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m l a i l a J a l W M n w m . . ......... ^ . x v i i - » -3^0 253. OSWUGO -N. Y., MONDAY EYijSflNa, NOVEMBER >,1890. }■ / . m G J W ® A ' SBVIBII STORM SWEBtS Ij-- i)OWN THE LAKE, ^ ^rK.^ SoJidpW Garbllnei' MaraU G n d e r^b.eS ’o rt-* tsela tiiW ffw S a o a p a o f < ? ^ r Vesi i^G e m ral J i a ^ I n e V - -.— The Bolioofiera Alhacora anA Oarolino ,:• SatBii lplVthelMitbor^^^^^ j t yeatai* • f 4aytoaaMifitb<«3^4wuaafp^ 10 !Klnd: waa tfien Soiit^eas^i. Aa-1 jro oft Bjg ^ d u a lihe vlnd change utW&T7eet eet w dd a p t«m«m off hailall -md-1nd- i-thoy ledto V j^u W a p t o h -a rajp ‘ ’ Tx fho ‘■lahOi Both ffahoonoTS S S l S a i a t t e d h a ^ for this The Alhaohjo a t 7 s . a; She iSSJSSE\-^ _________ _ . . . iia the '•tonn. The Caroline-Mawh. arrived a lltBe iaterafiAwasSaet by tho tugCo^: |»eatt] |w e W in g crow ,wli ■f The r ^ ' i iaownedl by Captain John ■ ■* \ Ewart o t Poro Eope a n d la saUed b y hla Alba him. The yeeeel''tens not- h by him. The yeeeel She was loaded by J. 4 -this city, ' consigned onto. The cargo ,T^vdee6l vAs built in BgentJtor I ItoM r. iIcGlU:& Go,, sd. insured. McMurrich of & H. d. Co,, a t Port. BTo^, rebuiit in If in 1883, and is Valued a t $5,500, Ton- i n If dag? 3 by Collins and again ige320. ^■ptaiTi T^nc^flrd* of thl ii>g. . four o’cl coal for ho Eohooner Ac- 11^ this mom*' *,H© said: “ I left Pair Haven at o’dookc yesterdayesterday iJtemooa with y ■ coal for Belleville. :A squall oatio up fromthfrSovithweat-at Avo-^lbolc ml that I could carry no call whatever, bu Bailed before it with bare polee.- 1 was p off Oawego by the picked u p off Oawego by the-tug-Ferria « i d towed to port arriving at aoven o’doot. It was onfr o f the worst storms doo t. I t was < }f hsvo 8eenonJMh*e8.to Fbrt ItefuB. '• The following vessd was chartered to-day by'the D, li. dS'W!. DownhjgforToledO. 'th e D, li. dSTT!.: iL T. T H E S C H O O N E R XJNDISEL I S h e S trik e s p n B raddook’s, PC ' “ Boot o f W a t c .tmclSinka t n a Tho Crow Safe. N. Y .,' Hov.' OHABtOtTE, chooner Undii ■ g tdooflaatoveni West o t this line, o>»nEd by Captj ,00 tons coal from & and headed for Charlotte and 1 ;Ure, cargo 400 bound for Toroi oflast _ his port. Tho schooner was put id headed fo r Charlotte for sound fo r ToronlOj was c aught in 3t evening when about 20 n s ^ t c r . Tho sea was heai brcaldng over tho vee» iptainwas kcc > tJht so k jl ine of the rock dose a s possiblo tJho Senth« ahoro in order ivoid tho Eca. IThen passing Brad- dook’a Point, about 8 v. M-, tho Captain deceived by the darkness na to his ICQ from shore and his viKsdstruclt of tho rook ledges which at this It r u n outinio theloko^nearly amile. i-tTndino struck a glancing blow, to ^ tJho Senth « dock w a s ____ .distance from shore and his vi^sclBtruclt Tho-tTndino struck a nnediatdy freed herself and.washeade out. An'exanunatlon was made a n d it rapidly. th a t she was filling r. Tho - pumps were put work but were unable p her free, and the jerow, conaist ■ four tnen l< 1&! capfehBi t X and a- woniaAcook, took to tho yawl bojfe smo nont too BooDj as tbo Ve-“ ’ —nk - - Aita: 10 vessel sa Imme* V » t u ^ & C o . o f : V w as unable to n iGaeBiAf. xlieckptala in whatcmidition the .bontth €JUI12Xifi&ti01 { everything they had, and one of them, 1 Michael K d l y , --------- - grained. had his aiAle The; schooner Van Straubcqzie ran bere forBhdter about G-P. W. Withioaih ■iflyfag jib gone,-,■ Bt|ddock*8' Point bf^ ooniader^ a very dtogerons {itabe. Many