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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, February 09, 1967, Image 2

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T ite r m m u n A Y , FEBRUARY 9, 1967 I ■ \ U.T'\' fify ,, .. P6>.' Mm 1964 Plym outh 4 - 4 t a o r 6 tJ jL E S c p n o jg j Mom* «*f ClLfy'»l*r -Slhle* W23 , Open . VAlftAMT • - Main *t. m m * ■f flews from Creations of Fourth Graders Today is ejection day at Greenwich, cenfcralschool. Today fill members of the freshm$nj Greenwich fourth graders ‘have designed and made stuffed animals jm their artda&ses. The studeaits desigaed original paper . . patterhs, eversized tp aUtw l?»r se^ s . IShey hr««ght dpth frtiim sophomore, ju*uor and senior home as it was stressed that they wo*tld jft>t need to buy cloth, ■ i.- ->—* ---- ^ most homes aiound in .old curtains, table cloths^ towels and .cf<eaave“uSe. The dhuldren arrived at their second art class with, paper classes, •will vote to elect a may- iqkjtt'cdlci’' ' In th e viflage \'of-' 4i»enVl(ih- «n senior service This is sponsored iby chera Association t&td voting ibytDDacMne has been arranged through the loan of -a machine from t'h-e \town of tGroeiwidLi Wotfog w ill be dur- »|, -r j||U tt.fc Irit-mfy- W-llWrtT QRIH3uS» jcaradE.da^es' were nomin- , menjbers '-of t ie ' senior -class^. , Ttfcrecting^^ prpgr*ih. , I’ -,>;•• ^ - = |Jrt:^fteiuar 'ssryiib •• d&y ■thrj' ,*»'■ «*» tajffi. jtfg pK^fti^M .tfce vSm contin\ie, as they ’fcAy& .1)3,, 3 >*st. years, assuming 0iil4#y iHJStsl; in the seKodl tt- (‘r% itterrifbers amd personnel. iy Johannes Loor*en of doth, -enough for three or f^nir animals apiece. They' firom t-heir doubled Jijaterisal. ? proceeded to pin and c u t the anim als Many of th e children UaaUM, J m t class to'sew, stitff and decorate’ tfeeiy <^eiatioiis. They finished Totite^ iii TNew; Y c tii fe high on them at with fheatd of omot hear aiid the sewing machine, th® agenda of the legislature The three pictures show some of the youngsters and their thiss winter. Thse plan is still orations of cats,-rabbits, tttrtleSi d«ll heads, bears and fish. coatroversUl -and its opponents ®ke -girls are identified, J,efft 'to. lights : are not silenced but there is * ‘ ' *ir * • <:i . . - . t ' 1 W A L T ^ D , . Straiyji' Kov/ in th# when fHn* Jr# 4» very ftew doctors/ hog*# c*H$ w£W •»(»• - ardor graduated -«v«ry. year •„ ' ■-•Hie. old hiouse call, ,is Ilf- vcontfnj, pasta, , 'Sviwi .flit flffiee call hty the patient 1 is bejna r«ijUlatMl to take - tw*t ^ € «vrininutM .~-^ - • Ah* <niMa fer/jdl ofc®v»«/ “lltsitith !* ipofiu- Jaition ibctoiw, vwhlch |Mit 4h* ■onus on tffii' fdc^ctM' t* ili* •xtant M il* ht«‘ m wt »th^k» •very mcwninrt count . , . •xpcciitly t|h« prelimin* ary exiwn- . . which dould be .« huje- '«#)** . 'SpecialnttioR tnak*s’.;.pOt*^ sibl* CHt. asciM’ate ell- .a«nosi|- ji» t+ t' office. . . what with tptclaliirts who ~ .can b«. xill»d ln .to jpragh' . nosticaia* aenapHlcationk. It . a <11 contllitutes ; .medical streamlEn'Iras In ordar _ i» car*''forpeople .jmd. m bW j»rliut‘''E»*W..kT. the prop*r r«irii)*r. ^pjcsdnirat be patl*nt imd xenformi. lo modern * Mrctlpec t h e#« days, ^ apftear all- «vary»ne does want- to spend few time at the doctor's. $»i»e< day vflili <orn(Hiter «leve 1 - opmtJilr i patient may ft* diaf'noMKl, .inMlyMd, typed, pr«icr-ll>«d for and, tiaxe - tfte filled . i , on the spot. Botrfnot Jo r a whilt ye^tl . But ftir taday,. lor * fast .efficient s>«rwic*'<*nd ^e- liable .priiscriiptlpn come •» i ICIMi«tN«*‘l*ttAR. MACY, 75*.mtMain Str^t, Cambrldj*. *O R F U E E D ELIVERS (U U s m * M . . 