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VOL. 107—NO. 46 17,1919 8 c A COPY Centmy Farm Oimcr, m County to Historical Society Preparing' Information san All Fanns—In­ formation Should Be in Immediately. Century farms in Washington coun­ ty, to be listed in the historical pam­ phlet which is to be prepared hy the ctiunty historical society and to be recorded in the state records;, must be reported to the society iby t i e first o f next week at the latest. The Washington County Hi^toiical society is now preparing a list o3f all century farms in the county aad a number have already been reported. However, there a re others that sfoould be included the committee knows, arsd requests that families living on cen­ tury farms send the information to verify these facts to Mrs. John Rob­ ertson, president of th® society, a t E a s t Greenwich, or to Mrs. F. EL Briggs, chairman of the committee, Greenwich. A century farm is one which has been owped b# the s^me family for 100 years o r more. It is considered an honor to receive this recognition from the county and state historical groups, and in this county the societv is anxious that everyone take advan- , tage of this opportunity to have their ; century farm recognized; 18-Year-OIds Will Register iat § # i # f Curtailment ©f Appropriations to Selective Service Closes * Office to One Houra Week. - High schoo^ principals In W ashing­ ton county have Ibsen aske$ by tjie selective service system to act in the East Greenwicli Oiarcli Congregation In’tite s 2Fk3iM0s t » J m B' in Thiree-Bay Progxaan M fartim . .. Wit m s Sersioe. > Begimsjng I*rMay the Eas|. ©ntoB- ,#ich United I*resbytea 5 a 3 i d m s * F i v e T o w n O f f i c e r s W i l l S e e k R c n o m i n a l i c m a t l l i e C a u c u s Farm and Garden Bay ' To Be HeW Tomorrow- ’IbniBioiiTiQixw v iB l e tlie jraaitEal faa'mt \ iaaai ^-airdtear db®; .aft. 'S geb ES H a rtfcid. ‘ aural ifc fe Aspect®! there upji be fH s ^ . ...... _ th e the church. That lessening af At the September meeting of the capacity of registrars In . w g a d g feujri, i .\ j ’Slbe # s p w 9 I! * ■m affi-day sEair* M \3 .boys 4 s .they become 18 years of agb, jfee held a t th e chmash a t $ ©fefiaiflt, a t ^ I ^ I ^ rd. 5 ePte^ A tlle i Aithoueh the drafting of toon* men whkh tfee ^ mittee will present aprog^in In the ‘f1 ^ J f S&sSt nd ^inttesss century farms in the county and Dr., service jm the^ armed io t e iso ii Candidate for (Inly Ones ttoubtful o n t b e l i s t . The SBepiiii&aaa ttsssm -easnessses, fa*\ tlie m&mmattjiaa <nff tow® gaffiiriirf* fea ise voted for aft Hfcie JSowaisiHteir electra®, mil be fcelnl ate Sstaunflay teHararing i&e 3 )iainars? dese&ai., SejtSfflim&er I®, ■aaad ttheie wall 8 ® a p o d <teal nasae eb- Alhert Cory, state historian, will be ’ b^n discontinue# for some time, it is ^ wfc&fr- -a program will b e ’teiesi in tMs ««oQisr So tike cauaoses present to discuss cenfcurV farm sistlll necessary for boys to register w f i S S J E ? \Vbm m tibe fcriatute. wS«& will he throughout the state. Later the c o m - j reaching their 18i3i bWMays. S -CJMfe BL -Ihtffle of 1« t e Seisrge fcvoad. ®f ©o®tes4 ®r essslteBgnS. mittee expects to preserve in printed ! Pflncipal Wilhaoa. J. H r i t o a ;| a o l Slear Yeatfc gitg a i j he the sneal£er_! Repn'bEcaa wters fcawe alwsjrs form the stories of the century farms Received the request fnom Qic local orgaa coBoerc. \ami tflto® T»aa Be Official music andi;s|! 