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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, July 14, 1890, Image 2

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A ,W rii:erM > ts c o v e rs Fcxv S e n - ’ ' ' s a t i o n a ^ ^ t u i n e s . ^ ^EASI1>^ OIBLS WBAR CiO|HES. Them selves Irt T o in m lnons n o t.e» T h a i • JEOtefamlly HWo T h e ir C h a rm s . - S S S S s B S S i S S roiTO«Tifflf!jUygMineai»,fc^ looked to e n t i c ^ r X ^ » l u , iB em d o a i«alZ lltailui lilMWdiohu,, iritDniXlKd xiotic ig ly i n a ll tb e t f Tbect she ______ jfdlk6nt<ilet? Thwo she in s U i i e Hannel suit^ all liinr floe i^pottioaa aeemttijgr to lUare 'Oielted to­ gether; her feet anfiat ai^tbue lureM^ leem coma on her toea. n u t to nothing rolling ahont ,on the sand heJng'nlne-tfentlui bosh. The higher in the ao^tJ scale the bather tho^ moralatithdo sheconsideHlther right to take lathe maitor of horTMttle she ireai Yet evthshois muchwUed, b “ ‘, ' has dlseo^ ‘ \at The prittf yoong Uett, that looked _gwaet and Xredi nnder their daintr '■ ................. ' ' • • - 1 jjlo . \ -rater J r t ^ a t r i i ^ e i j ^ f tl h ^ , and whsK the) hakalentthenxaOhiikxB. Xj^noonethinlc: : areetceptiofis, f o r f lii^ a t e a o ti * hing drees a woniaa Is either a sk abathint, _______ _ ___ ^ o r a ahapelee* mass, Xsland] ---- - — ------ ____ -- jar.stockings to thsir oorni than bsthira at the xapOrtK. drat naftaadj, and ----- sUtthnioretsiMe ianbeerredi *lltthnioreta»te^ ----- - --------- , __ dnigattiildrcMe^Wliieh have some £ ^ lo ......... .. \• ■ I* In the way bf white attempta a t trihinilBit I n the wa] braid) o r bands or oollaia o£ i - t o l e d h m . ’ P e r e lsn o p f i » behind the truth) whit* is that seakertherSls-little to i rniUenhmmmm^ S s s r . « ........ ..... ■ '-isiaairta' drtssi^ hate long sternest Tarkit& ’troBserS)'iui< Itrer or .dark h ;.'Aiwiijam;kaSd^ I M h ta to i t n n M U t o M t o t o t o - . ' f c f f l w a .bnttW theyM saalW rd, \\'■-ttaw^oaaft - \Now tho same ineffleienoy tbnt pro- ; Tails ,,amoiig Btreeti oonmOs^oiiers in ‘^Ixo lioifo 0 are wh^VerTrastained s S a --------- - --------- - --- make and main- conrt, recently deUTored air-opinion in a Kit scxykoTATioifs r^nroiraxm been>eea doneone toto tho S n ^ i s w ’s satisfac- T d . Hon, ond tho cost was claimed aaacredit - ----------„ ... —j contract, equaled the amonnt of taxes due to tho township 4obi thotaspayei*, TrithTThom ttle she wears, d because the iwnshib^ the contract was made* Kio township anditois disallowed the ............. I she is mn^l because the ground that the supervisor* __ ___ jvered th sCa'air and sunlight anthority'in nuudng Buch, lotths sodetj^hella ottodaynnderstands .hcrcnU thoroughly and does not want to idesfcroyoHnjurQoneatOnnofberbeanty. - • ■ I t is, how^^r, true thdt. the high soci­ ety sir! Of Newport and Narragansett^lhr iWiilgb farthor than would be. allowed tt> ,thO poor g irls Who hSs'b a reputation to shstain withont tho hblp th a t money a n d position glTb. In some places the sOdety 'ghda are content with the bathing. In thesis two places they wax ^ - _____ Wo places they want admfiation With it) W d I noticed that many of them a- fact Is- for these v Isensation i^ashon The earth of tho Cemetery of the Capnehsi rsw .