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R.SDAY, JANUARY 4,1908 Tim M S & m im j o u r n a l . B —P A G E 1 ■ - “ifei&jr ^ ■<- A-;i! ' X -•iMT, v f j Buildings That Are Gone * Divyer House Hill Street Home for Aged — Academy. Street • lv -•V'-SS/*'* •&:*’ • • ■ * • . * - sajy of the blizzard of 1888. 9/ Williatn' J. Lyttle 'Sr/ of Greenwich, Albert Sheldon of Salem and James Roche of Whitehall were named to rep­ resent Washington county on a district planning board. 10. Tapped for membership ia the Greenwich central school honor society were George A t leu, Bette Austin* Gaiil Davis, William Hazelton, Vicki Per­ kins and Kathleen Sherin. 12 . Rev. Donald R. McLeod of Hornell received a unani­ mous call to become pislor of the United church in Green­ wich He expected to begin his pastorate April 30. 16. One floor o f the new wing at Mary McClellan hospital in Cambridge was opened, provid­ ing 13 new two-bed rooms. : 22. Voters in the village of Greenwich elected tivo Repub­ licans and one Democrat to of- fl®. ■. J o h n Crozier,’ R, was elected mayor; \anti Harry Kar- liam Hazetton. Honor'students at Argyle school were David Randles, Charlene Sherman and Nancy Carpenter. - 8 . Washington county Ameri; Tcan Legioij organization held a parade and convention here. Stanley Brownell of Greenwich was elected new county com‘- mander. ’ ' \ 9. Miss Uexniee Burnham of Granvill« was chosen County \dairy princess. Miss Jane Bea' of Jackson and Miss l>ale Batchelder of Easton w e r e runners-up. 12. A 10-day heat wave ended with a • series of thunder­ storms, accompanied by high 'wjjjds and some hail. -13. Senior public health sani­ tarian, Sterling H. Edwards, gave approval to continuing the use of tlie Battenkill for a*com­ munity Catling Beach. 15. Washington coynty board of supervisors approved the )sher Star Far&ier of America p i a C * ; and Gerald Bulger, Prepare fos Ito&llel Parfaiog oa WasWngftoir Sqiw,r'e plan, for representation on the purchase o f Hie building owned ‘ iard- of supervisors. by the Griffin lum b e r company trustees There were 799 votes: 3- Medical payments in th e 1 and used for the Adirondack cast incliidihg 21 absemee bal county had skyrocketed. For | Community college. The pur- cast including 21 absentee bal thg ^ four of tlle, chase price was $120,000, The I s The Greenwich central yeax ^32,311.05 was spent com- j county planned to use the build- 35, The Greenwich central pareci tff $ 144 , 387,45 i()t the j mg fer county offices. comparative period in 1966. ' 23.. Greenwich school district 4. Harold -^r-K p p r-sttperitt-t voters- approved a _ $1,352,000 tendeat of public works 6f the school board of education an­ nounced it planned to submit a $1,352,000 bond issue to the voters for an addition to the high. school and renovations f Gr®eiuv‘cfc- was c10^ the middle: grade building, and ; p 1€?, ur^ T grave $259,000 bond issue for a «< * * * .< » avenue. By swimming pool. *' <lU!Ck action of Forrest 26. Easter was warm and • £>»>* asslstanl^perm tendent, sunny, but there was snow on l- e 'yas theground, the remnants of the i w?rkm^ hlm .«! th,e dltch winter’s accumulation, there i ^ eiv a side caved in burying Kipp and covering Colby s legs. He pulled himself free, crawled to t h e , other end of the ditch; having .been no c&roplete„thav since the first snow fall the previous Christmas eve. APRIL 2. Margaret Everall, 4-year-old- daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. John Everall o f ' Cambridge, -was burned • to death when lire de­ stroyed a otie-room playhouse where she and two brothers and, a sister were spending the night. 