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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, August 10, 1967, Image 10

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ffiT.f i l l ? m i $ * myj? m . V ** •B-ftUa 4 '• *7 m m m r n r n V It ... (si,... Ini) Ml:-' i w i# -’ . y.r-Jjfx.' and W borter of Argjrle and M r. and '^frs. JCnsign Johnson Visited at the Johnson bone on Sunday, f;7^^VnS&!-iLe6ry8 and Rhonda Christensen of Lake Lauderdale spent a few days last week witli Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Thygesen. ,' . —Lt. Cpl. and Mrs. William Lewis of Newport, N. C., are visiting her parents, Mr; and Mrs. Earl Calhoun and his par­ ents in Salem. —Mr. and Mrs. James Cal­ houn of Caroga lake spent Sat­ urday and Sunday with\ his par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Calhoun, —Leola Richards spent last? Thursday with M r., and Mrs. Harper Richards at Argyle. . —-Harry. Marley Jr. of Clif- wood, N. J., spent the week end •with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marley Sr. Sunday Mrs. 'Sam MacMillan of Greenwich and Mr. and litas, Henry Koll- mar of East, Arlington, Vt., were guests at the Marley .home* : irr^The annual Baptist jjardep . -party will be held on the lawn ■of Mrs. Helmer Thygesen • this Thursday afternoon at 2:30. jEacb member is to take a guest and take part in the program. A lave gift offering will be taken. The meunbers are asked to take sandwiches,-covered dish and table service. - A ■beverage J will tje furnished. RCy. t t o l ^ Cr»w((Hr(l, Pastor Sunday services**- , . 1 1 ,10:15 a.nj,' Sunder school, a.m.Morndn^ semce. Mrs. flora Farley of Hudson Falls will be guest Speaker. Tuesday, 7 p.ia. Choir re­ hearsal. , v United Presbyterlin Church Rev. Robert Runge, Pastor Suhday services— • ; 10 a m Sabbath school.'' 11 a ha. Morning yvorshjp, Wednesday— %, 7 p.m. Junior choir rehearsal. 8 p.m. Session meeting. .jVafatiop^fble ing held ‘ this week ' and next from 9 to 11 o'clock. —John B. Gordoa is a pa­ tient at Glens Falls hospital. —Miss Beth McISachron is a counselor at Hebron camp for the week. ; —•Steven : Salisbury . under­ went surgery on Ms fcnee at the Glens - Falls hospital Thursday and returned home Sniiday. . —Services at the Methodist ehureh will not be held for .the vacation of the montht of Au­ gust. Rev. and .AB-sr Zelveian are in Engfsfad. ' ■Miss M?g' McEachron has returned from * 4-H,,Citizenslup' 0 ^ A p t i a s a a t she 3 Q W J a i ^ 4 :: — lianas and Wilson4 tf.New Sunday iallero Mr. and —Harold McEachrog Danny are in Canada with brother on a fishing trip,. Judy McEachron accainpanied, thSIn as far as - East Aurora inhere she is visiting her cousin. Y ' -r-4to; and Mrs. Donan and family fcf Cossayuna and Mr. and Mrs'. Marshall Torry andjan^ly.