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ROCKLAND COUNTY EVj^NING JOURNAL (Ny«ck Eveninf Jonnul) WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER «, 1929 special legislation. Vmot CongrjktuUUt'Horn i night'et Ainc. o'clock George r chairman of th« Republican ' ■fiitommittvt', .md Willlpm R.l fcoed./C^hairman of the Rama-1 rtmitjlcr,, culleil .Horn at hlsl firv Kaniiet to concede the do- C^4>f lh(' ‘ regular Republican! 'ami. to tongrntulnte him I [Vicl^iiy. 'i ‘ Cnu-ndtfT^e jnterorft w ' oh dis-l aii niir/^.i aj I In ti: outcome of the ab -! All PoUs 111 Couiity Orderly b)K •fhc. rand Horn supporters I EECnONDAY PASSES WITH NO DISORDER Votes. Qghout (h»- ('ounty were en-; rwlu II iFw'-, of lh» ‘ vic 16 i 7 j Vitrtain. Considerable j itinnifosted at thoj Klection Day yesterday, despite iiajiki ify Citdneir received in j the suppressed excitement attend on U-\ .where Republicans ant on it, was characterised by the . throititii Ollier offlci - by large 1 la^h of trouble at atl polls through- iHOes. A plurality was ex-j ““ t the county. At every polling or of course in Re- pfaoo the election passed by iHcan Jtajpupo, ' ‘ but oven herei *oioothly and quietly and there ii anot li ■ large as was ! * “ * “\y ’ ^\ ‘ 1 anywhere. ' After etectlori was over, the' ll<ir«-*^rsuful ' celebrating of tho various victorlea ^:A.s.,en.bly^*derl Kh-d 'issued, the . follbwwig state- \whoopee\ delegationa molting |me7Ty''ln the villages. take Uds, by. eirlfest oppor-' Haverstraw, Suflfern, t&nily. to U,ank the people oflSpriof Valley, Pearl River, Pier- w^I rnd County for their splendid j the other villages of the fpst-rt-urmy candidacy. The voteK\:!\ f ^ . - * u* , munilles, pasoed a Tcry quiet elec- ,^e.ved M. every W with no t™^Me of ‘ any i\ ac J , 1 I bind occurring to disturb the gen- f-fthe-people are ttre-d of ^ef-l ^ t representation in Albany. , „ . .. 1 demand a change. - ^ A hew Challenge. ,, &.<T idcdg iny.seif anew toen^lng, There were very few challenges elfort it is humanly possible i \ ’ “ <*»> »\<* i\ '«»e» wh*™ Pe^ons bide- to 'i. d.tem tho priraises 1 1 ‘ bought they were registered but to liiv people of Rockland Ity in iii> platform. I want to know that the promises I f.Sfero not merely empty prom ^tnit thnt I am determines! to ,eut njy program, in every r wuiit to give the Rock- ^iboia^. Evening douynal full '^r its part in bringirig the victory. I know that ^ibc Jpomul. which wjs the paper tiiat supporied me dly and consistently, 1 St^Chme made tbc .iliowlng ' fact that in Orange- TToinc township. dnpy's I usmtily carries by a large wk» won b him by only 'speaks for the work done ^IcWning do'urnal. The same .'^^arkstown, Ramapo, ' ynd Stony Point. dqa tu Albany fully '■ yTWrt is lof ' th»ye£pm<sibiUty fta^re the people of the r'that they will have no rea- i be eshamed' qf me and my. in thy A.ssembly. Journal Ticket found they srere not, they accept, ed the dictum of the board of elections without making any trouble about the matter. There wae no crowding at any of the polls, voters coming in a steady stream and .casting, their vote., and then walking out again. The voting machine., which w<^re ^ used throughout the county, ' it is said, were responsible in no small part for the speeding W. of the work of voting, and the voleTs-siisre through with balloting within a very few minutes after entering the polling place. Th is wae rather^suinrielng,. . jn view of the heavy vote which was cast. The itream of voters start, ed at 6 a. m., and at 6 p. m. the steady, trickling stream was still coming into the various polls to east votes In one of the most in ­ teresting elections ever held in Rockland County. Platform To Which NewlyjElected Democrats In County Are Pledged The . Evening Journal re-printeli-conditlone today under fifteen sep- herewith the. platform adopted by the Couniy Democratic party, at Ita caucus in New City, on AU' gust 17: In tho firm belief that the peo­ ple are fully entitled to know how their government is being conduct ­ ed, we, the members of the Demo­ cratic Party of Rockland Counter, in convention assembled at New City on this 17th day of August, 1929, do put ourselves on record regarding important puWic-matteraf which, we