks, 1m e. and p'geous t.\m'·, By Judges of a truly honest sort, Who fom1<l them just fiYc hundred short- Of J'> p'lrty. Then sarsaparilla, en' 1rged the mirth, C1gars were lit-and daslwd to eart11, To old and young, much mirth was gi1·en, Auil paradise seemed not in hetn·en- To J'\ party. But, alas! we lieht:ld a lllorc fearful sight, c·s party conquerod. 11-uro \l!l for fight. being men uf BCnse, \Yithvut Uday I We paid the bills, aud walked a\·'Y- '' Sphit of the Greene Co. Press.\ The Greene Go. Wh1g thinks that \the deliberation of the late State Whicr Con- \' vention resulted in the selection of a glo- rious ticket-a ticket of' which every Whig may well be proud. It possesses the ele'ments of strength, wisdom and ex- perience. Its superjor has not been pre· sented to the electors of this State for years, 'f , d 1 ever, an adds, that the \ ticket, as a whole, is infinitely superior to the Locofoco ticket.\ It thus comments upon its cotem- porary: The Democrat has ceased to be the oro-an of the \ unterrified\ collectively and beco1~e the mouthpiece of ~udge '!.'remain' individually. It should change 1ts name as well as its business. ,, T . J Ad \ remarn _sA vocate, we 1·enture to suggest ~sufifp;,o~na 1 tde ,bun less. perhaps, \ The J u_dge's er \ou e considered more exvressne. The TVhig says the Supreme Court de· cided nothing more than that the State officers erred in refusing to pay over the school money. 'Ve quote: \ It does not decide that a legislative act would not have given ns the money long ago. It does not decide that it was better f\r the County to close their school hous<'s for a whole season, that these proceedings might be insti• ~uteJ. It does not uecide that these proceed- ~~gs W(:re necessary at _all. And most emphat. re~ll), It ll_oes ~lOt dee1de upon the 'propdety ot the ad nee gn·eu by ?.Ir. Tremain ' •s he ,J. leges._ It does not confiict one jot .;r title with auy 'l~sue'.betll'een us and our friend. It docs not atlect. m the slightest de~ree the <JUestion ·e l b 1· · 0 ' vt 1a \'C ecn <.. Iscussmg .'' {!]'jrneral JnteUigence. LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. The steamship Illinois arrived at New York on Saturday witlr a fortnight'~:; ltller news from California. The B1•other Jone- . than also arrived on the same day. The Illinois brings the Califoruiu mails, 400 passengers and $1,800,000 in gold dust The Brother Jonathan had 300 passengers and $300,000 in gold dust, . The approaching elections werl'! caus- Ing an unusual dt>gree of excitement thro'· out the State. 'fhe condition of society at San Franc b.- co, and other points, was considerably im· proved, owi1~g to the_ aeti~ity of the ·Vigi- lance committee, ana the Increased zeal of the legal auth01ities. Business was b1 isk, but large supplies ?f pr_oduce had caused a slight depression m pnces. In most articles of trade, how. ever, the rates were essentially the same as at the sailing of the p1·evious steamer. A correspondent from fndian Bar, Tou- lumnc county, writes as follows :-'l'he companv on this hur h:we completed their stupendous work, and have quite d1·ained !,000 yards of the river_ 'l'l1e prospect IS excellent. They commenced on the lowe: pa.rt of the bed yesterday ; and last -·· · even1ng rn a short time, with half a dozen small rockers, took out $105 50, which \\'as tl~e first money iu the t1·easury, and ~a''\ life. and spirit to the boys that cannot be dcscnbcd, and only felt by those who have be<'n two y~a1·s on this work, on the success of whit:h, wives, cbildren, friends, and the hope of seeing home-loved home -once depended. I think it probable that they will be p,tiu tolerably wt-ll; but un· lrss the whole Led \ ield $100 OUO which I ~'ear. will hardly ~e real1zed: the yield wtll disappoint U8. and chance, rather limn by inclination, a gentleman of this village from his first feat in arms nnder BoLIVAR, and efficient person for :he uuo 4 \ he has shown himself possessed of all the I Judge, iu opposition to the expre>l::!llJWl requisites of a true soldier. Under the certain clique who control thelwc,r:st mlfw- Ao you approach Co>;Oackic by rh cr or mn· road. there is one object worthy of uttl'nlion aud imitation by our wealthy citizeus .b tl1ey re- tire upon