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M W THE,aRËBNwiCH JOURNAL ; • SéT” ^ \ ■ J .... _ & (JÛNNÊOTlOîf WITH W i i i E s i S i r ò g 7 i ’t ó i m i * - - - - Hoosac Tunnel. Foute, '\ 'TrttiLrSaïyiei) iti effect Deo* IO I80B. 3?BOH GBEBNWX.OH, , ^Greenwich ..... Leave -'JohnsonviJVo Arriva ^ :,MeohaçjôTifie......... ^Âÿfêrvüïôî . . . . . . . . ...... Alban v.....!. ___ . -7 Jobnaanville,’, ..... \ 1 '\NortliBenniagtoa^. .1 . ,j Benmngtoù...?....... '. ’.T \*** One: One •ear, in thè co itÿl ..... .... «oti-aty.. ... . ..tt Oil li) 05 ; “ klTCHEN HINTS. . » . y • * How to flake tlie Workroom a Piace of Plea - ure. Mrs. tìtona in Womankind, con siäwttte of tlie housewife, says: SÒT1E PECULIA R ACCIDENTS. A h Oculist, Tells ¿low tii<3 STglit o f SeX^craï Persona W a s Destroyed. A prominent oculist of this city gi yes the following list of queer accidents • ..... „ ” .1, “Havô yotir.ldtolien table o&vérêd ) that hays come under his observation “ Œ S  ™ on Wliea I with tin. 'Ttiei'e will be -¿ore time ! recently“ - - . A. M. i> m .:p. sr. 7 4Ì 05 •B ns -818 . r,io »88 - n , 9 50 .... 1 . Ÿ -88 «HS0 — .. •« I 835 -BSQ S 19 H 55 0 05 2 55 7 2S 8 M 2 06 5 41 9 16 : 3^7 -6 85- 9 88 , S' 02 R as 8 57 »89 6 14 9 40 8 89 6 49 -•7.m A. M. P. K . P. M. iioa at thè JotiasÀu office. T # A.dv#Wi*BM. To insure insertion the same vaefc, advrrtieernants muii be received al tins oflne not later than Tuesday noon, - New. ,1261». M o o « ’»-Plnises for A p r il. iirst Quarter. Full. Laat <te ,aost. srtu. 4& irter. FOR GREENWICH. North A d a m s .. . ...... Leave! VVlilpHStCwil........,. i Hoosiok Falls.., .... . Bennington.:,,-..,.... Noi th. Bennington.... JonHapnville ..... ...... Arrive AlDânÿi.„....,;.,...i.Xeave 8ohuv3ervïll.e. ..... a .. Snratoga'.T.'rr.v. ...... . Meohanieville»........ JohnsonviHe ..... ...... ' . Greenwich ..... . .Arrive; ¡A.. ÌlK V. St. rao, m m ; 7 1 .1 8 45 '2.01 ? 45 12 <10 8 03 1: ' 8 48, 3 S2| r oo 1 60 ] 7 15 1 6-16’ 7 68 ! 8 «| LOCALS. — Don’t think everybody knows it all just because you do. * —The assembly has passed Mr. Robbie’s bill for a police justice at S.S3 ¡3 6 ?. A. M. P. M. P. 5J, IP. M. 5 00 ®-Salem. B'47.j. - - 1 1 | I' —The man w,ho ¿ever made a fool 6 ii! of himself about a woman never bap­ 's |o. Bened to jiaeet th« right one. -fjjj-’- —The “ tootfat>iok 11 shoes will .be jj\ ®|, largely wWn. tbiesprir^and summer, o so i They are as pointed as ever, and a J. BT,THOMif SON. more appropriate name could not b.i W x * ? ' ® » R . B .1 8 » ^ tb e m - S o a k e r * g a z e t t e . . C. À. NBIM.O, G. W , P. A. Fitch, lt. B. \B. B A R T L E T T , ■ Eolectric Fliysieian anti Surgeon. -■ Respectfully tendersliis aoÿvie'es îo the peo­ ple ot-Greenwich aud vicinity at all hours day '«MliKlltt i»\OFncEHouuB-? to 9 a. m. 7 to 0 r m. Consultation-Eree, ■ Office at residence ou Bar- «Jser-Avflnó^-Eùstòii.Bidèi.. : ......... / _ , 0 iiv V A N N E S S , ; \ Attorney and Counselor at Law, a n d Be^tl Estate antllTitsui'Hnce Agt, Office in Wiimarth Block, -v- - GIÌEÌ3NWIOIJ, N. y. - Allbiisincss-promply nttendtd .to. -^•B ìcjo I bs built for. two will , be iu great demand this season. The “ new womeo” will own them and invite the in-en to ride. Leap year, pivea the j female sex the privilege ~-Sbo*s are selling at about as low <£ ŸAJiKIftEr LAW OFFICE. &fttiEiiTOTteTrfrEstatea-,'Hll-bu»mëssinSuriQ- Eates.Opnrw, Foreclosures ÖI Mortgages. Par­ tition Suits and Law Business generally will, be promptly attended to. tt price as tbey ever tourlied. yo sava tbe.Jjynft' Item, which • ia published ■f 'Vhora mbrciatoflii ~f. 3 B_inadp ffata ariy- wheie etee eti the-western' (wntinent —-Thei’anawra have passed through a tough yeaK but it is a '_on^ lane! fthat has ao turn, and they m vy co: fiaently hope for better thiojis in the &gar future. Tbft world can’t live .without the farmer?. _ ____ ______ ffrgrwttHataplin^ tlip fn\1- tVifff tor re.oreatioti aud less sei'ubhiug after'that,, There i'e'ft_;oertain joy about being able to lift a hot pot aud plump it down on your tin covered table. That little nervous flutter, boru in fear of scorching and stain- iag the table is gone, kni, do you eallze it is jast sueh' little thrills of anppy-apoe Sk*at age us, the opnataat dropping tlia,t wears away tbe stone? Creaking doors, windows that stick, misfit pot lids—do away with them. “ Have a high stool, or big* cushion put on an oj'linary uhftir. These extra inches will raise one up to thp work. The weariuess oauaed by lift­ ing the arms up to the table- in pre- pariag vegetables is so trying; the high seat will ian.lce this wrong right. “A. notebook and pencil should be fastened together by a 16*1 g string and huug ap in toe kit&hen. The moment some n.eed is dieoovered Joe it down. When the last of any art! recently A little boy, 1.0 years, old, was stand­ ing in fxout of a bird fancier’s shop when au aged parrot seemed to take a sudden animosity to the child and dart­ ed at him., pecking put one eye before he could get out oLtheavayi Soine linemen leit a lot of short wire lying, oa Euterpe street after repairing the telojohpne connection? in that dis- triot, An old negro woman who was on her -way to market early the next hiorn- ipg stepped on cue end of « bit of this wire. wien the oti^er end flew up, strik­ ing her in the eye and 1 Winding her. A milker employed at one of the daixÿ farms Mas the city was milking a cow tliaLhad got_her tail matted and tauglai with cockleburs. In the course of the milking thé cow switched her tail into the man’s faoe, the mass o{ burs sferiking him in one eye and com­ pletely destroying the. liight of St. A kd shooting at-spariows with an airgnn hit his little brother ia the eye and blinded him fpfr life. Tommy Peats, the handsome,’ brigiit eyed ï-jear-old son of a widow, fell ole is use4, a note of it, and | down stairs backward. 'When bis motb- , er got to trim aiid—pixiked him np, the* boy was asleep, tlae shock having affect- wlien imti'ketiag aay coin sf. your list is ready for copying. Tliafr limited \ feelias will he gone. I ’ve awn wo | met» go through all-sorts of braiuaud facial (contortions, thinking Up th(> list. Wfaat’s tlie use of continuing it? ~sTWfieit ' eoimw armliui, stand to do particular work, but G-. H W H I T C O M B . ' m . D . Office in Cozzens’ Block, Eesidence Main . Btfeet, eBEEHWI 6 HvN.Y« ■ Office Honns—i'rom a to -ja. m., 1 to z r. and-7to9r, m, sr.. . y t T M k a h n a tg h a n . ■ - MERCHANT TAILOR, ìm N 8 T®mVi^KES:\?IOHT K. X. _ . Showilio.flnest 8 toi'k o£ raitings «ver seen in OreeaWicli. C1 vii » ï - H nndrpiJ ^ît-vlps' .... . îis.mi up. WiUiiotba nmlersoW. notiuu Guarmitfed. , . Gives-Bu 8 ÌDeB 8 Practice In Eooke^ping, Siftrthancl ' àndTelegrapîiy From start to finish. For Catalogne nu dress, OAIlSELX-tÆ GP^HESSyAiJiASir.rN.Y J i r n o M ’ s 45MAEN ST., GREENW ICH , N. Y. 1 C $ /h '¿ f l £ $Aoi*rMmz Tjreerr-if* BEST IN E T E K Ï X B IKG ^ Ail kinds of Photographic work done ■SATISFACTIOH; G U A R A N T E E D . atmoa- Kelp Wanted. W e w i n t f O O uitsre-hands-in-oitr'SHIIKE: FACT0BÏ in Greenwich. E X P E R I E N C E not necessary. S T E A D Y W O R K A L L T B S YEAR. -- -------, ,Qreenwiclî.N.;ï.l,Mnrchig, ISOfi. tf At Six’ Per Cent. Interest. Firnt JHortgagea o n G o o d F a r m s la siaounts to Bnid