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THE JOURNAL-NEWS, NYACK, N. Y„ FRIDAY. NOVEMBER I, 1940 Pag* Nin* Three Teams Take Football Breather THREE HIGH SCHOOL football teams In Rockland County will be taking a breather this week-end, with only one game scheduled and that probably to have ho par ­ ticular effect on the championship. Haverstraw ’ s Red Raiders will be host to the Pearl River Pirates tomorrow in Bricktown and the interest that attaches to the game stems from the fact the contestants will be struggling to see who can keep out of the P. S. A.- L. cellar. It may be tpo early to count Pearl River out — coinpetition in the county being what it is — but it cer ­ tainly seems that the Pirates ’ 1940 record of four defeats and no victories doesn ’ t promise much, even though only ohe of those games was a league contest. In that game the Pirates were nosed out by Spring Valley at night under the lights by a 6-0 score. The Pirates have also bowed to Westwood, Park Ridge and Warwick. On the whole, it's been a very painful season for, Buccaneers. Pearl River started off with fairly high hopes — noth ing spectacular in the way of material but a few distinct possibilities — but it didn't take long for that 01' Debbil Injury to stifle any chance the Pirates may have had for gridiron success. LAST YEAR, with Coach Ira Shuttleworth building for the future, they ended the season in second place. The, promise hinted by second place has failed to materialize so far, but all is not lost. In their remaining games against Suffem, Nyack and, tomorrow, Haverstraw, any victories will be in the nature of upsets. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, it will not be altogether surprising if the Pirates ignore the odds against them. . One of their best opportunities to turn the tables and. win a game will occur tomorrow when they meet the Red ’ Raiders. After their loss to Nyack last week the Brick- towners are definitely out of the championship race and will be fighting to see how close they can come to second. Nobody expects a great deal from the Pirates, so if they should play over their heads tomorrow the Red Raiders might be caught off guard. If they lose to Haver ­ straw, the Pirates ’ sole chance to win is against Nyack, two weeks from tomorrow. It ’ s inconceivable they could beat Suffem, which has won four straight by lop-sided scores and seems a cinch for the title. Red Raiders Favored Over Pirates in Sole ?. S. A. L. Game Haverstraw Set For Pearl River ‘ IT Tomorrow Dmowiki Team in Good Shape For Conteit to Decide Cellar Inhabitant. The forces of adversity having been complete in their rout of Haverstraw High School football fortunes to date, it is natural to assume that when victory is apparent ■to Ed Danowski ’ s Red Raid ­ ers, they will struggle their utmost to achieve it. . Tomorrow, opportunity strikes the Red and White at Markham Field when the Pearl River Piratcs sail in on a tattered and storm-tossed bark which has gone through on* of. the worst gridiron gnles alnc* 1937. What with the Shuttle- worth- clan having beerr trimmed consistently since October 5, arid rather badly last week, 33-0, by Warwick, Haveratraw is favored. The last league game won by a Red Raider eleven was in 1933. Haveratraw scored a 14-fl victory but has not wo n since. Seven tempts have- been futile, with c a tie. HAVERSTRAW, since its victory over St. Agnes in the first game of the season, has also been getting assorted lumps. First Arlington, then Suffern, then Spring