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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, July 25, 1968, Image 2

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Easton News Items should be given JfissThonjpson by Tuesday noon or may he sent direct to The Journal Office in Greenwich. MISS KATHRYN THOMPSON, I^Ston Correspbitdent Badges Indicate Summer Readers fhe -bright 'blue and red letter badges appearing arp.und Easton are beirig worn »l*y mem­ bers of the Election Year Read-! ing club. This activity iJor sfeojjs' and girls is spqnsorgd by the Easton library, a member of the Southern Adirondack library system. ; A badge denotes that the wearer ih-as already read at least one book since duly -6, the beginning date o! the club. (It also states, the reading »teain, Stars or Stripes, to which 't-he1 child belongs. ‘ 1 . ' ( All area hoys and .girls .are in­ vited to 'join.. ■ * ., CONTEST MEARS ENp The contest *to design an of­ ficial ■; seal for -the town pf Easton will end ne^t Thursday, August I. Seal designs should ■be submitted to Mrs. George C. Houser Jr., town ‘historian, by: that date. LOCAL «RIEFS : —Mr. and Mrs. Canlyle Lowe of Searsdale spent the week end at their home here. ‘ —Miss Mary Dinger of Ajn-; sterdam.'i&olland, 4s visiting Mr. aiid Mrs. Elton 'Borden a;n.d. .family. —Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Snell, announce the birth of a son Sunday, July 21, at Leonard ;hos-, pital in Trpy. —Visiting at the home <o£ Mrs. Edna Brophy and family? are her unde, Samuel .Wallace,! and his s«n, Billy, Qf Scptland. —Mrs. Henry Schreijack was hostess far the Eastern Book\ club ,picnic 1 a-s t Wednesday afternoon at her h om e on route 40. —Mrs. ‘Warren if ulty ,;a n d, son, James, spent Thursday and; Friday with Mr. and Mrs. BawiHgton -at 4heir -camp -at Caroea Lake. Mrs. Soto 'Briggs •, AnHH 'te? Mat. linger ,of. tHighland Late, $[. J,, are spending several <lays with Mrs. F. Briggs. ‘ , fflar. -a n,d Mrs.; Philip .H. Peters and .daughter, ,PMippa„j jjave re turned .home, after spending a . ^vacation, at Pema-;. .gufdPoiflJ in.Blaine. ,,{ ■^SeveiAl.,pejQple,attended the Sastflta, Volunteer J ’irevfioittearjy ;No. i .aojuifii clam, ste^ji .held at the Stillwater Rod and Gun club Sunday .afternoon. tered ieft: i;nL 7 1? 3 r® ‘*'(; * ¥ 25 * * * i f * ¥ ’f t \ * 1 % ; 4 e ; s S *s m ^ f o u n t a i n v.v..; station s • p ^ g ’4i|^b ■ ^''fountain in p^#«tBaEk, .where a' m w statue .Sfton, has been ^^Ietely--'i;ebwJlt; The cost of. p i | i | . 4 g # wag $50, as there was. ^.considerable volunteer labor ■mn$A Fulmer of Hudson ’Falls, a former. Greenwich reisi- ,arr^ged\tp.-have jww ! Infancy >woisk iSofaers' made for Base by4he Sandy Hill Iron it Brass company. Recent contributors to the Mr. and Mrs. . and Mrs, JRich- iJBall, .Mr. and Mrs. Henry ondftrgem, Mr. and Mrs. DN- '^llftt i^iiaii^y, -rMt and Mrs. ;Fr^nk vSewa?d, .and ,Mr. -arid Mrs. Harry #^Kifi«[«p’.6.f .S-i-'l v e r 'Springs-, ■Md-j-’fQMnwly of Greeawich. . ■*»■■ - y ...... tuin - ' , '»j« I® HQl^P HIRINGS Albany is Among five_tities a ^ ; t f e ^ | # in which hearings will be held, to investi­ gate New York state's public welfare system. , The hearings are expected t o ibegin -late- in- August. AtS the,; 'hearings the imiill l(1. <«■ joint; .legislative committee to revise th* social’ services law ^will ,asjs and organ­ izations-to. testify. - Other cities 'designated include Ne*w York, Rochester, Buffalo, and Syra- -euse. Y$he --heftffngs in Albany will .si4ft/;4ptist ,30s- GRADE A PRSfSUflMd; n5 - ^ - water grants to seven upstate i one jrhe-$oa:t >is a caft measurnqg ? # t -will At fche We^tiPicnic clothes ... , . . , . ..... . _ M i . attend Ake tftianie inimedi- Slte on ^ tractor-drawn wagon. ^ a n ^ ; m i m t ;at^:aitftWithe.ch«tcili service ;at as a r?