VeBsels have stmok Bear there and “ too bee hopedped themhere wfilfil he noo fartherarther If R is t b ho t w he n f ■f delay in erecting the Ught honee th ^ bM h ^ ^ a d e for »me Mwaukee Wisconsin i The str. jDm* Tcr takes 75»i)0d bushels of ba*J •' • \ * • —shels ip. Osw^O a t 4J cents le Schooner AnPio M. Peter. LOdO bushels of barley from I pswego at a freight I> * fr6i^- |hiSI^ fc^ls port to’ Oswego a t a freight o f g * 1/cents per bushel, with 3 cente a hu-hei • ^ additicmal if the grain is kept Btoretf in ' ; h e r all Winter. Cajpt J* V. PuttlO vain*. ly tried to obtafia a barley Cargo to-day for the aleamer John B. Hall, now St ‘ ■ ^ ipd thtapft—' — ‘ . --------- -tup. ' : ^ e a wem adopted; To’Ogdonslmrg, .. Til? . ^ n p e a # the jub c( i, f2t),000 were ohatfered td Ic a t 8 cents, * Ipffalo, I t coal freights dull and idy. Fair-demand for tonnage, with land for tonnage, hartersr R, ArPacker,' Wa^ihbnrne, iinohanged. ; . The winter is tEok outside, and shipping luat suffer unless it clears up.. , The Parnell arrived in -Buffslo ,thto mornings— ' ‘ . Bsoonaiis, 1 : The steam? Vance, light from Chicago to this, tore on Eleven. Foot Shoal ; 111 o.’olook..’olook, She id on a ight a t 1 o She id on a tOck ottomu This makes the Bcpond strand- ig of_ thehe Vanceance the preeentaeasan.reeentae? The t V the p ............ occurred between Port OolbOme and Boffalo soon after the opeidng ot \^Y ^M o n teagld pasoed Cetroil^ up, li acommiaeion 'thesocialquestic ___ polntcdpreeiden t of the <mtniEsriohr the PameH gets 75 cents oncoal from Buffalo to Chicago, an advance of 16 Port Colborne, 3: Up—E cc I j I, Char* lotto toChlcago, Winilbound—Ganges Heola, , • _ r The water i n Buffiilo harbor yesterday -roeeaboutfour-feeti— InP » y n e * s 'd i% . AtJBXmH, N. Y., Nov. 8- t—(Special,)*- ahd WlUhun tog A geceial panto among the spec tatonfoltowed and the peiformanoe was cloaed, ' 1 BOJTOON, Nov. 8.—Mr. Gladstone has ut.Li.i TI..TLW grAnfj.rt t,TTxt.r.7A dccUitod to Stand IS t Candidate for tho day night. They were greeted byalarge - - - andenthusisstiogathering, Mr.Beach’s ffegly^highly discuseion pt the tariff question waslbg- for de<^'{ng tho The H od . A. Beach spoke at a mass meefingin Gtoneseo Operia House to this city Sat discussion of the tariff question waslbg- ical and veU received. Mr. Burnham' g^vea short addreaa and made a most J a g g j g g y j t e g ^ o ^ Ssyncer’a DOeperate BlulT, Meaco, n 1 V„ N ov . ,3.—iSpcdil]— ......................... sfd r citiaena ot kH.V. keeloe has seen fit to exercise'the for decUntog tho noininatiffi, The pres- ent incumbent of the oEco-Is the right Horn G, J. Goshen, chancellor of the «4oS^<tritoieetoaai betweein the D ^ 'c o m right of a citizen and tell tho people why Marvin Thompeon should be elected xlsce ot Spencer,' t supremo w r i t Spe, Itraits and this moraj gSrded a s a binS- jremo w r i t Spencer is in deapera noTO,ph his pairt is r to silenoo others who gro loud in th d r oppofltion to him. Ur. Blakceles is a prominent (dtizen and h a s many friends. Special Tksdn. . Tho D. L. & W, will rub a special train fVom Syracuse to Oswego Decem­ ber 1 st Train to leave Syracuse after Stanley bas finished hto lecture thei A Jealous Loyer. OmcAQO, Nov. 8.—W. V. Hobbs, a imbler, armed with a sfiletto, entered room last night in-wEch Wim Snyder, a buteher, was sitting with Bessie How­ ard. ;TTie gambler was jealous and made attention to Snyder, and in the struggle 'that'that followeded Hohfaaohte cut'ut' Suydet’iuydet’i throat and Btabhed-bimia the shooEor. Is in a pceoatioui condition. follow H c S --------- - , . . . thoBhoulder. Sdyder Thegamb- The i j l B h ^ l i r i o t a . N ew Y6te; N6v. 8.