Valley and then — oh, depths of ignominy — Nyack walloped the Red Raiders. Tomorrow ’ s game is the last on the schedule and unless the Pirates are beaten, Coach Ed Danowski ’ s first season at Haverstraw will be a flop so far as winning football games is concerned. . There ’ s considerable at stake even though neither team can win the title. Last week ’ s picking was successful — for a change Three out of three, which boots the totals to nine right and four wrong, average .692 Today ’ s choice: PEARL RIVER AT HAVERSTRAW— the Red Raiders by six points because they are due and this isn ’ t Pearl River ’ s year. Added starters: Cornell over Columbia Georgetown over Syracuse Brown over Yale Minnesota over Northwestern Ohio State over Indiana Alabama over Kentucky Duke over Georgia Tech Stanford over C.C.EA. Notre Dame over Army (no kidding) North Carolina over Fordham. MART. Bowling Scores Nyack Bowling Center mb * T.TT. AfHTK LEAGUE Hoddy (I) 7M-7U-M#: Strack 1»2- UI-140.'Buarh 141-177-124. Plesco 123 1*2-122, Waltars — 122 Braey 132 — 119, Coate* 162-163-136. Wlngad Foot (I) ••••811*711 1 Wil- Uaiii* — - 179-164, Kramrr 139 — 165, Hoo* 141-162-108, Phelan 160-180-113, . Hannliran 109-131 — . S. Swain 157-160- 161. Nyack Bowling Center CLASSIC LEAGUE MfUlnler <•) Tolo 168- Orbinc 202-m-m. Undsmtlll.r 159-166-172, Mathsen 192-178-167, Fred- •rlrk 188-178-170. Cdlarelll <•> 8#7-8l«.748i K. Begble 302-192-116, Demaraet 162-167-166, D. Betbla 169-152-144. R. Heber 208-179- 167, Colatelll 161-145-155. YMCA 5 O ’ clock PerryTratU <i>) SIi*14**«4i Perry 10.3-100-105. Travl* 122-143-149. Bolllday-Nlknla (I) 2«6-221>2ll: Hol ­ liday 128-163-145, .Nikola 138-158-146. H. Runge*(«. RunM (1) Ill-tai-ISV H. Runge 131-116-127. C». Rung* 181 145-212. Ouftorne-Maaley (2) II8*i;7**»0 borna 159-144-141, Manley 154-133-149. Nyack Recreation Major Kaglei (0) :H- 778.763: Cage 178-189- 177, JAnlg 128-138-134. Blind 125-125- 125, Ullnd 127 -------- , Baker — 139-168. Perty 155-187-159. Hwalnn (3) 8»0-»S*-8i5i M. Heudricka 184-193-165. S. Swain 194-162-176, Doer- xaph 167-184-180, Telfer 139-196-166. J. Wqlf 216-201 170. Clubs (1) 847.772-8841 Runge 217-158- 178, Scharpf 135-142-179, Schuler 124- 153- 159, Brown 157-168-213. ChaUen 234- 154- 155. Royals (9) 789.842.889: Milhurn 170- 168-186, Snider 161-172-176, Botta 156- 153-167, Karkna 160-157-172, Clark 142- 192-188. “ Suffern Recreation League Kexnll (2) 752.809.8031 I). Conklin 156- 178-160, Haniourea 118 ------- . Greene — 130 — . Monahan ------- 149, P. Conk ­ lin 145 -------- . Wanamaker — 186-146, C. Fox 154-170-196. Pelxer 179-150-152. MrConnell (1) 72*.774.8*8i Barnea 157- 139-179, Blind 125 ------- , Kerl i — 193- 173, Avenall 185-171-163, Pagdorakl 132- 120-179, Jenkins 127-151-164. That the Red Raiders were an improved eleven ln«t week against Nyack seems verified by the sta tiatica. Their ground game wai nearly thirty yards stronger than the Indians, and the defense, which has plagued Ed Danowski all sea ­ son, kept in restraint backs like Rocco Loglodice and Wilbur War maker. Oa- Harlng.Jolinaoa (0) 371.252.240: Ha Ing 157-142-165, Johnnou 114-109-75. Hoyls-Moek (8) 282.100.818: Hoyle 146-155.171, Mock 136-145-167. Haverstraw Three-Man PUsaurs Palace (2) 499.579.«07i .Ma- (ont 182-162-200, Scully 144-204-191. G. Giasl 169.222-216. Henleea (11 648.487.i44t G. Gambol! 180-176.163, Pick 197-133.167, M. Prokop 207-180-224. Kngcla (2) 412^411.47«: Nagl 173-161- 192, Keaalim -139-116^11, Goehring 180- 154-173. Adlers* ’ (I) 481.447. 