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MTX. GREENWICH, N, Y., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 18%. NUMBER- I- ' • ' PERTINENT, ’ . ^ ^ O jb s M r v a t io n s a t W a s h i n g t o n — T e r * « Note», ÿ /T \ \ «uà CtìntmelitB, • ■ ' i The countryrdoesn’t wttnt .war, but * j. S.ecr'étary Olnejr’s . assurances io Bpâïft ara circulated to arouse $ w a r : .spirit in good Americans. ' -1 - J f aBoi'fttàry Qlney and Mr.- Uleve- J i Deputy Collector Úrí,ves to ;Fort~-Ann iò' Bxantlne a Package., Ái&out a week ago according to tile W h itehall Times, tbe W h itehall deputy revenue' collector received notice from .the^postmaéter ■ a t 'W e it ì?ort Ann, ^announcing th a t a mall land, were the whole United States, . governm ent, as they would -like to • be and are tryin g to be, theirpwpuais- ' es to Spain m ight g ive more, eom fort ^ tio Spaniards sind ' more w o rry tq >Tbe raet two months a f h i s admin- \ ibti-a-tlon might ber happy, for nim, if Mr. ’Cleveland could only abolish ' congress. •President-elect M cKinley should h a v e a say about a w a r wlaieli he ■ would have to conduct- Ho will *be - have on mi-ta on his. bands wliftn assum es office without a ready-made . yvar. . - ,--TT;nw-—can 'Ambas&ador Bayerd .--reconcile' himself t-o—his- dauKliter \¿Harrying a Frenchman, instead of ' _ a n Englishman?-,-How e-vor, it i& probably'a consolation to liirn, fliat she will not marry an American. ; 'The republican members of the - houso’ ways and paeans committee la live taken no Christmas reoesfe, but : are going right ahead ■with the work on that republican tariff bill. This is as ifcshouldbe. ^ ------ -- ■ Mr, B r y a n is the only man the country has produced, , egotistical enouglitQ assume t h a t lie h a s a mort­ g a g e 1 on a presidential nomination fo u r year star advance. The ex-Qaeen. of Hawaii \m s not asked' to eat her C h ristm a s Sinner 'with Tilr. \Cleveland; althoagh she Xft.B la easy v isiting dist.anco of the ■white honse. ■Henry W atterson-doesn’fr-lsoem' to 1)6 leading the K e n tucky dem ocrats to any-V p p reoiabltT e x tent,' and bis- 'paper is said to h a v e losb mtuny snb- ■sorxbers b eeause^ef H enrv’s attem p t -------- -iO-4ea<3-ittstead_0f4ollQ>:w. ___ _ __ _ V -»A. war Roare was certainly not a l . very-appropriate Christnma gift for | . the.country. I Spain telt like the boy who .got a t sw itch in his stocking when th e sen- ‘ - a t e committee on foreign . r,elation« jji-esoated i t with t h a t reablatl&iLpEo- ■vldinf; for tho recognitionoC Cuban . independence.' ----- :J— ti-dae&nlt. seem t o opciir to some of the demqor&ts who are- m aktcg mou- . l<eya o f t b e tnselves'tivglrif Brytcrrwas 1 -defeated by purchaaed votes i t was hoancE to have-been democrats who ¿old them. ______ _ ______ Am b assador, Bayard says he cTe- -ol^ned that proposed Engliste Christ- aias gift a s soon as he heard of it. He wouldn’t have heard ® £ ,jt yet, i f the American press had not had a few words to say about it. SeoretaTy'Herbert’n argument:, that .^■defeats to oui wxirsWps sTfnuXd sfoTTBe -^discussed in the ne ¡sfppaperf, . is as untenable a s would be the argam.ent , that depots in qur public meai sdioulcL not be discussed. 