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m h . t x r a ^ m . 299 . O S W iSaO K , W B O T E S 0 A. i t B E O E M B E K B , 1890 . E S T A B L I S H E D 1819 A > i e m ™ r S S S S r W a 5 J f Jte S rEH5RE0 TflOOPS OF T B l S^T S t l.OAVAI.B'Sr A T fAGBFO, Tw o OfSoeira . F itty-ijew B e - porte* K ilJeS-Q rapW o A cootpit oftlieGaptvure a n d B e a tiilQ f Slt- tlnij Bu^-r-Ii^tof^JETom tho in dlanLO o u n try.^- B bhvi R, 061., Deo, 17.—-A new^' Wiutioir from a eamp new D&ley’a ranch luB the foltowlog from B e p ll CSty herepotbiacommsnil o and twp oFtcm ind fll . , the IndUns were repttUcd with heav; . Tbenntpber of Indiwis kilted i ^ .titne wM wealed tft oeromcaiy, The proud old medicln« m«m WM hmUca owt, faptotCd^Oh Oi watting horiKjand in a thrice l^med {owatd cfyiiiristitcHj. B e rOged and epdtterCdt Ino f ory ifor a mo. meat, then «t«?glrteae4 up, ahputed ■hoaiwelr. n c tio? l ^ p , brit a commana to hfa fcdiorrm*. iL%ite: the threaten^ fnga of the iwUce, WtrK*mtat» beloK Bitematoif difected at Jjdt bmw, and thoeo o f hia WmituM?, the, old madfolhe tnau retained hb premctm of mind and with powmW t« 0 e oontlnued t o dtteoii h b owtt’reicoe, goddenty thme WM e T>ulfof imoke hedde ati tepte and the 3sauuu|j^ Vdjuvaa. ^vnlryl^it^^*ed Djenkilledjfcul b pot knowh whose cdmmanddtwas, it it was probably that of Major Tup!, per, of the gi*th cavalry, and bis three troOpa of 140 men. Our oonjinand m a rges to their assbtance to-morrow. S ta H uino B oos AaENcnr, S. D,, Deo. 17.—“God Almighty mode me; God ny white y Indian.” ___ ___ was the di tioh made by Sitting Ball to General Ifilns, and the detmied reports of tto great medicine man’s death, winch bO. * That the Qoyenimenti aprmpheoy. ' thCiities, civil as well as mUltary, President Harrison and General MUea down, preferred the death of the famous tew pwsons here. Indian or white, have . a donbt.; I t was felt that Sitting BaU’i presence anywhere behind iron bars would he the cause of endless trouWee, while should he fall a viotimto theready 'Wincheeter the thonmnds of ghost dshoers would rtidel ------ f.’medlclne,” which them bullet proof, npt save eo great an oracle must be trorthiess after s H, and should bo giycn up for the sake of peace, Fha e x ^ i t io n which started frdm ibis agenmr for Bitting Bull’s camp forty miles distant, to tw o him dead Or alive, with the cbancM te«Itoemeofhbdeatb, toeme of l^b deaf* ^ _ old , _ ^ movement and the fall of Sitting h disconcerted the paxtnenvwho remained at a dbtuioe and fired at intervala a t the police, - The latter held the' cavalry -^.^-J-Fouob^s-m ea'dsthed npard iho^r ith th ecl _________ was no haphaaardfcray o f Indian police and army suhordinatsa. ’There b every .. -iffiurwas a i . p , - reason to heUeva the whole aF* carefcdly pbnned military maccenvre, orlidnattog with General Mflae himself, andsanotioned b f the War Department, and Presldet fe Harrison’s oablnet, The promise to “dls fightteg” quoted above, first meeting,' had much tO do also in ahsoTng the deteiminatioa tot a sudden, dedrire result. When General Ifiles left Chicago for the hidlan country it was the beginning ' ■ * ■Jlmultanecusly with tho ig quietly on board ti ___ n a t tbe'big railroad depot in Cl cago, the expedition which had bo wim equal quietude under pioparatii at Fc»t Y a t ^ which forms part o f t the agency, was also ready to mo\ ' 03t at’ the same moment that Qe Almost at' < era! Miles’ o west then id many automatons guided r glided out for the Bbcra of his littlo cot h y ^ Mil, sfleaOy took f e i r de^rtt ^ t d h m g