426t I.an!ee* 178-' 131-144, C uomo 158-137-125, G. GI k I 148-179-166. nailers (2) ill.l7i.il«t T. Nytko 168-180-211, A. Glixi 140-126-114, J. Pro ­ kop 303-170-205. Rlslo (•> 474.U9.62I: Weller 1:19-163 166, Flore 165-141.164. K. Sebastian 180- 141-201. Gabels (I) 6II.S27.I9I: Korn 184-200 163, Sllakis 160.194-188, J. GamboiriTO- 233-150. fiaaros <•) 490.171.143: W. Pellagrlpt- 189-119.135, K Pellagrine 179-156-110. Yurko 172-15b-178. Congers Bowling League Jtrrjr, (I) MI.MI.fcMi Hen, H3-130 — . Machold 137 — 117. Ulldaralcv, — 173*701,, Dittrich 111-163-171. Davidlnn 701-143-140. Utrlach 141-167-163. lUndl cap 40-40-40. Malloja (•) M8.76S.M47i Mugal 142.] Ward (2) 888.886.900: Matthews 173- 9-150, Murdock 190-159 — , Gasman l — 172, Broadhead — 166-184, C. Mlraglio 165-168-212, P. Miraglio 164- 214-182. Handy (I) 002-S78-H6S: Botta 188-191- 168. Hadley 178-160-167, Grant 178-170- 155, H. Kgllnger 169 — — , Boeschen — 186-177. Karkoa 189-171-196. We Shore (2) HIH- 945-822: D u I kmb 147-205-135. A. Sneider 158-160-193. Nau- mann 176-168 — . Cucolo — — 150, Merlan 178-221-167, Camp! 179-191-177. Knreka (11 8IS.812.884: Brlnker 154- 158-1*6, Carlough 180-141-173, Hill — 142-153. Miles 197 -------- . Nugent 162- 190-177, ^aunoH 120-181-216. Browns (2) BI9.77«-MM»: Taylor 191- 153-168. Bohan 180-129-186. Carlough 186-189-193, Frey 179-127-166. Mullaue 212-178-157. I.afliyelle (I) *98.798.*86] Welsh 147 206-122. Pack 142-140-165, Blind 125- 125-125, Kagan ltO-157-128, Godbout 174- 170-148. Kurd (2) H72.MIS-98B: DeYoe 192-170 180, Thomson 155-152-178. Reckling 156- 179-178, Conklin 160-257-178, Clark 209- 138-175. Oh Johnnie Oh (1) •20.82«>777t Gil- K h II oii 1(8-169-187. IVtrone 184-163-130. Scully 187-159-151, Akers 178-171-162, Mnrasca 223-158-147. K. uf C. (t! 8S«.624.f87t Rliu.l 125 — — . CilscI — 154-203, N. CariaSiml 200-190-202, T. Mullsns 156-117-209. .1 'lark 166-162-174. 1,. Carlwiml 189-162- 199. C. C. Carrolls (1) 609.S81.SMi J. Mll- ibuih 115-136 T. ‘ Nall -------- 140. I* Magurno 175-179-133. K. Schults 178 162-172, Goldburg 157-220-190, ZSchron* 151-181.171. Nanuet League KlaiNlks (0| 846.611.821: W. Burling n 129 — 140. Bud Wslshaar 166-139 — . V. Paletto 193-116-160. M. Flamlk 193-198-168. S. Flail)ik — 148 — . Atigr* -------- 160, ’ Hanke 174-160-200. Supers (S) Si*->3S-86t! Overmeysr 181-185, Klein 175 ■ — — . KaehynsKJ 113-130. Lnlwllll, 133-109-131, iiofpr, j 1 O'llrlm 176 -------- . N. Roth J<T -------- .. Mtlloy — 157-173, Rhbitln _ Krrr,IU 111-155 133, R. 333-121-130, Ryhn 171-1U-173. | Roth . f 181-:08-l33. ;v. . Coach Fleasrd Danowski was evidently pleased with his charges' exhibition. He gave th'fem Monday off. Actually they have had only two days' prac ­ tice this week. Wednesday ’ s rain forced an Indoor drill l n the gym. and today's teacher's conclave- c&uses another curtailment of drill. Tuesday and yesterday were spent on Markham Field. / One of Danowski's aoaets is that he is not timid in expeririienting. Since the Suffern game he has changed his squads freely and the result has been a general Improve ­ ment. The line is beginning to pick up momentum, the backs are operating murt. smoothly, and fun ­ damentals have been considerably developed. On the Jnipetus of his perform ­ ance against Nyack, Frank (Butch) Feeney has be4n returned to left end. ^fiis change, along with as ­ signing Clinton Pari ridge to tackle 2 e« Gallagher to center, and mas Clark to full, compose the clpal revamping of tomorrow ’ s starting liniup. Raiders Strong Haverstraw will