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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, July 25, 1968, Image 1

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iSJ I f f •' T'l *.• rt47' Bjri-'-'jt; W ti^- Ife^ «' r r ^ I - ': ' - •; m - lv ■:. If -v. ■ \% |i [V If\/’ lf>r. E : l :K ' h>* W-: |i'i'\..->- In a decision handed down by ' Supreme Court justice Michael .'.. E. Sweaney.this waek, the long- disputed toundary line between \Dairen aad Washington coun­ ties i.n the towns of Queensfoury and Fort Ann, has been re­ solved in favor of Washington county, , Justice Sweeney in his de* -- cision found that the state had _ not sustained the burden that; the line which it had erected; ^ and cnonuinented here two years ago and which changed-tiie line . as had heretofore been observed between' the two counties for many years, was in effect the proper line 'between the two counties. He found instead that the line which had been sur­ veyed by and presented to the court by Alffed J. Lanfear of - - theWashltigton county highway . department was tlie line which henceforth should be followed. As a result of Judge S-wee- ney’s decision, the properties along the easterly side of Lake' George of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Rems.eii, Mr. and Mrs. Marius D. Hanks, Mr. and Sirs. John H. ■Williams, Mr. and Wrs. Robert ,E. Riigen, Carroll P. Mahoney, Katherine M. Barber and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A/ Haradep wiU continue to remain in Washington county where they •had been located and taxed un­ til the state relocated the line with tlie filing of its report and maps in the Warren and Wash- 1 ington county olerks offices on April 12, 1)966. Had the .state line been upheld, these prop­ erties in whole or In part would have moved oVer into Warren county. Judge Sweeney’s decision fol­ lowed a trial over tlie disputed line which was held at the court house in Hudson Polls in De­ comber, 1987, Testimony in support ol (lie line surveyed by tlie state was heard! on behalf of Warren county and the town o f Quoensbufy from Janies P. SToroney 'fff' the \state dfepart- inentof pli&llc worfes in'Albany, ahcT Tllleili W-ogel Jf. - ~ol Male associates in Schenectady, con­ sultants to tlie ,state department of public works oil the project. Alfred J! liatifear* senior en­ gineer in the- WasUiDgton-coun­ ty highway departirieirt, and An­ drew T. McCormacfe, a surveyor from Saratoga, testified on be­ half of Washington county and the town of Port Ann. ' Aibett E. Beswick, Warren county attorney, represented Warren county and the town of Queensbury in connection with the action, and Julian V. D. Or­ ton. Washington county attor­ ney, tried the case for Washing­ ton county and the town of Fort Ann. Attorney Thomas C. Rem- sen represented tlie property owners; whose action 'for a review cf their assessments •brought about by the new line as fixed by the state survey, (brought tlie issue of the loca­ tion of the line before the court, Goes Back to 1906- The events leading up to the disputed line 'between the two counties started back as far as 1906. At that time, the Warren county hoard of supervisors em ployed W. S. Winchester, an en •gineer and surveyor in Warren county, to make a survey of the line. Mr, Winchester in time completed a survey and map •which did make some change in the existing line, but the changes were never put into ef­ fect by either county, and the properties involved in this ac­ tion continued to he assessed a n d taxed in Washington county. As a result of steps taken iby the Warren county -board of su­ pervisors, then Assemblyman Richard I. Bartlett introduced a rhill in the legislature in A1-. ibany' entitled, An Act,to Pro­ vide for Establishing the Bound­ ary. Line Between the Town of Queensbury, in the County of Warren, and the Town of Fort Ann, in the County of Washing­ ton, and making \an ApprSpria- tion Therefor. The bill was passed in the’ legislature and (became Chapter 947 of the laws «f New Fork, 1963, to 'become effective Aipril 30, 1963. Under the bill, the depart­ ment of public’ ’works of the state was authorized and di- _. reeled, to locate,' establish .and. . permanently mark upon the ground a line between the town of Queembury in Warren coun­ ty and the town of Fort Ann in Washington county, and upon .the completion of its work to file its report, together with a map which shall correctly show the