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ROCKLAND c(}UJ|rY EVENINC JOUI^NAL (NyMk Ermbti Jounut) SATURDAY. SEPTEMRER 28, 19S9 * 11 ■■■ _ ____ . ' I ________ ' ■ miu.iJL^J. » »' ■■ ' t /P\ ■■■ ■■' MEWS OF ROCKLAND COUNTY; ,jNya§k \ W esttta v ’ st ra>v I ’ .i her homo ,ftt Soutk Highland av»n-1 ^ •I* ; rcgiRUriHi*a* a pufrtl in thr Haver- ' t« ’ «<**» for IweritHivi* yeai-R, , ^ 'ms with a icvore coM. ‘ li . ViarilCrVlllC H atraw hiifh srhoo^. , Lieut. WhiskT ' > )i:y0UU6r spoke. ah^Ut her workt T , ' , T-1 j _______ _ ' is the. new chief inihnel: at thS\Isl- : _______ . ' <4 * * ' ' — _ ----- Tin- r> c;ulav nm-iihiy' ‘ *eeii»)f . iiae Lucie Crittenden of Court-; EUis A. Batps, of Sou'tiiL'^Tsa GUdys llulnic of \VnH The SuiTbiat Garden Club wHl J ’ »''i'rAekei-n^n, Jrv^_Hl)i*k- Mb-. Uoac'O ’ Kr.Te, hw moth«' the r.-T..A.,.v S^' ,uld at \ k ! Y.,'is the, gu«iat of , Mrs. Broadway, with her guoit. Miss! Street, itM returned to businees^f ;' .,*»■• , meet at the homo , of Mta. ^arl .tud K. Bern'on ?f H.sverf.tr.T.-'erhmdhoi^ .■ n i.i Tnurdday at Ai» ' A. Bates of'South NyaeV. Lucie Chittenden, of Cortland, N.ltcr enjoying a wcck ’ a'vjcation at Harry. S. Kane is 'a p.iHcnt at;nscher-Bt 8:15 pjn._,aoxt Tu; s.-J “ hool enreer injRligleweotl higK have retninivl freip a trip to. M.vfvtTr-m. r.-p;. . ,.f int--.oot tO;%n». wiay Mu;a CrIlU-nden and , Y.. are in the'ttty to^V There: her home. ' . [the Nyapk Hospital. • , day. Thefc win be n Ulk on “ Ar-: »« hasbee^dd a «-ember of the, Ohio. ' - • , ■ t' ^ Ai<ittretura.\ and a-general! Junior police. ,,, , 'Jack RogerV has turned from , Mrs. Linton DcBaun, Mrs. Eat! Idiscuaalon Will .follow. ' !' - . .. Mrs. J. Mnduro of UatlSd ,\A ; Alfred Otlh, a motor tiiiUo 8o3ton Ma.--. il ’ iko nmrM'rs. Frank Knapp werdi • «- ■■». , Tlw widening and “ paving of nuo k having her hoai^-iopaiiitul.; gaest at tK-Qilh * g « ' dinner guests of the R»e. and Mrs. I Howard Morris of Bnyonrie, N. hCain Slrctlt la. almost finished. The f o George H. Bonsall at. Goshen^dn j.J., wisited -his sister. Miss Florai eleetrle and telephone poles are .j, Wednesday. . - Morris recently. 1 nowrbeing piovejl further In from Street visited Mr; end Mi . A. o\\ s • . I • * * jlho ro-vd. All the fire hydrants are Versice of Pearl Rivir. ’ . ■ Stephen Kornptehak has return-1 ’ Philip .Frohling ia painting the: being ^nted a bright red and^ti^' . .i . M m . Rarheel C. He.* fioatess spent the flay hi New! they will lunch' and enjoy a mat rlt City, ' , . lincc.' ■' • . V , Ann Francis of Now City, i Mias Grace Moriti, gradtute Md ;)tpstw at .v 'lunrheon y^.iUr-j Sw-dalist of Chalif ’ s-Russian Nor-' I ’, foy Miss Ethel StdnniiT~HIA» j mal ISehool of Dancing, a pupil of pie Crittenden, and Sira! E *i.r ; .Albertina Raih and a member of lea of Nypek. Frederick G. Carnochon of New dty, who has just spent eighteen montha-in.. Africa will Icctuyc on the New York Society of Teachers j hia trip at the Masonic Temple in flrf Dancing, ann ou nced th« aras a past ■ matron and I i,er dancing clasaes at the |iioii.i ’ '-tm.i;ting Thursday ntS d pythlan Club next. .Tucaday, be* |ih« ftlasihtjc lodge under tn ; twcN the'fionks of Oiree. and tlx RtKm.of the Nypek . Jler of itie;,Iiartern