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% ••(:.*'*-'. ,/' Jf- A .i-WVOBl^y Authority. l^^rHAP- 208- ._ ^Tthe insurance law, la • •2$2»ri benefit »od«tle«. AP rU 7. 5»» fl0 ? rD * 1*°i: state of New York. $»5t. ^ A flB embly. do i» s: .,.. lnn two of lection <!.two of chapter * * law/of nineteen hun- i'^Vf oWToratiorf. constltut- li»^«-eleht of the consoli- Krf* «* 9nt !S by chapter one 'Ills'\i\™J!leven, and amend- J^\ hired and ten of ifcW*, £m hundred and thlr- feS^ W \\* M ** «,\he annual report here- in f^ety shall report, an- ••* ^'ntendent a valuation J* 8SUP ,n force on December iV^ 83 ^ng excluding those 'C yelr In wb°l« ° r ln fi»^&»fl tie fl^t report of val- Ew*?,fi of December thir- **T5iS^red and twelve - \ T^luation shall show, as £*\* Vm!S* the present midyear P^-mtsedbenefits provided ^CSlawsofsuchsoci- ^w then B ubJ«ct to Tal- W»*TS.tWent assets, the Revalue of the future net *^ffi in the constitution P * .£? not including therein ^1 rteht to make extra KS* *r Tfuture contributions PSTT U of promised bene- B* Mother than total perma- «g^Knatioa with death \f? ««t be a'lowed in reduce •*?iX aider other forms of jT^oa of any society. * above, the valuation may „„in« of the certiflcates ^iit^lnoefore Pjojlj- £ et value, when computed in f - 1 ^Tkv contributions, may be Hff tSX-1 value, for the S, pSedlne and of the current 'iTtwo hundred and forty-five iitoter as added by chapter one H&Velsht of the laws of 'tanked and eleven and amend- frL j our hundred and ten of WiUMtcea hundred and thirteen, -kUidel to read* as follows: Ifftanptlon of certain societies. IStad to this article shall be ' *u to affect or apply to grand «U Wees <rf Masons. Odd Fet- Attof PytMa* (exclusive of the d«pt/toent of the supreme IWWIB Of Pythias), or to similar Tate» «r associ*.tions now do- i to this state which provide through local or sub- and~ all other state commissions, oommis- Blonirs.and boards, •hall, on or before tho fifteenth day of each month, render to the comptroller a detailed and Itemized ac- count of all\ receipts and expenditures of such hospital, asylum, institution, com- mission, or board of commissioners dur- ing the month next preceding, finch ac- count shall give in detail the source of all receipts, including the sums received from any county, and to be accompanied. by original and proper vouchers for all funds, paid from the state treasury, unless such vouchers have been previously filed with the comptroller and have appended or an- nexed thereto the affidavit of the officer Biasing the, same to the effect that the goods and other articles therein specified were purchased and received by him or under his direction; or that the indebted- ness was incurred under his direction; that the goods were purchased at a fair cash market price and that neither he, nor any person in his behalf, had any pecu- niary or other interest in the articles pur- chased or in the indebtedness incurred 1 ; that he received no pecuniary or other benefit therefrom, nor any promises there- of; that the articles contained in such bill were received by him, and that they con- formed in all respects to the goods or- dered by him or under his direction, both in quality «nd quantity. The state comp- troller, the president of the state board of charities, and the fiscal supervisor of state charities shall from time to time classify into grades the officers and em- ployees of the various' charitable and re- formatory institutions required by law to report to the fiscal supervisor and in the month of September of each year recom- mend to the governor such changes in the salaries or wages of such officers and em- ployees for the ensuing fiscal year as may seem proper, hut such changes shall not be made unless Vthe governor shall ap- prove the same in writing. Differences in the expense of living and rates of^wages in the localities in which such Institutions are situate may be considered. The comp- troller shall have the power of audit \sub- ject to such classification. g 2. This act shall take effect immedi- ately. State of Now York, Office of the Secretary of State, ss.: I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom and-of the whole of said original law. MITCHEI^ MAT, Secretary of State. transfer or lease of * franchise under this •eotlon shall not be construed to revive or validate any lapsed ! or invalid franchise, or to enlarge or add to the powers and privileges contained In the grant of any franchise, or to> wa4ve;s^y.^orf eitur*. - t No railr6ad ; «c,6^dri||io^C:street - rail? i llofyts, or to tytn, tsdttiss or associations ifelt thslr tdmission to mem iuif ens hazardous occupation; HMtio Mcistiea which limit their i to ths employees of a par- ish or town, designated firm, (bout or corporation which pro- Jjdsslh bsnefit of not more than JEW dollars or disability bene- ftot IBOM than three hundred and i to any one person in any one iboth; s llGMtle nsdeties or associations of wrelijiotis, charitable and benev- fpriptlan, which provide for a lldSt of sot more than four hun- or for disability benefits of lift fttt torse hundred and fifty prijuyffls person in any one year, [Wens, flat any such soci- Itiwdrtian described in subdivi- HUode, which provides for death 8$»»fits for .^hlch certificates llod'sny such society or asso- tUnsed ln subdivision c which i%8 one- thousand members, pted. from the provisions ior chapter, but \shall com- |6,lS Uis reqttlrements thereof, ' \oVferther that nothing in I % and b of subsection one i©f itlo tajndred and thirty-ono of ll^; ltd juhsectlon two, three, |^ill,and seven of section two iui forty-rwo of this chapter |to,»-»ppr> to the Independent i of ^Israel or to any cor- ', a?der or voluntary as- tsbloh'was, prior to the first *'Bfc.i|Jjl«teen hundred and elev- Pind doing, business in this gtlatoaja.gygiem, as provided ln lUto.of Bectjon two hundred •jo^this chapter which does not tjoertiflcates in a rum reJL^QUars to any one l^jun--* Jaeia^ership is oon- IRlllilsarajfvely to persons 51th. K^&h. by the provisions of I J™ \wjt from tbe-require- K* Ktialsior chapter,, except Mgpftei in subdivtsipn s, ^{r* r ' w «W° Inls9 to* give or f t compeBsatloB tor iBsuranee may r*- 6 ,flr Msociation,by ^ttbsrwiBs, auch^4nfonna- e-i, ,! ^ bI * him to determine i!