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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, January 04, 1968, Image 8

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r i if- ■nf ?* ' ~ ~ hr. J W m A L ■ TH3RBPAY, JAJTIJABYi ‘ | | | i * V —JMrs. Bernice Brown is- at tlae- IMary BflcClellan hospital re- c^vesing t n m ' Meujiianfe. and Ir-§/ HeMe«, Tft#- m m S w - Years day dm- ««r Attests of Mir. ajnd Mrs. Alt; Ishygesen • .and family. —- 3 fts/ 3fr, ead NJrs; ............ _.........___. e»f «tts« Mm SivKr 4 S*l| wj?fee cent to n e ? guests' of \Mr. and J#?1*- Rajp^-MEsf-te^.. • - .-*•-% '.- •—T h e iaiuja! ' business, . meet­ ing 'of tlie ^ajkfrY4ilfr---|s(fe|y-' qiiu£«h ttrll) 1)© Ism . e h i ^ . t h wisdaj?,. 4i,, $ p,*a, ih isv ^ lt be pjf«<&ded‘% a pcit luck supper va t 8:30. ■ t W s ^ c.v '.-•tr.i\ : ■ . •■ .._, —.3Wi\ and Mrs.' §fjmley Waitei entertained a group of friends • W S l B f r > ' •• ' iteS i &m- • Swa®iy tsilsih 4 p.itt. 'SfQttijg P&ople’fe meet- ■tg|> i •. ■:. ; . * v .' * ■■• ' . ;- | p,m. Choit sfthtiflfsilj. ■ iM ftedtt. Fy^r-'sppvitse. \ jsrrr Newsletter T^lls Ivents The second newsletter front t ffM f o .-[%> public schools has been sent out to parents ' i for-'liii£\ to for off a n y is, that wilj: “■,*•£' ■\- . ’’ . 'give- careful thtoiagM . imd timely attteiitiwi lo his adv^tlsiiig. If his btisimm is going good, it-h&hotiv&s him to hvep it goiiig. If it is not going so 8P»49_ is is most.msejitial to try advertising »r it may gp W& remintlry^i aghin that in Greeiawieir and its -eiivirciis, whiqh Is to say\ adjacent territory - fop miieg ^ a u i l^ Hie Greeii'wich Journal i ^ t l , _ i n M e a w if ‘eV e sfy h o m e . v Therefore ___ _ — , The Greenwich Journal is the logical, rhedium for telling tire public • why they siioMd patronize yemr store, Shop or buiitiess. . forming them of school activi­ ties in the various departments aad of 'cajning events, . : 'Several special a ss e ra biles were described, Ope was i>y Assemblyman Lawrence E. Cor­ bett and a second by Dr. C. Frederick Zipprich oi the de­ partment of public health tech­ nology at Hjidson Valley Com- qotx-ddtz Mg- •sganoa AjttTim spoke 'on air and water pollu­ tion. .-In a - third assembly progranj Jjadge Jolui Q’Briea and: Dr. Mil: ton • Greenberg, presented the fji&g! ateoptt^ dangets itt the use of^d,nigs, the problettis of drug i^dLetlaii aad ihe kciite; suffer-. ii^g tliat withdrawal 'brings. , ^He jirwslettef reviews the adJiHriis,4rati()n' oT the school health services personnel and. tells -of the elementary testing program which was completed e^rljf ill D'ecemher. It is fexpect- , etJ: ttijit. results of the testing wfll' be a-vailable sometime in Februtirj'. ' The newsletter is edatecT iby Or, Jtacfasrd'P. Schinidle, district ppiitcipral, . - BORROWED ITEWS Bersons. who have borrowed u-Jheelciiairs- and walkers frcm the Eort Edward Eescue squad and are not in need of them now are asked to return then* to the squad headquarters. Tlie squad has only a fern, of these itjems to loan and there “is a call for them ' at present. They are loaned to patients for 90 days and, except in emergency cases, are expected- to be returned at ■the end of \that time so they., will be -available to others in need of them^ RECEIVING, TAXES ' ttxs. Isabel M. Stoughton, tax jollectoi for the town of Fort Edwards began the collection of $xes _ ’Tuesday in the. tc^wi eleftk’s' ofifice at 147 Broadwtay, Taxes paid on or before Jaiiu- ary 31 will he 'Without- pharge or interest. I / 1?