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SOCIAL SftL € N9ftR • •• Tbonday rnvDing, Aog. 27. Eacbre sod SMepUoD. ooder oupicee St. Potrick't Cbarcb, ot Foaodert' Leod- tof. Friday eTCoiog, Aog. 28. Concert by Gwilym Anwyl. tbe famooa Welsh tenor, in tbe Presbytorisn Church. Monday. Auff. 31. Sunshine meetiog at Mrs. E. E. Bick's. Friday. Sept. 4. at 3 p. m.. Food Sale and sale of fancy and useful articles at St. Patrick's Society Rooms. Friday and Saturday evening. Sept. 4 and 5. American Legion Block Party on Mechanic St., Soutboki. Every Saturday Evening, American Legion Dance at Founders' Landing, Soutboki. Evary Wadnaaday Evening, Dancing ooder aoapicaa Webb's Orchestra, at Fonndara' Landing. THE TRAVeLGR SOUTHOLD, N . Y . Friday, August 28. 1925 LOCAL NEWS Brevities NORTH ROAD LAUNDRY Saasnal Morris. Propriator Raady to do all kinds of laundry work aritfa aaataaas and dispatch. OITE CENT A WORD FO R SALE F INE , sound Cooking Apples, picked to order. Ten Ibe. H peek). 60 cents. J . O. OA8K. Pecontc e lQU-CLASS Goemsey Heifer, now mUlUDS. alM • Yearitnc tor aale. Botta rtabt every wey. BIN0LA1H'«MITH . Southold (EDROOM Suite, with good Mat- * trees, a n d 9x12 A x m U u t e r Bua. for MBS. GBO. O. T E R R Y . Sonthold E XTENSION TaWa for aaie. HAUR T G. HOWELl-. Boathold lJ«OK SALE-Remington Typewriter. ' ftret elae* eondltlon. ReMoaable. Mar be i n s p e c t e d bjr addreestnc LOCK BOX 32. Peoonlc S TRAWBERRY Plaota for Aagust aa d September p l a a U n c . Premier. Bya«iILn\n d otber r o o d kinds. 11.60 per iOO postpaid, ur »i.40 p e r 100 a t term. RALP H W. S T E B L I N O Tel. S8-r-ll Catchoape. L. 1. H OUSE and Bon«ak>w oo Joeky Creek and Pine Neck BtmA. s o u t h o l d . for to One a n d one-fourth acres wp^ed id . Sim. M I L L A R D ^ L D E R ^1 . W a a t a c b 6lS-m Bellmore. L. I. fflUMOTUY Saed. Domeatic Ctover » seed. Three vane les of A l t o l ^ O r ^ - eon Clover. * h l t e Clover, f \ c ^ JCentuokr Blue Grmss. AU of hlahest •ennij^o n a n d purity. UC M aeed. t h e kind t h a t elves beet satl«- taetlon t o r Ix>nc I s l a n d soil. BALP H W . S T E B L I N G Catchoeue. L. I.. N. i . Tetephone Peconic 66 ' TY RaatdaBca, on Bay Aranne. Soatbold. f u r n i s h e d or u n f u r n i s h e d , for sale. MRS . R. HTURMDORF . Southola «K) R Sale at Soothokl. L. L, 60 large ' wooden m a i n oonUoe b r a c k ^ . 8 in- teoe « l a . blah. 16 to. deep. Panelled Tt ^ r \iBSirfl Omu be seen by addreeslng ABRAM H . BROWN a74a - u a st., Richmond HUI. W. i . H ARD CLAMS for Sala. E . O. B E E B E . Southold lA A Used Cara on easy terms. A W O. H . B A I L E Y . Peconls w . Boathold set-F-t B ROILERS and F OW I, aUve or dressed, t o r sale. S. A. W A L T E R , Southold Willow HUI Poaltry F a r m LOOD Uaad Cara always oo hand. B. E . DAVIDS. Peoonlc O K ACRES Good Farming Land for iV O aale. BOX 414. Soatbold 24 Acra Farm, firat-claas land, bome an d oatboUdlncs. WUl seU r e e s j n - B^KIOHT . Boathold VOR D GLASS on hand for aay wiod- * shield, door or window ot lUMr model rocd? PEOONlC GARAGE C. H. BaUey. Prop. P ATHFINDER. 30 K Si. $7.00; Millar Oords. SO * 9%. IIO.OO. New Tube with ^Tft, T u « for | 1 All s u e Tires I n stock. Ail c u a r a n t e e d Orsta. fresh s t o c k . PEOONIO G A R A G E O. H . B A I L B Y . Prop. Concert By Gwilym Anwyl And Robert Gsyler At Presb. Cburcb, Soutbold Oo Friday evening, Auguat 28 Mrs. Dwigbt Pettitt is spending s little time in tbe city. Albert G. Francia of La Grange, III., is visiting Sootbold friends. Edward Gates of Chicago bae been visiting at F. Fickeissen's. Soutboid High School and Soutbold Academy will open Tuesday, Sept. 8. Wm. A. Richmond, wbo is engineer- ing on a fruiter, is visiting his parents. Miss Lillie Rochinger of Brooklyn is spending the week with Mra. Joseph Hewitt. Miss Frances Winklemeyer of West- bury is spending ber vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mra. E. William Hoinkis of Hoboken, J., are visiting their parents. Albert G. Francis, Jr., of La Grange, III., has returned from a visit Soutbold frienda. The ladies of St. Patrick's parish will bold a sale at their society rooms, Friday, Sept. 4. at 3 p. m. Miss Mildred L. Booth of Sag Har- bor and girl friend are visiting Mrs. H. N. Booth aod daughter Frances. Mrs. Wilbur Rash and Mrs. Hurry Anderson of New York City spent a few days with Mrs. A. H. Cosden. Improvements and repairs are being made on the old scbool building, under the direction of Henry A. Goldsmith. Wentwortb Clapham and his sister, Miss Nathalie Clapham, of Washing- ton. U. C . are guests at Wm. Rich's. Mardi-Gras, under auspices of the American Legion, for benefit of Le- gion's new home, at Suuthold, on Sept. 4 and 5. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Young of South Walpole, Mass., have' been visitiog Mr. Young's sisti-r, Mrs. Charlie T. Gordon. A. B. Gordon hss purchased of Mrs. S. Dickerson and Mrs. R. S. Sturgep, tbe Charles H. Tuthill place and will move there io tbe near future. Davey Tree Surgeons are doiog good work oo the treee of the old Suuthold Hotel property, where the new Soutb- oki Savings Bank is to be erected. Tbe Ladies' Aid Society of tbe Pres- I byterian church will bo'd their month- jly bualneas meeting io tbe Parish I House, Wedoesday, Sept. 2, at 3 p. m. Friday evening, Aug. 28, 8:15, at the {Preabyterian church, is tbe date for ' tfae Musicale giveo by Gwilym Anwyl, j tbe well-koowo Welsh tenor. Tickets, $I 00. ^ Mrs. M. M. Gilman, who has been I occupying Miss Adah Smith's cottage, j entertained a party of friends with a drive and aupper at \The House by the Road.\ Orient. Tbe Board of Town Auditors will meet at tbe office of Supervisor Tuthill. Greeaport, Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 9:30 a. m.. to aodit bills agaiost theTown. Bills sent to tbe Town Clerk will be presented to tbe Board. Mrs. Flora B. Bliss and daughter Barbara motored down from Brooklyn for tbe week-end. It is oeedless to say tfaat every minute of their time will be filled for tbem socially by their old friends in Southold and Peconic. Potatoes are selling for |L20 per bushel. ^ First Annual Mardi-Gras in Southold on Sept. 4 and 5. Mrs. Martin Joost has been in Brook- lyn for several days. Mrs. Sidney M. Conklin of Babylon I has been visiting Mrs. Geo. S. Prince. The W. C. T. U. will meet witb Mrs, • Agnes Cochran Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 1. I Mrs. Geo. S. Myer of New York City i is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wm. A, ; Cochran. I Mrs. Lyde Colter Browne of Chester, Penn., is a guest at the Presbyterian parsonage. Prof. Russell Davison has been engaged as Teacher of English in tbe Bast Orange, N. J . , High School. Through the real estate agency of E. Leicbt. David J . Sandlaods bas rented his place on the North Road to Albert Salmon. Big time, music, danciog, confetti, noise-makers, streamers, booths, hot dogs, etc., at American Legion Mardi- Gras Sept. 4 and 5. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Steinberg and daughter Ruth of Jamaica motored to Southold on Saturday and spent Satur- day and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hewitt. Southold and East Hampton played 13 mn ngs last Saturday to give South- with old a 5 to 4 victory. This Saturday, Mattituck plays here against our club and a good game ia assured. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Booth and daughters Antanette and Hazel.and Eu- gene A. Osborne of Amityville spent the week-end with Mr. Booth's motber and sister. Mrs. Eugene A. Osborne and son Willard returned bome with tbem. Concert at Presbyterian church this Friday eveniog, given by Gwilym Anwyl. Mr. Anwyl is the soloist at Rabbi Wise's Synagogue, N. Y. City, and also at tbe aristocratic Trinity Episcopal Church, Greenwich. Conn. Do not forget the date. Since the article, \The Institute of Politics,\ was writteo, definite word has been received from Mrs Jane Sal- mon Bryan tbat she will be glad to tel^ anybody who is inter^ted about some of the work done at ti e Institute of Politics t h i t she has been attending at Williamstuwn, Mass., during the past summer weeks. Mrs. J. N. Hallock will give an \ A t Home\ on Friday after- noon, September 4, from three to five, to all wbo woold like to bear Mrs. Bryan speak on this interesting subject. I Gwliyffl Anwyl Those wbo listened to the recital of Mr. Anwyl last September, will be de- lighted to enjoy again the songs of this famous Welsh sioger. Nothing further need be said of this artist in hia won- derful musical career. He will be ac- companied on the piano by Mr. Robert Gsyler, who, himself is an artist of well known ability, and who bas per- fected the English repertoire of many famous opera singers, like Frieda Hemple, Claudio Muzio, Karl Jorn and Guido Ciccolini. Mr. Anwyl, after hia return from tbe World War, also studied uoder Mr. Gsyler, resuming his musical profes- sion with marked success. Mr. Gayler ia also the artistic