3. Retiring Mayor Charges: Dolan and . Retiring Trustee J. W. Fitzpatrick were, presented certificates of Appreciation for | tlieir service to the. village by the new mayor, John Crozier. , 5. William McDowell of Hud-; son Falls was - appointed direc- , tor of the county economic op , portunity council. - 6 - Mrs. Ernest B e n n e tt. sue- J | ceeded her hu&band, . who re­ tired. because of age, as official ( observer at the' Uce- towter; oft- JMU .’Colfax i n J , ajid digging by hand uncovered Mr.' Ripp>’s hqad and. chesty 5. Henry' $ Cap»to, 50, of Hudson Falls,-pleaded guilty to s'ix -counts ofconspiracy in con­ nection Mth a stolon car opera­ tion*, and was sentenced to one ■year in-county-jalL ... — - - 8 .- A fiye-year 93 oad issue of $42,000 for the reconstruction of Hill street -was approved by bond issue for additions and renovations to the school build­ ings , by 45 votes, with 193 voting. . 25. Mrs, F a lter A. Scholten returned after spending two months in Muscat, Southeast Arabia, \where she had lived as a child. Mrs. Scholten had written articles for The Journal during her visit, telling of tier experiences. - 26. Suinmei recreation pro­ gram in Greenwich\ opened. JULY ; 2, 3,, 4 Bicentennial of United; Presbyterian church- in Salem was ofbseived- 6 . A budget of $1,511,800 of which $248»C0C was to,‘be raided by tax in tho local district was adopted by the Voters of the Greenwich central school dis- CraJvin House —- Main Street ~»«S. 03d laundramat — Main.'Street of*trustees,>ijr)d £he‘tax - rdti was sei a t , ,$44-^ a thousand of assessed 'valuation. . 11. Ambulaiice service was to bo provided by .the. Hoosic Val- rescue squad to all resi­ dents of the town of Easton. 12. The village and town board had a joint meeting to discuss planning. 14. Route. 40 was to be ex­ panded from We 9 t Granville to Route 4 at Whitehall, the state announced. - . jjcouts, the highest rank in Boy Scouting, they were brothers, Hugh Cameron, 17, and David, 14, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cameron. . \ 2i9. Gerald BDa&ard was lipr- p’ointed pastor of the Argyle jjnited Presbyterian church as of August 1, and Rev. Robert Bunnell pastor of the North Argyle I f n i t e d Presbyterian cjhurcjh, effective September 1. | 31: A Histoiy of the Hudson Valley Railway, written by Da- F-, f s o f Greenwich ,j EastonrmiMiiiFfrom* his home was published!. !since August 26, returned home after having called his parents from Poughkeepsie. unanimously endorsed i?y the Washington County Bar associ­ ation and. tW executive coin- naittee of the'Wasiiiiiy'ton Coun­ ty Beipubllcai* \eoniniittee' 'for justice of the sujirenae court of tlie four'th judicial district. 7. Morman Harvey of Platts* burgh won t i e Republican des­ ignation for supreme ctiart jus­ tice of the fourth' judicial' dis­ trict. . 1 8 . James. Snell, 14, son of Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Snell Jr. of AUGUST , 1. Sgt. Al&ed P . O'Neill of Greenwich was promoted to 1 eutepant in tbe state police apd- appointed in conajn'and: .of Troop B zone headquarters i n 'W'atertown. • ‘ v • ' ' i 2 . -Njagara Mohn\yk JPoiwer Corp. offfieially took’ oter the Gorsky ’farm in- Easton, site of the Easton atomic power plaiit. 9. • Kenneths' ’WiUiiim' Knapps 21, of R.D. 3, Greenwich was Held in Saratoga county JaiJ for allegedly, boating and robbing; Michael' Welcli, 17, farm hand o f ; Cambridge 9. Town Reguhlicajv. caucuses were 'held. Lai Hasten fllarold Snell was reiPominafeed for si- perintendewt. of highways in a contest with five candidate; 10. Easton (Say. wa^ observed fey Quakers «£ five. couaties in Oho upper Hudson v£tlley_ a t ; the Srouth Easton meeting house. _J^L. David James Brayton, 2- y«ar-old son of ’ Mr. and Mrs. Samuel “Brayto-n of Argyle, wfts killed wnein. he fell beneath, the ! wheels of - a wagon - his father New Building on Mairi Stfeefe the village board. 