—The Sish who Jintved y? spendhig the day- vemqniot^jr. Mr. 0'BdeueBid it.waatbe imraffbn of the pauriy.to epead the next three days to thedlty, tothatthey ' rest ^ d recreation. thtongh fiiS country. le hands were rescued h tbqlirendi .^AN EnAKcstBtjh,^ Nov. 8.—Fire was' llscovered at.® o’clock this morning in Heutep BrosrYfc 0o<m paint shop under the-Srandltotel, The fire spread rapidly and theI hotel wa^soott “ — En>Kc®S(36, Nov. S.—Fire to he telel but they all eccapS safef;^ fhe°hot5 hot was In flatoes. .There ihtexcitenl^t amobg.thS guests tiv e r e ’s Evening gcho#, epfens Mon- dap., Nov. Grd, All-wishing to Attend' arh requested- t o he present.that evening, . • oot394td ■ ' ' ' 'tBUHtriaarait fO ’M V S ^ .FOREfGH N E W S , ’ ESTABLISHEI^l 1819; \ Item s of Intereist from Foreign - Lands. have just ended,- have been of a88.erteh Ptovo disaistrouB to {he trad.e I the country ff the measure beeptoea & S S 3 ; £ \ i s ^ r 8 r YiOais,. Nov- S i^Peie HyScintlie yto^ irday (Sxnimenced f c a m p ? ^ agtdbsfe it is reported Lord Salisbury and Ru»- re s ^ t t o g Africa. L ondon ,' Fov. 8.—A ■h h, tour the gov , 100 for deepening the harbor BalUns, for which an apprqpriati<» four’a Iris given £S,0( oon ,' F ov . 8 b a result of Bal- ^ a b , tour toe government has has been desired fqr .a long time, ^ . LoNnoN, Nov. 8,—A leading feature of-'the returns from the municipal elec­ tions is the face that not a single dissi­ dent itoenri success iV 'y et recorded Labor candidates wetnbibo seataftom conserva'ives. The Chronicle It ofibe for tho Nov, 8.-^iha Pope is about to on of cardinats to hn- of theaocW q Cardinal Mcrailtod will probfl ___ , _ e h ^ / w h i c h tended by the Czar and toe memberq of his family. One of the.trainedhoraes.snd- j-_,_ — me vicious— ^ - inedhpL . . 4 m ^® ^ k on M. Giniselll, the manager of the --- fTtns ^ i«.-«gg» -* ---- ■—■— tJircus, The hensffTmrsitogdrtbe man P a ^ added, which ftnuimoty wjth thft TTninn Paeifin a t BAn ~iqr, - ■ha ~ rtholat- aaa C Omn andSiouX City ter woolcl have all tho Eastern b . needi^ And can defy a ll other conni TtoeBfgiQ, Joliet & Eastern co'nnE 1 toe Vandwbilt lines lecUiedL _____ ectorsmpof the EniverBity of Aberdeen. ~ age asthereaaw c<‘b?quet. . jida a j?»i ---------------- - ----------- panics and toe Dock Laborers* UhloBqx pired to day end the employers feared would refuse to acccept mads a JIM ago between panles and toe Dock Labor pired to day thatiba mei toe new terms offered them, and go itive of the Dock atrikA Tho mceentive of the D ^ lA- .borto*8 tTnion icfluenced most of tho , however, to remain at work p? a deciaiaa upon the* co-npers rmcrly aide de Napoleon GiirdiSdcad. * QuEl2iSTOWN, Nov. 8.—The Pennsylvania, from Philadelpb heavy seas, one of whic ■ imer, smashingshing a lifebMt.eboat. Thohe pas- t boarded a a lif T ( B tospt below decks for sixty S ister Rose not to MAriy.