these beautiful slwres. It b tl1e resi. Jence of the late ~fr. Wright, and f11.ther ofthe kind and talented Dr. WRlGllT §Ql~ood.well known at Lebanon Springs. The liofisc sta.nds upon a. round pinnnclC>, two stories l1igh 1 facing or fronting the rh·er, the front supported liy heaYy fifteen feet colonades, and wings on either side. The ample court or lawn. desccwls gent- ly towards the north, east and south ; the grounds preserving just enough rotnllllity to make the whole appearance pleasing to the eye while the rkh jessamiuc, the monthly honey suckle and the multa flora. all combine to per. fume the whole atmosphere around, and at the same time gil·e the place a most rich 111111 dcco. rative appearance. West ,,r \1 hat \·oulJ be con,idered the back-ground of this pictnre, ar~ attached, handsomely spread out fklds and meadow~, prolific in their returns to the cnltiva. tor. From th3 colonnuile you ha>e a mo,t ex. tended vww. As J's party. A YOID BEIXG 8nA YED.-:'\ ever, says the Syracuse Joilrna1, trade at a store that does not ad\'ertisr. They don't do much The Recorder o/ Drmosrat exults over tlw decision of the Supreme Court in ref. erence tc the School Case, and speaks as if this decision will have the eff..,ct to cut up root, branch and all, a \miserable and co11 unlly Bpccies oflegblation.\ Its com- ments upon l\1r, BaiLEY are too personal and grossly opprobious in language to ad- mit re-publication; we will therefore pass them over and notice an article under the caption of\ In Character.\ • The miners nre .loing very well in most p~aces, us them ers arc so low that they d~g OVP.I' new . ground, and are realizing fwm three lo sixteen dollars per flay. Our quartz mf'n, myselfoneofthenum. ber, are waiting for capitalists to come on as we have lots of veins, but require the us.e. of ,machinery. This d~partment of mmmg 1s destined to be the backbone of business in California. Our quartz veins are rich and abundant, though a thou· sandth part has not been yet discoven:d. banners of the \ \V ASHIXGTON of South aged political paper in the America,\ he fl~shed his maiden sword wlwse testy publisher will when a mere bay at the siege of Valencia, nstcr and ruin on the party and at the age of twenty-three had fought coming disgusted by his nAr·io~ himself into a colonelship of horse, com- tions of imbecility and ign()l'al!lC!\· posed of picked men, whose glory was ufactured public opinion Wilt that they \never turned their backs.\- the public gullet with that While a colonel, he received the cross of the old fogies exultetl in San Fernando; the highest Spanish milita- contented, like puss, to ry honor, and one held but by a single per· thrust in the fire to cxtrae;t the son in the army except himself. By birth the monkey took care to <.:rack a. Venezuelian, at the age of twenty-five But we had the temerity he became a. Cuban, remaining in retire· suggestion, and the punis ment because his republican principles for- us is, that we be deprived, for bade him to assume Ids rank uuder the ab- length of time, the privilege solutism of Spain, which was again estab- sweet communion\ with the li~hed by the intervention of France.- Lora! columM of the organ After the d\'ath of King Ferdinand VII, crntic party. Will the ed the Liberal party was in {he uscendant, Greene Co. fV!tig, or some having resuscitated the democratic consti- us a copy occasionally? Ti tution. LoPEZ again took the field, and come the \blunt Entr]bhm \ soon saw himself a general officer, decked and we again be restored to trnrnr wifh military honors, among which were \A GREENE COUNTY JURY LI!1ELL:ED. the di->tinguishod ones oft!:c grand crosses l! i~ significant to us that of Hermon_;ildo nnd IsaLella Cntholica. tho reputed editor of th0 Recorwr Though Ca\'essed by t·he Queen 1\Iother, ocrat, is determined to make Christina, the brilliant but unprincipled and his sheet, as many enemie widow of King Ferdinand, he despised her Lly c:1n. Tt1e c::mtempt he h arts, and never wavered from his fide!itv towards us bv refusion- to torwll to the Republican party. He filled the of- per in excha~ge for o~r own, fice of Commnnder and Chief of the Na- alleled by the supercillious tiona! Guard, and was several times np. ly malicious libel