lenders. No risi, no troabk, iio expense. \ Agonta employed of r* 1 BKJW 4 WSp 8 nsibiIity. Twenty years of expér­ ience, involving a business of hundreds of thonsaufts of dollars at this point and no - losses^ - &Ï1 fiailttcBB Strictly CpjpBSential For particulars inquire of G E O E G E E. DOKB. - - T B S T A B M S H ISJO ISrSSiST Boarding Stables « C. Pi COKNJüüL, Proprietor, ST Sl»i» St., ” • Greun^lcl», N. t Everything firat-ciass. Xanffius, Ooachés, tTyo and three-aôàtéd-^ttrrys, fine Hingle Türnonts and: careful Envers. Telephone^ Open D a y n.n<l Sight, : j * H A K l t B S C A S W E I * l i , . ‘ . C A B P E N T E R and B U I L D E R t is early part of the past winter Was extremely mild j;he weather-wise tells u».that it will^go*on record^s one of severest, with the greatest fall of tlie snow and longest run of slelglimg of recent years. ’ , ■The roads in tie country are not good at present for wagons or bicy­ cles, and will not be better for sever­ al weeks yet. There“ ÎB âbont two t feet of iroifc ia tb e ground, and that will have to. oome ont, before the roads will be in fit Condition to travel tìver, - .t _ Chief Pish, Game and Forets ProtPotor Pond reports that the oon- ditfoes in th(i Adirondiicks the past winter have been more favorable for the wint»rinc of deer than any season before for many years. Tho outlook for a p-reat deer steason nest fall t^most enoourasring.- —The trout season opens to-day Persistent fishinp from mercenary motives rather than for sport and the illegal use Of seines, bas well nigh ¡tlriven the trout from our streams and onr local fishermen are sighing for a Baines fish law that will pro­ tect the sport in the future. —Trout fry iB being placed in aeve- ral of the streams in other parts of the county. W h y not make an effort to bave the streams in this vicinity supplied .with the fry? The streams in this vicinity have been fished until the-speokled fteautieB have become •^comparatively scarce. Let them rest a year or two, then have all the piscatorial fun needed for a decade. —In -speaking about “ bis hats,” the Cambridge Post is led to say: “A little independence of character in tile observMiMi of ther innate iBivs of oonrtcsy. on thé part of the ladies, twnld qnirMy establish à custom which would make legislation on tlie big theatre hat unnecessary m tlii? «tate. 'The peoplo of Cambridge nave had the pleasure of ancudini! one entertainment this winter where this cionrtesy was made crmditinnol <ra the nt- tendsncs, and with Msults gratifying to nil. And -wn helievc that it requires only a little« concerted ftetinir on the oart of a few of the ladies of this village, in the start to moke tlié movement generally popular in Cambridge,” --Ex-County Treasurer james 0. Lavoke wap 3n town Monday evening and attended the dramatic entertain­ ment by the Relief Dramatic Co. Se afterwards attended the supper given by the members of the company at the rooms of the—Belief Corps and JQimself entertained the company with some vooa! __ selections which none.can bafcter render than himself. —Whitehall CÎironîeîe. —Charles C. Van Kirk, of the well known law Arm- of (j-ibsoq & Van f-Kirit~—Greenwieii^iias—retlcfii frotii tBàï concern to vvhen the p i a i n pieces co m e , g e t 'y o u r stool, if -itls th e right height^TsittjiiK to Iroti w ith cofufort.. “In the kitchen there is mucH bend­ ing- to bedone. Do you d« it properly? U-^ver boud a-t your wu-ist! Obsorva- tion shows that two-thirds of people do. Ttio bips are made for the point of aotion. By uein« thcuu our chest is expanded,' oarvature of tbS Bpine repulsed and an attitado of grace ob­ tained. Bending at