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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, January 04, 1968, Image 9

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'i o i a i r A j * . L l : 3 £ |ri;-CGunty Champs - * - »' i ’ ‘V ^ * • ‘ Wliqt; Happened' Hereabouts During CCoultniiecl from Page-jl' Sec, B) planntng, zoning and> junk yard; ordiniuiees, - v i ' 5- The board of education .Qf the Greenwich school'’ planned to ianwe the sw^mp at the; north o f ' its property drained* &. rife new wing at the ilary ZMeCle-llan hospital > in ' Cain- bricage! was dedicated and an opem 3iouse held. ^ ■, 9. Cireeawich’ village board voted to create a: planning coirsinattee, < feS. -David* J. Moshers IS; of E hs 4 qe ) was selected natiam l Star/E?8finfer of AwsUoa ^ t ; tlje IP/.* -■* ^ ± £ 1 ^ a m .#vX?' t G t t i l Jl 10. Three-year-old Richard F. Fitch Jr.,1 son . of Mr. and Mrs. Rick?|d.F, Pitch of Fort Miller, wak fatally injured -when struck by a • car while crossing the street in Hudson Falls. IS. In light of the Halloween vandalism in Greenwich, the village 'hoard ordered the police KaosiLs City' co^entiop. ()f 13-L5, The igpifannlvprsgry of tlse surrender, pf* General Biirpyiie a t Schuylerville'was celebrated there. 1-4. The Greenwich' Journal obsscrwcdt (lie 125th anniversary of ils estaiblis|MTient. 14 Personal permanent, regis- trafcio® o f voters .vviis completed in tlie county, had’ been eiglil days for. rm s tenttg in every election difeirici.precfcded fcy opportunities tp -re^ister at th e , central joifiCfe, 1Be cou&lita? fair, and* ofjieij places* IS, DonaM W.-~Cp6k-.of-Mew Hartford', C o to„'pliithasM 1 h e Jokii Deere f arm . j#achin«ry lusiness in GreewVibh from Iclsmcl R. Robertson,! who^hfid operated It since 1925; i fl: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Coon oMVest Hebron Won’$5(M><K> in the- Nlcw York state lottery. L9. Lt. Gov. Malcolm Wilson spo-ke at a dinner sponsored by the county Republican .QOpiniit- tee a aid emphasizedthe iiripact weijhitea voting, cotild have on political control; of t h e ' eotaty hoard of supervisor?. 21. The new campus of Adi- rondtck Community college in tile town of QUeensbury ’was dedicated. 23. David M. Wood, 66, -of Sotalla Argyle was killed vlien. Ills tiractolr overtiifiied, pintting iL — 1, ----------- ,— , SG. The county, bi>ard o f elec- tloas annouhced~tl}I£,21|4&3 Jtffd registered ih th b p ^ n h a r ietit perso-ual rejtistr&tipfl, program and were eligible ' to vote in No-vomber. '' 29. The Grefen$i<sh cejrtfal sclaool football -iMjjgi ■. which we* tlie league . Wets “honored at a jJ^n%r b6ra at fae school c&feteM,.’ ‘ J^ojlji Crtjrloy, coach here.*£0. yejli? ago, was the prihCj^T^pea^er. 31. The annual l|a}Ibween pai radc ivas held in. ■he-' t village with many youngsters in ctfs- tiume-. Some pranksters were refioirled to have carried their tricks to the point of vandalism. NOVEMBER 3. Itoland B. Crandall of Old Greenwich, Conn., published Leave- and Nuggets, the letters and diaries of Henry Sargent Cransdall of Galesville and Mttry Caroline Mills of Easton, writ­ ten from 1849 to 1853 when Crandall was prospecting for gold In California. 