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yol 4 42 No« 231 A PoIiticalTy Independent 'Newipaper INPieif MRS. MI LLER IN H USB2yND'S DEii^H! Minister Defends Jazz Musici^ IrT'Qaosen Says Modern' Music Is Better Influence Than PuIpiL SOCML CHAME IS SEEN BtcrpreU Popular HiU At Real Expretaioa of Ihe Soul. (Audit Ruruuu'ut CircaU(ioBl) WEATHER Mo«tly .clo4i.d]r to« ‘ itlfhl »i^ TuAejuya ftbiiibly ruin. ■ (KYXCK KVRNINQ JOpHNAM NYACK, N. Y., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1929 CIRCULATION, Week Ending SepL 21, 4,900 Averafo.Nct Paid — PRICE 2 CENTS i' * XoCTHIDK OF COPXTT. ipuincuNs tXPECTflOIT [Say Haverstraw I Will Soon Have ; Own Ambulance Talk to Teadiers INHAlfSTRAW BULSONMIXUP CAUSES TALK IN STONY PT; tommittee of Both Parties To Make Nominations Tonight. THOOSAIK SPEllBOn BVEntlEH flAVKRSTRAW, Sopt. ^0.;^ llavpTfrtraw will uoon have an am ­ bulance all itn own, It wa.'t Raid to- \• \\'i^toislsWatcliSiiedaciilat i being nwd«* by bufunojuumiuv I (lenta of the villajcc and liiSnufac- j turing plants, are fant nearing the amount required to miik^ the pur ­ chase. II AVT^RSTRAW, Sept. ” 0. . ^ _ Business men have said Ih' ' nemocraiis anti Republican com- ; would an.swer a-long fel , mitteemen in the Town of Haver- , village and assure any- puiet ton>jht and ^ Injured of a quick j Blaze Atop Mountain As Inn Bams Down. TOMKINS COVESSept. 30. — One of the most famous placet | this section of the county was will ton-.tht an.l - - tal. It is s^id that It in aometimea i high^qjoin^ along the Hud-j a.sking too ipuch for the hospital.valley,' mt^cd to the ground ’ ♦/» aonri Uo nmhtilnnce to l1aver-li-._ i-..* _• both sides of the Stony Pt. Woman, Arrcsted, Pleads Not (jiiilty tcsXSiarge Of 2d Degree Manslaughter ~ l(j IN » BAIL AFTER PLEA Winds Up Busy Grand_J:Ury Term : ilidales to run in the cominK*.*®^ ” * elections. -Much nccrecy ha? been Candidate, Life-long Demo-,f-n j.y the^^co^ t. •thrM most popular jaii hits of (jfol CiaSSOd As RepubK- ' irrl/ has oVpTessecrnn^'planrso \ ‘ ’ ' “ J' ''•\ “ K*’ « “ '<> I Occupied for''';m^ years by j last year,” Dr. BemanI C. Clausen, ' ’ n fl • I p far' . such a conveyance of its own. Herbert QumfOvell-knpwti | pastor of the First Baptist Church Can, by LlenCal blTOr. • i ,si.t ,h rnmmitte.-i Many timea when an ambulance ' writer and dmmatiC' coich, the if Syracuse, iMIvered a speech at ------------ '' ' j* ’ f , ... 1 u most needed, it is found that the Ttin has ’ been one oL the'^w be morning sestion of the Super- STONY POINT, Sept. 30. — : \'®\ tonlaht am'®\® ‘ It® hospital is in use and 1 places of th.8 vicinity and^^s^H.s'th^ ntendanti ’ Conference being held Friends of William Uulsoii wer.- ; ^ cannot bo had immediately. j iill'tho members ar ' oday at the new Nyack Junior- amaieii at the recent \.statement „.j,L „„„ f — U1 m 1» — la^^l ek.tet — le Ma ee.IfrA a 1-_ A 1.... ...A., v% A ft •« fs t ft e\ ws ft ond I *ucli times the injured person pch -1 Who of the theatrical and Senior High school Which met with that ho was seeking (he nomination punioso'of endordng the j haps suffering great paiii, has to | OltA KaMt^ir Atattmtra) nf th* ’ fiilrli. few «>t4aaa>fvias>t* nn (Ro Rontlhlii-Atl l ... ' . \ hi. i hap? npnering greai pain, tihb i ‘ . m a .. a li - i . * i. \ 1 i . ft- 11 » ■ u r StamHnif'atop the highent poak.K, Tj. I wait for the conveyance bcTpro be- x ^ ^ e»f Ti I »w , ___ IcommanAng'a gorgeous view of' the hoarty approval of the audi- for supervisor on the Hepublican : candidate, for the .cam- . w-ft .w. t „„r„,rn«nr a gorgeous ...... - tickt-t, for they point o*4t, Bulson . ing given more than emeigency; 4 k«uuwl . apirit and the genius of, has been a Democrat all. his life.: P-*\\'- k i rLLnt ] them surroundtTirtcrrain the blare spirit and the B®' ” ®'' ®> niix-un wa.s.explained when •* '■'< ►''\ ‘ ®'' ‘ ''*®® be , f®*\®*\'- . , last night .was witnessed for sev-j ! U-was Toarxieil lint he hail , been c “ t “ \•* dried-about the. Other villages in the county have L,,! „,ii,j gegynj, Hie beacon i AfiwHca from rtlnatidn, Df. Clau- ^ c^coHmeirt of the woA'of the ccnuhlUeemeh to-} spokeri of the need of a yin^e: ,_g(trncted hitndrtf^* ofaut^ts wBoj, sen said, and is dm* again re- ranks through'an cr- n' jht, and a regular fight is ej- , owned am(>nlance, but nothing has ■ were travelling al that late' ’hour building the old fashioned Anicri-^^^ copying oftthc rolls. pdeted to bp staged in the nomln- ; ever been ddnu with it further than of the night. can home. , . > . ution of cSndidatti for the offices, j to talk of it. It is said that before ' Auiot Ti* up Traffic “ Songs are far more important This led to ii misinhirprclation of the story, and the nii, I...- .............. . ...isunder- : “ ■\ \Pja-tha'l William Gagan will ; winter Cortes, Ilaverstraw will I (he moun-i than laws,\ the, doctor said, 'rtandihg wai corrected this mom- ® ‘ ®P ‘ he ring to oppose Vic- ( have an ambulance to take chre ^ain to the Ihn is very narrow an 1 Susie we sing shows our soul. The! responsible Di morrot ' ‘ °r Shankoy for the offloe of Su-] gf jigg and injured, and take them , tgrtuous, and the large number poni'bior. • '• J npeedlly to the hospital. He would not declare himsOlf tc- ; _ ________ q _____ I with the above explamiHon. I liuUon had J said to be waiting for for the nomination, it is reportedr\' , .u and was to have hud the rolls|^h® ‘ h®.. '\1\\^ I before making any statement. He jjjl., tarn ‘ W'wool dgo oTrt 'ti attempt Suffern Man, 68 Ye^s Oil Eri 6 , rospeets of our generation Is lihown in the songs wlch they sing. ^hat do you thing of the chances M odem America when you con ­ sider our soi^. changed, so that .he .. Jams Has-Iiavidved ., - - - ;.piac,.a unde'r Demormtic mfle- 7' I ' ’ 'r'Z' Five years ago the song hits i, he i^s />fven V “ ’ *\'* \.i. Hi w*re dirty, insinuating things, con- noniiiKition ■ 1 P®®P*® of Haverstraw the right talning Iswd jests and crude jokes. _ m t .k ' rh • hied of representation of the The influence of . this music was | . ' *r • ” . : bc-trd, if nominated and elected, unspeakably dM-dlng,^ Today I ‘ \ “ f* \as been considcnd by} „„„ ^ the Diunocrata an Ihoir choice to** , , ■ - ■ . , arrival found it im the chief nomination thU year. Victor Shankey U Of ' H. Conklin. C8 years in the service the steep and nnd there has b«-n talk of asking!'>®inif renominated for another the Erie Railroad, died Satur-| « ......... , Bulson to run as an independent | f®™ ns supervisor by the Dcm.> : j,y jt.his home i^n Orange gtomobiles ’ candidate, it being considered that ®mt»- H® stud ‘ o •' “ ''c become ; his 84th year after a linger -1 ^ ., . - ... I * 1 ... aanMiilffir *atinArvi. ' . ' : w»*«. aiuc* w* the I flod the .finest mltuehce' in genius of Jasx!