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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, December 26, 1968, Image 9

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V y. M , ! ,> * ■rXi «!* ' THURSDAY,^ BECEMBEB 26, 1968 THE m iB lifW tO g JOUEHAL S®0. B-PAGE 3 In this season of ’candy canes, holly and mistle­ toe we pause to wish you and your family a cherry Yuletime. '$ G r o c e r y Middle Falls •Happy -Hoftdftij i We share in your hope that this Christmas will be better than ever for you and your family. G r e e n w ic h Electric 0 1 , < g | | r Lots of warm, friendly wishes from us to you at this joyous season, and a special thanks for allowing us to serve you. M c C a r t h y 's B a r b e r S h o p s G r e e n w ic h - S c h u y le r v ille 0 -Holufeuj by Stony Seasons Greetings Everybody. Snow is gradually piling up to the joy of all. those, ski en­ thusiasts and snowmobile fans, Recently I liad my first ride on one of these contraptions - and sure got around over the snow and ice but they„are aibout as comfortable as a farm tractor or one of those old fashion skip­ jacks. ,My biggest surprise was the speed'. They, really can get up and go* Easier and safer than skiing* tout Pd hate to have one break down more than a short walk from' the road. Skip-jacks, the modern breed, are a far cry from the old bar­ rel stave and board seat of our fearless youth. At Killington I saw about a dozen of the new breed. All fancy manufactured with a short ski runner, metal braces and' a coat, of your favorite color enamel. These jacks sped along with the same abandon as .of yore and there were just as- many spills but they are more sturdy. Smooth ski slopes are the ideal terrain and you can own one for fifty bucks and up and you can take your chances with this pleasure. Last Monday my old friend, th e ,white Arctic owl turned up over at the swamp near the Stump church. This is the third year he has put in an appear­ ance. This 'big owl was sitting atop a post and I thought it was a big piece of snow but it sud­ denly dropped off and glided across a field into the swamp. Ernie Weeks, thirteen years old, came up with the club championship at the Ricko- chetes Junior Rifle club shoot- May the heartlifting joys of the Christmas season shine in your memory in the days ahead. Thank you for your good will. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE The Washington County Co­ operative Fire Insurance Com­ pany will hold its annual meet­ ing of the Policy Holders, Tues­ day Evening, January 14, 1969 at 8:00 P.M. in the meeting room of the First National Bank, Main Street, Greenwich, New York, for the election of Directors and for the trans­ action of any business which may properly come before the meeting. James Flaherty, Secretary 12—26 D o w n t o w n D in e r NOEL May th« star that shone on the night of His birth light your heart with everlasting love. if I LEGAL NOTICE TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, collector of: taxes in and for the Town o f ! Greenwich, Washington County, New York, have received the tax roll and warrant for the collection of taxes for the fiscal year 1969 and that I will at­ tend at my office, 136 Main Street, Greenwich, in said Town during January, 1969 from 9 o'clock in . the forenoon to 4 o’clock in the afternoon on each day excepting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, for the purpose of receiving the taxes assessed upon said roll. Taxes will be received up to February 1, 1969 without addi­ tional charge. On all such taxes remaining unpaid after January 31st, 1969 one (1) per centum will be added the first month and an additional one half ( 4 ) of one per centum for each month or fraction thereof until the return of unpaid taxes is made by me to the County Treasurer pursuant to law. Dated: December 26, 1968 Helen M. Ruddock Town Clerk and Tax Collector P.O. Greenwich, N. Y. 12834 Phone 692-7611 12—26; 1—2 ,off. Ernie\' is a first year shooter and sfoo&ts in the high forties out of a possible fifty. Weeks’ total score was 183 shooting in. the sub-junior class from the pxone position. Alan Lant was awarded reserve championship shooting in the over thirteen Junior class. He had a total score of 174 shoot­ ing frohi four positions: Pjrone, sitting, kneeling and standing. Others who shot good scores were Doug McQuade, Otto Wever, and Harold Bell. This club is sponspred ,by the local VFW and the Greenwich Fish and Game club. Club leader is Stony Jackson, instructors are Art Erbe, Alan Lant and Otto Wever. Shooting will resume with warn weather next March and April. That new gun law to suppress shipping guns reads like this in part: “For sales to Unlicensed purchasers, the following re­ quirements apply: Ammunition: Age, 18 for rifle or shotgun ammunition. 21 for ammuni­ tion u$ed only in handguns. Residency: there are no resi­ dency requirements, you may sell ammunition over-the- counter to residents or non­ residents. 3) Qualifications: Dealer must not sell or ship if he has reasonable cause to be­ lieve purchaser is—a fugitive from justice or uqder indict­ ment for or has been convicted of a felony.