believe, should be put before the voters and explained to them before they cast their bal ­ lots on Election Day. We believe that the time haa come to make a change , in the county government, because, by reason of their long and uninter ­ rupted tinure of ofilcei.the.'Repub ­ licans have grown careless of their sacred rcsponetbiliUes and indif- arate health departmenti. Theye not being a central office, much of the work is done in a slip-shod manner, ^and a great deal of the health inspection work is not done at ail. There is no public quesUon more imporUnt than the health of the people ami we believe that far more efficient work could be done along- these lines if a Central Health Deiwrtment, with the en ­ tire responsibility resti^ upon the _L ..... department, were to be created. Wo therefore pledge ourselves to direct our best efforts toward establishing such a Icpartment. The Couniy Courthouee Although we believe that the money expended on the new Coun ­ ty courthouee is beyond all reaeon and that, before passing on the sum to be spent, the county offi- Both Parties Ghre Views I Haverstraw Stages Parade On Results of Election As Part of CeleMon c (Continued from page 1) county, I expected a. Democriatic win, but had no idea that it would reach such large proportions. The credit goes to the strongly organ ­ ised force here in this toYvn, and the younger- fellows are to be .credited with doing such wonder ­ fully good Work.\ Fred p. Marks, Democrat,, a*o defeated the strong Republican candidate in every one of the polls in Stony Point: . ‘ “ I am SuperWsor of Stony Point only because of the wondeiful rapport my friends and the workers for my party. 1 also wont to give a great deal of c^lt to the Journal for its assistance in the campaign and to state thqt your paper pursued a decent and clean couree throughout.\ Judge Jeorge Link Jr., Repub ­ lican leader in Clarkstown, rather regretfully stated: \1 attribute the (Continued from Page 1.) cials should have . submitted the ' f “ PT\? lerenl Eft IKs righta sf the people, matter to a popular referendum,support of the Journal. The we do pledge ourselvee to the '*®\**^ “ epeidy an<J economical completion ’ ’ ® ''«e “ >« Fisber Is Winner In Garkstown Despite Link (Continued from Page 1.) Link will be the .polo Republican wDoee eervante they really are. We believe that'the people of Rockland Coimty ate ready to en ­ trust their affairs to the Democra ­ tic party because they are tired un, to death of the ultra-reactionary, do-nothing, stand-pat policies of the present county government. We believe that, should the people draft our party .for duty, the Dem ­ ocratic Party of Rockland County will not fail them. We pledge ourselves In all sol ­ emnity that, should the people cell upon the Democratic porty to guide their affairs for the next^two years, our party wil give them as economical, clean and fair an ad ­ ministration, as it is humanly pos ­ sible. • Furthermore, we pledge our ­ selves to adopt and promulgate ae many progressive measures' as are conaietent with good government baaed on sound principles, meas ­ ures which will rebound to the ben ­ efit of- all the people, rather than I to the favored few. ■ To thin end we pi as the * Democratic party of this county, as well as the men who are to be chosen u ranSitUtes in^kar ioui offices, to 'tKa foTl, form: Zoning and Planning Thin reform should receive the full co-operation of all our town and ektmly oficlala, not in a hearted way, but with all alnceri: of purpose and determination to ichieve results. We believe soning and planning to . be of paramount importance, especially in view of the Regional Plan recently outlined me'In Fnlir» fnHnhr 'a^ At best, with rnS; in entire tOHmy,H.n,blln>, .lectlon .ven, threount glihusil from Page 1.) I would stand at fout^and tw Link Concedes Root lican. I Judge Link lest night conceded finj^ervisor, Clarktiowo, that the Democratic success was Rn^ond Brinksrhoff, j almost a rout for the Republicans, peRiocrn*. ‘ but according to statements made S^ervisor, Raesapo, j , few days before election tho Jei|w. J. Brown, Repub-,,a„,e hard fight will be pul up two; tt *'*? ’ ' years from now to gain a cont) Fr which has been