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t ■? ' ¿k h . . . . H O N E Y S U C K L E S ; The H b t ó ^ e k ie s Club held th|i| ¡pçtober meet- G r e e n w i c h G R E E N W IC H J O U R N A L Thursday, November 6,1975 SALEM PRESS Page 5 1*4 . A . . * 1 m g at, leader Mrs..j taughtft: plants, she tran^g)! home an* A t ^ held O b f started | Fru it -, k startedthe roll cal£a called off of fruit, ¿ ■ f c » e <jf the Jaillis. ie M^Oeoch î^noiti house Jhe lesson, |.each one Sant to take ;e for.' ext meeting, ii-28, the girls « food lesson, e iigh t. They çeÊhig with a eaich member different kind (HUisledina Hallowefenugame and after the lessoii each one made and served a fruit cup. The next meeting w ill be at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, November 11, a t the home of M rs. Grillis when they will do a lesson on apples. Each girl is to take apples and tell what kind they are and how they can be used. They also should take a picture of a n appetizer for their records. Each mem­ ber of the club is planning to attend 4-H Activem e n t night. Jennifer G illis TO W N & CO U N T R Y G A L S The Town & Country Gals 4-H club enjoyed their Halloween party la?f Saturday held at the hont,fe of M a ry Sloan. T here wefe 17 girls present In cos­ tume. They enjoyed d o p ­ ing for apples, pinningjthe broom on the witch, p c k game, clothes pin ¡and peanut races The highlight of I the party was the ghost/story told by Pam Booth J A business mee be held Tuesday, ber 11, at 2 p.m. Sloan home. A stration w ill be m aking flavored The girls wfll le&A how to make poodles ouvof yarn. Those ' attending Should take does and ¿«me yarn. Margqptoddard, Reporter g will ovëm- /at the emon- en on /gelatin. D A IS Y The D a isy Ifaaze 4-11 club held a Halloween party at the home of Paula Barton on Novem ber 1, at 6 p.m. Costum es were judged and awards given to M ichelle Sloan, M i­ chelle B a rb u r, K e y n a Karp, Stacy Grives, and M i c h e l l e I'o w p s e n d . Jennifer Aldous and M rs. M cKernon won the egg toss. Spooky gam es were enjoyed by all. . It was decided that due to the annual extension meeting . being held on November 13, to have only one mdre meeting this month. The next meeting will be held at M rs. M c K e rnon’s November 20 at 7 p.m. Pizza will be made Club members are working on a craft project and are to take a styrofoam ball and old Christm as cards or wrap. The Christm as party will be planned at this meet­ ing. News reporter Keyna Karp H O N E Y B E E S The Honey Bees 4-H club w ill meet on Satur­ day, November 8, at 10 a.m. at the home of M rs. Barbara Bailey. Mem bers are to take two slices of bread and a Christm as napkin. Sandy Bardwell and Jill SkeUie are in charge of refreshments. H O O F B E A T S The H o o fbeats held their meeting at M rs. Dorothy A p p ling’s M o n ­ day, November 3. Two new members were wel­ comed, Connie Kruszew- ski and Robin Bentley. Mem b ers talked shortly about their visit at Dinese Rosses house and what they thought about her horses. The older mem­ bers talked about different activities for the year. M rs. Appling Showed how to make a lead rope out of twine or rope and a snap. Tracy M e y e rs ■A W » » A sudden cold snap con ruin the meter if cellor wiidows or doors ore left open. The me responsibij dam a g e A litt li r is in your care and the Ity for its protection against freezing rests upon you. forethought and attention about the thermometer begins to drop will spore you interruption of service, plumbing expense and meter dam a ge charge« let's guard against these unnecessary annoyances and expenses duringjthe winter season. G r e e n w i c h W a t e r D e p t . j f <% Y o u r W h e e l s N o w - S n o w F l i e s ! m . The John Bean Visualiner Show s (is ** sad you whether your dar needs Steering S e rvice .. . Énd it h e lps Ü S do a faster, more accurate job ofcorrecting the trouble. ■ It.takes only a few minutes to check t yoiue wheel alignm ent-- . JtîNIOR F A R M E R S The junior Farm ers 4 -H club m et on Novem ber 3 at the Pjresbyterian church ift’West Hebron-Nineteen tneinbers attended and Vice P resident Peter C raig