—is a narcotic ad­ dict,—unlawful user of mari­ juana or any depressant, stimu­ lant or narcotic drug, an ad­ judged mental incompetent or has been committed to any mental institution.” Boy what a load to put on a dealer. Here come the Judge. Mike Capuano Has 621 Triple SUBURBAN LEAGUE Team Won Lost Hay Balers ............ 394 204 Town's S e r v ice __ 36 24 The Stars ............... 334 284 Chase’s ____ _____ 33 27 Karp's __________ 32 28 Downtown Diner . . 32 28 Ashlar __________ 32 28 American Legion .. 31 29 Tyler’s Store ........ 31 29 Schuyler Farms 30 30 Salem Legion ___ 2$ 31 Goman TV ........... .. 28 32 Agway Petroleum . 28 32 Agway Feed . ......... 264 334 Greenwich Bank _ „ 21 39 Eastern ____ ____ 17 4 424 High Triples L. Wilkinson .................. 549 A. Morrison - .... 543 T. Gilchrist ______ _____ 538 G. Markham . .......... .......... 531 A. A lheim _______ _____ 523 W. Thompson ____ _____ 520 W. Roberts ______ _____ 519 W. Loy _________ _____ 515 E. S tew a rt _______ _____ 514 D. Barber _______ _____ 513 B. Barnes . ............. .......... 502 High Singles-Triples M. Capuano, 205, 213, 203. 621; N. Karp, 226, 211, 617; R. Perkins, 212, 202, 611; N. Her­ rington, 214, 215, 596; B. BouF- geois, 201, 234, 592; O. Bain, 202, 221, 588. C. Perkins ______ 228 586 R. Phaneuf ............. 203 583 C. Wright . ............. 212 560 R. Norton . ......... .. 236 541 G. St. Clair ______ 204 535 R. L y o n s ________ 210 527 J. McClaughry ___ 202 512 R. M y e rs ________ 200 505 N. Moore _______ 202 The rest of the law. is written in ithe same language. Too much to-give h e r e .\ You should get a .copy and see this missive full of loop holes.'' Very inter­ esting. Waftt to read it? I’ve got a copy. Merry Christmas to all you shooters, hunters, fishermen and nature lovers. The angels trum pet the ioys of the first Noel. May your iieart be filled wi|h> t h a t . Christmas ioy during this season. W ilso n D a iry We take this day to express fondest wishes, and a .% theerful “Thank you.” ’ V,/ CHAMPOUX'S Gfflerry • | I r I ’. '.“-I '.\c'-L ■- i I It's a wonderful time of year to thank you for your patronage. And do have a Merry Christmas! A b e ' s Esso Servicen t e r \Frank H. Morse, Prop. B e s t W i s h e s To our many ^Friends and neighbors, we send our heartfelt wishes for a very Merry Christmas. NOR-WEL Sr55Srcasrcasr<^Src?Si««SS«!t!r«!Sr<3S!re?SrW^^ | Christm a s Joy j Rejoice, it’s Christmas. I To you, glad greetings, | with gratitude for your kind patronage. PELTIER'S Radio Shop _ _ mjK e a f l s Q b P l K H i K ■ ■ ■ W P 9 A t this joyous time of year we extend oar greetings to oar Jrieads, whose confidence w e highly value. Ihaak you* L in d s a y 's G a r a g e CATALOG SALES AGENCY | Cambridge, N. Y. | Shirley & Harold •W 1 POWELL'S I Corner Drug and I Jewelry Store Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year We Also Wish to Thank Our Customers Throughout the Past Year ' 1 Theodore Powell P r o p r ieto r and P h a r m a c ist ■nf-': • C. Powell IP ester n Union Operator LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS TOWN OF JACKSON Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, collector of taxes for the Town of Jackson, will receive taxes for a period of thirty-one days from the date thereof except Saturdays and Sunday and holidays and as specified below: 11 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Tuesday, January 14 and 28 — Charles Ackley’s Furniture Store, Cambridge, New York. All other days in January, ex­ cept Saturdays and Sundays, at my home; AT ANY TIME BY MAIL. During the month of January taxes will be collected without fee or penalty. On all taxes re­ maining unpaid after January 31st., one percentum will toe added- and an additional one- half (Mi) of one percentum for each month and fraction there­ of until the return of unpaid taxes is made by me to the county treasurer pursuant to the law, -after which a fee of 5% is added plus interest from February 1. The amount of estimated state assistance to toe received hy the Town of Jackson, ending December 31, 1969, is $24,- 895.00. MARK: N. KENYON Collector, Town of Jackson <• . P.O. Address . ' Cambridge,. New Yoirk,.R.D. 1, Dated December 20, 1968 ‘ 12—26: 1—2 Sally Has 200 And 555 Triple MONDAY NIGHT Team Wever’s G a rage __ Kelly Girls ______ Roe’s Bowl ______ Grwch Ready Mix._ Abe’s Esso Tigers._ Bonus M o tors ____ De-De’s B e a u ty __ Wh. Feather Farm High Singles-Triples Sally Tefft _______ Leneta P e r k i n s __ Helen Clem ent ___ Eleanor Briggs Rita Morse ______ Bert Hewitt _____ Dot Worthington __ Helen W o o d s ____ Helen DeFoe ____ Barbara Derby ___ Reba Sheffield ___ Marilyn Chambers- Arlene Coldwell __ Edythe Humphrey. Gerry Welch ____ Sylvia Ducharme __ Babe R o s s _______ Pat M cKernon ___ WOMEN Won Lost 384 214 36 25 354 244 34 26 32 24- 22 18 28 36 38 42 200 555 194 539 185 465 157 460 175 168 164 162 160 159 158 155 155 154 152 151 150 150 S e a s o n ' s G r e e t i n g s 'H ’ Henry Potter • • • f L o c k s m i th (y \ t this crisp and exciting time of year, we are hopeful that your holiday will be filled with joyous warmth, richly shared with those you hold dear . And to you, our customers, toe express our thanks md appreciation for your continued patronage. Merry Christmas! S O M E P L A C E ELSE .D istin c t iv e f D in in g

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