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*■C-i. ’ - ‘ * V **> i t*~ V. V.. ■■ - 4 ■-. ,--:.-'few . ■ •- ' .• .--r .>•* - ‘ THEGBErEMfWIGH ■tXXJRIFAIi y SEC. A—PAGE 5 •■’tL'-i's-*6\'- , I ' .•! If\ *d . ■.'>• » V-'.V ' * v • A 9‘^t- ‘ t. • <.i - •' lyw- k&>&* h‘' . II II ; <V I •- . >*r* I If \h h .The second annual Washings ton eoutfty. 4-S citizenship «day^ was held recently im the Super? visors room of the Wa'shittgtfrri- county office building in Falls with 50' 4-H- cltJub 8 te|a^ft^ leaders and guests from 10 towns, in the county - attending; , County-offipisl^ th^; duties and respoiisibil|tfes of their respective .'f»Qs^tiB^/?The|' 3 juso^ommended, • pie for their ifrteHest!‘in -locaLl government aiid' ufged!'^beiris-to:; ■accept'*' (h& iiespoii'ii!bm^ citizenship in tlie 1 fiittfre by- SerVice to their tdWns and ; county. ’ ' i-l# Guest speaker^ ^he* morning session wer« Supervisor. Charles R. Clark of 'CaMibrMgev; chairman of the 'board of. super-* visors and Joseph L. Randles >Jk/ supervisor from the town of Ar-- gyle, who is a ! iiieiiifcer • ofTBVen 7 committees on tlie •■board and chairman of two of them. Afternoon speakers were Dis­ trict Attorney George S. Morse and Sheriff Theodore T. Buck­ ley. District Attorney Morse conveyed the regret of Judge John J. O’Brien who was un&fejre to attend due to a special term —of-c.ourt being iteM i n- Sehence-- tady. , : • There were - guided -tours of the county office building, the civil - defense. depaftmeHt' and the highway aepai'Emeht* build­ ing with an explanation of the operation of each'glveariby (the heads of the department,\ (The; spealprrf W e - introduced by Carol georgel VFmfe' Creek; •Mary< Ranalfes, Argyle; Meg iVIcj- Eachron, Salem; Euld Beverly Kuzmich, Greenwich. These 4-HT members with John Pfeiffer, Easton; Bob Nessle, Greenwich; Y vonne Johnson, Green w ieh; and Ellyn Howlett, Cambridge, planned and conducted -the citi­ zenship day prograia und^r the- supervison of Mi's:, Margaret Wento, 4-H division \ agent. The Citizenship day program was inaugurated last year in Wash­ ington county as a .pilot pro­ gram in New \York state. The day’s events concluded\ with statements, ibey.ttte members on wliat tiie, 4-H citi­ zenship short course meant to them; a briefing' on tlie state, citizenship camp held at tne capital distriot 4-H-camp each summer, and. the 4-H, citizenship short course held at the national headquarters iri Washington,- D. C' which they had alP&t’tended last suttirA^r.' % >»■' s TO PR E S E N T O T H E L L O f Othello by Rosslrti^wiil open the Shakespeare and’ opera ssea- son on July 13 of the fJa ce George Opera fesitval.in Gilts Falls, Frances 'Bible will i si: lg the roll of Besdempria,' L|ta- rence Boyll, teiioi1, \Vill ma ce his Lake George debut'bilging Othello. David Lloydl, ten 6 r will take the part of Iago and Mar­ cia* Baldwin will sing Effielia. • Rev. Ronald E. McLeod, Pastor ^^ 3 T);a:,in-'Cliu«fh school, adult , E . ; es i lector CO&ateit #Mffy|c&n$ntt#ioh ^ m m ^ -Mr.; * agld Mrs. George JMUrphVr J ^satu^y,'‘& ip<.m. *Jft. -vestry 58 Main %%&!