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- J O T J R N A L T B C U R 3 D A Y , fc E T O W r 15, 1968 in Northern Japan Described bv Jarties Bordeni in James Bordett is finding out ; that farm life and family living in northern Japan is quite dif­ ferent from Easton. Jim, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elton A. Borden of Easton, is working on an agri; cultural project at Okunaka- yama and living with a Japanese farmer there. He- and three other young men volunteered to help introduce modern farming methods in this section of Japan. Jim will be a junior at Kew Paltz state university college this fall. He lias seriously con­ sidered volunteering - for the Peace corps when he corhpletes his college course. His uncle, Rev. James Ivan Borden of Averill Park, and family are also in Okunak'ayama serving as adult advisers to\ the four-naan team. This project is spon­ sored. by the‘committee on ecu­ menical missions £f the l$tii 1 $ |; Presbyterian ’chtitcli. The 'boys receive only their food, ard. lodging, no salary,, for \ their summer’s work, and the .Easton Methodist church raise'd money to pay Jim’s plane, passage to Japan. s Last week The Journal pub­ lished excerpts 'from letters' written home by. Rev..- Mr. Bor-- denv and thinking .‘people would be interested‘ in Jim's reactSon to Japanese farming asked to . p rint some of his- comments. The following are excerpts frpirt letters Jim wrote his^faraily ' during July ; - ' • July l%! ; Tomorrow; We wlO Iiead ■ j p ! *■» turn to the ‘hostel on week ends. He speaks hardly any .He. is sort o f a, v^eflt-tt^do faaroer • KoAQiicd Ttn 4iae q Tortahacia iVYia/la iQwvCO *11016 Trailers We have been touring Tokyo and several universities. It Ls a great place. * It is. enormous ia size. Taxis drive like crazy as the pedestrian does not have the right of way, rh e students are real nice but very question­ ing about our foreign-/policy. Just turned on tlie radio, a Japanese station, on which they are playing the number ones song, Honey, by Eoliby Golds­ boro, in English. That was quite a surprise. July 14 I am sitting in £ront of the fire in the youth -hostel. To­ morrow is Sunday and the day after I enter the home „ of Tanaka-san. I will spend Hie Jive week days there apd r&- Natale Rambler Sales and Service America's No. 1 ' Economy Car JAMES NATALE, Prop, So, Broadway Saratoga, 58f-5440 Your B^st Bei For Dependable Used Cars OPEN EVENINGS Eyes Examined Glasses Fitfed Contact ___ Lenses by Appointment- ED 5 IS S ? & | T° m E 326 Congress St. »•__ Troy i AS 2-3821 Closed Satirrday during July and August- ATTEHTIOH: SEPTIC TAHKOWHEHS AGWAYFARW aiid HOftiE' STORg ONE TREATMENT LASTS A FULL VEOI 1 I Greenwich ■ R E B U I L T T IIANSililiii@NS> I N \ 58-61 Turbo Glide 58-64 (Sbesi'olet V- 8 > 60-61. 6 : O jl' 60*6iJ|^l6;?fn^|rr^seif I. 63-64 Ghev' tower OHcbe, '■ . 6 .Cyt \ : .... ^ 6 5 Eord .0-4 / - 654^ Chevrolet . , N ; Sire: * . w m M 63&S838 s because he jias a Japanese made pipeline which puttips into milk' P,r _lF*lier cans. I gave hitn’the of our farm and some post- taeie wP«» or so-', cards of California. He went (-to.;$<#W»t out and bought me a pair of fc<>hveya«ice/on-rai< boots, size 9, an ehdrmous size laftd liighitays over here. - *W£ 1 . s Sounds great. Well, fhesn he 4a 1 told me to start taking thfe large amount of-manure in 4fcack W o i the barn to the field and more reasons, ;#d-ftot provided; spread it.' tbhis involved ,a im «♦ Wagon and a fork. I shoveled' i t on the wagon and thre^ it ^anestted around the field. Wow, was I tired., 4 lot of things here (3on.€' b y fcstiid. c. “*— xfiUvlc *wi»iSfij| Rood here is different~a«d good deal of it doesn’t anfi'pw • °t$^F .thftn a mbiblle • Jhofrie to me. Hide served threre a lot of raw tables and fish chopsticks even clumsy. The farmer's arink lifc. . . . tie m ilk. andtwhen they is usually sour,'\ t am at* least m Z tfia 3S£ cooked) flounder, rice-soaked -'dS|v' cumber, green tea, and fish f a t . ' ^ 1^ * How does that sound? '' “ July 17 I have been living with 1 the Tanakas for two are r-tial, nice' ’-people. , ‘They; 6m*t 'tyeate’ Englislf,;'4S'6\.3!i ' # either Japanese or |iand signals. iH& has ' a pipe • line , v^M«h: eanpiies * into the Snilk. -#n£.j Jperyfliing else. U il w tnan?