Democratic fp/tbo I laU fifteen yearsor more. (' So^rvisor, Sion, Point,' »*>«ocrats were^^Iant over -rril O. M.rks, D.mo-i “ >« takl^-ani vindica rf;-' cToj. ! ***\ their^^ord for the put I ’ nrly, never in! S'®*\ whiclp^ attacked by Judge Link, UKihe wu accused of mak- Pemucratic. . County rman, the butt of his shafts. Some surprise was also evidenced by Democrats because o fthe fail ­ ure of Edward Gerhardt, of West Nyack, to pool more Heavily than was the case. William Wagner of Nanuct scored heavily in his run for asses ­ sor for the two year term against ycnij, any great threat to bfUihllcans, nominated Horn t amnif st candidate they had Gedney and the G. 0. nne, * at tiny .lime resqiflng to dinging, but stic^ifig to the liitd (^•senilng'them lucid- I'^i^jpJUKNAJr'gave ita readers prebeifcilrt! view of the poli- y^tucithSri day after day, teU-i__^_ enUtre that it supiiortedj t^and the other member, of and Joseph Nagel of Nanuet, staunch supporters of Judge Link were victorious over all their Dem­ ocratic opponents by a good mar ­ gin; John Mallumo sufferiid badly at the hand of Charles Haerle of Weet Nyack for the collector ’ s j place in spite of a strenuous cam- ('li(tkot ’ 'I because it felt that ^f.ipore tlie best men for the ds '.for which tliey had been atud, * aVBETlSEMENT its TO COME rJ-WIFE SO CROSS*'\- - J horn# when i 1 WAW BO eroM. j Vlnnt »ntl feel like « AUTO STOLEN :• lAw.\ l^i^dtnentN iniit. calcium wi!h ah f'ajntained in canily tireil p4rt>i)le hvw \ ‘ itit)i vives ‘ new ^ atfuftd vWtp ai«r n HIO ^uu mu/* • VUitA IWBUa deheloua. rtlirere. Sjraek. The Englewood police infonned the Nyack police yesterday that an. automobile had been stolen from the Streets of EnglewoM yesterday afternoon, bearing the Nbw Jersey license plates number B-1 0967. flowing plat. We believe that . Rockland Cqohty should begin now an in^Iligent ofxSoning, and consistent policy that, when the time ^ ripe, it will not be found logging' behind its neighbor coimtiu. We therefore pledge oiupdivas to pursue this nutter with all our power and re- sou^ County Police We, the Democratic party of Rockiand County, fully recognis ­ ing that the time h&a come when proper police prot^lou should be given the citizeiu of the county, pledge outseivea and our candi ­ dates to bring about the creation of a county police through proper legislation. We believe that the time baa come when Rockland County should have a police force, with heoilquarters in New City, second to hone in efficiency, so that the rural and unincorporated sec ­ tions of the county may be fully piwtected at all hours of day or night. We believe that the day of police protection by constabulary of the building and grounds. Highways ... We recogaii».the.'fact that the present county government has failed to .carry out a comprehen ­ sive road-building program and we pledge ourselves to provide bet ­ ter and wider highways throughout the county. In view of the rapid gi'owth of the county ’ s population and its steadily growing import ­ ance with relation to the Metro ­ politan district, we pledge our selves to make every effort in cre ­ ating new and more direct high ­ ways between tmponant centers i^ the county. Trahsportation Fully cognisant at the fact that no community can exist or prosper without adequate transportation, we, the Pen^raGc party of Rock ­ land County, pledge ourselves to encourage and in every way con ­ sistent with circumstances aid any effort made toward jmvidlng'add ed transit faclUties in* our commu ­ nity. Elimination of Grade Crosatnge We'condemn'the present Repub ­ lican county government for ltd' failure In forcing the railroad.emn- panies. to h^in the elimination of dangerous grade croeslngs tbrough- ^ the county and yrd pledge our- ytjrei not to ces^Aintil such grade mssings hranvheen done away with^^wJ^j/l^aplQre , ^e present county Kovernmentis utter Indif ­ ference Ron exl supervisorahip. ’’ Helen E. Essex, Republican, re- alectsd to. the-ofllce of-Town Clerk of Orangetown; \I have been re ­ turned to the office for the fifth time, and b{r .the largest majority I have ever been accorded. It is said that a prophet is not honoted in his o™ country, but I really was pleased with the