conducted thé meeting. A seal w a s placed on the club charter m arking the fifth year for the club. B ria n C a m p b e ll w a s nam e d club historian. Tamme Garrich and B a r­ bara Shaw volunteered to help their leader in notifying members of ac­ tivitie s and a rra n g in g transportation whenever necessary. Peter C ra ig, John Cam p b e ll, and D e n n is Cam pbell are junior lead­ e rs and are assisting at the project meetings, ar­ ranging and distributing m a terials, and m a k ing demonstrations. Robert Gerber reported on winning first place at the Salem central school for his dairy poster. He also won second place in the county and honorable mention in Colonie. Rob­ ert won cash awards for h is poster. Brian Cam pbell gave a report on receiving the award of 1975 tri-county Junior Holstein boy at the Junior Holstein club ban­ quet in October. Brian won a plaque for his award. H is entry now goes for state competition. Tamme Garrick gave a report on the .bike ride held November 1. Eight m e m b rs rode through Hebron and ended at Robert Gerber’s for re­ freshments and sports. Record books were re­ turned to the members after being evaluated by the leader, M rs. Drucille Crai^. Mem b ers are plan­ ning to attend achieve­ ment night at the Green­ wich high school Novem­ ber 18. They are to wear their 4-H sweatshirts and to m eet'at the school. A car pool has been ar­ ranged for the transpor­ tation. A group of members have volunteered to clean o p the cemetery and to decorate the Pember li­ brary in Granville. The leader w ill notify them of time and date. A Christ­ m as party and family n ig h t is also being planned. Those taking the handy­ man project meet each Tuesday afternoon at the Granville school. The first goat project meeting was held October 18. Mem bers learned the general care oi a goat and how to weigh their food. Peter C raig, junior leader, took h is project goat to the m eeting to demonstrate the parts of a goat. The next m e e ting is th is Saturday. M e n lbers are to visit each hom e to take pictures of their project goat. On October 11, John Cam pbell showed those taking the dairy project how to w eight a cow. On N o vem b e r 1, D e n n is C a m p b e ll d e m o n strated the parts of a cow. Both junior leaders helped by teaching younger mem­ bers. The next dairy project m eeting w ill be on December 6. The next b u sin e s s m eeting will be on D e ­ cember 1 at the Presby- terian church in W est Hebton at 7 p.m. John Cam pbell C O S S A Y U N A W IL D C A T S The Cossayuna W ild Cats 4 -H club w ill'm eet at 8 p.m. on Friday, Novem­ b e r 7, at the firehouse. Dean Skellie and Todd Keys w ill have charge of refreshments. fîrpitwièh H O R S E M A S T E R S Twenty four members and three leaders at­ tended the H a llow e e n party on October 17 at Burton hall. Prizes were awarded for costumes as follow s: m o st original, Connie Lundberg as a' scarecrow and K e v in Booth as a black crow; m ost creative, W e n d y Boyce as a witch and Dawn Aubin, a pirate; most humorous, Karen Perry as a baby; cutest, Carol Pfeiffer as M iss America. Awards for the play day and trail ride held October 13 were also given. Play day aw ards went to: senior champion, Judy N u lty; senior reserve champion, Nancy Imhof; junior champion, W endy Boyce; ju n io r reserve champion, Linda Pfeiffer; b e g in n e r s ch a m p io n , Elizabeth Davis; begin­ ners reserve champion, Eddie Sloan. Trail ride awards were: sportsmanship, Lori Fung, Sue Imhof; Eliza­ beth Davis and Connie Lundberg; best care of horse, W e n d y Boyce, Lind a Pfeiffer, C a rol Pfeiffer, Susan Thivierge; giving the most help, Judy N u lty, K a re n Perry, Kathy Roberts; best way to tie a horse, Arlene Shaw , M a ry G a lvin, Nancy Hayes; best first aid kits, Lori and Randy Fung and Linda and Carol Pfeiffer; following direc­ tions, N a n c y Im h o f, Randy Fung and Darlene Matyka: participating rib­ bons, Dawn Aubin, Karen Foss, David Renauld, Eddie Sloan, Heidi Pol­ lard, Kris M o y , M artha Slocum, Bryan Booth and Kevin Booth. Chaperones for the trail ride were: Jo A n n e Booth and M arlene Nulty. Par­ ents helping