*' m Xt oriaasociaTJon is 2»«»Srovi«tonB of this article Mefit. society heretofore JfiBSrsjejl/end operating \JgMt fqptfrjn, section of^tha 'article>.pro- OM«*OC deattvpr dia- ( M7 trSm atfSiaeqts, T*Ws. may bo licenced W of this article and ^Prwileges and be sub- and regulations ^NF** 1 !* the proasis^ons .,... ai exajnlnations, P^Mjafteates, and that _ir the amount |i ^ \MB- tafe« effect Immedi- MM LAWS OF NEW YORK—By Authority. CHAP. 216. AN ACT to amend the education law, rel- ative to the ptx-chase of books, appara- tus and works of art by school districts. Became a law April 7, 1814, with the approval of the Governor. Passed, three- fifths being present, The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do •nact a» follows: Section 1. Subahrtrloo nine of lection two hundred and six of chapter twenty- one of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled \An act relating to educa- tion, constituting chapter sixteen of the consolidated laws,\ as amended by chap- ter one hundred and forty of the laws of nineteen hundred and ten, is hereby •mended to read as follows: 9. To vote a tax, not exceeding twenty- five dollars In any one yearr\for the pur- chase of maps, globes, reproductions of standard works of art, blackboards and other school, apparatus, and for the pur- chase of text-books and other school nec- essaries for the use of poor scholars of the district. I 2. Subdivision eighteen of section two hundred and~seventy-flvi» at such chapter; as amended by chapter one hundred and forty of the laws of nineteen hundred and ten, and chapter two hundred-'and twenty- one of the lairs of nineteen hundred and thirteen, fa hereby amended fce read as followst 18. To expend In the purchase at a dic- tionary, books, reproductions of. standard works of art, maps, globes or ether school apparatus, including implements, appara- tus and supplies for instruction in agricul- ture, er for conducting athletio play- grounds and social center activities, a sum not exceeding twenty-five dollars fn any one year, without a vote of the dis- trict f t Subdivisions two, three, fear end five of section, four hundred s>nd ninety-three of such chapter, as amended by chapter one hundred; and.f orty of the laws of nine- teen hundred and ten, sure hereby amend- ed to read as follows: •1 To each nonseetarisn private academy an allowance equal to the amount raised from local sources but\not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars annually for ap- proved books,, reproductions of standard works of art, and apparatus. 3. To each city an allowance equal to the amount raised from local sources but not to exceed eighteen dollars and two dollars additional? for each, duly licensed teacher employed therein- for the legal term., and two hundred fifty dollars for each aca- demic department maintained by it for ap- proved books, ref*eductj«ns of standard works of art and apparatus. 4. Te each union free School district maintaining an. academic department an altowance equal to the, amount raised, ffom-ldcaljsources, buf»Qt to exceed two hun*£%dL sEtty-eight dollars annually and two ^qilais additional for eacn B Je|dher <js^ey»d in •*& district for, the legal film, fc%approved beaksy reproductions of fe «l^id^ywerlasf of' art jsad^ppsawtus. Kjfe.attj^heri8cho>l districts^an allow- ance equal to'the amount raised from !o- cal&sourcejr, but., not to exceed eighteen dollars annually and two dollars additional for >each duly licensed teacher employed-in eald fijstHct for \the legal Htm for ap- proved 'books, . reproductions of standard w©rks\of art, geographical maps, a globe and school apparatus. ! 4. This act shall take> efleot immedi- ately, -N, Stato Of W«W TPorfc, Offlo» «< the Buwututj of State, «*.:\ __ I have compared the psseeatng wttb the erlginaiaaw. on file in this office, and do hereby;, eertify^that the same is a oorrect transcript therefrom and of the whoie of said original law. M1TCH5TU* MAT. Steretat? of Start*. W ^aii^ald' co|pra^- tion or street ra^oad. ^or^brifCt|o^ oy bttfr\. er commdn carrier 3W^t^W existing* under or by virti|rf6f i tle 4 la^a of this, state, unless autholri^l'so to .do by - \the commission empowered Ttjy this'aot to give »uch consent; and save where stock shall be transferred^ or held for the purpose of collateral security only With the, consent of the commission empowered by this chapter to. give- such consent, no stock corporation of' any description, domestic or foreign, other than % railroad corpora- tion, Btreet railroad corporation, dg elec- trical corporation, shall purchase or~ a*c-^ quire, take, or .hold, more than ten per centum of tHe total capital stock issued by any railroad corporation or gtreet railroad corporation or^^r^,, common carrier**or- ganized or existing .(Under or by-virtue of* the laws of this'state, except that *'^cor- poration now ]&w£uUy holding ^.majority,; of the capital stock; of any ^railroad corpo- ration or street railroad corporation may with the consent of the commission ac- quire and hold the remainder of the capi- tal stock of such railroad corporation or street railroad corporation or any portion thereof. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the holding- of stock heretofore lawfully acquired, or to prevent, .upon the surrender or exchange of said stock pursuant to a reorganization plan, the purchase, acquisition, taking or holding of a proportionate amount of stock of, any new corporation organized to take over, at foreclosure or other sale, the property of any corporation whose stock has been thus surrendered or exchanged, or subject to approval by JChe .commission, of, any further issue of ^»toj6J5 dWdVided such further issue dees^egt increase the proportion of, stock, hejd^ b^jSjus^ • s%dk corporation. Every, contract, assignment, transfer er agreement for .transfer of any stock by or through any person or corpo- ration to any corporation, in violation of any provision of this chapter, shall be void and of no effect, and no such trans- fer or assignment shall be made upon the books of any such railroad corporation or street railroad corporation, or shall be recognized as effective for any purpose. The power conferred by this section to approve ^or disapprove, a transaction re- lating to franchises, rights or stock of any railroad corporation or street railroad cor- poration, or other common carrier, shall be. exercised by the commission which is authorised by this aot to approve the issue of stock .by such railroad corporation or street railroad corporation. I & This act shall take esTeot ately. State et New Tea*, Office of the of State, ss.