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- :15 Lette,rs ,totbeEditor ..... ::3\ (I) en c:: 'We encourage readers to eXpress 'their 'opinion. ootrequest that letters be limited to 400 words or less and be submitted by ;~ the :P4.\oDday 'be1'ote pUblICation. ~ All :leftels sboaldbe signed and iinCiude the wntet's name, address and a phone number for verification. § When wilfing1etters. it is customaBy to sped{yafRliatiOl'l ~ith ,thesu~ect if one exists. '.:2' ~lIsubmlsS100S Will ~cons1dered, but if Jetters ~e libelous:or :inpoor taste. theyWiU not :bepubllshed.~Edltor2 -------=---------------=-----=--------------------------------------------------- i LllCOcustomers -can call for gas system cbeenps i 'To the EditDr. A ,recent letter to the editor from a reader, inaccurately stated that ,Long Island'Lighting Company gascus- tmners could:not J'eCeiVea checkup ~f theirpssystemfrom the utilitr. ULCO has maintained a preventive maintenance program for more than:30 yeaIS. However, because natural gas is a cleaner heating fuel than 'OD, annual service-checkups are not necessary to maintain the heating 'system. A :recent study conducted with the :State Univelsi1¥ at Stony J;lrook demonslrat- ed that natmal gas heating systems ser- viced annually did not experience any fewer ,system int.el'l1q)tions than dtose i reoeMngyearJy altiention. . ~ To the eontnl!3r., our gas customelS may ,call 3sany time and make an appointment to ch.eck their heating systems 'On acbarge basis. In fact, LILCO's mission is to provide an of !» our customers with unparalleled ser- :0 vi~and attention to safe~ reliable ser- ! vice is part 'of that mission. Suzanne Balpin Direetor:, Media and Communit¥ Relations Long Island ~ting ComPanY Harenberg ·thanks voters fortbeir supporlin election To the Editor. . I would like to elq)ress my than'ks and gratitude to Y01), the voters, for again granting me the privilege to rep.- resent you in the New York State Assembly. The victory represents your support· . for :my style of independence and accountabilitJ to Long Islanders. It also represents a IepUdiation of nega- tive campaigning. I>uriq the next term, I will tedouble myetforts to reduce State taxes and -wor:k to create new and well-paying jobs'--in ..... our communities, lower L1LCO~s lUgb. ~ enhance our trans- portation infrastructme, toughen New York's criminal and DWilaws, and wodt·to make life a little easier for our seniors. Additionally, l1IF office stands ready to help lIW consti1uen1s with any problem that they may have. I would also like to thank the volun- teers who so generousJ,y gave of their time in making my campaign success- ful. Lastly, I would like to thank the Suffolk Counl¥ News' Editorial Board for its endorsement. I take seriously the confidence you have placed in me, and wiD do my best to desene it. Paul Harenberg Member of Assembly II·ue Point resident will miss ,-Mr. Mac· , . To the Editor. nience store. A 3O-aJnp fuse, mouse- lmet Mr. Mac in 1919 when I pur- traps, ham and cheese on rye with . chased pmperI¥ acUacent m ~ deli he mustard, a six paek, aspirin for a Jtang- owned on Blue Point--Avenue.· For a over, wha.tever. 1bere were no holi- good number of,eam I usedMI'. Mac's dQS in his world, he was here to serve punctuality as an'inteara1 part of my the public and sene them he did. Mr. dtdIy toutine.·.lIy .-m went off:. 5 ,Ma¢ ... also .. dQwe(I 'With a brain 80m. Mr. Mac~!iet otfthe b1'a11*r . &at Could hilt a-~ in addition alarm ever.v ~ at 5:30 sbarp, and or $Ubtraetion. Buy a bunch of stuff, that was my sigeal to get in the show- &nJthing in the store, before the last er. item was in the bag, he'd ten you how Over the years I came to rely on much. Mac's deli to be a fuR service eonve- Mr. Mae also dealt with the realities of life. I felt sony for the peISOD that tried to elicit his sJlRpathy with a bogus tale of woe. He'd stare )'ou straight in the 'eJe and teD you, in his own poignant wa.