2?ob«ly has heard “Silver Dick’\ ' Bland say that he would s«ppoi\t Bryan for president ia 1900. - - Tn t h e lassu a g e Of the ri«K, Sec- ' xetary Oiney \fooled eongress when he told, .fclie Spanish minieter that nothing woald be done »boat Cuba by-\'tbi 8 ftdminisfratiou, no- aiatter package from a, foreign county 1 m (1 been .Tefteived iiirthat offltte which it .was .suspected tuight coofain some dutiable article. On Monday“ morn­ ing the- government ofHoiai braved the-frosty atnaosphei'e and drove to “JohnnyOakis OornerB.’U. -- ^ On arrivinr at his destination lie was cordially received by the grr opr postmaster and escorted down a nar- row J a n e between cracker barrels, tea chests and soap boxes info ■*|ier privaie department in the rear. Xhe safe was Unlocked and frein a kittle 'coinpart'tnent the 'mysterious patk~ ‘ -wBat»etion oongress infeiit take. Spalli lias beautiful -women, fine fruits and one of the most valuable diruates-iu tlie Wor-li3, bat it has lit* tie else thafc iS «öod. I t was fully, rtemonstratei during thejate presidential campaigqu.-that n.‘ ffi\v noisv an d . largely attended af*e was taken, ■ ■ E a c h ’oi Uncle Sam^s a lert ofQuialp, iu turn, weighed it carefully in tb fir p'aTtna a,rid7speoulated as t o its pos­ sible contents. Superficial e s a a i na­ tion was of no a v a il and the to be re^ cipient w^aasaiamoned, On the ar­ rival of the third p a r t y .the revenue collector carefully broke the seal a n d removed the j outer 'w rappings from the parcel.' \ A pungent arom atic ordor greeted th e ir olifaotories and the rem o val of a seeqnd paper «Ite- closed the contents. 'Tvffia of saffron for a teeth ing baby st'nt V>y athouRhtfal friend m England wno bad beon appraised by the mother of young A m e rica’s troubli-a condition, The package was de­ livered. to its owner w ithout fu’rfclier red-tape and this ended the first les­ son in m ateria m edica. T h e deputy colieotbr w a s out bis time,- horse hire an d dinner as the governm ent provides no oompe»sa tion foc-sucli service, .and; he doabt- less wished, th a t in tbe future, coun­ try jjoatm a sters m ight assum e a hit more responsibility ’ aad exaaaine their own inail oaoka^jis. ' A C. O. D, Trick -for Unwary, A new form of sw indling is being praotioed' in th e oities u t th;e preaoat time, T h e method of operation- is 'th is: A m essenger boy tnkpft a ’paoli- a g e 't o a residence and in s is ts'up o n leavin g it, telling the persoii who re­ ceives i t that i t has been drde ji d .. and tliftt he-waa told t b coHectiDia'd« livery, ,A_Bliort time- a£t«- the ilrst bov hns departed anoth e r boy makes fifs a p p e arance and says th a t there has b ien a -package left there by mistake;, would t li e y please g ive f f to liim? The 'person hands over the -package, if It has been received, aud supposes,'of course, th a t he o r “ sh'e can rectify the m a tter atTthe store of tbe firm sending it; only to learn a t the store that th e y know nothing-o f th« t rim a notion xthatfiVer. He T h o u g h t'tie Knew. • T w o Waslriugttm county residents were recently ih Glons Palls, says* the S t a r , taking in the sights. Stroll. In g ln t o tbe iruildi’lip' where .one Of the fire wagons is housed they bejraiS «■u inspection of the apparatue. Ooe of th e ia evidently had never seen the Hke'before a n d was heard t<J’ Bav to his companion, “ W h a t’s them?” re­ ferring to the fire extinguishers. “ Them .” was thp ”j-eplv, after some ’■tesitation, “ tliem is fire distingniBb ers.” '' WILLS AND ESTATES. An Abstractof Proceedings Before Surrbga e| Ingalijbe. < - .Follow ing are the psoeeedingg of, the' S'ui'rogate’s nourt o f the county of : Washington for- the week ending De-: 060)1301'. 