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Jamestown evening journal. (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1881-1891, October 20, 1891, Image 1

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'lot{). ·t~:t&. ·to~o. to ~6~ you fall the can 1\ ... obe ·e and 1s e best -made, on we ng our foreign Suits, and to or- big s you'll lighted styles are> .Goods unning <'h-.ice of e St ali· it-s, the = ··voi. .fxit ~ ·.wt~~mf.:a · P~~i~ ·1rta~.' ~ • J,, .... FOR, 'lJH;:<D.\ '{~ ... . ~ ~.--ot,- •• ..-.- ... .~ .. ~ ;:- ' -.. .. ' {~' . .. ,· 0ur Cotton F1ahl;lel faru·~ ' has iucrea~ed with great np· idity during the past w~ek Th, re's uuthiug- ,., unts like go,>d squ tre value .md nobody is slow to fin4 it ont Be- sides our 5, l\,8 at•d Ioc,spec iaJs Wt:: have add, d ) ard wide gouds in bleached an~ un- bleached Uu~ton Flannel and you' .I readi.y see the advan- tage to you iu the m;kiog up of some garments. Of course you have heard or probably seen the kind of Table ~I,inens we sell and about the prices. We place a new line iu stock to-day in bleached and unbleached. White spreads are selling almost as well now as ever. With such v'a1ue as we have at$r.soand $z.oo, spread buy- ing is an easy matter. iA,ME.S!J'OWN, .rr . .'' Y.: rl'UESD~:Y. ~ . . ' . .A T-:RAIN SMASB·.UP·· ., ' q ' .. .. • Tll~ T\VO J!:~ll~ J>mioi.I!;HJ;:D ihcn • ~ \. I ,.OTHEr:.. • G • • ' .. Thuradny t\JJd Jf.t:ld.ny otf tb 1 i8 W(!t.'l' in tb.c · ~\tn~·nilfl• IUooi~=• ' .~ · • .\rr~liJt'IU>onts 3.\1' about perfed'·'l (or out • C. A., ent~r(ainfi\ePts ·for, 'J'h Ul'S· . l?ridtly of this wecl... The;~ bn~ •• ll • • ~ .Tfie A_;Mttnnl.tlappcnt•.tJ on n J)o;V~l j)n nu:-xi!~ttlo-...:.;~veut..e'en 'l~r~g'bt' ntllrl ' gr~at aooounb of work don'i' L\\'\''~··''\e\'. at;triiOtive.< ·w If' ,w~u·ld. like .twery one tQ corp.~ an!l se(;fq,r We.utselv.es : o1t.0~'8 ru~q Up.. . • '--·-4.·~ ~ . . . .. ' '. [A!tc'mbo~\~tsf>nt.:he~ 'oy l'nit'op Fret~.J . ;\Lll•l'l. N.\'l[ Oc; .'20.:;-ft- bad Fr~r~ m·currr(l to a lrei)!ht on the Erie roild !lore catlf this morning: Scw~\:iteep fr~ight nn:'l oil ct!rl. WHe · thuo!Vn rlo\M :tn ~rubanliwent :m'd many demoli£1had. I;'•, • ' \ ' 11 1ht• g!!l!!.ru!J:fed •m tl1e down. grade and tha rear Se<·tion ttlll!!'ed into.th? forwarJ •ecti•m. Nobody wns hurt; \Vl-IITECAJ!S lULL FIVE. n.(lntut•ky lll'<J:rnhty cnrrie11 Out in tl10 Csunl Wu,y. 0\\\fSGs\•JLI.H Ky., Ot:t. 20. ~A party of wluh~<'R.l,\\' attack..-d tbe rt-sidPnN~ of Ueorge Culp last Tuesday nigllt. Ao a ret'nl t .J amt'H awl Ge• 1rge Howanl wert\\ in>tunt!y killed, half a t!oz•u otlwrs WPrc wuunlleU and one .o-i whom, Gt:.'Ort-;-to .r ont·B, has Biu.c~ dieU. A· sister of the IIo~·:ml• wns ill aml tliu Hhurk kill~\d [wr. Ttu.luy an infunt to whteh !iht• guvc hit th n few minuf('S urior to her dt•ath, also died, mnking fiv!' dt·uths m nll. It ts quite certain one or two wor•· of the wounded will die. The truP hi&tory of the aJ!air hns just rome LUt. ·' you-n~ girl naw•d IJ,•I!n Carjren(lor \\\the innorent rause ur the trage•dr. Mr. ~Po lutd