=-an<fc fork, .’green 'feeding by mower And fork, haying b f fork a h d ’ tying the bundles if the* neigh­ bor is using Jiis baler, hoeing cornfields and other jobs. I ; “sun doing all the milking oi ten cows on -fou^-units. -Good. ex-! •perience, I guess. He is happy, though. His bacteria count has dropped a little I guess since I rhave' heen doing the milking. , I am tired because df hard work and a long day—$ a.m. to 8 ft.jn- Also the food Is; not the ‘best. Taste is great, it fills you tip, -but it gives you no energy. And if anybody mentions rice when I.get home I ’ll scream. I cart’t understand how Kelloggs makes rice so good., Undated I have been doliig sdifferent jobs' the last couple of days. They range from forking hay; from one hay loft to the other,) loading and unloading jvvagons; of loose hay with .forks, picking rocics out of a stream id make a foundation for a road here on Tonaka^ farm, and soon I will go back to 'being a htiman ma­ nure spreader agaiii.. Other than that, J\ist milking cows as usual. jf made the local radiD sta­ tion here. I even sang'a' song, 509 Miles, to show how happy th e American farm Tooys were when they worked. July 30 We will start haying pretty soon I guess. That means we fork i t on a wagon, fork i t into a hay stack, and later fork it! on a wagon and thea fork it liit© the mow, TJoday I plowed; nijt second field and disced it. Mr. Tanaka has about 50 acres I guess. iHe is renting some land. Be Is raising 10 head of cattle, of Which nine milk? n o # ; He- has 'bunkers'in the ’barn for corn silage. He also- has two John*Deere tractors, botk with side-mounted mowers, , Tanaka-san- is a well-tb-dn’ faraher. ffe is ■ th e ( artifidall •breeder 'of the area too. All .the; guys a t e on good iarmS, •but the majority of t i e f&rmeiis have an income of $83‘ a Sear. • . July 31 Milking has become a prob­ lem , Tanaka-san •won't use the filter in the bottom *of the jar and the soap, he uses is not very strftngt No wonder his -Mcteri'a count is still high, al* ^th'otigh it has come down a little ftit wifii the ute 'of hot >$ater in pipelines and cans d u r­ ing wash'up.- ;* ' ilere is my address: ■ James W* Borden %Ken Njinokawa Okunakayama, Agricultural ; Center - . ; . ©kunakayama, Ichinohe-. Riachi. • , ' Ninohe-Gun. Iwate-Ken , Japan , - , • .v NEW PTA qiRECTOH M rs’. Robert Curruthers of <Sl«ns Falls’ has • been elected new director\ of the Adirondack district Parent Teatfwjig, associa­ tion, comprising over .lfl(> units •in .Washington, Warren, iRehs- selaer, Saratoga a n d Schenec­ tady\ coijnjies/ iM#.,. Curigithers: '*ah- 'W iSgA t iirectbr M d ' be'en active, in, unit and district board activities f o r .several years.-Adirondack district lias .a total tte& h ^ shi^ of 1 fySMi'tifrM Curmthetg was ihstalted^lrthei cohferkicfe heldi ■es%ttti^*Si^Stillwatetf r eentrSli “ . , • * • « iii^ttding^ «ny VeHc% lucji i as t ^ W ^ r ^ tnay^ 5ers, twse^ t^ 4 t-aiij oicB®ied/iii tentsite area of'the owner. w*ofle or 1 n part; that can. 'be for sleeping « Mcommo- will haV« one year 'toe- they must be h o v e d to a tnifler «amp .or f'emoived from fihwi town. UnoccujJkd travel trifilers, campers etc. stored on B sSauttls' p rop.^^: -ire n5t ®f*; fected by this local Jaw; In ■rdiftr to be approved, proposed tts provided for dn the local law,-; .Tlie town loard has author­ ized the printing <3 this local k y In booklet flown andl a s sdon is copies are received from the printers, will 'be avaifefcle fmm the *own. clerk. i W P*ued 4 to 1 f, .