0 ^n a fcsils in the county, but only by contaetine I boat'd 33 of the se-Icctive service sys- * \ nf aexf I a*y< aatnrday, as aoaa, a ©Swr Stesteras. TBs women of Jlsrt-ftSon of town ^rrals, ssasaf (Ms will Mrs. Robertson or Mrs. Briggs may aTtem» which has its office in Oie post-’ gatherang <rf m ^ b e r s amfl ^ fanc&i at noon to the prro&aKly man tznoe to ff®Tia in tfe »<rn>»ri w m p nxrictmnt fjrp s thip church grotmds, with a phjb S a , Tri-Coimty Chapters Spend $1,500 Weekly To Aid Polio Yietims March of Dimes Funds ITsed for Persons Afflicted witli Infantile Paralysis. The Washington, Warren, aad S a r­ atoga county chapters of the Na­ tional Foundation for Infantile Pa- I'alysis are spending March of Dimes funds at the rate of more than $1,590 a week in combating polio in this ansa the organization announces. Aftbwjffh this is a serious drain on the chapters’ resources, assurance has been received from the national foundation Shat funds will be advanced whenever nec­ essary tn see to it that no local victim of the disease goes without proper medical care for lack of funds. The chapters for the three county area are underwriting all or part of the expense for nearly all cases Sthat have been hospitalized, and they stand ready to help with the cost of cases being cared for a t home if this shoal*! become expensive and is requested. In addition to these services, tbe chapters ar«- paying the Glens FalEs hospital for the salary of eight spe­ cial nurses in the polio omit, and kora, authorized that Institution to ’etopfoy “as many nurses as necessary to Rive all hospitalized polio victims proper! Checks for State Aid For Second Quarter . Distributed by State E q i n p i n e i f t l S h o w s What It Can Do Payments Made to Counties, Cities, Villages and Towns by State Comptroller’s Office. young men m as register there and. . , will, receive their certificate which. ^ worsMp seivtoe they mast carry with them. |* f ^,eld f un* P f o m s g « ® « - S. C. Sullivan, chairman of the local M#*® * « » * a t winch to® | r T. I board for Washington county, In re- | i p » n Scott, fonnerparfM r r f She • questing the co-operation of high ;fhu,r^ * ^ 1 : ^ _ _____ school principals, explained that a >nt^ v' . aroaB p -.«• o»trrrnf*r curtailment of appropriations to the !!?nneT_gastors> ^ ® J?®? ™ IW ffifflStiaiK ffl Of S m n § t & T - vH te’s Hesar P E n n p e r H e l d l e n F e M a y Evem m g . selective service system has made iMSl* , s^ v*ce a s . -B f37' necessary to close the office in Hudson | ’.-fj0?03? mnusfer. 1 .Falls to one houtr a week, which 1 - 3 * ekurch to aSr > State assistance totaling $21,058,-1 means that lB-scar-olds would have OT a° of these cm lc mnall 359.53 has just been distributed to the | no place to register. _ jsservxees. cities, towns and villages of New! It was the su^irestaon of the state | T « k . comptroller F ^ n k c. Mcor«, S S r 2 f * i . % ZZSSi’J 'J S t Norman BortweU Toms Writer to TeO Story schools act in the capacity of regis­ trars. When the peace-time d raft was first approved by conRress and went Into effect, young men in the draft age group were registered and for some months those eligible were inducted into the service. However, it has been some time since all call has beep issued for the draftinc of younjr men. as voluntary enlistments in the armed forces have provided enough •men. care. Two iron lun?s have been ties for this section is: Washington, announced. The'am ount represents the second quarter payment of per capita aid under the Moore plan for the 1949-50 state fiscal year. During this fiscal year the state will apportion $84,233,- 871.03 in per capita aid to the various municipalities. The first per capita assistance pay­ ments under the Moore plan, which supplanted the former shared tax sys­ tem, were made three years ago this month. This form of state assistance is distributed to local government May, Anjjust, November and Feb - 1 m a ry. | The Moore plan provides that cities I receive 56.75 per person, villages $3,1 and towns $3.35 per person each s tate: -------- fiscal^ year. The population o f the vil- j A new book Isy Hallctt Abend, lage is included in’computing the pay-i titled Half Slave, H alf Free, will be -meats. t» the town$ so that the s tate, published by Bobb-s-SJerrifl company distributes $6.55 for each village in- in November. Mr. Abend, JiabitanjL,,; ___ ____ ___ . {known writer, Bscs near^South'CabC* Ifhe per capita assisianci^istrlBu- p>mEgjT a n d ' jfiSt ‘ lnst_ week - finish*?, tion for the second quarter of the; work on the mauasciipt. 1949-50 fiscal year totalled by coun- Halleil Abend Writes Half Slave Half Free To Be Published Soon Jflamy ^ seall fixe &as not attracted m burBOT crowd erf interested spectators tfcaa £a 8 b 2 s^d last Friday evenrne t» spte tiff dteasonsbcattozi o f the ne’w fire a 1 tta^nrfe aad eejoapnieiEt of the TriHaue v * T i3fflC o n d g e AS*BSl (^ ScfcusrEe-mSe, wkarit was staged in ~ ~ ~ |Gir««awBrfe. Tfee faaonstrataon was* Arlington Painter. Now in HdHy*Re®d» ' ©aExfastedi fiust at Washingtott sqisare? . __ .aerf 8Som to the CorBssave- « rites Mmgazino Article Abanl e,ste 3 SSQa> 3 outside the Imen. Grandma Moses. i I%a«*sS eeaspaw property. Sribasrlicnc3Be Sremen bmnght their tSejr recently pazchased] as a cost o f $ 12 , 000 , to» varioaa. towms iaa Ste aKraaSy agara iSiis year. A icill sOate of to^in ©iScens will be nsnaina.ted at fee caoreses ic.cCafeK- snperrisor, town dkrft, stapersnlieaaS- ent of higihways., caiimfaltoaa,. jjustrce of the jjeace axd assesstsis- Ln GTeenmidb. witii tlte esceptEon o f tic assessoas, all <of tfce paeseaiE. R e - puhEcm! ia w n officjals expect fto seek tr«n.omlnaaaoffl at tbe icascras. lit Sep- tember. r^laad E. ftotaftsaa I? co«a- p3ctiiiE Ids fifth toca as saperdseHEV will be a camfliflafte for cwracsitticja la the -caaens. Mi. Eotbesrtsssr l a s served as ihcmd of the ( ssd NaniS for tea years and was pieroKasSy «s»!EeetQi- in tie town far t v s tanns atad for sonse years was an anspedoi o f eJadtkscs oa the East G«®n«icih fiastradL As sa m e n i»r of t&e oosantF board he Isas been 03 many of tlhe «o 2 Eiaii- tees. ix.dudiasr tbs iii 2 b»ay aad w«S- Eiie c®mmi4t*«s» Mad ' sm cfaEtixman o f tfce btaud For afce nasi, few years he has te«i dsairnsan of equadiaation and fiaanpce ccrsinittee. the most inapoitanl oacantiUne of the eoicnty board. All appropriatiojM eaafle by tbe boird must lie aj3jjrsv=g!i5 & 5 1 8be nte*- bers of tins jttoxtp. assd lls> »«sre iat- 1 -t- Kornian Rockwell, of ArGogtao, Vermont, illustrator, who is caarssnlSy jj Cse«sn»rsrfe to stew what i t could do- living in Hollywood, has turnnd an fTfc? feas b J M k > centrifuwaD. ± ^ . h f a b b y the ffcor to help his equafly faaefl M - ^ ^ w r o t e D«np I S S a d totiao rates for 8 h e « « = t 3 - and low painter, C.randma Moses, ce3e- |prm£anps toilb feisrfu pressure foe a t 52. . i - j * . ffc. t o t ; h . 89th bMhd,y „ ■» \ n » i f ' S S S S f a S T S S J t **? '• „ ® exeess^ 5°0 ^ 1- | S w ia ti»e paw e a «af tw ice lo a s - Last year Rocbwea tried bis te o a , fe*S B«■ nsiffirte ®t ca^ n^®“ 1 gist In cqua3izai« (fee assessserfe m al pastry cooking, wirrppsnsr so 3 ^ sa=r»sfKaa feeft or 750 gaHora per- ^ ^ ^ huge layer rake to pay tritetfe € 0 snsrSir frasa' fsytlrants. f , jve rfc. fasgnss xsill %nna Marv RobfrtTwn Wloara oa '* S ites * abo carries kb atmlsary*' ^ _ moi® faronaMe. jaOso c f S- begbirthdyv.