^' lift I ■ I H0LD PARTY, \A' Chrfstmas party was held fecfetttly by Brownie troop 16 at St. '’Jaittes’ parish house with tlie mothers of the girls as guests. Cdlleert Tidd announced the events, *riie girls presented their ttHpHirs with gifts that they hat!1 made and then- they ex­ changed gifts. A luncheon was Served with cakes in the shai>e of Christinas trees as part of the decorations. LEGAL NOTICE TOWN COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Tie liildersigned Collector of taxes in. and for< the Town of Easton, will receive taxes at the Polliilg Place in Scheldam, on Friday, January 5, and Friday. Jaiiuary IS, 1968, and\ at my office in No. Easton on all other dS^s through January 31, 19(38, except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays,. Hours of collection will he 9:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. No fee will be charperl ttur- P®Honals —A d^ftghtfer was born to 'Mr. and. Mrs. Richard* Herman.ce on N«sv Years: day, January. 1, at the ©eiis=-Falls hospital. —Sgt, ^George Gray, of the Fort Edward police department has been a patient in the Glejis Falls hospital. —Marine Qpl. Edward J. Reese, Whio .has- completed a 13- nwnth tour of duty in Vietrianii is spending; a-;20-day leave with his parents,' Mr. and airs. Jesse Reese. Following/his leave he will report to Cherry Point, N?fc. ' ' - —Mr. aiid . Mrs. -6. Michael Currie are parents of a daughter bom at Glens Falls hospital on Tuesday, December 26. ' —Mr. and Mrs.. Philip Rifen- b,erg and- daughters, Linda and Judy, were receLnt. guests o | Jtrs. Ftjlfenberg’s father, Lyle K. joitier. ' ‘ : • —At the meeting of the Civic league on Tuesday, Junuary^, the program will include a tour of the Decora - plant, followed by a business meeting and tea in. the EocL-JWwaKd Ar.t center. —Peter Miles, a freshman at State . university college .in 0s- w.ega, and Robert Milps, student a t ^lufray State imivejsity. in Keiitucky, spettt the Chtfstiiaas vacation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miles, Ansltsm’s college, Manchester, N. H., and -Mark Conley, fresh* titan at St. Michael’s college, Winooski, Vt., spent the holdays with their father, Joseph Con­ ley, and aunt; Miss Catherine Conley. —Patricia Davis,, a freshman at State university college at Potsdam, and Robert Davis, a junior, at Clarkson school of technology,- spent the holidays with their parent?, Mr. and Mrs.’ J . Barkley Davis. —Craig AndersonTff'senior at Syracuse university, spent the holiday recess wth his parents, Rev. and Mrs. \Rosco Anderson; —Rodney Irwin, a senior at the Universty of Tetthessee, was a t the home of his parents, Mr.' and Mrs. Gerald Irwin, ’for tlie holiday vacatioh. —Joseph Bowe in> who is in his- fl^st' year oi, study in the school of engin,eeriilg. at Buffalo State university cbllege, was at the home of his' pareiits, JjjE and Mrs. Joseph Bowe Jr., for the ‘ holidays,'' 1 * ' ’ ' ' ' ! ittg January. After January 31, 19te; oup per centum will be added for the first month and ah -additional.one-half of one per centum for each month and fi-actioa thereof thereafter, will be added until the return of Unpaid taxes is made toy the Collector to the County Treas­ urer pursuant to law. John W. Visser Tax Collector Town of Easton R.I>. 1, Greenwich, N. Y. 12—28; 1—4 IgSSjP' B Y A G W A Y etimb aboarci the all new SM;p-SQUlRE and roar off litta a new world of winter adventure and family fun. C ruise-aking at four miles per hour, or feef the thrill of power as you speed along a t 45 miles per.hour. Tlie_ effortlesa-operationat ease and simplicity make the SNIO^SQUIRE a family ad venture in racing, skiing, trail ridjftg, hunting, flshinig* an3 ^all-around' winter sport activity. ■ ’ .. H E R E 'S T H E B IG G E S E f A R S A I IU I N T H E c a i t f i n a n c e i t t o o ! ) TRY THISNO-SQUIRE ATt FARM & HOME ■ LEGAL NOTICE TAX C(KLLECTOR’S NOTICE Notice i