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and Fort Edward Advertiser JSK- m : - ■ ■ ' - MfUSiv f c « . Jfy^V . fite^A’ p Per- It' lu-. I ; If r If' ■ r ; ‘ 1/ ?. I l-T‘.''. ir jr p t - ir - ’ I * VOL,. 126—NO. 40 aEEIllW IO^ WEW'YO^K, t»® S D A Y , JUNE 27, 1968 4'.: 10c A COPY 132 Pints of Blood Collected At Recent Blood mobile Visit riic visit of the American Re-d C f . oss bloodmobile to Grerennvieh last week was oiie of th<e most successful ever held. With people from both Gr&en,wich and Schuylerville co­ operating in giving 'blood, 132 pints “were collected that after­ noon, There were 152 people who v»ohanteered as donors, 71 of tlie?m were from the Golden Fle^cfe mill, 50 of them from the Hudson Pulp and Paper cotxnpaiiy. Die-so ■ who volunteered as doraors were: Margaret DeGreg- ory, Franeis Jennings, Orla Bain, Thomas Sirchia, Kathy Watso*n, Larry Priest, Marshall C)'L3)iiM Piiillip Morrison, Robert WiJlla-nre^t-Raymond Brockway, Geerge Graham, Arnold Mc- . Vige, Theresa Toleman, Mary _ ___ „ „„„ „„ nVlT!!rmrwrsr;-\.<YH^ f h c ” blood- er, Donald ’ Bartolucci'. Harold Sullivan, Lewis Mar- tell, IRonald Morrison, Shirley Fal-le. Mark Poirier, John Mc­ Call, Burton Morris, Albert Moll an, George Culbertson, Joan DeHRagon, Ferris Withey, Thomas Marra, Lloyd Croff, Maloney, Kenneth DeRagon, Frank Owens, Charles Waite, Davdd Tucker, James Coleman, Loren Salley,' David Edwards, William Nevins, Howard Con­ rad* Adolph ludg, Duane Gil­ christ, Clayton Green* Nancy Thomas, Johni Brownell, John T. Dennison, ‘William J. Brady, Donald Squires, David Perkins. Catharine Young, Margaret Worth, -David Whaley, Peggy Kir3i, Harold Loveland, Naomi Yountans, Arlene Fitzgerald, Ralph- Hall, Dorothy Kipp, Wil­ liam Barber, George Bounds, Fra.nlc Uber, JSllen Uber, Mil- dre<l .Chapman,- William Rich- ard-s,. John- Hughes, Carole Phinney, Rena Odewalt, Danie Jones, Harold Brady. Organization in Charge Graham Blandy II was gen- moMe visit, George Daisy was chairman of the day and Robert Douglas was in charge of pub­ licity. Dr. R. L. Skinner aud Dr. William Young were the physicians. Allen Only One Nominatedfor A. petition Nor­ man W. Allen for ^ election as a member of the board of edu­ cation of the Greenwich central school district lyas the only ,oxie filed with Clerk of the Board Jacqueline Wilkinson, apd the' final date for filing was Tues­ day, so Mr. Allen’s name will be the only one on the ballot at' the annual meeting July 9. At this meeting of district voters a budget for the coming year will be presented for ap­ proval, and the people will also be asked to approve the pur­ chase af about four acres, of land from George S. Lindsay for $16,000 and two new school buses for $27,000,. Office Open -TWI«~n* 7 TT 7 TT^T~rTTIT !1 \j -_ For Central Registration The central registration of vot­ ers at the county board of elec­ tions office at the county office Deniocrots Not®Doves Washington county Democrats did not follow thevtrSnd iij New York state at theprimary elec­ tion June ^18. Rather; the ma­ jority voted- |or Eugene Nick­ erson for candidate for United States senator and for an unin- structed slate of delegates and alternates ^to the Democratic national convention. The Washington county board of elections announces that Mr. Nickerson received 489 votes for senate nomination; Paul O’Dwyer, .the winner in the state, was\ low man in this coup- ty with 1*17 . votes; and Joseph Resniek, the third