£t. ^ftr switnming: and fiahrfg. , The cabm tmay uskd the'hoaie of Mr. arid Mis. rHenry for sleePinS quarters. _ - Rftftp W'Beadle ®ill at 12 p.m. - ... — ........... . — ----- ------------------------ - Jhosc Attending should take a . O s t e in Show 24 Girl S«uts S l S tfSSS* “ ' W ill Re, M a y Are Camping qt ElsworthFgrm A group bf Hayseeders from, Camp Little Notch, the GirJ Saout camp pear . Fort Anil, are ^m p iqg ifcqni Syiiday t<? Friday; at the Gateway farm,, home .of Mr. 'and Mrs. Augustus Uls- w^r-tli sind family, near Nox'th Greenwich. The gi-oup ,«f ^4:. girls and 4 counselors set up their own tents and are cooking their own meals. The next group will go to the farm in; August. The counselors are Miss Ellie Vangils of ^Holland who is; spending the summer working at Garnp Little Notch; Miss Ann Quick.- whose parents ace in’- Brazil; Miss Natalie NaumafT of Schenectady, who ■will attend college in the fall, and ' Miss iftuth Beaton of Texas who tfeaches school in New Mexico, The Girl Scouts have bean gathering -Jjeans, weeding the garden, carrying millc pails early in thp morning, helping tp load -and eari'y rocks and help- m S A M p A Y : Catled Out o f lo w n . - It W ill fie Woiith Yopr W h ile to Check O u r Bargain Tables TO ‘REPEAT SLAUGHTER popular j e 9uest, two ad- „ S e f ^ ditional bec£ormani>p<; nf «5lnt.oh whlte show will -be held Satur- Uitipnal p^ocmances oE Siaugh- ^ Julj) 27 , at the Washington ter .on TJenth Avenue have been county fairgrounds at Green- fdded to the New 'York .city wich, starting at 10 a.m. Pro- ’ballet's final week of perfor- fessor Hil’ton Boynton of the ilHapeos at the .Saratoga Per- University of New .Hampshire forming Arts center. !Che. re- j J f e ,/e w' . yisedpil.ograntis-.wUl .beon Thurs-, .®p?cial showmanship classes ■day ,CHenit\g .^t >8:30 md the w,n be called at 9:45. Partici- 4ipal perior;mance pf the sea- P?nts Wl1* *be >n age- groups. :m QH .Sunday .afternooji at 3:30, Those who have not reached when the company will dance their 14th birthday will be in ,Bi?e® “Sy.m.ph.o.ny in C,” the j»nior showmanship class. \Hj>y(ip -Concerto\ .and \Slaugh-jThe senior showmanship class ter 011 'CejitU Avenue.” I will be judged in ’the.slio.w —— j pavilion.\ David Morrow, advertising manager and associate editor of the World, will take pictures. Miss Sally' Ayors of White­ hall, 1968 Washington county dairy princess, will be ribbon girl for the day. Light refreshments will foe sold by the Junior Holstein club. Members are invited to take luncheon dishes and sandwiches to share for a- b u fiet‘during the noon receSs:' • * : Production awards will be given in two classes, aged cow and dry cow. A first and second best udder award will ibe given in the 2-year-old, S-year-oId and aged cow classes, A trophy will be awarded to- the grand cham­ pion female. . Raymond Johnson of Easton is chairman of the show. Mem­ bers of the show committee -are Arldeft -Olsen, tesh-Jsfeft-Baffte* wall, Dave Moslier, EM ward Skiff, Neal Rea, Edward Mc­ Neil, Sherman Harrington and Terry Hoag. ; Officers of the Tri-Countjr Holstein club for 1968 are: , President, Elwood Arnold, Am­ sterdam; vice president, .Addi­ son Gillis, Argyle; secretary- treasurer, Kenneth Moore, Val­ ley Falls; junior dub advisor, ■Mrs. John Barnewall, Eagle .Bridge;- news reporter, Mrs. .John Mosher, Greenwich; direc­ tors, Lawrence MeMeil, Argyle; ■Jack McClenning, Port (Edward; Lawrence rPeek, Scdiuylerviite; Frank