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. ----- •■'HU. AOCKLAND COUNTY EVENINCftOURNAI.^J^yack Eveniitg Jou-nal) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1929 jy iiss,majestic' ' Contest Now Race [ B e tween W. Nyack and Nyack Girl s Vom Uiu (h'luK*^ of voturi^ Ihall Dolly JefTortj, Now ’ City ....4500 fd in on the Journn) l ist njKi't | Mis. H. K. Komun;* Nyuck ..4100 Irythinft: would indicatu t'lal Ihc ng Indy who~lh' I'luivm.'d -Trn*fK ’ a FoiUiinu, Nyack .,.0800 Ijfsllr ’ * and is to rcrcivo I ’ I l^uxc model ^midnailort^MauT^ J radio and phonogr.aph, will h. vu ■achieve succcs.s Oi a hard i'ouiThl ptOBli Mi.H “ riflic Hnorlc, of West Ny-. Frances i ’ j.^ano, ......... 4000 tieauUful Ibvo thief (Maiy Ou«i*! cun), Miss*^ Guynor quIciG/ j studied voice culture at thc^'I^JX'| Sludias. ■ , ' t A further^indication of ability as an nsticuluto player is the fact-that she has been castj as the b-nd in thc 'oriKinal inuhi-[ cal comedy, “ Sun-\ ]S' ‘ c tip,'*!' w hj c h is to havp DoSylva, j Diown nml Henderson booA, lyrics and inusic. * Uesidij: Janet Gnyiior, Miss Dun-? ’ Valley . u:no can, ,ChurI«*s Morton, Nancy Drn. . Nyack^.,l&6a ' I>rnu, NyucK ................ | Donal.l, arc lu-nr.l in this Kl; -V of-Sonth-PnHrtrtiiTTtrcnt.-jNY-'Wlnlfri-d Itiimiim, OriiaKc ’ g . lDSoL' V'^ ‘ ’ “ '' Miss' Liafincr miuh^thc I mr - Florence Hauer, Havcrstrow . 1400'*'^°*^^' *' ' gain for the day by adding sMrs. J. Fiuiji n, Hjiverstrnw .1400 votes to ikT total.\ Mug D orolliv PiirkhnHt. TVVack 'KiilhVrino Marline, Airmont .3750 FflrtfrtjroH.-*, Nyack,, ................ 3(i00 Mnrgfivi Hiller, Nyack: -----2 ‘ »iii0 WillR'lini^MH K'n*'\. Nyatk ..2300 .Mrs. Anna (I^ynor, Nyack ..2200 Mr.> Ida Lintlflironl, htyack .1000 ^juffeTn .. 1 (500 k who hn^ held the Ic id sin-: ■' Mr.-^. J.'Collishaw, - t begiriftit of .the M. Siv'i-ter, S th first pltcOvbyia majo.ity of Mis. J uih ; i Kastner. of the member of the qiraf^*. bX aerial artists in ^ -French hip,tq- dromc who Is ,l1iVowi\ ipto. tor- Kj. n ’ f 200 votes ove^ Mildrc I I-' , A. F. nrick.mn. sjjiaa .1250 .1200 .1100 .1100 . 1050 .1050 >00 rlc*K total vote U 0,800 apiuu'-tHDngaret Sduibeft, Nyack >00 of her Nynck^ppoi)i-nt. I^u^i DcHaan.'S. Valley iffi -Mary Pctfifllo, of XyacI: lie!na~K^oona, Nyack\ ___ iplacos Mrs. Merle Hlauvelt, of Miss .S. Fcbard, Mont»ey . . jntral Nyack, in thii-.l place by li.-itr .Sherivboil^ /iavcr.straw otc of 7,C'b0 to 7*£W. M i ' s , b^nnie Mark, Hu'strav Miss Gindys-johfison' of .Sto,iyk Kli7a lint, Ueiin, lla\'<ii ‘ straw .1050 now ufilrjjj ’ ih the conte t. Fdla Fngv, Airmont . .>vv, . . .1000 brated her entjfa^n? by ru-stiiij .Mrs. C. Corson, Su(Di*rn ^^.1000 ■\ votes'as a Blnrttr. ■ Fran: i ‘ ; Muru-l i ’ eter.'-on, SulTein . . . 1 IhC 0 , o£ North Droadw.'y, Nym-.k * I.oui-e Uidley, ./lirmoat . . . . .tOOfi ) a flcwconicr in the vo.liiiK, cast Mr.'. J. 