pro- ducing director of the Ekiison Record- ing Studios of New York, and organist director of the Christ Episcopal Church of Brooklyn and of three otber neigh- boring churches, one of New Jersey. This concert will be given in the Presbyterian Church, Friday eveniog, Aug. 28, at 8 o'clock. Tickets, $1.00, on sale at Hawkins' store. Ao Ion Willi a fQlore Dowo Reydon Way Archeologlcal Association We have beard mocb about Arsh* Whether it ia tbe growing interest in amomaque Inn, but last Thursday we golf per se, or in tbe final competi- had the pleasure of seeiog it for tbe . tions that are only a few days off, the first time—and living right here in g<>|f course at times looks almost Southold, too ! We have been glad an ; crowded with pinyers. Inn was here. With the eod uf the season drawing At a meeting held at the Arsbamom- aque Inn, Southold, on Aug. 16, the Long Island Chapter of the New York State Archeologlcal Association was formed. The object of this Associa- tion juat organized, under the auspices of the State Museum, is to promote study and intelligent research cover- ing the artifacts, rites, cuatoms, be- liefa and other phaaes of tbe life of the aboriginal occupants of New York State up to and including contact witb the whites; to preserve the evidences of these people, and to co-operate with tbe State Association in effecting a widt^r knowledge of New York State Archeology, and to help secure legisla- tion for needed ends. The charter members of the Long Islsnd Chapter, include Nat. E. Booth, Stanton Mott, Bennett De Beixedon, Southold; Grant Sterling, Greenport; Edward S. Vail, Roy Latham, Elliot Brooks. Orient; Charles F. Goddard, Mattituck; Linnaeus Allen, Ellsworth Grathwohl, Daniel H. Young, Cut- chogue. The followiog offlcers were elected: Presideot, Charles F. Goddard; Vice President, Nat. E. Booth; Treasurer, Roy Latham; Secretary, Bennett De Beixedon. The annual dues are $3, and aOy one wishing to join tbe society should com- municate with the secretary, Bennett De Beixedon,. Soutbold, N. Y. was here, though somewhat re- mote, because an Inn is what South- old needs a little more tban anything else. We are glad now that Arsb- amomaque Inn is here on the old Stuart Terry site. We found there conditions ideal for tbe establishing of an ideal Inn, aod a host witb an energy and ambition equal to grappling witb the conditions and turning everything to advantage—and tbat last ia the most encoursging feature. In front, was a great stretch of lawn flanked with grand old trees that looked strangely familiar; at the right, the \hippodrome\ of local fama, whose waters, are waiting dredging; at the left, a large gang of men were already at work, dredging, filling in, making land for cottages that are already rented for the next season. The long porch facing the water was well filled with interesting looking guests; the cosy nooks at tbe rear of the hall, open- ing out on cool shady woods proved even more attractive than the porch. Musicians were playing their after- lunch music in one end of the ballroom on the first floor; and everybody seemed as comfortable and happy, aa if at home. The most intereating adjunct to the main building was tbe old farm bouse at tbe right, surrounded by a rail fence, as if set apart for preser- vation, that had once been the residence of one of tbe foremost citizens. It looked in perfect repair and one longed to walk in and take possession of it for an entire season. On every band were seen possibilities for development and the actual work of improvement going on as rapidly as possible. Southold is to be congratulated on its bright prospects for having oo its beautiful Bay, io the near future, an Inn tbat will rank among the best aummer hotels on tbe Island. near, social events crowd also, ona af- ter another, several, sometimes, taking place in ooe day. • • e Last Thursday afternoon was Ladies' Day at the Club. There was a full house,\ for nut only waa tbe long table filled to overflowing witb bright colora aod jolly sociability, but several on-the-side parlies extended the lunch- eon into tbe living-rooms. Bridge, golf, porch conversation and walks to the pergola folLiwed, io the afternoon. • • • One of the very pleasant and most beautifully appointed luncheons given at Reydon this summer was Mrs. Wm. D. Faulkner's. Twenty-two goests were invited. Miss Virginia Berres- ford, a youog artist from Proyiocetown and niece of Mrs. Faulkner, was one of the out-of-town guests. Witb a rainy