on twelve o pointed to the Governor-Generalship of resp~<.:table men rc~iJing in dille rent provinces. \Vhen the obnoxious and 11 ho composed the jury Christina was expelled! from the Regen(:y, victe<l a mnn by the nnm<> of the unanimous voice of the people culled murder, in the year of IS 1'3. him to the post of Governor of i\Iadrid, an constitute-d men of intc•rrit\-~1tJ 1 on \ ' office which nothing would induce him to honesty of pmposc and irremr1\n retain after the critical pE>I'iod for\ hich he character had never been quest had been appointed was past. The liber- vioL!s to the a<sumption ofpu a! city of Seville elected him a Senator of our very amiable fiienJ of the 'JJ,emocl\alt the kmgdom of Spain. This office gave JAoiES WmTE, Jon:; J. hERR, \1\\'lL him an opportunity of studying the poli- SARLES, SoLA)! RL'SH}lOitE, tics of Spain, especially with reference to LIEr., ABRAHA>I PIERCE, PETER its colonies. Disgust was followed by in- BERGE:\, Tiw~IAs BEDELL, x S. B d1gnation, and he soon resolved to make LEY, IsAAC N. VA:; LoA:;, '\\\\'l an effort for the disenthrallrnent of hi:;. NER, und IsHAM N EWCO)!B are adopted island. A soldier ft·om childhood inatcly charged with he never had other than an American premature grave, for \supposed heart, and he soon learned to r<'gard with man upon very (< slimsy and ci self reproach his own glory won in tho tial evidence.\ No candid Spanish service, and to despise the glitter dcubt the consci€'ntious motives twJ:Jl~:Jl of his own uniform as a mere livery, no tuated the above named gent!emrn more honorable in his eyes than that which der a verdict of guilty ; nor ca bedizer.ed a rich man's negro ea1esero in be made to believe that they '\\\'\\t his own country. Determining to devote accused without aU the facts e' hiil life to the liberation of Cuba, he re. competently considered prior to signed his Senatorship, and with great dif- ble punishment awarded him. ficulty obtained permission from EsPARTE• These men have been RO, to retum to Cuba, where he arrived in ever, for the want of so 1839. Frienpship for the Captain Gener- make political capital of. al, his old friend and military commander, of foresight here displayed deterred him from any action until the fall minds us of the adage \ that the Ji:!tlor:an<)e of EsPARTERo, and a consequent change {)f some people is astonishing.\ A LARGE number of antiqua now at work excavating the ient lage of Coeymans. The al r\\'rlv found, we learn, are to be placed with the slabs and other qbjec:ts curiosity previous to their tr<mlnrjission the Geological rooms at Albany Greene County commences 24th, and will close its exhiClltl•\llJS day the 25th.. A sale of stock 'roward the east, you can \''e ttt one glance :tll that range of Green Mountains separating our State frun1 V'\ermont ::UasgachusHts and Con- necticut. Toward the west vou have the whole range ot' the Catskill's azure summits, with the }Iountaill Honse plainh· ;;£>en at an elc' at ion of nearly throe thouRand feet above the r\vet·.- F'ar, in the north the Iludeon is 8C('ll Eoll!3~ on in its pride and l.>eauty, passing our vcrr feet, until it is lost in the dim distance toward the warm nnd snnny ~onth. Tho name of this t:oiry mount is Flora Villa. :,\. AN b-Qt:EST w,.s held uy coroner liE:-;- SHAW, of this village, on the 17 inst., at Ilamburgh, a small settlement about two miles abore Catskill, o~ the Lo.ly of a young man, supposed to be the one that was hst overboard and acciJcntally drown. e I nrar Athens, during the severe gale on the 1 :3tl!! The verdict of the Jury wa~ in accordance with tlw abo1·o fa<.:ts.- There was nothing about l11s per~on to iJt>ntifv his name or rcsiJcnce. He was . . apparently. uet11 een 20 an<l 30 years of age, sandy <.:omplcxion and healy sandy 11 biskers; had on 11 hen foun,], plaiJ clnth plP.ts, blue cloth sailor'~ jacket, anJ cheek· eJ shirt. \\' r understand that the ~Iocp referred to hailed frnm Pouzhkeep,ie. THE Sr:PRE~IE C.\rt:RT, at its J.,tc gPncr a! term, affirmed the decision of J ud\e \' W ATso:-.-, in the case of the :-:icho::Jl Monies of Greene County, a suGjPct of s·) mucl1 contention between our \\'hig anJ Dc'mo- cratic neighbors. Attorney General CHAT- FJELD holds the power to carry thts deci- sion up to the Court of Appeals. This step we hope he will not take. The a :noun! due is $3,ii00. DEoiOCRA Tic Cot:)JTY Co:-; \'EXTIO:'i .