adopted the• girl. The CnlpS and Rebecca Onrpenter and their conrederatcs were incensed at tlJe, ns WIIS also Cynthia Jones, who it is claimed said she had bougltt th~ girl was to pay $250 for her. Rebecca Car· pouter dedared she would kill the girl if she r-emained with the Reo family. There was a ~rent deal of excitement over the matter and some bod v served a whitecnp notiee on the CulpB orclermg them to leave in 3() uaya under penalty o£ death. The Culpa remamed and t.he l)ci~bbor­ hood talked with rnor<> freedom·than prudence, So matters contin ned until tho fatal culmination. Some time ago Rebecca C~rpenter, an anut <>f lhe girl, came to the hous~ of l'rosner See and asked him to take tho 'whatfuna,·h~·~n 41>CGl,D{!liabed. '< • \\' . I~Mnld ffat for. the'bellefit of ·all we ~te lo;patet'(o on• the seeond floor o W;l)rlte\ :gloq_k_l.~, l~rge plensant that· loo.Ji: as 'though they 1h1ght have been a;rnuged for O,ur especial ·.~oe'uetit: 'T~~y are. easy pf necass by·a b)'Oad' •tnir· op!lo,ite nmi11 entnlpcC'/ With n J~Uding lllidw.aY, where' oll\' rnnt mic~ssllrJ<. I >nru qt~it<J:' strre rtll will bu pleased 'llith the location. . The BJ,lle will open' nt three o'cloc!< on Thur:sday, J!iviitg time to ll.laku seh~c~ tiona lwfur~ the supPPr honr, wlJit•h wJil commcnee at fi.\'B o'clock- nnd coutinut• nutil ull '\\served. Th~ nrtteles for sn.le nr~ too numt•rou~ to UH~ntion, l..mt n. look .lt the cloH conh- ter a1ont> will r .. pay one for coming. ·rh .. Gyp~y ramp muHt he se ·n to be nppre('i 1\ted. Tbt• progrnrn for F-n.dny will ap pt~ar tomorrow. ThP foUowi ng it\ tlu- menu for Thnrsd>y'~ supper t..'rcqucttc:~. Ttllltlhi\'UUt\' l::tlcalhJPL'ol l'ut.ntol\ {_ uld lll\Ul. \\bite autl Brown Ur~a·l 1 .. 1( r~. l'h'kles ( akl• lt'es l'ofl\e('. N \\'It lt4\.L H4\.~·1!:XPUJ~IO!o:, Tht•et· :\h•n.,.t•t•£on!l~jnt•cd n·ud tt l.nJ•gt• l\lJ'e Mnrt .. d. · ALLEt.UE!'OY Crn, <h·t. 20-.\11 t'xplo· sion of nntllral gt\S in Hungau·s large rnr- pet store on l'ederal stre~t this morn1 ng art firu to the huilding and seTiously . injured Uaee men. The 6\1nding wus entir~ly de- stroyed and the fire is \Pr~adiug 'rhe injured aro F. G. Hilliard, employee of the !:lcatiog company, Wm. Snagm and an unknown woman. Hilliard muy di<> .. The lire was cnus<·cl hy bunting lor a gas lonk with n li!lht. -----'--- l''lncd Ftfty DQllnrs. ,fames Roppolo rcsist~·1 arrest l;nturJay night. OffirPr Willard culled upon ChiiS. Johnson to help him. James \V ilson lmorke<I Johusun nbout n rod. Totlny .Vilson was lineJ fifty dollars. Jud~e Yates today Rent Angus Yon'llg to tho penitontiury for six months. Tno llur tired llersons (\onflr1mhl. ~ALSlt· ~· .. TilE cu.i.twJ!;s lt,\1)1·~. :~ .. ,u~~T .\ll· TUU< C. ~V,\V£ · . ••O ~ Onl 5tgnintr HlJUttel£ 1 ;;c.~r{\QQ-eli\''-'Ui-. \'tn-1.,1\~ ~IQ'kt>H l'l~tin o:tnl (lnu~InH·oct~l , • .. A1tbi\'O~, n.tt(l~ ~P.)'!:'1 11te C~mt\g'(.'! • \\'crt\ t.l:tl&~\r<\tl 1\:r M:n.Hoo .. A. ·~. ,a.t!tl , ,Ite.v,t'Jige. ~ ; T.o tho F~itor \' TuE JoGt<o'<OAL: • 1 ·· •. Qn in? r~iut.n !tom 11M east'yes'terdnr, I WB~ Bi;l?