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The journal-news. (Nyack, N.Y.) 1932-1990, September 28, 1929, Image 10

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i^ays-,' — ■ • (■,'.'-..V '-mr ^ iA'ry J'AQE T^ ■ ROCKLAND COUNTY EVENING JOURMAt,. (NyacIvF.venmi Journal) f ATllRDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1S29 ill Five Alurin Boxer UUGQS McQiNNJS l^liose Feathersf Walhp Bishop NYACK T#*ff -1 Chirr* SIjrnal O^t f^ltfnal •('>ut of 4*own Gmml View. IVrrMM(way Int.ernationHl Shipyani Hiotuiwtty and Ca^^lle IlrlKh^. Avunue ^ Mich and Fin«t Avrnurn Codnry Slrrct, tn'twcrn •nun »*n*» * ..r^v r. Piormont Avniiuc. betwern IluiJ ami Moin Str«H»tn Piermont nVid^nedor -IMII Avrnur*. TaJIman Place, corner Orchard Street \T- Foot of BunI Street 'i • Broadway and Sixth Avenue ' Broadway , between Third-and Fourth^Avenuca, Broadway, ’ between Flrat nnd Hiifh Avrmies Ilroadway and Main Street / , . Broudway and DePew ^yrenue \ School, DePew Avenue - Jeftereort Street, nouth of Fifth Avenua Franklin jS.trfeeb-*r.d Fin^t Avonuo Mulh Street, qnpojit CoJur Street ................... I >in- ' ■ - P w nk U n -nt^ RntTvSttiee Franklin Str^t and DtPew Aveniia lligli Avenue aiM t i-rk Street Midlonil anil'Sixth Avenue, Midland and High Avenue, Midland unit Del ’ ew Avenue, __ Main and Summit Streets . Wa,hlnttton Street and Hudson Avenno Highland and Sickle, Avenue, Highland Avenue and Main StrecC' High Avenue and Main Street Hillsldo and Cedar Hilt Avenues Highland Avenue nnd Oakwood Drive OaKwood Drivc'at Alliance ,, Minlonary Alliance , . •), School, Upper Nyack ■! - Broadway and Tompkln's No. Entrance Broadway and Lexow Avenue Broadway and Defendorf Lane ^ Midland-and'Hlghmoupt Aveaner Highland and-Hlghnwunt Avenue, MidUtrt'd and.Hirchwood IMermont nnd Voorhls Av onuer Piermont and Washin^olfTCvenuei' . .i ’ iermont and Smith Avenuea- -Qc Vv. D om V UK6 PAsme3^HU4? . X BET \A WWS'A.WA'S Ootfd'TU. THIS ome - WE'Pe GeTnet' tiHicKEM 1 SOUP'.' I BET A NEVER Et . - '■ cHK-t-iiN CcUP J-OTorr t ^ \ ftoo?, '.VlTrlJ^U'-C^ I S Ai'.:Tvt ‘ 5Av\e ( X 6£T VA \'im f«AD Ai^ I -ivir^ ■2ri-rri UTU' FSArMER?! .W'j ALWA v S 6JeTS IN > ! JiJ. Ly C a :.1 ^iis [ BIQ SISTER Lost _ Opportunity By Lc\s Fx)ygrave . Bromiwuy and Division Avenue 'oidw \ Ilroiiuway and Clinton Avenue . Broadway and Mnnsfleld Avenue Broadway, South of Smith Avenue Cedar Hill Avenue and Depot Placd • Brookslde Avemie and FninKHn Street Hlllaide and Willow Avenue, Hillride and Cornelison Avenge, MilUide and White Avenue, Wariiington Street and Elysiai Avenue, Scho^SL Ann ’ , fth aM Fifth iM Front Strtete Nyack Hokoltal - . School, Midland Avetlue ' 'Dummy SutUm — Telephone onl| ■<o oeSTRov AOWT eiLEMS HOpe5 of= APeAteptJt. POTURE., 5ruRei< HAS SECRETI-Y CRECTeO A 5i<&M OlO tme lot Ne;<r rp. “ SCR.?. :5TAT(W<& T«Arf-A ------ ©OILER. FACTORY COOOL.D ,3oofo ee BUIL.T -meR.e-. ■'/ -ttriERet-T-rar — ~ ■A AOl0T^.