- Nov. A = T h e r e ] ^ that Bister Soae''Gertrude has geno' to Ediaia tintrue, She is now a governess in the family of John Eng, S uperten^nt: ___ _;HiMilouru, There is i^ d to have heto no trath in the statementtoat shewasmigagtoL to be married to Shot B y a TVamp. G dthbie , I . T.j Nov. 8-—J. A, Hcl ton, aged 30, traveling from hOMoori to ibis was ^tally shot north of here '’aturday by a tramp, 6? yean? d d F i m u . i f f i S '” S0T.” s— t W \ iS i, t t o w S U I l e r i t t i M - W i i c r e m t i ^ ^ B t e d . IheroyrMnqcauto for toie deed. ■ tPhoErtACuaians. j c s J M E i S i a ...................... a j a r s - r j i i s s f t The Locom o tive O a b Inventor, BaMiMOBEj 'Nov. 8,—John Scott, the inyentor of tho locomotive, cab, died suddenly of heart dieeaso in a etreet oar i s s a ^ t e . . ____ ___________^ BuehSeps T roubles. I p T p l I E p t L l S t OiJT FOR * NEW; •WESTERN LINES,- ’ Sign^Sesauce m J. Pierpout M or- ibune a ^ jtlttr Mr. Morgan's return to New The opinion is that Mr. Morgan’s iins the speedy oonsummattoi v^tio a iiu th e speedy oonsummattonp iheg. Ymiderbilt d?>al more etaxtling jppto^iy B£orgftn & C q » iioldl & coxifr-oX* jing fat^m t in tho Blgto,_Joliet & East- been eom] w III. ■ 1, » „ w ,.. w.,, —trexcl, Morgan, , AxCix^deeira fhelr' jntenticaLia to-bring fore many pasta Uahice agreement eimllar to that .. -------- - uj J iqq Paciflo and te. Thh NortoVeatern alone the TTnipn .'PaclQo' adl tote 1 (taffib itneeda bus with the ierbilt lines East oigo whU the tm waukee Paul and CfrioagoJind NorthwestecnsyateniB, and by the use of this concDsttog. Unk the Vandecbtlt lines East and West of Chi. w P be able to transact their ' Tho OU Oomi>anies a t W a r , j E isdiat , O , Nov. 8.—ThoManhat- wanout Komr Huriugxi umcogo Oh company, the strongest of the ' Standard to battle by advancing p ^ ^ f Bn^eyeoU from 80 to33 c? cago w P be able to transact their through cramo wiibont gdng through Obicegp Coontinmatjoa of the deal ouU would, ipnte thhVdnd«bilttabs<date ooU- trol da'idKinfioiesaway. system from N o # Y b x y : tb 't^ t^ ; ^ m e s ? w ^ m m s ^ would thenhen needeed woulduld beetbecontroi the control would t n wo b ct toe Central Paciflo branch «jf ,the Sonthem Paciflo to give them indepecd ent lines through from the Atisntio to b e 'P& ^ o coast, with.lmrminals to & n Francisco and Poctlsnd, Oregon. The Oregon short Uno of the tTido) Pacifloaciflo iss ^lreidy i d y fumishtogmishtog ann outlottutlotto P i a fu a o •the tatter Tho fact t o t negotia- VandetbHts will suct^ed u control ot that property. 8 luthem Paciflo in their c Tanderbilis will he mastera <f tion and bC able to dictate terms to all other Toada ini the count acquiring . With the t control, the jra o the situa- too country. cmcACtO, Novv 8.—The Evening Jour lal saja i t has been practically settled nal saja i t has been practically that the Wabaah EaUroad will i.s hoes from B u to , Ind., to a connec­ tion with the iVestem Indiana, thereby rmidertag it independent of. the (Msago & Atlantic (Erie) for An entrance to. Chicago, and t h a t the Canadian Pacific will bo ^ v e n a Chicago line by thoaau j^In to r e s tto g W h e a t S tatistios. W ashesoion , N ov . 8.—Amount of wheat availat^te for export for crop year 1880. Government estimate of the crop of WtoternndSprinfe wheat for 1880is:. 403,0b0,0fl0 bttshehq esthnaied amount wheat arid flotir o n hind July lat l ^ t , 40,000,000 hus^elsj total, 443,000,000 bi^els. The amount requited for food use (tot aneetimated n estimated population for home use (tot a pqpi of 64,000,000 a n d a oonaumpfiem pffour bushels per bai^ta, ' is 366.000,000; amount required for ieed, 86^000,1\\' for misoelianeoiw purpoeei, l8,O00;l ■ ' wk 116,000,0006,000,000 bi dlabte for eixpork 11 bush els. For yearipaarihe amount ofwheat and floor oh hfmd i t the ending of t h r as touch sui fipiirbhtoefi. Sm all F o x on Bdai Y ojk , N ov , g.-^-tTl „ __ steatu( the' Aiutoor line, arrive ■ ' t uv?ir 1,000 .