on play day were: Sandy Perry, Judy Lundberg, Carol Imhof. and M rs. Pollard. T H f^ O U L Y W O R K E R S The Jolly W orkers 4-H club met on November 3 at the Fort M ille f Re­ formed church at 4 p.m. It was decided to donate $5 to the F im M iller Reformed church for fuel, since they let the club meet there. T h e club d iscu sse d what to do for Christm as projects. It waS decided to go Christm as caroling at the Argyle Infirm ary in the month of December and to make center pieces with candles. Those who are not m aking center pieces are going to make Christm as wreaths with running pine. The club will decorate a Christm as tree December 13 for the community project. For C h ristm a s dinner, the club will have pizza, soda, and cup cakes for dessert. Everyone in the group is going to take part in m aking the pizza. The club has received its third sedl. The nest meeting will be December 1 at 4 p.m. at the Fort M iller Re­ formed church. News reporter Laura W ait Courtship kneeling. To t&ftd aim C A R D O F T H A N B 3 3 M a n y thanks to all my friends for their thought­ fulness during my stay in the hospital. Your cards, letters and prayers were deeply appreciated. Frank Seward C A R D O F T H A N K S I would like to thank the doctors and aurses for the wonderful café I recéived while 1 was a patient in the M a ry McCleÜan hospital. Also, a special thcuik ypu to 'm y family, relatives, M e n d s and neighbors 'for their cards,'flowrera, gifts and visits. Your kindness w ill líever be forgotten. Dorothy Stiles O b j e c t . t o c l o s i n g T e lep h o n e rate9 o f n u r s e s ’ o f f i c e 49 H ill Street Greenwich, N.Y. November 3,1975 The Greenwich Joumal- jaalem Press H ill St. Greenwich, N.Y. Dear Jane: In the October 30 issue of The Joum al-Press there 'w a s an advertisement in \th e announcem e n ts in regards to the closing of the County Health Nurses’ office in Green­ wich. ¡1 PERSONALS Jl — Mrs. Meldrem W eav­ er left this week for North Fort M yers, Fla., where she will spend the winter with her son-in-law and daughter, M r. and M rs. Thomas Kinney, and son, Thomas. — Mr. and M rs. Harry Beelen of Cam bridge visi­ ted Mr. and M rs. Franklin Larmon of Bald Mountain on Friday. Also visiting were M rs. Truus Beelen from Rizpwetering, Hol­ land, M rs. Greet M arkus from Southern Australia, and Mrs. Juul Juffermans from Mt. Bridges, Can­ ada. — Mr. and M rs. Henry Petteys left yesterday for a 30-day tour of the British Isles. They plar to visit England, Scotland, W ales and the Republic of Ireland \ — Mrs. Daisy H a rris has been transferred from the Mary McClellan hos­ pital to the Springfield Convalescent center at Springfield, Vt. — M r. and M rs. George St. M ary returned last W ednesday from visiting friends ip Warwick, their grandson, Edw a rd J. O 'Connor find fa m ily'in Philadelphia, and Dr. and M rs. V A. DefVecehio in W hiting, N.J — M r. and M rs. Edward J Whiteside, who have sold their home on Corliss avenue to Mr. and M rs. Daniel Baker, moved last week to their home on Main street. M rs. Evelyn W arner and M rs. M c- Duffy who lived in an apartment in the M a in street house, have moved to the apartm e n t on Academy street formerly occupied by M r. and M rs. Richard W orthington and family. — M r. and M rs. Robert H e sseltine of M a lone, former Greenwich resi­ dents, were guests for the week end at the home of M r. and M rs. George McCarty. I would like to say a few w o rds' on this matter. To me this is a service to the elderly, or senior citizens if you may. A service, in most cases, you wouldn’t need if you were not classified as such. W h y take this service away from such people? I ’m sure there are a num ber of fam ilies in Greenwich and Easton whose parents, sometime or other, were glad to see the County Nurse at their door. W hat assurance do we have now of a County Nurse or even an aide? It h as been suggested to me by a number o f people that we send in a petition to our supervisor. This I believe would be fruitless, because in a telephone conversation I had with the Greenwich supervisor on October 25, he said, and I quote, “ You can have as m any