„^ ,..— ('of the s ightsisih. . ...... .. ..... fStpSieWOtahip heiwlawpinfflptedfreakt of barlesgtts mUlineiy, such a s the trim­ ming of tacaat skulls . ^ t h deep Idlls of lace. One poor shade lay Jin purple idlk. ydnpg ladQr’s mummy wasadbrnim w ith. a Silrer crown, ftatiutio Shoes, open work\ ttOckingtaadwldtakldfgloveS,” Jere I h ^ the time homa o w ^ ) was rt- wtheWritneeaSliuwlef.tiiaanMeiiie. iNewYork, JLlawMraakedkim; t)lnNewYqrk) J,Iaw|SK rmmymumhshadkllM T e th t m ^ laOfsmryoneherepUe^ \Xkfia” m „ ,._l told the stmy to a —, ____ le b f % wmnlmkniidwaanaiMd yamSk igaUT4h« smnewho murduwd MiUiOa- CS Sogers many yearn ~ ‘ ^ f i i i p u p o f t i r i g , ( f ’■ \ * '“ 5! vemady^v l,8,s(l-amonwen*W*wlytopcolnrMii» f ............ pledge* mbUckimawhite.\ ' ; , Naid Ttmei. Theekpreamon Ja jtemiliair to, western, WJ, Pioneeia have heard it before, ia r d '^ e a are of w conditions that fbl- . ........... fst settlers Bard'timea are of thdcondil low dvilimtioin>.YSh«6-tlM came to. .tafryortalsby OSarlM E. Patter. UltVist i S f a » ”• JTudge Yerkes Kaid that the oimtract was clesrly within, the daW and sndisw the ■ supervisor had the right to make, I t ' also for the making of sucharebdasth r l»WCpntempiates,Bi “ exceeded his » tmrtiact. rxmtmct* hard that bread was scafCoimdluxi^os rifemikndwxi. Butlhe weroqnife b u t t — -------- are in debt and il wail that . thepresentianotfromhugger' ^ m ^ v a n to f mbitey. The termera d they are h the maiiteria] by tho act. ItwMitTM it m ^ h trcsultin xnaldng a better tharac- tcr.of road than is nstuOly provided by the ordinary supbrviBor.Mt no! better than the statute intended, 8honld, .bo ___ ley are distressed to- pay their interest. They owe ihterert he^nsetheyiiavebbenixwrbwing. Some- havobotrowedavobotrowed judiciouslyndi(douslyand and sonxi'i|xebaTe h j 80 not. Themanwhoborrowedtoimi to bhild fen( ijndiciouilyaii made.\ P: , “ “Judge Yerkes-sidd-fhat insuasd o f r making snchirniuovmtnente-to tho xoads \ pthemeionBtantdy inre \ le t e ^ y ; hut thaono who borrowed; y debte to buy pianos and, fine maVlrig aawould ^jonthehardhed fcoittthe _____ looM c a r ^ unbroken rolling stones ami iS^tea ItdiM alongside, without Tefereno* t e m o o n ^ b n of theroador theneoi torrepaixBorfillingnp. Thbeotise^r that Often ^xxL toada were i 0 , If not nearly impaaaahle, ftw a telle■;■ - EoW I t H e lp s, t e a B y a generous provimonof the Mc- h ^ i^ r tariflln ll American toniista re- tem ing from abroad conld bring in, $300 worth of dothlngfceeofdute—aprao- facU saving of over $900. Thefanhata 0 poor onea were negleiMl. mmply because the : ^tehM did not fu m i* snitc h n im tEdJceesonst beoSnae sUppoted tube inexpehMve, and, --- vs a-,. * ^ i-f.T. H H 3 S E 3 M u d g e The lacO hortea jhxtdd and Jai-., l ^ e a have been aaaeesed a t 19,000 and 43,000 respectteely, The Vaxmeanf -Alli- a n ^ i s n o ti»^& f i«d;^licI^rteid Ax- tell coetllOS,000, earned 940,000 in t U stud the 1 ^ season and that Itie. Axtell’t cm ova *■ threatened to movi him froia TwM , Nattte if the aiaeeament Was made Wgh. -T e tke Haute Bp^hd- the highwhyt pf'eacTi townslUp where moetneeded should each yeM beputin a state of pemiaaeht improvement, w ite such temporary repairs only as are te afe Timid ca{dtal kod its boot hddqg •ervanttbe^dgethe pooe num the roof | pooe m a n th e roof gtyorhlm b y o ar omeatcad la w .. T h e ndlroada doa.