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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, March 28, 1968, Image 5

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, 'J- THURSDAY, MARCH 'S?:•» v - ^ ; - • ..... . * ,plJ ' ■“ THE GREENWICH J-QgBHA& jhf\. SEC. T?n^* Ivester Board Chairman O f New 1 n ^ u t# j| ■ Sylvester' M. Morey - of New.:; York; city has retired from _ .advertising business and ^ s 'n o ^ setting up a headquarters fofc;- the Myrin institute, Lie-, for,-, adult education at 521 • P ark? avenue in New York city. : | : Mr. Morey grew up in Green- wieh, • graduated from the locals ‘ fogh school and then, went on to”’ * Dartmouth college. Last Decem-: ber, he completed 49 years in the advertising business. For New Officers |i|fDeAAo!ay to Be Installed -Mrs. Francis Bergan of Al- ^ ..^ h is Saturday., at 8 p.m. a , . team from Beacon , will install , bany was a guest for the weelf the new officers, of Horace J. end of Mrs. ■ William Tomlinson. Tffber;* chapter, Order , of De: _ W esley Karp* who returned Molay, at the masonic rooms, recently, from Poughkeepsie^ has Charles Tracy will be installed taken employment on a farm {^ a .ste t;(;i 9 an,cil 9 ^ Tl^e public i£ in Easton. . . . . . ’ ' 4w p £ & w ^fr^hn^eivts^w jli ,he_several members of A§hlar Ijpr^ed,- at ..the c£o§e;oiLihe • chapter,' Order .of the Eastern *-••* <• '*><•->■ Star; attended a Meeting1 at •>v Lastt 'Saturday six from the Lake George recently, . . -^ b e r chapter ireeefeed,degrees, -. jjiRicharfSherin of State u«i-j i f i 81 ■cer-ehl0i lies', 5 t';the Newburg;lversit at 0^wego has^ eei) . 37 TQ. TlfaenBt) were vffefira hi ** -3S B .-** . !«'>:_• mic tfuvei u a m s wwoiuwoi v*. wi * v lineRBt wgrer vfw m ff hi <5 D a ie n ts M r \riA years he has been responsible Cynthia;..Sphafer;Mg-13,7 j young -men who received mw Wtlliarn Sheriii’ for the advertising of Sinclair ceptedatfche Sakarita® hospital degrees, ;that. aftfemqon.Vr.The lijwteV Mm Y q W „ «udi<«tt —Oil, among other companies, . v_ , - local-ifeoys-^were^Jerame Hunt,- and is probably best known for school of nursmg in Troy'and J(jff ^ and HaroW Snow. of at Saint Agnes’ school, Albany, introducing the Sinclair diiio- plans to start classes m Septem- Greenwich, and Jaines Slater, ¥ s her Par*hfcs, ,-saur to the world of advertising, ber. Miss Schafer is the daugh- John. 'Morgan and , Leonard Dr- Wjlliain N.Ymng. •• to- interesting himself in edu- ter of Mr. and M rs Ecetterigk. I'hotnpson of Salem. Others who —Airmtati .William^ Knajip, ,is cation’ he is following in the p Schafer and is a senior at the attested from here were Steven spending a leave with his fa- footsteps of his father, C. L. Greenwich central school. Cyn- Dawes, Charles Tracy, Donald app, Tannd. ,¥ s M o rey, who was principal of the thia was also accepted at Ellis Brownell, Peter Sawyer, Joe grandmother, Mrs. Lottie • Greenwich school f o r many* ^ p i t a i school of*nursing and Jordan, RichardHenley, Thomas Knapp. years. As chairman of the My-. Memorial hospital school of ^ an& Steve Perkins, Rich Pet- —Michael Brock left'Monday ment ofjrv in g Trust compan .y in New' York <i(;y. —Miss . Keya Collins, a s:u- dent at Cushing academy, j AH- s i burnh»m,Mass., and Stony Co *1- lins,' who attends ,Mounj; Herao •» school. Mount Hermpn,’ have been ‘posing 'a*' vacatlo in' with' their' parents/ Mr.; ■anji. 3te.’ Lewig G. CollLns. rin institute he is helping to nursing, arrange lectures, and seminars* and publish booklets dealing ■svith such topics as leadership, independent schools, youth prob­ lems, religion, mythology and prfvnnmifjs- ____________ FRISBIE.BROWMELL teys, David Roe and advisers, for New York city to visit, hds Walter Kinnin, Clifton Sousie, sister, Mrs, Charles Lang, who Ralph Doane and Frank Bowles, is a patient in Mount Sinai 1 The ceremonies honored hospital. Frank C. Staples, grand master —Mr. and Mrs. George Calla'- of Masons of the state, who han have returned to Keans- spoke tQ the group and complU burg—Mew Jersey, after spend- Mtss Originally the Myrin institute Mrs. JtatiS B’ro.Wtiell of Green- mented them on their appear- ing several days with conducted most of its activities wieh aniifiuneeg- - &e marriage anee, . granges Keys,.,. _ . _____ at the Waldorf school, A.delphi of her daughter, Janice, of Al- A number of changes have —Robert Bertsch has ro- university, Garden City, but in bany to Allen Frisbie of Sauger- been made recently in the state turned to Delhi after /passing recont years the work has ties. The marriage took place DeMolay organization. Waljer the spring vacation with his, \branched out to Kentucky, Mas- March 9 hi Albany. The couple G. Seeley of Port Qhester has parents, Mr. and Mrs. CbarLes ' sachusetts, Michigan, New York will reside in Manhattan where retired as executive officer of Bertsch’, and family, c ity and other areas. Therefore,' Mr. Frisbie is employed.. eastern Mew York. The grand __ Miss Amelia Bounds- has 0 .E.S. Honors A . C, Valentine Masons were, guests of Ash- Lar chapter, Order of the East­ ern Star, at its March 19 meet­ ing and each Mason was pre­ sented a boutonniere by the ma­ tron, Mrs. Neva Sawyef, in. a St. Patricks program. Arthur \Valentine also was honored dur­ ing the program, on the occasion '<bf his 84th birthday on March .IT, He was presented; a births day cake ,and. received special greetings from the matron.' A 'program, tlie Oldyweds, was presented' for the Masons, the winners being Mr. and ])Irs. Charles Perkins. Kipp arid Crozier To Go to Meeting Superintendent of Public Works Harold Kipp and. Mayor Johi Crozier will attend the alifftrar meeting of the Adiron w (he hoirie o f 1 Het‘ Hietf^i1 Jack Gray, an<i;-*Mr. ;Gr.ay. *. urday a. .family,.’;p?rty Jn liejj honor was -hekl at -the home a t another. niece, Mrs, Katlrpa Dietrick, at Amsterdam. ART ON DISPLAY * Professor Eachard Upton, fa-.c- ulty member of the Skidmonre|ditclt Water*Works conference college art. department^ is reim - j -at Joyce’s Log Cabin in Mechan- sented in' the current.' Natioiisal j ioville this Thursday' evening. Invitational ; exhibition, Ei g Edward Cloonan, superintendent Prints, in the art gallery 'ST'tei- of water sugpiy^Jf bany \State tiEiversity. | will be the speaker.. —Mr. \and . Mrs. Harry ' L. Pike are parents of a daughter, Denise Anne, born on Friday, March, 1, .at the Mary McClella.n hospital, Cambridge. -—A soil, John J., was born Saturday, March 23, at the Glens Falls hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stewart. Mrs, Stewart is the former Ahn Jonesi1. —^Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Traty Jr. of Pinellas Park, Florida, are par^pts of ’a. daughter born Sund#i' 5vtai-tli -24. Airman Ttacy iS' stationed at MacDill air force base. • . • COURSES’ FOR NUltSES • .Adirondack,. Cojnimiiiity col- : lege is conducting a survey to determine the heed