* I hare c*mp«r«* «*• fwttdtns wfta toe original law on file in this eJOee, an*, do hereby certify.the* the sssne i* a correct transcript therefrom and «C the whole of said original bur. > - lUTOHl£G£, JCAT, Seeretary ef (state. LAWS OP NEW YORK—»y Authority. CHAP. ass. / AN AOT to accept a deed of gift from Herbert Wadsworth of the town of Avon, Xdvingston county, to the people of the state of^New fork, of land in the town .of Avon, Livingston oeunty; New York. v Became a tew April t, 1*14, with the approval of the Gtovemos*. Passed, three- fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follow*: Sestioal^PteriPMrple osMfce state of New York her eBy'iWcept title to the land men- tioned arid' deloiiBed in a deed of gift or conveyance, BOW or hereafter te be exe- cuted, by^rtirt -;W4d'*tf0rth of the town of Avon, county of Livingston and state of New Tork; to the jpeeple of the state of New York, conveying, to them all that tract or pa^l cf^d^taata in the town of Avon, Llvl^Bstbn .©o&aty..New York, bounded and ^dfecrttvsd^sus follows: Com- mencing at a large olejctric power pole, sit- uate southeasterly one hundred and thlr- ty-eisht feet from the southeast corner of the riding hall on the estate, of Herbert Wadsworth, in. aaid town of Avon, afore- \ said; running tbectee south seventy-seven and one-fourth degrees east fourteen chains and twenty-nine links; thence north fifty-four degrees east seven chains; thence north seventy-seven. mad one- fourth degrees; wes^, fourteen,, etialns and twenty-nine Jlnkaj •Qjetiice south, fifty-four degrees west seven \chains to the place of beginning, containing, ten acres-of land, as surveyed by John Young, civil engineer. I 2.; This act shall tsJfce effect immedi- ately. \ - * State of New York, Office of the Seoretary Of State, ss.: I have compared the preceding with the original law on file In this .office, and 'do hereby eertify that the same is a oorrect transcript therefrom and of the whole of said eriglnal law. , JsTTCHBLl. KAY, Seoretary of State. •\sttOi wiitti 'the \ county- to operate * and mtfjnittin gueh bridge jointiyi in prdportidn to the assessed vaiuxtion of such town or city. The sum whioli the> town or towns,' oity 8 or cities are db^ged to pay under suehvan agreement is a charge upon such towns or ^cities and shall be paid as other town or city charges are paid. |2. This act shall take effect immedl- fateiyi. •. State of New York, OfQoe of ithe Secretary .\ -of State, ss.: ,\ X have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that.the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said (Original law. ItlTOHBlIAMAY,. Secretary of State. LAWS OF NEW YORK—By Authority. . \ i CHAP. 23S., AN ACT to amend chapter iwo hundred and sixty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and two, entitled J 'An act to authorize the county of Albany to pro- Tidie for the temporary detention of 4u- ve«Uevdelinquents-with the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society and make compensation therefor,\ by au- thorizing said society to receive and da- tain in its houses of .detention minora aftier arrest, before-trial, and pending their \reception into some ether institu- tion. Became a law April 8, Mi-with the apprioval of the Governor. •'Passed, three- fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enaclt as follows: Section 1. Section one of chapter two hundred and sixty-one .of the laws of nineteen hundred and two, entitled \An 8 act to authorize the county of Albany to provide for the temporary detention of Ju- venile delinquents with the Mohawk and Hudison River Humane Society and make compensation therefor,\ as amended by chapter two hundred and twenty-seven of tne laws of nineteen hundred and four and by chapter two hundred and forty-one of tine laws of nineteen hundred and eight and by chapter Jwo hundred said ninety- four 1 of the laws of nineteen hundred and thirteen, is hereby amended to.read as follows: f 1, The Mohawk and Hudson River Hu- mane Society is hereby authorized to re- ceive and, detain temporarily, in its houses of detention any minors who may be re- ceived by It over night after arrest by a peace officer er who may be temporarily comrpitted to its charge before trial or pending a decision by any magistrate or court, or the superintendents of alms- houses, or superintendents or overseers of the poor before whom such minors may be brought ait to the disposition or Judgment which may be made in the particular case, er pending their reception into sfcme other institution to whleh they may have been oomiraltted by final commitment All mag- istrates, oourts, superintendents of aims- bouSes aad reperinten&ent* sad overseers of the jpooir are authorised to OMnatft siidh minors temporarily te the houses of deten- tion of said society, and any magistrate may commit any minor held as a, witness to appear in. trial in criminal eases to the custody of said society, While being held aa a witness, and the said, societjr la au- fhoirired to receive and detain such wit- ness when committed by such magistrate. Immediately, upon the commitment of any minor or witness, to it for the purposes aforesaid, the Mohawk ahd-Hudson River Humane Society shall notify the superin- tendent of the almrfheuse, or superintend- ent, or overseer of the poor, of the county from which sueh,-minor shall have been received of the fact of such commitment, stating the name of sueh minor, its sex, its age, the offense charged or the cause of commitment, and the date of the eom- mltment.Jtnd by whom. Immediately upon the discharge of gnch minor^or its com- mitment to and receipt by some ether ln- stttutIon\ it anaXTB* the duty of the sod- in m. «<» ,». ««... »* • •**\ to advise the proper o'ffioer of the poor fa^reafteTte be exe-f*sfV* mentioned to that effect. Each of nere*u.ipr w* v»» w*.w | r. *S.A—..