the> ■waist has the ountrafy elleot. îio more awk­ ward, or droller position can be iin- uprined ; the stomach extended, sbou1- ders humped and ohest contracted; Nôt oaiy is grace, laclting- hnt onr eel liioa in this slngnlar manner, and iu nn_hoar alter, when he opened hie eyes, they were badly and i Trevocably brdssed. A poor lad w h o is affected with epi­ lepsy during a recent ¡ittaok fell agaii)g| dro■ rteanr »* his father’s nfflrp. burning anCHisieriOj’ his eyes so badty that the sight is gone. * An the „Xonisville iind Nashville pas- 8 eng?s train was coining into the^eity some ruthless person threw a stone at the day coach, shattering one ‘of\ the windows, i’lls particles of glass ia'O’ into the face of a taiiii sitting by thu ■winicw, as many as 40 of them embect- drng tht;iuHnlVtia in ljit>u^cj iiluiiu,- Mp 7 t tDars’olotiB to relate, every bit of gloss tha&been abstracted and the man’s eye sight remains nnTmpairedr='New— leans letter in Philadelphia Times. breathing apparatus is robbed 6 f it .8 dae. Trÿthe two bends—persevere ia -the llfstveatil t&'e’\ßiti>it fs estab­ lished. Let Subsoiling <lo Deep. The deeper we pent'tmtedown into the sbil. with the plow tin» more plant food we can draw up, and the ¡-renter quantity of wafer %ve can store there, Every rain stoftn uownval!« us very little. If \the hard pan is formed be­ low tlie surface. It soons runs off, and disappears. Tbe'pltuut food that ia busied «P In the hard pan cantiot be utnlized by the roots of the eropt, and a great deal of loss is experienced in this way. The question of invent' ing a plow that will penetrate from two or three feet below the surface and stir the soil np thoroughly every sprinpf i« very iinporfearlt, and one that will have a direct bearing- upon the future of our agriculture. Mean­ while, we must break tip the hard pan beneath oar plowed fields the best we can. Our ¡»resent subsoil plows partly solve the difficulty, and iuaQy of 'tfeettrrun-so-feftrd that it al­ most requires isteam to haul tbem ’across a field of ordinary compact­ ness. , A Question Answered. •Who is William McKinley?” A soldier.of the repnblie, a boy voiun. teer, knighted by his country's com- deujfierate fields. When Sheridan, summon d ly the rising .. roar of doiiliifnl battle, rode madly—do-wtt froni Win Chester and dret\ nipb tothe shattered and retreating ■ columns of lii» army; the first man be met to know was a yonng lieutenant' en- »rniJred in the heroic -task of rallying and reforming the Union lines, ready, fot-the coining of the master, whose presence and ge»ius could wrest vic­ tory from defeat. That young lie»— tenant was-a private in 1861 , a major in 836. The years that others erav-e to educational pursuit he gave to Ills country. ' His alma tnater- was tlie te®ted fleld. His diploma bears tlie name sjgnatnre'as the emancipation! pr-oclauia-tfon.-'—Senator J. M. Thurs­ ton*. - „ : St.. GBBENWIOHg*. T. S ä S i W Ä c ' - - - . 9 ry, in Essex county, to sucoeed to the business of the Son. 0.38. McLaugh­ lin, no w Justice Supreme, Court, Mr. Cheaper to Born Potatoes Than Coal. Penn Yan, N. Y., 4prilK.—A farmer of Italy Hill is disposing of his pota­ to ftrop ia a novel way. He begins by having a good bed of coals in the Are box of his coal stove, and then fills the feeder with potatoes, which, as they desoend into the fire pot, be- oorno kiln dried, and it is claimed, throw out an excellent heat. Pota­ toes are worth about $3 per ton and coal $5. Canandaigua, April 9.