\\ll U letter . puhli$\'E>,d it! News of tltt• \!Jsue of tl!e 14th,. signed n per~pn en\litlg himself \Gtrmg.lr 'I thu•auth.;r of that nrtit-le h~d signod jt w'ilh hi• owu nnult\ I fhonlcl (l't•at it Rs umrorUir of..reeuguitinu, ln;t 'ibns;uurh us he abtcmJOtl'd to ·mnsqnerade ··l.lnd;•r tbo respectnblo nom tle plmno '\Grangr.r/' I fet>l Callcclnpon tO'anSW\·r the falst- and maliC.ions statpm'~nta tltPrP- in cnntained,nnd to r•x:post- the i.Oentity of my <t<'CllS(Ir. The nnmlj of thfs runn is Albert !II. Illamluml, whq (o>J' many ytoors rt-sidt•d in tlte town of Elliugt~m and is now n rt•si<lent of the eity of J UWPt;towu. But .a. ft'\\ y1~ars ngo ht> catnti to ntl' to employ uw as his gt>nPrnl t•uunael. I nHl'~-'l'hlllltHl iu t.ht.~ inten•i('w which Wtl th.!=\~s luul that bir~ ohjt~t~t \\HS 10 ~(ICUFt• tuy St•n lt'l'~ lH ,t Hllit Hg'lliORt nn ofd -clwnt of lllLLlP, l'lnlt'R HHlt't•kt•r, for w ht •Ul I hnd llt>Pn r1nmg bufliiH•tts. fqr nmuy Vl\tUB. I mfuruwd .i\11'. Blnnl'lJU~ll tl,nt !\Ir llidl:l'lwr WU8, nnd hncl l.WF!ll fvr years, a t.'litlnt of tlllllP, untl I l'ould take Ut• CliBC\ ugninst him. l..Jtt~r~ ~Ir llldllt'hartl, ur rntlwr ::\Ir. Blnncbard's wHo hrn·ught nu ul'tttYl.l ugninl3t :\h'. Hhieckt!'rt which was trit\tl twice at the rirc•tiit cunrt at !\Iayville. The first time tbct jmy <ii\BgrceLl and the SN'oml time tlw trinl n·:-.n!tt\\tl in. a vt<r· <ltct of tho jury ih f'\\'' of )lr. Uidrek- l'l'. The is~Jue tn\uhtd \• • .u£1 th<' !oration of a lot line. Tlle BVlll,•uce showe(l that i\l~JtltX't<{n~ ;Wtlfii:I.O 1'.\ \'LOll-In, l·\ll!!n. 'S l\•r\' l\'''l 1' F'rnr1k F tlrtn fit 1·1 of F.llt•ry, N Y , 1\lhl \tr~ .\ UllH 1-:. Tny lurufKC'ntll'.IJ.','X \' \\ 11.1..\Hll-l A&\llll.\- .\t tlw l '•tth•ll•' pnN'Il flg;t•, \;o.?w :'.I!!Ior\l, t'uuu, t 1.t 1 l\'Ji llttlwrt 11 \\ lllnrtl of Jnrncsto\\ n and Mi~!l J'Ulill U. nslllda.ur ~ew Nilfol'd. Gonn. ~fliJII~ t.IBBS-.U~teduum \,; \',Uti 11, 1~<~!1l. 11:,.· Hum~r l'ringlt', J 1', Bnrt E. ;:\I! lit r aJltl ~Uss Anna M. Gibbs, hotb o! ~a·,Imnu. t'bll.Ut ·l'o,!i. Y. IJIED .. A ~~~~plo nu~tu-;;;nent\c~f ~h~nth frt.'l' At~y th[ttg hl) outl th1s mu~t ln· llfliol ltlr n' tllP flllO of ~\'t'~t'llta oer line. nt t'KJ.l.:O:-lu t'niou C\ltJ l'tl, Tltt'sdn) Ul•t '10, lllfll, Bt•lljttmfn W, fiOn u( E. W Rt\1\ ARillO hUt·~ lluc1tlin, agml 10 montJHl PETE.R~O!t\-ln Jnntt\stown, N' \' llrt l<t. tHll, J.(>\•lg J . sHn of John nn1f Annn 1\l~tNI:iun. ngl·d 1 rUonths. l\un!.'rul frmu honsu till \\~J.tll ~tn<'t, \\ ,Jn,•s. 'ltl) Rt ip m. + 'tt.-;;,tl ,~ l\lcltl. b1t 1 :::rs~u~.~~!~ ~~c~~l\~~,),~,'~~('~h~~i't'i,,!! ~;r~ ltmlts Ofllco nnd 1vnrcrooms, ltl l'..nst lklrd street. ~\'luphom~ Cnll I6n. i\l t'\\l' \\\ \~'ft.'J)._Ji'i\'t•lu•nih m t1 tW•) 1101f,.,h I t'f\ \ix nnh.•r ruhl•l•ts Cwt>tl \\tlgPr; tottR'l)' t•mp'nrnwnt ut Till' l'lt kltt r;;x.t~JlRh•n l'l\hlC' t\tl Wtlrrcn. l'Jl, 13dtf Fo~~~~J;J~~l, 1 ~~~~l:s ~~~: ,;~~~~~~g~{lf~~~~: IH''t\ 0\'{'f )0'; rn .. t Thtr i strl•t~t !!hltiShlC\tlon !.t'Uumntl'l'tl. fl :U. t 'l\flit•nlt'r & <•o. 1dtf s:~~. * ~~;,,,~t~~~~;'~;r:;.