be at full strength. No Red Raiders are in ­ eligible and all cripples, except Harry Korn, have recovered suffi ­ ciently to get into uniform. George Bermudcx is back at guard and Captain Ed Beckwith at quarter Eager to win, Haverstraw should find Pearl . River in'^ita clase, even below. The Pirates, like Hav- erstraw, have take n some beatings, but on comparative scores and by complex mathematics, Haverstraw Is awarded a slight edge. Scholarly Ira Shuttleworth, had the precocity to turn out a winning eleven in 1937, before Suffern hegemony was begun, has suffered incredibly by Injuries Fickle fortune played tag with him l n early practice and has not stop ­ ped yet. * . Bononiolo Passer Against Spring Valley, the only P. 8. A. L. team played to date, th Pirates were stifled by their own ground attack but gained consid- rably through the air. Augie Bonomolo does a great share, If not all, of the passing. The Pirates meet Suffern at Pearl River next -Saturday, and Nyack the week after, if the Blue White proves , a breather for Haveratraw, It will serve to fresh- the Red Raiders for non-league Highland Falls next week. Under Waldo Wood, the Maroon Is stead ­ ily returning to Its prominence en ­ joyed In the halcyo'n era of Sam Ponessa, since departed. The Wood team has a 200-lb. line and a fair assortment of speedy, backs. Legion Keglers Sock Peterzells Twice at YMCA Gabels Hit High of 627, Ousting Pleasure Pals League Leaders Pulled to With ­ in Game of Second Place Cartons; Harings Win 2 . Ted PeterzeU's quintet was taken down a peg last night in the Ny- ack Y. M. C. A. Community League when the American Legion up and smacked the league leaders for a two-game defeat to send the Petes down to within a game of the seepnd place Galr Cartons.., Un^le second place Galr Cartons. Uncle a little more interesting In the league by cutting the Y. M C. A. down a hit with a two-game shel ­ lacking and now the race for the championship is tighter than a Scotchman's purse strings. It took only two nights for the Pleasure Palace's high of fl07 In the ' Haverstraw 3-Man League to be ■ disposed of by the Gabels who ! pasted the pins for 827 last night. | Tol reach this 'tot^l Korn had a (200. Sliakls 160 atUtv*Chlppy Gam*. I boll a big 233. T'ne Gabels won all ’ j three games from the San cos who | couldn't manage any 200 scores. ! The Butlers put three fair games j together to take the RUcos by a j sweep. 531-474. 475-440 and 530-521. I A combat between the inhabit ­ ants of the league cellar ended with 1 the Engels winning two from Adler's men. WfAfez, Mcf POk^efe MAW WeAftvIS- OF ASSAULT — Ov'ERSMADOAiep Bf ills AU-'AcfeUipW PROTMgR LAST VeAR., Wes IS t>OW& All RiSMT CbR - MlMSEU= TM i S fail The rjetrizells had a letdown in their scoring and as a result proved easy victims for the Legion. The Legionnaires copped the opening game of the match, 839-808, and then after losing the second game to the league leaders. 847 to 820. copped the finale, 853 to 800. Individual scoring was. way down with General Harold Gise's 550 the only respectable total of the night. Next came Gus Herbs ’ 538, Ed .Tones' 529 and Pete. Hackett ’ s 514. There wasn't a single 200 game In the entile mess, Ha.ckett's 197 being the closest and Jones' next in line. Nyack and Valley Deer Season Battle to 1-1 Tie In Soccer League 1 Indians Score Moral Victory By Holding Favored Tigers To Deadlocked Score. Off Today In New York Royals Win Pair From Club Quint, Swains in Sweep Haring Score* The Haring-Y match was much bettor in the scoring line for the Harings won the first game on a 801-861 margin and also won the Nr con d game ta tunc of 8G8 to 858. The Y keglers evidently got tired of losing close ones like that so hit off a high 072 in the night ­ cap to beat an '805 by > the Har- Suffern Girls League .McConnell S (S) 1900.901.910: Mat ­ thews 129-128-106: Miller 111-80 . — , Diakln -------- 8.'