1 trict. William Connor was Te­ ll. The county board of su -1 elected a member of the board pervisors established a county ! of educallon. planning board.- ■ 7. New \York state court of 13. Fi-ancis J. Clurk of Salem appeals handed down a decision . was one of 11 congressional 1 declaring the county board of M Jeffrkv Kona 3 o b i e c t o f ! medal of honor u inmefs to lead supervisors' iwoposed weighted ' ' a trrarch in New York city in i voting plap <of doubtful va- support of the U. S. troops in I ^ i t y , ” ani oidered the board a search <by lifw officers and volunteers after he wandered ar^vSy from his ^ home in East Greenwich, was found the same day on a dirt road not far from home; - 27. An ordinance licensing Vietnam. j to submit another plan to the ir? ttj,, 1 csii * ' supreme court. The high-court 17. Edward Sill, 5-jear-old * n. . r 7 . , D M J. JEoslier of Easton' was pulling with a tractor. . \vas . nartied . orae of four* out- . 11. Village board of Green- standing yourag farmers in the vvieh adopted an ordinance pro­ nation by the Fut ure Farm e rs' habiting hawing open- containers of America - \ 'o f alcoholic beverages on the !- -- 9. tThe- : town - of. Greenwich streets arid.. in public places, m ade’ applicaElo*n t o sell state 1 14'. A comp-uterteeSd- plaa of 1 renpportiqnra.cnt • for the • boai'd o f siupervisoiTi 'vki iapprov^i by tbe- board and was to he suo- joilted _ -to ^'the supreme^ .court for approyil. ‘«U - , 15. Site, w o rl was -started at ttie. a-t o?ni i c < eWttfricj plant. - * 17. Fire destroyed a laactntte shop at the Hand farm, 'i n Ekisfeon. . . . . IS. Easton town loard was considering a mobile home or­ dinance submitted by the plan­ ning board. 22. Miss Bette Austin, daugh­ ter of Mr. and Mrs. BJeri;itt A.usiin of Easrtoii, a senior.* a t an olitboard motor boat oper-’ G reenvvich central school, \vas ated by jlanieg It. Slants, 12, of rnamed a seinifinalist in ;tlie Schenectady 011 Cossayuna lake. M'ational Merit Scliolarship pro* It). Floyd J_ Rafus, S-year-old grana, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin. Rafus .of E.E), 2t Greenwich. lottery 10, .The county hoard of>'iu- ^piervlsors- had to borrow- $350,- OQO to-SiOance we|«Aid-'j&)r:the?' x^mainder of 1 1W7, For the firsL |. six months o 4 . -tile: year about ,^70T,000 ‘ had *^wi spent tjm Medicaid. The ■ author­ ized a $ 120,000 '\bOlid issue, plus $5;GOO ■ in caireiiCT' funds for purchase of tho former Adiron­ dack Commi£iiii; 3 > college for county offices, an3 guaranteed $547,000 for a now county in­ firmary. 11. Andrew Elfcrott, 54, 0 E Schenectady was fatally injurecE when, his rowboat- was hit by son of Mr. and Mrs Robert Sill of North Argyle, was killed when he fell from the tractor (Continued from Page 1, Sec. A) (ward, was allowed to plead corps and vocational work study j * * 1* to ^ d*®pfe ™an: of tlie office of economic op-i *la“gh9tf and ya* sentenced to po?tunity. ! f 2 t° 20 years in CLint011 Prison 21. January thaw set in, i i n 1 ? a2nem°™- . ennilinp ckiini? ckatinp and' 14> Republicans in the village, .polling SKiirag, S K a u n g ana 1 0f Greenwich nominated John 1 1. Rev. Lewis N. Powell, p a s - , had its annual parade m Sreen i Crozier for mayor and H a r r y ' tor of the Bottskill Baptist (wich with four bands. ’ ' Karpiak and George Davidsen church in Greenwich, received' 23 Greenwich 'board of edu- for trustees. | the Liberty Bell award from cation announced it would re- 16. Washington county' had, the Washington County Bar as- 64 regents scholarship winners sociation as a citizen in ther and regulating junk yards and on which he was ridi«g with auto gfaveyards was to go into his'father, effect in Eastott. 