location of such line upon __ the ground, in.ihe. offices of. the. state comptroller . and county clerks’ oJIicesJj both Warren tour arranged bv-the women’s ?2. new faculty members auxiliary ,o,f the Mary McClel- stfef. ^ T h i ^ a r ^ S S e n ^ m i ' a ^ t o T 1^ 111 14 ne?w members signed, Houses that will bfopen a J ^ o n e m ’2 those of Mr. and Mrs..'George E. w Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph _ce\' 'Gataeri, Mr. and Mrs. D o n a l d ' , .,,, S £ P h i l l i p s , Mr. and Mrs. A g a m Their educational and geo- - stated he wouW llke t0, Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Nil- graphical backgrounis are bill further provided that with Wednesday jpight didn’t deter the filing of such report and some 30 or 40 opponents to the map by the state; tliat' such re- proposed local law governing port and map would be pre-j trailers and mobile homes ip. sunaptive evidence that'the line the town of Easton from at: so located btf the state had been! tending a scheduled public regularly,properly and duly lo-bearing at .Burton^liall. The ™ - Mr “and'Mrs\\ Joseph ^ teaching staff, Edgar F. S « r V £ : a i f c mnaW'Snyder,’ district principal, says, The sum, of $15,000 was ap­ propriated to the department of Saturday afternoon oi this week several homes in the Cam­ bridge area\ will be open to the public. This is the annual house During the 1967-68 school ■close . it'at. 9 o’clock. This he public works out of the monies «jid even though two or three in the state treasury to defray [ more speakers wished' to be the expenses of the department(Heard tout were denied th e carrying out the provisions of privilege. ■ a»i i- e 1 I All members of th e town 5t»te Mak*s Survey 10) o a r d w e r e at the meeting. Pursuant to- the authority and lso the town attorney, Charles direction so given the state de- U Russell and w Black. partment, of public works did1 -• undertake this assignment. The proqect was separated into four phases, the survey, the search, the determination and the mon- umentation. The survey. and the monumentation were per­ formed under separate contract by the state’s consultants, Male associates,, of Schenectady. The search and the determination phases were done by the state department of public works. The work was finally com­ pleted aiid the department of public works duly filed its re­ port and map, consisting of eleven ‘ sheets, with the two counties on April 12, 1966. Following the filing of the *bufn, representing -the Hans Xlunder Associates, a profes­ sional planning and surveying -concern retained in 1966 by the Easton planning board to assist in a long-range planning -program. Some of the members of the planning board were also present. At the outset it was evident ;-that those opposed to the .adoption of this local law were' an the majority; in fact every one of the dozen or more who -were giveh the ch'ance to speak expressed dissatisfaction with one or more sections of the’ ?praposal._ Incidentally, copies of this proposed law were made state’s report .and map, the available to those present only property owners along Lake f the beginning of 1h& raeet* George soon found their prop erties being assessed in both ien, Dr.’ and\ Mrs. Philip Brown, varied. as recruiting efforts at- Dr. and Mi-s. Carleton N. Cor- t etnPl to diversify these factors iell,, Mr. and Mrg, Arndld'~Bit-. i*1 iitere^ts b l Jjro^d^ning '.leman and Mr. and Mrs. Burton outlooks_ on the staff, vvhile Woodward, whei'evrefreshments reeruitment wqrks -Off a ,yiH be served. ; . .modest budget and tune allow- Tiekets may* be obtained’ at ance, some recognition is given iny of the homes of the day of to this factor, as it pro'ves pos- lhe> tour, or may be purchased sible, to bring to, the locaJ fac- £rom auxiliary members. In Sa-;ulty divergent backgrounds and lew Mrs, J, M. Cowan, h a s experiences. Thus, tlus year tickets; in Schuylervilfe, Mrs, will see addition of a teacher F. , M. Pouliet; in • Cambridge, born and partially educated in Mrs. Bernard J. Morache; in England before coming to this Greenwich, Mrs. 'William Mosh- country; pache?s gained: at ier., In Greenwich tickets are R.P.I., Washington. State univer- also available at the Greenwich sity and Xavier university, all Hardware and the Journal Sta- new institutions to' .thte local staffi .and an experienced teacher - Tecruited from Hue Pa­ cific coast afea.” . Mrs. Patricia'Brown will teach 9th gyade ' English, replacing Mrs. Enmily Weaver who is” de- votiiig h-er full, time to rtading this year. Mrs. Brown, a native of Maine; graduated fro® the University of flew Hajiieshire . — ....... .. — . — w ----- ■».