. Gullck 116-97-100, K. Cullen 164-143-115. Scully 139-112-154, Handicap 341-341-353. l.eo l.flo («) 837.899.9081 Knapp 112- 138-134, Kelly 118-111-125, Fleming 115- 86-103, Gerson 80 -------- , Winter — 91 •Iglinget 101-129-112. Handicap 311- 319-319. 9li.> , llonald-B 115-112-123. Conklin 110-122-102. B. Car- lough 115-132-132, S. Carlough 133-126- 107, Reckling 179-133-173. Handiest: 263-263-263. Hello Girls (•) 818.868.8761 K. Hinx man 100-111-153. Rook 115-107-111, Tav- Inr 126-129-9:*. .1. Hlnxman 92-117-102, 131-143-142. Hgpdtcgp 278-278 278. MrConnell flub 1 <t) H8|.64|.SBZ: Schinaige 100-119-116, Marsh 104-94-95 Clark 111-109-110, Waatog 136-107-136. Bnchmuti 1O2-84-10&. Handicap 328-328- 328. him)a Qulna (1) 672.V20.681: Car Isaimi 115-142-109. Greeiisteln 120 ------- . Ford — 127-81, Mills 73 — — , Ward 112-103-134, Hoar — 109-113, Conway 152-168-123. Handicap 300-300-3^0. Hagedorns (I) 987.184.999: Serve u 130.141-124, Geer 124-97 -y. Behrens — — 154, Fox 122-127-108. Sunderman 127- 128-151. Magrath 147-134-98. Handicap 307-307-307. Circles (•) n v 8«8.84H-8»9: Rertero 94- 83 — . lJuiinigsu 83 — 91. Ford — *3- 99.' Clark 113-110-129, Finley 132.129- 141. i ’ elzer 133-139-124. Handicap 310- 304-313. Nyack Y.M.C.A, Community PstersrlU tl) 608.817.801: Hsvkett 150-197.167, Arietta 156-152-138, Faulk 150-162-163, Cost I no 172-1 S5-176, Heehs 180-191-165. Amerlrnn l.eginn (2> 6Mr.8ic.648i GUe 189-188-112, Groep 113-164.171. Banff 191-131 — , Gllmartlu — — 148. The Spring Valley and Nyack High School soccer elevens ended their respective seasons yesterday fternoon on the Valley field. The teams ^battled to a 1-1 tie, both putting through their coijnta In hectic last session. With darkness rapidly catching > on the teams, Reneila made penalty kick for Nyack . and * Riccardl kicked one for the Val ­ ley to tie the score and keep the lley up near the top in the stand ­ ings. The game would go on the Ny ­ ack books as an upset, for the Spring Valley team was favored to win. The Tigers haven ’ t lost game on their home field this \r. Captain Saul Rubin and his Valley eleven ended the season with a record of 3 wins, 3 losses and 3 ties, including non-league games. The Jndians have completed ttieir best soccer season in a number of years. Losing only one game, they won two and tied two other P. S. A. L. contests. P«*. Hprlog Valley Nyork G. Rubin Buuliai Rockland County nimiods were among the huge army of deer hum ­ ors who opened the season today in upstate counties where the shooting of deer is permitted. In the Adirondacks the eeason remains 'open for the entire month of November while in th' group the season will not open til November 15 and close the 30. Blind Scores Handicap E 4 gles Who Lose Three; Runge And Wolf Have Highs. On six days, from Ni her 25 to November 30 Inclusive, , Royals scored a two game win ____ ___ the Club keglers last night in CatsklU • Nyack ^Recreation Major ‘ League when Harold Fenton's bowlers from Suffern snaaked through to a five-pin win over the Schulerltes i n the final game of the Uncle Erta Cole was largely re ­ sponsible for stopping the Y ’ s de ­ cline for after