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The Greenwich journal and Fort Edward advertiser. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1924-1969, July 02, 1924, Image 9

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• * - $ ' ' fl--;': fc*V\ : :t V* '; .‘*i; ' :• i r / i —Mrs. Victor Higgins and. 'daugh­ ter Joan, who have been visiting Mrs. , Tudor Harris, have returned to their ;home in Taos, New Mexico. —Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Randall 'and daughter Dorothy of Granville spent the week-end with Mr. Randall’s parents, -Mr. and Mrs. Evi Randall. —The buliding recently occupied by the late Nicholas Jenkins has been purchased by Samuel H. Shames and will be used as a tailoring establish­ ment. , , , ‘ —Judge and Mrs. M- A. Tierney and daughter Catherine were enter­ tained by Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Lo\eoy last week Tuesday and Wed- nesday. —Mrs. S. W. Fowler, Mrs. William Walker and Mrs. J. Benoit of Cres­ cent, N. Y., visited their sister, Mrs. B. T. House, last' week Tuesday and Wednesday. —Mr. and Mrs. Emery Clark ^ n d children, Marcia, Charles and Mai- '(Ij % ‘int.’ EFFECTIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING AT LITTLE. COST Fifteen words o t less—1 time 15 cents; 2 times 28 cents; 3 times 35 cents; 4 times 45 cents..- Each additional week 10 cents. * Fpr advertisements of more than 15 words'—count 1 cent per word for the first weei aad 2-3 cents per word for, each following week. r J MISCELLANEOUS KOR SALE—A quantity of standing grass. Mrs. Paizl Wilbur, Greenwich. KOR SALE—IOC acres of standing ^rass on the George H, Deuel farm in Icolm have gone to Schodack to visit Easton. F. G. Batty, Admr. Post- Mr Clark’s parents, Mr. and M rs.! \thee Schaghticoke N. Y. Telephone FRESH DAIRY BUTTER for sale, Phone 46-F-12. Charles Clark. , US-F-14 Easton. —Mrs. Eugene Blackford of Brook- lyn and Mrs. Kenneth Clark and ehil- i j prints or jar. Mrs. John Brownell, dren of White Plains have arrived to i , ‘ Summit 1 spend the summer with their father , 1 1 ,Hon. Henry Marshall. ■The Woman’s Missionary society of the village United Presbyterian church will hold a picnic on Mis. Charles Hill’s lawn Wednesday after­ noon, July 9, at which time Miss Ida Whiteside will speak. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Raymond Male STOVE WOOD for sale— Good hara seasoned wood in stove lengths $ 8.00 a load, delivered. John *J. Mulligan, Greenwich, R- F . D. 3. Phone Cam­ bridge 125-14. COUNTY NEWS, » • ■i , v' t ii u ' W r »*»• ■ • - .* ‘r ® 1 \ I'^ 'i I {-'.Vs £ h\-‘ CAMBRIDGE * ; O ^ d a i;; P a ^ e daughter^ mention- j in a summer school in Boston. . •» _____ « J I n »1 H fr*TA cnnc, .1 Qr*fviOC: H. OYIn i*/r- _ A ___ i:~ TTV 13uckley FOR SALE— Broilers dressed to order and sons, Jack and Raymond, motored Fowls dressed to order from their home in Brooklyn to Cam- [Eggs bridge and will spend the summer 1 Strawberries came to Cambridge to live, Mr. Scott | wjth Mrs, Male’s mother, Mrs. Au-|Peas becoming pastor oi the Coila United , g-Usta Edwards Brooks. 1 Beets Presbyterian church. Slie is survived 1 —l l Connor expects to accom- 1 Spinach by two step sons, Prof- Walter Todd | pj,ny Clarence Abbott of Salem to Scott of Butte, Ment., and W. Arte- 1 Boston Sunday to attend the national „ . . „ ... . ... , mus Scott of Cambridge; one step convention of Elks. He .will also take *' OR SALE Childs folding play pen, daughter, Mrs. W. *R- Mcfljunn of ' his son, George, with him toent^f him a*mos new. Call at Methodist par- L. VanNieuwenhujse, Phone 57-J. MISCELLANEOUS WANTED CORRE.CTLY FITTED GLASSES re- A MAN with character wanted to lieve headache, eye