Candidate for 4 1? .6 lots and g(htf>id. The a uncommitted delegates named and their votes are: Fran­ cis J. Tierney, Fort Edward, 618; John F. Mahoney Jr., Glovers- ville, 577; Arthur J. Douglas, Ausable Forks, 566. The alter­ nate slate: Arthur R. Greenberg, Glens Falls, 517; Edward F. Mc­ Donough. Troy, 504; Harry D. ence Kirk, Rita Duane. . Bichard Brownell, Charles' Nurses aides: Gail Daviy, Spigiter, Elizabeth Pratt, Wil- Bette Garrett, Linda Peltier, liajm fleynolds, Walter Sweet, Colleen McGrouty, Kathy Du- BradEcfrd Talmadge, Leroy Me- Gretchen Fellers. Mtaifay, Donald Reed, John; Stall aides were Mrs. Jamie Ile-dbiring, John Lloyd, Marion! Ke rr,- Mrs. Paul Wilson, Mrs. Alanr. George Wolfe, Philip Frank Scully, Mrs. Willard Huglt.es, Lawrence Gardephe, Stay, Miss Ethel Powell, Miss Jaseph DeGrechie, Dorothy j Da\m Ringer. TltibEXleau, Arthur Morrison, i The canteen was in charge of Jaanoss McCormick, Muriel Me-! Mrs. Charles Russell, Mrs. Sid- Kern«on, Joseph Kopa, Richard. Htrbbard, Mrs. Sara Burch Kcfllr, John Liptak, Wayne . aM| Mrs. Robert Douglas. Cam;, Harold Snow, David Sails, The Greeiroich department of Fr-qd .^naxer. | public works directed by Harold Josfcph Peets, Mary Boyce, ( was m cj,arge 0f loading George Perkins, Donald Per- ( am(j unjoat|ing the equipment kiais, Harold Johnson, Bryant usc([ at the blood-mobile Holliman, Lynn Beck, Joyce BootKi. ILaVerne Chadwick, Fritz Henzse, Hose Chadwick, David Walt* -diaries DeMarco, >Clara Ctannrom, Marcella Barrett, John- Croziier, Richard Linendoll, Leoiuard Purdy, James Waite, Kath-eriaie Purdy, George Bar- to3i, Dorothy Duket. Westol Slater, Richard Har­ vey, Patrick Reardon, Raymond Lang, Harold Braim, Raymond McFsarland, Laurence Slater, Bs'ro»n Stover, James Eastman, Catherine Bain, Clara St. Mary, Marietta Brownell, Alice Spie- zi«, Barbara Baldock, Esther Sebaist, Nancy Spiezio, ' John Case*, Michael Clifford, Robert S6ev*ens, Walter McNall. Raynaond Baldock. James Registered nurses were: Mrs, Patrick White, William Harris,’ | i ^uil^ing in For^ ®<*ward re‘ TUcnuas Eldredge, Earl Humis-! 5, , J?” Leslle ^ ’ -if ! sumed Monday. Registration was ton, Edward O'Donnell, Robert cJJJS S S Karl n S ’ ' f,uspe.ndetd „prior to. anfl imme- wonougn. iroy. ou*; .Harry ia Ha tha»way, John Seabury, Flor- (- oaley' Mrs' Kari Nar diately following the primary: Snyder Jr„ Saratoga Springs, \ ' election, as required by law. 1 489 There vvere 423 blank an& Mary I. Aldrich and Francis 1107 void ballots. iM. Terry, elections commission-1 The votl, for the McCarthy ers, announce their office is'slate was, regular delegates, open for registration from 9, Bernard A. Fleishman. Troy, a.m. to 4 p.m., noon hour in- j 221: Edvard W. Pattison, Troy, eluded. Mondays through Fri-!209; Alan Sorem, Johnstown, days. Central registration will' 198; alternates. Joseph A. Ra- close on or about September 5. | ciostn jr-< G]t.ns Faus, 195 ; The commissioners point out'Louis (’ Smith, Lake Placid, that new voters, voters who 187: Thomas R. Davis Jr., Sara- have# changed their mailing ad- toga Springs. 19i. There were dress, or women who have mar- 731 blank and 104 void ballots, ried since they last registered Although there are enrolled must reregister. members of tbe Liberty party College students who will be in 39 of ^ 52 districts of the 21 years of age on or before county. Murray Baron deceived November 5, election day. are {our voles an(1 jacob r . Javits urged to register at Fort Fxl- seven for Lt s sennator. There ward and apply for their absen- was one V q td vote. Fourteen tee ballots now while home on1 were cast vacation. j Voters who wish to make a n . 