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T H E O S W EG O J P A U iA D n j M ; M O N D A Y , D T O E M B E B 3 2 , 1 8 9 0 . ; |K > K P ^ |) p i i ^ i E ^ a 8 ; , i 8 8 0 . • W A R ? ■ Th*.rewrfefienVbui?li»mWasMDgtoii Oie probability bt a apepial jingo Interert to Important matter trhiPb tha ayetage American oxtuMb 1 very little. \When tbe^ Unltea aovmrightatyJe andI Mr, Van o£ Hassia over that waterway went with the purchase, as poor to that pur- Behring sea was a closed Qg sej — Salto that this is ITmtedStat® m ot so and asserts that the ________it® did notxecogntoe the er- ^^TO^pretenESons pfRussia toauthority . a rsr Re^tog sea prior to the purchase Alaska. I t is claimed that Eridah and other vessels have h right to capture, for seal in these waters and it to the pro lection, these seato from fordgn poachers that this Government to aiming 4 would seem that 1hto to a mattei Blight easily he arbitrated i£ o u r . poriHon ustmtatoed htoterioal accuracy, as to ed, onrj totereite would not suffer. B a t the well know^ auimoeity extoffug, hAtKMn Secretary Blsdne and Lord Salls- between Secretary BWne and Lcrd i Inity' Bcems tp render reasonable ii^o - idatiosBOutofthe' if the reports sent are true, tobrint xe question and to liable, Qtottfe from Washington alw ®tto^y bteriooked, whtie the to« t ittog unlff it.had heeii to for hours.” FOR $42i^0i50i A year ajjo Myron jM. yan Ankeuwas I cmididato fpr Bfetrict AftOrttey of Oneida coun^. The lytica- Observer Ppt. htoelectiontoitauBhal uprightend for that. Mr, van AnkenwM def®ted. Now he has sued the Obser* yer for lib^, claimtog t43,Q00 datnageB, Among other things Mr, Van':ALUkr' ires up that the Observer prSventt- lection to a n Ptoce worth |9,?00 a years, and asks 110,000 le succeeds on that issue numerous Democratic papers that have laid themselves liable this Fall yiU be ------ rried, and ® buxiedtinder an ayalsd But theObeervCr isn’t worrii long as Mr. Van Auken doesn’t call u] it to make up the peneion deficienoy i j national debt it will oon^ lar daily editions. ttouo its r ^ l a r eons. WhEe the averag* dtolike to see thto < would dtolik( yield an inch to a ieat m m who ig very serioua complioa- the average American Qovemi maay who believe that the position a»« ■sWd by Secretary Blstoo to untenable ------ .wmtingJnlcglc w d forco of oommcn wMge. Thtoviow of tha case to taken by lomo of the independent and most . thoughtful olt OUT newspapers. Thto to ttio view taken by the BoeUm Herald, paper that has given much attention the iubjMt, It saya; ‘•Wtotev« have been sanctioned by ihtematioi msage sixty years ago, it to a n undenia­ ble fact that the tmdenoy and result of hatemational cwtom a t the _____ e present day ate to abolUh exclusive preteirimw, and la the case of Behring sea Me Depart- sorat of State a t Washington would not Meogntxe for twenty*ft5ur houia’ time a made by jEogland, Bnaaia, or iSm4i»y to ttort which w6 are now ad- Taaclug on our own behalf. nuaclugo ”Die mrin difEoulty with our posiUo t i t fa clearly recognised to be a is that i t fa clearly recognised to untenable one that it i s utteriy impoeti- Me to submit the matt^'in•dtopute to arWttatiod. Secretary jBlrine is thor- actghly aware thatif the entire snbject. * ■ ' disinterested I bconght before amy tribnnM ^ matter how choeen or bow formed, there