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y.f>vv ' si* * ,.V ■ . - ---------------- m THE JOURNAL-NEWS, NYACK, N. Y„ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, -*940 Welcome Decision ULTIMATUM! rwk PuWUblni corpwa'Jon. CHAIUJC9 ti HARD*, tt.'. .................................... PrMiatnl r. a miujcr ................ .. ........................... bu « iim « Good news is provided for , Nyaek merchants and Nyaek residents generally in the announcement that the Missionary Institute will continue to perch on the South Mountain hillside, its students still a part |^5tt3«i M A5S*»u? • 0 7Sr\» ‘ ^Sf u “ , ra (5!\i i.' O f the everyday life of the community. The u» unitbd at»i««. inoo » r«»i to «ny t°r«i»b «aar«»» institute is really so quiet up on the hill that there are times it is almost forgotten by Association, and tha International Mora aoplaa ot THIS JOURNALrNUWS told In Rockland __ ... A.I1_ .k. „ _|| ..»uiu nanava mmhinaA sail villagers, just remembered as a part of the landscape on the familiar hillside. During the years that the Institute has been in .South Nyaek many students have & National Adwtiiing ftapr.MM.uvet, Deu«ser-noy<j. in®, come and gone and many instructors have Rockatallw Plaaa. Naw Torlt. Ill Michigan Avtnu* , ___ \ __ , . .. ... . lean. rol.Lrl.ESS Telephone Service from 16 per cent cl Rockland County by uelng the neareet trunk line: SPRING VALLEY 1113 NANUICT.Mt NTACKttM I1AVKRSTRAW «H > FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1940 Fast Moving Picture played their part in its life, and in the life of the community. Both groups have con ­ tributed to the well-being of not only the Nyacks but'Y>f, nearby sections as well. There is also the thought that the Insti ­ tute means much in the way of business to local merchants. When work is' to be done local labor is the natural supply and when anything is to be bought the local stores To have imagined a year ago that the profit. Loss if the Institute had moved away United States would have within so short would be keenly felt during the course of a a span of time have so far advanced in year. r its defense plans that a conscription bill The Institute is the county ’ s nearest ap- should become a law is in itself astounding. P roa 1 c , h tQ f a a \ d , 0 \ e s , enaa il j 8 ^ „ , ° a college for it takfes high school students But it would have been fantastic a year ago and traina them for what win be their ufe . 8 now tq have foreseen , the extent to which work. There is a large population on the the American people have become defense- hill when the Institute is in session, and even minded. in Summer there is always the thought Every organization of a public charac- tha t buildings for the time quiet will soon ter, birth omcial and unofficial, has plans ^ * “ 11 of life and activity formulated on “ what to do until the dotfor That th v er8 w< f ^ “ nts, offer f d ^ comes ” and although some of the plans Roverning body of the Insti ute to make the have from time to time been a bit far- = han S e , from So \ th , to a 8lte ' n fetched yet the willingness to be of service Pennsylvania is fa.rly obvious from the to the country is everywhere apparent. Most ° f 0,6 u vote ’ That the governing active of preparedness movements are those ^ oard work8 , in harmony once the die has •ponsored by the American Legion in the bccn ! caet ifi 8hown ^ }\ e P r °niptly brigade drills and the volunteer mechanic unanimous vote to retain the status quo. dasqea which have been growing rapidly The decision is a welcome one to the Nyacks in Haverstraw. ■ and to Rockland County. Those are direct preparedness activities , , ,, ‘ V *, , ~ which are in immediate evidence but they 118 the fellow who mu8t U P ear ’ y Listen, World By ELSIE ROBINSON #IN ALL MY VISITS to New light and laughter, color and noise. York, I ’ d never seen her. I ’ d Stoops and Are escapes jammed, howdy ’ d every other spotlight per- now. Sidewalks overflowing with sonality except