-A Convention of Democratic Deleaates from \ the several towns in the county of Greene, will be held at the House of Joir. VfirtEs , business nt such stores. and always sE'll dearest of any. There is a gre .t deal of truth, as well as good advic9, in the above few lines. The tenJency of a liberal sys- tem of advertioing is to ftlcilitate the gen. era] transaction of busincs_s by q uiek sales, speedy returns nnd sm,dl profits, whilst those who neglect this system must, as a consequence, evPn If in possession of goods of a superior qu:J.lity, make slow sales and heavy profits to pay the interest on the capital invested. '' :\-n artiel: appears in the Whig, oC Septem- lier o, complaJmug of Mr. TREo!Ar,.-, bccauoe as \:as all<;uged, the bouru haLl been iwluced !Jy lns ad VIce, to pass resolutions instructin\ the commcncemeut of legal procccdiugs to ;blain the School monies. ------- THE STATE F Alll.-The St,\te Agri· cultural nnd !\f--dJ,lnical Exhibition clos- P1 on S1ttll'd1y. It was conceJ,.d on all hand~, that thP dtsplay of articles was lar- ger than r•\'l•r L,.f.,rc shown, and the crowd 11us stilllarg:Pr than on any f(ll'mer occa- Sioii. The r,•c<·ir,ts laot year were about ten thousand dollars; this yPar the amount r~c(·in_.u f,r llH·nd\'r and admittance to Ihr grounds 11 ill run over tweh·e thousand Gollars. From thPse ligures it is seen that tJc in>;Jit11tion is lv·coming more popular witlr the pPop]P, anJ continurs to attract the uttcmion «f the tilkrs of the snil, and t1e practical nnd inventive n1iuJs of the State. To CoHRESPO~TJEC\T~.-We Joil'ourcd- l;)rial beaver tl) the lo\'t ly and accompli-:],. Pl \:if.\ and hope she ll!l]f<,rgive ourin. 1>0Cer.t ruse. \\' e 11 ould ue happy to hmr fr0m that ~ourc0 ll'cckly. \ Little Fran];'' has tl'J merit. \Laura\ will excuse us lor rcfu~ino- ~ bcr drusion. She had hPttf\'r turn her at- tention to swcctmt>ats and fiwl out the dif. ~crence between \paste raised and paste in a dish.\ EDITO!U.l.L TRJALs.-The cditor of the \At the meeting of the boar<l ref~rred to this Beach was clerk of the board atteniled at C~iro IIlli! the Supen·i~ors, and m~re than any othe; man, as we aro mformcd by those who were prese~t, ur7ed the adoption of the resolutions in q nestwn. '1. he hoard adopt<~(] them unanimously and we~e unanimous iu thl'ir determin.ttion i~ test the. conuuct of the State officers uy legal proceeJtngs. \X either this Mr. Beach uor any IJody (']ee not even Ins law partner, :ur. Bail<•\', then ven: lnre1l to suggest that. t!re LoarJ or a;,y Locly ebe should senrl up a Jll'lltron to the Legislature.- On the eouutary, :llr. Beach urged the very J~rocec,lmp:s that were adopted, Mr. Bailey hear. lily appnnetl oftl1ern. \ \rlwt W!!l)]()!JOrahle men now think of the ~!tempt OU the part of these partisans to make lt a · Ju:tterml point' a~ainsL Mr. '!'remain, that !\w pnrsu.'r! the very course tlicy n•conl!neniled, ms1ead of the course they now suggest 1\ The Democrat belie\·cs that ,John Ktlly, an Irishman who was executed for \the supposed murder of a woman in Pratts- 'll \ . J VI e, wa, convwte upon \slim;y and circuwstantiul evidence.\ Tho l'rattsvde Advocute ex presses u zculuus devotion fJr G~n. \.\' CJOI,, anJ hopes to see him fill the next Pr,·si !entia] chair. It remarks that \ 11 e do nut Jesiro it s~ldy on the ground of Iris lllililary aehrovelll<'nts, bri!liMrt and sueccs~ful as tlrPy lm\',' been, but on the ground tl 1 ~t be is '\lually well q'wlifi('d as a Statesinan to fill tiHlt rlhtingui~hf'd station .. , Th1) Ar!wcute hopes tlwt cvcrv town \ill be rPprescnted in tiro Conventi;Jil to lw held at. C.:ir., on the Ist of o~tober. It :-:;:1 y~ : ·' 1\\p II ust all will meet tog ther in a sr,ir:t ,,f l1arnwny. (•.tch YI<'ina: with the other \l>O ohall do mo~t for Hit• hPnefit f,f the Dem{Jcratic cause and the n1aintain .. tflCC of DemftCrat ic JH inciplc/ i\Tc have an admirable SlateTicket,aml all th\t is lH'C!'\~ry tu ele-ct it is f(}r the I>emucrats to l1rush up tbc·ir armor, Luckie on their h,trnc...,s, and f'0 into th\ contest as in days g-one ]JI-anil in Xu1cmhc-r Xew York will lie redeemed.