'rompkins, ’ Airmont .1000^ llfleii 'ronipk'in*^; Airmont ..lOOOj men of the roun\v U1l ntlnue to write ■Iheh- nrinV; on .1000 | ballots am! . ecm (blennine.l — -Or ~ • ^o„ cntcrinK the ;;Mi., ’ ’ populn. ,. GaynOlT To j Miss America, lialK- Ruth^ Santa Mo ViP Tallf IP 0^11111' [aus ami other CBlehritie i, tontiii- llaVC 1 CtllVlC.L'eUUl to receive the\ uii oilclle I Radio Programs 4:k — tv.Nvc — >/:w \<mK — 6SfiB G:46 — Time; information fc5Q- rr-Domi nic^ |Many clufmbt (;;05 —F. C. Atkinsjin, rcadingii r>:20 — Chri.stopher MecKan, bary ­ tone (i-ilO — Courtlaiid Players 7:00 — Leo Hartinique, songs 7:15— “ Aviation,\ Dieut. Kmil Stipri 7'»3(k-T:Tiine; al.arhis; information Tr.lG — Time; ferry .schcdule^i scores . 7:40_Air Cpliege; “ Art,\ Major '•Je .dies 7:5u — Studio iocitaj S:15 — :-\da LielK.*rm5n, .-bnrano ;;:29 — VVeatbrr; ■.hnc % “ MISS MAJESTir Radio Popularity Contest ’ -»■■■ * '. ‘ k ’ • ROCKLAND COUNTY, N. Y. Thi.s Coupon Good for l,00b ^otos Name ......... .V... .. ........................................... r.-rr , ............ .. Cviiteiitatit ’ a N»n»o COUPON MUST BE DEPOSITED IN t N e BALLOT BOX SPRING VALLEY,. Sept. 2d. — The trial of Thomas J. Leonard, released on bail after his appear ­ ance — before J ’ udge Hopper on Tliui.«ufay -when he was held for actual outcome and extent of the Hrewstrr labortFa injuries have been determined: It is not believed that they will prove serious, how-* ever. , Vai*x was struck w.iiie on the new road ju.st below .the school house as he wa.s >\*brldng and Jurlge Hopper said las( night from 'Vika, IN NYACK — ^ Evpning Jourmd ~ R bek^ ml Th » ra t rc H AVERSTRA W — ' Havenstraw Messenger Broadway ^calre }rt of some Voters. Many vot*vs being reccivud n siding outride of the county and nnot be credited to them. The ntest is for coiin^ ^v^denls otdy d this fncl should be rcmejnbi'r- ! when voting. Noipinatiofij of participant' io* c contest will cloiie tonight.' All At the Rockland • Thu voice • of Janet Gajai r v'll be lieaid from tliu scrccq for tju' fir.-t lime tomorrq^iA' wlvq her initml talking -picture . “ 1 jJovIl.H,** ,6pi*n!i at the Broauwiy Theatn . . te».which have nut been <-;i.t ’ in ll-is It may he truthfully su'd of cordance With the rule.^ .ami l-c;:/ ' 'is nnivi raally admired ^^rccn ations governing the contest wilt' favorite^ that -probably no ol. or ■discarded. * • ■ ' • .I'lnyer- has aroused greater pub- .. , . - , ■'•ic interest in the ces-jlt of fee A eomplc c.tahrilStmn of „„n»r2ime to dia- «t for duly nomimtcsl eautad- ,urh,. Dream Girl.\ as tt» follow: ho h:i» so-.netimes boon aillcii, Ikic Hacrle, \\ . Nyack ... .!i- ;(t i^'^aju. to < xeecil even 11a? foiiui-. ildred LisMier, Nyack ......... - xprctutioie. pf Ihe fans in the ary retricllcf, Nyack ......... 7,f»00 j.acc* s-i of iier audible i»erfi'i . 1 - . M. niauvcit, C. Nyack . .7200 ,i,,cc. - . Arietta^ Ny«uk ...........5400 Itefore suirling on the tal.k.ug ladys Johnson; Stony Pi . ..COOP ; scmicncc of the film which tclbi aJ r - \ • ' ■ . t [ad WHERE THE SCREEN IS ALIVE TODAY — LAST TIMES ^ TODAY The Pictyre That Ha, Broken All Record, In Nyack : ______ Held Qvc- By Papular . 'DemanH J, Ddn ’ t Miiia This Lcugh ThrilTe'r The Cockeyed Werid -Tomorrow — ^ Starting — Tomorrow s;fc-.