%■ >M parish beeii accepted in tK& ^ liberal afrtSi'jHiagHi&i t 8 a;m. ’K4i^tEuffiarist. , junror college hi Boston, announced J a c k Kesson, <h-, Iti^O la t e vjFa«ttii.y faicharist. rector of admr^sions. A slhibr ^M^^^wn^^liljp^a^h'artd^less ''Af tViii ) -- ct-- -- _ 1 I,'? i ll WiVA'iilt -MaMliM'iOCiMAtwMft' * r - Today Is Someone’s Birthday or Wedding Anniversary S E n D A C A R D People' to Be Rettle(¥ibered Ne*f Week Include Hit Foilowlngr- BIRTHDAVS SU N D A Y ,. A P R I L ,'28...'d ,,Le^ Thomas, Fran k i e M o r r i s , Glenn DixSon, , MONDAY, A P R IL ^-^D a v id B , Abbott’, lElixabetlt ,G, Perry, Emma Stoops^ B«veyly Koz- mich, Mrs. Lewis Matteson. TUESDAY^ A P R IL 30 — Mary Elizabeth Miosherr Colin Pet­ teys, James Sloan Sr. W E D N E S D AY, M AY l— F o r rtst Coilby Jr., Patrick Jennings— THURSDAY, M A Y 2—Blois Bar­ bur, Eddy G .’Liddell, Shirley * Maftison, Donald Harris. FR ID A Y , M AY 3—Diatfe M aris Balia, Gerald Skiff, Karen St. . Clair, Raymbrtd-Allen. SATURD AY, M A Y 4 — Beverly Connor, Marjorie‘ McClay. ir. -■> ANNlVERS/LWtS lirfp • li SUNDAY, A P R IL 2|8^Mr. W - Mrs. Kenneth Lutte... 1 MONDAY, A P R IL 29— Mr! ^md. L Mrs. VVilliam Patten, Mi3., Mrs. Stanley W . Manney Sr. TU E S D A Y , A P R IL SM lV In and Mrs,' l Louis F . ^M’ariiKalarid/ aland, Mr, and Mrs. Myron Griffin. \ TJie Hughes ^Ifewsroom Donohue’s Phaifmacy ’ Holmes #li^naacy :- , Send, in the jliffTH D A Y -and AN N IVERSARY Dates of .Your Family and FriertdjK-^Me W a n f :’'t© Likf '•Thflrt* \ Please Mail a SGird fo D^pt. BA, K O . 'Box t l S ' Gr«enWlch, N , IT. f2834 bev/pi tfte t t t o - f e l u ^ ^ d is . f-the lekdecs clft^ / ■ \ ' ' K> ' treasurer *of Brovin irm 17 classes. , Wedn«syay— SS.-Philip amd James. . 10 a.m. Holy corrtmunion. j 'St, Joieph's ‘'Catholic I Rev.-P^A. OSTA, Pastor Masses— ’ J Daily, 7:30 a.na. The. fit. Rev.'Men W. Brown , 1 / | ? rst Mday, 7:30 a.m. and Episcopal bishop of Albany,-will p .,0 nnrtl 0 .o 0 a m visit three local parishes anij ' £ ?- 3 a t m and 7:30 then confirm a- cortJSijied -class y 7 ‘ \ Qf I catididatQS, - front . aH t-iferee p,tn* * W “ * A^rn ?8' ' C k m * «f O . . O N * Bible Rev. Roger V. Seacord, Pastor Sunday services— ll.a.m. ’Warship service. .12 m. Sunday schooL Christian $clen«;e Society Greenwich . * . Sunday service, 11 a.m. Sub­ ject of lesson-sermon: Probation After Death. Sunday school for pupils to the age of 20 convenes during the morning service. Last Wednesday in the month, 8 p.m. Testimony meetirjg. Reading room open Saturday 2 -to 4 p.m. Public invited. Radio program: Thou Art Made Whole. Broadcast on Sun- dayvat Station WBTN, 1370,' a.t 9 a.m.; WBZA, Glens Falls, 1410 al 9:15 a.m. -. \ <• , Centenary Methodist Rev. John Columbus, Pastor Thursday, 3:15 p.m. Junior choir rehearsal. Friday, ~i7 p.m. Adult new member meeting. Saturday, 10 a.m. Pastor’s pre­ paratory membership class in­ cluding parents. Sunday services-r- 9:45 a ni. Church school, 10 a.m. Adult choir. 11 a.m*. Worship. Sermon: Alive, to God! Confirmation and reception of new members. 7 p.m. MYF-JIF, Tuesday, 10 a.m. Ciuorch school teachers meeting. . Wednesday, 7 p.m, t 'Adult choir. Bottskill Baptist Itev. Lewis N. Powell,' Pastor Sunday services— 10 a.m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. Morning worship serv­ ice and sermon: Hfe’s, Larger Dimensions, from Bible book of the month, Jeremiah. •Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Meeting of church hoards. Friends Meeting Route 40, Easton Sunday, 11 a.m. Worship. Per so fief V. Hew Boo Its received at the ■ Greenwich llbTijry are: [/ Adult FIctfon JJorso _ Dirdcr Water: Len fDelghtbrt,\ iH. viimflritigs,. -Vanished* Fletcher Kneb&l at the family eucharist at St.I Th T} ' Suitors. Richard Stephen’s,, Schuylerville, . 