\ THE GREENE COUNTY SCHOOL CASE. . An Important Decision bas ju~t been made at the General Term of the Su- preme Court held in this d1strict, Messrs. Harris, \V ril!ht, and ·watson, presiding.- The Buard of Supervisors ofGreep county refused to levy the additional tax upon the county, a~ r~quired by the Free ~chou! Law of 1849, but raised the amount upon the towns as required by prior laws, the amount upon thus leived being equal ter the amount apportioned to the coumy f1om the Common School fund. For the omis~ion to comply with the rpquiremcnl~ of •the law of 1\1419 8ecretli\ ry Mo1·gan and Comptroller Fuller re• fused to pay to the Treasurer of Green county its portion of the school fund amo~nting to about $3,500. Legal pro- ceedmgs were commenced by the Treas· urer of Green county, under the di1·o·cticn of the Board of Supervisors for the recov- ery of this money. JudrrR Watson hold. • • 0 mg tho Special Term, JeeideJ in favor .,f the Treasurer, and against the ~!11tf' o~­ ficers. From the decision an appeal was taken to the General Term and came on to be h<JUrd in this city during the present term, wiren toe decision of Judge Watson was unanimously affirmed. _The ro.ints which are. established by th1s decbion are of cons1derabl\ public interest. They a.re first, thHb the free school law was unconstitutional and void in consequence of its having been pas$ed by a vote of tire people, instead of being !Wac- ted by the Lr>gislature as Pequired by the constitution. Second, that the board ofsu. pervisors raised all the moneys necessary to give the county a ri!i(ht to its pn1·tion of the scl10ol moneys, and the State officers exceeded tbeir powc•rs in withholding the money for the county. , \American ·Mechanic\ has encountered DoJ:o;Gs oF Rv:~:~ rx oxE YEAR r:; NEw L. Tremain, counSt>l for the Treasurer of Green county; L. S. Chatfield, for Stale officers. Tire ease is to be carded by the Attorney General to the Court of Appeals.-[ Argus. YoRK.-A recorJ kept in New York shows trials unknown to onlinary men. Harken that the deaths by delirium tremens and THE PoPuLARITY oF VIcE.-It is ru- unto his wailings :- ~irnilar causPs in that city, for the last mored that the celebrated Lola Montes is in the town of Cairo, on Wednesday, Oc- tober 1st, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for County Judge and a Super- intendant of the Poor. \Owing to the facts that our paper rna- twelve months, was 130. Only a portion corning to this country, to perform as a ker disappointed, the mails failed and de- of the deaths from intemperance is repor- dancer at one of the theatres. Her cele- prived usol our exchanges, a Dutch pedlar ted by ~hysicians, .\:ho out of regard to brity con$ists in her well known profligacy, stole onr scissors, tho rats run off with the the fce!mgs of families, generally report being the 1dfe two or three husbands now paste, and toe devils went to the circus toem under toe name of apoplexy, con· living, and the cast-ofrmistressofone king while the editor was home teudinu- th~ I gestion of the brain, &c. The most of and several nobles. She is celebrated also ba\1:lies our paper is unavoidably tlPlayed ltho~e ~m record are reported from Coro- for her l\\S~listic a_bilit_y, being a regular beyond the proper period of publication.\ ner s mqucsts and hospitals. With this Tom Hyer m a sctenl!fic fight. view of the case, the 15() deaths above All these qualities will, no doubt, make THE ship Tagus, from New York, with .a valuble cargo of dry goods, bas been lost near San Francisco. Both vessel and car- go are largely insured in Wall street. AAao:; B. SrooKEY, convicted of the murder of Zeddy Moore, at the Five Points in march last, was executed at the City Prison, New, York, last Friday. 600 spectators were present. After hangin<T thirty minutes the body was taken dow~ and gi veri to his friends. A GALLANT New England k,nigbt of the quill gives the following description of a country .dance: \ The gorgeous strings of glass beads, will now glisten on the heaving bosoms of the village belles, like polished rubies resting on the delicate sur- faeo cf a warm apple dumpling!\ Gar:ENE Cor:;uy AGAI:-iST THE \VoaLD.