strain, etc. Best represent large manufacturing eon- lenses and shell mouiltings at one half cern. Prefer married man with closed price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Ex- car. Only a worker looking for ad- aniination mornings and by appoint- vancement need apply. Write Box 11, ment during June, July and August.' Greenwich Journal, Dr. G. W. Hamilton, Graduate and - --- - •-1 • 11 ' -- - ----- - Registered Optometrist, Middle street,-WANTED— Young man with execu- Argyle, N. Y. 1 tive ability willing to start at bottom -------------------------- :— and work up to respons ible position. STUDEBAKER Watch Co., South' Must have light car an«i be able to Bend, Indiana, Watches for sale on furnish references. Box 8 , Greenwich cash or easy time payments. For, Journal. particulars call or drop postal to John i —— --------------------- - ----- • A ,'W a lsh, agent, 12 Main street,' WANTED TO RENT— With option Greenwich, N. Y. j°* buying, an 8 -room modern dwell­ ing with garden and barn. Wm. H. FOWLS AND BROILERS WANTED j Tomlinson Will $>ay the highest prices. Can use [ r ... ...... . —* . .................... .. ........ . Tan unlimited number every week. I f t WAN TED— 1QQ0 fowls and 2000 you have any to sell let me know by!broilers a week. Will pay hig-hest phone or mail and I will call and g e t , r^iarket price. Lewis Beckman, phone them. Get my prices before selling 1138-W, 42 Washington s treet. ^ elsewhere. Joseph Berkowitz, 21 Main street, 161-M. . Greenwich. Telephone POULTRY WANTS®— 42 Washing­ ton street, Greenwich. iPhone 138-W, Louis Berkman, — 1 Mnr«sentmtlTa of tbe Qnunriob Xoxtmal «ad ed above and two sons Jadnes H and adrertUamants. John Scott of Ohio. Three brothers, ______ _ George Haddock of Bridgeport, Iowa, Dairymen’s League Meeting Held Sat- ^ Haddock d Washington ana vive. The funeral was held at two o’clock this afternoon from the Coila U. P. church. The services were in charge o f Rev. Mr. Patterson, assisted The Tri-Town Dairymen’s League , by jjev j 0 hn Smart. Interment was Co-operative association held a meet- 1 in Woodlands eemetery. Sag in Grange hall Saturday evening. | Local Briefs \urday Evening— Addresses hy Out of Town Men. *onage. KOR SALE— 30 acres of grass. Stella Cornell, Easton, N. Y. The meeting was called to order by 1 tlhe president, H. C. Carter, and the sninutes of the last-meeting were read and approved. A report was given , of the annual meeting at Utica June 19. The association sales of all milk and milk products for the year end­ ing March 31, 1924, was §75,932,456.64. Master Harry McGeoch gave a recita­ tion, after which R. L. Dickinson of —Mrs. John J. Lake entertained at bridge Tuesday evening., I —Miss Mattie Pease of Albany has j been visiting Mrs. A. M, Sherman. —Miss Amelia F. B of Banes, Orient, Cuba, Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Buckley and daughters, Lillian and Carol and Mr. and Mrs. William > FOR SALE— A.t * the' Old Ladies’ Buckley were called here by the death Home— Bed and springs, 2 gates for of Mrs. Theodore T. Buckley, sr. ! poultry yard, a acreen door, a stove —Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Poole and 1 mat, a sash with glass for a hot bed, daughter Cora of South Carolina, Mr. i a plant stand, bureau and hand cart. and Mrs. Roscoe Welling of Albany, I ---------------------------- 77 - Miss Nellie King of Johnsonville and : FOR SALE-—Dodge roadster, 1921, Mrs. Emma Thomas of Queens were ! with detachable truck body—fine con- recent guests of Miss Celkia Gilford. 1 dition.' Robert McWhorter, Cam- —The Loyal Temperance legion and J bridge. Phone 4-Wt Mrs. James SkelHe’s Sunday school ! „ 71 ] , , _ .