~N·~ ~,~'!;~~~r:~\~,,~~~\!;~~ ~ l~:~~;t~~o l;~~~~~~j t 11 \':i:i;~~~llO~ al~1~~~~~!1nr: ·. :, ~THI·~ \\VHHLD·RI~X(nyxoo tutteman', s&xtatte . \\'i.il'.\ tp; nt·ttltl:• lQ, ' ~' .. ~ • • ' Grand •.<·usical Concert 'lli~'Ir''' •t· <,t\w .t~spice;cl tl;u 11: ·:: ~ ~· ~~~\·.,1'\t•ltlSnt' p.· • • •I ~ • Allc.~l:~ J)'p~·I:~i Hotl&~, · · o~t.'2o: c;tt. ~·.r:i: ·~. ' . Tngt'llwi '' :t~, I , lo~llo\\ 'i,Pg. ~ph•n1lhl . ' . 1, .• 1 •• tal\.nt tJ\OIIN' n HI ,..,o\ n ~vt ll 'r>UI}l·.tl:u~\:-ri, ' .. \~ 1-'1\,J \:\', n .. \..ObiON. 'i\II11:-.t•\ ~I 11 II 11 H!H\ ,\\(.J nul oil.!'. Nil'! ltl !~iUQl 1ST. Titln•t .. ~ul•l .tl I t\loll)\ ... l'HJHllar llrl.-rs. dlt A lt.t-:~· ... t•l'! H ~. •: .. ~\~:iEN, 1\olnnngcl'. \'t\ ll\r:'(le;Hr, WEDNESDAY, 0 OBER ~t. 1891 f'. ·• ~o 1 •••llh(Ht•n if C> XX N\ -9· ~X C E, I ,~o 1 •'I • I •\. U.l l.t \\tth hr .. t•' I •tl \'\ In hi\ hlt•·~t I ·•h, • .. .,, ~'A KNOTTY AFFAIR.\ ~I\ 1•1t. , , ·~om thtt..!'' •· ltll\S '. !\t I.r \nil ~ 1 \'\ • Jlr11.:11t .. tw·!ldttU' Ort~lnrd l:c.·~ i\t•t\ N'llt Stdt \'ilk. N y. llld3tu I\ ---- . '• : , . . ~. ~. ' .. . . iT$DIIS.t. [1}~ I t-o~ \\'\~.- ... _;:··.,.~~~..~.• ''• .\' •'. l' ,. \~ • ': ' • ..~: b , .. Havt< you ~een .our new I;! 1 •\ ' ' r• ~ • • •• Q ,,.. t> step'r~:ibbrr'!.': Just tlie. thing~:· : ' '' l~r !lliS ?~ty weat.h~:. '; ·'. Don't pay ~~.5 to 50c for a. . Rubh ... r. mako for 2 fie. LINES, Loauor or . Law Prtca~. .c-:>c F 0 ~ttt~fdc~~7 1 t~·tt,i 1 'i ~:r~\·er~~ 11 ~\~a~~·;rz~~t'1 nntl thco ont\(>t. not n.ee~J.'rl ror o1tlr own \lR£> nml wilt bo-Aold t'hua.p. Adtlrcss<lrilpply to Atlna rnntltltr£' f'o. oet2·tf \'{ ~~!~~;~-1!~~~~!~i{g~·~~)~~~~~~~n~u~I~Nc f;<:d G~~ortl 11 ::t~r~Ot~lPil~ 1 ~m [~ 1 . 1 :.oi~ ~?·JJn~~v Look at the Go.ods l ---- --------------------~20~d~1~· J>l~::~~~~.Wn~ ~;~.~~A.:);~!~ :;~~;o:r~~~csJiili~r b{'pnrnlt• or ltJ~•·Ilwr u~,o,t hntlt<O nn&J h1n'l\ 011 f~~~~. o~ 1 !.~~\~t~~'\t· FJni~!:,o~t'~j·tJl~~r::r~~~~&~~J. Yurl~. .'llllmo F~:;~~t 1 ;F;\P 1 k~~~:-\Iau;~~~\~~~n~~~Nt~J~g cgf lnnd, buihllnJ:;\M watt•r po~vt•r, 1 .o bon;(l pnwo.r ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l·~iq~~~:;'~,~~,%~:~~:r~~~~~~~! 2 ~\ tt;,; 7nnl Co , Tnv!ur strt.·~:.Jum~st'!,~'{ll• ~. Y~ 2dt, ( ; ~~(\!;\~~~~\\ fJ,tZr~~~;~: 1 wW{.,~~~~~(lnn~;;~r•~ ' 8heetings are selling lively at the prices 1ve have them marked, also Bleached and unble!-!ched cottons some t-.x- gll'l and keep her ns the Onrpenters were not able to. Ser promise<! to take the girl on trial. Not long niter this Mollie Culps, 1-\usie ('ulps anrl Rehreca Curpent<·r went to See's bouse ill th<> ab- sence of the family. stole the !lirl nod se· Ut. ](.,v. Bishop Hyan of Butlalo, at!