the Tall Lady with Spaniards,* Italians, Japanese, Gyp- the flaming torch who guards sles, Jews, Russians. Illuminated America's gates. So one late af- arches overhead — scarlet, blue, to- ternobn I went down for a get-to- paz, emerald -green. Food, standa gether. bedecked with bunting, flagi, paper o Typlcally American, that drive Howcrs. Surging down the asphalt, from 49th Street to the old, harbor, a carnival tide. Prancing beauties typical of its pomp and power. ! n satin shorts and capes, twirling Ivory steeples dissolving in violet drummajor wands. Boy frlenda dusk, magnificent mansions inerg- nnd brothers swaggering past In an ing with th 0 shadows, canyons of uproar of trumpets, drums and bell big business heaving their chropii' , y rr8 - Tinier, widfe-eyed sisters sol- umed cliffs, flaunting their vaulted in confirmation veils. And treasure. Mile after mile of evi- swaying overhead, brilliant In Its dence . of assured success. And convoluted gold, a great canopied then, beyond a circle of emerald throne — a gentle-faced plaster saint lawn, a swirl of white-capped sea, steadied by a nervous, young aco- I saw her at last — the Goddess of Iv 1 * ‘ n vestments, celebrating the Liberty. feast of St. John. Unforgettable, that' first sight. People from the far corners of Blanketing her feet was the city's the earth, people of a score of smoke and mist. Rushing upon creeds — cheering,, singing, dancing, her from the south came the.fly- ndoring. Celebrating without bind ­ ing fury of a tropic storm. And ranee. Going their homely happy toward the cast one almost saw way without fear. Keeping what and heard that hell by the cliffs of they wished of- their Old World Dover. But, above it all, she tow- traditions, taking what they would ered unmoved, serene — her, calm .the New World culture, face golden In the sunset, her great Across the dark waters their arm upholding Its torch above all people were dying, butchered by fear and fury. blitzkriegs, shackled by Intolerance. Glorious! My heart leaped in But here, on New York ’ s Broome the swift tribute every mortal must Street, these their children, were pay to her splendor and the thing building new hopes and homes, she represents. Then, ns swiftly, Tall Lady, standing Arm above a. came the Inevitable doubt we all darkening sea, holding up her are feeling In this mad age — did torch against a stormy sky — ha» she still represent those things? she lost her'meaning or her power?, Did she still stand for those things is there justice still for the poor, she had stood for once, In a simp- friendliness and fair play for th# ler, saner world — for freedom and weak? She hasn ’ t, and there is and justice, a decent deal Jor the poor ever more will be. and weak as well as for the rich _ _________________ The Traffic Booth •re just the visible steps. Other organiza- theBe ckiU y mo ™ in ? 8 * ho W0 i nder8 whnt be ' tlons are equally concerned with doing their came of the embcr in September. ■hares and while plans may only have been briefly discussed and still be in the pre ­ liminary stages before many more weeks to wear shorts. What is this, anyway — the By Robert Deed and strong? Or had she lost her meaning? And her potency? Those tremendous buildings, that vast display of wealth — It was all Impressive. But Belgium had been impressive, too, and Rotterdam and Paris. Now they were dead. Not only because of the blitzkriegs but because the termites had been at work within. Had they undermined America, too? Had our proud boasts become a mockery' heavy on my heart, on the hearts of millions. I looked at her once Says Character Is Indicated By Person^ Desk have passed the plans will have taken form. War of the Nudists? Emergency units in the county have their organization on a perfectly ■ synchronized basis and if ever the need comes will be ready to swing into prompt action. County firemen, observing from what they have UNIMPEACHABLE AUTHORITY .talcs that It was true — at a recent Nyaek