-of, Wttsfleld, Hass,; wefe'Suh^a^callers at die hojj&e of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crosier, o f th i J d **trt; mont - for. ’ dinner Iffii vfeii ; several gift ihops, The Country »poin,ts^M^^reS!ki*«n day of the past week. —Mr, and Mrs. ’ Willard Bain i and daughter. Karen1 were at Schrgon Lake' on Sunday i»t“1he home of-her sister.ai^jSm i& , Mr. and <Mrs. auweiice Iravdr. In the afternoon tl»*j?. «rtt*adfd vesper services at Seagle 'col­ ony. -■ ^ ‘f - 'T ' -V ~**Twq busloads ’ df •'jfceCplen from had p ^ l u n c h at the Uriit^i; Pre$byferian church and toured the Karold McEachroft 'fann and continued on to the Hahd raeTon' feraT’dur- iag the^'asf\-1^ '- ^ ~ ■ ; , A - v . ' i Several 'ednes- //I AUGUST 22 2? Greenvyich-Schuylervilie Road FREE ENTERTAINMENT EVERY NIGHt \yAA4S •— A**gwtis#i :22 Paul LaCross,’Master o f Ceremonies ; PIA HUTS'- v , ' Z. ' ■ t . J V.‘ € ^ America's Most Lovable Little CUaip August 2 3 & 2 4 MIKE MONROE- ? Clown Prince of tie Trampoline August 25 & 2 6 «♦ *«, o o lP o it.... !o«l of (Shins :ed of\ eduaation of votoil ool disbkt -L Fort jgi- f fulMim e guidance coonselor In Oie focal Saq^>rd has1)een counselor at Glens JFa(l$ Jo r the iiast six years • #W presenter serving as presidejt o l Adirondack Guidance Cotu* selors' association. A of Ith a c i college, Mr. received his master ‘of M IS S S O f M iin iiil ■ Thee’ ........... . _ Pom ei ( occam cl v i giist <, in tiie filen t pital. ' Funeral -Mrvice^': Borrown^i (tfl> r .» r ^ » w r i , James BornW- • f ^dwnectady. ■ ■ ■ - MaMihl S. fiu^holomew, 20, «o 9 of Mx. and Mrs. Gordon is. Bartholomew, h u r completed six voni finHis of «n^r m e m officers’ Au- 1r«ininfi ^ i y s B^inmer camp at ' BKass. He is a stu- W ^ ^ p t ijat Jforwich university c o n l i n ^ r - l l t a M N^iiliifel^,,1^ Upon conaple- _ „ , , Nortnneitt, t uppn conapie- ,r 6 sid^^> fgr; tl«n of sJ»«in^m ents Anderson, p^stor off'^he M «ih4for a degree at the college, he IMibpI w itt he coiirais&oned i 9 vajMrand la -1 . 3 -§■ <*d£ 'Timms :Ardttk]im > at HkLPPMCfr If Purchased Before tke Fair Opens Gel diem from 4-H Meinl)ers, Fair Directors or at lOO Broadvay, Fort Edward degree frdm State uoiver^ty o: New York at Albany, majoring in guidance _and adm inistration, Further l^aduatei w ofk ^ s in­ cluded a *summeHfellowahip in guidance a t C o lM e university' and a>Geoefal. E l|ctric company fello)vslu|Lf»r’>su|fmer study at Syracttse^unlyefeity. > '.Mr». Sanford is a third grade teacher- i n : <the Maple street , school in Hudson Falls.. The •y, whof ^three' childrew: SBicJi, \ i f f * l?^|ip!le^ng service in th^i who plans to return ’t«; C0b>radp st^te university in September; Patricia, a/junior at iajrtW ick college, Oneonta, and foan, * senior at Hudson Falls tiifiSfc i^ k M # iliiu n ln c e *t in £he past. , • .■ s M ARK GOLDEN W EDDING -/Mttr imd Mrs. ‘Worth Stickney recently observed their golden ' A d d in g anniversary weth an $pen' Iwuse at their home fol­ lowed “by dinner for eighty-five <piests' it the Tw^ Sqtuires. The fornier H arriet Anderson and M r. Stickney were' p arried Ju ly ^ rtJW ^ in ,C h i^ a g e (-afc,r1iys the IteV- A . P. Fars. Mr. Stackfieyj ‘Is-bj'Hi'adfe a faM e ft but Ss jjqw! cnipltfyed \by the'iHudsoij Talley can Scdjit .w u fjd irfjN <oupie; fcre’ num bers of the Village Bap*’ iia t- ciitttch. • *$hey *have three 'dbildttn; M rs. 