20. Richard H. G-ardner Jr., 29. First Lt. t>aniel J. Sever-1 43 , 0f Cambridge was fatally son, 25, of Cambridge received, injured in an auto accident on the distinguished service cross Harrington hill in Easton. 'Mrs. for heroism in combat in Viet- Gardner was injured in the ac- nam. indent. MAY i 21. The Little Fellows league sie-dding- • 26. New York Telephone com - 1 ■paaiy announced expanded toll- frese lelephone service was ex­ pected, to comte to this section 26. Raymond E. Johnson of and hree veterans children’s E ^ ton was Elected New Y o rk!award'-. ‘he state announced, state outstanding young farmer Greemvich had 13 wlnners- by the state Jaycees organiza- tio- 11 . FEBRUARY 3. W. James Nulty o f Easton WfjE-s ., named outstanding co- operator of tli« county soil 'and waiter conservation district for. 1966 fop ^Conservation programs carried'^ out oa his farm. ■4. Miss Rfle F. Merrill, a stu­ dent nurse a t' SUMY in Platts- btrrgh, was chosen Washington comity's- Miss. Bope— 1967 in an storm American Caflcer society con­ test. *7. While,mifceh of the eastern seaboard had a blizzard, only Cambridge 10, Salem 6 , Ar- gyle 2 . 17. Henry J. Caputo, 50, of Hudson Falls was charged with criminally receiving stolen prop­ erty and maintaining a premise for bookmaking. Police said the arrest followed investiga­ tion of a stolen car operation. 20. Predicted snow flurries turned into an all-day snow storm and was followed two 'days later by another 12 -hour county recognized for outstand­ ing service to his community. ' 2. By eight votes the pro­ posal to enlarge the Greenwich high school and renovate the middle grade building -was de­ feated. The proposal to build a swimming pool lost 2 i to 461. ' Qaly 726 of the estimated 2,000 qualified voters in the' district voted. 3. The appellate division of tlie state supreme court de­ clared unconstitutional, Wash­ ington county’s weighed voting submit its $1,352J0Q0 bond is­ sue for school construction on June 23. J£L_Vaughn Allera Coon, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Coon of North Hoosick, was burned to death hi a playhouse where - he and a companion were cooking their supper.- JUNE - 1. After a wet, cold, back* ward spring, hot weather ar­ rived t as the mon?t[i changed. 5. fop honor- students of the senior class at. S. C. S. were announced .as Nancy Morehouse, Lucienne MeCorinicfe and Wil- 22. -Niagara Mohawk PovVeri corporation announced t h a t' Easton Atomic Electric plant r would be the official name of tvro inches of snow fell here, its new electric generating sta- 3'he thefmatraetex was at 20 J tioii in Easton. be*low. . ' • 23. Village Democrats re-' 3. An emei’gency squad to nominated CKarles Dolan for privide ambiilance service in mayor', J. Walter Fitzpatrick th e town o f Argyle was organ- and Gerald Bulger for trustees, iK 2 ti and #eMtilxg. - I - MARCH S. Waslifpton county joined J •• 3 . The Southern Washn\gf.nii \tith W airfrij Essex, Clinton Countyj\^vanc6ffieiit associalion attd llarniltprt. jn forming a re-' was organized with Richard S. gienal planning hoard. , : Greenwich president, 10. A group of 35 men from ( ttKEcTvance the interests Of this southern Washington county, section of the county. • proposeS to' bfganize a promo- 4 . For the first time a regis* tiona-1 org^ifeatioBi for the re- ter of eligible-voters \was pre4 gte'1- . , >£,• : pared in the village' and 1,350: lfc*M»f-Cfeteste, 23, of Hud- ( pe0ple w'er.e lisled .as eligible sqti ^all-sr <!harged-wtth first de-'to vote.. , gMc murder 111 p e shooting of, 7. There was an 8-inch snow 17', of Fort Ed - 1 storm,, almost on the ahfljyfix- :W - ■ V indicated- its reason for reject­ ing the plain was that it was not proved hy computer. 10. Jamed Wilbur Baldwin, 19,.of Sliuslian drowned while swimming i n the Battenkill. 