1 * correction or change in their,' r O S T S F 5 w n O U I C ) enrollment should go to the - 1 « office of thc board of elections t f e O U D lT lIf iGC! There will be three days of By 10th of July Cemmencement Exercises *Ilie largest class in the hi^- tory of the Green-wich central scfcraol was graduated Sunday afternoon, and the liigh school gyninasium was filled to over­ flowing for the commencement exercises. More than 1,000 peo­ ple attended. JFbur members of the\'class which numbered 77, received state regents diplomas with honor.* They are George Allen, Bette Austin, \Vicki Perkins and Kathleen Sherin. Sixteen seniors received state regents diplomas with ' special academic endorsement in Frcneh, in mathematics or in science. In som-e eases the en­ dorsements were m allthree. These graduates are: Hugh Caitte^gn, Nancy Darfler, Gail Davis,^^eyen Dawes, Patricia Failej^ftMk:' Fi'onhofer, Greg- Linda Hartwell, ■Dayid'^^fn.gton, Yvonne John- y Kelly, Franklin m Jr., Jape McBurney, Kathy Schermerhorn, Elaine Wilbur, Virginia Williams. . •Receiving regular state re­ gents diplomas were: Bonnie Barbur, Williain Becker, Kath- Aw ards for Local Students ■Eleven scholarship awards for members of the class of i ‘968 of the Greeiiwidh ' central school were announced at commence­ ment exercises' Sunday' after­ noon. ... Cynthia Schafer received a. special $500 nursiag scholarship awarded by-tto 4fery McClellan hospital auiilia'^ This is given 1 annually to.; a 'J&dent in the section served bf\ilre auxiliary who plan§, to %study nursing. This is the s.ecp^Ltime a Green­ wich high schodl graduate has received this amrd, Lou Arjn Ketchum recei’ved a similar scholarship fyoni the auxiliary in 1860, the first year the award was given. The Greenwicli central school scholarship council made ten awards t hu s yeqr, totalling $1,400. The coiuicil scholarship fund is supported by people of the district and seniors are se­ lected on * the basis of need, scholarship, citizenship, p e r- serverance and' promise of fu­ ture usefulness to society. Linda Hartwell received the largest council scholarship, $200 award for each' o f two years. Yvxmne Johnsora received a $200 award for one year; and $160 votes. There were 49 blank foal- Teen. Btmr67 ‘SretClielt FeMersn_onejyeitF*“sc*i °i*MJ>,l>s' w &^ b 4 o - -^ff;—gfa\®• runners-uD JJerepr nilUc f' Maficv Darfler Stevpn Dawes. XU1 L' runnels up, merger Thomas Gillis, C. .Michael Grif­ fith, Joseph Hayes, Irene Hen­ ley, Christina Ingalls, Ann Jef- fwds, Lawrence Lauder, Coleen McGrouty, Michael McKernon, Gail Pearson, Daniel Pellegrino, Linda Peltier, Sharon Raemer, Fifteen special \prizes were Cynthia Schafer, Loran She^i-j presentecl at ewiim.ancement by dan. Linda Thomas Char ps f,,.,.:., *35, __ tt. p_.. Nancy Darfler, Steven Dawes, Joseph Hayes, Christine Ingalls, Franklin Ketchum Jr., Vicki Perkins, Kathy* Schermerhorn and Elaine Wilbur. Prires Presentecl Fifteen District Principal Edgar F. Sny- Tracy, Kathleeta Watson, Eileen W?eatherwax, Kenneth Woodard. Greenwich school diplomas iv-ore awarded to: N Aiithony Anuszewski, Lynn ., .... -. , Bcrtsch, M arina DeOliveira. Carl the h lShest scholastic average dor. Kathleen Saianders, a junior, received the ^rard.given