being benched fol ­ lowing a low game in the first Uncle Ex popped a 238 in the finale In the Y 5 O'clock League yes ­ terday afternoon Harold Holliday and Doc Nikola scored a series sweep over Skee . Perry and Clarence Travis while, in another match the Runge father and son duo lost a couple of close ones to Bob Osborne and Frank Man* ley. Gus Runge had a 212 high game and a 538 series to top nil the scorers. ROCKLAND LAFAYETTE BROADWAY TODAY & TOMORROW An Old Fashioned Mellor-Drammer Of The Good Old Day* “ The Villain Still Pursued Her ” Alan Mowbray Anita Lou ’ so • Hugh Herbert — plus — . PLAYS CUPID ” Today and Tomorrow Mat. Tomorrow at 2:30 See Nazi Fear Film 'Baptism of Fire* In Malloys Drop 3 Games ; To Jerry ’ s 5 in Congers! K.F. l.nckatHl Berlins Wood Klein I ’ M ftlmatier Ban lay latitutions : for RIHsh. SEEK RARE JAGUAR SONORA. Mexico, Nov. 1 (INS) — Completely equipped for battle with one of the wildest animals in the Western Hemisphere, an expe ­ dition of the American Museum of Natural History has Just arrived to hunt the rare male Mexican jaguar from a base established at the nearby ranch of C. V. Whit ­ ney, of New York. ' Watson 135-154-117, Jones 181-193-155 i will deer hunting be permitted in the southern tier counties. The Adirondack region embract the counties of Clinton, Esse Franklin. Humilton, Jefferson, Lev is, Oawfego, Saratoga, St. Lawrcnc Warren. Washington and those por- t tions of the counties of Hetklme: | b and Oneida lying north of the main u line tracks of the New York Cen- | h trai Railroad. Catsklll Region The Catsklll region Includes the counties of Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange. Rcnose- laer, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster. Three new counties have been, added to the southern tier section which now includes, Tioga, Tomp ­ kins, Chenango, Broome, Cortland, Steuben. Swains, in order to get all their top notch howlers out, had their match with the Eagles push ­ ed forward to Wednesday night and the arrangement brought swell results — for {he Swains. The lat- tcam won nil three games with big scores while the Eagles showed up with n couple of blind scores in the fiist game arid had one all through the match. The Clubbers started off o n the right foot well enough when they took the first game from the Royals 867 to 789. However, the team folded in the second and the Fentonltfis- copped by a sdore 'of-* 842 to 775. The last game was a humdinger all the way through ChnUuqufc. Aneg^Bny\ 1 ,h '' Roy a '» copping in the Jerry's howlers won three games from the Malloys last night in the Congers League with the aid of a handicap of 40 pins. Only Rahatin was able tn hit 200 1 for the losers, socking a 220 in the I opener. For the Jerry*. GiJder- slceve had a 201 and Davidson | equalled his mark. ! The Jerrys used their handicap to win the first 853-838, didn ’ t need It In the second, 810-753, and need ­ ed it again in the third, 896-857. Sclecteil Short Subjects Mat. Ep. 5 of “ Junlof G-Men* with The \Head End Kids\ Chemung, Schuyler and Yates Last year 3,973 bucks we i in the nine southern tic in which only the-long bow.lt last fn Gu 889 to 884. Runge High Runge of the losing Club -•ns the high scorer of the shotguns loaded with slugs or a . match with a 553 scries and a 217 single ball may be used. In Dutch- i solo, while Swede Chalscn, anoth- Otsega and Schoarie counties, er member of the losers, was next long bows or shotguns loaded with J best with 543 and 234 lugs or buckshot may he