4 1 9 JoJ?se ThE€e Suitors- Kicnard a.m. and he will pl’each and , d e d i c a t e extensive parish ,n ^ he lTmch Bearers: Bernard churchYedecorations^tSt. Paul’s Dryer- church, Greenwich, at 10:30 The Ren^csvous: Evelyn An- a.m. In the afternoon he will thony. confirm a combined class of 17 Woman on the Roof: Mignon candidates from the th r e e Efaerhart. parishes at 4 p.m, at St. Luke’s Terror cn th e Mountain: church, Cambridge. A reception Charles Raxwz. in hottor of the-bishop and’tlie; DrumbdM: - Dudley Pope, ^nfirm.ed will, follow. I A Hiiitos in -fitortl; Ame . I?isKop, Brown - js *a, n^ti-^^, of Rider. Lafargevijle and a . long,-tixne Paradise Falls: riii'P,.parish priest whft ^fts tbn.- son. serrate# suffragan, bis)io|> ' :' 0 f The 'Lafet enicorn: Alp^iiy in. 1959. He - beeirna, .'bi-- Beagie. diparyM|,%e, diocese Sji 1^1' , t The .Wedafeng Group: Eii 2 a- At ^pefetal- features *.o£v $6 ’'flw beUi Tfa^-lor. ^viJl.be. the d^icatioii- ^td.;ble^- The Kings in Winter: Cecelia si.n-g. df eleven .lieedlepoiit Holland, cushions. ~.ia .G«eerariiA,'l)ite5e, The Gtittiler: William Stevens, aver a four-year ^ T o a b|?the I FaWatoonde: Katherine Troy. Women of St. Paul’s in memory Endless Mgh't: Agatha Chfis- 0 f the late Leonice BlaMy and tie. Bishop’s ' Progress: Keith D. Mafio. The -Tower of Babel: Morris L. West. W&tets on a Starry Night: Elisabeth Ogllvie. Galleon Bay: Neill Wilson. Non-Fifctiar* Don Robert- Peter . S. Robert Peebles Rhodes. 13 Women Are Trained as Aides EQaving recently trained a half-dozen new aides, the Wash­ ington county HomemSkef-libmfe ’ Report from Iron Mountain: Health Aide service iirstioiinees 'Special Stiid^'ffroup. that it fcfaS 13 aides to s:etvd-the The tTnesFt l a r n 6 d: A l l e n public in Washington couhty-. Spraggett. * According to th e executive Desert Solitaire: Edward 'Aib« secretary of the service, Mrs, bey. ^illiam Ringer* tip .e.mplol^ 1 ’New. England: Jfle McCarthy, ail mature- and capable ’vSromCn . THel.^CKaiiker 'Barrel: Eric, of goQd^udgemfeiit). ^re Slpane. \\ *■ , pared, to. serve 1 as -eitheK 'h^me,-, Ad'iifpia'dadk'Cptintry: ^Wiluafft makers or home health aides. Ch^pJnian \l'hlte. „ . ‘ :They--.ftelp kfeep f.’Tfl4Walked gether in sicteie^ --^ f3oBn crises emergency. The, Sfeg^es: J^dt!i^)jidil'' afi3 Pefsoinality: of these aides' may 'be ^ c ^ ^ '^asrlow., Miss JudithMoy a.m. . ...... _ *' -Mr‘. Jkillcis^' ed. - f v, |; feth: Circles the WbfTd: S Sir w u“ Ce*a W c 5 : ^ ■-'0; ■«£ Sfettr ^Eoigland Legends aiid •E&tjQtt announce tnfe .“eng^p-, llolklofe. of their Saughtec; AuQiW . . Anne, to William John Gillis, INCOME SHOWS DROP soft: ra'pr. and Mrs. Egrl Gillfs ;®ie, ..Dftlavpare; 4 md Jlildson of “Middle ^al|^','l54iss.