*.^.*.« _* .im,w,i«i *«• ma- LAWS OF N EW YORK-By Authority. AN ACT to provide for the construction and equipment of a drill hall at yornell University, for 'necessary, conneotions thereto and making an; appropriation therefor; -to provide for the .construction; 1 Whether elected or appointed, or who\ fl f liesnsss. town or TuTafo aasssgor, jaiUo» of peace,^ police justioe of a villaga,i village trustee, water wnnmlWIoner, offioer of a school district,-or overseer of highways, 2« Weeding with the •g* «us office, and do __' \* same Is a correct ^ UA of the Whoio Of MAY. of State, •JJWUS, A^rtt,. Mate flnanee law. ^ aad monthly ao- »•«. ^ m< wlth tt9 l]' 8 ^. Passed, three- |V*«ate of New Tork, ««• and Assembly, do »j»f chapter n^etelnhun- \\ fer,elftion «p¥er fifty- is hereby ?l|accetoits ef \„;J a<> *tate oommis- fSto .boara of charl- « aeaKb. the com- **me and forests LAW« OP NEW YORK—*y ***#**- CHAP. 2J9. / with the PatsedTthree- AN ACT to saaend|tha pubHo mission law, to? relation to the issue of stock ^byvtrailroads and street railroad corporations. Became a .-lew „ April t, 1914, apjy^val ,of*the Governor. fiftEs bajng|pre«ent. The F^pte of tthe'State of .New Task, represented.i\.8eaate and Assembly, do' •nacfeas- fonowl: Section J.. Section.flfty»four of chapter fo.ur \hunaredv aad'eighty of the-laws of nineteen hundred and ten, entitled \An aot in'relation, to public service commis- sions, constituting.^ chapter .forty-eight of the consolidated laws,\ as - amended* by chapiter, seven, hundred and ! eifihty.-e4fet of this Mk otnlnetoenv-htodriJindEleven, is HerebS^'fUTther amended so as to read 1 64 Transfer of franchises or stocks, 1 No fraircisjse^nor^ any \right to or under aj^franc^iaeKto^ownjfor tl P er9A % i 3 xsUi- r Wi or weet;-r»,woikd shall be assigned, tr^sferred or Jea»«d,„nor shall any con- tract or aij^eement with reference to or affeetiag any such frarrchise or, rfght be valjg or%f any for«e o%eff«ct wJla£so«very is the, aSsfgnmenC transfer, lease, -aei or ag?4ement shall have been approved by the proper comrrtfesion. The permission and approViJ of the commis- sion,, to the exercise of a franchise'under section fifty-three, or to the assignment, LAW8 OF NEW YORK*-«y Atrtharity. CHAP, m AM ACT to amend .the. county tew, te re- lation to badges. Became a.law ^pril 't; jtll with the approval of/the Governor. Passed, three- fifths being present. v J \-' v - l The People^of'the State 'of New York, represented ^ln,, t ,flenats and Assembly, do ena'ctjkB foliojra: Section 1..Section stety r one of chapter atxteeh of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, edified \An aot ln relation to coun%ieis, ojS^stitutbSg chapter eleven of tfee controirdaied laws,\ as? amended by chaptir two Mniredand forty of the (lawsj. of ninMaen hundred and nine, is hereby amended toj^ead as foBows: g 6L. County highway, and bridges. ; A board of supervisors shall, on the appli- cation of, twewry-flvs resident taxpayers, wjfen satisfij»d that it is. for ttie interest of,the county, lay out^op£h». alter or dis- continue a TOuh# % ,W|piWajt therfei% or cause the seane^to be 46*6,, and constrnot, repair or abandon, a county bridge there- in, or cause tSe'samo to be done when the board shall deem the authority conferred suqh sugerfntendents of almshouaes or su perihtenfierits or overseers of the poor shall Include within his statement to the •oaird of supervisors of his county each year a statement ef^minors who may have been eemnmted within the year to the car# and* custody of said society, and all boalrds of supervisors are authorized to audit the claim of said society for the care of said minors during the time that they ShsJU remain under its custody and con- trol and for .such services as shall he ren- dered and such disbursements as shall be made by the society in ootmection there- with. I 1 This aot shafl take effect Immedi- ately. State of New York, Office ef \the Seoretary of State, sa: I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same ii a correct transcript therefrom, and ef the whole of said original law. -, MVFCBBUti MAT, Secretary of State, on commissioners of highways msufflcient for thjat .purpose, or that the' interests ! of the county will be pre expenses se jincujjred the county will be prometod thereby. All expenses re .incurred snail be '*• county charge. Such powers shau not fee exer- cised unless the aDSlicarits therefor shall prove to the bosM tl^-servtos of a writ- ten notice, .personally or by man, on a ooTnjBissioaer of highways .of each town in the cduntj?:, at least Wenr* days prior to the .presentation of^sueh applicatien, specifying therein the ooiiect thereof;, } snd when the application is to Jay,, out a, high- way, or construct a bridge, the route or location thereof; and in all ether eases a designation ef the highway or bridge to be affeotedS'thereby. Whenever tfep board *i supervisors of a oouttfy \shall; d«efmln» to construct a bridge In accordance with the foregoiag p^d^sfoh*\ of this ^section, suoh board, on behalf of ^he cotinty, and the town board of a town or in ease of a city the board, of aldermen or any similar board exercising the ^functions of alder- men, on behalf of s»c1h ? Uwk;or*city, Htay enter Into an agreement wfth?. the county, to the effect that stich fo^ or: city will operate and maintain sv(el3( ihridge,,. in, case the bridge Is located wholly to a town or city. In case the\'iprldlteir' constructed' Over a stream forjakijl %o houndary tttie between two^ towns or' tifo' cities o* be- \ twecn a town, and oily, then^they may > LAWS OP NEW YORK—By Authority. CHAP.ail. AN ACT to amend the lies law, in rela- tion to liens of bailees for hire upon personal property. Became a„law Aprfl t, ttU. with the ap- proval of the Governor. Passed, three- fifths seing^preient. The People of the State of Mew York, represented, in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Bjectlon L Chapter thirty^eight, of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, enti- tled \An act in relation to Hens, consti- tuting chapter tfilrty-three'^^of the