Cipperly, Valley Falls. . /-' for Short Sleeve Shirts (S/M, L) and Pants (30 thru 34 Waist) This W eek (Lim it of* 2 7 Stems joey Customer) PRATT'S, in Greenwich T When you get a year en«d deal, that’s .good! \ When you get it an a Chevy or Olds, that's gr-eat! When you get i t here, that’s the -most! /•* T, 81 Main Sliteet Greenwicli ■ * - ^ ■ .i ing with tlie'haying, They, ride the l i o t ^ , lplay ^ith ,|Ke. 5t; Bernard do£s and pot ‘ rnccoQtt and Monday they had a water fight in the (brook. They will help to pluck chickens Thurs­ day and that evening will have ii'Ahay ride. ‘hit Youngsters At COLOR TV Service * Art Boeliringer 092-2419 B E P i ^ ^ E B t ¥ I C E . - ' on all , Clocks -* W ashes )T. Electrifi' Shavers\ ; Jewelry * ■ ■ i LeGrys Jewelers _ i Since 1847 ' FRANCIS ACKLEY > •'51 W. ■Mairtj Cambridge, N.Y.! Eyes' Examined •Glasses1 Fitted Contact „„ Lenses lby AppioiWniBnt' 326 Congress St. r Troy AS24821 ......... • i Closed S^to.rday' during July aifd August For the past two weeks swim­ ming lessons have been given at the Battenkill beach. Friday the polywogs, minnows a n d pad- dlers were tested te see how iftuch progress they had made during the lessons. , ' The .polywogs who passed were: Leslie Nolan, Michelle Nelan, Eddy Sharp, Christine Oliver, Lisa F I y,n n, Timmy Trinkle, Bobby MeKernon, .Ron- nie McEemon, Bobby * Brown, Kathy Roberts, Coleen itfcReyn- olds, Tammy Meek, LiU ’White; Carrol Knight* \a r fl _ Luema Hughes. The minnows; wh o passed amte Margaret 4ttaFtift,.^lsindy Fung^ Jeff Latteop, ■'Paul Jilek, John Bardwell, . Susan iBardW6ll, Danny Cook, Eddie ’(3ook, Kathy ilil-ek', Robin ‘Hoberts and iTerry •£fash. The paddlers w h o passed were Donna Gardephe, Karen. McKeynolds, Vicki Medk an d •Bavid .-Brown. > The second session of lessqns are: beginning imiftediately, jm p tiewcomers should\ enroll; With the’ lifeguards- a s‘jpon- as j) 0 Sf iSiHe/' ’ ‘ r •• - , H y d e C o l ] « H E i i d n I n G l e n s f c i l l s ' 'it\ ■ p ie^Byde Wkrreij sfteet,. os! op|n to the , p^Dlicv,'0«^h6ii|t: ^h|rge:from 2 td.§-.0»T*iMea4 .dag,. Wednesday,1HFadayy- . .an “ 'Slipday !d.uring;itbe1^yeai^ii^d( dvRiog the suiAJrier' i& also »pen t-h6, same hours ^bii S^tuiid^ySi ..i ■,®his • collection AiOf *j#st •housed in'tlie Syde Eouse^at 16-1* Warren street. Th« home?* >ai replica of a Florentine..palazzo, of the Rennaisance, period, be­ came a trust, property dn Ihe' •©ath of Mrs. Hyde in laSS. and. ■was opened to the pjublic tihe following year. If. admlnis1, •tered by a 15-mentibfei1 'board, i -The paintings in the .collec­ tion include works • ■-of the 15th‘ to 20th century artists. Repre- seiited are Reubens; VanDyke,, Rembraftdt,' R e n o i r, Picasso,) 'temporary exhibits, .ai\d. .cbrir. certs, art classes and lectures are included in the progrativ. W E A T HER E B E R R I E S Baskets-' WE SELL P E A C H E S 4 4 9 < i .On^e'Pfice , . . None Priced Higher P^I^CTRY j P R f ^ 2 I G FRYING O R B R O l U ^ r v BREAST (wings,included) Oft-LES {fea«b-!ffeiu«le£ C H IC K E N Q U A R T E R S D. S. GOV't INSPECTED ONE PRICE . . .•NONE RRICED HIGHER ,:tSyPER.RISHTu; V C H U C K R O U S T 1 'S^ER-Rf GHT '1 BOM ELESS BONELESS v # k b.M W t One Price . . . None I f e pd Higher, STRAlSjHIT CUTNbr 99c .'prie-Prjce FRONT CUT lb,. None.Pricecf HrgRer/' > B i s c m r m i x BISQUICK <■\4 T» 1 OX, lb. 8 pkg, JRIGHT SA.IL SOFTENER jug FLOUR A lb. bag f^^^S;)y^W i+ii Sprayer OZ. OOT. MIXED NUTS .ir m 'Mv^OLA IM QUARTERS MARGARINE lb40 CHERRIES 3 2 , Mb. pigs. TROPIGAbO ^ - > D R IN K S l A gal. V TE BREAD j A i P BRAND C R E A M C H E E S E

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