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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, December 17, 1890, Image 4

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- ' 4 . : 'fe f aHsBMtw b ST.-™ ’ ' ' ^ t h tender spltoJlnde, •' ^ g P I ^ S D A Y , P E O ^ g g S . ■■' ' D R . BA O O B 'S,' OY OrA )N B . !fhs Rev.. i)r. PepnariJ Bacbp, Jtetiier of the Rev* v-taejusi! T h b p ia genije^ taviD. knows tliali R can’t Uv^ biit lie tbndiee it •tenderly', pate It bn tbe back grows red I n tlie face a n d gaepe for breath, gives it sod liver oft a n d • dam ,..,__4nnoeei Bai- Trojeh horse, and Old Ireland . With,all the Oreeks aflghting and a ' get the hatter ot their « ---------- end.-IT ew y ' ‘ R^'SV. Paeon o f this paregorio, dandles it-on its kneeS, apd d a email cyclone in tries to hope th a t Pie dear tootsOy wqot- sey may get tbrotigh 1 B u t it won’t a n the oi(y, has jusi! started « small cyclone in Rorieich, Conn,, hr a very plain talk deliyated from the puipft oh Sunday ’ laafe . t t appeare that lie Bcored.the i»ei everheardinatleW ’^ ''\ '”\'’ th , •flnencial Citizens, { eisecatcie in tor a st and hroken heads a p d shows o l ani.lleged munor^oharacter. Almost every sentence produced a sensa­ tion in the densely pacied audientm. p h Bacon ia o ne of th e heavyweights of the N ew JEnglandRtdpit-'- c o u rftg^us b u t notsehsational. I t requireaoburbgs to paint t h io ^ just a a Ibe^ a r e feoia the - pulpit. The world needs n ifpreaoning. Mun ana water ais- 8 and the mEouaBsibnof d§ep theo­ logical'; problems accomplish nothing. I t m a tters not to to this age w h ether or not Sc., Paul was a m a n ied man or iVhether o r h o t the A rk was shingled or thatched. Tins is a practical age and needs practical preaching. Norwich, th a t Old-fashioned New England towA, is probahly no worse than other oities—perhaps pgt given over to the. devil 80 coihpletely a s many of t h e m — b a t w e will w arrant that the iglinipee of- themselves given the people by Dr. Bacon, and bis fear leea exposition !^ol their imm orality and ein with a l l the accompanying de­ ni good. It w d l set and- t h a jn c t a .th e y ■ think a b o u t i t the m o re tho conclusion w ill force itself upon them th a t Dr. Ba- oon was right, th a t b e dealt w ith them none too aeverb^y. T h e country needs xnoro preaohers like th e Eev. Dr. The( doie W, Bacon. form ity, will d o them good. ------- tbem u to thinkini Tho H o n . JohnShecm am isoharacteri xed by the Philadelphia Beccid a s one cC thcM opportunist a talesm a n who float ■ along w ith any p awing current of po| lax opinion on qoeetions of curxency. of this- chiuracterinatioa the dpal’ to th e t e u e of m o re greenbacks,he has introduced a biftfomako greenbacks the otfty paper currency of the f a taro Thongh hoetila t o free eilver’«)inage, hs hdieves.that ‘in the near fdture'’ f ree •dvec. oeftnage can be intardnoed w ith entire Euoccaa. Thns our cppoctuiflst •tatennan is always able to rcconcilQ oooliictixig theory and practice. A n ad vocate o f the national iMtis, ha f avors am e a io r e that would dilvo their, note# ooiof.exiKance. Allopponente of g reen hacks, h e propcees to make them the only paper carrenqr, Oppodng free diver odnage, h o enccurages its a d v o - catce b y p rediclicg its success i n tho n e ar fnfure. Mr. Facing-Both W ays in John Banyan’s Immcrtal allegory dispi Banyan ’s jmm ertai allegoiy displayed . n one c f t h e dexterity w ith