33: , Estate of Martha M. Fraser, Salenu. Frederick’ \Eraser - antl~“Wtt-lmmr- ©.- Estate, of George H-, Caldwell, Q-reenwich. Letters—of- adtuinistra.'- tion issued to Charles H. VanNess. Gribson W. ’ S p r a g ie and Charles P- Miller appointed appraisers. Estate of Wflliain Sbeehey, White Ore^k. Letters “of administration with will annexfa'issued to Denis M. Smith., . . • Estate of Sarah J . Sheffield, Green­ wich. Inventory filed. - Estitte td William B.\ Niuthup- Parmer oi'-der as to cation. - -Notice to creditors revoked and aiîüiinist,rat- 0 i's directed to.-pnb- lish notice to creditors .in Washing ton County Advertiser. ’ • ■ E state of. David P. Barclay, Fort Edw a rd. Letters of administration issued to Catherine Barclay. (luardianiibip’ of Frederica Hanks, Grraenwtish. -«Letters of adm inistra­ tion issued to Edw a rd Bentley. • ' -. Estate of J o h n Gifford, Cam bridge. Inventory filed. Estate of Eben Wright, - White Qreek. Order entered appointing ap-. SPRUCE IN DEMAND. rie- FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. mass meetings do not necessarily r e present the sentiments of the ma­ jority of our people. ; Common sefise, and not bj;steria, willdeoide w h a t this country shall 4i> \with the-Ouban Question, : Perhaps the’ Spanish minister has. been giving Secretary Olncyia. few lesaona in the art of pompous^ blus- --tef; which hti& long*.beea -a Sfsanish apeoialty. v . Made a Histake. -Bx:Congre 8 sman Tracy tells a ve r i fùpny story. Thé^seene was ti swell recepfeioa in Wiishingtoq and .the stara colored butler, whose tenowl- ; edjie Of putìte ^aiòn and tbe« : liiAti-n (iontengent was limitea .’ He tìa d e 't w o . ahno.nnpem.ejats.i;'.I5ur!ng. . .bàasftdòr arrived. He pyeseiited jhis ; card't-o ibe bùtler and th è . M e t . mo- * àèìttt .lao^b'i&é^iuidthe guests we^e aS> 1 tonisbifld when th e . àunòimoement, -was taake in stehtorl^n tones: “ T h ^ W atermelon aiubaBsador!” * , Noyv thé SfcÌllwc,ter ^ Bays khait r^toér ^ M ^ r o ìjig Ì » tjlan yvent t o oce ” nf6:|K'r|ifst.q5 '\ ....... 5 ‘ A Fall in ButtSir. Charles 'Career, a “ S o u th' \ArgyTe farmer, visited Glens Fails one d a y last week. He had a wap;on load o f butter and while driving past an -etectrifr-car bia horses betjamo-l ite h ^ ened. 'The wagon w a s overturned lind Mr. Carter received several .bruises on his head and face- Not a sm all share of the butter was ruln c i. Challenges Anyonfe. Gaudaur, tile champion oarsman, annoulioes that he will row any niitn id tbe world fn Caiiaaa in June next for $3-,600 or §5,000 it side. Failing t o get a match on these tor ms GauSftur -will, go\to England atter'August first next and row Hai’ding and Barry, both -races to occur within three weeks o£ each other, tbe stake in each race to be for-$i,SB0 to $3.000 a side, • -JDied Whil^Praying. . - —Jttatthelw-Gueriaran-agkl-jiesiaenJL gf Sand-srHTliy-died sudderily in -fcliat village .last -Wednesday. The de- •ceased was in - the a o f -.of > p ray in k when IreTexpired, . Mr. Gaeirin yeafs of age and is survived by Ins' wile. 