2 Rig|lit-<r«d Pfaamia- cists . . , 5Hew*:. 8 AW fo 9 P/A Oill-y - . , 8 AM to 1 iPM 5}>|f<l«yi TODAY '.'l Vi ;.A eaii quaH^ir lu ll of .clean sand, p«*% (myt marfc 1 e%: Menus • lunBthess fco -ibe served next u te e t :tbe ^GdS ^ csfieieria? w ill %e: - ’ _ '.'jil‘ {■t’h .M (j^ a j’l')a > v 'io ii, Jru ite d cole stew* ^Jitter: sandweh/ ,®nesd«j»: Jt-^at ..lo a f', potato '^ fe’drleSfl^i s ionfif Sticks, iflEatetl U ro^ty fream . PadEed*.< chiol{en,'; &wmt «$fpflt*)e6, {h a cyard ' beets, * ..... ’ cook:'' _ l.yilteMHi unfed ^cookies -macaroni salad, pitiach, p-olls, ibpownies. : J)tE eUM.SlLKCTION Ot \ I m CAfepS'\- C H IID H E W lO V E T O '• ..•■‘Jeaid to teocliers : /. ‘ : • Send fo Fi;lendi s „■ •. Setfld fo Relatives Table 'fle e r s , — Plates m & t r n llatoxits me a peality fol- N'ovemher’s. ref^ fiemeral agreement that the lot • tery 'Will \beco: lowing last eren4um. - . t *1 S. .- -J-,Sixty per cent of. those who /took a stand en the lottery issue, voted yes, and 40 per • cemt no. . 1m all, 2.4 million , voters, said y*es, 1.6 million no. —yhrat- is a tota3 of 4 million votfes wst on thes lottery issue. Since . 6.k raiUion voted in the guber- jia-torial election, there were 2.1 .raylion voters who did not tgke J a. stand an the lottery issue. Jtt».wever, there are always a liiunber of roters who do not : ’bother to -vote on amendments, ■ ah-d actually tke Vote on the ; iobterry was c-ontparatively high. i -siflfi- ^ n p to r i jie^iiyrtnan of ' * .......,i-I..-...,...,,,,,,,,., w iE J e n d - ja^eil iimterest jo the lottery-’ On the..sen.^le Edward fipeno,- the Bgpu$lcan m o fe jsnce, is a leading sjiokesnaah: t^ r the view that the 4 o tie ^ jn v ^ .fa e ti^ed, at least as an ex p e i^ ie n t, but he adds ’th a t shoguld %e re ­ pealed, i f ri t does mot >work w e ll, fie 'prefiled a ® ill to set up a lottery commission i;o operate the ’lo ttery, On “the as^eiribly side four Democrats- have filed b |lls fo r the same piirppge. -They are -Assemphlymen Jq ije fiahlos-Lopez, Charles Raqgel, James B ar-ry and Bertram •Ppdell. ^ - r : '.» :T|ie ^|K»ltI«i» ' ’ Senator thpmas l^yepne otf Rochester led'.^trcwig:' ox>position to the lottery .be£#y« the elec­ tion. He made .142 ispeeches against it, and notes that wher- maike up 4or losses in any given year when the lot- ter^ ^failpd to produce expected tteMenue. Questions to be decided are still legion, such ■ as how much for prizes and administration and how much for education (perhapS''-not far from 50-50), how. large the prizes w ill be ^perhaps -a -large prize 000, several in the thousands and many smaller prizes), and what .