which Senator Sherman can smiUngly face every side Of a financial qaestion overy timo t h a t it m a y present I ts c lt\ The hcdianapolif Sentinel kindly pdo to f o r the infonnatibn of whomec> ir it m a y concern tom e facta concem- ia g the politfeal career o f Attezney Gen­ eral lliUer, who, ittay s , is c ertain to be appointed to th e Sapremo Court. Miner, tinted t liilier i t taya w as a G redoy m a n in 187S a n d utado strong speeriteti a g u n s t i^eaident Gran% who^ ho sd d , h a d : treated the patronage a * a piivale per- qnialfe t o be bestowed largely on r ^ « rivee, personal aMocIatee, and indtvidn-i ata who h a d placed h im under obI%s- Kilkenny pplitips are altogethW ^ lively. A t publio meetings yeSterdf conflicts frequently ocoiitted befwe( the opposing factions. B a v itt Was assaulted; Parnell rebeiveda buqkbtof h'me in the face, w h ich blinded him a n d may p erm a n eptlyinjute H a eight; priests were set upon; McCarthy waa huatled tiered nosea abounded pn all sidea. The KijJCOT|iy cStnpai^ of 1890 wil have a plaoe ih histpry. Sitting Bull was a bad Ihdian, There is no doubt on th a t point, I t was he who planned theCnetbrutaseacre and he baa b een given thecreditfor leading the attack. This is n o t so. B u ll arranj the ambush, bu t Bain-in-tbe-Face the fight. Sitting Bnll was a “ prophet give up any tHhgj Gladstone i tie Hany idon T’imes.—Albany' Argt Tf all: great, men who have made the m istake ot Parnell were to resign we ;shonlA hhve to let many highly Jpspousi- •Wo' positions to the lowest bidder— idarJfeo- Clubs a re trum p s in Kilkenny Juatnow. —Buffalo News. title to ■Herald. T H E C O U R T E B O p R D , T h e H ill C a s e G o e s t o th e J t u y - O th e r M a t t e r s . ttm g . u n r ^ f ’-^fateacherbuB, revengeful a n d alwayi will p miebhief. d riddance. The Philadelphia Timee’e apeciflo for Indian troubles has been euggeeted bi the good b ehavior o f the relum e d W ilt W eat Indians, Says the Times: “I f i European tour c an b exelied o n to teach X abotiglnee common eense i t m ight w o rth the Gtovemment’s while to eend the entire Sioux a nd A p adie t to the Ckmtanent next Summer wouldn’t be m u c h more expensive th a n maintaining the reservaflons and agen. cies, and then again,-oome o f the In ­ dians might m a rry heiresses,” Senator K ennajuadea, n otable s p e e ii in oppoation to th e Force bill yesterday^ The country was a b out to witness, he Said, the final a c t in the great political dram a J n which th e Republican p a r ^ had been playing the role of s tar f o r quarter of a century. The play had been long. If bad paid well Its re ­ ceipts had been enormous. The last preceding ecene hsd clmed in m u tter- ings o f u n iversal disgust. Whether the performance should end in comedy tragedy remained to be seen. One object of the gathering of the Miller clans i n New 1 was to take steps to bring aboutt Saturday a the r e ­ m o v a l o t General Ehapp, c hairman of Itato Committee. h e owned stone quarries contractor and burner of lime, H e w as a friend of t h» ponr Rnilftppr«fi.