s hereby given that I, the undersigned collector of taxes’ in \arid for the Town of Argyle, VVashingtpij. C o lin ty, ‘New York, have received the tax roll and warrant for the collection .of taxes for the fiscal year 1968 and that I will at­ tend my office, Main Street, Ar­ gyle during January 1968 from 9 o'clock till 12 noon and from 1 Q^ploek till 4 o’clock p.tti. oil each day. excepting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, fot the purpose of receiving-the -taxes assessed upon the coll, Tgxes will be received up to February 1, 1968 without ad­ ditional charge;. Oil all such taxeis reinaining. linpaid after January 31st, 1968 one (i) per j®K£fflLjall_le™added, for the- first month and an additional one hafcf (Vz). <st ‘one ^ e r centum fo'r each month o r fraction- thereof antil' th e return of unpaid ^taxes is made 'by -me to the ‘Oeuaty. Treasurernj»ur- suant to law. Dated December 26, 19E7 ^ Atflna L. Conkey fowij Cle'rk and Tax Collector 12-28;l-4 ‘ \ .......I ........... ' ■ 4 - ' Leads the Gems Team Won Lost E m e ralds ____ ____ 42 22 Peridots .....................40M- 23% Jades ____________ 39% 24% Diamonds ________ 34 30 Pearls _ ___________ 29 . .35 , Rubies ___________ 25 39 Opals ____________ 25 39 Sapphires ____ ____ 21 43 Singles-Triples— Thelma E d g e rly ___ 194 485 Ccle Roe _____ 166 475 Helen DeFoe _____ 422 I>oris Hakala ____ 1 158 413 Marie Salley ______ 168 412 Janet W a tkins ____ 405 Carolyn M illis _____ 150 403 Listen Veteran Husbands and- wives who are elegible veterans in their own right, may acquire property jointly under the GI Loan pro­ gram and thus increase the amount which may be guaran­ teed by the VA. However, the guaranty may not exceed 60 per cent of the loan for home pur­ poses or 50 per cent for any other real-estate purposes. The antount oi the guaranty in such a case would be double that of one veteran, with a maximum Of $15,000 f or a home loan. For farm or business purposes, the maximum-'for the “two veteran? would be $8,000.' —“ Change^ of address should be reported promptly by veterans or members of the i t families re­ ceiving VA benefit checks. This will insure delivery of th e checks to the new aadress with a minimum of delay. A .change of -beneficiary,to re­ ceive the proceeds of GI in­ surance may not be made by a last will and testament. The VA can- only pay the beneficiaries of record as filed by the vet- effta. New iiStiftgs of Jbene'fici- aries should b e filed s i so,on..as. possible after marriages, di­ vorces, bi*ths sr 46 la*-, sure benefits going to the proper' beneficiaries. Applying for veterans bene­ fits? Certain benefits require certificates of marriage, bitth, divorce, or other vital records. you when applying. % tKesfe records are not readily avail­ able, your local state \^etepan counselor will assist you, where pc)|sible, in Qhtai!iibg; e0Sif% Questions ahotit the' rights and benefits of veterans, serv­ icemen or their depeftd^nts may be submitted, for hidividu^at- tentfon to the New York State Division _ of Veterans Affairs, Office Building, Port LEGAL tyOTICE TAX COLLECTOR'S NQTIC: E Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, collector of taxes, in and for the Towfn of Greenwich, Washington ..(Jounty, New York, have receiveid the tax roil and warrant for. the collection of taxes for .the* fiscal year 196 . ^ and ‘that I will at­ tend at my office. 136 Main Street, Greenwich, in said Town during January,.' 