$rice each ticket (possibly 2*6 doHars esch).,, -i MUi ^ Susan yaiiScliaaek ever a strong .opxxieition scam nVha te v e r interpretation is ' psisn was condvcticd, the pepple us«ed» it is obvious that the . vpfed no. ^ He.the lottery J voters gave tiie legislators a go- *s wronS torn* oa a t«t, the ah*ead signal. Out of a total of Demeirille -McCoy, Di&ne Johnstoa, C^leen Caxy, Tomma‘Morse, ’ , ' Dime JW ie S ‘ . f P^«6f & miilien people' eligible lo“ go to the: polls and cast a -,no*-vote. oil the lottery, only ^ajHbut one-iiftih chose to dP so, \ i-Oiat of those who actually got Lto the pollittg place only one- third voted against tM \lottery. h-<*ov, Nelsoai Rockefeller who J Was not in -favox of the lottery rt«»a he would” ibitffe. by the ^ I'pe-ople’s deciaiok; Now, in his {jnessage to ahe. .legislature on tthe opening day of the session January -t, fae said he would work closely with the leaders in (levejtopment of. sound legisla­ tion M .catra' ;«out tlie . 'yotier^’ descisdon.r your cooperai- tion in passiog :appropriate leg- ijsnation, lottery, funds should be diarittg the 1967-68 flfc cal 'year to help meet educa- Jlional rieeds^-elementary, sec- ’omdajry and higher education as well as scho larships,” the gov­ ernor said. I The governor’s staff is, busily at work preparing th,e detailed legislation Uo '< implement ■ the Vo ters’ man*date. The \other phvofcal poimt in the lottery preparations 3s Speaker Anthony - Travia’s ofiice, The two camps, one Hepubliean and one Demo­ cratic, „';ha,ve been. conferilRg diaring this .preliminary period. Rpther tham taking separate standls and tlien fight and per- h»Js“ reach a compromise, there Elaitl' Nestle, Kathy McLean, lKii» Pawling, Lesley Bott V. News from West Hebron ft \f DMks, -Vilw, Extcufivc and- phcrs, Cli»^r», /i»lbU Equi|»fn*nt, _ Cabinit*,'G»nnpl»t*..tlrt* of iBook|t«i.p ki* F«rjniJ jim I Binder*. ^ R .U S S E O L ■& rW.l>V GI«n‘<tr*«t‘ : ’ . V fa t* * * * * GHnsFilH A M E l f EO O W L i o r L e s s a i u n Intefkjrs \Ac<«w|“ ttwe color of your' 4 h^«V.,inN(< one -of H » ? dccorfitor ’ • • 1 . ' • * Colors in iht ' Aie-««tf itati.' ' ' Jr V 1 ’ & > fr Prafn d«li*c(t« paitelt to rich th* % to oelorfgl .NB W '$ t f m P W l l f o M&4H OR ■: A«y',SJUR^AC.E, - * iii^ V * $ NO FAIHTY Hripri in -your hem*-. —Pvt. Ricfeard T^ler of Fort” Dix, New Jersey,, visited his ] wife Slid parents over the week eiid. - • --Mrs. Keaneth Parker re- fiaaied.; home last /Thursday from the Mary McClellan hos­ pital-at Cambridge. - i .—On Sunday evening, Feb- rtrary * 12, the MYF ' worship service and valentine social w ill ibe held at the Salem Methodist church; —February 10, Friday, World pay of 3Prayer will be observed at .a service to be held at the East Greenwich United Presby- leiiatt^ciurch at 2 pjnii aaftd at another to be held at the Shu- shan, chaireh at 8 pfm, —^On Tuesday evening, Febru­ ary 14, Lenten services will be held atjfhe West Hebron Meth­ odist clhirch, with the Rev. Jojhii B. Columbus, pastor of Centenary- Methodist church in Clreenwlcli, as speaker. se«cnts to 'be- strong sentiment ‘ tdx a bipartisan, proposal on this .basically jirEfcCtieal issue which is not reaJly a party matter. A SwMpstikas Lotttry A -number of lottery sugges­ tions have Ibe&n brought, for­ ward, many *of them patterned otu foreign latteafies, such as in? -. - , ; Austria, Polanid, Hungary, Den- r-T'he Ladies Literary league ma#: and Aastralia. ftbwever, met at the home of Mrs. Robert it is very unlikely that any of Reli at Belcher on Thursday, ' th«m will tee chosen for the (With Mrs. Lewis -Matteson /afe simple reason that they would assistant hostess. Mrs. HaroW subject to a 10 per cent fed-' WcfcachTon Fiid Mrs. Eric-Sfett eNl tax on. t^h? gross . take., vtfere; in charge of the progr^iii. jQnly a sweepst^es lottery such- Saests fjresent were Mrs: Anltp as the -on* in' ®ew IHampshiis Lowery of ' Greenwich, Mrs. is exempt from this tax and, m to m to m Beattieand M rs.. Sherwotfd -Um <eeai o f' this ki»d. ;V®eb4ar.