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» v -. 4--V-' v'1' ?-■ P' »V * - 1:/V' ** l.n? /’ T H T O m T A g q P B T 3 . 1 M 7 t h k o r b m i w i o h i o o b k a i ; rs to Control Dairy Imports U. S. Rep. Carleton J, King, 30th congressional district of New York.saidMonday he wa,S introducing legislation fo help remedy the problem of dairy imports and to preserve the quality of food in this country. The'proposal introduced by Congressman King is entitled the. Foreign Dairy Inspection Act o£ M f t : . f* wiU require nations that export dairy prod­ ucts to America *to meet stand­ ards of sanitation that Ameri­ can dairy producers must meet. In a ^ brief statement, the New York congressman said, “The purpose of my bill to re­ quire equal sanitation standards is twofold.. First, we would protect the consumer. Second, we would protect the American dairy farmer frwn unjust for- , eign competition. Tie importa­ tion of dairy products into this country is proceeding at the rate of more than three billion . pounds of milk equivalent per year. Only the smallest frac tion of this amount Is produced under conditions acceptable in : the United States. The care­ lessness with which foreign dairy goods may be produced is in large past the reason for the low prices of these prod- • ucts. Without tine. high’ cost of sanitary methods, foreign .pro­ ducers can invade and capture domestic markets.” ' Commenting farther on the nefed for legislation to preserve the quality of food in America, King said’, “It sem s ironic that all the effort and expense taken by the food and drug adminis- : tration and the nation’s dairy­ men to insure tho production o{ quality s food, ! viien imported cheeses and .dairy solids ’ are subject to very little regula­ tion.” It^ S KATHBVN TBOMPSON. Earton ^CorTespondent E*stonNews Items should be given Miss Thontpson by Tuesday noon’or may he seat direct to The Journal Office in ^Greenwich. German, beehives are painted bright colors to guide the bees to their own hives. Dr. R. . J. SdisvartZj a New York dentist, carves ivory as a hobby, using dental tools. * Dollar Days Aug. 3-4-5 SHOP Gonuan Slides Inc. (WILET'Sy 19 Wuriten 5h Glens Tails Footwear For I All the Family At ‘ Great Swings Hajos Honored On Anniversary Mr. and^Mrs, Theodore Hajos Sr. were honored on their 35th wedding anniversary a t a party given by their daughters, Anne and Margaret, and their son and daughter-in-law, Mr, and Mrt. Theodore Hajos Jr., Bacon HiU, Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grainger and Frank Moy, Easton, Mr. and Mrs, Nor- bert Nolte and Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Boyce of Schuylerville, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Descend and Mr. arid Mrs. Frank. D>ePaul of Mechanicville^ Mr, amd. Mrs. Earl l in e of Stillwater*, peg. S. Cadwollader, and- son;- Charles, of ^ j ’aijyillg' and SJiss. IfuriaJ WestbyerandMrs. Marie Irving of •SjirasQta, Morida,. Their sfon- in-law -.and daughter, Captai» sod M fs , .' Thomas Stelmar, of Kokin*, Indiana, were unable to attend. ■' - Subdivision Regulations Continued b y w i i iu m T , sNrtii , Chairman, Easton ToWm Planning Board For the past two weeks we have discussed subdivision reg­ ulations in detail for a specific purpose as this is o»he area where Serious thinking l a s been done by ■the ^planning board. Ef such regulations- are $rop,ospd for the towo; the residents should know asmuck as possible about them. Of ■ cotir&e public hearings have to -be held if tljis should be the case attd every­ one would be able to have his or her say, the opportunity to; be heard. -------- * - i. Without effective subdivision control through a local plan­ ning board, the, vacant land in a community cbuld lie fully developed without «amy space having been set aside for the recreation areas or parks that are necessary t o ’male a stable residential section. Tie costs' of acquiring needed land for parks can fce met, at least in part; through the settbng aside of sites by the developer at the: “time- of s.ubdivisioa approval. Fast growing towfns swch as Clif- W arren Collcm er Electrolux Sales - Service t , _ ^ S u g p e g ^ v r \ A J X ( l a t|s b n [ f f a tf d ^ l i s t Main st; , Cambridge, N#Vtf Y«rk • , TeUphone 677—39«50 IN GREEmffTCH IT S -. . . DONOHUE'S PHARMACY For tftst and Accurate Prescriptions • Cosmetics • Photo FinisM!!