- ministt:•red the Pncrn.me-nt of contirma .. tton to owr 200 persons nt St.'s Peter ond l'an\'s Qntholir ehur.ch thie more than GO y.eur~\ •• .lke 11hich hntl he•n kept up bat! ru\'\'\'l th• location of the l\t corner; that wltl'n the survey· ors nnd old men of th<' neigltLorbooci wont upon the gronnJ to lnw•tigttto nnd loeatt> th~ earner, they loUI:'l tho etuke missing. Upon the second trial and whil•· I was eross·P\amining Mr. nlalll•h· nrd (this iDllll who •igns himself ns \Granger I wna tlwu for the tlrst timo intouned that hut a fe\' dnya pr otto the time U1iP. spot wns examinee! by tho Rill'· wyors nud old meu o( that D(•ighbor- hood,, Mr. Blanchard hu<l pulh••l up th<' stal<e, removed the stone that ha•l for. so many y~nrs wark<rl tho corner, nntl hul them under a homloclt log, Lnt n lew rods distant, nnJl that Qn tho occasion wbun they W<>re making tllo senreh to lo- cate the corner Mr. lllnn'cbard wns pres- ent, claiming it wns some two rolls north of the Rpot from which he bad re· mo1·ei.l thiB stake nnd stone Hia fur- ther cross exnmiaation d<·ve loped tl!l' absolute truth of thi~ inlormntion, nnJit is that cross·P:>::ummntloll yet fresh in tlH' memory of this mnn that has inducr~d short 1Juu• nt tho Unywnrrl lwtel. ronm 1(} .and Jlnrh,r. nnd rnn ho rntHnllt<'d from !) n m. to 10 J1 m l'n~lr~ tU\ iftfnrtlon gl\\£'11 nnd f'hntJot('~ ~ ~~d'\[~{~n !~~~!~~· Ht>rmnn. I~rcnt•h. ~3~L~l1 'VVXNDO~. \ ~---\ tt\a values.-· o'RESS GOODS. her at the bon•\ ol Genry,e CnlllR It came to the e.trs ol l\fr. l'ee that the persons who bud the girl in charge in- tended to take her to Mt. Sterling and put her in the 1umtls of Cynthit\ Jones, a notorious character. In !lie meantime the girl ran nway !rom the Gulps nod came to the honse of See nnd piteously bcgg~rl hitn to keep h<'r as she e•id she was alrai•l of lwr people. Thi\ le<l to Now the sea>Oll is in full the altll<'k on Culp's houRe nod the SWing and With the man•~-l..dP!Itlli~Of fiVO 01' moro persons. weaves we have on our coun- n,j.NnoLI>u•s ro~T()FFtoE. ers and shelves we are as well nur~tnr• E:::~! ~~~,:::·;~,:::.n\t Only \ prepared to please you as any- RANDoLt'II, Oct. 20.-[Specinl ]-Laat one for choice, probf],bly bet night burglars entered the postollico by breaking a smnll pii!ce from the gllll!s ter, besides the rem-arkable nel\r the sash l~ek and then working Lh<' values we are giving make>< lock. They took from tb<• ollico the let· D G d ters in--i~ general delivPry box, l>ut thiS the great TeSS 00 S WNC frightenPd away by 1\fnrc D. John- center. son be£ryro they had time to obtain other property. Mr. Johnson and \Hv occu- py rooms ovor the postoJ!ice, nnd he, If you are interested in Serges see our \ Bernhardt\ in Rtack and colors; exam- ine their richness, andjudge the goods on their merits- impossible to match our 7\ r.oo and l.2ii qualities short of 26c a yard. Corsets. A stock large en'>Ugh to en- able you in :finding what you want. At 5o and 7iic, we Itave a good wel11uad.e corset. Anft at l.oo in all lengths Black, White or Drab, the best styles in the market. Try our 1.25 Watch ~P corset 1t will please you .. our better makes including \Her Majesty's\ the best cor- set made. Special bargains ail this week in underwear fact. all th1·o?gh tJe hearing the noise below, planned to cap- ture the intruders, bnt in turn they h<·ard bim nud decamped. Grn}tQ- ·nrowerA II()potul. WE>.'>'FIELI>, Oct. 20.