— . and has done graduate -wark at ters this week foy jthe annual University of Maine, Uaiiver- tioners Greenwich Is to O rganirations Greenwich is the, headquar. ing and many -of the questions, lai'sed were referred to At ’ state session of the Order of sity of Utah, Russell Sages, and Port Ann and in the town of f ^ rney Bussell for angering, Queensbury,\ as a result of] As questions arose in rapid which the action here was; succession indications were brought. The question of where the adoption • of the law was the line should or should riot be j almost a certainty regardless squarely came before the court of the tenor of the public for determination. 'County Makes Survey After the state filed its re ^ 11 ^ Plattsburgh. Her teaching ex- wtUn 'n,rS Perience includes service in ftlen. The QUA.M is hold mg its TNjpwhmvnort. MflssacliusfiffLs and 119th state convention and the ^ j S S ^ i l a n d ?he S 5 r as DOUAM is holding.its 44th m -.* t a rL r nual state meeting at the United fui ^ ___ _ out for the past several years church. These two state orgaiu- h h ^ *1 th <itn« rif t he zations have met in /Greenwich ^rvtLi c^li,™i SeTlire 1nr^rain11\vin oDcri w lth '^ e is the wife of Itoberi a get fogether at {he United church this ThursdSv cvnnine ' ^ y ma3<0‘ honae Oil Pros- learing. It was also brought out •that there is no mobile home jark in the town; no (applica- port and map in April, 1966, j tion has been made to establish' church this Thursday evening,' the Washington county board, one, and upon adoption of the. followed by committee meetings,p of supervisors, directed Alfred]local law by the {own board,; and reception. I Ri'chard Clifford of fllidland J. Lanfear, Its senior engineer, no one would be allowed to, Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. Jersey, will teach In .the county highway depart-J jlace a.mcfbUe home or trailer ,Jbc opening session the meet bigh sciiool certificate <-|asses. ^ ^ U1 lvl Ui, w,c ------ --------- meht, to make an examination.anywhere in the town, even on, >nS «rfll be held at Ihe church, replacing Miss Charlotte ICiuanr. ^ aa^ Syraoits^ areas,i£?c*®c college an Mayrfr ^ John - r ' and will jaiaJKo Ser bonne in the t college. rarno^thA,. .rir-pf»nu,*ii^h studies this V^ai*. Mr.-iflfrord ----- - --- V ____ ' J.* . t ' . ’ tft • family on: Ajctidale road Miss Betty laaniiltoB. of Ar­ gyle will teach, third, grade this year in place, of Mis. Virginia Torda, who is on leave. Miss Hamilton- is an Argyle native and graduated this spring .from Plattsl>urg'li state. She* makes hfer boane 'J® 4S|yl^, - . ■■■* ' . Miss Linda Henkel of Austin, Pennsylvania, will' teach biology in the \high school. Miss' Hehsel: is a Jane. graduate of Mansfield State college jn her native Penn­ sylvania aiii is continuing sum- Iner tjainiitg ■ Shie* re-,| places Ri-chard HorsSeld who has accepted a position at Al­ bany Medical ceiiter to do. re­ search anil -work ‘on a masters degree, ' Mrs, Marguerite Hughes of Hebron, 2New Hampshire, will teach 4th- grade replacing Miss Jean /Chew who is returnin'g to teach In her hometown at Peru, New ^orb, where she can also wofk cn'a nia'sters: degree at nearby Plattsburgh estate. Mrs. Hughes btlEgs tnany -yejirs of .experience from New,. 'Hamp­ shire wheio 'she was for a time a teaeliing principal. Her edu­ cation was gained at Plymouth State, the ^University of New Hampshire, and at Cobby col­ lege ta.Mjfafl, She will reside with, tier Itusband on Corliss avenue. Lawrence McDonald o'f Ticon- deroga will teach junior high, math, jeplacdng Sherwin Bowen who naoves into full time guid­ ance. Mr, MEci>0haldl is a recent Plattst»urgli graduate who did his practice, teaching in. the Hudsom Fslls„central school. Mrs. Jean Hoy .