afterooon outside, after the luncheon, hearth-fire aod bridge were enjoyed within. i • m The Cotillion ! what visioos it conjures from tbe past! It will be danced at the coming Saturday Evening Dance, and we doubt not with all the old or new time grace that leaders and figures and favorii have lent tu this dance from time beyood recalling. LOUIS JAEGER & SON CBEtllPORTS DEMIITMEIIT STOBE MEMBERS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Inc. PEPPER AND SALT He-Well. I gnass you'll fill tbe bill. She—Leave tbat to me. kid. Your job is to pay it. SilkSbckii^fhatTX^ Neighborhood Concert J^OCUST POSTS at balf prica for '^'\'GBO . G. R I C H M O N D . Boathold M ATTITUCK SEED HOUSE^-Rad Clover. AUlke. AUalta, Whlt«. TlaoChy. Blue Grass. Bed Top. Orchard. Everythla a tor t h e f a r m a n d aarden. W. V. D U B Y E E . Prop. MatUtaek. N. Y. S AND and Gcaval for aala. aitbar on beach or deUvered. UEO. G. RICHMOND, Boathold vwwvww v T O LET LET—For the remainder of tbe Mason. B o o a d House C a m p a t Tbe Accumiaodates four or Dve pereons. Garaae. MRS. F R A N K D. S M I T H , Southold lARAGE room to let. r REV. J . G. H E H R Bast Main St.. Mouthold WA N T E D W ANTED—Aotomobile Sateaman. C. H . B A I L E Y . Peooolc LO S T L OST —Yoong German Pobce Dog. Ha d ebaiu a t t a e h e d to c o l l a r . Plnd r plaase nettty M. B. Terry. Soothold. or A. B. Terry. Pecoaic. Reward. FO U N O f^UND-^Sharpia. V e a me by provioa Owner can bave eame by provioa property and pay- ta a oliarae«- ^ ^ B E E B E , Southold MI S C C L L A N E O U S ^lA A REWARD for any evi- W a«aoe leadinc to tbe a r r e s t aa d otmvletlon of the youna m a n t h a t broke to a n d d a m a c e d m y bunaalow a t eod of iQlet Road, on t h e Bound, at Peconic. on n i c h t of J u o e 1st. lwi6. MRS. C. H . BAILEY S AILING PARTIES by day^ or naoon- Ucbt. also Flshloc ParUes. Terms reaeoaable. E. G. B E E B E . Boathold i XPRESS aad Ligbt Tmcking. E. D. GOLDSMITH. Boathold H AVE Battery Charging Outfit and a m p r e p a r e d to c h a r a e storaa« a n d radio batUrtes. JA Y M. GLOVEB. Bouthold W ARNING! All paraona taking eand, a r a v e l . t r e e s , or a n y t h l n c else trom a n y of m y property to Bay View, will ae proeecuted t o t h e f u l l e x t e n t of t h e law. EDWI N H . BBOW N OEO. A. MAIER. Aoctionaer. Soatb- ^ dd. F u m i t a r e can be purchased a t private eale frmn m y store rooms a t a n y Sine . Ooods t o be d i s p o s e d of m a y be left a t m y plaoe. F u m i t a r e put in storace. OMIGOSH ! If a lawf ar clipped and broke bis cap, would it ba a turn knee? (attorney) Home-Made Cones . . WITH . . Horton's Ice Cream DENNIS' Naar tha Depot SOUTHOLD Tbe Soothold Fire Department will attend tbe annual tournament at Ami- tyville next Wednesday. Bus will leave at post office at 6;30 a. m. Fare, $3.00. Outsiders, same price. Tickets limited. Those going, notify Harold Downs by Toesday. Mr. aod Mrs. Myron Mitchel and twins, Vance and Lathrop, and Miss Kathryn Mitchel of Philadelphia, Rev. and Mrs. Spencer C. Dickson and Miss Graee SUnley of Point Pleasant Beach, N. J . , Mrs F. A. Davia and Miss Heleo Smail of Rutherford, N. J., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Jen- nings. A few of tbe firemen workers gath- ered on the Carnival lot Monday even- ilig to clean up tbe litter. One of the few was R. T. Merwin, who, while raking, scratched out a fountain pen. He coobidered be was in luck—the only find of tbe evening. Aittle l later. Dame Fortone frowned on bim and be discovered he was out of luck. His watch and fob were gone. Diligent aearcbing never revealed the loss, and it was concluded the watch and fob were in one of tbe several bon-fires. A lai^e gathering enjoyed tbe Praise Service at tbe Presbyterian Church last Sabbath eveniog. Mrs. Anna Prince Hedges and Mrs. Mildred Prince Wil- liams deserve the gratitude of all who beard them, not only for tbeir delight- ful rendering of Christian songs, but also for tbeir williogoess to assist in every good cause. Miss Caroline How- ell came all the way from Jamesport and fulfilled by her sweet voice and manner all the good reports we have beard from \Summum Bonum.