^6y' i^va. c 6 m,pafty a®isai$ed iast ’ wie^lc graduate of ;‘Greenmch i 26 ntM ..that its aet income and that school -attd .Wai?d totaled nearly ff 6 ;Mr.! GI|!s 1 quarter Gireeti^ich gdh^ 6 L. areA«i%pt 16 ^es. ;!w . ’ffte ,year3i total was In c X ^ ^ e j n w iclk _ I f'^ t ^ |i| -wifch *»*« been set for the wedding. t,( i 69fi fdi? the previous year. :hy> . -S-!. . Dr. Gallqgjiei: to Report Tonight On WdrkfhQp •The Planned feenthood as-' so elation of ‘Wa^jngtop, War­ ren and Saratog^cpunties will hold its m.oiithi>',yb^rd ,of di­ rectors meeting tpis-, Thursday evening at the center office, 43 Lincoln avenue, Qlens Falls. President of tlie board. Dr. 0. Roger Gallagher, associate pro­ fessor of.anthropoiogy at Skid­ more college, will 'give his re­ port on the northeast region workshop of the Planned Par- —Mrs. Joseph 3t Wever and daughter Dpretta spent l as t week touring in Virginia, ’VYash- ington, D. C., and Pennsylvania. —Mr, and Mrs, Henry Petteys .have gone to Prout’s Neck, Me., for the summer, Me. Petteys- is manager of Black ,PoiiU. inn’ there. , .' - , * —Mr. and Mrs.' Harold Sheri­ dan of Easton- and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lesson.of Middle Falls have returned fro-jr. a two week vacation' in Florida* ^ - —Mrs. Paul' If«il arid three daughters’ of Brisrt 6 E, Vt., spent' lasti we<fk with Hr. and* Mrs. Clarence Phillips. Hr. Neil and son,' Keviri; dame f«Jr them on Thursday.' '• ' -4Mr. arid Mrs. -Cyril Saun­ ders and Mr. and Wrs. William tl, -B,ell attended llae‘ Apaloosa horse auction at tlie State fair­ grounds in Syracuse recently. The high horse sold! for $2,000. —Clifton G. Sousie, manager qf the. Greenwich A&P store, was called to Byrlington, Vt., Monday by the death of his father, Clifton Sousie. Funeral services were held in Burling­ ton this morning. —Mrs. Robert Ku-3ni of Voor- heesville spent last week with her . sister-in-law, Mrs. Robert Thomas. She retained hdrne on Sunday \vith. her 'soe-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Sirs. Harold Schultz, of Voorheosville. • —Mrs. Henry T. Klesick spent several days last avmc I with her (s q n arid daughtor-in-law, Mr. aiid ’Mrs. “Donald JEesick,- a n d family in WifliamsBown, - Mass. Melinda MfeSick -Tect urned with her grandmother I ’riday and re­ mained until Sun<l«ry, —Petty Officer i/'t and Mrs. Paul* Baker of Gulfport, Miss., flow here Tuesday to spend a leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Baker, of Bus­ kirk, and her motlier, Mrs. Er­ nest Bronsveld. I*.0. Baker, USN, returned last week from Vietnam, —Mr. and Mrs. Luther Shat- tuck of Essex Junction, Vt., spent several da^ys last week with her brother-o-Eaw and sis­ ter, Mr. and Mrs. leeway Mc- Nail. Mrs. Roger Tierce and sons of Schenectady were guests last Thursday of 3icr uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. 3IcNaH. —Mr. and Mrs. George -St. Mary left Tuesday to visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and'Mrs. Joseph O’Con­ nor ■ahd-' TSih i lp-*’inv Wal-, ton and to see tfacij grandson, Pfc. Edward J. O'Connor, and his wife who are ilk Walton on a two week leave fieMore he goes to Vietnam. —Mr. and Mrs. Earold Ful­ mer, formerly of Greenwich, who spent the winter in Ex­ celsior Springs, MIo„ are return- enthood league held in Roches- ing this week to tlielr home in ter in mid-April. Dr. Gallagher Hudson Falls. Before returning —te e and Mitchell \Warren spent the week end im New City -wl*ere they visited cousins. —Mrs, \Harry Wilsoti lias re­ turned to her home on the Ar­ gyle road after passing the win­ ter in Lorittown. —Er, Md Mrs. WiUiatn N, Young ar.ct sons, W. N. and K ip p ,, returned S u n d a y from a ten day vacation in Florida. —Bliss Xou Ann Ketciiimi of Holyeke, Mass., spent thfe Hveek end -witl: her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frau3blin G. Stevens.,. .