by the school Alumni association for Derby, Patricia Ellis, Robert Fletcher, Bette Garrett, Fran- cij Hughes, Peter Hughes, Pam­ ela Hurley, Henry Jeffords, Dale Jordan, Joseph Kirk, Peggy Kirk, for the year, 84.4r per cent. ■ -if land, Donna Spellman’, Cfcerie Harrington, Nancy Davis, Gold typing pins ftir averages or final examinations over 90 per cent went to Vicki Perkins, Mike Morehouse, Chris Ingalls, Pat McCormick, Virginia Wil­ liams, Kathy Sherin, • Linda H o w e ll; and silver typing, pins to George Allen, Greg Geelan, Steve Dawes, Hugh Cameron, Bette Austin, Kathy Seheriner- horn, David Wilbur, Linda Pel­ tier, Yvonne Johnson, l>avid Herrington. Gold pin.s j|pr averages. «ver 90 in bookkeeping I and II went to Yvonne Johnson, Mary Coul­ ter, Debbie Dewey, Kathy Seher- merhorn, Kathy Fullerton, Karen St. Clair; silver pins to . -$ Sandy Herrington, Peter Saw- yer, Susan Seacord and Elaine Wilbur. In 7th and 8th Grades , ~ Awards presented at t li'Se''5'^'*^ 7th and Bth grade finaL as sembly Friday were the follow­ ing: Karen DeRagon, highest mar!;'''^.^ in the 8th grade social studied5*-' exam. % Thomas Borden, Joni L»ambi . best service, courage, honor, leadership and. scholarship in - s i i m ‘.%SI , > Ml pal \t-r Steen, Karen DeRagon. Vanessa Bales, most consis­ tent effort in 8th grade. Kathy Whiteside, pme*-win* ning essay on American flag. Richard Tucker, Bonnie Tuck­ er, Kathv Fish, greatest im­ provement in thje certificate class. Scott Pearson, Kathy Olson, Angela Morse, highest averages in 8th grade social studies. Ruth Ashcroft, Leonard Seney. Lynnette Wilbur, James Bette Austin’s awards were: Jordan, Walter Peters, highest From the Easton Book club marks in 8th grade math exam­ ination. . Best scholastic records were for the highest average in Eng- _____ _ ____ ....... ....... ... ....... . . lish four years, from Bausch and (toward LaBoinbard,' (far r'oil' Lomb Optical ''Co. for the'given to the girl and boy in Lang, Mary McCormick, Patricia| highest record in science sub-!each home room as follows: McCormick, Allen McLean, Ros- Jccts during hsigh school; and Seventh grade rooms, Gina Pet* alynn MacNeil, Margaret ’ Mur-! fro>n the History club for the. tcys. Peter Benoit, Philippa Paper W ill Be Printed Early Next Week The Fourth of July is a week registration in the J oca 1 elec All students, elementary and It linn 90 per cent They were 1 on'aY” 0 ‘ Fli/ahrth r Miirnhr from today and it will be a holi- tion districts this fall, but the hlRh school, who submit a draw- Bcttc Austin. Kathleen Sherin. 'the I icm S cl^b wifdV-ora day for almost everyone, includ-,dates have not been announced, rn* or pos,cr. publicizing the Gail Davis. Vicki Perkins and L r,a' awardfrrathlec per- IoLis tlie £ mu Ih«, n»tKnsn.r ctnff Ac by the secretary of state. . r-.u ....... ......... ;n k „ moriai awara i»r amietie per-,ui nonius ior me nagnest [>hy. Nancy Osberg, George Per- kins, Michael Riccio, Thomas Saunders,, David Simon, Sante Squires!