toThe'oTmp orSitI the banks of the Grand Bivei Tho van was led by men of Sitting Ball’# own blood, superbly mounted and acoqntred, and I every one wearing *the bright bnisan buttons and showy bluo , -------- - — • aervico. (] ghwt dancers and a demonstraGon < the value of Gen. Utlse’ method of eolv Ing the Indian problem hy turning the hidians by wholesMe into soldiers. One thing is certain, the band of wethfed, wermlyclaA copper faced athletes that kd b e t r a y for the white soldiers bent on a mierioh of utflity, were a striking ooptrast to the atarriug, tugged, crazy Wretches that with such a cunning Isadm as Sitting Bull formed such a ^menace in the Grand Biver camp. Oiomhehind the blue coated Xadlait horsemen’s hmdy ponies, but taking a slower pace on the frcisen trail, came OaptMn Fouohetb cavalry eommand. ’ The cavalry were encumbered trith twU * {deoes of modem light artillery,machine , gnns rimilsr to those which-so speedily ■ aetGed the fate of LoUW KeW half breed xeheUion, * . Tb the rear ( at rimes taktoi.-. word, for the nigL. ___ , , ' the infatitty eommand of Colonel Drum ' ' ; in the darineiS.. A Weary, 1^ mi infantry man’s curses as _ _ ____ bled over an ChstaCls in the road, cr awkardly tripped against a neatly boa numbed oomradA ■ The distance aUd th the troops to wlthstani SU^ a jcurncy had been . niM y, and-when the first f „n -t - -------- 1, the eipedlrion ■ * its dseriaat the cspahllil ------ y r L •when the first f « light of daWrt appeared, the expedition w*l Within easy disrimco of its dseriaattoit The broken order of a triple leplwation of forces had Jb6en;oarefcliy b r e g r e ^ J forces had been'om and the Wdistt police were tt i ^ t the huddled Cluster Of.^tepSes op thnriver hahki Desj^te the catSf b m aft Was astir in tfie Viilsge, where on eSeib' hstid was evideuce tbata hurried Wtedwwas oOhtemplated. ’ The,ponlm alms the situation, a deaea of the poftoe r-vi: 'z ; r r S ^ f S - = polIohvrCllef told with deadly effect,end the firing in a m o irm t was gWieral on both sides. S l t t ^ Bolt could b e heerd in the confusion' stlU attemptinjg.'though ‘ caprive; to direct the fight. B gauntaunt formorm b e was u beckooing |d b e heerd In g f b e w beckooing bis sona smd warriors on wbsrf,without warning, his body straigbteaed rigidly,, then drop­ ped limp on tho hard prsrie. Tho police halted around.the corpse, not- bnowlng forthe moment haa th s tit wsB a trick of the wily old chief. The sudden* eld theirground, knowing undW^Gaptahi Foschet .... . ccnsulting among tbemselvesr beg movementf to close i s on «ft sidies. rattle of Wlnchaeters were non doubled by both parties, tho police their ponies SIS a protecBoa. Itw this critical juncture that chine gutjs, w y d i were ait once put in poririon, opened om the redikins, The latter were too dltziuyed. at tfada unex­ pected onslaught to sundfer a moment and all bolted for the river. Tho cavalry followed only a ihlwtdiatimoe, - it the best pwoy n o t to drive 1 Btlon the now leaderlsSa mob. F ort Y ates , K. D., Deo, 17.