<;p«l and did a great deal t o relieve the distress of m a n y poor families. H e waa married twice. His second wife suivivea him the Repnblican Sc was Senator Hiscock who eecnred th e place for General Knapp, who h a s proved the most incompetent chairman the Repablicaos ever bad. H e is a notable succaEa a t clauning victories, and that is about all h e amounts to. The AckauBaa Gazette moves to amend a rem a rk of the Chicago Tribune, T h e Tribnno aays: “If the Democratic m a iority in tho n e x t Honso doesn’t hang it- elf i t will n o t be for w ant of rope.” Tho Gazette's a mendment propcees to insert in the place of the word “ ropie” th e word \example.” A r r e s t e d in W o lco tt , Officer Gill arrested Charles Ktovens in Wolcott thia morning on a w arrant sw o rn o a t by H a rriot M. Baker of ECaU- nibal, charging him with being dm n k a n d disorderly. The alleged crime was com m itted on the 23d of November, w h en Stevens was running Hs horse n o w lodged i n jail a t the police head- qnarters. _ Tho Londoix Times almoet qpenly vocating P a rnell and belittleing alt th e movem enu o f bis opponento, is one ol the e nrions phases o t the preeent c a m paign in Deland. Its motive o f coarse sticks o a t prominently. A n exchange snggeets th a t i t w oH d id idea for Jnstin McCarthy to provide a hustling committee. Accord­ ing to the provided foe one w a s a t Corkyesterdirday. w as b ustled i ^ a t in lively styi : fie. floh b y m a k ing him vaduable presents. Tho Scnticel,;el,K.l K.fe«!ng to some e x tracts fro m a speech delivered by eech delivered by Miller In 187% says; “I t will a lso he noticed, a n d also with, surprist^ th a t Mr, Milter f d t grieved because Bceiident Grant h a d se­ lected, Ob atrictly personal grounds, for an im p f^tantpoB t in H s Cabinet—tb a t of Secretary o f the Navy—a m a n of w£om th e cottniry b a d never before The Boston Herald ahatters a h id o l I t declares that the late little licm e l B a rnett was n o t the original; 'o f l i t t l e Lord Fauntleroy. I t was little Vivian B u rnett a n d h e still lives. Young Mrs. O’Shea and Old Mr. SbHa- lah have succeeded in stirring up quite a (^clono in Ireland, . heatd-'-hfc Adolph E. Berio of PHtft- JelpU a. Mr. Miller believed to 1872 th a t men. u tterly unkriown to fam e ienlyenly liifted should n o t be sndd l from oh- Charles Bhodes is dead. Oswege h a d no b e tter citizen than he. ^ 'gefed deal of w rath is being u n b o t­ tled i n K ilkenny. irity t o ettohreaponHble a n d cqnapicu ipodtiofiA” ProtessOT Koch’s lym p h has stirred np a bieOze between two esteemed W estern Aaperl. The e nterprising editor o f the A r«5ii)| Howler offers a bottle of K o ch’s lym(fti to any one w h o eecmes three nptr C a 4 i suhacribers for th e Howler. O n wMoii the’^ i t o r o f tieK icker makes tbo folHwing oCnifaent: “Tf}6 coyote who thinks he ediis theHo wlen is alroyei atoh jaclkfue. In the first place he osbldn’t tell Koch’s lymph ‘from para- gotioi and, in the second place, the free aad snllghtoaed people of Arizona don’t tassdaby i^nBumpt!on' 'Cure, the disease keil^aaknbwti in this favored: region.” “ R i s plain duty o f th e B e n a ietocen - ' thaXiOdgo elections hill t o ■ je a y u k s theSttBA clPicm eerr^ How long h a s this thing been going on among the Syracuse Aldermenf t h e K IL K E N N Y K A M P A l& N . Pam e ll’s'reoepHoi in Cork Was base ball^pundlts call a “corker.” delphla Record. Parnell m ay be wroiig or right—the rorld scarcely knows which; h u t i t never ills toadm iraptaokand audacity.—Hyr.o- use Herald. . - The, Kilkenny campaign is likely TOveSthat Ireland Is as bad a s Ohio, linuusmtori'Elp.riVibliRH.n. proveSthat Iteiar ______ Binghamton Republican. The biggest storirt center a t pres« seems to be o v e tln Ireland In the Imn , dlate vicinity o t Kilkenny, And i t is said th a t the fur-famed e ats of th a t section a re Interested spectators on n this back seats.