~Disastrous ns tho Iot.c trostli have been to tb\ Lake llrie grape region; tbe damage is nnt ns bnd as nt first supposed. After talking with many !)'rowers, ahippera and buyers it appenrs tbnt the frost wes ligbteot at North East, gr<>wing sover~r eastward until it itmonuted to il. free7.e nt Silver Creek Here growei'S nrc more hopeful. While but little over ball of the crop waa pick.ecl. those who needed the money most WOrE! Dearly through pil.-k- ing, and tl'e greatest lo!S fulls on the forehanded who could afford to hold tho crop for higher price~. Buyers nrc readily paying from !0 to 15 cents per.,. baBket for tho frosted grapes, nt which the1c is a small profit, \\'bile the rise in price of those picked before the frost and hold makes up a good ebnr~ of the lo~s. Two DuugJatt•rH Holusnm•. SYnAc.:vss, Oot. 20.-Llllio an'l Marga- ret Olark, two young <laughters of Ed- wll!'d ()lilrk, a prominent citizen of El· bli.dge, this oounty,liave become insnnP. Ullic loEt her reason while at supper a wrPlt ngo, anrl MaggiA's~neanity hPgiln Saturday evening when both ~iris were so violent that tbo assist.mce of ncigh- re 1uire.d to control them. The young women are well known here hnv· ing been students in Syracuse univer- sity. The cause of tlteir afllietion is not known. ... '·. 120 ot thetia were !rom ihis city, nnce rornlng from Ro.ndolph and Yallev. High Jllnss was ceTllbrated at 10:30 hy Father .John of Dunkirk, alter w!Jich the Rt. Rev. Bishop delivered n lengthy und very imprt•aeivc diseours~. in which he gnve \\eellolltadvice to those who were lo bL• con1irmijU, instructing them in the divine prinripl<·• of th<·ir fnlth o:l)'tug that the clmrch •h•peudcel on ~he yonng hlt-n il.rltl \ton.l u \\ btJ \\t.•rt• g''iug nut 111 the'wcrlcl, to bt• firm and lmo'v their rc ligion thoroughly, nnd stnvo to hriug othc•rs into the fold, forChnst has taught that thetc is but ont• fnhl nn•l om• flhep nnl. '£be bishop tlu•n t•xnmnte<l tho cnn· didates in rognrd tn tlwir f11tl<, n•lting a number of qut••tions whidt \\'\ ana· wPrQU wrthout hE-sitation, showing thut they bad been wPJl instructed. ('on· firmation was then administered to them, tlu• bishop hPing nosistecl by Father Sheehan of Ilufialo, chancellor of the diocese, Father Cunningham of Randolph, Father John of Dunkirk ami Fnt.hor Coyle of thls city. 011 Mnrk.et. Ou. t!JTY. Pa. .. <kt . .. 11•, l&ll. OIICI•C'l .............. 110'~:1 Hl~ebt~... .• 61 J~owefjt -· ....... _. 00% CJoafng ....... r.IJ'.-1 AROUND AllOUT US. - Th .. re nre fourtePn women a .. rving on school boards in Cbantaiiqna <'onnty. -The .Corry schools have begun tbe banking syste!ll and many of tho chi!· dren willlor('go gum nn<l canrly an<l bP- eomc bank depositors. The hunk tonk on deposit Z.i2.05 last Wednesday. -Bra<lforcl brrt&\' of being n railroad town with nearly 800 employees of the differ.nt r.orporationa. -o:ean Ttmest-Onc ef the snit wells tho l'earl Ore.e~alt company's works, hus been di~nblcd several weeks owing to n eave of the superincumbent mass of rock dPmoralizi~g the tubing, eo as to rencler it worthlt·•~ for tl>e time \i ha• jus•. been driller! out again nod put in worki11g order. 