^ TWs j « r . . f w j i y « r -1 ! ^ , , 0 , 3 asdsbaac® f a r a 81 ^ Other f m brought to the hospital from Kings­ ton and Hoosiek Falls for emes-geney use, while nine portable hot pack ma­ chines have been provided for use with cases being cared for in the home. Many other services are being financed with March of Dimes money, including the. transportation of pa­ tients to the New York state rehabil­ itation hospital at West Haver-straw, payment of doctors’ bills when neces­ sary. and the purchase of some 200 pounds of woolen material for hot packs. The chapters emphasised that any­ one who is afflicted with polio can apply for financial or other assistance from the foundation, and in granting such aid, the foundation does not ex­ pect a family to have first exhausted its savings, mortgaged its home, or materially changed its standard of living. Daring the current outbreak, na application far aasi-siancc- has b«€B refnsed. Although an effort is made bv the chapters to contact families of polio victims immediately, a slight delay may sometimes occur as a re­ sult of the present heavy incidence of the disease. It )s suggested that the next of kin of any polio victim in the area, who may not have been contacted by his countv chapter of the foundation and who wants assistance from the foundation, immediately write or «aFI his chapter chairman. In Washington county the chapter chairman is Paul Rowan of Middle Granville; in Warren county, Clifford Philo, 12 Coolidge avenue. Glerts Falls; in Saratoga county, William Owen, 245 Maple street, Saratoga Springs. State-collected data and findings on alleged fiscal irregularities in the a f ­ fairs of Hamilton county have been submitted to Governor Dewey, who has .ordered a special grand jury in­ vestigation of the county's affairs. State comptroller Frank C. Moore, whose department made the investi­ gation, said there was no recommen­ dation that criminal charges be filed, hot the (saversar ha-S acted b y pjillinf* for a special term of state supreme court to convene September 19 to consider evidence uncovered by Moore’s investigation. The report lists many alleged il­ legal and improper fiscal practices of officials of the -county and the town of Arietta. IB is largely based on tes­ timony given at a public hearing at the county seat. Lake Pleasant, last month. The report stated that a slot m a-, chine had been maintained in the county court house and that gambling and drinking had occurred there with the knowledge of high ranking county officials. It mentioned \irreconcilable differences\ in testimony by various county and town officials, noted im- . proper borrowing of funds, and The case of Richard H. Hughes, 22, stated that 13 county officials and em- of Granville, charged with careless ( ployes had “direct or indirect per- and negligent driving resulting in the sonail interest in contracts with the death of two Granville youngsters, county.” has been postponed to August 23, \ The report made 67 recommenda- when a jury will consider evidence ip. tions to correct alleged improper the case Hughes, who has pleaded practices in the county and 22 recom- r°., charge, is free on mendations in the town of Arietta. °* §500. . (The comptroller’s office also recom- -Hu-hes wap involved m an acci- mended that the county “should re- Case of Granville Man Put Off Till August 2 9 $43,327.54; S a r a t o g a , $79,144.49; Rensselaer, $183,612.10; W a r r e n , $47,871.93. Governor Given Report on