----- class held a picnic on the Blisses 5,3rv~ Gray’s lawn last week Wednesday af. >nK table and china closet in very . ,tpmnnn Thov fWiHoH tr, tinlH « <snlP condition. Mrs. Fred K. Parker, nine, |tinuethe ktyean scholarship. j SIN'GER Sewing Machines, Massey- — Miss B. Grace Westfall of Pleas-!, —The graduating class of t am- I Harris farm machinory. C. W. Mulli- antville, N. Y„ is visiUng Miss Ethel . , ’-,nwn scho° ^rned anoney phone 218-J. j ’ ' b | through the year and with part of it . .................... a-Louis Guillow of Boston has been 'Purchased a bronze bust of Theodore ; tin. r k :ioo.sevelt and gave it to tre school. JtUAbl U-K£iEiK Alhnnv trnvp a talk referrine- mainlv ols familv ’ iThey also gave fifty dollars to bf —Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen were Albany gave a talk referr ng m y Edward Houirhton of Eacle awnrdt'd m prizes to next years class. Saratoga visitors ThurBdsy. ^ T f « ,‘nterf J \ ■ * Br,d“ 's s^pendTng- son^ u L at Mrs., p .~ The Ladies Aid society of the - R . J Maxwell haa purchased of J. D. Miller which was ®iven at Lols ^ arris* iFirst Presbyterian church wiU^hold *‘>unnygld^ from William Brown. the Utica meeting. C. M. Slack, C. Briggs of Brooklyn ^ 61'' tJuly m e ting supper ^hurs Washington county farm bureau man- sp<ent the week-end with his family at , R^ h^ nn°.°n^ lyif t h ^ y is pleTs- ager was present and m»dea t a re- \ _ clark DJay of Brooklyn has been f nL {\ raset ° f ™in/ the marks. The newly appointed county dl feV days witfa his broth-1 £ ht‘ld ln the lecture rol>m of the vetenno nan, Dr. Laird from Jeffer- John F Day charch. aon county, explained some of the ’_ v i«= 1 \ P firnv and Alice —Mrs. Hoyt, accompanied by her proposed plans in the tuberculin test. RobprLson are spending two weeks daughter Miss Martha Hojrt. left for » j-l— .1 ---- - — ii --- „en’s 1 Atlantic City IGlenwood. Iowa. Fndav to visit Mrs. After the meeting Dairym League ice cream was served to about 200 people. Girls’ Camp Opened Miss Ethel B. Powell of Hacken­ sack, N. J.. opened her Girls’ camp at Lake Lauderdale Monday and will continue through July and August, slnsing the Saturday previous to La­ bor dav. The camr is located cm the west side of the lake and can accom­ modate fifty boarders. All the equip­ ment is tne best that can be secured, cabins for sleeping, large recreation hall having a large fireplace in one end. canoes, boats, tennis courts, bas­ ketball courts and ari-hery ranges. Nine councillors have been secured and everything has been dune to make a model camp for girls. Third Theatre for Connor Due to thf diners of John Gillis, the owner ot tne Star theatre at Sa­ lem, L. I.. Connor of Cambridge has taken over the management of the theatre for the coming year, begin­ ning Saturday, July 12. He will oper­ ate the house during the summer on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, anu 111 Septt;mnet will oner vauin.ne on e a week. Mr. ( onnor is also man­ ager of the Pember theatre at Gran­ ville and of the Victory theatre here. Mrs. Theodore T. Bucklej Mrs. ineo.loie T Bjikley, sr., died at eleven o’clock Friday evening at ila r y McClellan hospital after a very bnei uineos. Lizzie .\’haler Buckley was born m the town of Jackson on February 28, 1868, daughter of Wil­ liam and Seraph Pratt Shaler. When Glenwood, Iowa, Friday to visit Mrs. —Henry Qua*and Ivan Collamer at-' Hoyt’s sister, Mr,. E. J. Springer, tended the Y. P. S. C. E. convention j their stay of several we.