-u M (-'A — N K \\ von K^dtim 2:15 — Musical tieat.s 3:00 — Wilson Family Eiitertam- ers 3:30 — Studio diversions l:00^Saturday Aftemodners 4:30-r'0hrbach*s miracle progruuik 5:15 —Ruth Ketii. Harry Carisonj longs 3:30--Wandeiitfg >unstreis • 9:00_Tin'''; Nalda Nardl, con ­ tralto *9 >0 0, VtMf-pwood Grove boxing bouts 11:00 — atcAipincers ’ Dance Or ­ chestra 11:30 — News; Knickerbocker Or- che.rira .<•' •CUk — WKAK->>'KW VOIlK — 4i1m .* 2:30— The Melotly Rour :^'00 — The Marionettes 4:00 — Colham String Trio 4:30 — aSmith Ballew .s Orchestra 5:00 — Band of a Thousand .Mclo- t s riuyTi —Summary of pfogianu 0:00— BlacK .tnd Gold Orchestra, 6:55 — Ba.<eball scorca 7:00 — Phil Spitalh^s niuBic ‘ . 8:00 — The Lyric Challengers 8:30 — When Summer i« Gone 9:00 — General Electric Hour 1 10:00 — B. A. Rolfe ’ s Orchestra '. 1 :00 — Cori^t time 11:00— Lew White Organ Recital 1JI:30 — Charles Strickland's Or ­ chestra ;i0k — WOK— NKW tOKK — ISSm 2:30 —Gene Ingraham's Orchestra 2:59 — Chimes; Ernest Gerhardt, tenor 3:45 —Tin Pah AIlov 4 :l5 — Anthony Trini ’ s Orchestra 4:45 — Emerson Male Quartet 5:00 — Eddie Schloss' Orchestra 1^30 — Motfem Harmonies 0:00p-Time; Bill Casey, .songs ' G:15 — Aviation weather; Virzi, piano 0:30:-7iJ*ncle Pop 7:00 — Time; .sports talk . 7:10 — Piccadilly Orchestra 7:30 — ^ “ Tcnth Assembly, League - d T Nations,\ Professor Haiiaway 7:45— “ Half Sea.s Over\ ■'Ttrlft— Security- he&nw talk- . 8:30 —Gold Mwlal 'Sttini? Trio 9:C0 — Little Theatre -i 9:30 — Saunders* Midshipmen 10:30-^**Silvcr Threads ..Among Goid” 10:30 — Dance nrches:ra ‘ ll:.p0 — Time; news; weather 11 UOG.— 'Frank Dailey's Orchestra 11:30 — Monbeams TMk— Wiz — ?( f ; w youk — 2:00 — BUI SepttiV Orclio'st ’ a 2:CQ — National farm and home • hour 3:15 — Band of a Thousand Melo- 3:30 —R. C. A. demun.stration hour ’ 4.30-;- I'ho Tea Tinier.-i G:00-^Roports; ‘ s t oc k market; ! Xho^?« ’ ’ brfBrmor drmg. Hopper Puls -Off Leonard ';^it«ra;ud ’ d ‘ «wn ‘ 1 ?.r.oT-S fending Developments rpaxsi i ig j lp y the farmHirusOi^ ' It ira»i ithe rtr.'it time theyM evej* AH'ntured I I out alone so no wonder thcic fuzzy I little U m U os \ shiverwl ■with excite ­ ment. And, . though ^ t hey liUle kiiew ’ it much' advcnlttre was Th ^itorc *or them; r Now, you finish. ^ ' Toy Exchange Every little boy and gi/I in the 1 whole; wide world has old ‘ toys, I small toys, and • forgotten toys. ;Then too, there are little bays and girls in the*world who only have -nne or two toys ami it's lor yliosc littjc people that we ’ re making .his animal. ' If you have some tpys you can I not use and they ’ re^ Just being 'wasted, vt'bn 't you get ;n touch \vtlh MIsa Schuster, in can* of thfcrf- puiH*r, and tell her about them? I !Huh_?_. We want ever so many j Uoya for .'anall boys and girl*. So, i won ’ t yuii giveto. us? ^ | Perhiu);.- vou ’ rc i»nmall -verKon . who WANTS .something. In F'nt lase write in and Loll us tooj No matter what you wont so long, as jlhcrc is such a thipg we'll try i .Tcl t /or you. Remember, our asking for roller skates, for ever so long? • Weil, we haven ’ i gotten those skates yet. What do'think could be-,; the matter? Surely one of all syo'u • ittic Kiddies* Klub r^iatiers haVe ’ old .skates you -could let as have. S ’ pose you look,a^und next week. .and see if you can ’ t