—When the Indian p o l ^ reached Sitting BnU’s with S tring ^ -and fix up a geaecad settlement o f alldrfficulriea, A^tectaik. ritb the old medicine mam a few chMtcraatlhqmvaagWimd stixtedona a , toward the cavalo’* ih e Indians were at first confused, and did not open firo on tho police at tho outset, cdso ovexy ono of them would hsvo been killed. Very quickly, -hoeever, under tho leadeiehip of Bkc&biid, the son of Sit­ ting Bull, tbo . Sioux, with a hideons yell, charged on the police. Three of tho police fell dead and sevcrxl othezs were 80 badly wounded that tboy have einco died. About this time a d.etach- ment of cavalry rode up a t a gallop and opened a furious fie^do upon the charging savageA who wera qnickly stampeded and tan westward to the Grand river. Sitting Bull fell a t tbo first volley,the ahot hawing been fired by one of the police. ‘ as he eaw tho Indians movini fliieg itth s ret ___________ a Gatling gnn, the savages having treated out of reatrii of the small arms. There were eeven Siouxs killed, among them Blackbird Snd'Growfoot, sons of Siiring BulL The cumber o f Indians who departed hastily fOr tho B ad Lands ‘ ........ They are. ................ Thero.aro from 800 to 600 Ogallali ■und«rthecommmdo{ Sho^t Horn arid Crow Dog, The women and children o f the dead savages made thefoUowing nigfatbideoua with their widliogs. ^ They are in charge of the troopa and will bu dtipoeed of as Major McLaoshlin dkeote, ’ H»ere ia ev­ idence that thfkll^hg-6f S l ^ B u l l is likely to settle the war wM cut fur&er, tdoedshed. Uiurih^ o f hosHles are conMhg into the agmioy pcolessing .loyally ipod cFenug tb«ir. sorrioes to briugin rim flssixig hoarilta Thoao knCWledged leaden ot the ^onXv Chiefs GaiLand-dobu Grasi^ stimd firUily by the Govenmenk and expreas no xegret -at ff Of Bitriog B u lL' 7 bringing ________________ ______ . and lus sons caused agood d ^ l of ex- oltement a t the agency, , The oi&cma and men under the gallaht Feohet, Who is a man of experience and unquestioned hfaweiy, acted with cour­ age and good, judgemtot, Thehostliee have gmte up toe GrtUd Bi^er lUid will undoubtedly make tb ^ r way to the oampaatPineBidge. It ioooittidered that the trouble iSjuow ended so fan as Standing Book agency is oonemned, and that there k no cause rthis eectien* Tmo or incite of sitring BuU^ followers Were kiiled. Seven B; D., D 20 .IT.— TheludianiiaTe npn-ccuununioative ;on rile Bubjeot oi tWdeathCfBittibgBuU; Tbsy show ho enritCiqent, but thny are closely watched and no nne h permitted to talk .to them crt the aubject, A coua.‘ dt of chteifB among (he frieudiiee, jm t t t h ^ t t e r e d iMavee jogeriwe nad make a shmd with the idH o f av9»#t|g and friends hy KWisff a Tb» Indians D efiU antiuid tt F ^ h h Believed t o b e irSm liSei^ . ' ' WUSHmoxolqDepAT. —GsooriiriGCbo,- field to day received a tri^rsm GemerM«aiMdaiedInngFkm,BebcNts, pern Ifi as foftoWB; Gwerat Broifice rC-' ports that Two .Strikes and 1S4 lo%es of about 800 Indisne arc now camped a t Fine Bldge A g ^ iy, and these with riw other Indians a t PineBidge and ltois* bnd are all that can be.drawn out o f rie disaffected camp. The othen defiant and hostile, and are decerminCd to go to war He haa no hope that any other effort s padifleation would be saocesi. fuL Heotrimatea the number of^ mm in the hoatlle camp in the Bad L a n ^ at 250. General Buger’s estimate repra- senfa200 noen crjthe Cheyeime river find 800 on Standing Bock reservstioa who wouldhave been liable to leave before the death of S tring Bull, nuking in ril CCllitiNH HIM' TO m s BOOMS TO,DAY. BBS Eye-Sight ’ H o t Iiijurad— Tllweats o f Vengeanco b y P a r - n e tf s FbllowiBra— T he Lftteet ■*.. ‘’’I S a n d ^ E a n m U squiet hearing.^ ®ed- m m ^ e themeesage tC Parnell, Who ”€ s S hie froiT^Shi^ strained..................tsed and prof have positive Msnraooes friendly Indians now on reservatmor. 10,000 Sioux who have beeu. le- ............ loyalty should _____ ranees with the leak poodble delay that the Governor wilt perform and folfiU hip brea^ obligatioof. NTo informstioD haa been received SO tbe“ Wa3r—Department iir -T^ard fo the reported fight in -whiob two efifieera and m y m«u are u id to havo hem killed. Tho report fa discredited a t tber depariment. ThingB have-about readi _____ Indians a re teen in all directions, aod we are petpared for au engagement tk ' ‘ * ibocnthroira Scouts reported that we would be st- tacked this morniog, and that tkCi would be setting fire to the grass. g n M h u bees ^ OK fire 1 ^ number - ... . .. te«igiijf-i£- to-moriow mwfeiug. A rancher ports several whil , ______________ _ joen killed . __ Cheyenne river. The' Seventh regfment ot cavalry will be sent againat the Indl- to-mdirow. A n attamk is to be madeupon the dfans as eoon as pouibto, as a decisive morvo fa imperative, and it fa ptohsble! that all the hcerileB will be annihilated.^ A Equaw man reports SCO hostOcs as moving toward onr camp. 'We are 125 etroog, but have agoodpoeirion: shell them with the HotehkiaaI gi Formed we will have rdnfotce- I this oveningof rour gnu. jVe ririnforce- mento this oveningof f more t r o o ^ which wBl make us 250 strong. It la understood that General Carr will lea Bapid Cfity to day with f onr more troo{ which will be a doubtardntorcement. * W a s h i n ^ n Notee. tojlow YorkersJ OnOTSj— tempt to join thtna, but the police,obey- Q«rgo MHe, Cs^go-.M^V. ing their instmotivMS, mado a good In- ” ^ ‘ ’ * -> ~ • dian o f him without delay. The police _ ;jllie, Cswego; Venter, Futaeki; ByrouGrfaacs, SoU Honm, Bath. Increase—George Colin, Buffalo. Original widows, etc,—Vary, widow of Peter Hartman, CcwleavUle; minor of John King, Cortland; Emily, widow of John Jacob Zwstaoh, Akron; Vary, widow off John ’WOkinsQu, Parma Centre. Dostmaster appointed—Ingalls Cn»s- Oswegh county, Wayland W. A patent was granted yerterday to WQUrtuH lamdersof SyraenmandF. Heman, j r „ of Utica, upon a heater. Xklt evszriog, a t tho Church of tbo As- cCnrioD, occurred the wedding o f Btoe Pmrter, daughter of the admiral, toO.H. Campbsn. There wasabrilliant attepd- anoe, altbovgb r iu bride’s family,^ who do n o t oancricu' the marriage, wtu aot 'represented. LleUtCiuht Campbell wsa b » t man. VisSiffiinl was maid ofhobor. Army and navy CfidoSk^ miCmbSBra of Congrem andrepreSehlirivss-V theCIS- oial famBiSiswerepreidhtiu'groatnam- V o v r P o lice JuBtibesi, Deo. i?.—Mayor Groat to day, aippCmted Bx-Aldsrmsn John J . Byan, of the Fourth Assembly dlsttiefc, police jostics to fill the UUexpirSd tSrrn of John J. Gorman, riietifif .Meet, and ! ilx*iAlderaiau Patriclc Iftw er of tbo Second Aseeml' tO’BuoCted r ” now police, It your blood fa impure regulate yoa liver with Simmons liver Begtifator. deolfidedd&w Fileaft Fue« 1 P iles I vrhSnall other treatmSnts AtopS the itching hi o h ^ Uees, Sots M a. pomri^ar Uees,Sots ju) a. podlrioCand absorbs ths: turuots.. Ik fa a USy discovert that tores piles. Prepared^yforpnesanaitChluS of the ptlvwta parts and nothing efae, Aek to-day for AllsU’S Nefa BlsoCvery. 861d • aft druggists. Price ' cdoi^ sroond tha vehiol kbeonibrs were address'ng and khd police appeared ^ bnlbrs were addressi the people, ' and tried to di­ vide thb factions, The meeting efided in a nceifa o f wjld oonfusion,and Pjsmell smd bfa friends drote off amid a shower rtCna^ mud and balls filled with lime Ope o f ihoibells ot lime stmclrMr. Far- ziell ff^ollin the face, cloeing hfa This infuriated Parnell’s frie ringtoK, advancing towan Down^.who was ak the head o f : tjpp<xjCB(s, ahouted, “Coward! js disgraoe to yonr chnroh.” iendZ Hiar- iward Father ParneU’a you are skllthe limcv tho dock sell to ^ ^ e with nil and this was donii. nally got ill’s eyee, ere intensely o'bliged to stop at a , fsinting conditiotu inable to rer ----- -urged Mr; eed to tho k ■way on tho road. Mr. Parnell’s eyee, whlc* were quite s d q ^ , were intensely e town. ivlog mt tho Victoria Hotel Mr. Itt too hoo leded fromom the wagonet Pamcl j i ^ t h l fr to hia rcpm. Ho reoKnod ii ifiiair, ridhtlesBad'eufiEering thg most intmso a ^ u y . H e will remain in the b a n k e t bis doctor. D cam , Dec. 17.