„is ipotning h a ^ g uv?ir 1,00 emi grants on beard, meet of whton are ital-. ians. The V ^ e l opmeq itora Meditor- - ___ bdatd her slating small pox hnd (fevsIoped among her pas sengere. . The h ^ l t h w __ _______ charge o f toe eick iuBsengerB and quar- ittoe them and afterwards .disinfect .6 eteataer. ■ _ ^ . , The-Sugar' Trust; Ot only or ppehrted. ^ ROSS’ CASE. The Hoboken PDUoe LooMng for Little 3 -Year-Old T o t.. ' 'N ew Yonff' - . affair.■ P er two weeke past they have been searching for Httle Mary Nathan, a S-yeartolii ohil(‘ atJefle lan, a 3-yeartolii child, whq lisatog frdnj.'her former home' »street eincQ auguBt 6th. On 3 big cities: f c S & T a & . v s i g ' s dark brown hair, bapge(i, and was weak ^\-Ta ber knees d(5wn-^Bemnch so that could not walkliwen^ B»p8 without ing. Shehad no strength; had twu sCarson h er forehead, one over t' ‘ ' eye andpne over the’n(Ae, cat falling dovvn; small h ^ d and end crijssed eyes. Whencailied by he^. m m ^ ffMaryj’ aho would p u t the fore­ finger ()£ her right m her mouth. She waa in to® habit.of keeping ‘ ,to®re. Bbe coidd not apeak' call On her mother for bread. torreeta. were made last night, and a t 1:15 a . jl there were over twenty pti*. ®??ra to the cago-atthe Postoffloe fauild-vi mg, , The warden of Ludlow street Jidl refnsed'to accept prisoners withoutcoW ■ mitments and the deputy id wed several to go free. . - .Gone Hom e to Vote, over tile Pennsylvania rail diaaapolis. Ho will arrive there to- -riow ;andwand illrel 'in ' mo tpoming wil rema there ■jnst long enough to cast his vole for the -ttepublicsn ticket and to make a sborr Attorney Geperal • Miller and __ - - —j., ___ _ riaugbter'left here in company with the “ d the.number of Uyea lost was 70. President, The former will also vote in toghty-five percent, of thetnen lost this Indianapolis and expects to remain were foreigners. the number to date there was antosnranto number of lives lost is 80.' bis previous year there were 14 S=wa™SSlsss€3 n of the cows were imported and Thirteen of the cows were imported worth $3000 each and belonged to breed- jtogaBBOciationB and fadividngls. Only 14 cows, two bulls and three ^vesw e re ived. Wm. Gordtm, a farm hand, w as ireroomo by the smoko and nearly lost is Ufe. Loss $86,06'’ * C(unpanl( wiU probably meet the advance and a great •dl war fa now on. *Tfao excitement now on. ’ The excitement among prcducihts and operators fa already of on absorbing character. ELUiEi,Nov. 3 —At a public meeting of the Irish-American societies of this tsiasm was ime-ralofov io by lead mr of holding a grand pffon ftsr Dillon and O'BixEn a t an early day. Many citizens UberaUy subaoribed funds to be given ts I of the evicted and sfe ' to strengthen (he bands ( xders who are fighting ited in the c It^and. Speeches were made tog citizens in ft b ^ i c lea? battles. O aplkln A llen Resouod.- r- FHn.ADELpau,Nov. 3..—Captain John , AUen,hen, masteraster of thehe schoonerhooner Cornel-tiu ached h&e J, A m of t sc Co ius Hargraves, reached h this morn- tog on board the schooner Sarah L. •Davis. Captain AUen refused for the present to moke any statement regarding the collision between his schooner and toe steamer Yiscaya. He said the ac­ count given of the wreck by hfa. first mate wasqqrrectin every detaU. Upon being pressed for a stateinent, Captain Alien finally said he would give? ' ‘ in the day when he had trana ‘ pressing business th- >| ie had Axohbiphop Kenriok. S t . Lotos, Nov. -8.