would be not the least poatible chance that that tribunal would aattain in the poaition he baa taken. For Ibis reaacm, the ptopotitione madebj tbe government of Great BritSan that the aaaltN.ahouId be left c u t to azUtntion kava not proyed acceptablo a t Waahing' ton. That is, theooly arMtrMion that Mr. Blaino will agree upon to one which will throw cut of the eubjects to boaub- mltteii to the arbilratcre the quetticn cf whether o r not th® Nhitod States has the right over Behiingeea that i t daims to < <*We ara'thua placed in amosthnmito iating pcailion fate to face with the na- e world. Wo have been for mg pcuti Mima of the yean past Claiming, w itl|a apecies of amirking eatisfacti®, that we Moinently ■ ‘ . found no ly just and peaceful people, who a need o f arm!® ahdfiavles, and lieved that all of the dtoj^tes wlm believed that a ll of th e dtopntes ling between.different governmento would bo readily settled by. arWtratiou Tetnow, when an opportuitity to glv® «C iestbg the good frith of these tioos, we make a complete backdown, and inttot npon maintaining our ground —a polk? wMch is only unwatlike be* •anse other intemationri intereett rmidw it 00, and because our position ft,OOO miles from Eoropo gives V opportunitifw to run rieka which on otb® aide o f the Atlantic conld net ■> lead to war, Thiaiatherestdtof 'ick rather than good m anage d. adds in no way to the credit nmaoy.” *hat the Oaw^s utT.'In fact. It ij- 'lASitTK in ite Me (I) BENNETT, YOU’R E WRONG! The Fultoa Patriot oopfea. the item pubitobed. in the local ccdunons of this paper a few dajBfgoinreferenw to Mr. Jetjy Heagerty’a purchase, of one thous­ and bushels cf potatoee .ibCknada and jnsistethatit was the Canadian farmer who paid the duty of 35 cents a bushel Editor Beimett may theorize am much as he pJeaaee. Mr. Hepgerty knows that he waa'oompelled to pay the duty and- did pay it^ and ho now propoaea to make lltor Beimett pay it back to him, pro- ling he can induce him to eat a few bnsbeb of bfa fine Canadian potatoea. The foUowisg from the filmira Qas- ette. Governor Hfll’a home paper, looks as If Mr. Weed was likely to win the B®atorahSp: Upmi the wisdom of electing Smith M. Weed to the Urited ^Statea Senate ice of opinton might the adTiwbility of ^ e party lines as with men of mod< itside, it would aeem good irmlta bat ap adverae opink Statea Senate' bt be expected.' ' BO shrinking . Mr. Weed, lewB, on the icd jndgmmit mot 'remember any Mr. Weed’e tariff Was enpportiup with found with o(dnioiiB whenbeW zeal and effeotiveneas Tllden m ’70, Bancockln ’80, and Cleveland in ’84 and’88 The zealous are not wise in advancing as an argument againat Mr. Weed a reason which may be oonstmed as a pcrscription. There is room in the party. Dr. Justin fired three anoceeafol shots of his dynamite cartridge from the Mg erryville,Saturday, In tbp Ight previous diaariers it may not lolarively that the shell can.be lafely, though i t goes coneider- abto way towrard it. The doctor found It fay the other exploahms, and by sci- tifio teats made with a dummy shell, where the trouble seemed to lie. The EU let’a U'AngelTiB. Lines written by Rev. FraTtk JET. Bcrii on icetngthe jingdus. TbcAutuian sunset reddens in the West: The shadowra lengthen o’er theforrowed labor ends with' T ^ t ^ ^ t 'l i Hark t mellow notes float oU the evening iS