'Cfae funeral occurrcd Satur«3ay morning. . . _ - ■ I t Was estiuiated, that the state ;Woviid r 6 oeive^^ only , # 8 * 000,000 * uader th e Kaines’ Roberts reports ..that the- stMo’ s praisers in proceedings to sell, real es­ tate to sell debts. Guardianship-of Oarl BL Baldwin, Sreenw icb. _ L “ tterp of“guardiftnship issued to Joseph C. Baldwin. ■ -E-statB~ofAFrankliu Stevens. Salem .; Glta,tion issued for judicial settle­ m ent o f accounts, returnable Ja n u ary 8,1807, a t Salem. E s tate of Am anda SI« Johnson, W hitehall. Citation issued for pro­ b a t e of will, returnable Febru a r y 10, 1807; S andy H ill. Order entered for service of citation by publication on non-residents in W h itehall Chronicle. ;and Sandy-Hrtl-HeraJd. • - . Estate of Evei'et Clow, H artford. Citation issued for probate of will, returnable ¿February 10,1897) Sandy HilL Estate of Elizabeth #S. Parllfe \Whitehall. .JL e t ters of ad minis t r a iion.isaaed t n JA u iiji Spruce Is Worth More iii the Hark etas teriai for Wood Pulp. * , Tim ber cutters Ih the Adirondacks aid * elsewhere in this countrr are now confronted with tbe uniqn» condition that spruce is worth mor* in the m arket, a s m aterial J o r svood pulp tBan as lumber. S p r u c e t j if on ly v?«ocJ that« demand at t h e pulp inill ah well us the^ saw; mill. The-catting of spruce ts'stlnuulatpil by the inea'easipg demand from abi'oad.for American wool pulp,, and it is aa industry that \he frauiers of theD ingley T a r iff bill deemed wo rtii \ of prot‘e « ^ n . If Congress pfctsbt-.s tliat bill, a d'Qty of 80 pt*r 1-0U0 teet will'be plact-d-on Canadian -i*jiru<v- A recent e-^aioultttion. made by ex­ perts in tbe lumber trade, *bo«s that at li^ist 'sisty-ftvf Cfiat of ail thp ce cut tn t h e i o m t s of this eouu try this year will go to the pulp mill. The competition of CutmdianimBbei'- uien- h as for a lone: time be\Sn a faeri- ous. draw b a c k t o the profit taking o f Amerioan timber cutters, consequent­ ly the imposition of a stiff duty uii Canadian Tutiiber would meet -with eager app roval'in certain quarters. Ex-Goy. Russell A. Algerr, o f UHchi- gan; has very lurge lumber interests in Canada, and while dn Montreal a few days ago he is said to have ex pressed the belief that the M cKinley anm im stration would favor a'■‘con­ ciliatory” policy toward Canada. Tn e exportation of Amerfeaa-^yood pulp to G reat Britian, it is said, .will proba.bly be ISfgely increased of a proposed advance in the price b y Scan danavian man.ufactur.ers. Form e rly the Scandanavian wood pulp bad a mbnoply of th e British m arkets, but the American product bas be-eu m a k ­ ing head way in th a t direction ateadi ly for tb e last fow years. 5 E C R £ t \*S0C!ETI k S. A Budset of New* of Happenings In the Sedi - - - r~ ret- F r a te r n a l O r d e r * .'— . . K . t I P . . .................... All th e lodges in Brockton, are in a prosperous condition, with pros- BULLETINS. ;!y.. Estate of Harriet Ghaib, otherwise called Grant, Kuigi-bury. Will ad .uiitted _to_probate.„ J k s t t e ia -Jte8ta-.