\ The finest ideals In American life, the preachcE told the audience of assembled educators from through the county, tomes not from the pulpit or. from the schools, nor from the press, but from the jass song writers. “ The greatest danger In Ameri- * of autos which tried to reacli Ih i scene of the blase resulted In i hopelessly 'entangling traffic, so thnl when the fire engines reached I the scan* it was found praclicall.' I impossible 'to get close enough I to the buildini^ to be of any effec- k •><] At- 0 A ' ‘ i*® ” ®®® in ®®n ‘ ” ***i' ’ F ‘ i*® l/CaQ Al 0*1! .Engines from Haverstraw, We.t ■ ■ I Haverstraw, Garncrvillc und Stony Point were summoned, hut unon * Her Attorney Absent, Mrs. ' \ Miller faces Judge : Patterson Alone. FATE OF HUSBAND aTEO In narrow hillnide road, d'ic to the fact that were Htanding on the roadyyay for a can. life today/ ’ Dr. Clauwn de-:tonight, as Will the Uepublicnnn, lu dared, ?'U the danger of the make thejr Hck'Ctiona of ^ndidate;: breokdovm of the American home, j for this year ’ s rib'. Bulson would be sufficiently strong j on ‘ i*® ! i\* i**\®\' .^jiistonce of more than half « mil to carry enough RepubHcan sup- «>« ‘ hut Hav arstra y. has ptpduc-| entered the employ ofT . 300 Auto* in Jam port to cffiMt the election of Fre.11 , \J - . the Eric in 1859 as a messenger i H has been estimated that there Marks This, however, has not ( on u on ge Duane street station at wore more than three hundred been officially decided and ihe ' \ Democratic committee . will meet ■f MORTQN LEXOW ' \ ; District Attornsy; under whose direction the Coinij Court Grand Jury compleleft today ccie of the n}oit fruitful .essiapS in local histcry. The outataocling feature of the Grr rd Jury*. was tl'e indictment of G, W. D*Groat, of Piermont, for alleseftl libel against ICounty Attorney HofsUlter, . which may ' gartici.- pale a county.wide fight when the case in brought t* -trial s.-i Nov.ftmher. ----- ~- Statistics show that In twenty yean there will be more djvorces ghthted than there will be mar ­ ges made. This means that will be mors homes destroy ­ ed,jiy'Biyorce than will be built by rtarrlag& Imp«Mhg Change 'We stand onHJns brink of jRseUil ' clfgnge in j^erica, ” he Both parties are keeping Very (Continued on page-2.) PEACOX IN SING SING the age of 13, and ten years lat-- autos in the tangle along the road ' er he became an. engineer. Prom ; way. and pome of those who kne * 1869 until two years ago he was; the territory better than others, 'at the throttle continuously, and;had to continue on up the moun- • in his honpr his name was painted I t*m and come down on the op-_j. I TT- 117 1 , on the cab of the engine. } posite side in .order to eave the , In 1 hree W eeks Conkim wa. dossed with the Oth. , ®®®n®w ‘ h®ut •e®'®-\ Boa M aaa ww »r ^ cars-were BO bad -1 er old timers on the road, and n . point of active service, hw recoruj ^ ' Sp. Valley Street . Job To Be Done I Ray Brinkerhoff to Head Clarkstown Democratic Ticketjivith Mrs. Buchenai SPRING VALLEY. Sept 39. , „ j i , — “ Another three week, or less and ■ B«l-l®m b«n ®«*f •*' ^ , OSSiSiNG, N. Y., Sept. 30 — , ,he village main streets will be the ( h'story of the. railrimd. He wa. Earle Peacox arrived at Sing county\ waa the ntate- priaon shortly before 10:30 a. made Saturday a« more con today to begin aen-ing a »*enlence , Ihundawd. •'The greatWloni. of ‘ V Main Btrcet and more thoroughly the poat rtarteil to crumbiKwfien u I hardened strip! uncovered to traf- thela homes started to go, Mfd there was never a nation more de ­ pendent on home life than Amer- iCB is todayl\ Dr, (hausen then challenged the audience to name the three song hits of last year, saying there was three things to the genius of (Continued on Page S.) also one of the oldest residents of of thorn had not left the vic^ty of the fire weh after 8:80 o cwok for. Supervisor Expected to Nljske Good this morning, because of the <o)i- ' \ .