# and Supplies • Greeting Cards \ REMEMBER, WE ARE DED­ ICATED tC SERVE YOU \ - FREE DEIEVERY ' , & Open Daily 8:30 AJA. f Sundays * A .M .. 12:30 P.M. m i 6 -- 9:30 P. M» i , / 69 MAIN ST. GREENWICH (Opp, WMIie't) Beef m*rk*t bull market ;oflF $1.00 a hundred* Hogs aridlambs sioady, tfalf ; W * have Ih* buyer* looking for good yearlings and two-year-old*. Top Springer* and first- calf heiftrs , in strong dernand. For ntxt wee^k we have a Holstcim Glairy' of 50 head consisting of 20 cows in all periodi df lietation,15 springing heifert, 6 bred, heifers, - 6 yetrlii^s^-^m e of -these^ Mll-with -Purebr^d papers. Also 4 spood sitrVicfc built. Diairy sold af 7 ' j 0 s m i t d x t a t B i r / tiVEiStOGK MARKET ■ - . . . . . W W - . . V , , . . ' f . - i • To our patront who want Weir livestock trucked In pitas* let u* know th« nlght b*fore or rial early Tu*sdfcy morn* ing. It saves us a lot of extra trips, V AIJ&IT 0 NEVERY • TUESDAY OFFICE 677-3895 , ^ RESIDENCE 677-32S7 Stanley and Oleim SfeLenitli^n, AUctioinders j 1 Mila North of Cambridge on Ravte 22' \ Margaret H, Callahan, Proprietor ' i \ ton Park, Halfmoon, GlenviHe, Niskayuna toave found this tcf be veiyimporJAiit, ’% afeo takW considerable pressure frona a’- town by residents demanding re- creational facilities when sucjh facilities are built>into a devel­ opment. . In approving a subdivision, the local planning board, can r% quire that the lot layout be re-; lated to the character of the land so as to eliminate or min­ imize future , applications fo* variances due to lot shapes or other particular conditions. Ad- ditionaUy subdivision s control can <a%oid most of the applica­ tions for relief , on the basis of hardship due to unusual access situations, since the possibility of the erection of buildings on inadequate streets or on unde­ sirable rights of way, or on nar­ row access strips can be almost entirely eliminated in new lot and street layouts. Under the planning board’s power to re* \view existing- undeveloped or partially developed subdivisions, these problems in some: of .thei: older layouts can also be mater­ ially reduced. V - A county planning board is authorized under law to exercise the power- of subdivision con­ trol in the unincorporated area of towns that do not have plan­ ning boards which have been given the authority to approve subdivisions. In this case, the county planning board has jur­ isdiction oyer, new subdivisions in the same manner as that of a local planning board. This can lead to some complications sometimes as it once again is the loss* bf power locally, or a t the town level, to a higher gov­ ernment. There is much con­ cern most-of the time about los­ ing local say-so on things that fire local business and this is aa- other example. It is better to keep control on the local, level where a more intimate touch is available and where* the Cause and effect are more easily seen I ahd felt. Next week—Conclusion Subdivi-. slon Regulations, * - ' ‘ \ LOCAL BRIEFS —The Easton town hoard will', meet Tuesday, August 8, at 8 | p.'tn. at'the towfl' clierk^s office. ! / —Mr. and Mts. David Borden ' -spent the week end 'with rek- tives in Bentley Creek, Penn. I -—Mrs. Willing Wells andMr&j] Philip Iff. Peters were luncheon guests of Mrs. Italph Entwistle , in Shushan on Monday. —Mrs. James Mdty and (laughi-1 ter, Judy, spent ja few days in New York city last -week: —Mr. and Mrs. John Petei and daughter, Carol, of Wilton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ulmer Murray. • ■Mrs. Jerry Agopovich, Bil- ‘ • ■»% ' 'M HOTEL CHANGES landmsarfc i Kenneth has operated the hotel for ’tlie past 43 years, Mr. Olesen, a native of- BMimaik, was graduated from -San Francisco. co-llege with a degree in accounting and hotel r^sstaurant manageihent. He SjS^Hiot?! Scfeuyler, a has been manager for the Holiday inns of Ainer- 1 ^ v ^ ‘ ‘ ‘ ica.and was general manager of the Saratoga Performing Arts restaurant. He plans to make extensive improv«mcnts to .Hotel ^Schuyler in­ cluding operatwm of the dining j^oiii. starting in the fall. : Cadet Brooks At VVest Point Centennial . Cadet John Mahan Brooks Jr. attended the c^rtexinldl •celelprai tfem. i t tie' vUmie^ p ^ s 1raili- ; t?»ry academy, Poaio&t,. this summjer; .Ca'd’6.