1968 from 9 o’clock ^in the forenoon to 4. o’clock in the afternoon on each day excepting* Saturdays, • Sun­ days and, holidays^ for. the pur­ pose of receiving the taxes as­ sessed upon said roll. Taxes\ will be received up to February 1, 1988, without addi­ tional charge. Oh all such tax&s remaining unpaid after January 31st, 1968 one j i ) per' centum will be addedf for the first month and an additional one half (¥ 2 ) of one per centum for fiaph month-' or fraction thereof thereafter, until, the return of unpaid taxes is*^tade hy me to the . County Treasurer pursuant to law. , \ ' ' Dated: December 28, 196? Helen M. Ruddock Town Clerk and Tax Collector P.Or. Greenwich, N.Y. • Phone 692-7611 12—28; 1—4 , - LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF NEW YOPC WASHINGTON COUNTY WAYNE If. TAiJNNER, Plaintiff, —VS—— EMMA JEAN TANNfiR, * Defendaat. =- “ACTION FOR DIVORCE*’ • TO THE ABOVfi fJAMED DEFENDAl«,:'j YOU ARE 'HEREBY SUM- MONED to answer the com­ plaint- .in, this action and to serve, a copy of yo.ur answer, or- if .the complaint is not served with this summons, to serve a notice of appearance . on the plaintiff's attorney within thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of ttte day (if service, and_M_ease of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken a.gainst you by default for the relief demanded in the complaint. D.afed: . ___ TO THE DEFENDANT EMMA JEARL TANNER: The foregoitig ^summans is served upon you by publication pursuant to an order of Hon. John J. O’Brien, a Judge »f the Washington County Court of the State of New York, signed the 13th day of December 1967, at Whitehall, New Y6rk, ^nd'filed 0.11 the 27tli flay of . December 1967, with the complaint in the Office of the .Clerk of the Coun­ ty of Washington, at the Wash­ ington County Building, in the Town of Fort Edward, County of Washington, and State of New York: Tlie object of this action- is an Action for a Divorce. LEGAL NOTICE I LEGAL MOTlCf therefor, except that th« main­ tenance or operation of a mo­ bile home park in existence o n the effective date of thtis ordi­ nance may be continued. Section 5 — LICENSE FEE A license fee ft»r eacli nfcobile Irortie p arfris hereby established at Fifty Dollars (§50.00>. Such license shal^ be effective froiii and afte» the date of issuance to and ineluding the 31st d§y of Pecember next sueeeediijg the date of issuance. Thefe shall be an annual ruiew al fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) for each mobile home park. Section 6 APPLICATION FOR. LICENSE Application for a mobile home park license shall .be filed with the Village Clerk, shall be in writing and shall include the following: , (1) The name and address of: the applicant. .' (2) The Ideation and legal de­ scription of the hidbile home park. (3) A complete plan of tlie park in- .conforniity .with the reqiiirementj of- Sec­ tion 8 of-this ord^iia,i\ce. (4) Plans and specifications of , all improvements- fltid fa- <ilities-construeted -or to \be constructed within the - aiiobile honoie park:. (5) Such ftif ther info»rin.atibn: as, may -be requested % the Village 'Ctfei'k to en­ able hiia to detorrotne if tfe- proposed pitfk will tomply with all Legal rei- quirerrients. (a) TJae application atid all accompanying {plans as® specifi­ cations shall he trlad ln dupli- cate. rhe Village (Clerk Shajl deliver one coi>y thereoi to the building inspector who shall in­ spect the same. 0 the proposed, mobile park will, when con­ structed in accordance with such plans and specification.^ be in compliance with all pro (1) lach mobile home shall be equipped with ait interior flush toilet, lavatory and tub or shower. All plumbing fixtures installed in such mobile honae shall conform to the require­ ments of the Standard Plumb­ ing Cocle recommended by the State of New York. (2) Each mobile home shall be connected to the sanitary sewer system of the village of Argyle, if avaiiabie and in the event said system is not, avail,-.... able, such mobile hohde& shall be provided with a suitable and adequate sewage disposal ?ys- tem constructed in a ihanner approved by the Department' of Health having jucisdietion. Section. I I — MISCEIJANEOtrS -(1) . Not' more than, one (_1) family may inhabit or i'«side in a inoblte home aad, be no boarders or guests, gi’^ty- itous &r othePwise, niakiflg said mftfelle .h^ne. . (2D Non.