^ gestion; the villoge, and his service in ondj -rjigre is,^'no water soppiie Mon Wu Left In Garage WretcEed Conditioii .To Die, Report. i NEW-CITY, Sept. *0 — Mr- : Daisy Miller, cf Stony Point,- wis I indicteil by'the Grand Jury tlRa ' moining on a .charge -of innfr-\ 1 slaughter iiiThe-second d:igrce, apij , ;ontcr-.i a pica' ‘ Kf “not;\ guiltyb. } She was held under bail Of 83)5M I '. Displayin; -not the 'slightiftC ■ sign of emotion, the woman wim , has been talktd of throughout the I cntiro county for the manim in ‘which har husband,. John . MiUaA.. ’ was alleged t<. have been left olH in his garage- liriliriK6~fr61gnBSiiii~ I hood was aroused, Mr:. Miller calmly heard tfao ' t.> her and in a stJady void tornl her plea. Taken To Court Sheriff John McKee and : I \Bill\ Englohart wont to tlie I : Point home and informed th man she wouhl have to a paiiy them to New City. “ Was I Indicted by the i Jury? ” , was Mr4. Milior ’ s qucstic.i, and when infbmuxll McNee that this was Uie easii ^Miller got her sister, Mrs. R6se, to accompany her b the charge._^ ' Geolijc Raymond,'Ilfs, Ml ' 'attorney, hkd waijed lij/the room all marpHIg, l)Uf client hairjoflod to appear , ly aftcjj^l o'clock, Mayefstiaw, '/* When-the Word came t!iat,; indictment was about to bo^y Kaymond was r.-')! in cotllL®;j| Mrs. Miller, entered' her pilib person, and up to preas tin waiting in. tho courtroom -fo arrival of her lawyer to arp bail for her. Community Arousod The community of Stony - Dorothy. GETS $5 FINE Street Commissioner also came in 7r ’ i„randJ4ys. E. Heddy of Suffern, and 'burning building, aa the fire had ' e U • n I T !^ 'thr^sonft, David, Fred and Rus-' been burning for more than an , town Democrats^a m.ding U. (.11 for the way in which he has.Jived said'.when tlte firemen ; the Fin- HjtH'^ere last .Salunliiy. Kben m RusJbLL. Manes, who went by' , ' r ; » n .. .i...i„ selL ^ „ J ,, : up to his promise to follow closely I a red tramajight Saturday after-' ................. .. F noon, svas takihsjiefdre Judge Ben. Jnmin Levison amNBied S6. Muines lives in Tappan, aniN^as aiiestod by Ojri'.s Michael li.urkc. Coimiy Mourns Death of Game Warden Kramer, Well-Known Here the finished road with shoulder work between curb and concrete. One-way traffic on the concrete on aaiin street is still necessary with parJung. jpestrlction as . well, but Increasing numbers oS cars are bringing back business which for a good part of the summer went elsewhere: Storekeepers Saturday said that they could notice an ap. prcciable difference In their buii- Realdents<7f^he county weif idiookad this morning to learn 6f the killing of William T. Kramer^ game warden of the State Conser- ■vatkHi Bnreau, yesterday morning in tlw Idlewild Woods, near Jamai ­ ca, Queois, by two huntsmen po'- ting ht%«binil and woodpeckers, whoniRhunef and OMther warden. “ BOLD FOR A SONG ” . .. The pries to which a