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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, May 18, 1967, Image 1

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I 'A -'3- • tlMMT1 tl»--b«4t I»wade. by J®h?» ored- V -I\* it mamhul of divisidtLMid it i> «x- £# to 100 rid- \t J»y. Won’»4 « o w ‘ master ' ’.'.V the ajr: the w- ewca- * flHng wiuid, combine iviiitidSB anttwir c will join in sing- Hil tad Ja pW jing aUetfanet Tfcen-jthebaseballseason wllj be opened and the Le- gion UMo'Wilj oppose the VFW team in aeeven-inning game. unit*; w ill in- ctmfml ad»dl 'by 3) om M Judd, „ IQKk band of Al- Ja m e s Sanen <rf HUM p la v ta tltfb e it tin ; Cambridge tw id <a- rfionlM ^Bh*ilniton,j <k««A types ■ Dram' 07I d Montreal 119 jkqwpw ,1*»* Mrfore* fgflSP ,t.,. - vttl Icaitibespe- \ \ b lttn b rti* •dkw wte color guard st*Uo« a t K rtdv So j. ’ ^ ‘yrfinary: ’election day ■n i w fork statels^ne 20 ,-feut w ill be no Jprlmaxy elec- in 'WasKington* coiJ(nty, u »*•«* ilo contents' for parly •; -i'-i- ' lt» Republican county com- n^itUM .designated -candldat#* WHer this year and< petition* ' Iflkilng;- these candidates ‘‘Med with Ute coiintytwnrd by, the coannnlttie lacretary, Jaimes Tomasl. The hW ifee* are:‘ ,Jnty> J. O’Brien for county Oeorge Morae io r dH»- ,'garaei.) X I j*, jtfdfeab* dlitrM /'9tt ........ .. . 'Hfearf ^ , T«iiBd.luivf atpde ho awafata- Uons ter. county trmsturtr aiiid cetoneri. A . petition noralmt- h u ' /u«ge -O^flw* a a i Mr. I w k V^aa Bled with ttae board o r tactions by Francis *Ticna«y, town tamd 'and * - b m ioaether at Ihe tom _____ ____ aid were unani -: j _ ^ ML^gLjT »-•-■*»_. - . -»». ~ « « ii > ■mu H W YM V Bm UtlO Il that N ltiiraM o h rw k - Power eerperatio* he . edwl- U> ua% antiergrtattt coaduit la prefer- dice to fctjiel Ifapa* tor ■ifasion of iwwer at th« ationiife eicctr^ -point planU c d ^ L i io in l iV t tkin erf tfce ordin»nor int jw l Srirtli in’tttft recomnWmi^d- th« w<Um»icfc w <)kiddy pfissiMfi v’'1 m ' j t o m ' \hoard >dopte^,t resolWftn granUni' tlrt vl«n> Ding hoaW the iutHi^H^jfi ^ ■ . \t *m During rei^jlar- meeting of the to^prki hoard Nick SeHt% who iMft h e ’iWBi pianolng t# bttMd ffi tekues.on tali property m ftom t tm i, the towaj/te emtstntet for «he'ltteir develotxnent, Hie tew« bo«(4 recently adopted s^ecilKMiatW |o r atreefs to he acceded % / t h e town, end e ^ ptalned IQ-iKr. Be»n that the town o n h tft baUd new street# iMit cfeta littoept ttMin for toaUli;; ttoance a*|fcr they are twiftt td ape«Ul6iyeju. These upediwp ; ttom, «Mrtia- al the C^ * ^ o a r d « k ? ted . tl^/tfM Ktautioftel •• «on .ttvwte ' eflttmuin of the DeanvcraUe coauBittM. . nieaday wai the final daty for C. Moore to Speak At Adirondack Frank 'C. Jloorej lieutenant 'warnor of New. York atate nt 19CSl to l053, has been in- ted to address the 1967 grad, itei of Adirondack Comznun* ity college a t\ the commence- pent^ cerenioaiei on June d, prr Charles S. Eisenhart, pree- ^dent, ha* aoaounced. : Mr. Moon is a , delegate to the New York itate conatttu- tional CMvaatien and in presi* dent of the Government Affiirs »erv«.'a»i board of tms- Stito ^iveraita' of !»