\ The choir gave sobatantial assistance to the soloists aod noteworthy was the very pleasiog solo by Mrs. Hawkins. A good offering was received for tbe Woman's Missionary Board of the Church. Maoy were tbe praises beard for the artistic floral decorations arranged by tbe ex- cellent taste of Miss Maude Terry. (indent's Carnival, which put io six oigbts here last week under the aospices of tbe Soutbold Fire Depart- meot, turoed io a revenue to the fire- men of $641.17, aod a net amount of at>oi^$560, after paying for lot, elec- tricity, ate. Tbe Carnival was a great success and was attended by good crowds five nights of the six, tbe weather Friday putting tbe affair a little out of luck. But Saturday was ideal and more people witnessed tbe close tbso the grounds could con- veniently accommodate. A new at- traction was added the last night. Spencer W. Petty rsised a freak rooster, which bad three legs. Mr. Petty gave tbe use of his feathered Early Fall Hats have ftarted to arrive at ANDREWS' HAT SHOP New York Block Party G. T. G. Post. American Legion, will hold a Block Party on Mechanic St.. Southold. Friday and Saturday even- ings. Sept. 4 and 5, for tbe benefit of tbeir new bome. A danciog platform will be erected on Chas. F. Kramer's lawn. Euchre and Reception A Euchre and Reception, under the auspices of St. Patrick's Cburcb, will be held at Founders' Lanuiog, South- old, on Thursday evening, Aug. 27. Beautiful prizes, excellent entertain- ment and superior dance music by King's Peerless Orchestra. Admission: Gentlemen, $1.00; ladies and children, 50 cents. Cards, 8:30 sharp. Danciog, 10:30. Fatal Accident Carl Wrenn of Patcbogue, a driver employed by tbe Reid Ice Cream Co., was instantly killed Tuesday afternoon, when his truck waa struck by the first east bound evening train at tbe Manor- ville croasing. Ernest Bruce, also of Patchogue, Mr. Wreon's helper, is in Dr. Unger's Hospital in a very serious condition. Tbe crossiog is io a cut and' unguarded. Both gentlenofn were we II- known in Soutbold, as their truck delivered ice cream in this section. musical Serflce There will be an interesting musical service at the Universalist Church on Sunday morniog, Aug. 30 There will be solos by Athelstane Kendrick and Mrs. Mildred Prince Williams, duets by Mr. Davison and Mr. Kendrick, and Mr. Kendrick and Mrs. Williams, a trio by Mr. Davison, Mr. Kendrick and Mrs. Williams, a quartette by Mrs. Sayre, Mrs. Stacy, R. G. Terry and H. W. Wells, anthems by tbe chorus choir and other impressive musical features. The pastor will give a brief address. Mardl-Oras Under auspicea of the American Legion at Soutbold Sept 4 and 6 The American Legion, in order to raise funda for their new bome, will celebrate tbeir first Aooual Mardi-Gras io Soutbold on Friday, Sept. 4, and Saturday, Sept. 5. A good time is promised to all. Tbere will be dancing and music, plenty of confetti, noise-makers and streamers, booths of all kinds, bot dogs, soda pop, fruit bssketa, melons, candy, and ma- ny, many otber origioal novelties in entertainment and fun. Don't miss it. Come and join in. Help make this a real season-end celebration, and at tbe same time help tbe Boys to establish in Southold an American Legion bome. More news and details in next week's issue of tbe TRAVELER. CHAS. F . KRAMER, Chairman Entertainment Com. The Institute ol Politics The fifth annual session'of Tbe Insti- tute of Politics tbat bas been held at Williamstown College, Mass.. for five weeks during tbe past summer, has closed. Any one wbo bas followed the daily reports of this Institute, knows its scope and its persoonel and why it ranks ss one of tbe most admirable in- stitutions of its kind in tbe world. As Dr. Garfield, tbe president of the Col- lege, said, it bas become a research laboratory on world affairs. A new method of approach to international understanding, enlightenment, and good will is being evolved by the represeota- tive men wbo gather here from all na- tions, and by tbeir manner of confer- ring together. It is a great meeting because great, sincere-hearted men and women discuss great world topics. It is with no little complacent pride as we read of the events of this meet- ing every year, tbat we tbink: \South- old is represented at these famous Round-Table Conferences.