- stat<od may be taken as the record of 350 her decidedly popular in our large cities. Hiram Wheeler Esq., of Lexington, in I to 450 deaths during the twelve months. Her vileness not being of the common. this county, found a 5talk of Buckwheat I To these may be added a large portion of order, but of a higher grade, she will be. on his farm, in a field of six acres, con- 1 those who are\ Found Drowned,\ and we honored and feted, when for similar offen-. taining three thousand anrl t\o hundred \shall have from500 to600 from intempcr- ccs by meaner personages, scorn and out• kcrnals! Can the State Fair beat this 1 ance every twelve n;cntr s. But there are rage 11 auld be measured out. \Ve have also seen shown an Onion, scores of accidents which occur while For our own part, we are unable to grown in the garden of the late Col. Hen· parties are intoxicated, which are reported make _the distinction between gilded vice ry Laraway, in this v.llage weighing one under the bead of \Casualties which a_nd VICe unador~ed, except that, prdina. pound and two ounces~ rai.iied from the must be added to the aho1•e. Durinrr the nly, the former 1s more dangerous and black seed. \Ve are crediblv informed twelve months included in the above ~tate- more deliberately wicked, apd, tqerefore 1 that there are \more of the sa1~e sort.\- ment, many have fallen and \ fractured the more to he execrated. · Beat this, short of \Vethersfield, who can. the skull,\\ broken the neck,\\ fallen . It is singular.w}lat ~passion the pub. -[Prattsville Ad. down stairs,\ &c., the addition of which he have for dts!lngu•shed criminals.- will form a larue figure in the sum total. There is Madam Bocarme, of Belgium, V ~:; DE:iB.URGH and STouTENBURGH, There were nil~e murders during the same w_h~se testimony con~icted her husband of have JUSt received \nother large supply of; time, caused by rum, and nearly ten thou- kll:mg her brother, 10 wl~ich bloody ope~ elegant Fall and '~nter Dry Goods. sand five day commitments for drunken- ratwn, by her own confession, she assisted. ness; nearly as many arrests for disorder- Th.e court acquitted her with the blood ly and riotous conduct and assault and bat- stams upon her hands. One would BUP· tery and other offences against public pose that she would hasten into retire- ord:r. The last quarterly report of the ment, and shun with h~rrpr and fear the Chief of Police gives over five thousand faze of an outraged socrety. But she ev- arrests which are chargeable to intemper- 1dently understands human nature. She ance. ' quits the p~is?n, decorates herself, puts on A LADY who had hired a West of Eng- land country girl for a family \help was surprised to see her poke her head into the parlor one afternoon when visitors were present, and ask, \ Marm did you call just now 1 I thought I heard a yell.\ of rulers and policy. Iu 1848, all things were ready for the intended blow, which was only postponed to await some commu- nic:~.tions from a highly distinguished American officer, serving in Mexico. In the meantime his plan was di~covered, and himself compelled to escape to this country, from which he 1-ioped soon to re- turn. How sadly for himself and his gal- lant companions, this hope has been real. ized, is too well known. His plan for Cu. ha Was always Independence and Annex- ation,-a consumation l'ess likely to take place now than ever. Those who have <.~·companied us thus far in this epitome, place to•morrow afternoon. MR. L. B. VAN DENBURGH Esq. will THE SILENTeye isoften a nower.llplease accept our thanks for late Califor- JAMEs FENNIJ>IORE CooPER, well known as a distinguished novelist, died at his res· idence near Coop.-,rstown on Sunday 14th. He lacked one day of being sixty-two years of age. A MAN out West, who offered ba.il for n friend, was asked by the Judge if .he had an incumprnce on his farm, \Oh. yes, my old woman,\ said he. her most kllhng looks, and makes straight~ way for Pa!is, wherl) sh? is lionized by the best society. The carnages of the aris. tocracy hang around her hotel and parties are proposed for her. When she rides out, thousand press forward to get one look at her. And yet ahe is nothing less than a ful conqueror than the n\i\Y tom~u1e. nia papers. SEE fifth page.

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