-ks, at L'tica last week. 1 ^ m11 vl. f t J eIatlves,,afcJ Mashua,’ -Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reynolds 1 J estouveLr' ^sMoines. Hudson and nnd son Dean motored to Castieton Manchester. Vt., for the week-end. |, ~ At so\' . Rober.t Kay^ond vvas —Elbridge Gary Busswell of Oak- t°. Major and Mrs. Cns Miles land, fal., spent a few days last week | Burhnghame on Monday June 23 at at Charles A. McGhee's. Mf ry MfcClell“ ° n the-V; -Mr. and. Mrs. Harry Smith 0f retu™ . fronl the hn.;,' l t « 1 will Pittsfield, Mass., spent the week-end sPend the summer with Mrs. Burling- i*k i\<*nies parents, I ol. and Mrs. Kobert R. Raymond. Mrs. Albert Dawley gave ith Cambridge relatives. —Mr. and Mrs. La-wrence W’ilson and son Dick are spending their va­ cation at Cossayuna lake. — Mrs. Charles Carpenter enter­ tained the bridge club at her camp at Lake Lauderdale Thursday. —Miss Ida Russell of Center Shaftsbury, Vt., visited Mr. and Mr<. ElUwnrth Green last wcplk. Miss Marion Meadt-r ha? anepte-i a position with the New York Tele­ phone company at Greenwich. IVliss Beatrice b’die has gone to Philadelphia to visit her brother. Rev. Raymond L. Edie. and family. - I\Irs. Elizabeth Ciildpa and Miss Mary Jarrett have retumed to Cam­ bridge for the summer vacation. - IVir. and Mrs. W. H. B. Mynderse and daughter Helen of Scotia spent a if>w days last week at Meikleknox. - IMrs. F. A. Davis of New Haven, 1 orr»„ has been .mending a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John J. I^akt*. -Mrs. B. H. Ppverley and son Wil­ iam nf Schenectady hav«> been visit- \ l Mrs. Pe'.erley's aunt, Mrs B. T. House. The Ladies Aid society of the twelve-years old she moved with her First Presbyterian ehuTch realized parents to Johnsonvillei where she about S22 frorn their cake sale Sat- lived until her marriage to Theodore urday. T. Buckley on January 24, 1888. Since — .Miss N. B. Cramer has retumed their marriage they have always lived from Troy, where she has been spend- in Cambridge. She was an active ine: a few days with Pr. and Mrs. A. member of the First Presbyterian M. Wright. church and of the Lames Aid society, — Mr. and Mr«. George F. Stanton a:, member of Ondawa-Camforidge m4* Amsterdam were recent guests of chapter. Daughters of the American Mrs- Stanton’s aunt, Mrs. Dewey RtvoLt nm, a..d a member of Cam- Campbell. bridge \Valley chapter, 0. E. S. She — William Schuyler, who has been is survived hy one daughter, Miss visiting his aunt, Mrs. Graham Suth- Amelia I'. Buckley uf Cuba, and four ■->ilmd, has re-turned to his home in sons, Harold W. of Stamford, Conn., Sclenectadv. Theodore T., jr., Raymond W. and —Dr. W. A. Leonard attended the Lewis R. of ( ambridge; one nephew, rnnual conference of health officer.* Winston ■ Close, wi.o made his home nd public health nurses at Saratoga With her, and three grandchildren, Snrinirs last weelf. Lilian and Carol Buckley of Stamford — Donald Parrish and Frank Fra- and Towner Lewis Buckley of Cam- zier left Tuesday for tl)e Citizens mil- bridge. The funeral was held this itary training camp at Plattsburgh to (Wednesday) afternoon from the late remain ‘ one month, residence at 3:30 ocloek. Her pas- tv... Csnitim!e,e Public library tor. Rev. H. C. Harmon, officiated. In- will be closed Tuesday afternoon, terment was in the family plat at July 1 . and on every Tuesday after­ noon until further notice. ; — Mrs. Horace Becker is entertain- Woodland’s cemetery. Mrs. John C. Scott Word was received Sunday by W. *ler mother, Mrs. Boot, of Rupert, Arfeemus Scott of the death that Vt” an(1 her niece. Miss Georgiana morning of Mrs. John C. Scott at the TJavis ° f Amherst, Mass. home of her daughter, Jean Scott, at) — Mr. and Mrs. W illiim Mesick and PhU .d-elphia, where she had been ill'daughter Eleafior of Syracuse are vis- for a long time. Eleanor Josephine j iting Mrs. Mesick’s aunt, Mrs. Wil- Haddock was born at Greenfield, Iowa.! liana Crowder and family. Mrs. G. IC. Nichols, -who has been ill at the home of her son Mark at Troy, returned to her home Sunday, On March 26, 1890 she raan'ied Rev. John C.