consol- idated laws,\ is hereby amended by add- ing thereto, at the end of article eight thereof, a new section, to be section one hundred and eighty-six, to read as fol- lows: • I 181. Lien of -bailees for biro. Hvery person, firm, or corporation engaged in performing work upon any watcb, clock or jewelry foe a price shall have a lien upon any such watch, clock or Jewelry upon which such person, firm'or corpora- tion performs such\ work for 4he amount of any account that may be due for sueh work. Such lien shall,-also include the value or. agreed price, if anyj ai all ma- terials furnished by such bailees for hire, h\ connection with: such' Kork, wSStner added to su'ch article or articles or others wide. If, such account remtia unpsU* fcr one year, affer eomplieti^ig. Such Work, such nallees foi^Jiire. msty, upon tnlr£r days' notice m w«Hhg ; to *h# bvn«r mpee*;- fypK^the amount due'and informing him tnat the pa^n'e^nt of r such amount within thirty days -mix eBttMosliinl torsdeem such Iffls #ty, sell say sncli 'article or artloios at;jftiblie or bona fide private sale to sat- isfy the aceeux&. The pro*eeds v of the Style, titer payte*, the ^expenses- hereof. snail .be a^^d in* liquidation Of ;the in*^ Of the mala soction^of'.toe pit try buildings, at the^New 'tiitiej&Wffljk. lege of Agriculture at Cornell-. Jdiivef- .sity,^ for..n«sce|s*ry cottnec«bns%eretot and making an appropriation., taereW^' and to provide for the construction^alid equipment, of the south wing of th_« main funding' of the.New York state Veteri- \nary College,at CorneU triiiversity, and makhjg an appropriation theref Or. .Became a law April t, 1M4 with the. apDroval of s the Ooverhor. Passed by a tworthirds v%e. . The People of the State of Aew York. represented in Senate and Assembly, do «nac.t as follows: ... ; v v t Section i. For the purpose of enabling Cornell University adequately to discharge Its obligations to give instruction in mili- tary science, the board of trustees of said university are \hereby authori^sd to enter into the necessary contract or Contracts for the construction and equipment of a drill hall and for necessary steam, water, sewVir, gas and electric connections there- to, for an amount not to exceed in the aggregate three hundred and fifty thou- sand; dollars <$8SQ,000); and there is hereby appropriated for the purpose of construc- tion and equipping such drill hall and nec- essary connections, as aforesaid, the sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), out of any moneys in the treasury not btherwiso appropriated. I 2. None of the moneys hereby appro- priated, howeVer, shall bo or become availablo until, the land on which the re* spective •building provided for in this act are to stand shall be conveyed to the peo- ple of the state of New York by Cornell University, and the conveyance approved as to form, and manner of execution by the attorney-genej^d; the conveyance, also to include, besides the land, on Which such building may be located and placed, a strip ten feet wide around the same, with the necessary right of way to the same. The university Shall, during the, pleasure; of the state, have complete control over the land thus conveyed, and the building or buildings when erected thereon, for ed- ucational purposes, the same as though no conveyance had been made. If, at. any* time any such building or buildings shall cease to be available to the university for the use for which they are hereby author-- ized to be constructed, the land and build- ins- shall revert to Cornell University, But in that case such reversion to the uni- versity shall be. conditioned .upon tho pay- ment by the university to the state of the then duly appraised value of such build- ing. And no item of the.appropriation as specified, above shall be available, except for necessary advertising and the prepa- ration of plans, until a contract or con- tracts for the completion of the structure authorized to be erected, within the au- thorization,' shall be made. The moseys hereby appropriated shall only be ad- vanced to the trustees of Cornell Univer- sity as the work progresses, or as the pur- chase of material Is made, and upon hills duly certified, rendered and audited. 1 8. The moneys hereby appropriated shall. he paid by 'the treasurer upon the warrant of the comptroller, .upon vouch- ers duly approved, to Cornell University, to be expended by it as agent of the state in pursuance ef this aet The plans and specifications for the building herein .pro- vided-for shall be prepared or approved fey the state architect, though he may, with the approval of the board of trustees of Oornell University, employ an architect pr architects, to prepare ths-plans arid speci- fications and) to locally supervise the work of construction.Herein provided. The com- pensation of the architect or architects so appointed .shall be pal* out of the funis appropriated ; for suoh building. All plans .and specifications shall be subject to the fS?pproval, (J ©f the .board flf trustees of sWd Cornell University, The work under, tjhis aet done shall be.done |by contract..\except work which 4n the opjnida of the. comp- troller and state architect ean be done- in whole or in part more advantageously fey the employment pt labor and the.purchase of material .in the opon market AJ1 (ex- penditures hereunder shall fee made pur- suant to estimates or pursuant te eon- track the form of ifhich shsli he pre- scribed far the state architect The esti- mates shall be made to the comptroller in the usual form, by the board of trustees, of Cornell University. 'V^here the work estimated for i s upon drawings and speci- fications of the state architect, the esti- mate shall be subject to his approval also. All contracts .in amount greater than, one thousand dollars ($1,000) shall have < the performance thereof secured by a suffi- cient feend or bonds,, to be approve^ by and filed with the comptroller. Xn the case of any work which shall amount, to less than one thousand dollars 0 (u,000), covered by contract, no surety bond (shall be required, providing payment is to be made only after the work has been satis- factorily completed. All payments 0» con- tracts shall be made on the certificate of the state architect and the voucher of the board of trustees of Cornell University, after audit of thastjate comptroller* | 4. Nothing in this act shall be taken or construed to relieve,Cornell.Unlvei any of its obligations to the state. ; | 6.