\ Mrs. Jane Salmon Bryan bas been a regular at- tendant at this Institute almost from tbe time of its starting. Every year we bear of ber going for ber vacation, to tbat charming bill-circled town in western Massachusetts, and then we bear of her return to our quiet sea-girt village, full of enthusiasm over the world outlook she has gained from those heights. And tben we wish, reg- ularly, that as she tarries here for a few daya witb her motber before her return to New York, she might give us dwellers down on this sea-level, a first- band impression of what took place on tbe heights of Williamstown *at that famous Institute. Will our wish come true and this favor be granted us this year ? Let us hope and watch out for next week's social announcements. prodigy to tbe firemen Saturday night, and it was put io an exhibition tent. People were akeptical of tbe signs and the hawker's calls, for fear of a fake, bot enough curiously bent viewed tbe three-legged bird to turn in to tbe fire- men nearly $12. Ooe person didn't coosider tbe rooster a fake, aod tbat was Proprietor Prudent. He gave Mr. Petty $10 for tbe bird, and Spencer forthwith donated $5 of bia sale to tbe department. Sept. 4 and 5, first annual Mardi- Gras, under auspices of American Le- gkio, to ba bald in tbe Village of Soutb- Twentjr-Five Years Ago Potatoes were selling at 45 and 50 cents per bushel. W. I. Hagerman purchased of G. F. Hommel six acres of land on Boisaeau Ave., fer $1200, on which be was to build a residence. The Presbyterian Sunday Scbool picnic was held at Fleet's Neck. The Soutbold Cornet Band gave a lawn party and open air coocert oo Miss J. W. Horton's lawn. Rev. Dr. C. W. Biddle, wbo was at one time pastor of the Soutbold Uni- versalist cburcb, died at bis bome in Brookline, Mass. Tbe youog people boarding at Mrs. Nancy L. Horton's gave a fine enter- tainment. Fifty Years Ago It was predicted tbat scallops would be very plentiful in tbe fall. J. B. Terry contracted to build a fence in front of St. Patrick's Ceme- tery. Mrs. Wm. H. Wilbur, milliner, leased the west part of tbe Cochran bouse. Winfield S. Bennett was engaged as Principal of tbe Poblic ScbooL A sail boat belonging to James Ging was stolen from Horton's Point. Henry H. Lewis of Port Jefferson arrived and took possession of bis naw tin and stove store. Rev. Dr. Wiswell lectured in tbe Presbyterian ebareb. Tba SoatboM Cematary waa ffraaUy mm Founders' Landing The closing of the season is met by ever-increasing popularity 'of the Inn. Tbe glorious weather has brought bathing parties from great distances, and many stsy to dine. It is hoped that those who enjoy the dances so much this season. will re- member next year, and not take so long to \get together\ especially when benefitting local interests. Labor Day is the last day tbe Inn will be open this season uoder its present managers, Mrs. Doblin atid Mrs. Bell. Many parties are planned for tbat day, so \make your reservations early.\ Mrs. Horatio N. Booth and Miss Frances Booth entertained Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Osborne and son of Amity- ville, and Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Booth and daughters, also of Amityville, at a large family party for diooer last Sun- day. Mrs. Woodrough and Mrs, Chapman bad five guests for dinner at tbe Inn, oo Sunday. Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Tuthill also brought their families for mid-dsy dinner. Miss Harper entertains seven guests Thursday at dinner. Shelter Island sent its representatives over in a party of twenty for a lobster dinner Wednesdsy. Mr. Eoglis and Mr. Leary organized the party. For a week tbere has been BO much more dearand for food tban the limited kitchen facilities of the Inn afford, that tbe managers have gone back to primitive methods, and have used Mr. Frank Smith's out-door fireplace for boiling lobster, bam, potatoes snd so forth. Miss Rutzler entertained a party of five Wednesday. It was a foregone conclusion of coiirse, tbat tbe Neighborhood Concert, gotten up by Mrs. Rutb Langlois Hub- bard and Mrs. R. R. Roberts io Green- port Monday evening, woold be a suc- cess, for both these ladies are past- masters in the art of gettiog up a musical programme. And so it was, that every number gave great pleasure to the large audience which filled the Methodist Cburcb, and tbe programme was so arraoged, tbat all musical tastes could be satisified. For all tbat, none of the numbers were what might be called heavy, yet there were enuf novelties to make up for ,it to those tbat seem to crave only classics. Standing out well above all others were the various compositions for two pianos, played by Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Roberts, and tbo in ber little explanatory talks, Mrs. Hubbard, rather apologized for tbe playing of tbe Rachmanninoff Prelude, which is played so much these days, yet we quickly realised, that there was good reason for its being plsyed frequently within the last few weeks by some of tbe large prominent artists, for io tbe arrangement for tbe two pianos, the various motifs are brot out most promi- nently. Tbe Russian music for two pianos also was most enjoyable and was artistically interpreted. We should hear more of the Russian music, for it has many beauties, not to be found in otber compositions. Mrs. Percy Adams and Mr. B. Rackett, director and organist First Baptist Church, Brooklyn, sang several duets, wherein tbeir voices blended so well, that somehow tbo the music was familiar, yet it seemed new, this to the writer being particularly evident in \My Caravan bas Rested.