Findings In Hamilton County Investigate Fiscal Affairs in Nortli Country. *TKrt advance jvtitfjfr*** cataJos of ifcc fairn wise w hosi, nublishfng company describes Sir. [captivated miilioas. . . _ , « # *1 I A j.!. ,..j t _ t gailsa &ecsS«r tank of wxter to besjdate for jeaoaaiaatieo at tbe E ww M h H. Barter, aad in Sioves&aa’ o f tfeat pear was dcctrd to afeis oSBre far a Abend’s new bool a s follows: | Asked why he had “ turned Ebs-'esaed at reral Sses. j I caui c&nros. Mrs. Wifaea ■«Msa*®eng' Nearly a century ago, Abn?ham : ary.” Rockwell said. “Well, yon t e r : la «fc*» ArsetKteatron hew erf town ctark caa Jrase 1. BS47. to SB Lincoln solemnly warned ’ that “ this j she and I are practically netKbbi*rs 335 ) * JpuT a=*3 stzct&t stream were sIiotto tiso nttexpmed lt» late l<oraai country cannot lone endure half slave, h there at E a d e Bridjre. a»d A«C*»-? firs* cq W a ^ isgtoo stpiare, where? half free.” Iton* ors'v ^0 miles apart—and tessdEs 3hs> eSrew water from a hy- Today the tensions between the I have a great admiration for ©aaaad drast. Tbr ffnQ capacity of the pamper -1 trwo- year term- free nations and those nations where * ma Moses and her work.1” Be pamted ’ rc*=53 cc8 far sfcosarn ttere. however^, Neal CarssrcO of jjaSgpaviHg «ili mankind has been newly enslaved are.«\4 that they also are rival*, bast j «fcr snspply off water was tim ] sepfe rroamireaJka a^^jwrsBSipadeat even more perilous than the tensions friendly ones, in one incnsasiEari'y bb aJerf isianse of eke size of the -water | o f hiffatfaya. Mr. Carsis^lt. a vetrran t»'™* existed between the states in portani a rt field, as they boSii awe r«p- maaa. so «&»• tewk and ecfuipmcnt • o f World War II. was first elected to 1853. 1 respnt®d each jrear cm CSsn^anas w w catswd to the Linen Thread com- tihis positaon two yrars aao. -------- , Hallett Abends brilliant writer on ' cards. . paav naSL ■ Pred Lann o i TbooBson. coocc3isaa. O rderq S n w i a i G r a n d T n rv tn foreism affairs, portrays the crowing ' Meanwhile Grandma Hoses, accord. T tsw . irawiasr from the raceway^ ani N«3wsn S. P iaa of < o s a r a n . _ _ y bv ^ptwppn the peoples of the East 1 ing to reports, continues to jjanrt a a a i 9lhe ffoB Eissare* oS the pumper (justice oT tbe ascsatv. wti be e*»- an(| t jle West, between Communism1 steadily and just wonders “what affl ssbown. T te cSnrEanstration lasted for {fjdates for upmwramalara to tfcewr r»- and the free nations. He shows how I the fuss is about.\ , a tect tan» feooasv aisd was attended by j ^secthse offices, and why the distrust grew; how ac- j 5 wra 8 fiswaen. rEESage and town ofR- Conservaiion Field Hay To Be Hdd August 2 3 tual hostility of fe*eling developed in the cold war. There is an informed estimate of the strengths and weak­ nesses of both sides in Europe. Thence, Mr. Abend’s narrative shifts to the Mediterranean basin. North Afrira and the Nre&-i East, with » fde- _ . . . _ ture of pressures and aliETimeiWS; Foor Com bes Will Jom na Spamsfw- from Gibralter to Iran. Tlie Paafic 1 jnK Soil District IVogaa* a t is not a peaceful ocean. Will the ; proposed Pacific aaet make it so? 1&e j W. Gay Smith Far®, western civilizations are shown with j their backs to the sea in Japan ander , ^ 350 ( ^ ^ w Gny 3 ^ 3 ^, ^ « General MacArtliiix, and m Korea, • g ^ j faTIrl( town of Chariton. ’ and on the desrpexate defensive m .