support given be in my own town. ” Judge Raymond Fisher, Demo- t, re-elected -as Justice in Clarks- Haveralraw last night that the Re ­ publican party in the town had become split between the leader ­ ship of Heman Purdy and Richard Oldfield. It was reported that this split was one of the things thai^ led to the crushing defeat that was experienced by the party here. \the trouble first came up over the nomination 61 James Tierney and Vincent Albert tor Supervisor and Town Clerk who were former ­ ly Democrats. Part of the Repub ­ lican town organisation claimed that the move was to play right in ­ to the hands of the Deihocrats while others claimed that the two men would poll njbre Deraperatte votes than Republican. - The final show down turned out to be one of the most crushing de ­ feats ever experienced, and a total disruption of the Republican organiution. Democrats were mot sure of their success up until the time this votes were counted. W Ambrose Larkin, President ef the Rockland County Democratic Club, said at C o ’ clock lost night that the whole election seemed strangefy different from any in the past, and he would not- venture to say what would be done by the party voters. As the returns rolled in and the^ pluralitives for the Dcmoc^ts kept piling up, there was a gener ­ al catching of breaths. 'Tb^^ tense ­ ness broke as each the candi ­ dates standing aroUnd the desk in the Town Clerks office found The Democ^to have pledged , yyj jj themnelveB to ob V economical an ou« I ••• ministraUon at Inhumanly possiblo : Ull An PUal Vl^ltlllg Ua)t with progress, anll_will follow this Many parents and friendrf ’ bt promise to the letter, it was said : pupils in the Nyack schools ‘lob'll last night. 'advantage yesterday of ihc 'air- The new administration will olsoi [> ““ 1 take stepB to create a coun^y*h{mith department to bring that work un ­ der one main head In New City, TCflpiiniBTWe county. \ThN Is counted dB a big improve ­ ment over the present Bystom where each' town aiid village Ts in ­ dependent and there Is no efTart to I local schooU. While,It.^ ditJ seem ub if as many pereoh^ as u^uoJ vinited the Bchoola, it ^ds taken into conBideratlon that HKe ' guests wore spread through iwb bc T ioo I b , both big ort^B now,' b R o U'- ing for thy seeming declint^^ iii numbers. “ iaitoif'aV A great many of the cooperate one with the other. the new Junior-Senior high s^oof G.O.P. Domination Broken? were graduates of the last Yeat^or The greatest victory Beemsto be were greatly Intere^ed in- in the breaking of the Republican | school. AR who visifed domination of all county offices, I -Midland avenue building, wm* and with the Democratic majority in the Board of Supervisorsa ' a great change is expected in the way things are generally done in New City. Persons on the inside say that it will mean a waking up of the other county officials who have ' held down offices over a long per- i iod of ’ time. . ‘ Democratic loadera/say today that Idle victory this year means a ' lot to the people of the county as j well oa to the Democratic party. [ greatly impreaacd with the '-dith and equipment. This was the flAt lime most of the visitors harf had a chapee to Bee the school ^ routine schoolwork was-'going xin/ EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL FOR THL CAR - AUTO ELECTRIC CO. . 8 Cadar St. Phona 1313 Nyacl.- crat, re-elected aa Justice ini that not only bad he won,'but won Clarkstown : ‘ The way the voters j by majoritjes that were , hardly supported me yesterday proved , believeabte. that they put no faith in the at- j Hoftis started to Mow and bed- tacks directed upon me by my op- turned loose. The political to the intolerable situa- exlstlng at the present mo- where the people are dally siiBj^- ed to danger, and this in spite of the fact that a double tragedy not many months ago shocked the peo­ ple of the eiiJlre county. County- Government Keorgaqi- ulion It is the sense op the members of the Democratic psrty here as ­ sembled that they are in full ac ­ cord with the ideas put forward 1^ Gov. Roosevelt regarding the need of a complete reorganizatiorTof the county government. We believe that under the GoyernoFs plan, a gre>t deal of money now