*? of the previsions of this ordinance- shall be-appli­ cable fcsq w ebile li,aines or g'^aged within a b u-rl d i rv g where such mobile lioni^s: are ■ilot' ieap^useft- <tf oiqc.ii^iejl‘: as 4%'eliltag or sleeping; quarters. ' Sectioa 12 \ ' The lujlding Inspee|oTrof the nance, Said Buildiiig lnspe^or, any .police officer ■o? healfh-dJEi- other claly-a^thorifced-Agiii't\ 01 S ' ehipioKe&^of; 'Village •«!•' Ar* sHhil h ^ e v thgi rrfgltt a t a% ' reasonable tinie to enter upon, aiiy mobile liome park and shall? h&ve the right to inspect any mobile home located thereto.\ Section 13 — VIOLATION • The own e r r lessee, ^iceiisle, ’ occupaait of or person acqohi- rnodated in any mobile thome park wlico commits -any act <Jf violation of the provisions1 of this ordinance shall ifr-e liahje • visions of this ordinaries a # a b such violation, and the all otiier applicable ordinances ptoalty therefor, Each day such and statutes, the building in-; violation shall cpntimje or h e specter shall approve the appli-1 permitted to exist shall consti- cation and-forfhratli deliver% e ture-.a separate.,^Platian... same to the Board of^l’i'ustges. Sectiota 14 PENALTY Upon completiOifi of tile mobile Any person violating any pro- home park in accordamcti with. vision of this oirdinanci} .shall the plans and specifications, t h e b e liable to a penalty not ex-. Village Clerk shall isstte a H- ceeding- Fifty Dollars ($50.00), cense upon, order of th.fi Board * and of Trustees. \ . . I any; vl-olation- «f any provision (b) Upon ap-plicatiorriir w r i t 1 o f-this ordinance-shall-consil- iag by a licensee for rettewai tute disorderly conduct and any of a license and upon ja^n^eftt- pocson violating the same shall of the annual license fee. the be a disorderly-person^- ..... Village Clerk by order of the Section 15. REPEAL OF P1IOR Board of Trustees shall issue a ; 0B1>INANCES ^ certificate renewing such li- All ordinances or parts of or- cense for another year, dihancies of _the: V illage of Ar- Sectlon 7 — UNAUTHORIZED gyle Inconsistent with the pro- REOBILE HOMES 1 visions of this ordinance are .. Nn mohilfi homR may he lo- hereby repealed^ provided, how- ca-ted or occupied ’within the ever, that such repeal shall be corporate limits of the Village t® the extent of such in- of Argyle except In it legally consistency, and -in all other established and licensed mobile respects this ordinance shall be home park; provided, however, in addition to dther ordinances that any such mobile home so regulating and governing the located on ttar effective date of subject matter 'covered bS this this ordinance may fte con- ordinance. • 1 _ tinued, Dated: December 29, 1967 Sectio-n S — PLAN I Elizabeth Bristol ■tifTT t t'AA/f1 MATT^nvnrv Each mobile hoihe psrk shall A . S f f . Br s r r ' r ,l° lh t m m l m re--14 - (luirernents: 1 Village Cleric Office and P.O. Address 122 Main Street 12-2871-4,11,18 ■*\ LEGAL NOTICE TAKE NOTICE, that the fol­ lowing is an ordinance duly adopted by the Board of Trus­ tees of the Village of Argyle, New York on the 28th day of December, 1967, and entered ifa its mjnutes, to wit: _ Section 1. TITLE (1) Tlie park shall bis located on a ^veil-drained site, properly; graded to i n s u r e adequate' drainage and free frewn stag­ nant pools ol water. j (2) lEaeh park