i , periments aeem to confirm the trut hU observations. In any event, it to a tt to tbobo i big encouragemen to t inventor. \It is perllona to postpone sleighridcs,’’ says the Tkoy Press. Yes, b d? on ao count of tbe zrin yesterday many a one was undoubtedly postponed. We usually get the best nm of sleighing in early Winter. Then the roads are smooth and free from pitch-holes. SoitwQlbe well for tbe yoamg men to heed tbe wuixing of the Press and see to i t that they give tbrir beat girls s sleigbtide while tbe op­ portunity presents itsdf and before the “thsnk-yermama” appear. The detire for an official repnrt at version i xt Sitting bis aback and that tbe first shot was cerntog tbe death of Sitting ^ wiwing. i n g . The toteat version of fair to that luU is The toteat verston of tee'Irf. Boll was mnrderedin fired a t him. It Is further stated that owing a t land in g Bock the briief to growing i the old and that it is now in .the I chiefs body was Agmoy that not buried, bands of doctors for disKotion. official report to called for. *'AH the timespeDtonthis bOltowotse than wasted.” These are ilm words of JlaratHatoteatetn tbe Brooklyn Stand ard-Unkm in; reterenoo to the Fraudand For® h ill lelite General Ten; Teny, who died a t 'his home in New HavOn, Conn., the other day was neyer married. Albany Times* A kirmeis for VARMOKY” it of tbe badly crippled -Repuhli' number caaaffotd tobe generooi otmtributore. The Now York Star has dpnO glorious work against the Force lull and its e tensive tenmnsttanoes ■ sgrinst t 1 proved most effective. measure have p LeS^f Intf authCrities s&y the. only proper way^» treat caUrrh to to take s constitu- tioari remedy UteHOod’a Sstoaprillta. Man’s S eeam b tit wpEssf. nen^solen^s Gontlem olnMes cleaUed and press- ’’adidoiothes^edand pTessed t<^ook V gjufmettts of ril kipda cleond or Wt'geoood S W ^ w e ^ , N.YJ dftw ' The Pennsytorina oeiapeny de- eto. ’ edu® the nntohel cAite/eri- ployes on Jsnhaiy And gavd noti® that all tingle taen '^puld be disobstged oh that date, ett the thgffl^ that the married men needed etn^oyinent lixoM The single men thought Mis unjust, but there was only one way \to ayeid it. They held a meeting apd titeanimously A® They held _ resolved to marryTSt on®. Accordingly numeroue engagements srO b ^ g nn- inced daily. The ® m ^ n y is At a ipelled to class it among Joss what to do next* .Notwithstariding really l®ka ah though wo itsWtinesAi ehcold ba o our inf®t indastries. W ithlhe McKinley bill « 10 Efeiud and Force dying m ting table. Bull on the disBecting table, it’ would eeem as though tho.Muntry ought to joy Artitoonably happy NerWYrar. woul The Chicago young manwitha sweet- dtied to heart toentit days; he Chttotmaa o muchsyinpatBy th< ®’l! takt muM jtpeki Now York will probably bavetoswah- low P®tetto wpans, together .with the new Cwbgresrioisriresrionri a) new Gopg appbrticmmmxt. The Boston Hersda thinks it will give Boston Hersdd thi first dasa belly-scbe. ' a1. but I k bcot.4uob . i t h bit CtariBtibn . , tesohings,nniverBai..ThuB® it to of emedl conaequTOoc vtherer the body Christ was after its fimo- ___ was finished; so to it of small im. - portan® whether His b o ^ was miraou- lously i ^ t e d from notbtoff or whether it w n ^ lx ^ s s ether men’s bodi® we®. The dhi|etknBture was an ideal human one, rixd attbosstoetimediviue. Christ took upon Rim ournature inorder tbt Why don’t yon thaw ’em putandroaat ’em tdieni There la a bold housebreaker in tbe city. Det onr cittoens l® k out for turn. Holcngbs a t locks and bolts and often enters the house by way of tbe chimney. Sanator Spot-ner’s spewh in advocacy ^ ®^ation°tih^^ ! thee Force billill laa tbe best made thus that the coming of Cfartofe was of eternal of th Force b l far on tbe Republican ride. John L. BulUean expects Ctowego to give him a big bou® in his Chrirtmu stocking. ____________ If tbe Central ge Vt. ts O. rrilroad, to Oawegol ______ sTOntrol of the R how will the result eries, toUet articles, cosmetics, i cbemlcato on--------- the market. They I— IM. persona Look out for kleptomaniacs about thcao daya ______________ Su®l to 8 snccess.—-Troy Press. Restorative Nervine to unsurpassed tor tieeplessness, headache, fits, etc., and i t ODtalnsuo opiates. _______ «&w. , __________ ____ welcome rest, dreams of Angelns return again, L’Angelns, sweet Angelos’. An-ge-ins irings from yonder churche's The peasants how their head In reverent And bless'the coming of devotlonahbnr, D’Angelns, sweet Argelus. Phelr tools hto quiet, on the well tilled Thehr are claspcd-.thdr faces calm, ho God.. A pea® divine, pro- Tho**raitof honest work.and righteous' *^*L?iuigelns, sweet Angelas, O^matchless ____ il picture! nature, genins, a r l Th« spirlt'e boly rest to pictured heie 1 And human tonch to images imi>art flhos t-eace to sinful uortols here, so ^^AntjelTxs, 8W®t Anirelns. Blng,^ring sweet Angelns within my At morn, and noon, and when the shad- ting, ‘'he thatbeleiveth enters into rest’ The rest of Him w.bo is the Lord of ail, O Angelas, sw®t Angelas. - rego. Dec, 1,1100. A H . ABOUT EITTIB O’SHEA. to reported in Paris, and going to Halifax.—Boston Mrs. O’Shea Home Roll ■ Herald. accompli htd. ; dreamed of tbe .T tiftotal when they Si®, seems to- twere^’nnited’ in much the ^Ttla queer th a t the pmdtng w t flght^ta Mrs, O’Shea to said to he a very accom- pliahea musician. Sbelas stmek some rather discordant notes on the harujctf Old ErlU} however,—Boston Herald, 140 safxit nr ‘ yeabs . Cleopatra andHtien fair Were fatty when their rows began; When she u p s e t^ e ^ m e -WHattoMrarbO’Sh® lH ef Whatriah lerot womaa la this ‘-’m®em Heltiif” Arahor charm* moverpowering that even the caaual observer is Impreaeedr Inas- sdeqUate portrait of Mrs. at sin® her flame became a part andher beaflty a mopntato in following hot a briJlifaxt woman luteUtetorily, m y Cleopativ was, hUt there has! never been bututoneCleopa one Cleopatra. Mrs. O'Shea Is a '-*•* b 6f an Amaton; r s a s r t g 9 1 & t V U S ! m . meoris, and to as cold blooded ordinarily knpwutobe; while she hea is a to rt lick lips and 0X1(1 profuse a n d her ®mpIexloni8 M r . Herbrether, ©en BlrEyelyn Wood,Mthe ‘Botil of honor, and the mystery of the Sltl- tet’acbndttdt to appatetitly inexplicable.— - Sxbraiuda® lb to purohas- ’ & ffotts ____ the Cetetettted Steinway pianos, (sold tinly by tioitet Bto?., ffjra- ctitb^ E . t , Ubrimunlcato or call Jeefida . . , • XBB n j , ffi,to r r - D o o . s I Th0 R o t, l o t. S aopp ’ s ieytooft a t thoqopgreffatlohalOhttjtohi. ' The Rev. B. m RS®u terdsym on' t^xfe, Gri, 4;18, formed , la Yote” Mr. E in the begitining that the triju the text vv® “Until Christ 1 you, through trsvali.” He said that as men may be uuahle to sec the forest for. the depsUy of thp trees, so they l®e -true Bignifioance and death of itmrephers ofmiraoTe, ihe narrative. Ohrlsti’s lody was not divine, be ®ntinu6<i, but lisspine. The toere appearance of the crucified form, by which hte disoii were convinced of his rmurrection, ’ nct of. any_ h.8tiDg-4mpottan®.. Ths,_)( which surrotn __ , Wted Statoa..