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’vT?^sv>' ' r a i n VT? ; t. -<* ■ r r - -:.% J ■>• jV--' * fe !i:^> - v* m - ' - P&-- sv» With tlie In Gro^vd . ’ If you want to fee with the in crowd in Greenwich you’re In the Battenkill these days. That’swhere.hundreds-o£ people have been gathering every day and on into ihe evenings these hot days. It’s 20 years ago that the 'beach on .the Battenkill was opened and during those two decades it has consistently 'been the most popular spot in town in the summer. , , : * Interfaith Picnic Will Be Held at The Fairgrounds Sunday, July 28,' is the date^ of the annual fnterfaith pichi£ to be- held at’ the Washington- county fairgrounds from 4 to 8 pan. Supper will he served at 5:30 p.m. Further plans for the picnic will be announced next week. - • The interfaith picnic commit­ tee will meet next Tuesday eve­ ning, July 23, at 7:30 at the Bottskill Baptist church to make final'plans for the picnic. Student Is It s a Lonesome Place There’s no sidewalk loitering op Main street thejfe days. The only people out are those who have to be, and they transact their business quickly and retreat. There have been the usual number of cars’about, but a great lack of pedestrians-rand no wonder—it’s no place to' be unless you have to. * Hartford-Must Stop Burning At Landfill The state health department has ordered the town of Hart­ ford in Washington county to stop open burning at its refuse disposal area and to stop using the facility unless it- is oper­ ated as a sanitary landfill. Dr. Hollis S. Ingraham, the state health commissioner, announced the order last week. It is 'based on recommenda­ tions of Dr. David M. Schnei* der, who presided at a public hearing Jn the case. Under the order, $5,250 in penalties was assessed for sani­ tary code violations, but execu­ tion of the penalty was sus­ pended on condition the town complies with th e sanitary code if it continues using the site for refuse disposal. The $5,250 .comprised $250 each for 21 violations consist­ ing of failure to compact and cover refuse; failure to confine refuse in an area that could be effectively maintained, . an d failure to confine papers .to the refuse disposal area. Howard Burch, town super­ visor, represented Hartford at the hearing. The department was_ represented „by Donald A. MacBarg, ^counsel, and William B. Parker, 'attorney. In a sunitary landfill,_ refuse must be compacted daily and covered with at least six inches of earth, or other suitable rfla- ttrial. \Within a week after final deposits are made in ah area, they must be compacted and covered with two feet of ma­ terial.; in addition, flies, Todents, ver­ min and other insects must be kept under control; papers and refuse must be confined to the disposal area by fencing or otjfier suitable means; salvaging of refuse must be regulated to. avoid creating a nuisance, and thc approach road must be kept open,, to vehicular traffic throughout the year. Firemen Answer A J a r * n $ m \ - Three-Day Period The Greenwich JFHre depart­ ment . had two calls this ’ past week. Friday the firemen ans­ wered a call at the Mack Bain home in Bald Mountain to ex­ tinguish a fire burning the cel­ lar door. - The Greenwich de­ partment .called th e Middle Falls Fire company en> route to the fire through mutual aid to provide water from it# tanker. ' The principal damage w a s from smoke in the house. Fire­ men used fans to clear this away. Sunday afternoon there was Beverly Kuzmich, American Field Service student X t o m. Greenwich central school, is now ''in Sarikoy,Turkey, spending the • summer with Saziye SoyyUmaz I and her parents. Mr. and Mrs. fCemal SOyyilmaz. With 1,116 other AFS summer students from the United States Bev sailed aboard the SS Water man late in June, arriving in Rotterdam, Holland, July 1. Aboard ship the young people had four hours of classes each day devoted to speech lessons and culture of the countries they are visiting, and an hour's discussion in groups of 40 stu­ dents. Bev flew from Amsterdam to Istanbul by Finn air lines over the Austrian' Alps. After stay­ ing overnight a} Roberts college in Istanbul she took a 17-minute flight over the Sea of.Mamara to Balikesir where she was met •by her Turkish sister, Saziye, and her father, who is postmas­ ter at Sarikoy. ' . Beverly’s address is: Beverly :Soyy ilmaiz, FIT ! Lojmani* Sarikoy/Gonen, Turkey. For the 1988 program' in which United States high school students visit foreign countries there \yere 23,000 students who applied; 4,000 candidates fvere chosen, there were 1,800 final­ ists, and 1,116 were placed in the summer program, 59 in the school year program. This past school year, Marina deOliveria of Brazil attended Grebnwich central school as an AFS ex'ehapge student and lived with Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sea- cord and daughter, Susan. After the close of school Marina $4i?9 q Hundred IJairy farmers will receive a uniftttm farm price of §4.79 j e r hundredweight for June milk deliveries, to pool handlers ih the New York-New Jersey milk- shed,, pr. A. J. Pollard, market administrator, announces. Tlie IViay price was $4.81; $4.42 was paid'. J a .. June, 1967. The pro- ' dueer .butterfat differe ntial was set at' 8.4. cents for, each tenth, of a 'pound of fat above or be­ low the 3.5 per cent standard. a call to the Frank Layton resi­ dence ifi Easton to extinguish a brush fire burning near the Lay­ ton trailer. This was put out without damage. Friday the Greenwich fire department assisted the New Hampshire state guard whose members went through the vil­ lage on the way to' Camp Drum near,Watertown. The guard had a ^ refueling station established oja Lyman’s flats* near Middle Falls and ,tl]e department loaned them ,fire extinguishers to have on hand if needed. The trucks refueied without any accident and the extinguishers weren’t used* Valej|e Gray, ' l\4> of- Jamaica, L. i.,_% spending -a week with Mr. ant Mrs. - Raymond Getty and fffeily aj \their farm hr Hebro^. Valerie is one of 29 stu­ dent %aders from Ngw .York city's- junior high schools se- ' ’ l b ' The planning consultant for the planning board of Easton, Hans Klunder Associates, has been authorized to proceed with the development of a compre­ hensive plan for the town of Easton - as part of the* Easton Planning program recently ap­ proved by the U. S. department of housing and urban develop­ ment. The newg of this approval ,was received from the Mew York .State office o f planniiijf'coordin- ation which administers the 701 planning assistance program. The firm of Hans Klunder As­ sociates is located in Hanover, N, H., and is a specialist in com­ munity planning in Mew Eng­ land and New York state. It leeted;to take part in the milk teaching project called Oper- _dtioo JQairyland. This is spon­ sored Govenor’s Commit­ tee -for Jirtdbased Use of Milk. . Valerie arrived in Albany by bus Tuesday where she was met by the.. Gettys, She will be their guest until nfext week Wednes­ day; aj$''will take part in \the family \living and learn about dairy farming. ‘ Mr. add Mrs. Getty have eight childreii, the oldest, Diane, 'is Valei'iels ’ age, 14. The others are;, Sally, 12; Bonnie, 11; Ran- dy,'-Si-4'erry, 8 f Rhonda;-7; iKev- in, 5; jjnd Brian,. 2. They live Oh a- MJj-acre farm north of West'Efcbrto. * Mr. \Cetty has a dairy of. head o^eattle, mostly Holsteins, 77’ of /yfcich are milking. They :prodjt<^ about; a toil ,and, a half of ijiiljC;„ a day , and t h i s is shippeej to {he Boston market througE the New England.Milk Producers association. Mr: fiptty is assisted i© his farm operation by his. father, Lawreqce Getty, his children who help out’, considerably he says, and one hired man. ffe has' an extra hand to help this w.eek, Valerie. , .. Th? , Gettys made no special plans to .entertain ,} Valerie as the purpose of the program' is to acquaint city young people with farm life No doubt fherfe will'be a number of rural ac­ tivities, besitjes farming, that Valerie will take part in. On her return to Now York Valerie will .write an account of her 'visit to the Gettys and will speak fa school groups about milk aaifli dairy farming. Valerie was vice president of her ’th 7 grade this past year, ig a mejnljer o f the orcTiesTraVband' - and physical education dancing was. established six years ago and,has grown into a multi-dis­ cipline consulting firm. Mem- ber§ of the firm include both full time staff members aiid as­ sociates whb are specialists in design, economics, planning, transportation, management, ge-. ology aiid other related fields. Last summer the plaiuiing con­ sultant, laid the ground' .work for the comprehensive plan in' \Easton by conducting a door to door”:§uryey in the town. The door to door survey.