^i!r0^1^: .is Ihe son of Col,, John^&L Jr*o»ks, re­ tired, of -M awo^ KaMas; .aind grandson of G|neral; -John B. Brooks, fetiredjof ,4i^eesnw.iQhI Cadet Brooks is a first jyear stu­ dent a t Manlius, school )n Man­ lius, and is the third ge-neration Of Jhis family to Stteowl f his raifi* tary., school, ;his faltacr and grandfather1 are botl)\ Man3ius graduates.’, , , - ■ * birect descendants of the first graduating class , at ^est Point were special guests at tbe qen- tenniaJ celebration,' an*-d Cadet Brooks is a descendaait of: Fred- ly and Joann Agopovich, andl erifck H. Mahan, who gmdualed Miss Audrey Slocum of Speigie- tenth in the . class of L8S7 and town spent -niesday afternoon j was commissioned a sccoad ileu- TVith Miss Kathryn Thompson. . .. • t . L . - E a s t ® . M r i . n « h S S . 5 % ! ! ! £ 5 m - m dosed ailrus tas m rnth1 “K M Autost Rev David T.ivinfr-1fr0m the ^ s * nava> -atadetny or August, uev. uavia ljiving i 3llrl 1S(?a n^ hBl. stone may he cdntacted by John kisser of 'Mrs. Elton Borden ■while the chorch is closed. —The Easton Learn to Swim program is well underway. I t is being conducted at the Green­ wich beach, this summer with. Sara Skiff, Rae Merrill and Grace Snell as instructors. Inter­ mediate and advanced classes were completed last week, Mon­ day began the polyvvogs, patl- dlers, minnows, beginners and advanced beginners classes. On Sunday, August 13, there will be .a water carnival for all the children. Events will be held with prizes awarded. ’ CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank the doctors and nurses at the Mary McClel­ lan hospital for their kind care, Jtev. John Columbus for his calls, and friends and neigh­ bors for their calls and remjem- brahces while I was ih the hos­ pital. . - Mrs. Dorothy Foelseh IN MEMORIAJM \ In loving memory of my dear daughter, Beatrice Beresky, who passed away August 3 ,11 years ago. ' . .• Somewhere back of the sun=- shine Where loneliness never dies She lives in a land of glory Mid the blue and the gold of the sky. Gone from the mother, who •’ loved her Into a heaven of rest To the home of the loving Saviour Sweetly her soul is at rest. Her life is a (beautiful memory, Her absence a silent grief. She sleeps' itt God’s beautiful ' garden . , In the sunshine of perfect peace From her Mother, - . Marjr iLainpiiear -y~ •in 1859 and 11869. oldest brotlier, Admiral AIfrocS Thayer Mahna, Is well known for his ontstfoiding works on iwvcl sea- power. Following the. centciunLal cel- eirajlra Cadef\*HrQsfe^1fat®ear receir-ed a letter, from freneral Clark. L. Ruffner, retired, in which he said,. “This is;.to tell you k-ow impressed I was with your son, John M. Btqoiks Jr., who attended our cesntennial celebration at West . Point as a d'escondamt of jPredericfe A. 11a- han and as your representative, “No-t only \vas he toaiipletely capable of taking caic of ldm- self, but he contributed to the party immeasurably. juid had many complimdbtary remarks passed to me as to fils- appear­ ance and conduct. He. was abso­ lutely outstanding, especially for a boy 15 years old, wearing his Manlius school uniEorm ex­ tremely well and with swell mil­ itary tearing. You can well be proud of him! J Certalialy was.” OFFICIAL NOTICE The 1967 Assessment Roll , is Filed (Pursuant to Sec. 516 of th e , Real_Propei*ty Tax Law) \ Notice is hereby that the Assessment Roll Eo r the Town of Easton, in the Comity of Washington for tlae year 1S67, l a s been finally scoanplet- ed bf the undersigned assess­ ors, and, a certified eopr thereof was filed in the office of the Town Clerk, where tlie same will remain open to p*Mie in­ spection until September l§ t . Dated this 1st day of August, 1967 Elton Borden James Nulty . Robert Lyons Assessor's of the ; Town of Easttoii, s-a - . , ■ Activities —The North Grieenwich Com­ munity , circle will hot meet during the . month of August. 