— interested spectators o Rochester Heraldh be sometimes ttugMieq than the**p{ Syracnae H e rald.. Osvraao, Deo. 17.—The evidence in 10 Hill case waa all in last n ight. At le opening o f the court this: morning le defendant’s counsel, L . W . Baker, s q , began sum m ing up. H is address waa on exhaustive and strong argument. A fter th e Dlatriot A ttorney clOsod his address the c o u rt took its noon recesa. The c ase of the people a g n inat Kep) C a rr waa reopened this morning and i order g ranted opsning the default. < O. Brown appeared for the defendant. The oaae was given to th e jury a t S o'clock. .FBEECOIWAGE. H a s t h e C toV e rnm e n t a R i g h t to R e f u s e O o lh t o r B u llion 9 -e mining i step to tt Arrangements ha agent of Senator bar of silver ooi decided upon th e question of free rer u n d e r the present lai have been made for t have read; ounces, its flnei presented a t t h e ' Washington a n d m taining one thoui snied bv a c ^ ific a t Treasury D epartment at „ , a demand1 made th a t it be exchanged for coin, “ will, of course, bo made th a t it T he demand^ will, o f course, be refused, when a writ' of maudamqe will be obtained from ' the United States co ourttan a n d the ma atter tter will become ' The thei u r d t h e m I ground for a legal batt' of this action ia that the law and its interpretation a re unconstitution­ al, and that the g overnment has no right to refuse coin for bullion. ged property waa d i ics discharged. iissed and eure- text case to b e called will.Jbo that of Joseph H Davis respondent againsi George W . Bogart appelant William Tiffany appears for th e form er hnd De- Lieon F . Hall f o r the defendant. O o n r t o f A p p e a ls, Appeals calendar for Tl 18: Noe. 504, 5B4, 057, 5 1005, 1Q06. D e a th! o f S i las D a v i s . The Chautnont correspondent of the _ W atertown Uhidh writes d f the death of -jiUIoo nyhinh fW^T -Silas Davis, on Friday which occurred there Silas W right in the town o f ^Mexico, Oswego county, in April, 1805 and was therefore 85 years and eight months of age. W hen a young cutter a n d worked a t i t f o r many y ears an d together with his brother rem a ins were taken to Mexico for inter­ m ent, Tho cause of death was pandy- E o r e k a P a p e r C o m p a n y , A meeting o f the etcckbolders of the Eureka Paper Mill company, located at Oswego Fails, was h eld in this city last evening. A n inety inch p aper machine ordered from J . H , Horne & Sons o f Lawrence, Mass,, and w ill be ready in about three months. I t is u-gest machine in N o rthern New York. for work in B u t t e r a n d C h e e s e . N ew Y oi sipts sure qi entinues limited for very d, but f o r tatter—Ee< th e demand r fine stock. lotationa t 27; state dairy H F. T. and . beet 25; prim e 22a28; good lOaftl; poor 14al8; firkins and tubs, best 2ft; prim e 21a22; good 19a20; poor l ( a l 8 ; ills, 11819. Cheese—The m a rket shows much the situation noted for several days in etrength over d esirable grades and mark­ e d CCnfidence where the best' factory ' b concerned, while movement S along in a m oderate way on »X- j p o r t account,, b u t show some improve­ m e n t to' the hom e trade. The beet o t thd y i s ' a t 9 | . Quotations 9J; fine, ffiaf; good, £ims, 2a^; Ugbf skinis, deoie,17,19,20 ^ W b s e 8n>E N ews . OiU: Btoie w ill remain open every even­ in g until Ohriatmas, ■ AHJDBfeW BOOTUT, Sucoessor to H . 