court session of __________ _______________ Police Justice Pierre DePew the spectators were unusually noisy. Judge DePew bore It as long as Germans ’ shirt tails are cut. Italians told h ® cou,d * Finally ho lost patience and, striking tho bench with his gavel, shouted: \Silence! Quiet! This noise will have to stop or I will have all of you thrown out. I have de ­ cided at least half a dozen cases already this morn ­ ing and I haven't been able to hear a word of one of them! ” It sounds suspiciously like the court scene in “ My Favorite Wife. ” Behind the News Nyaek, and tho local vamps turned out on the double quick. As the companies arrived, on tho button, they were flagged down and told to keep their hair on — It was just a test. Meantime, calls had been sent to Plermont, Suffcrn, Haverstraw, Spring Valley, and Pearl River. Tho dignitaries and > indignitaries waited — and waited. The building was hypothetically half-burned, then three-quarters — then a couple of out-of-town companies limped By CHARLES STEWART WENDELL L WILLKIE ’ S recent assertion ________ ________ ____ __ ___ ____ ^ ^ ^ ___________ _ ___________ ______ _________ Moving over Into the realm of politics, we WnT a ’ nrt Mart n/ ’ olr'rairt. in.ViTnA th » t \ lhB mlllUry strength of a nation now re.ta 11 nd County Attorney Walter McDermott chuckling ncara ana read of air raids in Europe, stand p r i mar ii y U p 0n i t , .i r power\ unquestionably is ov * r 11 J° k<! now making the rounds, with only ready to study means and methods' Of com- representatlvs of a deal of present day official sentl- CrAwford's name tacked to It for local interest: battinp incendinrv raiH Cron to nrouont ment in Washington, and probably of all sorts of Son — -'Dad, what is a traitor?\ oarang inccnoiary raid nres to prevent op|nlon thr011gh0 “ t th , cmt ;, ry . Gllly-\A traitor Is a man who leave, our party serious property damage. That IB a branch Upon Germany's launching of the Nasla ’ really \ r,l) Kb*\ over to tho other side,\ Of fire fighting new in the annals Of volun- lrlt ' n,lve »«rlal actlvltlee In the Norwegian cam- \'Tk — '' Son — “ Then what ’ s a man who leaves the other party and comes over to your side? ” . which promises an initial test of aviation ’ s Th,! , County Treasurer — \Oh him? Wh>v my separate chapter entirely in the instruction potentialities in competition with surface fighting b0 > ’ ' hc ” * convert.\^ ^ rtf forces on land and sea. Up to the end of the last ui uremeu. world conflict the plane was In- During a discussion of the cbver-up system, sufficiently developed to justify u nd «r which one Are dopartments details a com- a very convincing guess as to its P an y or two to Protect a neighboring district whose future possibilities. Later, &a it apparatus may be at still another district ’ s con- was improved upon, airmen Aagration, a member of .the Rockland County Vol- demonstrated its steadily in- untcer Firemen ’ s Association last week commented creasing efficiency, but experts that th * *et-up can be perfected on paper without didn't consider Its peacetime th ® necd for a test which might only cause traf- •ham performances altogether flo confusion. conclusive. Upder war time con- Ex-Chief Harry Williams, veteran commissioner dltlons, they said It mightn ’ t and treasurer of the Nyaek department, rose with register so formidably. a reminiscent gleam in his eye and agreed. When To be sure, aviation enthus- the aniline plant began operating In Nyaek, ho lasts, even then, voiced their recalled, fire chiefs began planning what to do Charlea W. confidence In its unqualified *u- If and when the factory blew up or caught Arc. , ... . . , Stewart perlorlty to terrestlal soldiery Harry, then the Nyaek Are chief, had the No. 1 wara pUDUC €Xpr<?SS10n OI & desire to help, and maritime armament. Army and navy men, how- headache. Defense and preparedness are more in the ?Y*, r ' ,pok * , of 11 “ m,re| y » \valuabls arm\ of A system of outside aid to the Nyaek