-An® executive. session, fre- fceded jthe meeting and those atte;nding'. were- extended an apology iby Supervisor William ,fe'‘'% e d n fo r .tfye tftiejgiected supervisor announced if., there #a£ anyone pres-' tsnt who had previously desired to e%i;es‘s. his vleWi oil the l)rQ-> posed local law at the JuDlic hearirigvahd who was unable to do so, due to the Ispse of time that’evening, jhe would -he given phis »tijjie;to do, so. M?, Sherin; , ihat ‘he * had promised these persons th^t they could be heard -at the next .raeeting. No png expressed desire to do sp land the local law was brought to the' floor tor action. ; A m *J<gplainlng his feeling qn the iuiatter, Justice lYank Moy moved that the local law be adapted and the second was givefn b$ ’ Couneilman Ronald iDixson. The town clerk polled the bo^rd and an aye vote was registered fey dll menvbers with the exception of Justice Ilalph Briggs who east a nay vote. To Att*nd Institute - Approrvai was given\ to a re­ quest of the planning* board that a imemb^^he atrthorized to at­ tend the 80th annual planning iiMtCtute held by the New York state federation o i official plan­ ning organizations, of which the local planning boaid is a mem­ ber, • to ibe conducted at South Failsfburg -October 20 - 22 . I t was noted that the members of the planning foriard- l»ad not at­ tended the Association .of Towns meeting in New York city ; in early 1$68 and these funds could cover a member’s attend­ ance at the institute in October.' The town attorney was re­ quested to draw tip new fire -contacts for the to^« wjih the Easton Volunteer Hire company and- the i Middle Falls Fire de- ^artm e n ttior 1969. The attor­ ney was also asked .to take .any; steps necessary to protect the interests of \the town against any possible' lawsuits resulting from accidents on the town highway system. . The three roads in the Havard Petteys development off ftoute 29 were officially taken over and made a pafft of the town highway system- toy resolution. Report was given on the progress of wortc toeing accom­ plished at the town hall noting that a m ajor part of-the elec­ trical work was Complete. Other work to be accomplished in the tojvn clerk’s office and the jus*’ tice room was-- authorized by the board. Junkyard Enfotc»ment The town attorney was di­ rected to send letters to those persons operating junkyards in the town that the requirements such as fencing, etc. provided for in the junkyard ordinance adopted in 196T will have to toe met in the near future. This aetion was tak^n so that those involved would not be running the risk of legal action to force compliance. , Considerable discussion tin- sued on the junk auto problem with Justice Briggs conducting investigation into possible ave­ nues oet solving the problem. Hie supervisor noted that ar­ rangements were complete for the additional opening of the landfill area as authorized by the town board. Notice has been given that the landfill is now ojien from 7 to 8 a.m. on Moadays, this in addition to the regular established hours Fri­ day and Saturday. The landfill is c^eti to all residents during these jhottrs, the hew hours in­ tended to help particularly the businesses of the town as ’well as the functions' held on week end at the Washington county fairgrounds. •’ Week-end accumu­ lations will i)e alleviated toy the new’ hours. Due. to the close proximity to Labor day, the next regular meeting of th e town board will be held on September 10 in­ stead -of September 3 as orig- inafly scheduled. PA PER DRITE Benefit G-reenwLcli DeMolay Will Pick Upvln Greenwicli Ar«i SATURDAY, AUCIIST 17 i For Pickup Call: 2-2064 — 2-2422 — 2^603 or 2-78*2 A-' • <•-- ( t \ I I i i t3 S U ! T $ □ JA C K E T S Q T & o C lS E R S □ SHIRTS Q i □ SHOES ' P'OVERSI^OES -t m ~r * V* * T^;t' '■ I/' I j I I I i ”•• I 1 OHANDKERCt-flEFS ■ □ U N D E R S H IR T S OSHORTS , QilATS □ C O A T S fm o V E S -id R a i n c o a t s - □ SNEAKERS O ^ O R T S G M 'M E L T S f □ P E N □ PENCIL □ N O T E B O O K S □ R U L E R □ D IC T IO N A R Y ., □ BRIEFCASE ■ □ B00KBAG • . a W P m M E k ' © i r A T i ^ f i R t f3 D,DRESSES □ SKIRTS □ BLOUSES □ SWEATERS □ SLACKS □SHOES □ BOOTS □ GLOVES OHOSI □ HATS’ □ COATS OLiNGERiE □ SHORTS □ SLIRS □ \RAINCOATS □ RAIN HATS □ HANDKERCHIEFS' □ SNEAKERS ,□ GYM CLOTHES □ BELTS □ PEN □ PENCIL □ NOTEBOOKS □ RULER □ DICTIONARY □ BRIEFCASE □ BOOKBAG □ TYREVVRITER □ STATIONERY □ LUNCHBOX . ,,:' .♦ ■ • I i n I *» 41 I < H i It'lM tttl t o n e b i l t F o r a l l y o u r ; Gentlemen : I'd prefer that my child not show up ; at school looking like Oliver Twist, so please sencEme' ; a Marine Midland Card application. nahe ADDRESS .SN 6 .. , t 'I t o a e easiier o n - TOWN zi» j m ’li\ t MARINE MIDLAND KATIONAi BASK OF Bir^adway & Th(rd '. Troy, N«w York 12181 *

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