Star. Among : , , » Itu uaatljnntKms who were pr > •- 1 ------- - Bud ;j(re«cntcd nd*h necklr^esj Herman Green gave a dht- Islu^Bnila wiUlei were: 'Mrs. ner '\t evening in honor of M. Imela V/. Blah, klrs., John Smith, i Cohnheim, -.prominent German Jtfary Hoyt, Mps, Emil y j hanker who Has lust arrived in this .raon. Mary Robertson, ' country. Among Mra Green's loEiArll Tilt, Mrs. Amelia I guests wore: Mrs. A. Silvern, Mips Ihr, MrtXhnie 'Gdmersall, AIra j Ircno Silvern, Mrs. E. Siegel and |rtha RSon, Mn. Georgy Wll-i Simon Stiro, of the United States MdoWhitndy ’ SH ’ erman and bonk'In New York City. All of Itotm Halliday. Past pa-|the gUesta were from Now A'otk ksent at the. gathering ! City, with the exception of Mr. Ifett TiR, Aibert HcAry, ; Cohnholm. In ■ ItfSmith, W. O. Gomersnll » « » bur GrUs^hattt. Past pa- j Sparkill Improvement So- cre ako glrtm necklaces of ■ under tljo direction of Miss |rs ’ And wallets. ------ I Dorthy Spurr, of Paliagdes, iHll ; held their annual ' benefit .bridge X. and Mrs.-Phillip Strongrre#:, Monday at the Roc kland Yo.rk Cily,,wcre recent Bue«U L,^^„^^ phe proceeds will iMr. and Mm. Ellis A. Bates, of i ^ completion of work blh Br4a.lway. ‘‘ Mr Strong is^^^ the Sparkill park which waa fhe sUifr of the Ne|W York War i ,on,e time ago. IB author or h book untitled I ... |ad Majesties ” , which, as yet, is I on tJic ’ prcs.s. . . ____ 'hr Mi ’ t's Florence Gilson and bcl: Kin5.9f Gnihd View, sailed lay for Bermuda -whOTc they will |nd a-chort vackUOn.- — u* — ---------- - and Mrs, AHrert' Shea have Icn an apnrtmeht at 48 Summit let where they will reside after lobcr 2. ■ . *■ ti.* ' Irene Colley is ponfined to Mr. and rM.'i. Arthur C. Scott,' Tr., of Nyack, will spend the week ­ end In New Yorit City where tbcjt will visit with Mr. SCott's parents. Hearfke. I ldcon M nys SINGERS West Nya clr “ ' 4i 9i htl tm U/^ at! Conredc V.-Kaufmann-^has.bccn token to the'Nyack Hospital in a setious condition tatwed- by com ­ plications arising ftTht a previous operation. • * • * • Miss.^Muriel I. Huber is'taking a post graduate courae at the Hav- erstraw high school to perfect her ­ self in bookkeeping and stenogi:i' ■phy; Mis^ Ethel Olsen, youngest daughter of Mr. hnd Mrs. Chris E. Olsen, has taVen a position in the New York office of the Philadel ­ phia Inquirer. H«r\ilster Ruth, is employed by the same firm, but lit the home office in Rhiladelpltis. ,, Mra. -Chris E. Olsen spent the day Thursday at the hmme of 'ii. sister-in-law, Mrs. Harry Waite, In time in • ber- Jack Kelly of G rassy Point Wa s a visitor ht-toartirThursdny after noo.l. John O ’ Keefe of Gmsry Point waa also ai.vlsitor to Hav sthiw Thuraday afternoon. New City Hv^ BeJdou il ! fitfUBR , oX H , Nagclj n Sm i th 8 ui A s 6 bondtnk ft at tta the work loonier to prerervo the I “ f KyiK^nu. aiauvelt Avenue. ___ tugboat. Jerome Wynee'of Front Street, is enjoining n week ’ s vacation.