ployed. Gun Lim lotions In counties where the use of n fie is prohibited in taking deer ay person afield must not possess rifle larger than a .22 caliber rim fire. Wild dec: may be taken on land only and dogs cannot be used any time in the state. Deer with antlers less than three inches in length may not be taken nd the fee for deer hunting li ­ censes lemains the same as in the past — $1.25 for a special resident license and $10.50 for a non-resi ­ dent. Only one deer may be tak- i by each huntsman. Last year 121,625 special deer 11- nses were issued and a total bag of 14,553 deer were reported killed according to returns made to the slate. Brown topped the best man onr the winning Royals, Irv having 538 and 213 while Milburn was high for the winners with 524 and Bill Clark had the best, single, 192. The Swains scored their sweep over the Eagles on scores of 800- 713, 936-778, and 865-763. The Bern- steln-Leventhal quintet never had a chance. Johnny Wolf led the Swains with a 596 series topped off by a pair of double centuries with a 216 high. Myron Hendricks had 542 and 193. For the losing Engles General Gage was tops with 544 and 181 Winged Foots Take Pair From Hoddys in Center B THE CORRECT TO APPLY OIU1AMC FERTILIZER IS NOW ! NOT IN THE SPRING Before the arnuori freeaea, rntsr your i sn !i5^Gatdeui,-Hr a freely wilt ROCKLAND FERTILIZER W Inter penetration of nmirKhnient Inanree early SPRING response it a nun .MAM ’ UK ami linpurted PKAT MOSS 98.40 per ton It AW delhered any ­ where In ItnrMnml 4'nunly HOCK I.AM) KAIt.MS, New Uly, N.Y PhnneR: *6f and «68 CENTRAL Pearl Rlvnr, N. Y. AIR CONDITIONED - -TODAY AM) TOMOltHOW aurenre Olivier - Greer Garson i .••I ’MUK AND PKKJt'DICE\ nlM».Sidney Toler la •(IIA It I.IK. PHAN AT Til K WAX MI'SKI'M\ Sul. Mai. Onl) at C P. M. 3rd Chap. ••King of lloyal Mounted*' STRAND SUFFERN — Today and Tomorrow — 2 Big Features ! JACK HOLT in 'Fugitive From a Prison Camp' also “ THE RANGE BUSTERS\ Ray Corrigan - Max Terhune Y. M. C. A. (1) 8il.688.9Jt: Cole 1 238. Thels — 196-195, Maim 178 1 — . Smith 180-180-215. Heap 179-166-1* Powell 178-172-145. Haring (t) 8«|.8«9.895: Heiulrlr 157-177-149. Haring 178-157-165 Sell 164-152 —. Hlttlg -------- 210. YanWy. 199-2DM71. Thels 193-173-200. ' McGinleys Take Toe Hold I On First in Classic Loop! R-B-0 Firemen s league Tuxedo (I) H93.833.Hi9: Devins 17 156 D. Clark 196-155 — , Moran — - 131. PuciUo 136 — 18ft. • Sardullo ■ 164-171, J. Clark 187'-188-171. BentlH 171-170-176. Mnnsey. <•) •69-46*.7lf: Frisrino l: — 142. Forthay — 103 — . Scott inn - 150. Forman — 94 — . Wateon 153-11: 117, I/eporl 140-143-136. Pattereon 16( 135-165. Slnatftljiirg (3) 7 14.7sa.lin6 : DeC.ia* 97-122-124. Benamlii 146-191-113. Storm- 167-116-174, \V. Hchmarge 117-168-166 H. Hchmarge 188-169-112. Went Mahwah (0: sii-Jli-afl: May- hook 131-134-105, Knack 114-113-108. Warguska 119-162-127. Dombnotki 143- 135-149, Timko 108-163-132. Hlliliurn (1) .791.711.666: llui*« 140 Van Henthyseu 147-133 — . 141 — li7, ' l^emoud — 1 * 0 - 182 , 146 — 141, Gannon — 183-178, 157-148-210. Muhwnh (9) 705.568. Till 133-161-139. Morris 121 — 1131. 10| — , A. Ileino 121 84 — , M. Rsmo 160-101 ■ — 141. Ernst 170-139-151 Suffern Hooks <f>. 