-Gary St. Mary, Thomas Waite, Peter Weidman and Da- Hd Wilbur. Augustus Elsworth received a Greenwich school certificate, and Phyllis Tucker a Greenwich siiecial education certificate. The diplomas were presented by Norman W. AJlen, president of the board of education. Speakers at t h e exercises were the. five members of the class who had averages of more highest four year average in social studies. George Alle n received The Peters. Chris Harrington, Rose­ mary Smith. Dennis M^ttison, Robin Pawling. Stephen Gorsky, G.C.S. Alumni association Rob-i11 * carson Randy Waite;- ert Woodward Memorial award an“ in l“e home for the senior b»y vvith an out- i £ooms. J00! Lamb, Gordom E>c- standing record in history and e- PcRSy Hilton, Clifford thre senior boy most valuable i Thomas, Susan Ruddock, Deb- student award orah Dennenberg, Thomas Bor- Katldecn Sherin Received the g j * 'D£“S ^ tteP' S ^ nral DAR'good cifenship pin and _ nnette Walbur. certificate, the' senior girl most | Crade Assettibly valuable student award. Michael Riccio received the The 4th through 6th grades had an awards assembly June Greenwich Lioais club award t o ; 20 with John Ross, sixth grade the senior showing the greatest! tcacher. presiding. New Phone Books Being Distributed A new edition of the Saratoga ing the newspaper staff. As Thursday is regular publication day, this means setting ahead time schedule of publication. Thc deadlines for news and advertising next week will be: Tlie Journal The Greenwich J 0 u r na 1— . i news and advertising deadline SCetfarfc, Gary Spiezio, Timothy ilvj][ ije Monday at 5 p.m., so -------------------------------------------I paper may be printed Tues- Springs telephone directory has 1 day afternoon and go in the jUS| |}epn published and 15.700 iraail early Wednesday morning. 1 copies> about 950 morr than last Slones of any hyagth and eor- year_ are being distributed to respondents news should be re- York Telephone customers ceived Monday;r%orning, and jn th|s section copy which can be submitted 1 Rober{ A stokes, company Friday will be appreciated. | manager, said an original paint Tft& Press - jtxig by a native New Yorker The Salem Press—deadline in , appears on the cover of the 1968 Salem will be Tuesday at 11:30 | directory. ; County Board Hos Brief June Meeting Tftie Washington county board oi supervisors held an abbrevi­ ated! meeting last Thursday, com pie ting all their business, inns t of which was routine, by re onm. A pproval was given for the fcllcmng purchases for the cMiumty highway department: A tiurk from Ford Garage Co. for .‘&2.4-60: two six-man cab trucks f t o r i Carswell Trucks. Inc., for S'l,Sf)5; overhead garage doors f rom Darrell Hall Itic. for S2.S94. All vvere the low bid­ ders, Kids which the board author- i zec§ departments to advertise Fur are: Snow plows and sanders For the highway department; sta­ tion wagon for the civil depart­ ment; a new car for the public friealth department; and for fuel for the county buildings. Mrs. Marie Harris was appoint­ ed temporary second de’puty •director for the veterans service agency to service from July 16 through August 31. A request was made to the stale department of transporta­ tion! for a study and report of the needs for transportation in the Fort Edward and Hudson Fa31s areas, tq be used by 'the county planning board. ‘ A section of county road abandoned with the relocation ot a. part of the West Hebron- Nfflrtk Hebron road was assigned to the abutting owners, Jean an d Mark Branson for, the con­ sideration of $1. The board adopted a fesolu- •. tiQBii congratulating Miss Sally Ayers of Whitehall on being jseSedled county dairy princess, _«Ld M ss Linda Thomas of- Eas- tom and Miss Joy. Hamilton of Caunbri&ge, the runners-up for t|i*e title. The,'board set its August IS meeting for the court house in SaslciEt, ■ - inter faith picnic, will be given I a free extra ticket. Posters or drawings should be given to the students* priest or pastor by July 10. Methodist young peo­ ple may leave their posters or drawings at the home of Mrs. [. 