1'Q the astonishment of the company, once' in \z4 hours the well begins flowing with great force n.n'l wuti>tneA to spout brine for several houre \hen it will .:c!Ule flowing until the time the following clny, when it will again flow. Be for<> the• cnving of the well it wns a qniet well and only gave up the brine upon being steadily pt>mped. lt iB n mystery ns to the moving cause of the phenomenon, which some nttrihnte to n preBSure of the gas in the welt, bnt there are none of the signs apparent in ~ella liavlng a vein of gas, wltich shows i.l<lelf by.hubbling up through. the water ns it comes w UJ:ejjoduce, :::'ll.11f<ltlli.itb~i:Jt occupies exactly tllo ~atnc of hours daily. him to,~tyle mons a \bullclozer of wit· of this cnse io tho CASt:t.PAID For tlll kinds or Stoves. ntul Furnituto nmt nn so.ln.llll'lnr-t.lo1CR. to ~xprll'ss my !lf nny mau who the marks thnt . LOANS NEGiJTIATED SAMPLES fOR SALE on rurntmronud m(lro1mndJI$l1 without JIUbllc· lty or romovnl. i4e·. -of his lnnd, for the purpose of him to cncronoh upon th~ laud n~ighbor. h[y viL•ws upnn tbls Jlli\tteJ' seemed to have heen ft!Ily •n•lorsed h)• the jury. f-;o tunch for the cbnracter of my neruspr, -All'- EMPLOYM~NT OPFIGE lie cbnrgPs mo with ha1·in~ heen tho rouuBC'l fnr thP ownt>IS of th~ \<trL•t•u dnven wl'll!llltent.\ and of nichng m swin<Jling tl<~ furm<erS nnJ proplt• of tlus c\Uilt.)' uul uf a lar,;t• t1lllll (.Jf llo•Jllt'.)i. Xv hnntl coulcl have }'\nnod and no braill c011)d have •·ont't'tVHtl a muro mnlit•tnus fnifwbootl. Home yf'nrs ago wht-u l re- ~HI~cl in Ellington, thn·o ml\n~ \ iz. llenrv !Jay, Wlllunl Aldrkh nncl Luth~r Johnson Wf•rc Riled in the enitt•d ~tah 8 c<mrt b)' the owners of u,.. .Ilh p;e<l patent, for inlrlng<•m•nts. We mli<'<l m the httle town of Elllngtuu. a me<•tiug whh•h w\ut!largt•ly att<•uel .. d, und nt that meeting we or}{flniz;t'<l for n contts't. Tlw ugre~ment whit h wC slgnrr1 was that <•neh should pav his proportionate Ahan• of the !!Xpenses of that litigntion, ttn<l 1 tlunk 1t js in <•X1Rtt•nC'e IQ. tho town of ~;tlington today, nnd If so, It will he found to bt•ac my signnturt• with tho rest. I went from th•• vi! lug\ r>£ rmlng hm to the citit·~ of Buffalo, Horh('Ab•r, :-.yracueP nn'l l'tu-u a.n1J in \'t-sl ig:.t.h•d thP 'nlit!ity oltbat p••te<!t. From tlll'ru I WC\nt to CnZib.O\ ia, Cort1nndt Itluett., Owe~o, Elm irs mul otherpm~P!<, in t!H• m tt':l'PSt of the pooph· OWUIDgdllVt 1 fi Wf'IJ~. I spent in all, weeks of my time, whic-h I gave to the def,•nscol these notions grat- 01tal!aly. No m.m <'Vcrpaid m•• a dollar. 1 never nsked [or n dullur, l1Ut 110 the contrary I contri!mtetl just ns mnl'b Ill! :my otaPr man for our d~fensL·. I em· played R. Holland Dudl of Cortland as onr connlle'l. Rubseqnpntly I met l.im at different place.s tn reft>r<•lleP t•• thrHo cnHea, nnd at no tiinl· <hd I evt•t n•nke R ehargo of one farthing for m1· serviees Seither did I receive nny conipensatlon, except !liP thnnks of th<> pe<JplP mten•et· ed iu that !Hi111ttiou, 'rlii'Re cases re· mainCJl in co1.1rt for aomo yenr~, nnd in fact have never bPPh .! .. eic!Prl. Aftor 1 removed to Jnmf's'mt 1 '' P Hupr~mn court or th(! Unit.u ti'\'t.