\ provides ex­ tensive data.which will be‘used in._deyeloping the. plan. It also Indicates certain needs and de- sijfes of the town residents which will be considered in the plgn. The results of the survey were presented to the planning board on Tue.sday, j\ily 9. '• Ope of the main, purposes of the planning program will be to translate people’s desires as ex­ pressed in the survey into con­ crete proposals. Seve/al signifi­ cant facts' emerged from this survey. These include the im­ portance that people place on agriculture as the key ingre­ dient to the town’s future de- ve Top ment. Agriculture was listed four to one ahead of any other future economic potential. Thet survey alio indicated the realization of the need for pro­ tective ordinances ih order to preserve the character of Easton. By a signifiwmt measure people favored ^mobile home ordi­ nances, lind usqu .controls, and billboard regulations. In August {he consultant will take up /tlie t o w n • ‘ history, analyses of the existing land use pattern, analysis of the existing street and highway system and a reView of the new base maps. The schedule for the next 12 , months is as, follows: Septem­ ber, presentation of the eco- ^ nomic and population study and \he physiographic and geologic study;. October, neighborhood analysis; November, exist ing • public Lands and buildings and utilities. December will con­ clude the inventory and analysis ~ section with a review while the ; proposed land use will be pre­ sented in January, 1969. In Feb- ruafy, proposed streets and highways and proposed public lands and buildings will be taken up. In March the prelim­ inary capital improvements pro­ gram will be taken up and final­ ized in April. In May all the re­ ports and maps are scheduled for review. June, July and Au­ gust are scheduled for rec­ ommendations on “means of im­ plement,ing the plan, such as land use controls and ‘ otlYgy implementation methods. The final report will be presented iir September, 1969. . V , The remaining part of the 24? montti program will be devotld\ • to working with the planning board and other concerned; agencies in , carrying out the recoinm-endations of the plan-.-— The $28,970 planning program is financed by the U. S. depart^, ment of housing and urban de^ velopanent, the New York stp'e office- o-f planning coordination, and, local funds. The department; of housing and urban develop; ment has approved a grant of j $19,314 which is two thirds of t the cost, with, the state and town assuming the remaining [cost equally.. The town’s share i. will amount to $4,828 which will be paid at the end of the 24 month planning period. \ The approval is a milestone' In efforts of the planning board' to deal with the many problems faefng Easfon. ■ ' -4 cl ub:&UV too* parHn'th'e' sfhftol taleat show,'is chairman of the. Leaders club, and is a member of tho Honor society. Her scho­ lastic average this past year was 87 per cent, and she has re-' e e i v e d commendations and awards in all major subjects. Out A t W illard. This week end about 140 De- Moley toetebers and advisors joined other AFS students „n I w iiU m e a campout.at the Wil- a tour of points of interest on the eastern seaboard. She has 321 Pheasants Raised by 4-Hers, Then Released On, May 20 seven Washington lard Mountain ski area in Eas­ ton. This is the Four Rivers first annual degree on the moun­ tain. It is hoped that this will become an annual summer affair, Chapters will attend the camp- out from as far north as Platts­ burgh, south to Poughkeepsie and west to Ilion. There will be . - - _, approximately 20 chapters repre- Greenwich School isented. ■ n # • I Registration will take place TO Participate in tomorrow between 5 and 9 p.m, written Mr. and Mrs. Seacard that she will leave New York city for her home on July 21. Her he&e a t e e s s is: Sonia Marina T. deOliveria, Rua 15 de Novembro 1849, Marilia - San Paulo, Brazil. MAGISTRATES ELECT\—Frank Moy, justice Qf tVe town of Eas­ ton, right, who was recently elected-president-of the Washington County Magistrates organization, receives congratulations from past president, George Enfleld, of Whitehall. Other officers are Albert St. Clair of Whdtehall, secretary; and Waldemar Roewer of White Creek, treasurer. The Magistrates held a dinner meet­ ing at the Arlington hotel in WliiteiiaU attended by town jus­ tices; and their wives. Special guests included Albert Danzig, deputy' commissioner of motor vehicles of the state; and Trooper Keirney,- who spoke on. narcotics. The next meeting will be the last week in September.