| mentory issued to Eilwart Grant. E-state of Hosea Ni«'.hol 3 , Port Ed­ ward. Decree entered judio'tallV set­ tling the accounts of William Doig. -»«eettUMv ------ --------- - — ---------------- Estate of Mary Hannahubv Green- Viieb. Letters of administration is- suea to Patrick Hanaahan and John H. Mealey* Edward Belch and Ed; ward Gleason appointed appraisers. —Estate of John .McMullen, Easton. .I'lldidal gettlement of accounts of Ju lia F . Hohister, Surviving exeeu- trix. Hearing .had,- Case- closed. Counse* to fie brlrfs-and retjuefets within, thirty days. Estate.of Ellen ~STesul.~ Kintfsbnry. ij'-tters of administration issued to ■David Mead. - pects for a large increase in cnember ship during the winter. Suprem e Representative William JiRdo’w o f N ew Y o r k city has been . j ji rprp ointetl-general-orggnTzer-fox th e endowment rank for the domain o f Jtew “York, except, liong Island an d Sword for Gen. Hughes. G ranville who is quarterm a ster on the a taff of Governor-eleoA B lack are greatly pleas.ed o ver h is appointment. T h e y propose to show ifc in a very snbsfanti&F manner a n d i coilimittee is a lready com p leting ai-rangeinent« f a r presenting the xievp-Jy ...appoinjted Genei'ai with a beautiful sword. The order for the sword .has been given and will be of special design, highly earved and ornamented. Tho. time oi the, p resentation has not y e t Been announced but will be some tim e be* fore Jan u a r y first.--^This act of the m any personal, frietvds of General -H u g h es shows the high esteem and favor in, which he is held by the peo­ ple of Washington county. The General is deserving of the compli- raeút and surely will greatly appre­ ciate the remembrance. •• . Want’s to Go to Luba. ' The police .authorities of Albany received the following letter one day la s t week; . J ~ “ Santîerilêldcènter Dec tl> 22 iSHB ' \Deiir sir T ialiti cbô Rbortÿïo âilv’ffHFt.lns-to- ymi ill re(?nrd»-td tho Voluntary KeRïûent for Ootiba rw o idlike trt knoir-if yoüftán divo me soins information euncorins it fore therp is tów o í nso that Void lilies to Xnlise fore the -oaws^oÊ^Bri)&plese--wH-tfr«ilâ-M^ioe-Jliè -- mi, - r 'n Tr^^pgkgestH'the Eemk- n.flrRHBof Tiioliintf”—lie means reormtmg—* of- -!-ue v- v . x . louKt?» iu uw “ I “ - ” 'r' - ‘rntw Frank W. ~Flftnagân M aníaer and W ashington coiilltv <lis- AnnualBali, The citizens o f Cotnstooks -çill hold a grand utiil a t B a k e r ’s hall in Cùm- itocks tomorrow, eye nine. tTh e : a f ­ fair is one of grjeat social im portance 1 Grànvijle boastô'of an eccfentr.jc t-ailor named Evatis, who -imagines lie ‘ «pnnnfl Óne, sees and asa. ■ A , vT*- ; J. & . Hinspy, presidentofthe b o ard Oi-ismatrol^calla spécial attention to thô amendment of the endowment rank constitution providing for |500 certlBcUtes. -- — - --- - ------ * i. o. o. a Prom The N. V. Acrlcultural Experiment S t a t i o n a t Q e n e v a , r| So large a number of new varieties’\ of strawberries are bethg into eultivation eaeb yet* axd< the sale of the plants is p u sbei sS vig'cq ously that one is often puzzled in trying-tp decide .wMoli aj[ * most worthy o f irla i O u ^ w p T ^ count testimony as-to tli.^eir from some one who has n<v fljgs#$iii Contriliiitecl. The decline of the Roman Empire began -wiCb 'the riign of Augustus, who, though apparently a go.od Em» peror, -was actuated by secret and 8 elflsh.niotiveB, He assumed to him­ self a i y b e chief offices of the Em­ pire,^nkus Increasing his own power uDder f-lier cloak of 'disdain of the Kinggliip. He was king in fact if notinnaoie. So one emperor afti>r the oth er, from Augustus, who start^-iuterest in the success o f these ed it on its wav to Constantine, who uuurpte.Tfc.cl it seemed to glory in hast- nio« t ti« Roman Empire Ou to de- jjt-rnetion. - 'i’ll« tyrmuiaal rule -of the Emper­ ors thrurajihou.