^6lUf -rHAT mercy Me / ME/ ^ - ' kg^C^strsI Prtu Aoo ci i t ^ t i Lu l ’ i VR ‘ .•iEP.e wotbAww MV- .PROpeRXY'tOtL-L sfe txiOXTH- NJOTHIM io . 0 ,UJHy OiOlO' 7 ' I ^e-LL LJHEfJ t LIAO THE CHAtOCe.' ^ — ■ x: OFPtCEAW - , WIIM '>'OU'R,£ f Cr-eCT V-IAT'S ^ READY TO A TH£ BEGT ■aEL-L.? -THlfOC.-T'o CX3. H a Yo ’ -rHiiux. oE POOR aumt ELLEM LlUitJO'HERE- ALL- ■ HER LIFE AtO'- ’ llrieiO HAUje T his HAPPEW.fL'KHAVG. ro HURRY Au ’ &ET'tHERe 'FORE MKt^TUREtC OUT about iT, &!> J^ERN ETTA KETT The Breaking Point- By Paul Robinson /J Division and Fair Street, ■ Wayne and Orange Avonuek Wayne ahd Washington Avent^i Wayne and Chadick Place Buena Vista Height, Riverside Drive and Highland Avenue Malnsflnid Park Lafayette and Was,t«ngton Avenue, Lafavette Avenue and Riversldo Drivt WasAlngton and Maple Avenue, Washington Avenue and Boulevard Lafayette Avenue and Checlnut Street va-.!.'fit..... Xifnewl^ AvanitA ^eepisaew w.. — — -- Park Place and Maple Avenue 'Maple and Meadow Avenue, ■ Kamapo and Jersey Avenuer Ramapo and Park Avchuea . The following strokes denote Strokn of Bell — Broken Circuit Stroke, of Bell — Fire Out Strokes cf Bell — T«at Stroke, of Bell — Chief, Bell ' Stroke., of Bell — Fire out of town \ SPRING VALLEY *1 Mein and Church Street 28 Main Street, corner Commerce Street 2A Mai Street, corner Grove Street 85 Main Street, corner Maple Avenue ^JiS Main Street, corner Homer Leo Avonuo W Main Street, opposite resident of A. S. Bunk af-vSouth Main Street, opposite Van Orden Avenue 35 -South Mala Street, by South Main Street School 57 math Main btrcct, corner Dickinson Avenue 4i Hal^Ti Av..,iaa, corner Funston Avenue , 42\ Rldg*\kvenue, corner Singer. 41 Union Avenue, eornerXiojo Avenue ^ , 46 Myrtle AvOnue, between R; R. and Walnut Street 47 Union Avemjg, corner Ridge Avenue i 48 Central AvenuV corner Madison Avenue Church Street, ^oaito Myrtle Avenue Votiw wasted poor nears IN OOlJJl&tr and r THfitVM awat TEN thousand B ucks bn sinoinis ' Noo.* .ALL vou ■GOT TO PROVE Not) WERE TMERB ARE A eoOPLK, fraternity P ins as rr SfiL'VSNlRS- AND '(OUToO/'iCDNG lady / THE PERSCN WHO can SEE WHAT GOOD college 'O iO YOU HAa^ better . iKse ' trvESi&Hr ] THANHAN t Ax u HANE J br C m O *! P,.M.AMKlaliM. IM, , IM FiJOM STATE ^X5i.LECE,MR,t<tTT-l 1 WE'RE 'P-A i S in G MfcfiEV — A.in iirifc- ! MHAr YOU WILL CONTPSUTE 30 |_TH i ^OTH ERS MfiH tr ]}■ fi He