01 s Patrick. 8 Whipple place. The picnic will be held Sun­ day. July 28. from 4 to 8 pm. at the Washington county fair­ grounds The next meeting of the inter- faith picnic committee will be Tuesday-weTiing. July 2, at 7:30 at the Bottskill Baptist church. George Allen. William D White, high school principal, congratulated the new graduates on their achievements in school, as did District Princi­ pal Edgar F. Snyder, who pre­ sented scholarships and awards. w>liich are listed in another column of this issue. The high school band played for the com­ mencement program, at the con­ clusion of which the graduates Formed a^eceivmg line in the main halj^to receive congratu­ lations ol - their families and friends, Summer Recreation Program Will Soon Be in Full Swing a.m.. and copy will be accepted The painting. At' the Top o f , at the printing plant in Green- ■ the Waterfall, was selected be- summer recreation pro-1 is now open and swimming in- jv.ch up to 3 p m. Tuesday. cause lt captures he natural , gram. spntlsored by the tovvn of n . Mews which can be submitted beauty of the countryside. Mr., 2. h vnuth committpe sirucuon ,3esin Monaa>> to The Press office in Salem , stokes said. Reprints of the; t)us wepk an(i will be iii July 8' Those w»ntmg to join Monday will be appreciated, painting by Reginald Pollack : £uj] swjng next week ) a c^ass should sign up with one The Press will be printed early ,aro available from the telephone , j-irst racot,ng 0f tcn.' flf the lifeguards al the beach Wednesday morning. company. . njs grnUp wju iie held Monday, this week. The Standard | The new 164-page _ ch^ctory , July ^ 7;3() p m and bo(h cx_ ,.w - - , JUlv A c i l f ol/ u .ill. dllU D V i U IA 1 | _ 4 , The Schuylerville Standard— ! contains about 22,000 listings in •enctMl p|aycrs and Records were kept last year _ _ j ____ i • • ___ ____ „ j \ r\ncfo c^P 1 4 . . : t U _ __ ...L. ^ ________ 1 — ____ serverance. | score on the vocabulary section Jane McBurney was winner: °f 'owa achievement test, of the Mary L. McMaster award f've students had identical for scholastic attainment, en - 1 srpres on the test and in an deavor and future usefulness. | elimination exam Elizabeth was Pamela Hurley won the On-1 the winner. Those tied, vvSio re- dawa Local 626 award for prog-1 ccivcd awards, were Larry Weir, ress in secretarial subjects. I Barbara Gilchrist, Julie White Martin H-ugli^s received the j nrrd Al ice DeFoe. DAR award (or the highest i Poppy poster awards went to mark in American history re- Sherin and Susan VanScliaack, gents examination. tied for first; Thunias Sherin, Thomas Da’vis received the second; Jaye Wilkinson and Florence A. Richards mathe-: Cindy Jordan, third, matics award. | David Patrick, grade 5, and Franklin Ketchum and Bonnie; Kathleen Kenirv. grade C. were Barber w o n the Washington | winners of the*DAR essay con- County Associations of Town : test. Honorable mention went Highway Superintendent; ^ Darjl Ives, grade 5; Robert awards for improvement in lead-, Morehouse grade 6 ership attitude and citizenship, _0tbpr parUc ants receiving during their hour years of high (.crt,flcates wcrp. Terry Kelly, as a member o f ; ,.^ rac^ ?