'Alfred Jones ofi Fctt'’ i& iw ard;, W ilUam StaQlpley , q f«Soi^h ;6lens ‘ 3F<Ui and Blrs. M uriel Storey of Horth A rg jle. They also have. grandchil­ dren. CO ES' TO PH ILIPPIN E S 3 Airman' F irit Class Ck-vld S. fcanerp&lijftei' spending a SO- ^ t i e i r w • to Siollfltf at tSUrk -ai» fwee iiwe Ik the-Phliipp^ne lii'incfc. The a irM n imderwent tiaJic at £ackland{tfir f<brj:e b*so: iiirTexas antf iiad jlx|en 'stationed far the past two_ Vears at' Keei' l&f'air ibrfeS* in Elloxd, KBss., where he and his wife, thtd, former ’ .Frances, Perras, ^cd. 'ifefdre-, Im fa g Stinday . UrJuati ^dd'Mrs>JE6nt}foffc iivfed j^adJs^lake* fcjr theic pifeirfs, . 'Mf. an^f* Mrs. llenrj? KSaghel bf Saratoga and Mr. add Perrp* of F o r t , . ^ waud. 'The touple was also. cn- teitalned\af£ a surprise, party3 at Heaveii.|-.' '' • . ‘ f l J U M I I I I I » l I ! » ♦♦♦» 11 > H i t I »# » » I I ■. . V ■■■-V :Jr;. A « i|*4 o ri^ t H U ^ i f i # « i i S I l o t h l M t s d i i ® '■i i u ^ u s r 1 2 a -:\;m -• U n lc » ;c«neteryv V o n .P(une^w w h ^ n toM e ciU ^ icaille Mffiph l ^ i but ^l^d heFi-Sfei - ih<?b$N ’ ■iEiQ«r, . 37 • at -tlie Ideal* Shdjipe' oh Broai^ way. Because of poor heaKk, she r e n t out of ’business in-the fa ll of 4964, selling the con­ tents of the stojre, but retaining ownership o f the building which has been vacant since that M l« . • SuRviypri intrude fne nWph^y, •DenaW'F. H ay, Glens Falls; and two gfrand-niecesi M rs. M ichael Reed K»f Newburgh'apS M iss Su- sam lEay of Glens Fallsv : v; Personals -^4fr. and, js& iiejrt Pu r­ ree jw e n tly spent a vacation on Gipe ^Cod,' —Aj'daughter wa's borft to Mr. and Urs. jEdward ^Jagle on Ju ly 28 at Glens ^ U s lm p ita l. ^ 4 soft ’fyas^bottt ^ | d iy ; Heateaant in the U.‘ FltW kT ART C1N1 Fibns* jPuwior sbowii at fhe Fo rt' lM w i^ ' Aipt center last week. Mrs. EMe Bdsh was program chairmin and Lee Strauch operated the pro­ jector. The film was loaned lw Crandall library. The president, Robert Dewart, presided at the business meeting. Three mone#* raising projects are planned f<j this year: a men’s dinner Se tember 23, the smorsgastwrd < November 4 and Christmas op. December 2. M r A i i . y o u i t ITRAVEL NE1D9- ^ No Srrvic* Chfcr«*l5 I f R M fcStre tt Won* 7920931 Glens Fills, «. Y.j OPTOMETRIST® and OPTICIAN'S v-\t: \ SIKCB 1 OF TROY -T ■{. r f gust « , ^ Gl^ns j M ls f lJ o a p ila l^ O reenw i^ cll tO Mr—and M rs.‘¥ia'wiTd.,Mnrt,Av i ? < x~4.1_i- . J l — • an^l Mtt.'Hai'i^ld ;|durray, atr.. J|ncj Mi%^*Albeyt Hu«it] a'r« parent “op a' dwugWer l»om ■ July #1 at the Glens Falls hos­ pital, ■ ..... ■- « - :: ._ —W j . f and Mrs, Milnor. Ly-‘ deckcc -are paneilts of a* son boajtt ait Glens Falls l^Qspital Fri­ day, August 4. —Mr, a n d M rs. 'WilHaai Wiighi are the parents oif a son born « t the Glens Falls hospital Frdday-.August'^.,:-' • aiowaj’d Qrifflh,' wlio. had 1»«a a patent in Gleijs Falls hospital fofc five ’weeks, has re-' turned to.M* home.' —-Tljnothy J.-HogS^ 21j. son Of Mrs. Marie Hojato, has com< pleted army resem officer’s trainlnj corps basic • summer OiiJ New Ground Floor Location • Savings Plans '; ; • Student Loans ■ f / -1. , • Money. Orders • Mortgages • Refinancing Greenwich Savings & Loan Assoc. 