thousand ^Pilar automobile aometlmes de- (dlnei in the couris of two or OSie Mars la poaitively amas- IjjA ’ Bud the “ Automobile ” ffinnaui on the Classified page^ ■Qd yea wUI ew innumeraSre bergeina-ln weed cars. I COD] JLOVKN ■>YI«LNG ■ ; Nyaeh nw ■t n ' ----- n AL NANUET, SepL 80. — - alreody i suceess of the SeptemSej/dneetliig' Joseph S: Allen, were attempting I Qn Saturday concrete was laid io minA, t^Rockland to place under arre. . : feet welt of C® “ \ ‘ y Vt.'unteep^re.men', As Kramer, who lived irt 873 Me - sociation 1. ^ning for anoth-r ahen street, Brooklyn, had \land an equal amount on South |J|>« time a^^ Nanuel session .-V' Main atreot. With good* weathorl Fighf,AgBinsLSchiebelhuth, Rcpubljesfn Incum- . . . ....... _ ----- bent — Itttemt in Ctynstabje^ Contest about the Erie yards locally made drinking aiwtir. U is doubtful ' - . \ „ ___ him a familiar figure _ _ .whether the fire engine, might } S.-pt. 30.- Ka^ondj.w'Sj^. ‘ Cooke will run for the Conklin la aurvived by hia wife, to do any effective : . . ; ; « n n /.* »u . ........ ....... < — ~ three daughters, rMs. A. Hortbniwork had they been able to reach “ Tt 'Imvo Li^d of Brooklyn ami Mrs. H. Rossnerithe immediate vicinity of the ««®® Suporviaor. head,JJ^mo-Vtwo ysmr p..no. 1. The Town Board ^^en Henry ' ------ -- ------ ---- --------- Clark.. ot^Aui'.t condidntes consist of John , a rgj^,rgd lahorer. report', re.st of Dpp.-r Nyack. Charles } jg^n Miller Was\ lying out fiqg of Nanuft, and, Hxlord ■ b,gk-„rd garegr coverudt: Funeral service, will be hew-arrived. . i night^^ ; , SeifrieiK,^ New City. 'Charle.. ,„d in a dying * Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 with No one has any idea in what ^artTpresent wire agioed that th.- Ilacrie of M^esV -Nyack was nomln- tion. the Rev GftorK Whitehead offleiat-1 I**® hlaie was . started^aaft jgggi named was a very strong I a*c<l ^lleetoiv The matter was'piaced _ ina Masonic serviieaoHll'be heU^tlwr* has not been anyoneJMng g^g^ j„ gig^ g{ th,- nomiiiution of /Thim i.s.exp><b-d to be o great Judge Sljerman Burres, :^ho .t iho home tomorrow evening 1'\ ‘ *'® La^JP^y- T**® ! Brinkerhoff, cotiKideml a fighte~i' conlpst thi. y.-ar iKthc election of mediately got in touch .v»te; at tho home tomorrow evening. p,.gg ^ad been opwited by ® 'g„d „ sure minner.' the Demo- ' j .John S^-ngstacken, Himlth' Mrs. Cornell^^boarding house .luring thp,s^t aummer season consti^ction of the new court- but>^.nt 0 .re had n,t been af ^ ^ ^^pp. T 'na had eiven un ' 'a® referendum won for him the It ta claimed, and ihe had given up the premise. ‘ .bout two weeks, ago: ' ®i ‘ ®l«® ‘ both Democrats and Ke- ' The rumor that U>o inn had been publicans. operated as a \spoakeasy\ was not I Raymond Fisher, the retiring ___ _____ _ _________ lubstahtiatcd tniii mormng, .c I justice of the peace, received the p.TY *Seiit 39 _ The nedv DeGmatV attonuv spsible pers^s denjdng tnir | nomination to eom^ to pjt th. J^'a^^thl. the place had* been anything but : another torm. Edward (leihurdt. . -s#/^.s..«*., __ * a resimnsible boarding place under j of West Nyack. will also be a esn- , “ >* ^ \ |.[«eL.. Jud^' Pattgraffn Utl. County Vamps Plan Kg Nanuet Meeting OcL 11 2 .). of the Town, and when I Final Cases Deposed of As Judge Thanks and Discharges GVand Ji^-^ :hit 1-4^1-, game warden for the post twelvn'^^ ,.,^1 wii'ir'*oo'nd-weather i ®® ‘ ®ber^ at the Fire House. years, and wa.s well known ,ard, , of the eonerete within tho! “ ■ ®®'\®™'»ered by many.the management of Mrs. Cornell. 