\ As ooe in the audience remarked, \it sounded so different from tbe other times that I heard it sung,\ Mr. Rackett sang several solos aod it did not take long for tbe audience to realize, that his voice is rich, and that he can take a high \ b \ without tbe least effort. Mrs. Luckett was a host io herself, for her rich, mellow contralto filled one's soul. Tbe little song about tbe Rocking Chair, was exquisitely done, and tho in a way, the Big Brown Bear, is a sort ol comic song, yet that was a gem too. Mr. Spencer Terry, soloist in one of Hartford's largest churches, a youog man with a wonderful baritone voice, gave the writer and tbe audience as well, a rare treat, for not only bas he a ri^ , full voice, but also wonderfol d^ery , aod what always counts, great temperament. This was most evident, in \The Blind Plowman\ and then again, in tbe various Sea pieces which were sung witb great virility. Mrs. Roberts not only showed her- self an artist at tbe piano as in tbe early part of the programme, but sang exquisitely several novelties. The Chinese song was typically Chinese and was sung moat daintily, and as an encore we were treated to one of tbe Macedonian group, Mrs. Roberts ac- companying beraelf. Aa a closing number we bad the old, old composition \Sweet and Low\ sung as a sextett, and it is not too much to say, that tbia number like all others, was sung with wonderful light and shade. As a rule the accompanists are not given much prominence on a pro- gramme, but we enjoyed tbeir part of the work just ss much as the solo numbers, and hope that tbe audience did not fail to realize, that much depends upon tbe good work tbat they did. REGINIA STURMDORF A large house party was entertained over the week-end, at Shorewood, by Mr. and Mrs. Juhn S. Jenkins. Tbe guests were: Mrs. Stafford E. Mace and daughter, Evelyn, of Albaoy; Mrs. Georgians Heas, of Net? York; Miss Isabel Angus and Miss Marion Speis- man, of Brooklyo; Messrs. Albert Warner and Oawald Jacoby, of Brook- lyn; and Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson, as usual. The Young People's Subscription Dinner at the Club House on Satorday evening was a great success. Tbe decorations anJ lighting effecta were yellow and white. When thirty yoong people gather around one loog table, ornamented with \snappers\ and \Jack Horner Pies,\ overflowing witb \plums one a \noiae-mak- er,\—there's bound to be \oodles\ of fuo. There was—aod tbe merry- making went on into tbe evening dance, in which all tbe members were free to oin as usual. Tbe special dances for tbe young people were a Number Dance, a Cinderella Dance, and a Bal- loon Dance. Io tbe last, two cooples were tied for tbe prize, Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson and Mr. James H. Rich and IS Angus, the latter couple, i. a., the lady, winning on the draw. • e e Paul MacGowan of Brooklyn was a week-end guest of M. C. Jones, Jr. \Seen at the Ritz/' \Observed at Sherry's.\ \Notad at Pierre '8 \--ao will read the fashion magazines, all agog ov«r the new colors; for the smartness of color depends on its newness. Even while the fashion reporter peeps at the notables, stock- ings are being dyed the very same tints in the Gotham finiahiiv plant. This plant ii little more than a mile from the meeting places of those who create the modes. And so, before the news is published and becomes common property, we are able to offer these very latest of enchantmc shades. All Summer Goods Reduced Golf, Tennis and Base BaU Goods, Croquet Sets, Hammocks, Summer Toys Headquarters for Eastman's Films Aganta for SpaUiac Swaatara, Oatannoor Mattreaaea Agaata for Barratt Napbaws k Co. Dya EsUbliahinaat Mnaaincwaar Underwear Hatch One Button Union Soita ^he Qingham and Qalioo Qat Mai n St., S O U T H O L D (Sainoel L Bennett Place) Lunoheon * Afternoon Tea Sunday Supper SPECIALTIES Bridg^e P a r t i e s L,nnclieons D OBOTK T