^g on Angnst 25 will China. The old czars themselves (center of activities foT soil to *. ___ _ would rejoice at present-day Russia s • ^jou enthusiasts in eastern and aarttfo- _ position in Manchnria, in Mongolia ■ York. The oecaaon frerf , cols a r f a burge crotrp of interested j spectators. At Farm in Qbariton! C o u n t y F a i r W ill j Begin Mcxt Monday fio a l i i m A B B tam e e s l i m s n ^ l r . ■SSJTS g m w EST I s o L la X L ^ 5- There are two ass«s®rs t» fee noea- inated at tbe caaaros. as tbe famas of WiOis Looter aaad WaDis Baris® ex­ pire this year. Mr. l/aofaer. afcaiimaa' <sf the board of assrsswrs* has as- noimced lie wiD wt& be a eaadt tuate i*or renann*iaSi®n. 3Ir. Barbsm1. wlira v a s a * s a ^ Sftw fiirsS icsri off th i s wedt, could nol 3ae So isara i t ! h® woold sesk i^sonDiinafosiaB 1 I I I r j f ~ 1 J l l v n , Ttoere a r e tw o ssterafeersoff t b e t o r a board whose terms do n o t expire. * Mai- EC&ssonr9c —Midwaj Attractioiis. y«ax term s‘an 33-87. One checksw S q * the board of assessssis. ISeriiert Oben- i anor. wiS coxtliai* in effice, _as ids , _____ .. _ . _______ ___ _ _____ __ _ _ I e ' Wa^nitsgtea county fair will and S inkian^-^T T ^ in wh!ch a |big event is the Saratoga ^onarty p i M Gffronwkfe next Monday. An- 1 ■ i4*ar n realized. Problems can start and | t h e ^ n n ia 0 fa m f loCciifiii sEfF'Esn cRJiBintig* tfsirougli Pn(5sy,. ^ have started\® Sbm . Ma- of^BaKtoQ^Spa 6Z.. tntri^us ^ , laya and Burma* India and Pakistan j Ojversioi^ ditches^ strip a midway of enter- t ^ m a_ w«Ttn.wfi» I m . _ are power ---------- cow. There are neighbors good and bad in Latin AmertcaSa. We are on the outside of a gigan- farm ponds, weed and brash U B o s , a te rasir|as5Ga£a8feni» ^reports that from ' in ^ p a s s , a a d mfteza ns®re. 'tnSJ*e ^ °fdcr. of the fey. jffinaaies ggggmred S&ctb wffl be anjnn- make5 S m a s^ i a e d eSerSiori This neld da? is sponsored ^ —— irn— *■ ^ ^ e - • — — «««■ *-«u ^ ^ ©ssaSBy to g e mms&m r of exMbifeors ■ * ^Tfs a« •tic circle of pressure, aild when the ■ soil coBservatipn districts oT f a a t e g a , J r a WajsMngfeaa,. Satra&yga, Sensse- ’ 1L#,. in.,i V\W‘m, iimi id 91 wiiJl'rti* 1 A '5TO§S £13 dent July 28 which resulted in the defath of Bernard Corcoran, IQ, and Carole Morris, 16, Grahville. IFugfhes cover county moneys illegally re tained or illegally paid.” County officials have implied that is said to hav? beep jiassipg a truclt the investigation is a '‘political fishing driven by Bi-ajoner Woodell of Crair- - ~ ‘ 1 --- - =- 1 ville in which the two teen-ager^ nnth four companions were riding wht’n an- exeursion,” and a “political football.1' One meniber oif the board has inquired whether the probe had anything to do pressure meets aw obstacle in °ne area < Washington, Montgomery amd » it overflows into another. Mr. Abend jj counties -^ith the cooeperafcicEn of t f e ! is informed as to the extent of Com^ | sojj conservation service, i&e csten- munist infiltration and Commanist j 550 ^, service and other agencies, conspiracy, where networks of Com- J munists , Da«- aiEd ,Wafftran eonntfes- | fccgpt fosr th® tnram off Bfetereaa. Mr. maaifaia sasys that there wiU , ^here at is niDtesssUMai Stere is eo- ama mternmroinmiK prograin every :ityp a-, jjg a wde-®i«aa BsaSSle ff®r cots - , , 9nnri ^ ^ « ™ * ae*s feateed | ^ ons foF r f t t e m .fe e s . , , Indications that 2^)00 spertaflwrs ^ fc® a special at- ^ teEH ^ ^SoaJ icsnrt rf mists exist. , , , . 1 will observe how major sojl osbs*bw- .tbmatKim tte Ssmafts^a C^det Dram , , ,_ - _4aMar ttoraaasi of fifee Mr. Abend asjjs frankly what has tion measures, needed an nstsst fcrats ssil Wednesday and on UBBSsalo abate become of the noble aims of the At- jin eastern and northern Hew 'Sr«afe„4lIteB)rfB 5 - SEteses -wiU. be a 56s- | f 2 ? 