7. Election day. Two Demo­ cratic supervisors were elected iit the county: William. T. Sticriii of E-aston and lieoH M. Layden of Kingsbury. Jtepub- licans won other town offices in tfnese towns,, and Republicans were victorious for all town offices in other towns of the .county. Voters in the county defeated all fotjr _sbate pro­ posals on the ibailot including •’tfee proposed new state coilsti- tuticn, which failed state -wide, amd the $2.5 billion- bond issue which passed in the state. clilef. to enforce all village or­ dinances and adopted a get- tough attitude. - The board re­ scinded a ' previous Ordinance, thus’ restoring two-way traffic on »HI1I street, and ordered parallel parking on Washington square. ■ * - > - 13. first snow storan of the season, 14. A budget of $6*428,933.10 was adopted by the board of supervisors fer the county for 1968. It was $1,236,424.44 ^i^her than the\1967 budget. The amount to be raised by taxes was §2,533,074,58. In 1967 it was §1,645,587.48. IB. Four t o r e buildings had been removed in Greenfich. Tlie house between the comniu- nity center and the Home for Aged Women, owned by the by Alex Rankin A joint committee of the state legislature is going to, hold five hearings around the state this month m Medicaid, It is made up of senators, . and assenftlymen' and it'is called, the Joint.Legislative committee on - 1 h & problems of > public health', Medicare, Medicaid and compulsory health and hospital = insurance. : '- The members will take seats T e l E P W 'T < ^ board of supervisors’ chamber o r ' liotei- ballrbpn^-~The~«om- inittee’s lawyers will be there. Microphones will- he o n . t lL.e table. so. t h a t. everyone can be heard, (T h e r e will be steno­ graphers io take down all the w&rds, or maybe even' a tape recorder. The members will listen to given in-'t£he knowledge-that the people, -wlio- actually pay the uation, General rates varied from $50.96 m Kingshtiry ,to $85.14 fen. Ptmani: Tli?e rPte- . * 1 ™ ^ vious year the rates weres|38i75 for - Kingsbury,' $59.81 • fer Put- narh. The supervisors appealed to Governop Rockefeller to do something about the cost' of:‘ is wrong with the Me<ypaid law- and left them how it ought’to be' .amended. Having listened, the legislators will go back Jto Al- Medicaid, blaming .that £q tt the increase in taxes. 6: Forty people from ’various, vicinity towns attended tfce first session of a community' plan­ ning seminar being h«eldL in Greenwich, ': . 10. Frank foss, 91, of Easton was* fatally burned when fire broke oirt in his trailer Isonae.. - 11. The supervisors of Green­ wich and Easton found _ teat a large majority of people fca their towns favorei a c counts-sales tax to reduce the real estate tax increases. 12. The villgge .skatimg_ riak was set up a,nd waiting suitable weather 'for 'flooding. » * 14. Salary increases to- b-e ef­ fective January Iwexe apniroveffi^and \testify hariy, write amendments with the proper le£al -language and submit th.e m. These amend­ ments will either die in com­ mittee, be voted on and ap^ proved and sent to the governor -or- -voted-down. ----- Whatever happens, legislators will always be -able to say that public hearings were held— they listened to. the voice o f the people. Which is the kind of thing •that makes people who hang; around legislators too long cyni­ cal. This is because at these hear­ ings: the same people always show up and testify—and the iam e peopfe do not show up bills will Ibe there. V-. • ( : Thest people aren’t la\vyers or public speakers anyway and they woTJtipj'wWbly stfflittqr, use bad grantmar, and worse yet, complain- ab-<)ut high taxes, - -r- . Many legislators woiild rath­ er be afeuitfl -profeiisktn^lsu' -M, hearldg^.'they. If the occasion demands, legislators can pick on them, j a t .at theift, make;;loitgi aiagry speeches«a t theitfrprflse tbienij accuse them: The- professionals never g e t- sore. After fct is aver they go out to dinner \v*itb tiiem;- It ^ inaltfes headlines, all-4he..jabbing.aad|; scoring of .debater’s p-oiiits. . The ^ f Ollo^iag. list i s ‘given so that anyone wmting tO watch -this,- circus, can. Seeing is be- i lieving. A \v?ord of caution, how* ev#r. Do not attend more than one. You v*viU be bored. The same peopl«e, the same groups, \vill ¥e at'Sie- second one.' And except; for one pr two ‘things to make neiy.headlines, they will, say the sairw fthtngr__ ' January 8, 10 a,na. Westches- ter county center, LittteTheater, White.’Plains. - , ,January, 9,. 10:30 a-nr. State office building, 290« Roadway, New York City. January 16, lO-M ' a.m. board of ' supervisory* eiitejnbers,' Gn- on^taga county courtliouse, Syra­ cuse, . - January 23, 33>:3fi-a,ra, Buf­ falo and E rie eouatij?. library, LaFayette. square, Buffalo. J January 24,' 10:30 a»m. Mark January 30, l6:^D aim, State°; department, of heaJtli auditor­ ium, 84 fiioiiand' avenue, Al­ bany. ^ January 31* 1 p.aj. State uni­ versity at Prafetsbiir^h* HawMns hall; Plattsburgh^ CONCERTS AT ALftAMY On January 5 the American String trio will present a con- csert at Albany state university^ Page hall, Tbe 'trio is composed of artists in residence a t the col­ lege,\ Bf‘a cffneKt'tat-’the- January 12. Itzhak Perlman, violinist, will appear, acconi- pafiied by Samual Senders at the piano. Electronic Perspee-* tives L a taped coiieert, will Tie p r e s ^ e ^ bn^r?a’nua>yTJl:in con- fiunction- \with two# exhibitions of contemporary am. The ex­ hibit w iir be on vi-ew J:anuary 8-25. ' \ - New . ; . ' S c 0 1 1 1 : ' . LECAL NOTICE, ' a n n u a l m e e t in g ISIOTIGE-\ The' regular ajimual 'meetihg National1 Bank of »grreenwich; New Yoi'K, for the election of ■ directors -for th e ' ensuing year 'and . any other lfegal' business will be held at th e . hanking house on Tuesday, January 9, •1068 at Ufa o^clocsk *$il, Tolls •will' remain open cme bour.' • • JOSEPH K. KELiL, • ■ VIC® -PBESJDENT 13-14,21,28;l-4 - biterniajtioiia] j; F ot All lUoads AH: *.A 11 tlses Reaj Wheel Drive <it * A l l W h M D r i v e Natale Rambler T*l, Saratoga 584-5440 - S«. Broadway S«ratoff« OPEN EVENINGS for county employes; l^i th e board of supervisors. The in­ creases •varied’ from 'less than 10 to ntore than 20 pea' cent. The new salary' schedule su­ perceded one adopted tBe ye#r before. The board took no ac­ tion on adopting a’ county sales fem e ; th e Dwyer house next | tax. St. Joseph's hall on Hill street, 17. The Greenwich Machine owned i y St. Joseph’s church; The people who do show up are the professional testifiers. They are either paid for it or are'given titles which go with the job of doing it. The people who do not” show up are the common ordinary taxpayers; The clerks, bus' driv­ ers, accountants/ salesmen, ma- Maciune c}i|ne operators and assembly- and Tool company was approved ^Iine wor1cers who punch a clock every day, the farmers. Every week they look at their pay- c h e c k 's wis,tfitlly, sometimes , angrily, when they open them% up and see for the hundredth* \J time how much the accounting . department h |s “ taken out for taxes. . 