--.. . —Blr_ a^nd Mrs. Robsx.t H\ll,- man, wlio passed th? wiiiter. in FrostprooE, Fla., are' spending' some ti-ine at their home here. —Mss Judith , Dube, a. stu­ dent at Siate uhWrsi-tf ,at Co- bleskilL, visited her parents, Mr. and itrs.. Jame% Dube, last week. —Bliss “ Susan Fellers., jv ho atteads Sftate university at Os­ wego, was here for tiie week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fellers. —Sir- knd Mrs. Christie Lyt­ tle and. fiunily and Mrs, John T. Garrett were at the Lyttle home at South .Orleans, .Cape dbd, Mass., Etoah Thursday uritit Sun­ day. 3 —Clisls Brownell returned to Union . co» l 1 e 'g e, Sdherieetady, pftpi-- grjoTiriing the. we«k 'end with H es parents, Mr.: and, Mrs. Stanley 'Brownell, and family. —Jira. ff'rank Bowen-and Mrs. Alfred Itaas were, guests last week orf -jMrs. Haases soj-in-law arid da»ig£iter, Ml*. and Mrs.'Da­ vid Blc*e Jfr.Wjnd family in Ham­ let, Hi c, ^ : • }■• —Hr, jaffd Mrs .5 George .< v„ Mary isotamed jast; weesi Tues­ day Irani- a ‘tvvo-.w§ek vacation in KwalL„and a few days visit with Da, and Mrs. Vincent Del- Veceliio iai Ossining. —Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lauder have returned from Frostproof, Fla., where they spent the win­ ter. —Mrs. Francis Bergan re­ turned Monday to her home in 'Albany after passing the, week end with Mrs. William Tomlin­ son. —Mrs. Julia Byrnes returned- Suhday to her home in Glens Fall-s after spending several days with h e r brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William Potter. - . —Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mor­ rison visited their son a n d daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Morrison Jr., and family in Mohegan Lake over the week end. ' —Mrs. A. H.’ Stein, who returned recently from Sara­ sota, Fla., spent, a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Valen­ tine before going to her horiie in Cambridge. —David Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Baker, enlisted recently in the United States army and left Tuesday for serv­ ice, He was graduated from the University of Rochester in Jan­ uary. —Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bartle of Montgomery and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cooper of Beacon were .Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and. Mrs. S. H. Youmans. In the afternoon they all went to Gran­ ville to attend the funeral of Charles Cole of West Pawlet, Vt. —Ernest Weir Jr. and Terry 'Austin entertained- on Thursday .evening at the Ernest Weir cot- tage^at^ Lake Cossayuna af a [s;M)i|se^ p'a r t y1' for William ‘Smith, the occasion being his| 18th birthday. Refreshments in­ cluded a decorated birthday cake, and dancing was enjoyed. About 55 guests attended. - 1 - - 41 m .