spent for ssid government, could be saved for the people who foot the bill. We therefore pledge ourselves to the progressiva and business-like policy of county government reor ­ ganisation advanced by the Gov ­ ernor. With this definite platform, in ­ stead of with glittering generali ­ ties, we come before the people, confident that they will he^ our solemn pledge to give them a busl- ponents, and I sincerely appreci ­ ate their complete vindication ^et my reputation. I want aUo^ to heartily thank the Journal for the support which it gave to the Demo ­ cratic ticket aa a whole. ” ' . Mayor John E, 6ook, Democrat, of Havei-strawf \Woi^erfull It w»s due to The wonderful organi ­ zation of the Roosevelt-Lehman clul^Ti^ the West Haverstraw Democratic dubs, with fine co-op- 'hratipn on the part of the com ­ mitteemen. ’ ’ Patrick Buckley, president of the West Haverstraw Democratic club: “ The victory was beyond by com ­ prehension for « few minutes. 1 could ha^y draw my breath when I heanl of the marvelous results. I want to thank all of my boys for their hearty co-operation which made the sweep possible.\ Abram L. Kauffman, of the Roosevelt-Lehman club ’ s executive committee: \Nothing lo it! Simply excellent organization, that ’ s all! James J. Galligan, president of the Roosevelt-Lehman organiza ­ tion f, “ it was simply good organ ­ ization and diligent work on the part of all the workers concerned. It proved that, the Democrats were organized to fight this yei^r, and that a large number of Republi- eilnti' ’ Were dissatisfied with the work of their own. party. - .*'° “ ®®'t ’ **'®*, . W\ .*» hai pusedi that thU ayatem, anti- neaa-like government and return ffTTSTON COAL A Prowuct Assurag Satisfmetfeii W. Onderdonk 'Avanua Nyack | j ■ , ■ PboM Nyack a 4 , jIlaMst- “ QasUty, fsiijss sod Caartsoos CaBsidarslioo.* ’ quated aa itjs, has bssn nwra than proven inefficient. We believe that the people are entitled to, and should receive, all the protection to life ■ and property which they can, under our form of gqrorn- ment. We further beliava t^t the government should Mare no effort or exi^nse to give.tne people such protection and we pledge ourselves lo this policy.' As further guaran ­ tee of good faith, we believe that this epunty police snould be put under c|vil service, so that it may riot be used as a political football by oppesing parties. We further believe that the .oply way a county police can functlph efficiently la by 'taking It definitely out of politics. This ‘ can ,be accomplished only throqgh civiijH!rvice. County Healfh Department In Keeping with the plan of cre ­ ating a county police, we believe that the best interests of the peo ­ ple of ~ Rockland County demand I the creation of a County Health Department. ’ The State of New Ifork has given all counties the op­ tional riglg to maintain such a central .health department. The people of this county are aware of victors at the polls. Officers of Closter Church Meet In Regular Session CARD bt' TIIAKKa CLOSTER. N. J., Nov. 6. — Mr. and Mrs. Edwin DuRie were hosU to, the teachers and officers of the Reformed Church Sunday school at their regular monthly meeting Monday evening. In the absence of Secretary Wil ­ liam Block, the reading of the min ­ utes of the last meeting was dis ­ pensed with and Amy Dlcckow choMn secretary pro tern. Mr. Du ­ Rie led in prayer, after which the regular business of the evening was -begun. The Primary Depart ­ ment announced their Tom Thumb tickled to death.\ - Assemblyman Walter S. Gedney, whuivras so thoroughly defeated Tiy his opponent for re-election, was incommunicado this .morning. Ail efforts to reach him for his com ­ ment on the results of the election were fruitless. William Blauvelt, Republican, candidate for constable in South Nyack: \My sincere thanks are ex ­ tended to al Ithose who supported my efforts for election, and I want them ail to know that I deeply ap ­ preciate their votes. ' - Kenneth Townsend, Democrat, who defeated his strong opponent for the office of Town Clerk in Stony Point; \I never expected such hearty support, and I want io- ’ thake this opportunity of thanking them through the columns of the Journal for the splendid manner in which