-.....................* . toaiania St Fort HUl, lioamy. 1870-C!(«i. Bohert SoUenck oppointed minister to GroatBritotn, ■ ^ 1870—Tours, France, surrendered to, tat flot oc­ cupied, by tho Gennapa.' IS^'-ln Bosten, Maas., OUver Dltson, muslo pub4- totar. dled, aged W years, urrection iteeif N® a meriole,bat malixnd:Batvlcai, note'yen ex®ption.- tookupou Himt ouf nature inerd er tba^ ®ing tempted like ua, He might be able, to; rac®rac®r ffiosehose whoho atee tempted.mpted. . r t w ar te The prreoher promulged the doc- that the true signlBcan® of the in- ition wad “ tbe ®ming to ua” of the spirit of tho Heavenly Father in the nature of Jesus Christ Speaking ,of miraolgs, he said that Christ nevermade them as a means to hto divinity,bttt simply to do { that the ®ming of Christ was of eternal signifiesn® and urged all men to rise and to feel the m®ning of the hymn, \Come O Cr®tor, Spirit BIret” adopted r®olationa The S e c ret o f SUooess. d i S ^ t t ^ e v A t e S ^ t h e ^ ^ w ^ ^ louteth id the retire of --- - ----------- . jpecislly persons who have palD tatlon, tb, weak or huniiry spells, pain ihonlder, oppression, n ight mare will ^delive^ the Advent leotuire 1st church to-mor- r, Turedsy evening at 7 :80 o’clock. Publio cordially invited. Captain Grerge Richards, of the sobr, sm Bltoworth, which is in Winter b Detroit, arrived home yeau quarters a t terday morning. D o B b 5 o 'to«l.d0. 25o Bi Books 20o. China Oops and Saurers 10o,l{^ 2?o and 60o. Hall IJunpB $ 2 and $2.75, batin Bisque Parlor Ijamps $1.49. Elegant framed pictures 25 and 75o. icorated Ohida Tea Seta $5.00 na China Bread and &lilk S ets 35o. Yases from 5o to $100. above goods I am closing out 'landjbelr ------- * 1080 death occurred to cnicago lasc ;ek, arrived here last night and the. funeral orentred at 3 o’olrefc to-day. The deresmed loft this city about twelve rears ago, and has msdo hto home in ;o ever sin®! most of tho time in iploy of the government on gov* nt works there. He had many ............... who will leam HAHEHtoCBflCmTBAH. H .W .V A L L A G E & S O S :S 6 , 58 , 60 , 78 and 80 W E W I L L SA V E YOU M oney ON E V E R Y ARTIC L E YOU P U R '-H A S E . eAI m EAEH IQMET E M ? P im I i roasted peairats per qt. Pine flarored candy - - Beet tJaleratea - - - . _ JSew Eog. Currante|^Ax - 4 c N e iV T a len iaRaTa5nB{ox2S»*'3^o Prefeh OrackeM - - 60 PamiiyJLard - - 60 ALli OTHER GOODS S o w n ] D o i d ] D u f o l E penis’ Buckle Arctics Pancj (worth $2.25)' its’ Jiiitibo Boot (w o rth #1.00 ) : Ladiea’ B e a y e t G o t ^ - $1.00 « Shoes - .98 Misses’ l i d J^atton S W • '.90 ^-North at leflst|1.25.) P. S.-WE SELt, LEATHER, MOT IB OPR MEjlli MABKET, EOT IB OOB SHOE ST02E. iiliiJdrfili firy foe WtcbeKs Uastoaff ai-tjhltta?tatta farpMsatik hjAta riltawlth stoses tobtoeik tbe meutli of Obarlestan bar- “ Oa., formally surreuUereil - in. On thi foUoiTjbg day his s,ta® ' ' dtepatob prsaen^toS bim jrbrtmaa gift toa seWle ---- - ------ • TMs Date in History^DV?. 22.