Jlml* ’ -^m *or Ns. — There ’ s a scooter waiting here . ‘ or ^omc little boy or girl .iround jvb -.vr six >'eurs ■>ld. Should Vou carcna> have it lot us know and we ’ ll notify you about^ calling for it^lling ior it at the Journal I'f- •Xict 'uR know whal y'oii havc'ind what \^ou want iiex: week. the little he heard about the actual citcumstancus I'nat the niishap wa \ an accidental one wWch could not — , fiwKfl b^n WioiJadtj Larmail It la. reported, stopped withtn a single car lenirih, . and befor^ he~^raek the man had been going at a slow , rate of speed. 'V Judge Hopper wilt l>q able to itriking Francisco Van with his ; Judgment .after the V has been posti»oned-be?n hold, but other have expressed the belief that Lcunani was not Ifr blamer — Word Conle*t Winners Only the young ladies wore in ­ terested in our Word Conte-'^t last This Saturday, September 28, da^ ’ including Saturday.^ opens the Kiddies ’ Klub Sand-Box the>c will be a voting coupon in - ___ Contest. , vf -Rockland County- Journal, School doesn't seem to take Nviltiam J. Bird of Nanuet. N. I Each cnH|>on entitles a contestant V hns^opatod sn 8x8 foot painy* ffo 60 vot^. The winner of ihe e<i .«mnd-hox. with pure 'vkite sea- I Sand-box will be the bpv or girt board Atlantia City sand. / •who,-4>etween how and Qciobjtr .28, iiiiH .sapu-Dok^ wiii be awarded | sends in the moM voting coppons the boy . or girl who sends^ 4h t^e I with his or her naht^ upon them* most votes between, now and the ' Yon ma y e nt er aH riend, sistl'r closing da.tc of our , contest or brother in this contbet or you which *R Wednesday ^ftemoon, • may enter yourself. No ^fld un- October 23. * ^ ^ der five or over .fifteen ycni ’ R U . / ^ - Icligibler Your coupon.s will nnanclal xummar/; cotton On Sail ;riccB. October 26, tvinner. will 1*' igricM 5TlO-^Summarv of programs ’ ):45 — Ivy Scott, soprano fi:00 — The Gossipfcrs G:30 — Goid Sppt Orchestra 7:00 — Correct time 7 ; 00 — “ 'Pne J^ldier of Fortune ” 7:15 — *BAsehaiI scores 7:20 — Stiv Regis Orchestra 8:00 — Chirngo celebrities 8:3CL-^Mar\'h» ’ .T Orchestra 9:00— Greater Chicago Band 0:00— Correct time 10:00^Radio Guild. “ I ’ cer Gyi^ ’ ’ ^ * An(!v, tofWdf llabs . HlOff — Amos l:15-T-Sluihber music 12:00 — Aviation weather forecast Ktaik — WAIIC — 5KW YOllir — ailm tra; Kaphan, charactoriza- tioiis ' 4:00 —Tiffin music .5:00 — Musical /csiicrs 5:30 — Week-panders (1:80 — Harolif-item ’ s Orchestra 6:68 — Time; Vim radio hour 7:30 — Littmgnn ’ s Entertainers • 8:00 — Nit Wit hour, fun for .ill 8:30 — Babson finance iieriml 9:00 — GraybaFs ‘ Moe and Vi ” 9:30 — The Romany Pattcran 10:00 — Parumount-Publix Hour J1:00 — Guy Lombardo ’ s Canadian.s 11:30 — Time; Midnight Reverie; organ ISItk — YOKK — 2t7m 2:00 — Bon and Joan, rohgs 2:15 — Venerlo and Rotella, trou- .badours lii'HFr-Naomi Brake r. xecitatlona 2:45 — Lulu Cole, soprano link — ^vjt.XY — > ’ KW YOUK — fftia 8:00 — The Song Shoo , 8:30— Dave Bemie's Orchestra 9:00 — rWRNY Grand Opera Com­ pany 10:00 — I'hc Gallivantcrs 10;30 —Lorenzo Herrera. Maria Visct. ’ .