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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, July 25, 1968, Image 9

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^.+^-A7r4L_r u --2^.M<(j^iy*. % * -<s ' \ ---- ,: •J1 \V**-: \ 'i-'l > TgtTRSDA.Y, JIEE.Y- 25,-1968 T H i jaBEgMWICH JOTJRNAX. I ... !!►**> ; fcs* li IIS St, Paul's Episcopal Church Rev. James Lowery jr., Rector Bev. • David C. Randles,- Supply Thursday: St. James •'10 a.m. Holy communion. Fr. ■ Boggess. Sunday: Trinity VE 8 a,in. Holy eucharist. 10:30 a.m. Prayer and serihon- ette. Fr. Randles. 4-8 p.m. Interfaith picnic at fairgrounds. (Emergencies please call St. Luke's, Cambridge.) Christian Science. Society Greenwich . Sunday service 11 a.m. Sub­ ject of lesson-sermon; Truth. Sunday school for pupils to the age of 20 convenes during the* morning service. Last Wednesday in the month, 8 -p.m. Testimony meeting; Reading room open Wednes- lt> Through Six Decades The Choice of America's Loveliest Brides . Also I Keepsake Wedding Rings Powell’s Jewelry Greenwich New York Convenient Terms Arranged day noon to 2 * p.m. Public invited.* ' ; ? Radio program: What Does IV Mean to Be Involved? 'Part II.v Broadcast Sunday from Station WBTN, 1370, at 9 a.m.; WBZA, Glens Falls, 1410 at 9:15 a.m.; WKHA, Saratoga, 900, 9:15 a.m. r ' ’ ' -V ^ Church of the Open Bible Rev. Roger V. Soacoril, Pastor 11 a.m. ‘Worship service. 12 m. Sunday school. Friends Meeting Route 4Q, Easton 'j ~ Sunday, 11 a.m. \Worship. St. Joseph's Catholic Rev. P. A. Lynch, 0SA, Pastor Masses— Daily, 7:30 a.m. First Friday,. 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.. Sunday, 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Holy days, 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. . • Centenary United Methodist Rev. John GolumAus, Pastor Sunday— . 10 a.m. \Worship service. Bottskill Baptist Church Rev. Lewis N. Ptnvell, Pastor Sunday*— 10:30 a,’in. Fifth annual Moun-' tainsidtf service at Willard Mountain ski area. Music by a brass choir. Mountainside meditation, Getting Out'\ of Your Own Way. United Church . „ Rev. Donald' R. McsLeod, Pastor Sunday— 10:30 Morning worship. Ser­ mon: *(3od Puts His Seal Upon You, 4-8 p.m. Interfaith picnic at Washington county fairgrounds. Cumorah Pageant Now | ^ ; | ^ e c i i s a l ■. ^ The Hill Cumorah pageant hear Palftiyra whifch his elicited’ the praise of-critics over - the nation ?nd:-which draws 'nearly 10P,000 spectators each., year .'M l'' be,-- preaeqtfd holiday through Saturday, J w 29■:>. August 3. The;pageant is: sponsored by the < Church • of Jesus' Christ . «f Latter-day Saints.r; • •, A Finger Lakes region 'tradk tion since .1937, the ipa^eant wil^ Jiave a* cast of’ more than 450 performers\ garbed ih’ costumes' £|. itebraic, ^dxnan^Gr^eelc] •sAztety and i^jyan Indian design, en­ acting', scenes from . the Bible- ahd :the:Book 'of Monition. ' tfpresghted .nightly at! 9 o'clock ^»^.|S|ggant,. officially titled America’s Witness foir Christ, is alternately pltmged, into dark­ ness and, illuminat^diby. dazzling varicolored lights\ -wjiich flash fronj stage to stage—25 (stages in all, installed ovep'an area oh' the w^sterp' slopeldf- HilL GUfl*- orah larger tharj a football field. Elder Steven Menlove and Elder Kurt Higgins, who have been residing at Ballston Spa, will be performing in this year’s- production. Thtese, yiung mis­ sionaries are m y / 'm Palmyra preparing tor their parts in the pageant. - The pageant traces the history of a gfoup of Israelites who were instructed by. God to flee the , impending destruction. of Jerusalem in 600 B.C., Sailing across the ocean, they founded a new civilization on the South and Central American, conti­ nents. A condensed, account of these people inscribed on thin- sheets of. gold, .was translated into' the BSglish by* Joseph Smith-.in-1829, and published as the Book of Mormon. ■V \ G iS h ^ M f w s . ■ v^fTSKH-L'- Bottskill grange wi.ll; hold a picnic at grange hall this Thurs­ day evening. ,All ,past juvenile grange members are invited. Those' attending are to take covered dishes and their own table service. ^ —Hazel Abbott SEC. E-PAGE 3 r/SJ Is Tax The employment of s t r e e t hawkers, or news'boys, was be­ gun in America in 1754. , (Special to The Journal) P standpoint of . propi erty ..ta?ces, are residents of,\ Washingtoii county making out fhese days? What changes have taken place J.a,tely: % property valu­ ations in the local area? . With people all oyer the cpuntry aroused oyer their steadily mounting