—Though Mr. Par- xiltanffecedintenso pain from the ef fects c f the lime that was thrown in bis «je«akOistleOotnecTeeteiday, he was able a t midoight ko address from a win of the Yfctoria Hotel'at HUki filfan bltn heoams generally knoivn. r Ifaid^'tooaddxeashis face was cov­ ered wiih bandages. He detailed the oveuta a the day and riie crowd became exaspextted a t the maimer in which be had be«a treated and many threats of veagenoe were made. This morning Farnell’a breakfast ----- ’ ‘ in bed. A close ea ________ eyes ravSalcd tho fact that hfa eye ia notiojwed. The surgeon in attendance, upon b ln fears, however, that inflama tiou may set in. He bat ordered that Ur. Parnell keep hfa eyes closed, and hot water foments be constantly applied •0 them. I t fa not likely he will be al- 1 jwed to leave hfa room to-day. DtraxJH, Deo. 17.—The surgeon at­ tending Mr. Parnell fears that the in­ jury to hfa eyes may resnlt in serious consequences. He has given orders that for th e preoent his patient ehall be con- flold in a dark room. Mr. Parnell’s eyes are badly inffsmed. Loxnos, Deo. 17.—1710 Times Kil­ kenny dfa^teh says: Davitt's onslaught was aq. sudden that Parnell and bis com paniona watched with bated breath the progress of hfa darkfiguro in anastrachtm caa^ a s he hewed hfa way along to where the fight was thickest- \When Davitfc had made half the distance hfa hat was! battered and shapeless. He re- celvad many blows on tho face, the left side of which was especially badly marked. The handful ot men m th lum who had forced their way from end end o t the rqnate,qnate, nilil boroore tracesaces >it way from end to ^ r o b tr oi di _ __ ^.^e. They had driven before :hem « force of fighters who had dis, puted wvery inch o f the ground and dealt out blows with lightning swiftaess and effecii .Davitt presenting himself a t the very steps ■ ............... .. breathing di and haggar through themaddened puted Every inoh o t the grou out blows with lightning awiftai Davitt presenting himsek, ^ of Piuurii’a vehicle, .and ifiance with gleaming eyes d look, then pushing back __ ______ crowA aroid tdie ebtill cries o f his partfasus and oraMokisnf hfa opponent^ was worthy 6 |« 80 de of the fray, Tha-Paay Nevfa,,oorrespoi^nt at Kilkeuny, ooUthiata the Parnedl ^ to­ day with the Parnell of &>year sgo. He saya: Whtol Pameft was denounifing Tannev arid Bavitt his white teeth glfamed an.d hfa words issued h a r ^ y and fMOoidmsly, I t was not the lo shoulder in [arringtop^ of the latte _______ face was thiner than 1 eve* betore sk'w. it, The lustre of hfa eyes ffsa goUA .aUdthey seemed tired and dtsed. H e ismoked many cigarettes. ” . - - |j|a famiiiaritieS: Bis geStioalatfaiPs aUd with his followera were utterly different frpmuany think I ever saw in his de­ meanor hof ore,, Dha Hews saya editorially: It' is evi- deut Mr. H alfo^ Urdtoed the police not to arrest Mi. Harrieen, Should Dillon and G’firiaa be SutreetOd it wifi faduce to An u tter absurdity aUd a revolting fiction ‘toe riieoty that the faw- fa impatriaHy admlwistered M ii^nnd, The Hows tiusta U r DiUou willuse hiainfineueefa preTant a repetltioia ot the lime throw-; to g lu e ld c u tr ^ “ -------- *^®?**®y Parnell’s power is ^Eighty-twr™-**’^ ' held a meetii toemas. ouaePsrtt* I del^ates from branches lal League in Waterford “ - 'erday • r at E - leeting yest a t KitoBc-- A proposal was made to dis- tell’s position, whereundn. the was crowded with- delegates and speota- Wra- The name of Parnell whs ^ t e d with oheers by the delegates, Imfc the crowd greaneA- A number of policemen gW dto the entianoasi TheHighSheriff Theifiaiirman read a :H n i ^ Delanrilo f e , M o C h r tb ^ ^ MARY DBUSB’S PUTDKBf. If Pardoned She 'Will Heglu Lite -Anew In H e w Y d r ^ ' • A Herkimer dispatch says that ahenld Mary Druse receive a pkrdon at the hands of Governor Hill she wiUho taken the home of a lady ip Hew York city ' ‘ ■ 10 hae great intereet fa her welfare, and who will see to i t that she fa amply provided for In the futnte. .She will be weU protected from the “temptatfanuof . the woriA\ and wiH be.under the direct , charge of the lady referred te; who’h is i ^eady expended quite a sum of rfitofayf s in her efforts testouro the girl’s liberty, - ■ It would he no more than eimpleijusrios' • that Hfa-y Druse be liberated to b ^ life a n ^ w d e r brighter circufasttoi^' would h a v e a s u after'the eleotioi C the Irish p^pte tb Still better rights© toSM ioulnEilkemrt. V adbto , Dao. 17.—^Ihe government haa faatracted the Miofater of ~ ' to issue decree ign arfinlea also been instrooted to prepare a new protective ens oms tariff. ----------- . 17.-7 jf Finani _ raising the duties on foreign arfinles of food. Tfaq Minister instrao t^ to prepare a ens oms tariff., _ ------------- JOBG, Deo. 17 .—The Rus­ sian medical council Will prohibit the use of the Koch lymph until the treatment has been proper gated under the direction of B bossels , Deo. 17.—A terrible acci­ dent oocnered to-dav at tho Beconfflanl colliery a t Hornu, Provinoe of HaisanI faiftof ef; -------- ----------- ------------ toe govern- oat wsrniDg the rope ( with the drum broke, ily and wi connecting the Qi b, and tho mei bottom of the . --------------- Jttom of ;he shaft. Every one of the occupants of the D ojidcw ' , Deo. 17.—Tho suit brought against Gr. turned a verdii jury in the brought by & rry Harks W. BntterfielA to-day re- adict in favor of tho defend- Marks fa proprietor cfatl Hows and a member 0 county counciL Butterfielc can company promoter. _ ___ __ _ grew oat of ohatgoe contained i n a pam- pbilet Issued by Butterfield, fa whioh he accused Marks of stealing •' money from Mrs. B P ^ r leto r of tho B ombat , Deo. 17.—A _________ narivo quarter of this city, containing one hundred inmates^ coftapsed t o ^ y . rhitta persona , were killed a n d many fayored. v P ams Dse, 17.—The Figaro pUblfahcw Rnseiin advice stating that another plot to murder toeCzar has been discovered. Die} conspirators are Imembers of a noblemcix’s club. Several havo been irxested for complicity in toe plot, the otub house has bew oioeed. G lasgow . Deo. 17. —Tne dock laborers here have stmek owing to their en ployers having notiQed thorn that henc Forth they would only employ non-unit of tho Finan of tho London- ” faanAmeri- The aotion ViENSA, Dea 1C —The police to-day lided the ftnosa of a suspected an­ archist. A largo qui liONDOS, Dec. 17.—Mr. Oladatono fa snffeting from a cold. 