^o*oists' ‘ 1! :00 — Sunshine Serenaders 11:30 — Drifting and Dreaming a.s much of their time as it does the gentimen ’ s — but then, it may be football after all which is keep ­ ing the boys occupied. Do you remember what our prize for last .week was ? Tt was a small Webster diction ­ ary containing 18,000 words and, — oh.'*4oad8 of other things. Veronica Phalen, of Havorsraw, was the first winner of one of these vnlunbtc little books. Ver- >pnica submitted a word contest of 2h?.wonl.s. Tlimi Eleanor Phalen, sister of .Veromca, gave us a Iht of- 192 \vords which was Ju.sl ‘ dandy. So, of course, there ’ s another diction ­ ary going wKte in the Phalen family. * ' \ Muriel BirbcckX of SloatsBurg, was our next winnbr. Muriel gave U8 a list of 69 words^Kwhichi .even though it wasn't 'so Npng \was mighty g6o<l. Muricl ’ a gomg to be envy of little Sloat.sburg^^olks wnan tney see her dirtiona|y. jWaitTl^ou see! ^\^C«ntcst Wc ’ vo di.wtttinocd Word Con- little folks. X We ’ ve dlficoritiuedN Wonl Con ­ tests for a while so that we might try out a new game whidv is callod WORDSENS, Theto Will be five prizes aifrard- oil CD the winners ot this contest. This week you will find in ’ this Each week we ’ ll announce the llsr column the story of “ Muff and of winners In our Ki<Idi£^' Klub Tuff. ” The story Isn ’ t 'finished. |.section. 'I'his week the prizc.s will.. That ’ s your job. Read as much of i bo Xountain in ivens. — the story as wc have written then I It ’ s hot a hard game and ever write the best and most exciting I so ^ much fun. llcrc'B how :t en d i ng y on can think of. Uvorks out. Wc give you a list I'f Anyone may enter thin conto«t. I word.s from which you make is You need not be a member of tlrj. ’ many sentences ns you p^ssiblS* Kidtlles' Klub. Bo certain that'run. For example, if yte gave you i rmiiounccd. ' ' Send your coupons to the r.d I()r«s8 upon the voting blank. To IHerude them in the week ’ s tabula- ilnn have them in this office on or before Wednesday bf each week. s|it is :iot :ieces&ary \o have them in at that time but (t ia^rcferablc. This is a Rockland Coupty con- testi \ . ’ You need not be p member n of ;hc Kiddies ’ Klub lo enter. • -Maltbwe — ^ Heigh-hol Have you ever player! “ Round- thc-circle-gocs-the ’ -tale ? ” For a while we ’ re going to play it with you through our Mailbox. 2:00 — Patterns in Print, variety ' There will be a priw re- .•1:00 — Gittmann's KnterUinera I ward for the boy or Rirl winning 8:30 — “ Our Book Sheir ’ ; orches- ‘ -he gams. This week tho prize will be Fountain Pen and un Ever- .\harp ncncil to match. Here ’ s how you work It. you write your name and liddresK. upon the ending you submiL YOUR ENDING MUST NOT HAVE OVER 160. WORDS. It this list of woi^s; lioy, the,^rog, high. Jumps, runs, quickly, twirls, you would probably tipiko some ^ntcnccs like this: The may have less but no more than j boy runs quicklyr-The girF twirls that. ! quickly. The frog jumps high. MUFF AND TUFF Muff and Tuff were.jM fuzzy little brown pupplcs.^xhey - be ­ longed _To a bov ami *nr l - mined Billy und iJctty ,, wluTloved Lhem dearly. .. TheM little puppies lived ut a j be of great . assistance quic The boy Jumiis quickly. Isn ’ t thot ;uTt? Following ijt tho list of words from Uii.s week, and below .the list you ’ ll find a few rules wh: llskwWdHH — VOUK — 4:16-^Tea time music 4:46 — John von Aspo. tenor. 