depart- ntlhlip ftva than tha nroaMnn+inl their respective services. In fact, they verged on ment was formulated (It wasn't used, Incidentally, pUDUC eye than the presidential campaign being outright resentful of aoms of ths claims mado when the real blow-off came, for rcasona you may Mild that is S&ying A great deal for a people ky notable flyers. The late General Billy Mitchell a ee for .yourself as the long story develops) and Which becomes imtionnllv nnHHnnl mlndnrl Wa * on° °f recalled that the * surprise test was observed one evening. The wnicn Becomes nauonauy political-minded army court msrtlalled and severely disciplined him whistle blew* the aniline plant ’ s box number in once each four years. It s perhaps just as tor h,a pro-aviation utterances. well for while the danger of invasion may public bather puzzled ii 1 C ’ J £ . I • ■ I think the general public waa rather puasled lltJITldfl OlQ6 Ol Til© f.©V^5 Conscription, when it sends its first men to training camps for the year of instruc ­ tional service, will probably develop a crowd ot new units calculated to maintain the morale of the trainees. These units will be • pant of the defense program as much as the draft itself and It is equally important, volunteer though it may be. ’ All of this activity may be classified as timing toward defense and as a means to- into the scene. When the stories were assembled, Chief Wil ­ liams and his confreres decided it had been a teat to end all tests. “ We never wanted to try it again — 'there is too much risk to lives and equipment, ” he told the county association. The company coming up the River Rond from Picrmont had been stepping along briskly when a bearing burned out. The Suffern truck went out of control as it sped through the West Nyaek swamp, plunging off the road and into the bog while its riders miraculously escaped harm. Other trucks had minor mishaps sufficient to sober every ­ one .who had been looking on the test aa a lai'k. When the aniline plant did let go with a shot heard halfway around the world, Relief Hose Com ­ pany of Haverstraw had a similar experience - ‘ in answering a call for help. At the Congers railroad crossing the hurrying truck waa confronted by lowered gates as a train approached. To avoid plowing through the gates, Driver Louis Barbcra turned sharply. The steering knuckle broke and the apparatus rammed a telephone pole, injuring Barbcra, Gus Joachim, and Fred Waldron. By International News Servlea NEW YORK, Sept. 20. (INS) — The question lay Sherlock Holmes had nothing (Mg Myron Nathan, who can read 0 more, that atron*, rayed head now character merely by study, ringed around with clouds. Then JnfT the desk ho uses, turned away. Nathan, who sells office furnW “ Let's go back another way, ” I ture, acquired this unique talent said. by carefully analyzing each pro*< The sea fell behind. That in- pective customer and keeping 4 credible sky-line disappeared. We record of individual preferences, were in littlo streets now, narrow Nrthan once had occasion to and dingy, crowded. Wrinkled old examine the desk of a noted Wall folk chattering in a dozen street broker, languages on the stoop, hanging out of the windows, grinning, gos- shops bright Girls, lovely Social Register and probably ten times as clever, clicking by in ‘ A chap with an ornate dealt 1 1 t t ^ iat w111 8° to an y extremo sipping, bantering jokes Little to ^ , t ' ndard of llvln B C \ 8 pretense at any coat,\ an y __ !! 