0. Eddy. T h o E ire R e c o r d . ____ lan’e teeidehoe, and it discovered until the whole dwt enveloped in flamee. The iveloped it wly o8Ca£ iped with contents v idling w a r nates n a r- lives. The jaughtet e?eaped in their night clothes and.did not save dhy thing. The Senator w f i a h o tmje f i o n j pe ' *—e. a t thi tlin T h e C i t y o f TJtloa L o s t. N ew Y o BK, Deo, 17.—Thq steam bar Caty o f Utica lies at the b ottom of Long Island Sound, two miles Southeast of Cedar Point.. She stm o k a bar off Tav- btiuok a b a r off Sheffields and wei if teen feet of w ater. I t wi lount of th e heavy weather, louy near the bar bad become mis­ placed and tho captain w as mislead. The captain,aptain, Hs s wife and three men c H to thq boats a n d wore picked up by D e a t h o f J . J , M o O a v lln. A telegram received to-day from Sioux i'alls, South Dakota, brings information e deathof Jam es J . EcCavlIn, form- _________ —jOavIin of th e East _____ Tho d e c e a s ^ was a bout 83 years of age. He left here about fourteen years ago and ' sometime after located in Sioux ■ Falls where he en­ gaged in railroad contracting. He waa married and leaves a w ile a n d two childrqp. The particulars of Wa illness n o t been learned. The deceased was a young man of promise and had m a n y .friends ................ friends in this city w h o will learn leath with sorrow. Besides his parents the decea-aed leaves a brother and sister in this city—Frahk and Anna McCavlin. They have the sympathy of a large number of friends in their be­ reavement. M ilitary M a tters. The 89th and 38th Separate companies have a dopted fesolutions authorizing and instructing their commanding officers to proceed with the collection o f their claims against Onondaga county. McCarthy’s Toys a t China Etall. deol5,17,20,a2,23. Holiday Presents, AT 25 CENTS. Boys’ and Men’s Neckwear, Gt-Ioves, TJndsiwear, Linen and Celliloid Collars, Cufle, Sleeve and Collarollar Bottons, Silk and C a Hai Bozrs, Key Chains, Knee Pants. AT 50 CENTS. Silk \aKdi^Iffnen Hems tick HandkercMei?; Paper Vest, Silk Cartera, W h ite and Colored ^hirts, TJnderwe^.Planel Sh rte ■ > Buttons, ’ants, Ele- .wear, Black Suspenc AT $1.00 Silk Mefflsrs, l^ight Shirts Pine Snspenders, Elegant Cli derkerchl Gloves, Plain, Black, W hite and Fancy Border. Rich and Choice Ned JL..V1A, «u.vi. j-tc J k w e a r i W h ite Shirts, W oolen Shirts, K nit Jackets, Knee Pants, Flannel Waists. . AT $1.50 Gloria Silk Umbrellas, Silk 1 ■ ............ .. \ iportedG lo Muf- Hoveo, h a lf d o z e n L inen ___ _ __________ , Jo ll a r s , Cuffs o r Men’s Hdae, Pine Underwear. AT $2.00. Boys* Overcoats, Boys’ Suits, Men’s 'Woolen Tfowsers, Cardigan ikeid. F u ll Dress Shirts, Dent’s i Gloves, Gloria Silk Umbrellas, Black Silk^•tispeiiidera,Silk MufflerSj ■f- B l a c k Siik;*tisperidera,i im p o rted Underwear.j $3.50 TO $10 Blegani SinoklOK Jackets, Dress ing Gowhe,, Boys’ and Men’s Over­ coats, SiiitByilubber Coats, Woolen Bftg&t ShirtoiBine Cardigan Jackets, AlaMiitosh Coats, Silk Uiubrelias, F a n d y ‘V'ests t o m e a sitroi J O H N O U L D & C O . Stmpii i tef (.tsaiiM ’. 6 and 7 Arcade. O l i R G K E VT Of thousiiuds of Krtiu-yaiiil II ailiclcs will niakt* ou • '•i bu-sUnt plai'f iu 0-vwt* Toilet S etsin new;u,'.I gant d esigns fro III l^i ii;> Manicure Si-ts atui W.,)'. Boxes in great variety, '.r 'u 5c to $4.( O CufT and Collar x $5.00 oils for ber, French ; folks, in china, ’orste.l, 1 id Gen lit!!