> '» Ijftew HatiiSsliite spiight and gdt ' Russdl Blodgett, ajitl '^'ia^na[ii$a.:ior 'A«tJ0hfet -Saily enteriaisM^at-^ -basca ®il . racing.^ ' sStuft? ftabyr shower for Mrs, Blodgett's Jceytfably, - congress would. grant gtaugliter-iri-Iasv, Mrs. John tj*-T(jk6 same eKejaption for other BanHSardi; on Saturday. ijttnts ' ^of sitat© lotteries M t itOda.' . Gifts were placed in’ ia .rkther thaui taldng any chances wrong way to support a govern ment After the .elertkui he says that he will not hie an obstruc­ tionist • tout 'h« ^wjB; seek -to write into the la\r a stipulation that after three years thw people must vote oil- whether they waht to keegi ‘the lottery. Senator Laveme indlicattis ^that he will vote for a N il ..cdotiiin* injg such a prowlsion consid­ ering that lie will thus havse won a major concession. Thece are others whri a^tee tjijst tiw lottery shorfld he obsefyed .and come up for, r*C(3nsiaeiriBtio*n but who hesitate: to put this into the law *nd thms perhaps show that they domib£ the souhd ness of the legislation ^even be fore it is; tricd.: ' Opfn Quojtions Current thiniiag js .that tiae lottery will be related to major racing events in lie state, per­ haps 4 .to 6. Some 'want flue tickets sold by onawhine in Order to keep chanpe$ of fraud and racketeering to a minimunfl. Lbcalions' wUr pro-ljatjly be race­ tracks, banks and poasihly other places presently uaider state: control or regulations. It is lioped that a bill w ill bc passed by Mat“eS L amd certainly signed by the tiine the legisla­ ture adjourns. Vherc are .at­ tempts to put th«e lottery into effect by Jidjf 1, although others thirik September 1 is a-ifione realistic date. - Hew - much -will it yield?-' Thece iii no way df jreally ino\vinfe' toaut ijpiw^ipnBlits ihink it should be jso less than aOO msiilio.n dollaas foar Jk lu ll year. Lottery -proceeds ir e -eii1- mawed for ed-ucatioui. School­ men ,su;4 o]bjecti)as partJy b«-| cause they feel .rteventte will, bp fluctuating. . 0«e way of, meet­ ing this .obfecfaon^ woifld 3?fe; t»: use these fuads 4or additiontil jprogrjums ^ p as BBDBURNS -— *• *- ;Mrsr 3$o)fc>ert - Barbour- of Av- eriB Bark rirose one morning last week and accidentally over- turned a lighted kerosene lamp on a bed, igniting the bed cloth­ ing and mattress. LEGAL NOTICE W NOTICE OF ANNUAU ’M EfTING Ofi?iyOT OWNERS iOF GRWENWICH CEMETERY .. ASSOCIATION I>he . annual4 .meeting of the 1M Owners of Greenwich Cem- eljtry .^sst>ciati|Hi w ll be held at First I&tipnai Bank of ^Gneenwiph,- New York, on the 15th day of February, 1967 at 2 o'clock p.m. for the election .Of. four (<l) trustees in place of John Crozier, John Brooks, -Graham Blandy and Henry E . Wondergem whose terms of of- JKce <e*J?ire on said date and ’'who, in accordance with the by- Jaws, .cannot succeed themselves ifter having served two full iermStjmd for the transaction of <uch other business as may properly Come before the meet­ ing. ... ,, - Bated at Greenwich, New York this 2nd day of February, . Charles B. Russell, Secretary - 2^,8, .