for- la ’ re­ fresher course for nurses. The course wQuld start in Septem­ ber. If sufficient interest in the course is ^hown; it will enable women who have been out of nursing for several years to go back into the field. Anyone in­ terested in enrolling in th e ‘course or anyone who desires Harold Bradley at the college! it seemed desirable to establish a New York city headquarters. ~Mv. Morey as secretary treas- ALLEN-RY^ACKl master of DeMolay has decided returned to Elmhurst, Long 1s- Miss Catherine A. Rybacki, New York into one M j ° v ^ ' two \jurisdictions of lajld> after spe„ding’ the past week end with her parents, Mr. urer and chairman oMhe board, daughter of Mrs. Edward Lowry This will be headed by Robert ant] Mrs jjalTy Bounds handles the institute’s business of Hudson Falls and the late Walker, a Buffalo lawyer. Mr. _ MjSg Nancy Russelj a sfcl. affairs, He also has a special Francis Rybacki, became the Walker has divided the state l(ent ^ geiith college ’ Morth- project of his own dealing with bride of Terry M. Allen, son of into regions, and the local chap- an,pt 0n Mass. is visiting her & _ .! __ _ t _ I i _ _ nii»r4nn Uf A 11/in nf Awn f\ n • ft** In J v* (Via fnnn An ‘ * *' ® American Indians. It’s Time to H&ve 0 A Spring Tune-Up • An Oil Change # Snow Tires ' ---------- Removed Phone in for an Appointmon-J 1968 Cars ill Stock BECKER'S GARAGE ......... — A ^ e i Horn* of Chrysler Since 1923 Open Friday Evening CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH VALIANT Wain St. 692*2576 Greinwlcti Mrs. Clayton M Allen of Green- ter is in the four rivers rm p n ^ Mr. and AIrs_ cS„ri cs wieh and the late Mr. Allen at wh.cli extends from PoughRfep- B_ Russell duri her ri 7:30 o clock T^riday evening, sie across to Middletown, up vacatj0n March 1, at t h e Reformed, through Ilion and to the Cana- _culver Tefft came Frlrf-iv church. Fort Miller. Th® Rev. dian border. from Westminster college, Fiil- Charles Anker officiated. DeMolay members and ad- t Missouri, to spend-part of Attendants were Miss Vanessa visers are now working on a his spring vacatioa with Ills Chakalhs of Fort Edward cous- new s ate constitution to be* parentSi and Mrs. Richard m of the bride, and Howard adopted a t . the state constitu- g Doner of Greenwich. tional conclave at Ithaca college ‘ _ p a u i Gettv has returncrl t» A dinner party was held at in mid-August. Mr. Kinnin, Mr. lthaca collcge , m jmiie oi ^ * 0 rvt in Q r t i i f n v A t i c i o nr>/i l i ' r n r t n r t / ' l r K W a r n e r * _ ^i' y 1 ge .colleger ring vatu- Massie’s restaurant in South Sousie and Frederick B. Warner Gclty ti> gw|Seii Glens Falls. Thp couple left on recently attended a meeting in after passing thei a wedding trip to Niagara Falls New York city to confer with tion witi? their:baM ts‘,‘Mr.'wld: and Canada and are now resid- Mr. Walker and his staff on j j rs jje^ditli ‘{$ftt$ ing at North Broadway, Schuy- changes —Miss Ruth Anne Bowles and Icrville. The old eastern jurisdiction h r o o m m f l t P Micc I f n d » The bride is a 1SG4 graduate will carry out its conclave plans q studenlfeSit Cobtaskill of Hudson Falls high school and for this year on June 7. & and Sch soent ^ e CobtosM2 attended Adirondack commun- 9 at Lake Shellcfraeke in the th ’ uo m t ity college. She is einployed as southern ll'Cd{skills:' Tbe rti'ain moth^r M ts a time study analyst at Green- business will be closing out the __Mr’ an^' fiarry ^ wieh Apparel Corp. Mr. Allen eastern jurisdiction and much j>erkjns‘ and Hnnchter \Vontl/ attended Greenwich high school of the time will bo devoted to ntte^ e d the New England and is employed by the Golden sports. flower, show in Boston Saturday and spent the wtiek end with Susan Harrington “ndJMrsT- Lynn Perkin and *■* rajmly in Derry, New Hann]>- shire. I - —Peter Judd, son of Mr. and Who's Who for 68 bomm s judd. »mgmb ,, _ . TT i , • ated recently from the Cybor- ? n ,an Barrington is one Eetic institute in Albany and end nt BowEcs’ N. Y. State STO^E CHEESE Sharp 89c lb. CHICKEN BREASTS 69c II). Legs 59c lb .. .Heavy Roasters 65c lb. Fryers 49c lb. 3# Av. R a t h V Black Hawk B A C O N ■ : 8 5 c lb - Poi'k Liver Beef TLiver 49e ID>. 6 9 c 1D>. Bib End Pork Chops 65 e Ilk LYMANS HOIV1T 5 lb . J a r $ 1 . 9 5 FROZEN FISH FILLETS Haddock Perch Cod Flounder Sole . 69c lb. 53 c lb. 53c lb. 65^ lb. 69c lb. PERKINS' GROCfRY Greenwich FREE DELIVERY Phone 692-7400 Fleece Tissue Mills. . . , dusan narrington Obituaries I n Junior College ' MRS. RAE REMINGTON Mrs. Loretta M. Remington, 53, wife of Rae Remington of 47 North street, Schenectady Today Is Someone’s Birthday or W e d d i n g A n n i v e r s a r y Episcopal ^urch tatement . ” ___________ 2 . \dl be in Greenwich cemetery. Born in Schenectady, Mrs. Remington was a former resi­ dent of Greenwich. Besides her husband, surviv­ ors are a daughter, Mrs. Ray­ mond Lang of Greenwich and four grandchildren. _ . , , °f 16 students recently select- h accented a Dosition lh llie died Friday in E^llis hospital, gfj £q represent Adirondack * . T Sch.neaady' . , C o m m . n S T S “ f i i comp“ter ****■ The funeral services were ecjjtj0ri 0f Who’s Who Among \ held Monday at the .Garrett Fu- students in American Junior, neral Home by the Rev. James * I I.owery, rector of St. Paul’s THE BANK THAT HAS EVERYTHING SEND A CARO Peopl« to Be Remembered Next Week Include fhe Following: BIRTHDAYS SUNDAY, MARCH 31 — Diane Durling, Fanny Burdick, Janet Kefrchum, Thomas Little, Au­ drey Ringer, Jack WSieeldon Jr, MONDAY, APRIL 1—John Ed­ dy, Doretta Jane Weve*, Dawn Gillis, Catherine F r u h a u f , Harrison G. Brown. TUESDAY, APRIL 2 — Mary - Jar*e Schafer, Kelly Jean Medick WENESDAY, APRIL 3— Eliza­ beth McComb, Regina Rowe, Edward Whiteside THURSDAY, APRIL 4— Hazel Abbott, Myron Griffin FRIDAY, APRIL 5—Gerald Con­ nor, Jane Anne Hughes, Fran­ cis Jennings, Eleanor. Bill­ inas SATURDAY, APRIL 6 — Robert - Foster, Marion Marchaland, Robbi * Jane 'Duket, Shaun James Stewart, Malcolm Smith' ^ ^ , . ANNIVERSARIES . 1 MONDAY, APRIL T—Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence- Riley • J TUBSDAYr - 4 PRlL 2 —Wr.‘ and . Mrs. JosepfirA, Grllis Sr. I FRIDAY, APRIL 5—Mr. and. Mrs. Ralph Richardson SATURDAY, APRIL Mr. and Mrs, Albert Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duket Jo u rn a l Statioaers Thte Hughes Newsroom Don&hue’s Pharm a cy .Holmes Pharm a cy S&nd in the BIRTHDAY and ANMIVERSARY Dates of Your Family and Friends—We Want- .l b t u t Them. : Please Mail a Card to Dept. BA, P.O. Box: 185 . ^re«riwtch, N. Y. 12834 JOHN W. THOMAS- John W. Thomas, 74, a res­ ident of the Town of Easton for the past four years, died'Thurs­ day evening in Mary McClellan hospital in Cambridge, following a sfcjfr Dlneis. The funeral was conducted Monday morning at St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Interment was in Wildwood cemetery, Win­ chester. -Mr. Thomas was born Septem­ ber 24, 1893, in Gloucester, Mass., and was a former resi­ dent of Winchester, Mass. He was a retired milk distributor for- the H. P. Hood Milk Co. in the greater Boston area. A vet­ eran of World War I, he served with the U. S. Army and was r member of Liberty Post 515, American Legion, of Greenwich. Survivor^ are a sister, Mrs. Dutfcan -LeBlanc of- Pompano Beac|i#Florida, and a niece, Mrs. I. Lorraine Batchelder of Eas­ ton, N O W ! A COWPLETELY NEW CONCEPT IN STEREO SOUND •V: Througfi Six Decades - \ T h e Chole* o f ” . . America's Liveliest Brides Keepsake Wedding Rings Powell’s • Jewelry Greenwich w New York Con^eiVient Tetms: Arranged Colleges. This' recognition comes as a result of the stu­ dents contributions through scholarship, leadership, citizen­ ship and service. Mrs, Harrington's name and biography will appear in the current edition of the publica­ tion, and she will be presented a certificate of recognition at graduation. The volume is used by businesses across the' coun­ try in a recruitment program to secuf-e\''competent1 young . ‘em­ ployees, ■ * I Mrs/ Harrington is ’ the former | Susan:Morehouse. > | ■ /j ■ j ii.1 NSDAR Meeting HdW S t Wa I lie's Willard’s .iMountain chapter NSDAR • ' met • at; Wallie’s *4or | lunch Thursday, MaMi 21, w ith1 13 niehiibers present. Hostesses, were Miss Evelyn Barbur and Miss Pearl Townsend. Mrs. JLe.wis Collins presided, as re­ gent, Mrs. Walter ' Scholten, Mrs. Gofdon Whitaker and Miss Barbur were chosen to serve as a nominating committee, Mrs,] 0. Hk 'S.. H6dbiing, chairman of j national defense, was in charge of the program aftd chose as . her topic, Threats to National Defense F r o Within the CouHfry and From Outside the Country.-£‘She ’used visual aids in‘presenting the program attd ; nriembers of the chapter partici­ pated iri'a discussion^ ^ • Lefsyouhearftill, rich, natural stereo sound no matter where you sit • Model Y565 -> Thc MODERNE Now, you can liear stereo the way it • was meant to be heard —all around you, Zenith's revo- • lutlonary new\Clr- cle o t Sound\ features unique, ’.cylindrical-sAaptd speaker units with defloctor cones designed-to disperse Sound in a soitt- pietfr 360° j:lrclE. Within each unit Is a Zenitli quality twin-cone speaker tfucing a frequency response.of 40 to 15,000 cps. Main cabinet features 80 -- Vvatt peiiR music power solid-state airt- plifier; Stereo Precision record clianeeT • with ;Mlcro-Touch'S 56 tone armi com­ bination loudness/stereo Balance- con­ trol; separate treble and bass controls; Mbaern'deslEn cabinet In Grained Wal- 'nut color with, matching speakers. $209.95 ZENITH^ the quality goes In before the name goes on ® . PELTIERyS RADIO SHOP 1 i 24 MstmStreet* ’ ... \ . Greenwich :■ . 692 COOKED FISH FISH STICKS 8 oz. 39c 16 oz. 73c Howard Johnson FRIED CLAMS 73c pkg. Every service for all your financial needs For (‘very bunking sefviep aiul fiu’ilily uinb'f olio roof, you can always depend on us. A n d fro add tho im­ portant extra of friendly, considerate attention in the handling of your finaii-. eial needs. . • - ,* Auto Loans \ Ji Hpme Loans # Business Loans \ ! • Personal Loans • Home Improvement o*' . Loans • Saving's Ace’ts • Checking Acc’ts • Bank by Mail • Night Depository • Safety Deposit Boxes FIRST NATIONAL BANK . *** * of GREENWICH, N. Y. Lodally\ Owned •Open Friday Evenings 6 to 8

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