- the whole Hoe, ox- nt-pt .a» out and another occasionally eaiu« ti p *50 tho ideal of a better rule, produced a. dtrtuorallzftig effect o.u tbe entire», Roiuan populace. These kings uaujdered men of high mark to furthertbelr own powe.r, and eVea members o f their own- families. Hundreds o f people suffered death in this am (,-theater j for the amusement of the ueople, It is no wonder that uiader tluese conditions, the people becamesaok at heart. They' overe truly pat riots. Even at this time Roman lnatory'is 1fuH,of valiant ex­ ploits of Iier’ able\ generals It is a ties is particulary Wdcxiiite- 1 # {% j | growers^ — Builetiu. No. JOJ- gises guoh'':t;^sl mony. Oti'e ‘hundred anaVss.yejittS varieties besides tho S t a t i c » sçed.-îîïig& w e regroivn at tbe StaxtioJL.t«^l;80 ” Of the varieties wliiell . fiuited,’ for the first tiuiei/i-.18H!5, & issei,, liesf. Enormous, TlfompHo'D'\ Tubbs and Willium. ■ Belt are. Oon sidered especiallv promiBinp:, tônian; Marshall,' llarston»nci'Tenel see hâve been fruited inpa..ieaisot and are recoinoieade<l as -woïtbyJ testing. Lists of varie.tios s.iiitabli for early fru.iting, or fop Ijiste fruiting are published. A »uujiiiary of tï records of va,i'ieti«B whtcli have 1 fruited more tha» two ÿosrs is ate given. BalletiD No. llOdisousic* tbe reli laittcntiihile fact that we flnd them jtion of milk-fat to yield of cheese'I û^Trtlii.g aiiapng themselves. Itm ieht be argoed tbatr this did not effect their decline, a s tney were flghting: a common -enemy, but it has been tru­ ly said \a it-ouse divided against it­ self cami<ct stand.’1 Tbis Btate of' a f ­ fairs had ft general effect irpon the whole Euupire. Durlang* these dîscôTiraglag oiroum- stances tli'ey were invaded by the Norther» hordes. These hordes first invited to Rome as a means, of de­ fence, soon fteeame so numerous as to crowd.the Romansout. Immediate­ ly they b coame dissatisfleci and arose inarms, i^ a s l Rome.worn out and disheUitenea, > Apollo lodge* Philadelphia, enjoys the distinction of havmcr the largest membership in the jurisdiction. . H e reafter all assets of subordinate lodges whose c h arters have boen sar- Tende»red shall be placed ti» tbe.credit of a fund to be «ailed and known -«.s aged Odd Fellows’ fund. A n y QJd Fellow over 50 years of age who has been in eontia'uouF uiejnbership for 23 y e a rs or over, and whose subordinate lodge has surren­ dered its charter, and who would, under the laws of the grand lod g e . a,ii <2 the consequent value o f iwllk-fat i basis in paying fov Sliitk for chee •making. The disoussidnIts based« on results secured by njalciri^ apaJ sis of the milk of tiO lietds of co^ whose milk was taken-to a, cb^ factory. The work epvere*d an enc cheese making season- o f s ix inc>nt fi’bm May to October irtok*aiv«. It is shown that in Kaneral oheesa-yield is somevihat g r e a t e r a pound of fat ia poor .niilfc' th& i rich milk. F o r example, ooimparli two-milks containing regjieatlvelj^-: and '4 per cent, of fat, ’ th» ‘ * ‘ makes 3.85 pounds of .cbotsg. for ea pound of milkifat, wbilo tit« Iatt makes 0.25 IbHT^oW ^j^g^iFpouiSa of cheese tor ous-poimd-off-fatr -iit- sho'wn that this (liflerencae in fay® of cliees? yield for f a t ta|)»ogr'm ilk1 only an apparent one, ¿'«canso .difference ot 0.S5- ponnds-l* uaad# - of casein and watnr/.Wiilclt is m ’¿a t as valuable as se-pisiratoi milk cheese, and whiah limg a. mark' value ilot to exoeci S o e n te a poim T h e COHatrtuonT 8 'TnTiI 0 ' p'otuiJs cheese made from tlier tEohar milk*! are worth more in the- m»rkot tha* are the oouatitneats In IOC»» pounds 0 ^ , could present no cue tins of defeiis-e against their murder and depreiitt I ob . Home is doomed to be thrice, sa-oked by theseFBarharians. Thug we see the Empire undermined in t wo oE Its principle brauclies, po- litical im-d uailitaryv in a w a y which owing to* further causes, ifc is destined — - -- u— ---- - ----- ~ - -T-T-v-- —* -- never to arise. , - i With a.11 tiles*» tronblps conics the udoptfom of tile (Jlm.st.iau religion by CouHtanrlnP- Yon-mtty \r<mdi?r why I uieiEtism tlvis, -and pepbttps a!so, why G-oiE allowed the once m ighty Roman Em p ire to fall just on the .morn_QlgJajBMptdnn of JHis ordained obeeae made froru -the—pnorer Bitlli* religio-n. A lte r its long decline Gon- staniino takes th e first stop to its final downfall bv-putting th e sign of his ne^y raligion on the Roman stan­ dards in place of the Roman Insig-- nia. It cEtn \be ipasily imagined, a nation in bioáprn times whose\ head adopts anew re3lgion, with wbat difficulty 1 it couM Rive up \its o’ld deep-rooted Milk-rich in fat can lie mtde to yi«Mr' cheese of the same com joaifion etg milk pooer in fat la-aac tiF'two waye* ( 1 st) By adding skim-millc to, or ( 3 i>, removing fat fr^m» ■ th e rEoher njilk; then the cheese yield foto» pound - of] fat becomes the sa.iue. The ñiffeÁ enee in Ihr rhresr yírlrl oj mitk'Jnt in¡ t Ihr cit.tr ttf pour miti; over viefàr Miài | ¿/iìni mìtk iliffi-reiKtc, irnçl thè be entitled to receive'a grand lodge The frfeodâ o f HuglsëB gì \ tnàÿ petition tbë grand íódgs to place his name upon the aged Odd Felkrws’ register. , 1 — «mb ........... — A !New Book. A new book, “ Knitting and Cro­ cheting,” of‘64 pages, over 50 original -deshfus illnstrnted, ■ beaxttiful liire patterns, Shawls, hoods, jackets,etc , has been published by The Home, 141 Milk St., Boston, Mass., and will be sent with a subscription to that p a­ per. The Home iV a 20 page monthly filled witlif original stories, literary and domeStio.-topics and -fasliionsv Its department of-Fancy Work is a special feature, new and'original de­ signs each issue. Tile priGe of sub­ scription is SO cents per.year and will include one of these books.': As a sgecial inducement to trial subscrib­ ers, a copy o f this book will be given with a 0 months’ subscription. The price of t h a book is 25 „cents, but a 6 months’ 'subscription and tbe book combined 1 will be sent for oulv 25 cents-. T heir anntnjl premium list for 189? will he sent’ free on‘ applica- religion, So i-t.was with Rome.. A \n:im of ^hinr; fm fttf J a iti& superstlt*u#pPople, jvitlra-Viorahip \ veiled I& HiTttiOhjgy Ttnd burdened T, . , ' * . ■ , - with its many gods. Not only this Jt is shown tlult l ^ 1“« ^ “ W i disturbed them, but famines, earth­ quakes, anil conflagrations which -sjsapt th*provinces* ... - “Theises transient fain tings a’nd sicknesses -were too truly the symp­ toms o-i EtppToaching collapse.’’ The rule of C«onstantine was one of weak 1 ness and degradation. He fled to Constanfcinopie and placed himself under fli«e protection- of-trher clKfrch' iud its dogmas. Henceforth the Roman Empire which had had so illustrrou:S a record was not more, and the church of Constantinople ruled t hn woild. ’ * * * . Increased Activity. State Excise Commissioner Lyman says that tbe recent report of his special agents show that the number of prosec ntions cor violations of the Raines liquor tax law is greatly in- creasinir. ' T h is is thought to b'fe due to the recent agitation of the matter, especialls b^feenator Raines special committee. It is shown that payings for according to weislft. Of-ml|fe farntah js_exceedingly nniair t o tit e prodnei ot richer f if i k . It i s showil tll«t 6] cheese yield b y it e l f dOM ao t oa: stitnte a fair basia' fo r - .pn;yiii«mt. cans» it gives poor milk at> ttn4< advantage. A otitioal ooittparJ of all methods oi payinfc for aiilte| SHggested or. in use, I feeds, most phaiically_-to. -tho --'coii:cli*sio-n—■- milk-fat affords tlie faitfcst nrivctios able basis to use in pa^ ine: F<ir. mil! fer cheese-making, ’ ’ In conclusion, itisTTointed ottttta where' the m ilk-fat b a s is ls used, th Ts ifotendency to ndultei’ft-ts t t o i fraud, while th ere is every •onoouraS' rnent io produce m ilk .of ' bette quality. t These bulletiu^tuay be h a d free b j sending an applieution ioj£ri(i-tp-A; cultural Experiment 8 tatl»n, f5enevi N. Y. Those who I'eqtuosfc -Co bar* their names placed on feho ~penuapi mailing list will r«eeiye ■ftitture- ‘t>ii tins as they, a re iBi|uetI. « I - <■ J tion. Yes, I'Q n d it pretty easy to draw the liu*, s a id the barge driver as be refusea tw.give W e a ry Walltef' a rid a over the 'dusty ioada. lnsfallatlonrij| Officerà.' trict's will be installed by D.- D, (i. M.. Orcutft and Bt&ff. on the following dates: Raymejrtown Jan, 1», Sohagb- tioofee Jian. 5; B erlin Jan. 7; Hoosick Fiills J»n . 11 ; \Valley 1% lls J&is.' 13; Johnsonvilie Jan. 14; Greenwich. Jan. 19: Cambridge Jan ..20, To Compete at -Utica. A íírnQiVilie c h o ir will compete et th e ÏÏRtUn a l ‘TVëtsH-r.EiBtîiddfQd .at Uti^a iii HBD’T. — . — ..... ....... ,............. ..... .... When a vouag snan first gets out i college, his main Idea is tbia.t 'he going- to reforua 't-h-e ' vrofI«d-p doesn’t realize how nmeli the World needs reformation till afBer 'lie tieeti oui a while. . r —■— . . ~ ‘ — i'- ' vPhilijlpe-iY.ou .; look— 5 espon-^iei this morning. Did TflSstH . Tim Appointment Confirmed. 4 .The ITnitéd States s,enate,¡ has eon- Tasker as'postm aster at} f o r t -Èd-; designs His. Office. > A. D. Sartholom e w bas resigned^as police «OBiUílssioner of Whitehalf. Unconditional? =^eea^â3a_ vertiser H artford'1 girls surrender the beauty p-éuant'tb''Á?ííyte'.'- promise to be a n ig b t f Aston ' brothev. sister ,tí» you •-« ,. (saVagc’la) —lío ? 'k J ward. ftol iii; Holiday Tim 6 . ' jfoboìy i^oompMninc ttow that a • . ...... _ -úmtm. ’ . — *' So you think you are aiiiestablisheâ ; fanny '.man, Siare.- irs v‘; every day or so. — — L)ianei “ So that is a gr«ea(i ootnedij -ftp, Á Í .'What is .bis -fa.v(Î3|t^*pïaÿ|fl L-dollárl :hÍ8-pfikrt f. •K'Vr - . i ó 1 -..-\i - . i. - -•v-íí- \

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