* Scott at Greenfield. They then -went to Knoxville, Iowa, for _ _ seven years and in November, 1897,’ greatly linproveiTin'health.' f r : - ■ - - ': ^ O ' f - . ‘:-t . ■}. fl 7T11S- cellaneous shower at her home last Saturday afternoon .for her sister, Mrs. Pa'ul MotsifF, who was recently married. About fifteen guests assem­ bled, bringing many useful and beau­ tiful gifts. Refreshments were served by the hostess. —The meeting of the Young Peo­ ples Literary society of the village I’nited Presbyterian church, which was to have been held at Mrs. John ' icWhorter’s Friday evening, July 4, has been postponed and will bp hold there on Friday evening, July 11. Mrs. Dayton Whipple has charge of the program. — Rev. Frederick W. Tomlinson of Syracuse, director of church wurk of j the Baptist churches of Ne$ York state, occupied the pulpit of the Bap­ tist church last week Sunday morn­ ing. In the evening the pastor, Rev. G. H. Simons, addressed the Rebekah lodge and. the Odd Fellows, who at­ tended in a body. —Tickets for the card party tn be held June 17 from 2 to 5 b. m. at Florence Nightingale hall, Hospital Hill, for the bertefi*. of the Nurses’ Training school loan fund, maybe ob­ tained from Miss H. B. McNish, afejiir- man, or from any membei^/of the board of managers of thef^Woman’s auxiliary. The puWr-is^nvited. —The American Legion of Wash­ ington county will hold the county convention and get-together meeting at Cossayuna lake Wednesday, July 30. A dinner will be sewed and all kinds of field sports will he arranged. The sneakers will be State Command­ er Edward Spafford of New York; Vice Commander L. L. Connor of this village and County Chairman Charles E. Barrows of Granville. —Word has been received hy Mrs. Geoi'ge H. McFarland, jr., of the death on- June 17( at her home in Brooklyn of Miss Frances L. Tomp- Vins, who has frequently visited Mrs. McFarland in Cambridge and ’who has a wide circle of friends here. Miss Tompkins, at the time of her ieath, was a member of the‘McDowell club of the Art league of the society of Independent Artists in New York. —John Donnan motored to Ocean Grove, N. J., Thursday, taking- M ts . William Donnan and her iuec*e, Miss Eliza Wilbur, and Miss Viva \Watkins Cambridge to Miss Watkins’ nieces, the Misses Katherine and Jean Wat­ kins, of Albany. They were joined there by the Misses Mary and Eliza­ beth Parrish of-Cambridge and Mrs. Guy Carpenter* of New> Fork, whSre- thp party expects to remain far a few HAVE YOU an attic in your home? I pay cash for old books, or libraries, phamplets, almanacs etc. Also stamps on envelopes or collections and pic. CASH-! CASH! CASH! I W ILL PAY spot cash for aJiy kind of Junk, Rags, Rubbers, Metals, Old tures in color by Currier and ■ Washington street Phene Drawer Y, Fort Edward, N. Y. I W#s<Ungton 8treet' ™ * ne Lii8-W' FOR SALE— 1 Milburn farm wagon,! P,Af V 1 pS YANTED—Wil] pa5r th» algo a quantity of hay. Frank A.. I j? inarket price* foa* all Idnda oi Hutton, Greenwich, N. Y. If 70x1 “ n7 to' ---- -------------------------- - sell phone me and I wiO call and get FOR SALE— GALVANIZED ROOF- thein. Joseph Berkowitz. Telephone ING CORRUGATED 1 1-4 inches, 29' 161-M, Greenwich. gatfge, 26 inches wide. Prices below r — , zr— —— — — --- ------ prepaid to your station. FARMS WANTED— We sell raiany 6-7-8-9-10 ft. lengths,' $5.45 per square , farms> acre UP) let us sell 12 ft. lengths, $6.55 per square | yours. No expense unless we sell i t GRIFFIN LUMBER' COM P AN Y , £ oward Cline, Representing Strout HUDSON FALLS.