\ John Frohling and family ex- IH'Ct to move into their now bunga- 1sw Monduy. ----- ----- ■ ............... . Miss Frances Campbejt. daugh ­ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace' Camp ­ bell •! Main Stfaet, is to become the bride of WiUlam Ward of West > Nyack Sunday, October d. Thei wedding will be a forqjtul affair and 'will, take place at St. Peters Church, Haverstmw. -A shower wiu given the bride at her Ham . rcfently^at which .she received mnhy beautiful and useful gifts. ' • i- Williaid Yeomans,^Iormcrly of Bridge Street, was a visitor in town Thursday nftorn ’ oon. - Harry Millcn Is -at the Nyack Hospital where he is reported to be improving. - _ • • Miss Mary Antonclli of Railroad Avenue spent a few diya at the Ajuat homo in Suffern recently, BJartiiTKellcy'of Railroad Ave ­ nue has moved to Demarcst Ave ­ nue, West Haverstraw. Edward Tange of Nyack, , and Mias Mary Kopchak wcre_ (ho guests of Mr. and .Mrs, Paul Kop ­ chak of Norris Slroot early Ihjj week. !•' * • « Mr. and Mrs. John Surgulii, now of , Brooklyn, but formerly real- dents of Garnervilfe, were recent visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. '\•Joseph Jancosjk ' of Wall' Street. ' , - • • • ■ Mr. and MrL. ^ol Silbermun and liaughtir, Shirley, of Uailipad -Ave nuc, spent Tburs^y in Nyack shopping. ' ■ „ Mr. and-Mrs, Joseph, Bobby of Church Street, snd Mrs. Michael Bobby of Railroad Avenue motored to Middletown Wednesday aftcr- i MI mi Margaret , Morrissey of Thinl Street has left to resuijic her' studies ul New Rnrnellc College. Daiiny Spellman aniLBucky O' ­ Hara have accepted positions with the Anderson Construction .Com ­ pany.- Mrs. A^na Crepin ambdaughter Smriv of Nyack.were visitors at the home of Mrs. Eugene Duhe 'on Wednesday, - -Lieutenant Laurepcc Mnnnlon of the police force i& enjoying week ’ s vacation. ■ Mrs.J'. Costclos is Improving at the hfyack Hospital. - ■ ‘ ' 4 • • lira, Charles Herman and'Miss J^ic Rohan of \ Yonkers spent 'Thursday, at the Zabel residence,' ' ■ 'ta: * ' MrA William Behling 111 entcr- Jnlning her sister from Xionring, Michigan. • • .S ■ ' ' The hTknuct Parent-Teacher As­ sociation 'tv^ meet at the school- i house next'w«lnc#dny- afternoon at o o ’ crock. v ' A dance with musk furnished by Rose; .Frank . .............. the school orchc,tnevva.s held In the: Vinci. JInuns VmtM anilrttin':-Erofeskor-i k ul t oll^^ school gymnasium Thursday after-j vM>i.»'>.-jif!.r_-W_ouicn have triple twin pr^ [ noon-. It is b?Iie\-ed this will be a'* '***' triP to one of the nliandoncd 'i icms. ■ They are .Griu-e ami Ruth weekly evenj, as it was Ijrt year. • Sterling Mines next week. Mcycra of .New Yo k. Mary and ■ 's,, •\ • ______ I - .• f •. .Margurellu Fife of Pitlsbui^, I'll., e dclcgatesVrem the. kni^er-* ^James RNt of Beacon Street is^mdd .lancb n!hl Virginl.e ^'nn heck^ Hook and Ladder Company j now employed iu. B tuxi driver for! IsiWell, M s K' - • ', '- b;.;* to ihc'^tate Firemen ’ s Convention Pat McGuiness. . • ......... -o-. - at AtlioiUc City have'returned; ' o • ' . As ig the earthly .-iieh are ^dme:'\fc\GTbsfer dekgatei were Carl Umcriek'of Demurest Ave- ftlsq lliat are earthlv; un I lu is Iho, RnymondXTaylor, Jamaii Root,l.nue .attended the bout, between ; heavenly, such ore inry also that Tappan Mrs. George WnlceTktd is cnler- taining her aunt frohi't^ Angeles, Cal. ,'. ., Ccorgq Skinner gave him u fare ­ well party befbre he left. The fol ­ lowing attended; Mr, and Mrs. George Skhraen-ir.r.MT.'vmd Mra; Vernon Sklnncr'und daughter, Mr. atid Mre. George Skinner, Sr,, Mr. and Hra. Francis Skinner of Ehi- glewood. Miss Mary; Helen, Cath ­ erine and Peggy Maloney, Edward Mr. and \Mrs. Burke are toHcav*. neiit -ifeok tor a trip to the Paelfic Coaat. On their way, thejj will yis« it their son, Robert, at-Corncll, and Mrs, Burke's mother, at Rockford, 'Hill. During their . absence, their '*■ I hor Edward Maloney. 