■ Kimberly Pawling, thc chorus, andOregory Geelan.; ,.ia,[lc', / ai'Tt’\ F,'e,t5 ’ as a member of the band, re- [jathaleen Smith. Roland Mann, Brenda Gardephe, Roland De­ Foe, Ann Wimmer. Michael ceived awards for the best mu sicianship. Presented at .Assembly At the finasl high school as deadline for advertising and jthe white and yellow, page scc ■ who'want to learn arc invited of those who passed group news will be 2 p.m. Tuesday at tions compared to some 21.800 j0 j0jn jjrs ^nn Bergjn who, tests, so those signing up this! awards: Schuylerville office. The Stand-1 listings ^ 160 pages in the old piaYed an(j taught ten ^ear may check with the life- Kniffen, Beatrice White, Vicki Kly. Marjorie Faile. r r- • 1 it, Grade 6: Kip Young. Wendy «• sembly program Friday the fol-, Pcrkins SusanPCam l; , L Jprr^ ? lowing students received, cC] . Ch SauPndcIss. ard will be printed late Wednes day morning phone book. : njS W1|j ))e jn charge. The introductory white pages , [)asi{C^ aii group will To move these publications] arp a storehouse^ of^information,' j(s first meeting Wednes- lead will require the cQopera-j including directions for plaeTiig 3 at 7;gQ ~ m jj js ahead . . . . , - ^ .... tion of all advertisers a n d , emergency calls and a new con- hoped that at least a four-team those with news reports. Of, riensed call guide, vvhich ex- |caf;uc can |)e formed. nni™;noc- 19 - mir great assistance to the staff will plains how to place Jocal and Thjf vcar |)oth thc i>aKilC'tball p ® ’ J V • ‘ ' :d tennis courts are lighted. , 2 guards for their grouping. New participants will be grouped ac­ cording to-ability. The schedule for the swim­ ming classes will be: Noon, innows; 1:00, inners; 2:00, lifesaving. be the rcceipt of copy as well, long distance calls The intio-;and t.„u, ls ait. u s ,uirxj, , , winmrs-intrr in advance ,of the deadlines as ductory section also has ex-, and John- Travori director of ^ i m possible. , ‘ | amples of long distance rates recreation program, expects ’ ' ’ ' ' Setting type for-next week's'and tells how the telephone ^ cse programs will be papers will -start this, Thursday! company can help in the case of very popular, afternoon, so any news stories annoyance calls, jMr. Stokes said. ! baseball groups met this and advertisements which can ' ............ he turned in this week end will he appreciated. Nirs. Roche Heads Board of SALS Mrs. James E. Roche of Whitehall was elected presi­ dent of the board of the South­ ern Adirondack Library system at its June meeting. Mrs. Roche has been a member of the sys­ tem board since it was organ­ ized in 1958 and- was respon- Distribution of the new diree-; we(?k with 60 boys at the first tory will take about two weeks j meeting. Archery willfStart next Wed­ nesday al 9 a.m. and both boys to complete. New Schedule For Bookmobile The bookmobile operated by the Southern Adirondack Li­ brary system has adopted a new schedule for July and August. In this section the bookmobile .will visit the following .commu­ nities on July 18, and .