■* ... 1 . Active Clothes Need Sp e c if Gare decorated 'bassinet. Guests pres­ ent were Mrs. David'’ Lillie^t- tbal and daughter of* Scotiy; motber and; sister of the ,gue|t of lionor, Mxs. Kenneth Bev­ eridge, Mrs. Harold' W&i^ipg- toii, Mis. Gilbert Cuevas and daughter, Mrs. Richard Tyler,1 Mrs. Prescott Priest, and M js . Lelamd Dillon. amd 'at bfest face delay and un- cesrtainfcy, New York will prob ably fashiom its: lottery after thiat in Jtew. Haanpshire. 'Tfere is also some feeling that this ,jtod fipedlil, %Vifces, ■&& . . would be; a pafoaiilMv ihftt - Wony ho more about your winter sport clothes. We’ll put them in shape for. you with the same careful sendee we give your pther wearables^ ROZ1ERS ’ LEANERS ' Opposite Sank, Grettrwi'ch V : ' 402:7331 ‘ .. : Ar*~Your Clotho.s Bocomlng to You—or Should, they hi Coming t.\ ' ■ to Os! •>: ■ ■■ ' -A OFTOI«®£ i 8TB SINCE 1857 O u r G r o iu M i F lo o r L o c a t io n 99 M a in S t ., ~Ctosmtich Next to O h a a p o n ^ s WEDNESDAYS 10:30-4:15 News from East Greenwich . ^-Mrs. , '^ fin ir ^Morrison un- derwent Surgery -at 'the Mary ! McClellan hbspitgl on Sunday. J — and ' Mrs. Clarence Mather of Hoosick Falls were giiesfes-;df Mr* and ’OMrs. Herir^|: ^tphards on ,Sunday- --r-Mfi- fe i # rs. Kenneth Al- bfecM ^accdmpanied Sir. and Mrs.’ Harry Karpiak of Green­ wich to Glens Falls Saturday to . attend the dinner at which Rep. Carleton King >vas speaker. - —Mr._ and Mrs. pick McGuire Queensbury hotel in Glens Falls on; Saturday at which time Rep. Carleton King spoke on pending legislation in Washington, and dis&ussed President Johnson’s message 'to congress. ‘ ‘^Wottd J)a y of Grayer w ill be observed at the East Green­ wich- • &f-n.i.te-d -Pieesbytemn dMirch.tonoorrow a't'2rp.m. Mrs. W#rjs«i.gSkeilie .w ill welcome the worshippers - and expliin the Prevention appears to be thfef projects tb which the oSerieg- -b*8t answer to the obesity pro- Will present theime. - Wonien from other churches' w ill; have—a*- par^ in the service. ' ■ Un»ite^ Presfcyterjap Chorcih Sgy. »OLiver Warren, -Pastor Sarbbath mdxning worship, 19.. Bille school, 11 a.m. Monday, February 13, tiie Brotherhood will meet at the chllrch at 7:80 ,p.m.; . . TiSe Salem area Lenten serv­ ices will start with Ash Wednes­ day service at the Shushan U. P., church at 8 p.m. The Rev. &en-* Parker tif the—East-and West Hebron. U. P. churches will ibe the speaker. Tfcie jnfext service will be at the ■’VP'est Hebron Methodilt ; churcn on Tuesday, February |4i’at i p/ni. The Rev, John; Cokmb-us of the * Greenwich\ Jtetbodist church will be the gaeist speaker. . searchen. b / ifcm p u U Wher* You Give Lovely Blossoms to Your Sweetheart Surprise Her on Valentine’s Jjfoy with a Fragrant Floral Arrangement or a Box i>f Sweet Scented Curt F io m e m , - ■ Also . . . Flowering P h m tx amd Permanent Arrangement* We Dolivtr in Cambridge Greenwich aiid S*h»m FTD DELIVERS FOR «JS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD _ - . - • . > ^ • - * ■ » • T • - , - ' ’ ‘ • DUittjA FLORIST 92 B u t M ain. S tr« e t «77-33i« Cambridge

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