KEEPS CRYING. | r-OR pAPaS D-TAS I TO ClT OUT r- — 'A.'oHEi^ittrs ,sr/ coni HE'Li. HF.YE Cp HAVir Rfeir F- — - AND \ cr: i I\/ HIQH PRESSURE PETE Take Your Pick By Swain Ciiurch Streeti coMer Cole Avenge ppoill V, West Street, oppoiltivHoyt Street .66 Maple A venue,.cornet Mhnson Street ' 68 Lawrence Street, opposite Nortlr Jackson Street 72 Central Avenue, opposith.Dutch Lane : E 4 Fai rv hiw Aviutl M ^^llBl l i a i B f Wt W U H g tr aat — He To LeffOCLTrtt CMU6AL0N^. TOiiO, AuTb, SPECIAL SfCNALS tni \2rt 1-8 Companlea called- to quarteri by Chief, v / b 11 dinnisitd 1-1 Te,t Call. No Alarm 1-6 General Alarm. Generally used for an out^-.lowB fire when all apparntua 1, wanted Chief, Call Calli Columbian Engine Co. ' 2 - 2-1 2 - 2 - 2-1 2 - 2 - 2-2 2 - 2 - 2-8 1- B Call, Spring Valley Hook and ^I^dder Co. Rocklan ................................. Hf4l^^*etT. I nio-HiuHT, , EW«T I IN THB. I eiOBHlHU-, 1 CAM • HnUE. Call, K'ockland Hook and Ladder Co. Blast Broken Circuit Blast... Recall. Fire jout \T HAVERSTRAW Second and South Street, Main off Third Street Lynch's Gi-ocery Store, West Street Fowler Building, Long Clove Falrmourt ami lludson Avenues Hudson Avenue and Leonard Street Public School Corner Broadway and Main Street Clove Avenue and West Broad Street . Jrfforwn-Street and Broadway Orchard Strict and Broadway St. Peter's Schoel Gurnee and West-Side Avenuea Out of town call/ — 8-8-8-8 Chieft Cal'. — 8-8-8-3 Broken Circuit — 2. fert I n U3YH 'THtt VJAHt OP'.-vje'Ue ITS S OCtOOt.eHO TAHeTrt CA«.T)0WN U>T ' lpist H igh T HANK ousetuLpn vde lueKe GoSi I To TH eCHPlV ■ -'.Itf ON VT, HPHVt — V'LC^E.'rr^fit'^ A MOe OQfe!il.TBifle.,UJOlON<S fpR w ca . r — -TfteY Lu Trtwrt tT'> A .reArituf.- -rfev'Lt- rtPB ^ '-.Si!. 'A : ttta«.u-( YPEPe. HCM- C VJoTtH ’ — I.M 'An \TYi: I I ~Ys;.s.N-»u4t-g» OFEY MOVIES “ Fisty Cuffs ” By Neher MONSEY j'-2 Seeor Street — lUinkcii Corner 1- 8 MoiW'.y . — ^ IjidciitowB Road to Browns Corner- -ti-4 -VioH^ ........ „ ------------- 8-2 Center of Town : — Hlatler, . . 2- a Monaey Heights... 3- 1 Zorns rinni-r 3-2 SouUi finjiiiey 1 lllast- Broken Cixuil 2 Ittnela TeH or Fire Out 3 Bluyts Chiefs Call t Blasts Out of Town ^^^EPPV^iS- (SETTIMG WORRIED ASOJT-LARRVS^ ABILITY AT A BOKEC?;:... /■ o ('\uES'EEE — Tele. a'S'eCT'OWS' SAY ,\ ‘ ■-''O TAKE A -BASY:bstSl ROU 7 tVEQY . *H0D i LiCbQ£ — T oO^ xtu opy-T ocinj K' the To Report a Fire Within Mon,,y Fire DUtrlcI , Tolcpkone by Dey Twlephone by Night Jbtini Valley 85 Fir,t or Spring V«lIo>'43B IFr,l •T4 Third ^ ' 1020 Sacond-K — WT-W Third o'eov! jerry WEEDNT I l X i QRY V boot tuiNjMiMa

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