0/ Tappan, nephew of Mrs. George Skinner, entered the Epiphany Seminary at Newburgh' to study for the Pries' hood rdeently. His aunt, Mrs. | homo will be occupied by Mr, and Mts. Carl Haesuler. . Hra. Robert Be£l..P?_ .£<>11?*? av'oniic, entertained 12 guests at a luncheon and .bridgo. Mrs. Kressc won the first prixe and Mrs. George Wak'efleld won the second prixe; Mrs. Thsmas, aunt of Mik. Wakellcld, of Califoniia, was the and Daniel. Maloney, Mr. and Mre-|gu(,j(. of honor, J. O ’ Leary of New York, Mr. and . ■ ............ Mrs. Ffahk*Schuler, G. Barreit, M. s. Snow, Mrs. Lillhn Loftus, Mrs. e Edward Entrup, Mlsa Lillian Lof- ' tus. Miss S. Entrup, Mrs. A. Camp- cole. daughter of Mr. and man. Miss Kathryn Campman, of y g Cole of County Road, Tappan, Vincent McCormick, Mr- ,„terUined about fifteen friends Sullivan Mr. Jackson, all of New ^el.tivei at a party in honor -Vork, Mr. and >Irs. Brown ^'1 j of her twelfth birthday Wedneaday family, Mrs. Michael Nealy. Mr. j and Mrs, Webster Nellis. Miss Me- 1 carolino Thicrlnger of Bride. Mis*IlaycsofTcaneckan l|„^.„ celebrated her Mr. McGraw.^ ^ ^ {birthday on Wednesday by nUcr- tainlng a few relatives at her home. Orangeburg Friink Ben* Is s ’ ciirasly'ill aflils Home on the State Rmd. • • , • \ Edward ChamberlainX and Am' brosc Larkin of Haverstraw^ were gi/cste of Boxing - Commis.sioncr James A. Farley at the Longhrsn- Sharkey'fighL * * s ' ■ 'Th.o Fibre. CondulHCompaiJy fa repairfng the roof of their houeont the Four Cornenk • * • y X j Oweh E. Murphy anif Frctlsrlcl^ E. A. Abie wua host to a scoroJ Eiigelhardt were giieate at the 1 of Rhode Island husinoa? men at f^r 'given byAhc Holy Nnips^Sof-V the Loughron-Sharkey bout, i ^eiy. oi St.'John's Chupeh, PI Mrs. Ahfia Barrett and her »on, i Fled, motored to New York bity on Thursday. Willayd Brown of “ West S I wh o fall d o wn the TRIPLE TWIN FROBLEM 1- NEW L ondon . t'« (UP).- chief, Ira iitecllonald, \Philip I'Ortx] Sharkey aniF Tajughrari. ' j Wre he-vi nly . , , , (Bltcmate fbr Elmer SUgg), a'ntfi. • • . 'f AnH-ACSe have horrtvttir imagSti, , Fkiward VosaW Mrs. Vosslet-and'ss^oseph Rotunda ,of Benson ; of tha.nartjilA we hHjI aleo hour Mrs. Joseph ^urkc aceomiwnied { Str^l, has secured a position asj the iinage.of the heaveiilj. -I Cor., the firemen. sboiSmakcr at, Stony Peflnt, XV. 47-49,-' At aboard party at the home of} ' , Mrs. Winfield Rose of' Tomkins J mm A I Cove ThursifajT afternoon Mrs. J. isaOllKCB K. Ucnrtlon of Deinarest Avonuo'F\ and Mrs. Jphp Trimble, of Benssn ; Street, were the winners. After j tho games refreshmenU were serv-1 ; ed. Those prcseiil wore Mrs. How ­ ard Towers, MraYhomas Haneoek, ■ 'Mrs. John Trimble, Mrs. Jar'ph i c - t ' » y Kea-edon aiti Mr?. Winfield Rosa. BlauTelt 5HARPEF WADi& B utcher nt. \Joseplr Catlu.sd and family ST ' Suffern were recent visiton Inr: “ C. E. of thei (See page 4 for other county