1W |#A IH S T . — GREENWICH — m 2 2 M Bitnkiiig Hotirs 9 to 5 \Weekday* ' V 5 > River St. LIGALNOTIGK TO W Of* TH# ST A T * 01* N1W YOPtK , 3!o -John. D o ^ and p M « y Do^” , the Bwaes \John* Doe” ■and. ‘m m - t W ' * b e in g - ffcti. tiotis, lh e >true hitfaes of said jerso iia M a g unihown Id pe- litlo n o f a ^ d lf t e r due diligence cannot be ascertained by ;peti- lio jie i. sactt persons being the d is trifintew - ,o J( Catherine .L. ? r t t e v deceased, and. the per­ sonal representatives, distrib­ utees, trustees, legatees or de- l'viw e s of any of the aforemen- tiomed dlstrii|jateies who have died since Ju n e 4 t h , 1967 , the distribotees,- heibsatJaw an d aie*t af kin of Catherin* t, fatten ; la te of: t h e ! Town of Greenwich in the. County.-, o f .-■Washlagton ahd iState of 'New ■Vorlc, deceased, SEN D GREET­ IN G : • ■ ' . - WHEREAS: Frank G. Seward iresddinjg, a t 717 No.\ George Stneet, Rome, New York, the llx e c iile r nained^ . 1 ^ certain instrninent,;in w n fe g , vpurpw-, ting 1», be thfe Last W ill. and TdistSin.ent of the said datherme •i. -Jalteni-deceasedi and' which relates tb both real and per-,j sonal estate, has lately ,made an application t o ; t he- Surro- gafce’s tDourt of the said County oiiVa^ngtQij* to hstYe Said inc* s|tsiinie)dit' % . w i l t iifcg 'd u ly ' pit»ved as the .Last W ill- and s’Testaiment of ,'the said dei* ee'clentf ■ •- • >>■•'.• THilEEFORE, You and each of you' are hereby cited to show cause before' t i e Surro­ gate's Court of -the County .of 'Wajhinigton to be Held in and lo t ' the siid GdtiWy afc t i e •jC d ^ .'tioil 86 '?:fc^.|fte'' VtiUdfe o f, Salem, New .Yotfc on the 5th da? of Septemberj ioe? at 10 p ’cioci in theTf 6re!ioon, of that day, wby the said’ Iasi 'Will and ^ ^ i t ^ h t^ s h d d ld J*# ad- niifeted sto^ ';Ajt|d thole ib ts ^ r^ lio ^ iy e whd^’ihie ate <>f ? |wMty^!kie»3r®iufsf I f aap-jjie.ar' .SyjRiii^afve ftse, ■t|h^y 6 htvMs^|i'^&iegl»pt> or fftilmn^e ..t«^ do % Special-' GjUMdian> wilI-.be v^ppointed by inft- jSurEogate\ tprKpre 3 eiitt*»di actifor' v ; .ifV H i|g ^ : s ,',:4 - ^fe- of the. SiKTQjjatp’s Court ' . . ' ot the Said! County «f. .- • .W #$hin^lli,-'i|o ijb^'^lielfe-'' antd’.affue^ * - W itn e y ,H o n , Robert W . Closed Satorda^s .>, v, • t *. Warehouse Clearance < Cttlonial Early American 1IVIMG ROOM :■ ^ m T is ;.;;.''r ' - MAITY AT A SAVING OP $100 ; MAPIE TABLES • COLONIAL LAMPS c- 8 pc. ROOM GROUPS • S O F A • C H A IR • H O O K E R P r o m • 4 M A P 1 E T A B L E S & T Q Q O C L A M P S $ J I V T » t 5 E a s y Tferm a •2 COIONTIAL IMPERIAL FURNITURE y «« ; k t »..*. «- ^ •» * ■ s t * • m & m * ’ m & - “ .9 to 9 — Saturday 9. to 5 M schani bon at the tilla g e of Sa- Lem, in said Co«nty, tkis 2 ist day of Ju n e , in . the ,year,.o f .oup. Lotd one ' *K?fusahJl; vfltne hundred '' .add sixty-s^ven. - ' . ' ■;&M’ of% l'J#arogaieV 1r n n ~ |' mi:' 0Q i »» Complete Selections of CHINA £1 ■ .i •, ’ >; > •! - .• i . . i} Royal Doulton Wfcdgewood Haviland ^ '.-l ■:\ ..... ■ -■ ■ ; ■ Towle : Reed & Barton ... Iiitcsrnatfyina] ■ CRYSTAL Orrefors Tiffin Val St. Lambert *. -i ‘4 - ' / l -V,- n Jeweler 1643 Glen Street Olens Falls RX 3-0594 ■ i n •\'•W

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