>#“ taaafullr jsftbe ;ai^4 then inetrucUon- *lng ia • givei pital in Pn nursing selii ^Members are: VItl Greenwich; kax, MJddli ^ean -McQ««j leen, June ton; Marie P lW te d . new class Km : Cronin, ' r.%&i , Uada vitie; iKath- m Nw- e ahd.QteoI H. Stanley. W»ei>deroga;t Co»- cetta B. MojnR%la> Anutardraii Mary W. JPi rier, VaUey Pell*; CaMil A. R ^ e k y and. Virginia Ann Martio, fkusabie Forks; Barbara-Anff Raleigh, Wald- wick* N. J.| Susan i . Ryder. Oaslnlng; Deanna Lee Waite. Caukbridge; -Jean A. 'Wilnpn, St&water; fcatlileeii Yole, Hud­ son Falte; |a)f Rita H. Zan- briski, Riv«frued. Members! » f the September, 1B67, class ,'1 who have been ita Troy for tlMit clinical instruc­ tion in mdutTles and obstetrics have raturn^di to tlte Mary Mc­ Clellan hoipJtal to jcomplitm tl»eir t/ainink in clinical work: Jwevich,- vice chair- New York, itate at dition eoQege. ha ad m Ihe board of ewaeannw » * | b e r t Einstein eoilege-of nMScine.< • ; Mr.^Mwna'l aervice to the public^ ni*' bean cenUwious for the past' tbhpjr yews- Prior to holdiBg oSice m lieutenant gov­ ernor, hd.HaiJW r-liven years comptrolil#'^ New York atate. He has bain Jin active member Qf xiunerotul^itate coznmiieiona. if k!M. ‘rn, U Democretic cflBimittea at tiie Chateau Ian Granville Saturday at 2:30 p.m itrs. Gurevich wi0 arrive at Warren county airport and will be ranet by a reception committee and taken to Gran-, ville in a motorcade. Reserva­ tions for jthc luncheon may he made with Mrs. George Prehodn or Mrs. P. J. Kelly of Granville, ^^JuU t wafi brought against supervisors in Jan- f Jetty jutd Caro- of Hudson Falls ‘ the board re- rtkm ita«f under % one- tfam one-vote principle. • Supreme Court'Justice Mich­ ael Sweeney upheld the Ianued contention that the board as now constituted is, unconstita-* Uonal and early in Ju ly laat year ordered the board of st» pervi*»n to skbrait a plan of re*pportiona»ent to him by Au gust 15. ■ / / ' Tl>e hoard proposed to the court a plan of adjusted.weight' ed voting. This plan continues the representation on the coun- ty board of one- supervisor from inch town, and creates addi­ tional county supervisors In the four larger fcwms. increasing the hoard membership from 17 to 22 . . Squal representation is eatabiisbfrd, by ^ving each su­ pervisor votes on the county board in ‘proportion to the num­ ber -of people he represents, t Judge sweeney did not ap- prove this plan and ordered the board to submit another plan. However, the board elected to appeal Judge’ Sweeney’s deci- sioh to the appellate division of the supreme court The appeal waa taad*} and the first of this mfiftk- tha .'appellate division to. the tourt (rf appeak. M r. Columbus Reappointed To Centenary Thettudje*! ' \is iii the The Bev. John B. Columbus was reappouiUd pastor of the Centenary Methodist church for tht coming year jit thfe. Meth­ odist annual conference held at, <l 4 ke 71acld last Wednesday tbrough Sunday. The appofnt- tmtat wa> made by Bishop Uoyd C. Wicke of the; New Vork area, the local church igjai.represented at the confer­ ence by Mr. and Mr^. Columbus and hy B F. TillotSon. Mr. Columbus, a native of Baahrouck Heights, tT. * , M>a of Hasbi^uck ichoot and Fairlt _ crsdi Stiftior college irt^Te & J. He- graduated Cum laude fro m Opsalfi college. East ^.Orange, N. ia 1847 with a bachelors of arts degree in phy- ehology, after - returning from M* jWs^rs service in the U. S. hraa^ during frfiich he was sta- tinted tii ^a^and, France and iG«riniijy.''