5:09 — Rhea Rinsky, soptuno. 5:16t-;Vjncent CioiTari, mandolin. 6:30 — News; Marcella Roth, huge farm in the country and i U , Here ’ '; «.hc list low; looks, day lo:!*? they romped In the 'fields [ami, or, that, this, came, she, around the kfiacioUa homestead. [lovely, again, day, bold, night, be- Wlfcn school was closed and { autiful, ^hpld, the, mighty, :nan, Betty and Billy were .at .tome :.il i child, qnimal. day many exciting, adventures I And the ruipsi happened to Muff and Tuff while I 1. Put'your name and .addreks on picnics and hikes buii when i u}>on each sheet of paiier you use schiml was oi>en nothing over I : or vour sentences. seeme<l to stir. 2. Use only words in-thc list for “ Let's, ” . 8Uggcate<l Muff, very * «r*'*«nceK. It Is permissiblo forlornly one^y aftet school had to use the same word as many VOTING COUPON MISS MAJESTIC : RADIO POPULARITY CONTEST — Thii Coupon Good for 50 Vole, — Print Ni|ime Coupons Must b« Dopcolted ,a the Ballot Box at either the IN NYACK — Evening Journal Rockland Thoirtro ' ^ . IN IIAVKUSTIlAW — liuvbMtruw Mcnengcr ’ , Broadway Theatre I n SUFFKKN — Tbv Iiidc|>cndunc IN SrRINC VAI.I.EY — Tlw Leader ’ • The Strand . . opened, \go leakin ’ for trampa;\ Story Girl. 6:00 — Let ’ « go about.. G:1S — Airplane trip.., Grace Koor- ner. . . . 6:30 — John I ’ orlier, minstrel. 6:46 — Jqe M,urray, Mary Quilan, '. Scotch. . 7:00 —Around town; Price. vioUn 7:45 — Sydney Siegel. “ Trouba- , ilour.\ ,,8:00 — Edward Lunn, travel talk ' 8:15-rAmeIito llAbeicri En- ; fcmble. ■9:10,^Studio program. clik — >vir — riiii.AitKi.riiiA — i,tui 3:00 — George WcUein ’ s Orches- '■ Ira. - ■ — — r • 3:45— Jimmie Quigley ’ s, Or- ■ ' ‘ cheatra. -0:86^>'ranktin' Cortoert -Or.- - - — . chestra. • ■\ 7 :D0 — iChimea, Wlp ’ » roll call, orehertra. iiMk — n I’ d — ati . amh ; t ii y — «: im 8:10 — Clwlae, Concert Qrcheati'a 8:45 —Brunswick Nltc Enter- tainers. . 9{J6-7-T o bo announced . 9:45-^oaeph Hughes, tenor, 10:00 — Atlantic City Dane* Or- . • chestfa. . 11:00 — KollieaJBergisfV Dance .'iiFstra: .. ., 's you care to. \y 3. The boys or girls writing the most correct sentences will be ihc I rise .innera. VOTING COUPON Kiddies'. Klub Sandrbux ■Contest . liockland County N.' Y. This coupon is good for votes. — (full name) Coupon. (nu “ t t'- sent Journal Ofllce.* - *. Kiailies^ , Klub Department - My little children, let us :iot love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed ^iid truth. • And hereby we know that w« aye of the truth.- and- shfll assure .^iiur heart.-, before him. 'K ot . if our heart coiniemn u... (iod is greater than, dur heart and knoweth al Ikhings — I. John, iU, TODA Y —LAST TIMES — TODAY 5 Standard Acts of Big Time Vaudeville Including NOTE: — - Bud Jind Margie will preMaP.oach c b tld a fei' telling today ’ . Matinee with a bo'l; o| MMon ’ ,/ ’ Bfa^Ik' ‘ Crows ” Candy. ON THE SCREEN Katiu-jm Crowford and Jew -Haraholt In . -■ “ MODERN LOVEfe NEWS — COMEDY-- — “

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