}', \Get a fife. 1ft The good news is, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Mr. Mac's tradi- tion of dealing with realit;y and mathe- matical genius will be carried on by his issues, Donald and Nancy. Mr. Mac, rm going to miss you. • William MacKay BluePoint levy: herel-s Iberelson wby I opposed the county's spending ,ncrease To the Editor. Over the last two weeks, the oount¥ legis1&tu.re has been debating the fate of a budget proposed by the county executive which increased spending over the 1994 levels. )n'8l\ attempt to stay within our speI\d.iJlIlImits l I intl'o-- duced appro~ ~ resolutions to cut more than $45 million. from the budget. This was, by k, mOle tax relief pro- p~sed than by any other legislator. Unfommately, but to the SUlJ)li$e of few, the resolutions did not gamertbe JWQori- ty necessary for passage. Consequently, you will see no tax :reduction in your county biD. That iswby I had to oppose the proposed spending allocations. To its credit, the legislature crafted a bill that'was much superior to that pro:- posed by the executive. For instance, it eliminated the concept of borrowing money to pay for operational costs. Nevertheless, despite the fact that spending was cut in some areas to free up revenue, monies available in a sur- plus account were spent on other items, thereby creating a wash. It was my belief that the public would prefer to have that surplus money returned in the fonn of a needed tax break. In the coming year, I will use my efforts to help prevent these monies from being spent carelessly. Instead, I will seek to have much of these funds stored aside in an account that could be used in the fonowing year for reductions in either our sales or propeI1¥ taxes. Steve Levy County Legislator Thanks community members for belping 10 repair Sayville Menorah To the Editor: I would lilm to express my gratitude and thanks to five local men who repaired the Menorah that was damaged late Friday evening or Satimla-.y morning. FranciS Bodkin, aJomtel'.resident of ~e; Chris Bodkin, Councilman for Town of Islip; Kevin Bodkin, a Town of Islip employee who was instrumental in contacting Bill Daley of Oakdale' ~d Gerry Kaler: of Sayvill~ to help repair the Menorah. Although the d31.\l\ag~ was extertSive, these five good samaritans had the Menorah repaired and in working condition Sunday morning; in time for the last day of C~ukah. . I sincerely want to thank these fine gentlemen for their good work You all perfolmed a '-mitzvah\ for the Jewish people. I also want to thank the Christian people and good friends who express...-ad a d~p concern reg=rding the damage to our religious symbol. God Bless you all and may you have a good, healthy and prosperous Holiday Season. Simon Stein Q ........ lI t.XJY yaue Urges vote~ to cast ballots in ~mJJ Fire Commissioner election · To the Editor: . .' ground. Our conimuiuw·tlnaui bas, the opportuni~ to Department for almost 63 years) present\t serviDg as On ~~l'l994:·between the hours install one of~$S ~'!>e~ ~19~is.~ot a member of the tr~a.surer of.~~ .. ~ohemiaVolu!lteer Firemens of 6 and 9 p.m. at th& Bohemia Fire Department the fire department, ana· has the ability to apply much Benevolent Association, and Recording Secretary of HeadquartersBuildq on Pearl Street, there will be needed f1SC8l finanCial' aBd:bUsihess capabilities to the BOhemia File Polite,:1 feel tully qualified to ~ .. , an election for ~o openPositio~ o~ the bOard of oversee the expenditure oft8ipayers' funds. ommend to our eotnmumt;y ~ two fine gentlemen fire -eommissioners.·ofte is fot the t.hIee-year unex- . For the five..~t.eI1nt incumbent Robert Strauss is to serve as your fire commissioners for the tenus pired ~ fonnetw l\eld by the late ~~C~. runbing unchallenged, and rightruDr So. Bob Strauss~ tlteyare now seeking. and the 'C)tl\er, a fgltJi.~ ~ , . < • in my considered opinion, is one of the best fire com· I urge all registered voters to exercise this voting Seeldng ~be e1~ as fire' ~9}nlDissionerfor th~ nUssion~ ~ur district, or any other district, was fora privilege we as Americans eJ\joy. three .. year term is 8> local \lusines$.JlW\, George tunate to have. Barney StEUskal \Mic'k;f Hellmuth; Withti reputable bUSiness back· AS an ~c.tive member of the Bohemia. Fire Bohemia ~ ___ ,_ · .. , ....... __ - __ ... __ ' .... T_._ ... _ ... _'~ ... __ ... ,. .... __ .. _ ... -_ ... __ .- ... -,.- . -- - --- - ,- . - .. - .. \ \ .. ,r,-t ..... \

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