shall consist | of at least fotsr <4) mobile! homes spaces, and each suph space shall be clearly defined' or delineated. E a c ii mobile j hame space shall havi atr area • of not less than 50(10 s^uate feet—a w idth of not less: than 50 ' feet and a depth of, atot less ] lhan I(X3 Teet; provided, ’ hovv- REBUILT TRANSMISSIONS IN This qrdinatice s h ai 1 b e 1 ever,, that mt>bile home parks known and may be cited as' which, a t the time of the adop- “The Mobile Home Ordinance ' tion ■ of this ordinance, existed of the Village of Argyle.” Section 2. PURPOSE lawfully with mobile home spaces that do • not comply with It is the purpose and intent !jhe foregoing area require- of this ordinance to promote, rnents, may continue to operate the health, safety and general | and shall be excused from sUch welfare of the inhabitants o f; compliance, but the 'area of such the Village of Argyle by the-j mobile home parks shall not be more efficient regulation of increased or extended unless mobile homes and mobile home psfks Section 3. DEFINITIONS Mobile Home — Is defined as any-vehicle or similar portable structure used, designed foj use, or cap.able.„£f bein^ used- for dwelling or sleeping pur­ poses, whether propelled -by its own. power or by the power of another4 vehicle-to which i t may be attached. -Mobile Home Park — -Is de* fined as arty lot, piece or 'parcel jof land.upon which, four...(4) or more ..mobile homes are placed, parked or located. , \Mobile Home Space — Is de­ fined as a plot of land within a mobile home park designed for' the accommodation of one (1) mobile home. • . ’ \ , ^Licensee — Is 'defined as any petson licensed to Operate and maixitain a mobile home park 4iM§f the pravlsicais^ ofT this jQrciihanee. -■ * Person — Is deftned;.as an^ natural person, firm, trust, part­ nership, association of.; corpora­ tion. ,• Section 4 — LICEJNSEj., It shall be unlawful for any person ,td lfialijtain Or operate a iftobfles home pafk. Wxthiii the corporate limits of the Village of Argyle, ’ unless such person- shall first ^.obtain a license such additional area shall con­ form to all of the requirements of this ordinance. (3) Mobile homes shall be so located o.n each mobiLe home space that there Shall be at 44ast--a—i0-;.f»o.t clearance be­ tween mobile homes,, and all ’mobile homes must conform to the se t back line established for dwelling houses by any other applicable ordinance of the Vil­ lage of-»Argyle. (4) Mobile horne spaees shall abut upon a . driyevvay of nqt less than 20 feet in width, which shall have unobstructed 'access to a public street Or highway. Said driveways shall conform to such specifications as. may be established by the Board of Trustees. Section 9. WATER SUTP1Y , An adequate- supply of water for drinking and: domestic pur­ poses shall be supplied to all mobile home spaces with the park. Only waier supplied- by the village, of other, supply ap­ proved by the. village, shall be used at any mbblle home space. If a private supply is approved for use, its.. 'sanitary. quality must be acceptable to the De­ partment of Health-having juris­ diction,' . . (Section 10 - > SANITATION ■ FACILITIES 5^-61 .T u r b o G l i d e (*3 0 1 d s ,.$ lim Jim 60-&1 P l y m o u t h , € cy l. 62-54 V 8 P l y m o u t l - —58=64 O l i e v r o l e t V 5 60-C25 Falcon:, 2 sp e e d 64-62 F o r d 0 - 4 Cfridso- m a t i c ’ 65-66 C h e v r o l e t LYLES ATLANTIC Transmission Svc. ARGYLE Phone 638-8838 Sales - Service Our repair .services are right and, reliable ^ Radios - Transistors Record. F*layers Records - Accessories - - - - AT---------— PELTIER'S 124 Main 692-7033 Greenwich, I ' f on Mew SeH ALL SERVICE CASH -

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