“I l ■r^r '’'■'331 - ^ ii ■;<Si I -'’B -■v?r was moderator at the workshop. A fund raising campaign will also be discussed. The local center is open on Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3 p.m., Tuesdays and Fridays 10 a.m. until noon, and Thursdays 1-5 p.m., with medical consulta­ tion provid-ed Thursdays 3-5 p.m. home Mr. and Mrs. Fulmer vis­ ited their daught«l'„ Muriel, in Long Beach, Misa, and there had a family reumlom on Easter Sunday with ttfolir children, Helen of Missouri, William • of Texas, and their grandchildren. It Was the first tiane the family had been together Ln 18 years. Obituaries WARREtt \Is. BOUNDS Warren Edward Bounds, 59. MRS. H O L L IS TIL BRISG S iCirs. Dorothy Sattford Briggs, wife of Hollis W. Sriggs of Troy, of Dickinson Road. -Florida, Mass., a farmer and veteran of died last W ednes^ at the Sa- World War H, was stricken with I ^ P tan a fatal heart attack Tuesday.' “Severe held Saiprday morn- 'April 16, as he worked in the in ^rorf' an ^'terment was fami. | in Greenwich cenrcGery. gatt-d 6 n_at his farm. Briggs is survived by Funeral services were held on faer husband foraerly of Eas- Fnday at 2 p.m„ at the ton; two sons, Norman H. arid Ro- T,! W1^ ! land C. Briggs; m-e brother, Milford . H. Knights, pastor of ^ o[ Wesl P a l m the Florida Baptist church, offi ciating. Burial was in the church cenietery, Fla. Mr. Bounds was bom im Eart Greenwich, a son of the late George W. and Etta Martin Bounds. He had lived in Florida since 1034, and was a member of the Florida Baptist church. . As a- ho-bby started in 1955, Mr..--Bounds made maps of the Florida community, drawing theni on paper and cloth,, com­ plete with brooks, river;.s and original road names, Some of these maps were presented to the town -library. Later. lie be­ gan work on a century-old map of the 'area, starting at the Flor­ ida-North 'Adams line, working, east lie is survived by his wife/ the former Bessie Holt; thref children, William Bounds oi Jackson, Miss., and twins, Pfc. Henry E. Bounds of the U. S. army at Fort Monmouth, N.-J., and TiJAN Henrietta. A. Bounds 6 f the WAVES, assigijed’-t-o duty •at Fort. Myers, Va.;-'fo.ur sisters, 'Mrs. fimma Floyd of Glens Falls, Mrs. \JeSsie M’hitney pf Gran­ ville, Mrs. Haiitie Beagle of AL- bany, and Mrs, Charlotte Simon of. Greenwich; two toothers, George and Harry Bounds of CrreOrtwitsh; a h a l f - b r o t h e r , Charles- •‘Kent of Cambridge; three uncles, Robert, JErancis and Fred Martin, all df NTorth Adams; ThfiSas Martin 01 Eas-; ton, Eugene Martin of Shelburne Falls, ;Mass.; one aunt, Lillian Foster of Greenwich. Beach, Fla.-; four sisters, Mrs. Catherine Grass of Esperence,_ Mrs. Alma Smullen of Carlisle, Mrs. Ruth Bernarta and Mrs. Pearl Osterhout of West Palm Beach; and seven grandchildren. JOHN J. MURRAY John J. Murray of Albany, formerly of Greenwich, d ied April 15. . Funeral services were held in~St. Joseph's Catholic church in Albany Thursday -morning,..^and interment was in Alba#'.« . % He/wts.;a'4 vexei'iiai \rdf World- ^®r/Il in/i^ch, li«e ■e.r.v1ed s in ^|e Ailitaiy pplice^and ^iisva ifr^’ifea employe,o.f the - general Electric. ■'* 1 - ' ■ , rMr.- Murray is siir-vived by his, wife, Dorothy SheaMurray, for­ merly of Salem; tm_ s.ons, Rob; ert . and John Jlarray; t w .,6 daughters, iCathleea and Julia Murray, all of' Albany; seven sisters, Mrs. Gathrerine Nichols, Mrs. Mary Potter, Jilrs. Helen Quinn „and Mrl; 0»o:rathy Mc^ Lean of l&reenwicrl, Mrs. Esther Benzie, of CohoesF-^rs. Julia Byrnes of Glens Falls, ’Mrs. Mar­ garet Rowek'amp of St. Peters­ burg, Fla.-; and fw?o brothers, Henry P. 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