'ViOTOBIA. B. 0,, Cowiohan district of i Is being devastated by dfaastrons floods. There was a phenomenally heavy rain for some days accompanied by snow, which i^idiy melted, smd on top of all was a ©loud burst, The whole country fa under water. The Eiqnimaalt and Hsmaima railroadfor two miles is cov­ ered with two feet of barns, iwidges ___ . in the town of the flood tway. Noiives lamsge foots ni waters are receding. e a rs reported loet. The Ip fully 1600,000. The Colder To-Hight. ■WASHiNaTON, Dao. 17.—Forecast till 8 A. u. Thuisdav. For 'V'ermmit and Eastern New York; snow and rain, Hoxtoeaateriy winds; gales oatke coast; winds riiiftfag to Northwesterly and oold« by Thnrsilay inmning. F ^ . Western New York,rain or shovy; wfaq,q shifting to HorthWfesterly and bolder' to-: A D e faulter., CKESOK, N - J^, Deo. 17.J-U0Hariea. a trtwted employe^ has defaulted in the $1,609. Bisuveltis but 23 years oldand belongs to a-highly respected family. The money Was lost on horse races. A Schooner Seized, ’Whlbtler’B B irth d a y . . Bfasui6ss*Ti?bttDleB. ne ttrow.; Ekfehtogfa He bad no Hie btot way; tb/Y»pfa ■ , laga cimnrt' penitentii^^for ' a o f her life. Such, kf least, the opinion of topse cenvoxant wiifii' ief 8 ctsfatheca 80 ,andwhosT 08 stis|ied ; the Onondi the bafanoe that her future may yet prove to be Me id uaefafaesa. of happiness and 1 Buried Under a Falling Eoofi . - roof of toanaka . . . ------ a heavy bed of snow a t two o ’clock this moniia* Ono man was killed and eight were rionsly fajnred. The snow storn fa 10 heaviest for years. Over two feet ! snow has fallen, and the storm oon- PrrrsBUEG, Deo. l7.—^ o heaviest low ntQnuin-flve--yesra fa^prevaiiling no. About one foot of snow has The S a w telle Osse. .1 from Dover for RochOeter this morning and wUI view the scenes o f the trsgkdy ’ in Rochester, East Ifecheetcr and Leba­ non, Maine. They wera aocompinfad • by the deputy sheriff of tho catm ^ Attorney Kivel sad Lawyer Higcrly, who alone will have communication With them, im o fiawtelle, tbs pris­ oner, g<5es with toern and will ho taken to aUpcdnta withfa the Hew Hampshire line which the jury visits. OoBt o f P u b lic S chools. in hia annaal report, says (that It c $17,89J,471 to meintafa tho 12,027 pub** lio sriiools of the Sfatalaatyear, anin- creasa of $1,616,625 over the pcenoue (jfrtv .The-value of school kcisMi fa 141,606,734; an increase of $3,859,877 Over last year. The cblldrefi attending , eoborl number J,043,16ff;an fnereaee of .8,847 over last year. For hlirariee, 149,890 was'expended. The Boodle Alderm eo, Htloney ot the boodla board of 183^ , Judge Cowing yesterdsy refused to do so, and set doWn tbo trial of themenfer third Monday fa January. A ’Will^ntOBfc. S ooth B skd , fad., Dec. 16.---Stfit has been begnn here to contest the willof the late John Reynold^ who died ia March last, leaving;an estateof $1,000,- 000. Two of his housekeepers teodvtd each $10,000, while sevetrt ofhfanatr . relatives did not g et anything. Sudden Death, LouisvitEB, E y :, Deo. 17, - ^ ob , Henry D. McHenry, niemherof theNu- rional Democratio oom ^ttee, died sud­ denly to-day of heart disease. . H ew Y orx , Dae. 17—D. SuUivanone of toe Irfah envoys, eriled for Hverpool ■Who sells the cheapestf Kiley, 82 lYesc Bridge. ddtAwlt Bari** market. O ktoass . Dte. 17 . --’Barley maikst noinlas]; tsaTSc. whiaaernM- !ornj>30J^a;i)oM» $H J7Jfflard,-$t<ft. OmoAOO. Dea. 17,--iI:U A. M.—fahaat, lary.S^May.tokl. Outa, JaimMr..nra 5*ug^2 £ 1 ^ tieditirix ail’d coiiStaOh CAttle;’ ch&&ffd 6 n-OhTl 8 tinas and good Bi ___ oil r titttat. ^(^avs^WB. Bes. Ir-i-P^etemn Market fs 6'taek rtark«t-'See«ii4 .. ■ fe^efaitod pifectsquiokly give waF far simmotiil Div^t Eeguldtor. deotOdeod^iw , '

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