* This act shall take effect immedi- ately. J State of New Vers; 0fBe* of the of State, ss.: I have compared the preceding w* original law\\ on file in this office, ~ hereby .certify, that the same is a transcript therefrom and of the w' said original law,, - lCrtCOBLXi afA' .' Secretary of\ employed Ih any puhlto office sV 'W any. public officer whose services are pud for out of the puhlto money other than is ex- cepted herein. '. -•--- Bach class of such officers shall fee equally divided between the two poUUoal par|les which at th'e general election next preceding that for which Such officers are to serve, cast the highest and the next highest number of jyotee. Where election officers are appointed the qualifications required of them by this section shall be determined by an examination, by or under the direction of the appointing, board or officer. , II Thisjtct shall take effect immediately. State of New York, Offlceof the Secretary of State, *%.i t have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby \certify that the same is a oorrect transcript therefrom and of the whole of said original law. ^- MTTCHEIIA MAY, Secretary of. State. tAWftOPNEW CHAP. AN ACT to amend the Jaw, ln relation to ^By Authority. mestic relations '- - of marriage LAWS OP NEW YORK—By Authority. CHAP.2ittL AN ACT iosdhend the public sssiliu com- missions law, in relation to stay or BUS-' pension, of orders Of the commission and the power of tho commission to suspend r4te schedules. Became a law April 4, mi, with the ap- proval of the Oovsrnon Passed, three- fifths feeing present. The People of the State, ef Mew York, represented in Sonata and Assembly, do enact as follows: Sectiqn 1. Sections twenty-three and twenty-nine of chapter four hundred and eighty of the laws* of nineteen hundred and ten, entitled \An aot in relation to public service commissions, constituting chapter forty-eight of the consolidated laws,\ are hereby amended to read re- spectively, as follows: I 28. Service and effect of orders;, stay. 1. Every order.of a commission shall be served upon every person or corporation to be affected thereby, either by personal delivery o* a certified copy, thereof, or by mailing a, certified copy thereof, in a. sealed package with postage prepaid, to the person to be affected thereby or, in the case qf a corporation, to any. officer or agent thereof upon whom a summons .may be'served in accordance with, the provisions ef the odds 'of- civil procedure. It shall.-be the duty, of every person aad corporation to notify the commission forth- with, In writing, of the receipt of the cer- tified copy of. every order so served, and in the case of a corporation such notifica- tion must be signed and acknowledged'by a person or officer duly, authorised by tho corporation to admit such service, with- in a time specified la the order of the commission every person and «or*oratlon upon whom it is served.roust if.so.re- quired in the order notify, the eomn»las1en in like manner whether the terms of the order are accepted and will fee Obeyed. Every order ef a. oommtssloh shall take effect at a time therein speoifled and shall continue in force either for a period which may-fee designated therein or until changed or abrogated by the' commission, unless such order be unauthorised by this chap- ter or any other act or be in violation of a provision of the. constitution of the state or of the United States. - SL' NO order Btaylng or suspending aa or- der of the commission fixing any rate, fare or charge or joint rate, fare or charge shall be made by the supreme court other- wise than upon notice and after, hearing; and if the order of the commission is suspended, the order susp&dimjr tho same shall centkin a specific finding -based upon evidence submitted, to the? court and iden- tified by reference the*etoV thaT great and Irreparable damage would Otherwise re- aiilt te the petitioner and specifying the nature of the damage. ® I ti. .Changes in schedule; notice re- quired;'power of suspension by the com- mission. Unless the' commission other- wise orders no change shall be made in any rate,''fare or, enarge, or. joint sate, fare or charge, which shall have beea filed and \published £ by a common carrier in 1 compliance with the requirements of this | chapter, except after, thirty days' notice to \tho oommisslon and publication for thirty days as required by section twenty- eight of this chapter, which shall plainly state the changes proposed to be made in the schedule then-in force, and the time when the change'd rate, fare or charge will go into effect ^ and all proposed changes shall be shown by printing, filing and publishing new schedules or shall be plainly Indicated Upon the schedules! ln foroe at the time and kept open to public inspection. The commission, for* good I, cause shewn, may allow changes in rates without requiring the thirty days' notice and publication herein provided for, by duly filing and publishing ln such manner as it may direct an order specifying the change so -made and the time when ,it shall take effect; all such changes shall bo immediately indicated upon its sched- ules by the common carrier^ Whenever there shall be filed \with the commission by any common carrier .as defined in this Became a taw April »V,,M14, with the approval of the Governor* ; Passed, threo- flftbjs being preeeat , ThsJPeople of the State j of New York, represented In Senate sad Assembly, do enact as feflows: - t f . Bastion 1. Section- thirteen; of chapter nineteen of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled: fAn act ^relating to the domestto relations, constituting chapter fourteen at the* consculdatod,. laws;'' is hereby amended to. road ai ifollows: - 118. Marriage lleenses. ..It shall be neo- - essary for, all persons.;jtotendlng to be matried to obtain a misrrlagle license from thei. town or city clerk of Ithe tolm or city in which the woman to be married resides and to deliver .said