1 —The Horsemasters 4-H club will meet a t 2 p,in. Saturday a t the home of Mrs. Cyril Saun­ ders. • . ■ . •.,■ I —All numbers of the Dusty Trails' riding^lub will ride ia ;th^ ‘ Gri??eh ' Sabres: day parade: Sugdiy S’ohuyjerville. .^GreenWich VFW: auxiliary No. 7291 will meet Thursday ^vehingr1 August 3. jtoodi cqmtnittees will be Mesdames Kay Jordan, Doris Jordan,- Mil­ lie Martin and Beulah ‘Kelley. —•The Annual Eeid and Mor­ rison family picnic will be held Saturday, August 12, at the Sa­ lem Fish and Game club. -Pres­ ident William J, Morrison and Tice President Thomas R. Keys Sir, urge all members to attend. —The Mary McClellan hos­ pital Women’s auxiliary will h«old a rummage sale Saturday, Aiigust 5, at the Presbyterian cliurch in Cambridge. The sale will begin at 9 a.m. and will in­ clude an unusual array of items. Proceeds of the sale will go to tfce building fund. Mexico gained her independ­ ence from Spain in 1812. Chinese office buildings Jiave statues of fierce dogs or lions ai tbe door to scare d,e£(ions, Orchestra Appear at SPAC August 23 The Israel Philharmonic or­ chestra, which began a three- week North American to u r •July 29, will appear at the Saratoga Performing Arts cen­ te r for one performance only •on August 23 in a special bene­ fit concert to raise money for the Israel emergency fund. Ru­ dolf Serkin, internationally re­ nowned pianist, will appear as ■guest soloist, with Eugene Or- ‘mandy, music director of the Philadelphia orchestra, conduc­ ting. ; / The Israel Philharmonic or­ chestra, appearing under the pa- trqnage of the Honorable Abba Eban, Foreign Minister of Israel, and sponsored by Columbia Ar­ tists Management, inc.;! decided unanimously to give jip' tjieir vacation in order to present con­ certs in this country. This tour will be the orchestra’s first in tins .hemisphere since 1960. The program for the concert includes: Beethoven's Leonore Overture No. 3, The Concerto No. 5 in E Flat Major (Emper­ or) also by Beethoven, and the Brahm-s Symphony No. 2 in D Major. „■ ACHENBAQI’S 6( Since 1890 If you. don’t know diamonds* know your jeweler9’ , 208 ;GIen Street > Glens Falls, N. Ye 3c per Word — 75c Mininium. If ad rups more than once, rate is 10c less For ads with replies coming to this Office add 25q for first ' week, 15« for each succeeding week Pets LABRADOR RETRIEVER Pup­ pies for, Sale,— AKC yellow males. 692-2361. ______ _ Wanted WANTED TO BUY—Old Col­ ored canning jars arid plain glass , with odd names, also old bottles. V i ri c e n t Carknard, 692-2098. • WANTED. TO BUY—Ear Com. Call Carl Covell, Glens Falls, N. Y. BX 2-8243. Household FRIGID AIRE 30” ELECTRIC Range for Sale. Clean and jn good working order. Large oven and storage drawer, clock, $50. Call NF 8-8240. . . Livestock READY T-0 LAY. Fryer Cross Pullets for Sale—Allen Steen, R. D. 1, Cambridge. 677-3677. Farm & Garden HOME GROWN SWEET CORN for Sale. George Nanek, next to fairgrounds. Call 695-3339. For Sale NOW IN STOCK, David Nestle’s new book, A History of the Hud­ son Valley Railway. $3.25. Jour­ nal Stationers, Greenwich, N. Y. 12834. VERMONT LIFE Calendars and Date Books are in. Buy pr-re serve early- and avoid disap­ pointment. Journal Stationers, 108 Main Street, Greenwich, N. Y. 692-2266. -rt- NAME TAPE for Camp or School. Name-on Laundry bags also. Allow a week. Journal Stationers, 108 Main St.j Green­ wich, N. Y. 12834. • 20% OFF ON PAINT Cash and Carry ’ No Return Interior and Exterior Entire Stock, from . . Our Greenwich and Schuylerville Stores On Sale at 14 Washington Street Greenwich Schneible and Sheppard Inc. . 