—Shipping eVery ' Farm Agency, Greeimicli. day. - ________ * .! ------ FOR SALE- -FENCING TO KEBMr American Steel & Wire, new Zinc Insulated Brand. Prices below include prepaid delivery to your station for order 20 , GARAGE TO RENT Miss H. A. 1 GARAGE FOR RENT. Mrs. James iWallace, 19 Corliss avenue. Rods or more. 6 Strand 36 inches high 7 Strand 26 inches high 8 Strand 45 inches high 19 Strand 48 inches high 21 Strand 58 inches high Barbed Wire 4 Pt., $4.70 per 80rd. roll GRIFFIN LUMBER COMPANY 1 ROOM , Stewart, 25 Cottage street, 29Vic ro<i - --------------- ------ 31c rotl 1 TO REXT- 37c roc ed rooms 3 furnished or unfuruish- for light housekeeping. GO^c ro<l I Modern conveniences, near car line. 67V6c ro<i 14 Corliss avenue.' — Bemicg Strafth of Cambridge 5s visiting Helen and Mary Majrwpfl. — Mrs. James T. Blanchard nnd Truman were in All>any Tuesday. — Monica Walsh of Greenwich is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Wil­ liam Brown. — Alexander Weir hasv purchased tho Thomas WcClaughry property of R. J. Maxwell. — Marion Dunn returned from Bell- port, Long Island, last week, where she lias been teaching. — Elizabeth McClarty spent Tues­ day and Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. John McClarty, Cambridge. — Mark McCEarty, John Riqhards, Henry Richards and James Skellie at­ tended the circns in Saratoga Friday. — Mr. Sever of Glent Falls has moved into the Peter Lant house and will soon open a barber shop here and in Cossayuna. — Mrs. Edward Startap and daugh­ ter Betty of Schenectady spent part of last week with her mother, Mrs. James Crosier. — Grace Torrence of the Rutland high school faculty is spending Her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Torrence. — R. R. Stockhani and John Ban- ingartel left Monday morning for the contract job at the Homestead sani­ torium, Middle Grove. — About ninety attended the Sun­ day school picnic at Hedges lake Mon­ day, A lively same of ball was play­ ed between the Live Wires and the Juniors. — Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McClarty and two daughters of Athens, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. William McClarty of Salem were guests of Mark McClar­ ty and family IVIonday. — Dr. Charles Carter and Mrs. Car­ ter and two sons of Kingston came to William R. Martin’s Saturday. Mrs. Carter and children will remain with her father until September. — Mr. and Sirs. Richard Bull and two children and Miss T. B. Walp of Wilkinsburg, relatives of Mrs. B. E. Myers, were guests at the parsonage from Thursday until Monday. —Mr. and Mrs. A. A, Ashton and children of Troy spent Wednesday in town. Mrs.'Ashton and Thelma re­ mained until Saturday. Rea visited Arthur Blanchard anti Janies McMor- ris and will spend part of the sum­ mer at David McGuire’s. *W rite a card- to rent- HUDSON FALLS.'M ain street. — --- quick service - --- - — - ---- ■ -L y t t i c ’s residence, ATTENTION— I have clients far _____ farms, houses, stores, hotels, timber! FOR lots, etc. I, personally, buy all kinds of real estate. John J. Scott, Eagle Bridge, N. Y. REAL ESTATE S A LE—J ackson NOW IS THE TIME to have light­ ning rods put on your buildings. Can give your job immediate attention. Harry Johnson, telephone 142-F-4, Greenwich. j FOR SALE—rPiants— Cabbage, 40c per hundred. V $3.60 per thousand. Asters 30 cents per dozen. William Reid, 89 John Street. Farm — 188 acres on county road, 3 miles from Cambridge, 5 from Gsroenwich; 110 acres tillable, 63 woodland with some timber consisting of pine, hemlock, chestnut, oak and white birch, 1 & pas­ ture; plenty of water; IB apple trees; 11 room dwelling; co^v barn with basement stable; horse barn; wagon house; hog