license to tbe.clergy- man or magistrate who is to 'officiate be- fore the marriage can bje performed. It the woman or .both parties ta be married . are nonresidents of the state. such,Ju<jense shall be obtained.from the clerk of the town or city in which the.marsiage Is to' fee performed; or, if the woman to be mar- ried resides upon an island located' not less than fifty miles from the^officO or res- idence of the town- clerk of the town of Which, sueh Island'is a parti and such of- fice or residence is not onjsnphi island soch license may be obtained from any justice of the peace residing on suoh island, and such iustice, in respect t6 powers \and du- ties relating to marriage licenses, shall bo subject .to the provisions of tins article governing town clerks and shall Sis aS statements or affidavits received by him while acting tinder the provisions of this section with the tows clerk of; suoh town. 91 This act shall take effect immediately. State of Now York, Office of the Secretary of State, s*,: i 1 have' compared the preoedins> with the original law en file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transoript therefrom and of the whole of said original law. 3 MITCHELL MA>Y. Secretary of State. LAW8 OF NEW YORK—By Authority, CHAP. 284. AN ACT to amend the membership corpo- ratiohs law, in relation to trust funds of oemetery corporations. '»' , Became a law April 8, 1914, (with the approval of the Governor. .Passed, three- * fifths being present The People of the State of New York, represented- ln Senate and^Assembly, do enact as follows: Section 1. Section sixty-five of chapter ° forty of the laws of nineteen [hundred and nine, entitled \An act relating to member- Ship corporations, constituting chapter thirty-five of the consolidated, laws,\ as amended by chapter two hundred, and seVenty-four of the laws of nineteen 1 hun- dred and nine, is hereby amended by add- ing after, subdivision four a now subdivi- sion, to be subdtvleloa five thereof, to read as follows: B. The perpetual ears and keeping in or- der of any lot or part of lot therein, as prescribed by the creator. In the trust in- strument,' or fey his successor in right or interest in such lot by a new or further declaration of trust, in writing. Such trust fund shall be invested and kept in- vested in suoh securities as savings banks are permitted to invest in. The income of such trust fund, shall be applied to the purposes above stated.' The trustees of the corporation, or a majority of them, shall make, sign and file, at the annual meeting, a report countersigned fey the treasurer, concerning all trust funds held under this subdivision and of the use made of the income thereof.. § 2. This act shall take effect immediately. State of New Tork, Office of the Secretary o'f State, sa: -' I have compared tho preceding wfth the original law on-file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same lis a correct transcript therefrom and at the whole of said original law. *~ MJTCHELL MAY. Secretary of State. ' balianoa, if, any, shaft fee paid over to *hn owner. Such 'notice may be-served by mafe4ir*ots£ ts -!b# : , owner's tast Jcnown address, ^r, if tho «vm*r or his. 'address' bet uwstfowa, .•»*\• sasy' be posted In. two- pulfette pliees & the town, Tillage.'or; city.: *%•?» the property is located. Such no- ties »RBU fee wsjt'ij&h or printed. Nothing helreTn contained 'sriaii preclude \the/ rem- idy of onfbireiif Sf«ti Hen by afltfrip,. a* provided in article niie of th« chapter. 11 This act shall take effect inimedi- '*t«*yi; ....-; -'/;,: , o f . r \ •<__,• State of New TToi-k, Offico of the Secretary of State, ss.: •'... ,. \\- v .<V I have compared the preceding with the original law oh filo inithis offleo, and do he;reby oerttfy that ths same is a correct transcript therelrom and Of the whoie of. : sSJia;orlginal.la;-e^. • .; -,*:- \. '\:^~ - ^\:S^stary.pf State. *So to' erJgtesa. -* ~-^_. i LAW* OF P*EW YORK~»y AutharRy. AK ACT to wwesd ^fe* sjeetion l*Wp ia re- latlsa to elfcctlan/ ol&dcri. Becanse a law. April 4 1914, With the ajMKpval of the Oonirernor, ynsoedV *&?•«- fifthi feelng'presenti . * v The \Peopli ot th|» State sf T*sw York, represented: in Senate and Assembly, do enaet-as foJkjWfV . Section i Seotlom three hundred and tre^Af nhaj^l^. twenty-^twe of tHe-laws of nineteen Jhundred .and nine, entitled \An act in relation to the elections, constitut- ing: chapter seventeen of the consolidated laws/\ is hereby «*aended to read as fol- lows:. . , | 802. Election offlj3«rs; designation, num-y bar and qualifications. There shall' be in every election district of this stats the following election offloers, namely, four inspectors, two. poll clerks and two ballot clerks, whose term of pfnoe. except as hereinafter prescribed, shall be for one year from the date- of<,their appointment or. eleotion, and who shall serve at every' general,* special or other eleetion held within their districts during such term. The, terra of ofllM of inspectors of elec- tion to v towns shsil be for two yea*s. - - No person shall be appointed- or elected j an inspeet'or of eleeUosk poil clerk or bsl- lot clerk, who. is notwquaHftod ^roter of the county if within th* city of New York, erof the city if,ui any .other city, or of thi sleetton attti-let of tho town in- s/hieh .1 he is tOi*serve, of < good charajslerv abl* to' speak and read the English language un-- derstandingly^ and t o Write it isglbiyi and who does hot possess a f eheral toowledf e of the duties of the office to jwhich he is elected or appointed; or who' is a candi- date for a*y ofRoo to bo voted for t»y r the voters of ths district in which he is to sorve,-or.-who has been convicted of «.fel^ ony and not 'restored to cltisensliip^ or who holds any pufeM office except that at notary pubHo or oommissloner Of deeds, LAWS OP NEW YORK—By Authority. CHEAP. 