- Bisque, from 1 cent t<t ¥1.7 They aie beauties, and n i i only be seen to be apprt-i ted. Ho-e. at 5 and lOo eaeli. TO YS,YS, 81 i lals, and Bellows Toys, iit i lonkey Tossters and cliip 1 i res at 25c, Rocking G'> h ' Dogs and Horses, Fancy Knttl. .> Trumpets, llubher Itiille, I'l n Pins, Parlor and DieiDg Pun.; ture. Bants, Books and a thou­ sand and one things to ucr u: • date o u r old hiend. .Santa t:.i *< GAMES vill . intere.-t tho children and make home ji I mih ant. W e have the popular iiu'\ “ idJlbdy W ink\ at in th e new jsquetai worth $1,75. Ladios’ ESight igl Butt Gloves at Too which oat SI 25. cheap al variety f n im 50c t o ¥2 U Special atten tten tio io n h; and silk. MufBers) a re one <>f \ u r alties show a large ' and silk froi ra!l 3c, very cheap atSOc. OapSjFaornations, Toboggans, Dresses,Jackets, etc., at oqu.illy h a v in g b e e n red u c e d ti th e m all o u t this w e e k . Special a t t e n t i o n ia ca |rer a t r e d u o ti o n in M illin e ry th e g □ d f r o m o u r p a s t w e e k 's ex- fully appreciate a good a rti( less th a n o n e h a lf price. There a r e a lew Uioukf the bankrupt stock wnic very desireable at abou third price, Av R S A W Y E R . S I i s 1 Boiiday Offerin;;s: 25c to $4.( O Duff an d Collar B ^ x n pl'asli. leather and /.iio'ui-. from SI to ?4 ; worth Ui.’ii S2 t ■> $8. Jew e l an d O d e r P'li.-U Cases from 35c t o $ l .50. Oar Photograph and .‘ui tograph Albums Iruin 2.'> • $5.00 ; are worth double 'B aek for thorn, I Dolls for th« 1 Doll Hammocks, Bn-.t Slipp->rs. Cottou and S;!'.s. /J ., . . . U r ' , 7 r' / ■. Peep\ and ‘-Yachting\ g, lu' nt 25c, “ Merry C h r i s t m a s ' . \ l i ‘M e rry Christina' B a b u D u d e b \ and ‘•Now^tlKl^- at 50c, ‘L ittle Red R idiu^ l l ‘. u , “ T h r e e B e a r s \ a n d \-Jack G iant K .lle i\ a t 4 j e . C h ina a n d G lassw a re I'n - onts, new n o v e lties, w h ic'i n ■ n o t only a ttrac tiv e , b u t um f ! [v a lu a b le presents, iib ’ lin e G a u n t let G l n a n d desirable s I m ' T o p F leece L ined I ' ' ' G loves and M itten s from s o 1 ^ ' ’ . ' ; K i d G loves 'n gr' it ' J .,,1.^1 ///- iiml SU i'ir '!' . * ’i i l ! \ I h‘ 'O bpecia l a t n given t o g e n ts’ D ress uiul Di i ie g G loves sh o w in g over .'o d i f ­ ferent k ind s from 25c t.j ' >. O u r H a n d k e rchief departm* n t is full of t h e la test designs a; d p a ttern s 3 l-2 c cam b r ic t-i th e finest han d em b roiden il linen new patterns of God men’s Faultless Night i-bii from the plain Hamburg trimiu ed at 75o to beautiful silk tin broidered a t S3.00. \We can s h o w y o u an e leg a n t line of neckw ear in Puff, T e c h , W i n d s o r a n d f - i n J . hand, e web suspenders espeoiaiy adop t - ed for the Holiday trade. \We carry a fine line of S- lid Gold and Eolo Plate .Jewelry and can save you at least 50 p e r cen t, from the price c h a r g e d you els' _ in l.adiss' and childrens’ hm d knit W orsted Goods, which were bought at a great sacrifice, Misses’ a ll word hand knit Hoods at 29o w orth 75c. Childrens’ all w rol k n it s h irts Dresses,Jackets, etc., at oqu: low prices. 'What will make a more d e ­ sirable present than one of our Wool, beal, Astraeban, Fur or Plush Capes with Muffs to or for th e children in White Thibet, Chinchilla and Krimmer F u r sets, the jirioe periencethe people of Oswego Jiiles Wecdell & S od , iso r ^ ^ n JSSO-Dem 1886^Mrl*: Oii mistok

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