they carqe through in my favor. ” ANNOUNCES ENGAGEMENT GABNERVILLE, Nov. An ­ thony Azecardo of Railroad ave ­ nue, has announced to his friends that he is to be married in h lew months io Miss Rose Giora, of 2366 Second avenue. New ITork City. Azecardo is .well known in this community, \having ' resided here for several years and it is rumor- n, k ' r\ t n ed that he will be the guest of Wrdding to be given December 2 . , . t , ib the church. ! “ ‘ Wow-out\ to be given Mrs, Herbert Tracy, who has been Superintendent of the Junior Department for the past t'wo yeani, announced her relignationg as her clas^ of Kirti graduated into the Intermediate Department on Hally Day. Her fesl^ation was* accepted and appreciation expreseed for her Mable Kein- Church wUdiM av «ss»AtK asivs# s# •««.«••• 'iij is., and Mpaeiaitjr thsir white frienihi, who t hold Was elected her lupctsaor by a • i unanimoue vote. him by hU Urge host of frieTuU in the near future. mathamaticians could hardly hear themselves think and efforts to go farther with the details of the elec ­ tion were put off until today. Bombs, guns, horns, whistles 'and sirens turned loose their ahrieks and booms to further spur the vic ­ torious Democrats and cause the Republican loosers much annoy ­ ance. It ;N^*as a wild night, and the town stopped all work to join in the impromptu parade that wend ­ ed its way through the village streets to West Haverstraw and Gamer%*il!e. Lively Pornle . Hundreds of automobiles follow ­ ed in close formation while /oot marches carrying bares took up the lead. Morgan Demarest, Town Traffic Officer and ardent suppor ­ ter of Shankey, took care of hiring the Glassing Band and getting a w rarry The' foot-Wifa^ along the miles of streets that were passed out to the celebrators and horns almost **woke the dead.\ When the march started, Shankey and William Cahill took their seats in the police car . which led the parade with siren shrieking out ahead of the other noise makers. At the home of each candidate, the parade stopped and the victor ran who were waiting to cele ­ brate his victory, and was on the road again. . • On the line of marifh the vic ­ torious Democratic Assemblyman elect, Fred R. Horn, followed by about ten carloads of Clarkstown voters roared down the street and into formation with the rest of the parade. \Hatty\ Bums, one of the Democratic commi tUem en ' ap pe mv ed in the line of panule in a rig towed through the streeU behind an automobile.- It was after mid ­ night when the parade Anally broke up. Democrats s^y that' their suc ­ cess is largely due to the eiTqrU of John E. Cook, Chairman of tho town committee, and James Galtager, president of the Roose- Lehman Club, coupled with veil .''the work of every comm'ittqeman in the town and every metnber of the local club. The celebration'is scheduled to continue tont|^t when a regular parade is expected to be held. Briokeriioff ahd Marks Elected Suporvisors (Cuntinued from Faga I.) TO GIVE MINSTREL PEARL RIVER, Nov. . 6 — Ma- aonic Lodge, No. 939, F. A A. M., aro planning to pret«nt another of their etinstrel showa on Doyember 2nd and Srd, and a large array of clever talent, which haa M often rocked their, audience, with, laugh ­ ter, will be included in the cait. ■ gineer for a'term of four yhara at a meeting recently held by the re ­ tiring board, the Democrat, were ’ ’ done ” out of one of the beat ap ­ pointment. to be made, it ia.uid. It i. ezpeoted that there will be an effort to put acbou the county police program next year-a. well a. many other progroulve meas ­ ure. mentioned by the Democratic platform. The countp police plan waa nid to have pulled more voter, than any other propoaitlOn. it wax generally raid that the county i. ready for thie protection and la go ­ ing to need it. mere within tlie next bw yean than ‘ ever In the put. O'* iff- J eW^ 4N.oj,t Nyack Ice 6c Goal Co. EXCLUSIVE LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS Old Gbnipany's Lehigh . Atithracite • Phone N>ack-3jS3 « A- Mrc. Phillip A. Fox dk Sons iUTORS HAVERSTRAW DISTR ' . Of , J OLD COMPANY'S LEHIGH ANTHRACIT Phone Haverstraw 2557 ■■'I- nnnyywnnnroijiBiyiiHiiMsiiip^KBWi

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