12. Greeii'wkh town board de­ cided to have its attorney study zoning for the town and to de­ lay any action on town plan­ ning until the county planning board was organized, with th§ thought the town could get co­ operation frotm the county. 13. Eiglit women, represent­ ing the -foster mothers of Wash­ ington county, appeared at the board of supervisors meeting to ask for an increase in the amount paid for children placed by' the welfare department in foster homes. 16. Greenwich interfaith pic­ nic, held at the county fair­ grounds, was attended by about 200 people. . 18. The ‘board of supervisors decided to itave 4ts weighted voting plan tested by computer rather tlim adopt a district plan for representation on the county 'board. 19.-M T \&nd Mrs. Roger V. Seacord were selected by the American Field Service as Americanftost family in Green­ wich for Sonia Marina Tavares de Oliveira of San Paulo, Brazil, for the 19E7-6? school year'. 20. Mr. and Mrs., James Saun­ ders of Greenwich and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Johnson of Eas­ ton were hosts to two teen­ agers from tlie New York city e a . T h e program was spon­ sored by the American Dairy spciation. Dairy council of York ,and the governor’s’ commlte'FTor increased * uSe (Jf milk. „ - /' .22. Eight homes near Cam­ bridge ■were opened to . the public in a teur sponsored by the woman’s 1 auxiliary of the Mary \McClellan hospital. r ~ 25. W<irk starfced'*Qn \recon­ struction of Kill street with the -laying' of a storm sewer line and installation of catch basins. 27'. Greerrwkh' liad two Eagle ■' ' ' \3 • •. 24. The Bottskill Baptist church of G>reeti?wicfa had .tjfe vyas ^killed wli(r|v he fell from'first of three services iiiirlting a manur’e spreader ibeing drawn., the 200 th aiiniversaxy o f .tlie by a tractor -dri=ven by \his [ church. brother, Edwin. The accident 27. Rev. Pascal P. Taretite of occurred on tlie Christie road-1 Cambridge, professor emeritus f . H; f t . , ; ■World’^ la%e^fc. Freight Oai H«re Tlie b‘oy-was riili over by a wheel of the ssxeader and died of a fractured skull, 22-26. Washington county fair had its most successful year. Attendance increased by about 10j000.. to 58j700, and 4 h e num­ ber of exhibitor^ also 'increased greatly, _ 23. A doOr-to-dOor survey in. the town of Eastoii was started of Catholit? university, Wash­ ington, D. C., published a book, 'Plie Regimen «f 'Health, which he translated from the Latin' original published afljout 1100 A..D., by the first medical school in Europe a t Salerno, Italy. . 28. Greenwich Lions club voted to provide new street sigrfs for the village. _ ____ . 30. Rev. and Mrs. Walter A. by Hans 1(1 wider associates,' Scholten were’ honored ‘by the planning consultants for the congregation of the United Easton, planning board, church. Mr. Scholten had re- 24.. George W. Woodard, 52,, tiied after 'being pastor here of Camibridg« .was instantly 1 si nee'■■1952. . killed when,tl).e ear in‘ which} OCTOBER ' ' ! he was riding with his son,i „ ^ . r , , , Charles', 19, ‘Ttrucik a bridge j 2 . Razmg o-f the ^alvin-hiMise abutment on the Ash Grovei ®11 J 5«. C^ eTi. ' ® afi? roaci . _____ A.cadetny s.tre'«ts, w&y started. . j , The house, tlie fo^Ster Judge * m Fire%1 c fK°mS c - c - V’an'Kixh lionie, -was gutted of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Seib o» > fjre Novemfljer 4, iS 66 . Meader road itt (rreenwich. 5. Schools opening for the 19^7-6g y«aT.; . . 5. Washington County' Judge John O’Brien of Whitehall was 4. The Greeawich t-own boafd decided to set up a coinmittte. of local. townypeepie to advise, the iboard 011 tlie needs for <Gontinued on Page 3, Sec. JB)

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