- * ■ Mr. Columbus took post-grad­ uate studies in psychology at Fordham university in N e w York city in , 1 ^* 8 , and was a real estate broker until he iMgStt tti rftudy ftr the niiri- in lSOCi. He entered New or* uhlversiity seminary in h 190^ as a part time student 'h0e Ihe served the Emergency iltsf : .mission in New York psydhologist advisor, in lOffl Mr. Columbus was ap* 1 ed to Fort Johnson Meth: '•nd- wth Btkkley'.At -bridge; ^ *Abwt dal etw gyle junior tended ttoat meeting; and briefed by ac^vitle* TbertiidaStt ... . by their «•*** wig and Th, i‘ : The ehief aetito e l fKMMM at the meeting trat-the-adopttai* of a resolution wMMWUng % county pUnnbw fcoerd. Thia ■haa befn in the making for sons tflttib and the reaolutioQ, presented -by Supervisor Joseph JU Randles Jr. Of Argyle, etn* powers the chairman of the board, Laurenca Andrewa : of die.'inparvi-' . ....... ... J to' in time ip aiid1’ Mrs. Hotel Cam- oftheao- in the Ar- school at- soperviabira’ to that were ih w M r« r w d*p«»tnwot aoeoaipanie* Sss’ -ttipt;^b 0 i i m Granyille, -to •appoint seven merobers to the planning board. uparin* diatfict county ofRdo in additfon' the county superin­ tendent of highways, diatfict superintendent a^d tbe treasurer V ill be ex members of th# board. The resolution explained that \it is deenld adviaable to create an la^artial group in Washington, eounty which can. through the proces* of study ahd analysis, objectively reach 'conclusions . aad advance solu­ tion* to the legislative bodies for the problems and areal in which* it if r aotfiorisad |o act,” ,,r -iW tL codnty, a^_ * * « :asaHs? conveyor for the cnunty idjoorainentofliie they went joined by moat of the county officers and county preas corpa, to enjoy a lundaeon is gueau of fflteriff T n d ^ l^ k ia y , '. T ,;. , , ■■ Jftfto a j^ ! the luncheon Mr. introduced people at taMe, including Mrs. Supervisor Andrews, a tha board; mem- •bara }oi‘'thi . sheriff’s committee, Donald S. Hanks of galem^ . Joieph Randlea of Ar- gyVe and BttMrson McLenithan -Qt iadtson; Surrogate Judge Bo*>ert “Baaeom; Asaemblyman Lawrence Corbett Jr., and Sen­ ator Ronald B. Stafford. . ; SiMpervisor Clydie Cook of Tort Ann: reminded the group that it was just about a year age that Sheriff Buckley fur- nished an eacort for Gen. Lewis B. Herahey, director of Ihe draft, when the general made a visit to Washington county. Mr. Cook presented Sheriff Buckley a pen on behalf of General Hershey, in thanks for the sheriff’s courtesy. . The ..next regular meeting, of the hoard, which will be in the ' supervisors’ chambers in the county offiae building, Fort Ed­ ward, will be held \'June 45, rather than the v normal date, the 8 th. foritn^gs (S^M al U t k t J&tmi) HOW does the kv^raga 16-year-oM youngster in WMhington ^ounty repre«nt?' •' \] ; ’• j j, W hit has it edtf M i p in Q to rear him from In fan t ta age 18? ‘ • - Most, pventa haten’t the slightest idea. dott’t think of their children in .terms of dollars and cent#. Beyond.know­ ing that the oixifaf at certain periods has bee$ .large. some- .times staggering, they have never thought, about the tota! cost-.