1 These people never show up , at public hearings. ‘ 1 i These are the people who get stung. J And Iviedicaid can be an ex- , ^fiiple, 1 Medicaid has gotten to the point where Governor Rocke­ feller is offering everyone this choice: Either a new payroll deduction for mandatory health , insurance to help cut the rising costs of Medicaid, or even more taken out of, your present pay- deduction for a new state The store that ^cares about you! GET Y^OUR SV/EEPSTAKE TICKET W Toil MAY M A m m m i • NQ_pBll OAZFION FRpE FbO D WINNERSl F, Pershaji^pIms-<vilie g. AnJrcfto. ©qiro C . Rutland ^ B. Miiroy, Rfiijnebeck' A- Felkr, (|earitioiitpwn r , Fox, Rut]art<{ A c rft E. I ^ C M w e i i a |r B. Amazon, Sel^dy; <*•Shear. Gdlioes B. Bellr Itedhoc»lc--- J^ C^ojey^ Igconderogg A..Dwnl«isk»,-SiM Ren$, E. McWahanr L Falls Mrs* T. Heal/, Sttranac • \ *■ ,_t' ■ - / : ; WE SELL ONL^ U. S. GOV’T. INSPECTED MEATS 8, POULTRY SUPER-RIGHT\ QUALITY CUT e O M TENDER YOUNG PORK'E'R§f Volunteers Clean Paiht Off MofttttoMt ' After Halloween 1 1 • - an unoccupied building n e x t1 for an on the job\ tc^ireing prfl- t&e. post office on Main street 1 gram under the state btaipow- antLj vacant building, next fhe er training administration/ - Shell station on Washington1 20. The Washington, couiity street, both owned ,by the Jo - ' junior fair had’ a contract \t& seph lyttle Sr. estate, had p u r c h a s e approxifnately 50 been taken down. j acres of land adjoining tlie fair-1 bef(^.g‘! 20. A pilot, program in milk , grounds on Route 29 Tills would b a n r u p l t l t e “co7nties“ had ■r f AU n4..< iu. 4-Un I Umln ih/v mitft lilo •fflllt r ............ Thi§_.is an example of why [r-people who hang around gov­ ernors too long get cynical. Two years ago the legislators listened to the people who al- ways show up at public hear­ ings-—the spokesmen for t h e lobbies and interest groups, the people who speak for medical societies, labor unions and busi­ ness -associations. And so the Medicaid bill was passed and the governor signed it and it 1 is law. That was, of course, two years more than a dozen subur- Vfarren Celfamer Electrolux Sales i- Service -Supplies A® Parts On Hand E ts t Mfin St. Catnbridg*, N»w Yorlc Tiliphon* 47/4WC testing for students in the Greenwich school agricultural program was being held. 24. There were 19,125 people who voted in Washington coun­ ty November 7, the . dounty board of elections reported. This w_ss_the largest vote since j the presidential election in ' 1964. 26. The world’s- l a r g e s t freight car, 136 feet iong with 32 oversized wheels, owned by general Electric, w a s tested over the Greenwich and John- sonville railroad line. '28. Supervisor Joseph L. Ran­ dles- J t. of, Argyle, chairman- of the board’s finance committee, said this county was not con­ sidering a sales tax to avoid an increase in • real estate taxes. Several counties including War­ ren'county had adopted a 3 per cent sales tax. \ ^ ‘ 29. justice Michael Sweeney of Saratoga Springs approved the weighted voting plan for; this-county*, and ordered it to go into effect January 1. The plan-gives each supervisor votes \Oiritee county board in propor­ tion £ 0 . the nUmFer *6! Inhabi­ tants «f his town.' - . — DECEMBER, 3. Alton J. Petteys-Jr., 22, of BalM-on Spa, whose father was formerly of Greenwich, w a s burned to death ,.w h e n ^ i r e dest^csyetd hfs fapjni. hbnetei. 