- . -. ’ •, ' .................... .. ' -+ v- ' .» ; Tierney Renamed|Tennis.Lessons County Chairman Being Given By.. Democrats Rename President of School Francis J. Tierney of Fort Edward was reelected chair­ man of tlie Washington eounty Norman W. Allen was reelect-, ed president of the board of education o f the Greenwich cen­ tral scbiool district at the' or* ganization meeting held Mon­ day evening, and Mrs.; Betty Thygese-n was reelected v i c 0 •president^. - - .— - The board made the follow* ing reappointments: Elsie Skiff* „ ^ tax collector; Richard F. Cro- Telinis lesfsons a r e being zjer_ treasurer, Jacqueline Wil- given at'the tennis courts atjkinsoa, clerk and purchasing, the Greenwich central school: ageiit; Dr. W. N. Young, physi- tliis summer as a part of .the; cian; William Roberts, census, youth recreation program. Mrs,j enum-erator and attendance of- Democratic committee for two Philip Bergin is the' instructor.; ficer; Robert Mesick, insurance years at the organization meet­ ing held in Hudson Falls re­ cently. Other officers* all reelected, are Miss Eleanor M. Fitzgerald lessons for beginners are given agent Following th e organization meeting Roland Holmes -- o£ Parker Dodge architects firm, and Charles Brunnell, clerk of the works, reported that prog- Project Reentry Greenwich central school has state education department under a special grant of fed­ eral national defense educa­ tion act, title V-A funds. The preliminary application and plans were completed in State conservation department counselors, with the Saturday breakfast will 'b.e served at 8 a.m., and the first ..[degree will be at 9:30.- A sports , , . , . ..... ’ i program will be held after been selected to participate m funch Dinner will be at 6 p.m., reentry for the year' d g torchligM DeMolay de. 1968-69. This program is con- gj.ee at 9 p.m. Services Will be ducted m cooperation vvith the held Sunday m0rning after bureau of guidance, New York ,breakfast, concluding the week to raise for sevejn weeks. More than 90 per cent* of the pheas­ ants live.d, ,and on July P JEJon- afel Bain, county conservation of­ ficer, and Harry Robbing, coun­ ty 4-H. summer ^assistant ragent, released 321 pheasant.. Those who cooperated in the pheasant raising-were Scott and Tina Wheoldon of Easton, Thomas Reid and Cheric and Chris Harrington of Greenwich, ! David Hamilton pf Johnsonville, and Phyllis Burch of Granville. They supplied theit 0 wn housing, food and special care for .the Baby pheasants, and in return they recfeived $1 a bird for those released Iagt week. COURSE AT AIRPORT : A refresher course for instru­ ment flight instructors and in­ structors . wording for an instru­ ment instructor, rating, will be given at Albany county airport August 21, 22, and 23. The course will he sponsored by the. New Yock state department oit transportation and . the , federal aviation adniinistration.. . • end activities. : Robert M. Walker, executive officer for the state of New York, will he at the campout arid other state officers will at tend from New York city and western New York state. .Last Saturday evening the Horace J. Taber chapter install ing team went to Hudson Falls- to install the new officers of Burgoyne Chapter. While it was} a very warm evening, a good crowd attended. Three Top Scorers In Dairy Judging, j . Eighleeh Washington county, j and to assist them to remain in 4.0 members took part in the ! school after theii; return state 411 dairy judging contest aid of Edward C. Strack from the bureau of guidance. Ap-; proval fdr • submission of tho proposal was received from E. F. Snyder, district principal, and the Greenwich board of ed­ ucation. ' .State-wide objectives of the program are to encourage po­ tential dropouts and recent dropouts To return to school each Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock, and