-vvUl teach 4th grade in jlace of Mrs,. Claudia Luitdberg ,who has resigned. Mrs. Moy, the wife pf Green­ wich -ceralial school alumnus, Richard IMo^, is a native of Jeffersonville, New 'York, and a with her burgh iState. Mr. Porter, re­ cently married, will make his honie m Simpson, street. Teaching the advanced sci­ ences will b(* Sidney- Stark of Saratoga Springs.1 Mr, Stark graduated. this spring from -R.P.I. an' Troy. He is a chem­ istry Eiajor with considerable worlc la physics and geology. While he did not train as a teacher at R.P.I., his experi­ ences im a variety of situations dealing with people convinced him that At \vould be this area that -lie would prefer. After investigating industrial and lab­ oratory situations, Mr. Stark felt tliat despite the added financial return Available in those fields, he womld choose to work with ,young ipeople as a teacher. John Wappett of Lake George will teach world history, for­ merly bandied by David Nestle, who wiili now be teaching the new Apieracan history course in 11th grade. Mr. Wappett was born ine England and attended grammar school there. He moved to Long Island in time to atteaid high school and ob­ tained his bachelors degree at Duke university. He has since achieve*! two additional years Credits at Columbia university, Albany State and Siena college. Mr. WatPpett has for maiiy years been associated with the War- rensburg school system. He served as district principal there last year but resigned to return to tiie classroom which he finds much more enjoyable. Teaclnlng general science will be Jam-es Wise from the state of Washington. He replaces Jerry (rjllcEirest who resigned to continw his education at Penn- ■sylvanl* State university. Mr. Wise, nvho is married to a Washington county girl, is living on Malm street here. He is a native o f the state of Washing- :p i -the line: as fixed and. deter- property he: might•\owfi.. B l& d bs m . su t ; /a m y t s » n .j graduate of Oneonta State col-; ^,on> a graduate of Washington lege. She; monies here with|^*a^ luniversity, and has pur- teaching experience ..in the Ful-, studies at Seattle d Central He comes SHltants. Mr. tanffiar made h i s j ^ ^ d t h 6 ' ' W ^ \ l i 6 i «!?,' « f v ' WattW A’ Scholten Wa eurreet graduate o f KavieF eXEurfination in the fall of^1965, Blackburn to give some ofrvvlJ! f, ^ praf^r . lumversity n Ohio He had and early part of 1967, includ- the facts learned & the house- , Fo'IoT,ng the meetmS and been considering doing socia ing a sjirvey of the line him-! to-house study conducted byllunch the group wil1 tour tl,e work and join,ng the tederal self. The survey ran from, a w company. This showed that i point in Hudson Falls to Monu- about 50 per cent of the town ■ Saratoga Springs and return but after doing practice teach- ment No. 18 set by tlie state at I residents favored some sort of r Corners restaurant for ing, Mr. Clifford decided on the the most northerly point of its to conST so^Sled i 2nd educational field. Some interest survey at Kattskill bay. The mobile homes and by a five to tU vf I ‘T ?,8 f 9:S()Iat in. uIS 3,ervi“ s as ? hf 6ba11 state survey started at the point ^ rati0 residents ^vislied to h-n i lurch i ina' P'^her by two major league on .the-county line road near keep East0„ a„ agricultural| ^ ^ 5 y e w ^ S r d ^ t Z ______ cvermUDthat 75 per cenT oi 'Uie i ’^ o r more members of ^ poYsIbSity115 He ex'pects'to10^ is n(>W studying at NewjFilion, a graduate of the local “ S S i T \ t c rk i\ - “ e”ss “ 5 r i “ \ • 1 ™ Pas' uecl 1 ? 2 c T f e h° j , r : s,nh' h k lh u ! « « « . « i b< f * , « s accuracy of the line which the I Afte.r ie ^ “if T f l con.ve,ntloin' f uests 'vl11 wieh will teach a new and ad- state’s W ™ « d «oo»m.| ° ' «>. ««>■ the Glens Falls airport and con­ tinued similarly out to Katts- tdll bay. Mr. Lanfear’s testimony, sup- area as -lior- liusjbajdtl' ,Jfes .:ac-.‘ ,’^om a teaching 'cepted' a leaching position in j P&SEttoiu in Rochester, Washing- the Waterford-Half(ttooii .system., *on> 111 '^hich he taught sciehce Robert Pascucci of Lansing-i an(* coached athletic teams, burgh will teach jlriver educa-j Amomg new personnel on the tion, replacing Jared Thomas, | board oof co-operative services who fias left teaching to enter j will bee Janies Chirgwin of farming. Mr. Pascucci conies to j Edgarlown, Massachusetts, as Greenwich from a teaching po-| school gisydiologist. Mr. Chirg- sition in the Berne Knox cen- win has just returned from two tral sciiool, He hold a bachelors | years iwork in Edinburg, Scot- degree from Siena and a mas- land. Teaching shop in the ters from Fordham university, junior high will be Thomas ants had Mtablished. and %vhich! ^uldn’t be truthfully said that j and three former national coun- ^ ^ Mrs. DavWsen, swung the previously existing line on a more easterly course into ^Washington county, but found ^ in his own • survey that the line should be moved on a more