real estate taxes,, a look at the local' assess­ ment situation is in order. : Such a look has just been taken by the census bureau as part of a nationwide survey of •State and local government op erations, which it makes every five years. Its ftndings are re­ leased in the “Census pi Gov­ ernments, 1967.” / - They show \that in Washing­ ton county, where the property tax is the principal source of revenue for local government needs, the assessed value of property subject to such tax, came to $51,815,000, compared with the total reppsted five years before, $50,184,000. , The figures'do not include property belonging to churches, non-profit hospitals and public agendes that are generally exempt from taxation. Because property is usually assessed, for tax, purposes at' something less than its actual value, this is not to be taken as the true market worth. Rather, it is the ,tas base against which local tax rates are applied. * , The tax rates usec£{n connec­ tion with gssessed value vary ’^ i d e l y ^ e j ^ J f t e cduntry,^ In sppie areas, where property is assessed at only a small frac­ tion of r,eal valdue, tax rates are often/higher than in places where assessments are closer to- values.1 ► In' terms of population/ the tax base in Washington county was equivalent to $1,004—in taxable. property per local- resi- deiiit.*. ' v' ■ - ■ -r ■ : . i r i ::.tep^^rtjf-’ v%lua- tioM^. rlsiit■■IlH 'm x -1ife,SPHnr lr^, to. them-, sare lip as well, LQcal copmunitips have been fpcliecl to take/such action he- .cause!, of increased demands for 'slfvdcfe - arid because, of the ei> fedts 'of inflation on their operT ating costs, whicli haye been rapidly spiral|ng skyward.. As a result of this, trend, the revenue from property taxes throughout the United States lias increasedi toy nearly 10 per cent during 1967 alone. . 1 5 4-H Members In Washington : On July 28 five Washington county 4-_Hieys and the summer assistant agent; Harry Robbiiis, will go to Washington, D. C., to participate in- thS national ,4^H- citizenship short course held.^t the national 4-H center in ChePy Chase, Maryland. - , ' Daily assemblies will 'be held for the .purpose of instruction­ al citizenship, There, will be field trips to the'nation’s capi- tol to observe the practical aspects of citizenship, and they, will ■be' practicing -citizenship by- living and working with other 4-H members from across the United States. ‘ The group will., return., Axi- gust 3 an^ will soon after b^gin work on the annual exhibit at the Washington county iair en­ titled- Citizenship. - Thljse5 w ho; will go to Washington are 'Mary Laplante, Granville; Darlene Clark, Cossayuna; Gayle tundy. Hartford; and Judith Austin and Anita Niles, White Creek., ^ Hospital Notes Stanley H.Youmans of. Greea- wich was admitted to the Glens Falls- -hospital Saturday for ob­ servation. His rooni number is 278. ' . John (Hoppy) Eddy is a pa­ tient , at Mary McClellan hos­ pital in Cambridge. t . iAlbfert Watd entered the Gleiis Falls hospital Sunday for surgery.' ^ H e'is in room 3.41. : Wilfred Schermerhorn went to Bostpn, Mass., Tuesday to enter ihe hospital for. observa­ tion, ^Harold Norman fell Saturday and suffered, a fractured hip. He y?as taken to the veterans hospital in Albany for treat- ihent. ; ■ . Those admitted and dis­ charged at the Mary McClellan hospital in Cambridge during the week ending July 21 were: Admitted and Discharged Harold R. Avery, Rita A. Rogers, Salem. Randall Eldredge, Thomas A. McMorris, Judith E. Schneider, Cambridge. Lee Thompson, White Creek. A'dmHte^ Elizabeth. Barbur, John , L. Eddy, Leonard Joyce, Ann P. Mosher, Anna Lee Parker, San- dra^Stewart, Greenwich, Phillip Cenate, Victory Mills. Lillian Connors, Patricia E)lck- eSison, Schuylerville. ; Su$an M. Eddy, Dora E. 'Phil­ lips, Buskirk. MabeJ, Gates, Aline M. Su- cese, Cambridge; Thomas M. Hughes, Marion Daniels, Argyle. Discharged .' Gregpry Brown, torguerite Leonard, 'William R. Lulce, Mary M. Thurber, B5agle Bridge. Janet Brown, Charles Mc­ Intyre, Cambridge. William 6 . Jeffords, Grace M. Martin,' James McNeil, Green­ wich. , Pauline Quackenbush, Shu- shan. , Forty-one per cent of the U. S. soybean production is sold overseas for dollars. Branch Office of GLENVILLE OPTICIANS OPtSN TUESDAYS from 12 Noon to 6 PM WHITE SWAN HOTEL - W#«hington Square! = :*Phon# Glenvlile pXpress 9-4500 Greenwich. ISiat, 692-2861 Natale Rambler Sales and Service America's No. 1 Economy Car ■ JAMES NATALE, Prop. So. 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