news) Church hVjHi klddle'^tty on Friday,) qbeV 4, at pi nv4n the school- ; si •G reenbush/d ’ tesby tcrian win Ocb • M - S PLC I Atr a-* Curved Blades i Tsy «ie IB yauf rator- Packagaof ■ — BO* - later $1,00 A<*ca4u€tslWaDgABUmKB ^ mr '$f»4 r m U« si Mi ffTrt ( l«L\K NrOftK ’ Mwln Hlrffl 10 ^ « We have the of aK. ’ 4 l Useil Loweit Prleer itett^> 9 elec^oti 4 4 at^the OU>COMFANY*S LEHIGH ANTUBACITB tornfLeh»shCosiaW«Y < ss l iiwC« L B. Little Neck, L. I. Mr. and Mrs. John L Koster arc entertaining their slater, • Mrs. Charles Sole of Borgonflold, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert C. Seamen Hiss Haxcl Seaman, LcRoy Sea man, William Mott, and Richard Purdy, have motored to.Asbury, Park, N. J., for the week-end. Stephen Beriion spent a few days recently rcneviring old nequaintan- eea on Calico Hill. . *' ’ * State Trooper Peter Mundervillc of Stony Point waa a visitor In town Thursday evening. He is not attached ’ to the Stony Point bar ­ racks but formerly resided there. Haverstraw [yack Ice di; Coal Co. Local Distributors of )ld Company ’ s Lehigh Anthrbdie Phono Nyack 383 Irs. Phillip-A. Fox & Sons UAVEBStRAW Lehigh pistrihutor V Phone- Haverstraw 2557 Valley Cottage Rev. laiwis Griffin, pastor of the Lake Avenue chapel,, and his wife were 'called to the bedside of hii sister, who is quite ill. The couple have boon away more Uian a u'sek but arc expected back' in time for the morning service at the chapel tomorrow. Mr.' Anderson of tho Misstenary Alliance Institute in Nyack took Mr. Griffin's place at the setvlco lost week. , « « * Mrs. Axford Huffman is vaca tioning in Jersey and is cxpcc^ homo today. • * * Mrs. Charles Drandt and Mrs. CInronce ^tonc spent Thursday on a ahopping. tour in Now York City. The Missionary Club will hold its first Fall meeting on Wednes­ day afternoon at'the homo of Mrs. Chkrles Bower of Madlo Road. M-ias Katherine Goldsmith ent..r- tained her friends, Mrs. Howard Munson and Mrs. Graham, of New ­ burgh, earlier In the week. Mrs- Munaon was a former teacher In Haveratraw high tchool. • « • Mra. John McKenna has-Af^ved from the Saul apartmeirtrimuse on Rockland Street to/<hn Lichten ­ stein building fiir lower Main Street. I MimjHay do Noycllcs substituted in Jke Latin department of the high Qol thii week. ■ e a. * Sidney Wallcritein i* ill with tensilitis at his home. James Monroe is nursing n brok ­ en collar bone caused by a fall. LAND ACADEMY ..Bnadwari.Oyaoli-oa-HBdMa ^ ;«n, EJementaiy, Academic Pirat^^iool lOfbrinf ProgeMsive Education to Ro|?kbnd County Stat* !RM)ulr«iM(iU.in EducBtion. inniWwl CoMoio* ost Cortiftenta JiBi Aftt Mask, F rw th n«4 Stony Point Mr. and Mrs. Gaggle and daugh' ter of Jersey .City. yiiileii the home of Mrs. Rose Garrison recently. ' \ Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gasman are moving into their, new heme on Allison Avenue. • * ? . Emily Ossmnn has fuIIjE-recovcrd from a severe atUcL<fl tonsilitis; • my Frank FniUMer is visiting his fathqf Jn Rl^asaiitvillc. }y St* - t Wednesday evening Mrs. Irick, D.P.P., and statf -of P.'ci'- 'mont, will ihstall the officers of the Rebokah lodge. • • - A grand cucbiH and card jmrty is to be held in tho church of the Immaculate Conccpiloq, Tomkins Cove, under