petitions as you want, but the com­ mittee will vote in the manner they feel is best for o u r tax money. ’' end of quote. Tax money! Just how m u ch does G reenw ich have for all the taxes they have paid? Let’s keep the nurses’ office here in Greenwich. I suggest the people of Easton and Greenwich phone or w rite their supervisor and express their views o n this matter. Greenwich supervisor: Albin Nelson (his phone is listed in Sch u y le rville directory). Easton supervisor: John Slocum Thank you, Jane, for allowing me to express my opinion. A citizen and taxpayer of the town of Greenwich, Mary R. Hill may be raised New York Telephone has filed schedules of new rates with the Public Service commission. The rates will go into effect this week end if accepted by the commission. The new rates are designed to increase the company’s annual rev­ enues on its business within New York state by $298 million. This reflects the 12 per cent overall increase in rates auth­ orized by the com mission on October 22 following 11 months of public hearings and review. Under the new sched­ ule, the basic monthly charge for residence cus­ tomers w ill be increased 34 cents. Flat rate busi­ ness service w ill be increased 57 cents a month, and message rate business service will go up $1.04. Rates for PBX trunk lines will remain the same. Also included in the changes will be increases for long distance calls within the state, service connections, and equip-- m ent ch a rges an d a doubling, in most cases, of .extra charges for o p e r a t o r -h a n d le d and person-to-person ca lls. However, there w ill be no change in the 10 cent local coin rate. If you soak badly stained dish towels in bleach and deter­ gent in the kitchen sink, you'll bleach both towels AND sink. THE GREENWICH LIONS CLUB Proudly Presents A GREENWICH COMMUNITY PRODUCTION of Maurice J. Hill’s Comedy • Drama A WIND BETWEEN THE HOUSES November 20 & 21,1975 Greenwich Central School Auditorium Students - $ 1.00 Adults • $ 2 .0 0 PERFORMANCE AT 8:00 P.M. Tickets available at: Windiefl’* Pharmacy, stitches, Grecnwfch Variety, Pratt's Clothing, Meskrk Agency and all Lions Club Members. V ¡ m e u C A R D O F T H A N K S W e w ould like to express our deepest ap­ preciation to everyone whio helped during our recent loss. The flowers, food, cards, letters and visits w ere a great comfort to Us and w ill be re­ m e m b ered. W e w o u ld especially like to thank Dr. Leith Skin n e r, Hom e Lodge 398, F.& A .M ., the Am e rican Legion, O ld Saratoga Post 278 and RéVi Jo e l M a c C o llam . Thank you. The Fam ily of LeRoy G. Towns C A R D O F T H A N K S W e w o u ld like to express our deepest ap­ preciation to everyone w h 6 h e lp e d d u rin g our recent loss. The flowers, food, cards, letters and visits were a great comfort to a s and w ill be remem­ bered. _ W e w ould es- pe&iiSly like to thank Dr. Ezell fer h is help find Rev. Bjitler for hisi beautiful service. Also,, all o f the reafiors Who offered their serviced Thank you. The Fam ily of Phil A . Dustin T H E W O M A N A N D E S T A T E P L A N N IN G . How to get the facts you need I to plan for y o u r own future. The last of a 3-part series on how to make the most o f your money. How a trust can save on \o u r taxes. W h y its important to know about your husband’s financial decisions. Whether its necessary to have a lawyer. How to choose an executor. How to place cash, property or securities in trust. What happens if you don't have a will. How to create a trust in your own name. ■\nd more. r L e s lie E . B a in s A s s t . V.P., M a n u fa c tu re rs H a n o v e r T r u s t Co., N .Y , N.Y. W E D . / N O V . 12/8 :00 P.M . Q u e e n s b u ry H ig h Sc h o o l A u d ito r iu m Seats are limited, so make your reservations now. Call your local branch manager, or stop in and pick up a free brochure at any First National office. First National A good bank. A good neighbor. First National Bank of Glens Falls Offices in Bolton Landing Glens Falls. Granville Greenwcn Hudson Falls Kingsbury Lake George Queensbury South Glens Falls Member F D 1C

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