5. Town-County •real estate taxes, were .announced..The'gen­ eral r a te was up an average of $15 a thousand of assessed Val- triple the size of tlie fair­ grounds. » 21. The county boar<l of \su- done the unthinkable and for | the first time aproved county sales taxes— all to raise the I pervisors held its final meeting local share of Medicaid costs— of the year. Three members, who were not reelected for the .■coming; term, received tlieird-esk name plates. Miss B'omnie Mc­ Guire of Jackson was given rec­ ognition for her American Le- „gion prize-winning essay, On This Rock We Stand. 26. Hie Batterjkill at Shushan was listed as one of the pro­ posed sites for reservoirs to be and 10 mqre were strongly con sidering it: The most common remark among legislators went some­ thing like this: “I can’t under­ stand it, these groups that us­ ually send us reports and stud­ ies didn’t tell us anything like this was going to happen.” That is- understandable. Most legislators’ staffs consist of a developed in -the state to pro-1 secretary to open' the mail-and vide the necessary water needed answer the phone. This is a by residents in 2020'. * vacuum. Nature and politick, are 27, Ben .English of Cara.Mdge! against vacuums and this one had been elected vice -president' was imrnediately filled Tiy the of the state association of s'oil lobbyists and special interest and w a t e r. conservation tricts. 28. Bruce W. Emanuel, voca- pay for research. Many times the research produces loaded tionifl tfgrlcfOltural teaefcer- answers. That is the price of Greenwich had been awarded lawmakers without staffs, a life membership in the .Ameri­ can V-ocational assoeiation for Shis contributions to -the PFA program in working with Star\ Farmer David Mosher. ‘ ^ 29: T h e ~ ftiering BiLOw?fal-l\-o-f'j The five hearings \oS'^Medl-' jhe season teft nearly a foot of for example, will be held, fluffy snow.-The storm was ac- begi’nning at 10 a.m.) i0;30 a,ml There is also the simple fact that the c'ommdn, ordinary peo­ ple never showed up at the. hearings. Only the experts did. Tjje hearings are designed that way. compaaiied by winds th-at caused drTft'iff^''a'fid: travel, either by* car or' foot, was difficult. The snow, however, delighted skiers, and both TViHard’s.. Moun.tain jjp d Easton Valley ski arieas wer6 open. • - * ^ 31. Tne- year endetd -with a light snow. ■: - - - or 1 p.m. That is when most people are working. Few employers will let theiV workers off to attend a public -hearing. And few employes can afford it. But here is a list of the Med­ icaid hearings anyway, I t is not 7«RIB POSRTI&N ROAST LOIN PORTION ROAST NO CENTER CHOPS REMOVED - FULL R if LOIN fiAtP ROAST HALF ROAST AT ASrP-A RI6 END CONTAINS rU&L 7 RIBS . NOT JUST 4 or’5! LOOK FOR THE HUVES. WITH THE CH<)PS ON* TOP!/*-* a,S*jpef-Right\ Sliced Ouarler Loin • It»J CHICKEN QUARTERS : 33^ NIEW !,SUP£jU-RLd.H5''t- - . -^NEV^\' .Country . > ' t r e ^ l b . 6 < X \SUPBR- RIGHT\1 lb. 97 i ,-RIGHT'rCHOPP£p 2 p t s i 3 9 F R E S H e s n d l T H R I F T Y ^ O U C I S P I C I A I S ! U, S, # 1 SIZE A-EASTERN l i . . b-ag OOLDEN.! BANANAS - -lb-. Ib. 2 0 bag Fresfi {Single pf. 34c) ennb •CELLO- fo o.t .... S 1 0 0 A v V A R E FROZEN PICKLES FORMAN'S KOSHER Y&LOW CLING d CAULIFLOWER A&P HROZEN A&P PLASTIC SHEFFIELD Stainless' Steel -JANE P A R W WHITE BREAD I lb. k oz» I v s . A&P BRANDt'SLICED SWISS 8 02>- pkg. itc 1-- lb,- ~ p% -' / EFFECTIVE' WHERE OPEN, JAN. 7, IF UNABLE TO PURCHASE AMY ADVERTISED ITEM PLEfeSE REQUEST A RAIN CM iCK. / I.

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