^ugust 1, 15 and 29; White Creek, 9f45- and ' girls are invited to take part. The beach on the Battenkill sible for writing the plan of 10:30; Shushan, 11:15-12:15; operation for |he system. She, West Hebron, 1T30-2:15; Hart- has previously held the board' ford, 2:50-3:45; South Hartford, offices of secretary and vice '3:50-4:30. president and is treasfirer of the Whitehall Free Library board. Other officers eleeted ,vvere Mrs. Donald Hanks, Salem, vice .president, and James- E. Ben­ ton, -Saratoga Spring#, secretary. ■ u: BORGE AT SPA ( Victor Borge will. appear’, at the Saratoga Performing ‘Arts' center.on June 29_and 30 in hi 5 ,Cqmed.y in Music, Nine Inducted By Draft Board Nine young men were in- di , • r, n r- „ rL ■ i unow„ John Darfler, Peggy Lois Browttcll, Gary Sherin.' VVi]cox Dohra iVeatlter Kathy Morton , highest averages I KennPth DeRa<JOn riirisTi^ on 9th year filial examination, Jill Liddell a n d Margaret T . , Httghesrhighest mark in math. lfL Patt1 Sawyer. I.inda Hilton, regents. • ^a.ncy BcatHe.-UavitT WIiltaRer,' John Petteys, 9th grade stu- 1,'Llicc Brenda Barbur, dent for scholarship, character. “cc Batchelder Elizabeth J. and purpose. | f .u.r.Ph-v' ?.avld rSha«' Micrh ^ I Kevin Harrcra, highest mark ^aIi°nc, Tom Jennings, Lue- in business law. j wona Lamb. Lawrence Seney, Mike Morehouse and Vicki Catherine Pratt. Kathleen Perkins, highiest mark in per- bawling, Scott Smith, Denise sonal typing final/ ■ ^°°m^ KA™ Brownell, Yvonne Johnson, highest j^cborah Coombs, jtfarlere Mc- mark on bookkeeping final, j K cr non,^William McMurray, Betty Donex highest mark in , ^onnie Walker, Thomas Doriski, homemaking 1. | ^.vnthia Carmody, Candace Col- Kathy Morton, highest mark |^ns’ Donald Woods, Kelly Bar­ ton, Larry Weir, Patricia Wel- Two Teachers Will Take Part In State Meeting Two agricultural tea cher si in'hVmemakiiiis HI. , T from Washington county will, Joanne Root, consistent ef- ■zam,k- James Q. Green, Thomas lake part in a panel discussion i f 0rt in elective homemaking. j C’h.erney' JTulle White, today at the 58th annual pro-| grie Allen, 4>est all around 1 Mary J^ne ->chafer, Cynthia fessional improvement confer- j student in agriculture I class. !, ,e”’ Janice Stewart, Kathleen ence for teachers of agriculture, Terri Dufrairi, highest mark ' Hughes, Barbara Gilchrist, Rob- 4 t Syracuse, h n bookkeepiiig II regents. | in-Tucker, Sherri Snell Claire Successful patterns for provid- Tiia Fuchs, highest-mark in , ^ av's- Rnnal(1 Carv, , George ing education will -be th'e discus-' world history regents. j Craft, Deborah Olsen, Kathleen ducted into the * armed\ f~orces 1 si°n topic and Prof. Joe P. Bail j Kenneth Ferry, best scholar-; J ° ® n \ June 20. from the local draft io* CorncU -ciniversity will tie ship and leadership in agricuI- hoard in Hudson\ Falls* Thev ! moderator, Harry Karpiak, agri-| ture IL , ' ^dith Sharp, Deborah Boss, Mi- cultural teacher at Washington' Richard S<eacord,- leadership 2, ^ fiuket, Sandra Thornas, ■ academy in Salem, and Floyd, in agriculture I class and effort:Barbara Keays, Gregory Lyons. Harwood, agricultural mechaai-| in supervised farming program. I __ zation teacher in the Washing-1 Bette A if -s t i j a».*Valedictory , TV STATION SOLD ton county area program, will! award) ^ en ^Wen corporation has be members of the panel. 'Library cltab pins were pre-, sold television -st-ation WAS3? The. conference in Syracuse sented to' Roxanne -McNeil, Don- in Albany lo Sonderling Broad- opened Tuesday and will close na Davis, Maureen Finnegan, , casting corporation for $8 mil- Friday. \ Dehbie Walt, Nanette Marclia-1 lion. are: Allen J. Ellis, Argyle; Clar­ ence H King and Richard Mc­ Geoch, Cambridge; Peter L. Na­ deau and Mitchell L. Humiston, Fort Edward; Gary E. Bain, North Granjrille; William -Van- Guilder, Whitehall; Joseph Mc- Murr'y, Glens Falls; James A. Gough, Athens. ■ \ I -v 1

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