679- 23*691: B 210-168.210, E. chul Knapp -------- 169, J. Viler I 171-191-18 Galuppo 138 W. Clark 179-169-163. Suffern lloae (1) ••«. thews 197-147-170, How Kchuls — — 166, Onus If*. Broadhead 178-127-15 151-137. Tnlliunn (!) Wsldwlrg «8.S29: Mat- 184 -122 I. 180-221 illly 167 Hoddys tried to improve their standings in the Class B League at the Nyack Bowling Center last night »U the expense of the Winged Foots but they ran into a tartar after they had taken the first I^d by Duke O: bine, Jim McGIn-! ga ^r cry t hinK was smooth Hailing ley* agents tightened thrli grip on foi . , ho Hoddys as Strack stacked first place last night In the Classic I thr mRp i eB for H 192 to lead his League at the Nyack Bowling Cen- (ctun to a 752-696 victory. None of ter whan they chased the Colarellis . Winged Foot, scould get going off the alleys In three straight. 1 NV ith Stnn Swain taking top honors ; The opening game was a hum- wlth 157 . However, it was a differ- 1 dinger as several double centuries , pn ^ 9 t OI -y j,, second game with t * le ^ neu P 8 ’ Orblne had a j ftc k Phelan smashing home a 180 20i f0r * he agPnt8 an ? Ken B ® R * I »nd Williams a 179 as the Winged 202 and ‘ Rudy Heber a 203. |j,« 00 , s downed Hoddys lieutenants latter boivllpg 1812.753, strack posted a 129, the ’ of hU first game and the You ’ ll Appreciate Having Your R. J. HARfNG Services for Home, Auto or Murine at Moderate Rates H.CJ. A Vliri'OR — Pllll.co — STR4IMBERG CARLSON RADIOS RADIO TUBES AND PARTS AND VICTOR RECORDS Despite thi the McGinleys won 909-897. Both squads fell off their high horse in the middle game, the agents com ­ ing out on top 855-826. Orbine wriggled -a 181 for the Men of McGmley but Ken Bcgbie topped this solo with a 193. The Duke again led his forces into the third game with a 178, as the Mc- Ginleys took the finale 878-748. Ken Begble, who had been going great in the first two. folded like an Arab ’ s tent, coming in with n 116 \o help drag the Colarellis down, Orblne put together the three ganics for a grand total of 5Q1. Nils Mathsen jioscd out Whitcy Fred ­ ericks for second place, 537 to 636. Heber was injected into the Cola- relll fold and' he did right well with 549 to lead' ihe losing quintet rest of the scores were weak. The Hoddys struck lock bottom in the finale as they settled down to 640 while the Winged Foots flopped to 713. Three of the latter had scores in the 160s while Strack topped the Hoddy five with 140. Btan Swain topped , all eompctl-. tors will) a three-game total of ’ 480. Strack edged out Coates for Hoddy honors, 401 to 460, Two Roths Lead Super / Service to 3-Game Win Paced; ’ by R. Roth ’ s 208 arid N, Rote ’ s 206, the Super Service Ken Bcgbie had the only other bowldra \von three games f» series for the Colarellis. 511. j Flamlks iast night In the Nanuet ------- i — I — ---------- League The scores were ’ 858-845, HUNTERS DINE N2-811. and 852-822. „ Th . n . h * ^ ' Both 200 -cores were achieved In . Ciarkstowa Fish and Game the , second gamc u . heil Supci . serv sa elation, Inc., \will hold Jts sec- jce ^ a 922, high for the evening, ond annual dinner In honor of| Hanke of the loser* hud a lint landowners who permit their land ^00 mA Flariiik had 103 and m to bs posted lontfcht at SlegmundV r quite reaching the charmed G&rdepi, Bar<loni&.\ |200 clicio ■ “ FISH and CHIPS That Smack Your Lips ” Special Fridays — FILET OF SOLE Served Daily — BAKED VIRGINIA HAM with CANDIED SWEETS Jimmie s Dinette Neer Lafayette Theater . SUFFERN, N. Y. A NICp PLACE TO GO STUMBLE INN Houte 0-\V ( OM; KltS, N. Y. d GUS UOMBEK, Manager DANCING SATURDAY NIGHT 9 Until 3 Speclatiilnf in HOT TURKEY SANDWICHES FISH FRY (On Friday*) ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES Music by HIGh I0R MOUNTAINEERS BEiR WINES LipUORS ; k

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