pen and hera house. §2500 buys this bargain with cash payment of $1500. Taber & Baldwin, Green­ wich. Church Notes Morning service at 11 o’clock. Sub­ ject, Our Precious Faith. Evening service at 7:30 o’clock. Subject, The Spirit of Mastery. Young Peoples meeting at 6:&0. Subject, How Jesus Treated His Friends. Leader, James Skellie. Children’s sermon, A Wonderful Lamp. Cottage prayer meeting Friday eve­ ning at 7:30 at the home of John Richards. . j Minister Who Was Worldly Wise. 4 minister rnet two of his parish­ ioners at the house of a lawyer whom be considered too sharp a practitioner. The lawyer put the question: \Doc­ tor, these are members of your flock. May-1 ask,do you look upon them aa trbltp sheep or blaclc sheep?” *T don’t know,” answered the minis­ ter, dryly, “whether they are black or *hlte sheep, twit I know, If they ar* here long, they are pretty certain to I m fleeced.”—Loifclim' Pt-Bjit*,., - A FOR SALE— Empire and Macartney milking machines and parts. L. C. Dunning. HOUSE & LOT for sale— North Park street, Cambridge. Enquire of Chas. A. Hover, Cambridge, .N. Y. FOR SALE— 8 -room h-ouse centrally TAXI—Day or night service, enclos-1 located in Greenwich; all modem im- ed car. Reasonable prices. Also light’ provements, including mew hot-tvater --- — /i-»i -• ** »' W ill Co user, heater, electric lights and bath; newly decorated throughout; with barn or garage for 2 or 3 cars. Mrs. E. M. 1 Woodworth, 41 Salem Street, Green­ wich. Telephone 22-M. I FOR SALE— Dwelling, 21 Washing- ton street. Electric lights. Good gar­ den. Price right if takeai at once. W. 1 H. Tomlinson. repairing. Call 14(3-M 68 Bleeker Btreet. MICKIE SAYS* A STORE KEEPER WHO OOES (JOY USE MBWSWVPEB. AOSt SANS -THAT A m <JOODS WE PUTS 1U HIS SHOW WIMOOIM .BEG!WTO 'SELL BSVTEW UIELU OUR ADMEPaSftKx COtUV\M9 J ARE tW BEST SHOW WINDOWS, AMD LOTS MORf FOLKS UOOK [ at 1HEIA ~IHAM GAXE IWtD AW* SHOW WINDOW IM TOWN WANTED WANTED—Will pay highest market price for fowls, broilers and eggs. Telephone Buskirk 8-F-13. H. A. Harrington, Cambridge, N. Y, WANTED—Washings to do at home. Blankets, Bed Spreads and Curtains also laundered. Mrs* Daisy Weir, 60 Eddy Street. WANTED—Young calves to fat. Call l^-I!r22;,or dt$p ^ c ^ d to B, J. Bsjs+ puf, .Gtflen^rlcn, .- «. ^ FOR SALE— One-fa mil y residence on VanNess avenue. Electric lights and village water*. Good garden. Inquire of W. H. Tomlinson. GREENWCH VIIJLAGE Residence overlooking Battenkill; 75 feet front­ age; about 2 acres. la.nd; 1 M> story frame dwelling, 8 pooiras, pantry and closets; front and side porches; wa­ ter, sewer, concrete sidewalk; large barn, wagonhouse and shop; posses­ sion within 30 days. Taber and Bald­ win. FOR SALE— Farm consisting cf 69 acres near South Cambridge known as Albert Hatch farm. Inquixe of Mrs. Jay Green, Johns»nvill 6 . LIVE STOCK FOR cows. Greenwich. SALE—5 registered Jersey Herman A, Baa-bur, R. D. 6 , FOR SALE— Holstein bnll 2 year. ^ ' 1 marked, very peaccable. Michael McCormick. FOR SALE— Four Hr Istein cows, nefa milkers. Harry Kuzmich, oa Willard Hernngton farm. FIVE COWS for sale, from 3 to 5 years °ld, fresh. Guernsey- grades. John Barber, Greenwich, R. D. 6 . FOR SALE— Eight full blood English Shepard Puppies— $3, @, 6 §10. R. H Brownell, phone 46-F-31, FOR SALE — 6 months old Aireda J puppy, trained. Robert McWhorter \ Cambridge. Phone 4-W. j FOR SALE — 1 brown horse 9 -years old, -and 1 sorrel horse 12 years old weighj/altout 3000, William Wever.’ CHESTER WHITE BOAR for\seTvicl 5 , Ffees, »2jOO cash. William Bell, South toni • PU R E B R E D HOLSTEIW BULL foe ■ yeaw’old, <3od(3 braNing'ftnd s,* 0 od ittslMlftl, '•i#' T

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