8 n Ki„ Nathan remarked at tho time. Not long after that, the broker charming hair-do ’ s and the latest ' vaj| arrcated f° r embezzling funds version of the Duchess of Wind- belonging to his clients, convict- sor's gowns. So gay. so friendly. cd ’ and «cntonccd to prison. Then, at a turn, the street seem- “ A desk, ” says Nathan, \is very ed to explode into a tornado of close to a man's heart. It is the Jumping off point in business, hence is in closest tduch with him. They have no secrets from each other, therefore they are closely One-Minute Tent sympathetic and allied in charac- The Grab Bag 1. Whose motto was \Be sure A dcjk c°u!d conceivably Fire apparatus and its handling must have im ­ proved in recent years. Roads certainly have. There hasn't been a serious Are truck accident for a long time. Years ago, Barmore Hill had a hair-pin turn which on one occasion entrapped Chelsea Hook and Ladder Company's long machine. Tho truck backed and Ailed to maneuver around the turn, with only inches between it and a drop down tha hillside. The occasion? A Rockland Lake woman had become hysterical at a brisk but not calamitous Arc and had taken up her phono to call half the Arc departments in Rockland County for aid. It w r as a wild day for firemen, we are told, and led to closer checking of who has tho authority to sound a flremanlc S. O. S. you are right, then go ahead ” ? 2. What, aro minarets? 3. Which is the oldest oliy In America? Words of Wisdom Courage from hearts and not from numbers grows. — Dryden. Hlnta on Etiquette The correct way to hold a cof ­ fee cup is between the thumb and first two Angers, the other two t ’ ict a criminal; offer tho proper inspiration; destine a man ’ s suc ­ cess or failure. ” ‘ Poor Redmen ’ Pretty Smart, Records Show .be remote it ’ s not wise to be caught napping. Real Shoppers by the controversy. ------- --------------- — ---- T ’ --- ---------------- -- By Edwin C. Hill On the one hand It probably felt that the aviators over-eatimated the plane as a military con- ONE OF THE MAST depressing record of unselfish war effort, sponsored by men and women of trlvance. • aspects of out brave and spiiited Sometimes the take waa as high high social'Handing, or of emln* On the opposite hand, doubtless it suspected w *r efforts of 1017 was thp swarm as a thousand dollars a page — ence in the business community. lot of back ot crooks everywhere.rywhere. They were and the book was never printed. Even when the benefit was that their ^oifflng, snouting and snatching • • • genuine, under honest manage- obsoleacence whenever and wherevfcr patriotic Innocent Sponsors mcnt * thpIe waj5 an a PP a Hing over- nto the die- citizens - were pooling work nnd 111 head, and no matter how alert the partment* have their plans and specifica- c ' lrd PK>f«»lon«lly, •• no long.r worth .upportlng, raaource. In th« national endeavor. .om.\ of * thTm'm t\ mttnIlScmcnt ‘ here were al- tlona and hid. „ ^ , Tha J»p-Chlne.e war and Germany ’ , conque.t ' hc > ’ «*»«\• IK?, , \ lndl ’ *3 Z th.' ' vas '' , rttts n ‘ bhll \K « the uona and mds, a more or less regular of Poland didn ’ t «Mtlc tha dlaputc. If. true that Th. Better Bu.lne.. Bureau, tho ’ -f 5. ... h proceed.. An we have noted. rv. , ’ .. vrn ine oppoeue nano. aouDtl __ r _____ . . VIM 01 uie most difficult sales jobs in army and navy officer, of being a lot of back ot crook* eve They were and the book waa never printed, the country today is that nf nuntWa, who didn ’ t want to balleve that their »nimng, snouting and .Hatching Rnnar.tn. * 1 . 86 „ , tend and a.a outfita are verging on obeole.cenco whenever and wherevtr patriotic apparatus to volunteer companies. Paid de- and that they ’ re In danger of going Into the dls- citizens were pooling work nnd . 1 ‘ eB3 regular of Poland dldn t nettle tho dlapute. If a true that The Better Bualneea Buicau, tho iwUight lone of chlcanerv where > >roc \ a '' A “ ha\ procedure, but the volunteers do their own J *P * lrm ' n rai.ed hadea In China and that Ger- sec and all fraud-fighting most of thc monev was eealned hv \»» a ‘ ‘ ‘ ’ Pressing story buying and also their num «hnnmr„» >n»ny'a victory over the Poles was mainly an asrial agencle. find them moving in with prM , agents caterers and varloua In P'»Ung down the specific T-Uort .ii! ^ ^ Shopping around, .ceompll.hm.nt. SUII, Chinn Un ’ t licked yet. And f» k « .ecurltle., apurlou.ly linked intTrmedlarle. between Ihc sucke? inatancc, I regret that I will have xn&tl wnere tne real job