2 k ta b e ----- - rfi.«i« pe lantie charter of J i e four freedom s I may ^ in5ta1{?d. T h e spmsors n n b A ^ Frelay night ah for all mankind^ia the face o f Russians t on^ that major emphasis . ot D fa^aimteiiBr ^rarar wiB b e fteld^ and if it __________ monstrous polijaeal tyranny, economic | pjace(j Qn methcifls -of pnfe&ff; t^hesE „ ^jrauM ir^a Tfcunscfcnv, the firewoxls ■Cominunism aad its^deep ^ n e tr a tio n 1 practices into operation tteoTaigli F%E&®.' ,Q a m b m j* i r k p l l U p into one world. “ Ilaif Slave. Half use of farmer owned eqtnjment. ®e-| -- 1 attractions on Fref” is a thouglt rprovoking and W\ sirable conservation agrOTamik zaac-- afamfej am*! 'Iteradaiy night will t e a Spiring Ijoolv* ' 'ttn J l - m U I’ya^l •* '^wnnmi’rnT! rr\<rSi Pw».?* j Alter Two-Years Seareh aamiffiM ffiaig. %■ Pro£. Keller's ] Bodeiricb CtonalaeEs. ©sffirtiace ' 031 Offers Sister Kenney Land for a CJiilie The possibility tl^t a Sister .Kenney’The excellent ^production of 'sAfeit wfUTie _a — t -5i«4P-iwi*2l>i I--«ir* . *l>?cr fnmt *«s 'ifTrr-o a'Xscmil'J inT -«»n«e»7f - fiSw gIrtPflwiw T’tiTr* lartH ' _ « - r tices will also be emphaskefl _ _ _ ^ The SiEiith 'farm wits dbossn ioar Jwsiagjfe M iets. TB msc are t o be licois, was this denionstration because -of its lfe®ffaair#^, |agtEaars^ pnncas am i j g^ashaaa ^pestiks' eraaSsiejEa a ography, its location -on good ^gteafe jpaffiffiar |e this show Mr. walCTEt for aisairfimiMsaia, »ff M s wife .and because MiTi loag feeBm | fflswita n^psifc. land font Tie atrassi. was finterestei In conservajritHi jtias!S&&&.. ^uaaai^BBaar ^esaaal, feattcre wm be an jby Jtep®^ Steri®- Jans® 5- ^ —1M\t - - -— - - '• \ 'E^kcKdaA Charles Carroll,J din^or ^ t m e r it ® f pauraljr-1op^this farm ^ .res®®!'' «?f sharply.. WoodeTf’s vehicll WMit orf ' couptg >gh,W9y su^rmtradr-. s$g, yjclims inay Jbe established in g me, ^marrpre amd^ snippr- ^ «■ a jnmqiHtBfima^ errens baag-qarved ( swrnmt for &*&&*** fe; the road and into a telephone- pole. . ‘ Both Hughes and Woodell are em­ ployed as drivers for Woodell’s dairy itt Granville. Find Woman Shot to Deatli. A 22-year-old mother? Mrs. Sally Moxon Hill of Rensselaer, Was shot to death on a sidewalk in front oif ent, who resigned last April during r e m o v a l proceedings instituted against him by the board of super­ visors, and who is now employed- by the state board of .equalization and assessment which is headed by Comp; trailer Moore. Complains About Length of Job. Joseph J . McMahon of Thurman has ( T ... her home Sunday evening, and Iher filed a complaint -'with the Warren | a clinic there, httsbandi John, has been piiied Tip % i coiHJtsf board of supervisors that a ; v — police for questioning. Tlie ,;ynan£ highway project startied in his town; • Killed by Falling Car. Anresit Yanrtfcs iiao- St»re Tfceft, youths “weie j a Zat&e ani tai- , build- .AdirondaA area bias been., revealed]phosphate, l^eM-ly aH. a j# s # h ^ aaafe tu . inAa&m of ' ESp«lingJs a i a ' . 13 ^ . & & *e*zs sm . ‘w ith the;ahnounc*ment that jolih Are-jbe-seen-from the pai%3agR..fWi • amd-.-ftreMwre--«nigtas' asai- w p hart, ownef of *Th«>asa|}d A tie dndeIlocated^witMn 1.5D0 feet -fmn a eefe.'^tHtarauBRs affii ’m an&tals. ' ranch.,In ‘<3reik l ^ f o f te r e d to jtral point-’ . it - . -------- donate property ior such a project. I ’ ——^ - In a letter .‘to Sister Kenny, Mr. J « Farm SF^ tc . ; A ^ehart ^ Jered S ie hospitality of the | ,Los& 1 ssii 1 nat ^ ' a t more ifcan ranch * ' “ gpanion to assist the looi-oxstt far Salim' eresr- sincg?. 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