westerly course in the di­ rection of Warren county. The court in its decision held tliat the state had failed to sus­ tain the presumption granted it under Chapter 947 of the Laws of New York, 1963, that the line which it had erected was in fact the regularly and duly es­ tablished line between the two counties, and rejected the state line and accepted, instead, the line as surveyed by Mr. Lan­ fear. it closed in peace and harmony. | selors. Washington county, will in all likelihood have to borrow money, perhaps -by next month, to meet its medicaid costs. Su­ pervisor Laurence Andrews of Granville, chairman of 'both the finance and public welfare com­ mittees of the board of super- As A result of the court's de- visors toW boarcl nieinbers last Thursday that although medi­ caid costs have dropped some­ what, the county will have used up all its present funds in the near future.' This was the July meeting of the board and business was completed in the morning so the • supervisors' could attend the dinner and the infirmary ground-breaking ceremonies . at cision, the properties of all pe titioners in the action here have been determined to remain in and be taxable in the town of Fort Ann in Washington county. *- Five Youngsters Spending %Weeks graduate of the local school sys- temr is also an alumma of Plattsburgh state.- Prior to her marriage she worked for Wash­ ington county as a youth agent. Currently, she is attending sum­ mer school and refreshing her grasp of reading and modern Derby Named In the V illage deter such violations. This sug­ gestion was referred to the sheriff's committee. v There was some discussion on a resolution authorizing the | ■ v I W T v 3 l rental of a bookkeeping ma­ chine ' for use by the county treasurer’s office. It was de­ cided to rent the machine for a | A new position of water com- one-year period and meantime missioner of the village of make a study of the relative' Greenwich was created by the costs and advantages of r e n t i n g ; £ ting° Monday' efenLgf and or purchasing such equipment. Theodore Derby of Greenwich Was given a temporary appoint­ ment to the new post, effective July 29. The. water commissioner will ! the county, home, in Argyle. Interfaith Picnic Will; Be Sunday At Fairgrounds is married, • | teaching position in Waterford. Robert Porter of Levittown, ■ Richard! Terry of Fort Edward Long Island, will teaeh mathe- \ will setrve as remedial reading m'atics in a newly created posi-1 teacher on a part-time basis. No tion in tho high school. He is | speech therapist is currently also a recent graduate of Platts -1 signed. Commissioner of Social Services Percy E. Carpenter and Home Superintendent Amos Carpenter at dinner i t the home. -They toured tie present building which includes the infirmary now in us«. ) have charge cf 'reading meters The turning of the first dirt and'caring fo? the pumps and'for the ne»'. infirmary was done equipment at the village water by Dr. Cliarles Clark of -Cam At Homes i n Area Supervisor William T, Sherin1 Sunday,-;July 26, the annual field. Mfr, Derby’s appointment | bridge, chitrpan of the board Five youngsters from the met- Eastori suggested- that 'medi-, interfaitlTpicnic will be held at is temporary Until he qualifies (of supervisors; Clyde Cook of ropolitan. area are ^vacationing c?id m f to- physi- in Greenwich and Easton for,two] f a^ dentils and other pro- weejcs, guests of four families, fessional pegple should be re- through the Firesh Air program . Inga Joseph of New York city has returned 'for a second yejjr as a guest Of Mr. and’'Mr$.2Haf- old C. Kipp, , Dr. and Mrs., William N. Island City with them. They are Michael Waldo, 11, and Victor Golesr 10% j who are neighbors at home. Marlon Williams, who is 5, is visiting. Mr. arid Mrs.. Roblee Miller; and Arlene Jordan, 7, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs.' Peter Proud in Easton. Arlene is a cousin of Michael. Waldo,. They are both, from Long Island City. The chil'dren arrived ,h e r e Jast Ihursday^and- ar/a staying for two, yveeks, They \vill • re­ turn home next Thursday. ~ leased .by' /the county social -setyitees departhient'foiv ■puiblica- tion.' Recently the department has been issuing a monthly re­ port on medicaid payments in ’•various categories aiid these jiave been carried in the press.. Mr. Sherin said that other counties a r e publishing the . amounts paid, .to .professional people in connection