for advanced players each Monday evening at 7:30. The beginners sessions are welijattended, nine pupils of Whitehall vice chairman- * *vere t^e c^ass last week, j ress on the additions to the Hueh D Rvan of Easton secre- blit the advanced class still! high sctiool building were pro- tary; fifl WttUam C G ^ e c o of> e e d s morl'players. Anyone in 'gressing well e d tlie cafeteria Fort Edward, sergeant at-arms., terested in joining either group enlargement hopefully would (be The office of treasurer, \yhi£hi should contact Mrs. Bergin at finished by September 1. Ren- had been held by the late John ber home. _ McCarty of Jackson, was left JerseyClub To Meet July 22 A meeting of the Washington, for th? first three months oft County Jetsey Cattle club will’; dustries, $10,358; auditorium, the n e w fiscal £ear totaling be held Monday, July 22, at 8:30! seating, American Seating Co., $1,142,000,000, an increase of: pm., at tlje home of Mr. and j $24,030; library carpeting,, Cus- $164 millioii over the corres-. Mrs. JaTO^Saunders, Rock Hill tom Floors, $1,596.24; lfbrary ponding period of last year. Per- road, Greenwich. Dues for 1968- ( shelving, Empire Education, $4,- sonalincome tax collections, the' 69 will be payable at this meet. 897; steel lockers, Penco Pro- jargest single source ot revenue, ing and- plans for the ‘Jersey; ducers, $4,163. totaled. $553 million, as cbm- exhibit at tJJe Washington coun- District Principal Edgar K pared with $465 million for. the ;;ty fair w ilf be made. Anyone' Snyder was asked to prepare first three months of the last; interested in joining the club ( recommendations for use of the fiscal year. is welcome to attend. 1 school facilities by the public. ( I vacant in respect for &is mem. ory. - TAX COLLECTIONS IIP The state has collected taxes ovations to the middle grade building, which will be made next year, were discussed. Bids had been received for equipment for the high school and awards made were: Class­ room caibinetry. Wood Metal In- WMWS'.WlpSf'1: Fr|| ■f through expanded guidance ef­ forts, and to encourage partici­ pating school district personnel to revise the school program, where it may seem appropriate,, for students who will 'be re­ maining. The local project will follow, these objectives very closely, GETS'BOOKS, GRANT • The State university of New York .at Albany has received a grant of $ 21,886 from the of­ fice of education, department ,of .health, education and welfare for, purchase of books, for the university Jifjrary.. at Cobleskill July 9. The top scorcrs from this county were Richard Seacord of Greenwich^ 407; Eric Allen of Easton, 400; and David Moore of Greenwich, 384. ART SHOWS AT CENTER Four one-man shows are open •at the Southern .Vermont Art center in Manchester. Featured j are botanical drawings by Anne Maury, paintings by Arthur Jones and Edmund ; Yaghjian, and an exhibition by the print ON tfpUSE TOUR-t-This is the home of Mr^pid Mrs, :Agan Howard on ybute 372 betweeu, ti;regl|- wich 'and Cambridge that is one o f the hofneg to be open Saturday afternoon, (, 0 fuly 2 f, .in, the Cambridge area tour of homes sponsoMd 'oy the women’s auxiliary of the Mary Mcdlellatl hospital. Other homes that will be open are those rf Mr. and Mrs. Ole, Nilsen and Dr. and ’ Mrs. Philip Rrown, both dn route 372; Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Canzeri ih the villageTibf Cambridge; Dr. flii<l. M rs. Carleton Cornell on the Brownell road and Mr. and Mrs. Burton7T. fl Woodward on the Wright road, both off th e ,/! Center Cambridge road . The Historical h o u s e 'll and the old wheel house in thc village will also' I be open. Refreshments will be served in .thel J | garden at the Woodvirard home. Tickets will _ ____________ _______ _____ _ .......... .. available at any of tlhe honies bn tour dajr._^n_. club of Albany. The .ejthibits j Mrs. Donald Phillips on route 22 by the junction j flrednwich tickets ma'y Sow be purchased at ffle v will be on display thrifegh Au- of the Content farm road; Mr. and Mrs. George. { Greenwich Hardware, Journal Stationers or frqijy gUSt. '' \ \ ........ w, . -V B. Brewer, My. and Mrs, Arnold: Bittleman m i ' Mrs. William Moshier on the; Kill road. • - ■?* ;

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