1 didatc for-the office of ^7^ “ ®®. gfte\r having Wn lA mission since also impoS«i astoril' liked in Rockland Counlyi hav.ng! , uid'^f'' ‘ ^® vamps as the scene of the i ------------- o ------ ------- . ■] is expected to nmkugieal huadwftiy . tfi. e..,. been a member of the Spbrtinjjn'.- i viHw UmiU should have b®®n meeting of the year bn 'oflier I TOMPKINS\ FOSTPONR9 TRIAL ' jg that district owing- Ur ti l l! em cr.. Game an.tl Fish. I’ rolcctive. As- ,* ‘ ‘ ® T* } occasibns, and a repetition is ex-- NEW. YOHK, SepL 30. (UP), tinned luck of representation of aociation of Nyacfcftfor many year. , . ® :Pe®ted a .areek from this Friday, — ^udge Arthur S. Teenpkins, of , past yc and jiqylng Rockiand County two; CLARKSTOWN ^ggtjgj gg the Association \ Supreme Court, totUy postponed ' or threp visits a year. He was ,70 ^ seei a bigger turn-out, and. St the trial of Frenk H. Warder, for- I years and was a bachelor. Four NEW - CITYj^sflepL 30. “ d® |e„t one represenUtive from each mer .superliitbndent 'of banks, un ­ iyears ago to a day yestenlay he , Clarkstownjibpubilean Club. I* ‘ •le.ompany In the County is-the goal H' Oct.-U. had a very imrrow - escape, frri-ir; meit tqjpdTrow night at the Rrci,^ by the Association. - Great in- .Warder, who was scheduled to. 1 death when, whi|e watching f ■\ Hoii|»;'iind an espeel*l)! ’ Id®se|at-j tggggi, . „u„tif«ted In these'bo tried today, was indicted Un 'poachers in Horseman ’ f „ Woods, Ubiiannce is expected in viev of the j „g„thly gatherings and firemen's times In connection with thcfail-;; . . ... a . Howard Beach. (Jueens, two Itujj^^.ct that plans for the coming cam-^,|„ '^ngg^m the subject ure -ftf the City Trust Co. \ ®o«'l supcrvisoi- and will pu up a - for enmmal libel of Cot^ At -1 Wet' Joha !«»«;««« \ ■ “ I\®*'®* g^; pg„j. Jt'ifrfijhtagaia^ Willai-d Eldcidge, tornay E.'W. Ilofstattar, asa charafc ■ - __ Igcision from Jumfce Alfred of .New City, ih* Bspubliciin can cHsi- . alone of the mdiet,iiarfi''®l| j , jL'r (Continued on B o I b 2.) - } g,gh of the Siarkstown election I and th^Wsurence is the ' H. fowhley oiiWSder 'm^uon .\^dal. . . (.fcarfr ’ ™ke, ot Imld ojf*r-»^ .r'C, -------- ^ -------- i, districts, and It Is planned to hs-.-o ; H im spent at tho Octobw aos.ion 1 that the trial b^ld outshte M la^ Lake and J .k-- Hall. hi., of , cm-m of ,, Moyfiir? 1 -ua — . Nmiftij ggggy • I will he .well worth whUo. [New York CeuniJ. , N,w ' Giw. arc caudldau-s f or at- ; Mortsm LijwR,-nn^ ans lie wan nbout to arresst tujRW! ^ paign are to be discussed. : Hem-lgf diKussIoh. New facM at the .. _ _ the result of tbs Grud During the time they have been flndlnga. Roeeo Mullfesl fin saadon the Grand Jury ha.s die- Millce) both qf Jersay „ , 1 poaeftl of a number of important fiiwd $200 escll pn-riWl Kate Buchenau, who f®® y®«® “ ; gattm, and a as result of --heir in* common lamaitra. hs- hold .Iho oflke of T own Clor , „ numbor of .speak-e*fiy wire anratnl in tlw raU wua reiiomlnitcd. U is li-apecto- were llmid an-.l pqt out Blue Bird Inn on July th?t sho will bf unopjto®^..!. husinoMt. Htate tmopaw di a e w 4*ct- < Smith Vt. Atdridfa '|''he body -aUu jjadicted G. E. and Ijt thi ake,Smith will r«s lorain for iMpmqnt. on two'< *

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