- ■^proclaimed. - 18t5—British imder Gen. QUbert jsSF* attepked glkhs fa their fa-5 ^ - trenghmente, India, sndoap-’vsS-’ tured 74 gun*. British Ic« reoVoheAS,4Xih Thafilkh* retrtated unmolested ned. £7. 1847—Surrender of Abd-el-Knder to . the IXulM ef AutasJo. 1854—Steamer Ninth Ameriea sunk; IW pertos* 1880—DledinXondon, finglaml, GeorgeBUotCMrs. Crbs«>, the novelist, sged SO yean- ' ” I Braxillaa provlnoe*. PMfect the work of ■zatlenj result*esult* off thehe revolutionevolution beinge orgenl r o t r b abeeptedi'SomFedrO'a penilon onte«t. There aro i good ones for both the matin® and evening perfortnantto auff those who call at Butler’s tt>-n!ghfe will ho able to odseate!. BuHivan'to gofugio tremendous rreeption heye. Every one wants to s® the ohatopton pugilist of the world and hetowoU Worth Ireking at. .Aside from SuliiVaa thh Mow fa obnc®ed by the best critics of the Now York press to he ficrnuperlor to shy thing of its kind otC the roA<l. , - ---Madam-TIorA’s^lapa-^ioV flV s r-— Tomorrow evening Msdatu N ovas ’ glass blowers open a t No, 305 West Fto«t street, Jeffetoon hlobk. 'There arS nine'' first olasavglass hlowens in the tfQUpe and ril do an entirely different Une of work, ManybfiaUflfulBpMimenSof the work of the different members will I® displayed, among theof-a giure eteam gine, one of the finest pie®8 ot work * (need. Every : engine, o in tbto lie evOT produced. Evrey son who attends will receive a present; Th^exhibition will ® open afternoon S i City and Vicinity. MONDAY, DEOEMBBR 38, 1890, H E W S IN BRIEF. I Utica branch of the Irish Notional League a t a mreting, yesterday ions endorsing Parnell •S^aoure and E®t Syraonso are to ® loted by a belt line strret railway. “ Old S a lt” Halo a n d Heartyi. Ex-Lieutenant Governor Thomas O. Alvord of Syracuse, oelebrated his jhtieth birthday Saturday. He to rong and hearty ® d shows none of e infirmltire Qof old age, Jh Shak­ ing of himself physically and mretaliy, ho says his general health has been beto ter during tbe last three years than in the twenty prereeding years. Never had but one severe illness, which v ilina, now Syracuse, contained thr® hundred eouls. Tho old (_ mtieman x reived a nnm®r of congratulatory tele- The old gentli ’ of congratuiat grama and many callers. Died i n Ohio'ago. Theremainaof John McCarthy,young- Qfllrec MoOs of Police Qfilrer MoCartby, pro h Cccurred in Chicago last yoi Confirmed, The favorite impression produced on the first appearanreof the agrreabia liquid fruit rem®y, Byrup of Figs, a few years ago has be® rdore than con­ firmed by the\ pleasant experierroo of sill who have used it, and the euocew of the roprietora and manufactures of tbeCal- im ia Fig Syrup ®mpany. ernment ____ ____ friends in this city, who will leam of hfa death with sorrow. The family have the sympathy of a large jnum ter of friends in their ber»vem®t. A Sm all HotiBO Burned. A n alarm of fire was given fast nigh; . The house owned larm wre given. The roads ~ the fire companies were oonsequently deterred in t® ir acti the house was neatly destroy® they arrived, lme i e house was at 13:16 from box 57. 