with' the medicaid program, and he be­ lieved it would be desirable to do. this in Washington county. : &0 action was taken on Mr. Sherin’s suggestion, , . He also made a recommenda­ tion that the sheriff’s depart- m,ejit ‘ release to the press -in*, formation. on law. violations in­ vestigated by the department, saying.he. thouglit i l might help Washington county fairgrounds, ^or permanent appoinfrnent by Fort Ann, chairman of the ° : .. , .. , rpMivinS- a- srad» three1 oner-1 hnllrilntf mmtnnUtiift- T«nr»ne<> and all .families m this section are invited. Ground Breaking Ceremonies For Mew County Infirm a ry Construction of Washington j and Coanmissioner Carpenter, county’s sc^v infirmary at the; & r . *Claxk pr?sided at the. county I'O^ip site in the town, of ( bnef ceremonies. Supervisor Argyle officially started Thurs- Cook rpoke of the study and day when ground-breaking cere-1 prepai,a:.ti0I1 which had gone monies were held, The work o f ; int() piattQing for the infirmary site preparation has already and for its financing, and Corn- begun and the 80-bed $1.8 mil-: missicnwr Carpenter reviewed lion in firmary is expected to b e , the steps which have been finished i r about 18 months. j taken aver the past five years Preceding the ground-; leading up to the decision to breaking the Washington county construct the new infirmary, board of supervisors and other; DoBlIld ferkins of the archi- ™Untr=__0ffifia l s tecturaU firm of Crandell Asso- ” ........... ~ ciates a f Cllens Falls that pre­ pared the plans for the in­ firmary,, introduced representa­ tives off -the firms which hold the eowtracts for the infirmary construtction. Rev, John Mea of St. Joseph’s Catholic church in Fort Edward gave tlie invocation and Rev. Samuel Fountain, pastor of the Argyle and Hartford Methodiit churches, the benediction. receiving a: grade three- oper- building committee; Laurence .ator’s license from the state e . Andrews of Granvile, Chair- health department anti' 'meets I man of tie finance committee; Supper will be served at 5:30' civil service requirements. He -K ie will be working =iinder thesuper- and each fjumly or-individual is ( vision of-Harold -0. Kipp,-super- asked to take a covered dish to jntendent of public works, pass, sandwiches, table service j Bids were received Monday and folding chairs. Mrs. James for the reoval of 26 trees in the Waite is food and refreshments ■ village and trimming four trees. pVininnnn ‘ i The bids were as follows:-Gleiis cnairman. | Falls Tree Service, ?1,620; , During the afternoon there Erowriie^s Tree, and Laindscaping will be*, ball gardes, contests, Service, Albany, $1,745; M. M. .- .... f) . 1F *-3 ♦»■*'* •M'J* GI Scliclctrships Are Available Sears Opens New Catalog Store \ Sears-, Roebuck and Co,, an­ nounces that Mrs. Patricia Cooke Bias become the new cata­ log sal es_ merchant in Green­ wich. ^he new store opens to­ day at -49 Main street. Mrs. Cooke, mother of five childreEi, has- lived in this area ,All veterans of _th. e armed forces since January 1 1968, in­ terested in scholarship aid iii addition to regulaL-GI benefits __ ____ _ . . , . should aipiy before July 31. nonv ridPR and other activities Rocken-Styre, 'Fort' Edvard',! Scholajships to $350 a year for] for a raumber of years and at- .. ,Vo.ti. . $2,090; Ray’s Tree Expert, North up to four years stud/ at any tended Hudson Valley Commu- und-er tne direc or a com- Bennington, Vt., $2,S10.90;., approved)jcollege, nursing school,; nity college in Troy. In her ca- mittee of which Donald Nash ,jj0r(,jfiem-^re^ Servicej.^^ Cohoes,business school, or trade or] paclty as a catalog sales mer- ls chairman. An after-supper $^;023;, Donovan Tree Service, technical school in New York c'bmt.OIrs. Cooke js not an em- ■iwogram is being- arranged. Mcchanicville, $5;976. ' | stafcp will I* awarded. Any jre-* ploye «f Sears' Roebuck and . tW ,, ’. The contract was awarSed to cent vetfeian interested should Co, instead s w will be running In _ case of wet weatnorrtqe ^ > owji | a . s Tree 'Service, .rhrslcontacthislocah..school or the her oiv?n store, but \vill have picnic and-actmties will.be feld firih has removed trees Xfi' the veterams, service agency im- -available to her customers more ind(jor,s. ,- , |:villhge for the past two years, ^|jncdfate%,‘ ithatt 14M,Oto items. *• ■ ■ i?M '^1 ;‘il ' 'im { .................. . 140 »*, «rnt»' --^‘l

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