288. ; ' AN ACT to amend the election law, ln relation to publication of list of registra- tion, and polling places, - Became a law April 8, 1S14, with the ap- proval' of the Governor. Passed, three- fifths being present. A The People of the 'State $f New York, represented ln Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Section 1. Section three - hundred and one of chapter yfwenty-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled \An act in relation,to the elections, constitut- ing chapter seventeen of the consolidated laws,\ as amended by chapter five hun- dred and eighty-seven of the laws of nine- teen hundred and thirteen, is hereby amended to read as follows: t S01. Publication of list of registration and pOning places. The officers authorized to designate the registration and polling places in any city, except the city of New York, shall cause to be published in two newspapers within such* city a list of such places so designated, and the! boundaries aot any schedule stating a now. individual l.of each election district lh which such or Joint rate, fare or. charge, or any new individual or joint classification, or any new individual or joint >rsgulation or practice affecting any rate, fare or charge, ths commission shall havs and it is heys- by given authority, either, upon, complaint or upon .its own. initiative, without oora- plaint, at once, and if it so orders.with- out answer or other formal pleading fey the interested carrier or carriers, but upon reasonable notice, to enter upon a hearing, concerning the propriety of sueh rate, oharge, fare, classification, regula- tion or practice; and pending suoh hear- ing and decision thereon, the commission upon ftlina* with such xsbedule, aad de- livering to the carrier or carriers affected thereby, a *iat#rn*nt e lto writing of its, rea- sons for such suspensien,- snay suspend the operation o< audi taStt^iAm tad& defer the UW* Of iUCh t«,t«, ?«*'•* OhargU Classi- fication, regutatien or practice, but- not for a loiyer period than one hundred and twenty days beyond the time when such sat*,' fSre-, charge, cbisstfioation, reg^la. tion or practice would otherwise g& Into effect^ said after fun hearing whether completed before or after the sate, tare, charge, classifloetioia, regulation or prac- tice goes Into effect; the. eoramlsstoa may make such order Jtn'referenoa to such rate, fare, charge, classWcatlon, regulation or practice, as weald tee proper in' a preoeed- lng initiated after; the rate, fars,-. oharge, classification. regsJatibh or Jsractic* had become effective. Provided, that If-? any such bearing cannot be concluded witfcfn the period of suspension, «s abovsjitatea, the commission may,' in its discretion, ex- tend the time of suspension for a further period net exceeding six montha At any hearing involving a rat* tocreased afterJ the first day Of January, nineteen Hun- 1 dred and fenrtsen,~or of a rate sought to be increased, after this section as amehd- ed takes effect, the burden of proof to Show that the increase in rate 6? pro- posed Increase in rate is just and reaapn- able shall bs upon the conuaea^ carrier; and the oommisslon may gvrtf to the hear- ing and decision of such questions prefer- ence over, all other questions pendnjtg be- fore it and deelae the same :im speedily » posHbis,, :, -'.-.;.•,' I 3t This act shall take effect itnssedi- ately. . . •b ' Itato of New York, Office of the Secretary •- ofjStatis,ss.:. : •_, „•-..'.'' I nave compared tne preoedtegwttir the original law en..file ih'tbie offtoe, and do fcereby eertify that ths Sams is '* oorttwt transcript therefrom and of the whole ef said original law. ^ . -,•':' i '• • •' • insCHBt* MA% .r-r.--. t^jstei^'of-Btete, registration and polling place Js located. Such publication shall' be • made, in the I newspapers so selected upon each day of registration and. the day Qf election, ex- cept that if such newspaper be -an even- ing newspaper i\ shall be made, |Qn the day t>rl0r to- each of stiohidays.' (One o f such newspapers-so selected shall Ibe one Which^ supports the candidates nominated that y«taf**y the political; party polling . the highest number of votes jln the state at the last preceding. election for gov- ernor, and the other newspaper so desig- - nated shall be'one which supports the can- diaatewhoihlnafoii \ikil-t yefr^by tti» polit- ical pat^y iPOUinsr the next-.hisheet num- ber\ of votes for, governor a^ said election. The board of.olootlotts^it' fis 1 Icity of New York shall*eause,to N ;bejpublished- in two newspapers in each 'Soroush) within such «.% 9, W o| the rsgisfeation spd poUta* pSsees so designa^||d liri each b8r- ough.= ?ja& the boii^Aartae o,f is&cn election distrioK theifinjin whif;h BjJrih rfegtetratlon and poJStog\ pl^fce is laaifMl except that in tho btK&sigh of Brooklyn, such publica- tion nbali be made in the riewsjpapers des-\ -lgha'tad - to pubfif h eorpor.ation;; notices therein and in one daily, newspaper pub- lished in the Jewish language; and except also that in the borough'\ of Manhattan snog) publication shall b^ made In five daily newspapers published in the feor- oughwot Manhattan whm saip»e«.^- candidates .nominated thit'-!year.-hy' thy. political party polling the highest number of Votes in the state at the last preceding election for governor, and* also m five dairy newst^pers published in the borough of Manhattan, which ^support the candi- dates nomffiated that yee# by the politifeal party pollings the next ^uhest number, of vetesforgoverndr at sa^ election, oho o f which news^pora way J be, a'-daily- hewa- paper pubftsaed fn the Oerman language and two of Which, neNwapers, may be daily newspapers pnHlIfhed feithe Jjewiah .language; which publication shili include i, the list of sueh registration and pofiinic places and their boundaries. In the re. , ipeotlvo dWaties in *' \- — Ja - I pens are publisked. Si >e msfieitt'.sueh neT Son excepting if suoH newspaper be. an evening aewspapsr .itithallibe ,<made-en the day^prlor- to each M'-SWcfc /days; Saeh publications shall be m»jie_ in aewsnapers published to su^.fe^o^ghs/ which shall respectively sspyort' the oaaoldates nom- inated that yea* by* tSft |>^«cal parties which at'the last precedhifc election for gOvernprjespeetiVely oasf ifie largest and next largest numbOr of y#tes in the state forsuch<>fflca . ; 'r;_j-.ii j ' > ?h Ah*.; newspa- Mioation shall Is/upon each \day of sleo- A t> ?^fen. %-: ^iaMd J^_: \i;-*i* rs'- •tin. * * i '• ' :i% •**• % 4 *. K\ orontn »>-

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