1 and occupied by H. B. Arthur, a tear Iter, was op fire and was well under wi before the alarm wre given. The » .ction ai they arrived, I house was ® e o f the m i jEcoira ST.. osrao, ObrlstmaB Exeroiaes, To-morrow, in the kindagarten de partment of the State Normal Schrel, will ® held Christmas excercises from J l . H. to 13 X. Parents and’friendrOf invited to bo preeent. s pupOs ate fa R e leased-by D eath, Edward 0, Button of Coope Otsego county, 70 Intton of Cooperstown, 7 years old, and who Waa serving a life senten® in Auburn thehemnrderiofhii mnrder;of hfa wife,dr6ppd prisonfdrt dead Saturday of heart' disease. w u periing ®tatoes wh ’ ’shandtandi threw up hfa has God; I’m dying I” auddreJy 1 tlrim®: “ B EtoVa'Vvotthy Object, chnroh Simday scb®l which waa held lust «v®ihg,a collection were taken for the benefit of the Society tor the Fte- vriiti® o f Cruelty to Children, Tbfa fa the first offering: of the kind receiv® by toe KXite^ and will he gratefully are Thehret Ladies Bto® in Oiwego at \Hosw Y o This.” The largest and m®t tomi^lete storic of sle^hB, robes, doll oarriag®, nwking. horses, b®nesf, whips red rob® ,o t at .Stod 107 East li lotses, b®neH, Jacob Snyder’s, 106.1 b ig cut srie on holiday goods at Saw* . N otioe , 1 hereby fOkWd aU perlona giving oi telling to Frank Bergnevaiiyihtoxloat- ing;Uquora tindBr penalty Of the late* El, F. SHtattiOM. A t S n y d e r i. Splendid assortment of sleighs,Jtooking- horses, d o li, oarrisgesi 'Whip* aud robes StSoydcr’s, lOS ritd 10?EaSt.l6tSt. , deofOdSf F* L. Brown & Crefash® store will be kept open evenings until After Ohrfatntte, Cah a tth e P r i h u ^ M offl® atid s® itfic newlineof' enr newRneof wteldiag oardi^annonn®- i^ t i , ' party f«rogri«®,5et*. OtTR RO0AB BTAGR.' A ’ 1 1 Anxivvws to Sen'.Sullivan n s an Aotoi% • ilr.C advapw fisie of tiokefa fi manoe of John D, Suliiva i®n B. Horriaoa opened at toe. D®-* Uttidt Rouse offtoe Saturday night, and many of the higher ptioed seats x disposed of. There aro still ., Ite’ A ' ! ■ -.-k-H ''Tiswy fslon 16 cento, 'ery person, re®ivri a glare present; evenings. ■ three years ago. Ho dfatinotly re« lembers back to 181C, when the village Take your Xm® dinaer at the Dooli^ John PhllUpa Has too largest and moet complete line ofmena’ furniahing g®da in the city at very low prices. No. 1 Arcade, d®32d6t For holiday goods s® Sutton’s ad. d®16,l‘ll9,20&22 New perfumes In bisque; oat glass nd wicker - ■ sker for Christmas. Austen dt deol0d7t bona and chooolates; fresh for Christmas. Austen & Pools. drel6d7t TBIAL of aANTA CLACSB. Tbe Young Peepte of the Uoiversalfat church will on Tuesday evening, De­ cember 23d, render the above M ined esntoto. Tickets can to prreured of til# members of tho ohuroh and Sunday Bchrel, ®d in order that everybody majr have the privilege of bearing the trial tho tickets have bren placed a t the very low p ri® of 16 rente. F. L. Brown & C o ’s ehoo store will be eptopen evreings until after Ohriatmas. dec.32,d8t C ut FwwEns. I will have a g®d supply for Christ­ as. Bos®, chryBanthemums,i white ng stems, hyacinths, E u ter lilies,eto. A 0. MA ti OON, Green houses 198 Vfeit Stecnd street deo38d2t ' Cecembet ltd j and tbs lal* 1S«#,S __ Jc* of funeral lureafter HfRRl0K--Inihfac\trDe«mtar ttHwlck. In hemtoreS^^ . ffnner»lWeenari*y.D*cemltert4th, At lOite A M.fMmberlatb residtuce, ooraer Wvsi, Third and. / oh&wfc trsets. IHenda invited. Intemeatprivate ar#i tont pernt 'iMorc 3 2 g*

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