conies in. ths Poles, with no outside help, naturally were w lth ths defense program, shoving mnd t h 0 worthy cause, the latter to withhold the name of the crook. Ifanh , , .. no match for the Nazis. stock In mythical weapons. ma« jrettlng Just cnoush of ’ the loot to Thc newspaper boys had enough Each volunteer department has Its own Thor. ’ , no denying, anyway, that plane, can »>• Inventions for which ? * JU ’ 1 Cn ° Ugh ° r thC Io0t t0 problemi peculiar to Ita territory and when d0 Infinity ot damage. ' yncle Sam is supposed to be eager * .... But can they win a war, regardless of the op- out billions. posing belligerents ’ surface competency? They capitalise cupidity, but they Wendell Willkle's answer is that ” alr power ” Is n. 180 capitalize the gullibility of BOSTON, Sept. 20. (INS) — Thi| - , , , . ... poor redmen\ of colonial Maasa* Angers being folded In toward the chuaett *_ at leaflt some of them — * pelm of the hand. wpre not „„ p00r Care ^ in o Th » WPA Historical Rocordj number of way. during the next S' 1 ™* b « ' b “ \ d , nslttnc f 11 *1 twelve months by those whoso « h ch 1 ‘ b » I ” dlan ? * ellln * birthdays are today. They ehould ,h f r ' and tot tha \ hU\ aeUlcr, ’ ) r t be careful in their hualnees, lov. 6,000 acre, which and domestio offolre. A.lao they ^ lca »« d b» ck »° * b « eettlera on should peruse documents careful- 10 °-y ca r terms. ly, deal tactfully with employers, In 1857, near what Is now Caa- and take counsel of their ciders, ton, John Eliot, missionary to th« Born today a child will have a Indians, demanded return of 8,000 strong character, be Independent, acres of land to the natives for 9 prudent and persevering, but some- reservation. This plea was grant- , what extravagant and fond of e<Kby the General Court with th4i t display. Births very late in the understanding the land could not day will produce Unique cRpahllltleii be sold or leased, and indomitable will power. , x Many of the Indians, however, lg» Ono-Minute Tefc Answers nored this clause and by 1760 little 1. Davy Crockett ’ s, in the war more than 700 acres of tho land r*» of 1812. mained in the hands of tha In* 2. Towers on Mohammedan dians. The General Court refused mosques from which the call to sanction of tho sales but later ra» prayer is issued. versed its ruling and gave approv- 3. Mexico City, Mexico. al to the land transfers. Laff - a - Day \primary. ” denying, anyway, that planes can or inventions for which keep the promoter out of Jail evidence to tag him for 30 years in - ^ --------- H.m t- ...nnn.BA *„ _ , . , ‘ , the bftstUle, but, mysteriously wired The.. fake, were Innocently ln MmcwherCi he , wa , alw / y , Juat \\ out of reach of the constables. He was supposed to be a Count, § mw truck U to be purchased the commit ­ tee sent put to make inspections and turn to reports is exacting to the extreme. Mem ­ bers of those committees have their own in- g0neral P at ‘ cum.tanee.'That Hltl^'overr.n\ N3.y 'in epite' of •n> b l»*on'» warning agalnat theie tern OI requirements may be agreed upon Brltlah at. .uprem.cy and occupied Holland, Bel- * tm *„ Old bloodauckere, who*, there are always those minor details that glum * nd p * ” of F ' r » nc< ' i\ lh « 01 Anglo- P. aa lv,,T' ar t ,r f dltl0 w ally . . _____ . .. In boiler factorle*. bucket ahopa NOT 80 ILLOGICAL Presumably ha boaea hla judgment tho man who wanti to believe ami' who, U hU patriotic fervor, let. hla guard down. There ’ ! ’ no hlll- the clr- bo « , ' d hl *b enough on which to , have to be coordinated and usually satisfac ­ tion has to be given on all points. ' - Buying is by no means on a hit-or-misa French terreitrlal oppoaitlon — and did It all prln- ... KI „_ ........ clpally by virtue of hie avlalora ’ actlvitlea. Hla «ur- and “ ua m 3,, j kU d , Ug ?r ry ’ faca troop, attended to Denmark, but geographically Th . 'j .. . ------- ------- , that ».. aaay. Inr ?h. VncM thlnk ■ ,h « \R ” l« the moat Wendell's argument Isn't ao Illogical. v i* d , nd fnr nllr „ ,l _! 