—Discussing tho report of the election of Archbishop Een- riok of tiffs o i^ to theCardiaalate,Vicar \ ’ \ ho Stateds nearest to General K ady, who sttftrds nearest „ the Archmshop, scud yesterday: The arid atchbiah( people, clergy, bishops'tod nrchl of Ameihto have intimated A desite ' ' iblshop ' iresSlon will have Archbisho Kmariok made a cardi­ nal, a n d ld o nqtthtok. thisis unanfinons th be .without its expected celebrateelebrate thehe effect. Next year we c t golden jubilee of Archbiehc^ Eenrick’s u;E^atiQn as a bishop, and we think the It for tho bestov occasion fit for the b^tow at of a card! nalslff^. He has betot a bishop for fifty years and fa entitled to the dietictotioh. , To Increase Their Stock- F rot , N. Y., Nov. 8.—The stook- Iders o f .thehe Cable flaxax millsi hi holders o f .t Cable fl m oided to increase the ospit? ;00.000 and estab\-*'' - - 1 have de- , ____ And establish' an exetensive plant for. toe weaving of coarse tq mediuaa linen frabrics in cinuieotion with its.btiBineSs in ydrns, lim thready The'company is enabl thiaand give e hundred addito ported fromEun^e.- A Oomblner ipany la enabled to do iploypient to several indred additions opsrativ-. manufacture of goods heretofoi Europe.- NOW York, were pg herefiatttiday. „ ------- . „ ------ pot disclosed, bu the asaumpttoP isjthat toe meeting #a f(pe toe ptopo(se Of forming a f'oombtoe.' The Jugiro C ase Advanoed. the mo of Suibi a S i ^ - a s a s v - . i ^ e s t s for nieKal R egistration, N ew Y obk , Nov. a toanfeat And Baton himdted men on chaxgfe' o f • ------ '-^Iticnhad b e e n p K ' to . raigned before^ Hnited'Btates'Oomnffi- jffoner to*day and held for eramfai^tinAi, The Y e a r’s' D isasters, G loucester , Mass., Nov. 3.—The Times-publlahes theannnal report o f th e - ' loss o f vesselsfromthlsportforthoyear,. ! being 18, on which Dortog the G p o rting|Iew s, 3 Corhett of Ran ..TiVnr lenge to Frank giavto Corbett in - an ' interv B o^ectedUo Slavin’a rel '\ . S ': ) offering a o wpifla suitable purs also wager $5,000 on the outside, Ho expressed his wlHtognesa to meet the. winnerof Uto JASkson-SIavih ffghh ^ At a special meeting of the directors \ of the Boston Players’ Leaguedfib.held . toa Bostonston onn Fridayriday everffng, Secretarycretai Bo o F evening, Se t'xbtoson of the Now York clnh stat? haft the two <dub(B in New York had de • and would like to - emeo of tbo loyal oluba in the Players’. igne, and it is said that New York and Brooklyn will not be invited to . UMAshlngton Notes, vice (mnunfasion. of the prominent offle ofiice department have go: homes to vote. Mr. Bell, ' :ho post- ?ho2<rhqmo r i t i r a E ^ . A C o stly Accident. XOOBVILLE, E y., Nov. 3.’—Tho Louis­ ville people injured in tho, old Colony railroad near Quincy, M a^ will get about $76,000 by a compromise just made. Judge L W. Edw a^s received $3,600, Lucy Johnson, Oscar Fenlay’s' colored nnr8e,'' reoeives $0,000. The re- • mainder-goes largely to relative of those Who were killed. Judge Tenny Dead. L aksiso , Mioh., Nov. 8.—Judge E( „me Tenney died here Saturday higl aged 74, He was State librarian for t? i L _ ronizC and common $3 69Q3 SO; \\\-•\oliowniesaoiwstliefl.uotoaHons of tbe gp«inlatlV8oi«on», Wpoxtod ?wS, e . Wheat. S‘ ClOSlllg ■ il 1 o o r a .^ m Olofllag 1 (kts..:- Opening HigEeet r I k pork.... of\^l A W . . - s -ill 4.* OLEABEl) NOV. 3.189(}. Oswego. UUca, tffhblsfltofKliicvine. Inmbsr S raOne- ai-~v. ^>a()toe,'8Dpishlagiis^a» A I B ^ . 155,094 f t Inmbto e:f Wannell,Syr«ons6.145,7(B f t Inmber, A ' ' - 2

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