692-2291 ZIP CODE DIRECTORY on Sale. Lists states; tofyns, villages and cities alphabetically. $1.00. Jour­ nal Stationers, 108 Main St., Greenwich, N. Y. Farm Equipment JOHN DEERE 1-2A Coipbine For Sale. Lelajldi fcP-RfrbdjrtSon Lnc.. Greenwich/ 692-2781. WOOD STAVE SDLO for S a le- Also 52 'gal G. E. water heater equipped with calrod unit. Tel. S92-1869. For Rent FOR RENT—An upstairs apart­ ment. Inquire at 4 Fisher Street, Greeaiwich, N. Y. FOR RENT—One second floor apartment, 3 large rooms and bath, automatic heat and hot water, electric range and re­ frigerator. Suitable for one or two. Elderly people preferred. Available at once. 2 John Street. Phone 692-2045. COSSAYUNA LAKESIDE Cab- iais —Rustic camping with con­ veniences, fireplace, boat, swim- !*iihg pool $77 up weekly. Pratt’s Point, G^reenwi-eh.- -692- 2380. ' - Services SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED — Era! C. Ward, 639-8965 or 584- f75B. COMPLETE AUCTION' Service. Farms, household, a n ti ,q u e s , liquidation arid b a n k r u p tcy sales. Selling is our business.- ro serve you is our •pledge Phone Ghauncey1 Daven p o r t 6S77-3333. ^ * WATCHES and JEWELRY Re­ paired, Diamonds Reset, electric Shavers for Sale and repaired, Greeting Cards, Prescriptions Filled. Powell’s Comer Drug and Jewelry Store, Greenwich. 532-2134. \ ' ^ WATER WEILLS DRILLED — Experienced crews, modern ma- dhinery. Watdr systems. Hud­ son Falls Drilling Co., Lower MEaple St., Hudson Tails. RH 7- OCOO. ^ P r o f e s s i o n a l EMERGENCY MEDICAL SER |SB> Satiird^sevening. Augu 5~ and Sunday,\ August 6, Call Dr. R. L. Skinner, 692-2115. Real Estate LOT FOR SALE—Pine section! Sumindt Lake. Inquire Joseph Vincent, 10 E. Washington, Glens Falls. VILLAGE JSDGE, 6 room home! nicely located, modern convent- iencesy fireplace, drilled well, garage, good size lot, $9,009: Hoosiclc Falls, a good 8 room home, large modern kitchen, hot water heat, full cellar and large lot, 57,500. Marclialand Agency, Greenwich, N. Y. Tet. 69fe-2679. FOR SALE—GREENWICH 3 house trailers, 1958-1962. One can be !S0Ved,. other perManenE with 10 x 23 addibion-adjoining lots, total 15,000 ft. frontage. Village water, 2 car garage, good location. F75B SALE ?l t l La k e Cqmp, suitable for year round occupancy, 3 b e s o m s , f i r e place, liardwoodr floors, cellar, HTW, etc.* 120 foot lake frontage Benjamin R, Pratt, .Real Estai| Broket, Schuylerville, 695^533. PROSPECT STREET—Ideal lo­ cation, 3-year-old, 4 bedroom .ranch with attached garage, 1 % baths, paneled family room with fireplace. Slate patio, 1 a n d- scaped % acre lot. By appoint* ment only. 692-7853. i l .MORTGAGES—To purchase or renovate houses quickly ar­ range^. Greenwich Savings and Loan Association, 170 Main St., Greenwich, Phone 692-223S. NEW 1967 MOBILE HOMES now pn display. . Setf them to­ day at Curtis Trailer Sales, 2% Miles south of Glens Falls’ on Gbut« d. - j ttOMGAS & GAS APPLIANCES —Space heaters, ranges, water h.«ater sales and rentals. In­ stallation and service. John Whiteside and Sons, Greenwich 692-2259. , -WEST. HEBRON pre-Civil war 4-bedroom cottage in good con­ dition, all improvements, new wiring and • plumbing. Surveyed plot, garage. A little gem in a country village. Taxes $136 a year. For fast sale, $10,500. Call or write ' Hazel Green, Realtor, Kinderhook, N. Y. 684-3071. TW(3'FAMILY THDTJSE,' Stor| and storage buildings for Said. Former Schneible Lumber Yardi, 34 Washington Street, Green­ wich, Presently rented. Mortj- gage available. Would cflnsideir trade for non-commercial real estate,, farm or personal propr- erty. Paul Schneible, 692-2291. i l Cars & Accessories 1961 CHEVROLET Convertible** for Sale... New top, PB, PS, radio,’ heater. Phone 692-72Bo. POLAROID PICTURES fo r Chauffeur’s licenses and other identification purposes. Dick Tefft, Greenwich Journal. 692- 2266, -'V',,- EXCELLENT VALUES — Spe­ cializing in tFsed Volkswagens and Pick-up Trucks. Five of each on hand at all times. Care­ fully selected used cars. New car purchasing in any make. Ask us about it. Griffin Broth­ ers, ' Shushan Road. Phone’ 854-7815.

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