·Q rond~red a <leeisiol!e-·; l!patuirdJ)If • tho. validity of this ' 1 <:ireen patents,\ w)Jich after- wards tnnwd out to hrtva be~n 11 sort of made up cnse,an•l put through the Mot!• a!Jea<I of the genmno ruse that wna sub· scquently decided ngain~t the patent. oUter this Jlrst derision nl tho sn~rt•me eonrt, we who hnd not lwPn sum!, dcc·i•l· 1'11 to settl~, butt~ mrry nn the litigation alrcac1y pt•nrling. tl t that limo I own~d a house and lot in thu vi1111gc of Elling· ton, on wbirh wns n tlrivt,n Wt'll, nud \\;tb the oth~r puopl~ from that town interested in th1s matter, I WPnt to the 1Inmp1ney house and paid ten elollars royalty on my wei!, precisely as every other man did who aettled, nncl ( now hnve in my oflice the receipt lor that ten dollars which l took. at tho t11ne. These fncts can he proven by • tho swor1:1 teJltimou~ nf Jilty rcJ>utilbl\ men in tbe towll' of hllin~t<Jti today. I was ll!lver conenltCd-br.my-pcrso!l\ lrtter~at:­ ed ln, or re('reeeutin!l any parson in tho A Creat Bargain. f100 Pnir Ln11iuR' Fine t-:hcu·~. nit1uu£ac· tnrcd by TUGKJ.::R ,~ MAH\'1:-i SOLD AT COST. Ladles, we luwa secura<l nt a great bnrgmn, all the enmpl6 s:hm'!l of the n.bovo firm, anti ofl~r tlwm to vou for 30 dnr,e at GHI~ATL\' ltl.;J)Ut'ED PRICES. Call nt the store of ANDERSON & .GRIPP, l r-.11. 11!1 EAsT i\.:eoND ~mEET, und RE· CtJUE DARGAI~S IN Faultless Fitting Foot-Wear! A Golrlen Opportunity! Jlo Not lfL~a It ! Look lor tbP ~lgn of the \'GOLDEN EAGLE.\ Wo nlso carry n .full line of Ladies' Kltocs from AA to EE ia width. Thefinest line o~ LAMPS ever shown in this market. Remember. we excel in this qepart- ment as w~ll as in the others. Harris, Underwood & Doering. THE -*\' . Chautauqua Souvenir · Snoon. Designed, Patented and for folitttntlmlR ['t'MUI'Otl for all <>ltl.AA('8 of lmlp C onnnfk'>(ou. nnt>Uou ruut tnJ;tnllrn~ut ~0:\es mnclr Robet·tson & Johnson,· 2 Pair. for 25c., Worth 25c, _a Pair .. 7 \QV'ost ,..oco:nd. S't. . INCALL'S · JBI 0 1E STOIRJE CLOS:BD Y{EDNESDAY, THURSDAY --TO- FRIDAY, MARK DOWN S OCK i --TO- CLOSE BUSINESS. Orders have come from the Assignees. in Boston to close our store Wednesday,cTI'fursday amt-Friday1:o.-mark down and OVERHAUL the ENTIRE STOCK to prepare for a grand spe- ·. cial clearance sale of all goods on hand to: CLO$E THE BUSINESS. WILL RE-OPEN. SATURDAY·, . ~~ T:B:'\' . . ' .... • 1 \VVXT:H: I~l.\I.I:ENSE BAEI..GrA:J:NB ., ' . -lt-f-' EVERY • DESCRIPTION '~ .. ~·OF- FINE FOOTWEAR --AT'- INCALL's·· ... ' ~ ,.~ sale. o·nty by - ......... t·Phi.ll.i .. ps .&, · ·Ar~itage. G;R.E.A.T S:B:OE SALE. .:.-, N. 8.-·-we are GOING OUT OF BUSINESS in James\\' town and offer at a low price the stock and Stand of 0. W. lN'l't1 GALLS~ Co, . .. F'OS.E:R.1[ASS 1 0N\E8. PX J: tD f .. ~·I • '!!' .·

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