H . J ONK S £IJTAI[o» 8 . Uooms FOR SALE 2 lota on the Sound 2i acres, 100 feet shorefront on each lot, only $1500 a lot. 3i acres, 233 feet on the Sound; price right to a quick buyer, any terma. Other Sound frontage $20 per front foot up. BAY FRONTAGE About 7 acres, 200 feet on the Bay; reasonable and any terms. Special bargain on tbe Bay, very good bathing and boating, plot 100x800, any terms, only $^250 Other Bay frontage lots $25 a front foot up. Bungalow and cottage lots near tbe Bay $300 and up. I can submit a price on cottages and bungalows, of your own plan, on any lot you wish to buy. All year home, all improvements, near the Bay, large plot $5,500 Other summer and all year homes and bungalows at reasonable prices in Mattituck, Peconic, Greeoport, Shelter laland and Orient. JOHN P. RUEBSAMEN Real Estate and Casualty Insurance (Automobile a Specialty) S017TH0I«D . N . V . 1 Tak ^ w SoiitiMM Vacation School For three weeks a very delightful demonstration of a vacation school bas been given in Southold under tbe direc- tion of Miss Jane Robinson. She in- vited tbe children of the eommuoity to meet with her every Wedoesday morn- ing duriog her stay in Southold. Tbe Presbyterian Chapel being central, was tbe place of meetiog. Here about fif- teen children of primary age have gathered for work, singing and play. They bave made beaotiful scrap b^ks, dramatized storiea, sung songs and played games. They have worked and played together, irrespective of creed. It is the \together\ spirit, when culti- vated everywhere, as it has been tbia summer, at all kinds of gatherings, tbat will save the world. We are glad that Soothold haa bad a small part io the vacation work witb children, tbat is attracting much at- tention in some parts of tbe coontry. Miss Robinson was assisted at differ- ent times by Mrs. Anna Prince Hedges, Miss Helen Cochran and Miss Robin- son's sister, Mrs. Henderson of lodian Neck. Special Sale-NONTH OF AUGUST ONLY! Here is your opportunity to secure a genuine $ 1 0 . 6 0 MaDDiDg - B o w i n a D E le c t r i c C o ff ee Pe r co l a t o r ONLY 9 6 c I>OWN Lo w T i d e i n S o u t h o l d B a y standard Time Friday AUG. 28 12:12 Saturday \9 2 1:14 Sunday \0 3 2:13 Monday \1 3 3:11 Tuesday Sept. 1 AiOS Wednesday \ 2 4:65 Thursday 3... 5:45 For high water add six boars to above tide l a b l « . For low water in L. I. Sonnd, labLract thlrty-flve mlnutea from b a j time, and add Blx hours to t b s t tor blab water. __________ SEPTEMBER MOON Full Muon tbe 2J, 2:53 p. m. Last quarter the dth. 7:12 p. m. New Moon the 17th, 11:12 p. m. First quarter the 25th, 6:51 a. m. MA R R I E D Greenport, Aug. 24, by Rev. R. R. Roberts, Edward Carr Parker and Miss Elsie Marie Raynor, both of New Suffolk. Greeoport, Aug. 20, by Rev. F. P. Connelly, Lowell M. Wright of Macbiaa- port. Me., and Miss Florence C. Davia of Greenport. DI E D Soutbold, Aug. 22, Eleanor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Augustus F. Walden- burg of Brooklyn, where interment took place, aged 6 years. Orient, Aug. 21, William Totbiil Brown, aged ^ years. Mattituck. Aug. 24, John Chadzini- ski, aged 45 years. H ENR V P. T UTHILL MATTITUCK , N . Y . LICENSE D Ji^un^ral fitr^rtor unh ^mbalm^ r Automobile Equipment Telephone, 2 7 Mattltaok Big Reductions on all remaining Bathing: Suits . . . AT. . . 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Th e Only Matnal Sarinas B a n k In Sontliold T o w n July l i t , 192fr tbls Bank credited ita Dapoaltors with intaraat at tba rata of 5 % on the first $500 of each aooonnt AM D on tba remainder of largar accoonta credited inter- eat at tba rata of m o Money depoaited on or bafora (MTT* 1925, will draw iataraat fi OCT- aat, %9am Blanks for opening accoonta and banking by mail, sent upon reqaaat 3d Total Resources over $8,800,000.00 Surplus over $1,470,000.00 Undar Daylight Savii« tima from AprU 27 to Sept. 27, 1925 . QUALITY GOODS Lat Uf Supply Yoor Needs Witb QuaUty Goods Farm Implements,Hay,Grain, Spray Material,InseoticidM Hardware, Perfection Oil Stoves, Ice Boxes Garden Hose, Fishing Tackle, Clam Rakes, Crab Nets Lawn Mowers, Rope, Chain, Floor Wax Paints and Varnishes, Brushes. Lawn Grass, Garden Seeds I^W a will take sacood-band Farm Implemmta, Ice Boxea and Oil Stovaa in axcbange on tbe sale of new W M . C. albertson CO. Talapbooa 27 INSURANC E Fire Automobile H. TERRY SON M lit SOUTHOLD , N. Y. P t o ss e eaU at rendence of I. P. Terry

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