1 potent in the alphabet becauee It THE MAN at the next dexk of British-French extraction who had married an American girl and taken American citizenship. Ho was a foppish little mUn, with moustache ends waxed to a needle point, an Impeccable morning suit, rare Malacca sticks, a quaint foreign accent nnd always with a cape jasmine in his buttonhole. . . - - - ----- - , — — -------- - ---------- ------------ -- ..... ^ vivid and for our n* »n me aipnnoet De basis and districts seldom need worry that while admitting that planes can create plenty wayl should be We wer/neri a . fi* 1 *\*** » ateamllne into a etream ... — t ___ _ _______ .. ..... J ot wre.kage, surface army atrataglats have con- nalva then we- — lln * r » lb'o» d For *Our Boys' He hAd the society crowd gasp ­ ing with worshipful admiration. Ho began to throw big benefits for tho soldiers. Society matrons used to weep When they heard his 1 m* passioned appeals for “ our boys ’ * ttoy aw not getting aU that they pay for. tended all . l0 ng that they can ’ t occupy a d.vaaut.d SIS ” ving th. TorldTor *demo* Often and again trucks have beep sent back ar ** ’ , Th * notion Uwt-they can land mtlUary oc- cracy and atll more naive when And lu Zaduk Dumbkopf'a opln- pas „ oncd appra , a , or .. our boy ,.. to the facto^. not because of mechanical LST >0 ' h ' nu,ck ' * moo,h coll,,r a \ m dat ' al ” lhai ‘ \ “ o' ” '■> ' h « imperfection but because the paint job la not '' ‘ \h'y »• conaeomentw. Tet th. German, did It Subway., theater'' lobblea, b .11 ' ! ! One day n roustabout leg-m.n as promised. That may seem like sulitltine W ^ rw y ' Hbll » nd - ®' l * lun ' * nd Fr«nco and park, and crowded atreet corner. There .re 48,000 auto agencies in reporter, with a four-dollar hat and linira hue u ,v, cn . _ , puoimg they r. a worry to England. The stunt may be a were over-run with benevolent *he United States, statistics ehow. no cape jaemlne recognized In thla baun but when a salesman promises to theoretical Imposalblllty. Nevertheleoi ll ’ a been ac- looking male moochere and female. To anyone who has let It be known ornate little dude none other than deliver it a .Wiser If he meets all reouire- co , m P u * b f d - at courM th«r. muit have been fifth too. gathering fund, for this or ha la In the market tbl. seem, to the son of the hardware dealer in menta. ^ columnlat. to welcome the parachutlata as they that real or Imaginary aoldlcr out- be a groae underetetement. hi. own lltlle Ohio town - a lad . landed. They got away with It. though, In Scan- tit or hospital, or money for ! ! ! , * who had been taken into custody New trucka are not bought every yew, ‘ ‘ \wwaS* wpiiT^wSt. of or.ndp.ppyj.nkin. ..>•« that for .mail pilfering «nd had .ought Measure ears, -- --------------- . ■ - ---- ’ - -~ ‘ *waa* »*exej#fipyjr sJCIIfAIMS Btl^n llldV Iltau auu^liv Department of Avia- woacco, muelcal Inetrumente and moet of the ” Hey! Hey! ” over the larger and greener pastures. ar ndhtaae-SmsnSss hCaVCn knOWl fr\r Viit — ___ s ........ Y T — M 1-4 A m ..... — V. rnt ___ - years. who to less IK,a. a ; a . ^ ,,, .. ... .V. ---- -------- - — — , ____ _ a. . I - * uivwl ug guo nvy; ney; over me Cwi, But 16 UBt from ten to ilQn * llk ® ths War and Navy Dspartmente. heaven knows whst for our fight- coming presidential election may bs He said as much. The phoney Firemen must urotect their * new * u** Mtlon ’ European countries, due to all thoae straw votes. count snorted and hissed with , . - _ Pruret-t. ineir wt t h ( tw important exception* have aviation min- „ Th,y h * d ua going, for a while. > , , , anger but put on a quick diaap- muy from damage buf from ute» Independently of their war and navy min- Vhit! M ?... eh ^? .l ka S* The trouble with taltfg born with P “ rlng “ L,.?* then disclosed ‘ “ ^l.'. -heme u. ultimately, to have on. De- ^e ’ trucks to firemen must be partm.nt ot National Datenae. Including avIaUon. 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