** itet te be otMinKtod in l a ^ h n w tr ^ o f 'h t e prodnoe tiw y a h im w * aa over hlS fiUnily*s head homestead law. oeeding e lw tio n te^'w lteT h y 't^^ b a ^ ^ t e t t e t roadtonsirtietioU, ln(a?e**e „ ------------ „.,„iotelnC]— taxation. Horapincreaseof t u to ammmt of jo cents , on '|100 and w less, heoanse of jrosd improvemenva cal giimt lue teinotion, 3es% beoanse of jeoad improvemenVh •»* p o r ^ Wonldbe OfeteidmXmingly de- Ikated te the tovmshdpe of iUa SM d U a g k M e iiT : ‘'Hndsr tea present’ htw 'the desiMd ......................... W f i f u - ' ............ \ - ^ Wiled t e n I s t a ^ s f l r ^ to W tek ^ ^ t h s t e a j d i n & baabjeoit trdopot P ^ o r m e d w i ^ . e g j ^ j a s K r n i i r W A T m B O i S r C O m n T H E W A ilK ISE' H H y ^ H '- O k to ’ ■ iB E A R a ^ H l S ^ J d ^ l ^ m m aivem don _^gs>eB, detoUt ltea« farmers of, § 4 h^coselyte te; liW o s No UUHPiiiMiis. p»«;B»wipip; oWAil IH *. i«o«<i T h E O N L Y L l N E N 4 l H E l i , , W A T E B i P f i O C O t I f A t i I f i j T H E M A R K E T , ^ ^fci&WlT - : -.to - i- -- ------ - - - t o ^ l ^ t k T g r f i f “ ^ 4 .o,flQdmQnweddfri&wjir. - iW AW HOCHj> R E i i f O R E P l ,_ i ® s a B s s : 3 g g s ^ i s l i s l i t H o E n a A N v j NARMtm HUOACMl l awiiitiigK tiiitiina \wAWteWlyaraT HO.B1. Okum tfii; • t j d p t w i . l from ancestors i S i S S l ' ? * f bretbuem thefi sy shall ev< undationnof I where enipire I dengjined.\ i. , The’ asetentu L Jteoerjean poll [ jeopardy the it the people, whole commi j whole commtu well being o ft i Therscanboiherscanboi i T ■ perity which ii ^ era. .Legislati , ditionhyreml theburdenof ■ tetationtoimi W£W\YI ut s B M lOUOWK All tziAt trace orpftreel of ------ — to.— \ ; vteolepeepts I attemy fellow I and cities. Tl ' erdstsasortoi e x t from the •outhweatconurttien oortharly on a Una paraUeX to the M lAldlCtKo SO twotiadrtdaiidrorwit ttaenoRMAtcrly parallel to tbe coat llCtK o SOtwoliadrtdaii noaaaeterly parallel to i iJotKovM e w (7 t^U o r tba a iit 41oa o r ae DaUdUlww ^ a a d ih o K n ig l : 'Wbete o n b R th e fan n e rs a ■ naderaiandth , ttoidfthaktiM • t i i s « m tin e n t > th a t i t l s a l i k e Ef<a t e t o n » tte peogress i n te g ® inrnnaancaof a indtaai forfolomr* and tale duly m •n titM amion, andenWred ' IbmilyaaBiirec _ Wity th< ■ ; 3b» Chief of prosperitj beythegcodi tegjy c ^ p L o p t ^ l u r ittu I or nearly a m i never h ^ t e S jntesofhiaat [ and that of t! I tem ilyaadtl I nieainhlsds I X still greate I tainedto lo* i audpfletipif i p^thgansan I paled to SCI definitely;—I ' thswitherite la n d taka thi r w iteatesrw t m S t r f r “ ' i J S i ! . ? : S B L J g H s Ksffottteyain 1 4 « m t l v r w< __ _____ wdi pattem idete would % u t e a t t t i a n d J ' _ ___ ssiv

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