-, I According to itudtei on this tins, made by tjhe Institute of life Insurance,' departm^ntatfi varies vgfeatljy family iu t l* inconie. v \' 0 nr the avera|av‘ years o fa famihr. ' ' spent >in ralsiag 18. it fowlr' s rfhe {Id to age wfert ,000 fo $Er,M 0 rwjffe* as it iif^ ith «thfe average Wwhiftgton 6 JW>ty fatrf- fly, the bufliijr flat i* -a|K. proximately $18,000. ' Among iamilles in the S12.000 to $14,000 category, the expend­ itures are IrMtftg neighborhood of $51,000 per enftd, it is foond. On the other hind, those with low incomes, operating on a much tighter . budget, spend considerably Ifesi; than this, r ' , in most famiUea the largest single item of The figures, consumes, se is food, t a girl worth in present oet- itibsfj 1 ;r Kii* !«ah^ idoikt tional ng/ iT»i ersonW . Forty nately;4b& cttsts are dis- tributed over Qtt 18 years. N«t so a’re the nveq|^ iees, hospital bills and other etpihses ln con­ nection with cti^d’s birth.' Horn much .fttos k all add tip to for the ^ iMye aiid girls in Washington . who are be­ coming 18 teis year? • On the basis per child d total M pnlyf average cost •(pome*: to a ,000, And jo in ta t G k i i J t t e f d f t H Francis J., Clark of Salem was orte of eleven congressional medal of honor winners to lead the march in support of United States troop in Vietnam Sat­ urday' in New. York dty.‘ Bir; Clark received an invitation from Ray Gimmler, organiser of the iwrade, to join with other holders of the nation’s highest ^ward,-in. leading the parade in 3 UPt#§t jEor., servicemen in Viet- 4 / it is estimated that more than 250,000 people passed the re­ viewing,,, stand in -the parade jjirjiich ,l|sted more than eight jWHir^ Tft?re were servicemen IMid .yet^r^ns, labor Unions, fra- fcfifllit, $nd_ civic orginizations, and m^ny \ many citixens Who marched In the loyalty demon- 'itMStfits? . Mr. Gimmler, who is a New York city fiTe captain and ma­ rine veteran of World War H, said the turnout was at least three times larger than had been expected. , Among those on the reviewing stand were Lt. Gov. Malcolm Wilson, Senator Jacob K. Ja- vits, Cardinal Spelltnan, City Council . President Frank p. O’Connor and Attorney General LoulsLefkowitz. A two-hour segment of the parade was televised and the vide64&fe'> w ill be stnt to Gen. -.irOPi* • Westmoreland in Saigon ter Showing to-afflnerican IroopS. i?The - <axuned >o i roes radio neMWhit >dteo- boOadcast’ a live ■radio piekapiof the march to all U. S. >iaM»s stationed :«lverseas. o’! IttrJ jahd IMnv Robert Con- nctta af)Saleditwent>to New York to^iwith';'Mr. !>eiarfc, to attand the Mfrch:' fnvK ' ; • ?/ . . .......... SMOKt ftOUTS PATIENTS Eight patients in the infirm­ ary building at VanRensselaer m a n o r in North Greenbush were moved to safety one morn­ ing last week when the area be­ came filled with smoke f#>ra a . bleoked incinerator. Patieats were tnoved to other wards and smoke doors wer« ,.closed, shut-, ting pai^icalar area off fr<^ the remainder df th e s « i « m ■Tto enttrj diBK»r*jta any o i thAn at anyr v \ 'Awe,'-/-... .-J

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