the auspices of the Rosary Sodality of tliat church in tho near future. • « * Mr. and, Hra. Andrew DoiincJIJf' and family of Kidgclietd 1 ' b J*! ” ^N ’ . |j., viaited Mrs. DonnclIy'jKraother, j Mrs. Maiy McFaddW'^ Domkin.s I A'''cnuc and noi^itfe touring the ; New England Rfates. I Grand Central Station Mtetmesday i evening fa reported .to jte'ncarly re- I covered. • jr\ ♦ The. kin^af^rten of Closter school li^dUiyantlned.hccauacJif a case pfiicarlet fever contracted by of ill Kttic boy members,'. * « . • On Wednesday evening a group of members of Alma Chapter,' O. K. S., attended tho reception to Sister King of the Grand Chapter at Temple Chapter, 0. E. S., in Westwood. » • «■ Tho Woman's Missionary Society uI tho Reformed Churcli held its rally meeting at the church Wa^ ( neaday avening. Miss Alice Yon i Dosen who baa been a missionary Jfa<SSMI ZUCK A STIXRUD J. H.'ZUCK • Xelephotm SCI F. STIXRUD Tel«ph5na 109 Carp^ters Bnd Bui ldoTt risllman* fheerfolly Given Jobbing I*roropity To • Pearl R?vw, N. Y. Jose^ PicareMo of West Street whose littie finger hsd to be am ­ putated aa the raault of an Hcoldunt*--'^ while working ip the brickyjsd, bos raiurned to h is home. Monsey • Thetiunior choir^of^hc, I ’ rcsby-' terian church gpv^ a farewell pat ­ ty to .JtiiBpp in tJtt junior room of tbe'Shureh We.!- jiCMbur'evening ~ tL SmoHIng of We.u Havor- '■tiaw, formeriy of. Havecotnw, laJU ft Wi .'\VX 'C iVo Mrs. L. M. Hunt fa coaching,|j soma young people for a play to be given at the firs hall'in tho-naar! futttliYfar tha^ecnefit of the tiro-* Mr. oidji will move ■aontlt 'Ifonsey next weak,, s S' *a Mn.' FMqk Jfoifeien, W ) It,. jif-riHUkit WTr **^ti.iliiijiil)^||aaAoBbo “ “ ARTHUR L. JOHNSTON LLuikMd CJttctfifiU - (IlMiractor Electrical Work in all ite braodw LOOiCa^ TlHM Bmvaiail' KTUDKHAKKIt COri'K 1»S6 V#py t'lenii.hfiM h«il umi8U»)ly fiNMl I'lirr. Fully oquIpiHNi btk I many cJ^lrae. WI[I rhaarfully A S L>. X\. fOf NT*< riltSVIlULKT tM>AOH )9SI Pi ’ x ililfl oHf you buy. sUul) 9H& Un«i>. n>*f1lhly. rilKVIlOLUT COAI ’ II t9S7 TlHih ‘ ttfhlY In fur nhopK; r«>ntiiithtii .In P u ' ti . Kiiuii'fwil wlih lire*, bump- fiTt. h««ur. ttifl olhvr rxirm* I ’ rltfil al #100 «l'>wn lor quick liAlapf't? intMtihly. WITH A.V O. K. ’ t HAT Uor.N'itH NKW SIX t ’ lVICV«Dl-UT K|>0 RT hoadrtrr im Fully «|ulM0*(i; frool a^ rair bunipcnt. ilrv. autf mufiir othar aatrMi fCsoapilaMl iDooib^ 'w i f Tr A n ~T> 7 “ k, at It . cor TiTM If voU expect to buy. a ueM car this Fail-^ come In NOW! We bare th^idest selection oftbeueM carain our bitt6ry\Miiny of them can sctrcely be told from new. Yheygre for thousands of miles of satiafiUMory service — and the prices will absolutely toate you. This Is an oppoitunity to eikc^ the esr you want — at the price you want t\p*ur. Attached to the radiator cap of each reconditioned cars Is the famous fed “0. K.. that Counts” taft. 'This (ag you exactly what vital unita of the car been reconditioned or marked *'0. K. ” by expert mechanics. J.t is your abeolute ance of quality and value. lAsok for this tag — and KNOW> t^t your purcluae is protectaitl C. R. JTr. imghia^aidr toiM Ai ~ -i- -. — -A* PORO BFaMT| ' CAI^RIOI b RT im »

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