-^Potatoes are so cheap that farmers are throw­ ing them away. One man is burning them in his stove and says they make a vary hot any steady fire. At some auctions of farm property held iate- |ly tab era sold atjwo and one-half cents a bushel, and in many instanc­ es no bids could b.e secured. Poor Delaware. BroolflynEttgle. • Tfreriyer and' harbop-biil has passed tne jaouaeUf Repreteufcaliives.-^Soi Of the state items' under it are, for Maine, $!l,i50,Q60; for Massachusetts,, yr- ■ ... . . . . u . . , | $1,499,000; for Rhode Island, $650,000; Vaa Kirk is an accomplished ;for, Connecticut, $1SG,COO; for New and an estimable young man, ?emov*i from tlie county » ^ O 0 0;and for other stfutesin proportion, positive loss o the profession, ®oC j wondtsr will be world wide that How any too rich m the naqb«.-of) Boffietbl wa8 nofe done for Dela- frminent niembers.^ Whitehall fWare> still, the measure has yet to Chronicle. -The Indianapolis Journal' yet I g o through the senate» and that body says that ‘the Women. Of a church in a neighhorinsf town recently put in it a beautiful carved-pulpit; • Not long afterwards a new pastor entered Upon his duties. He was a little fej- krw, and one day casually remarked to one of his feminine church mem­ bers: “Mrs. Badger, that pulpit is -entirely too high for me“; think it had better be eat down a trifle.”, “Cat downl” thq horrified woman ex- tbat—pulpitl.dQWxil 4 „.., would ruinit,\it would may alter it. beyond recognition. iownl” thq hor Jlatmed. - '-^ut-'t (To, in'deed,;it woi be hiuch easier pr cacher.” to get a , taller Oreert Food. ^ ildnt Ä greeh crop, either of corn, oatB, peas or millet, to’ out during dry weather when grass may be scarce. A eoiall plot of gcaen food will be found very convenient, and will also provide a change oE diet. It will also be relishedljy all oiasees. It may be önt atanjf stage of growth as re­ quired. Windfalls foe- a Street-Sweeper A Crossingr sweeper who stands in one of the squares in West London has received regularly eygry mouth a small Bum of money tied up in brown paper. It is brought to him by a servant, who says she has strict orders not to divtilge the dcraox’s m&me. Profit on Pineapples. The business of. importing 1 pineap­ ples must- be a very profitable one. The official organ of' Kew Qsid&ns says that the price of pineapples at Sierra Leone varies from Jd to t Id e-aoh. Jay’s First Address. Jay, when only 20 years of age, wrote the ' Address to the peoplo of Great Britain,” which is one of the ijamortal documents of -fche-resijltuJ teiott. ■ Silk from Shellfish. There is a shellfish in the Mediter­ ranean which produces a good qoality •of silk. Fabrics have been mautt factored from it, but only as oarlosl- ties. Barns’s First Poems. Burns prodaced his first yolamf of poems at S 6 , and had he been fav «orably situated the book might have ,re& m n cb'earlier. Sheridan’s ’‘¡Rivals.” Sheridan prodaced “The Rivals'” at S4 and was otherwise kno'-wa at that age as one of the most promising young men of his time. Easter Variations. jNext year Easter , will como on I April 18. Two years ago i£ was on] March 25, and last year on April 14 Price Of Bngllsh Houiids-L, --- • One of the.finest packs a! hounds ! in- England was recently sold for] $15.000. Bucklen’s Arnica Salve. ~ The best salve in the world forcuta, brniseßj-sores, ulcers, sait rheum, fever .sores, tetter, chapped hantLs, chil­ blains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay\ • ' • 1 ’ * i % ,fHSs MtSsScôrehrer‘itb»ndoned-her ■ wheel?*’ Itierfeot satisraotion or money t b i u i i - “iiot- - her-wheel has abandoned ded. Price 25o per boi, Por sale by h«r.” C. Mealey. Line is complété for Spring and the. Of Faints and Gils, Wood - Stains, Varnishes, Paint Brushes, Kalso mine an'd Ready Mixed Paints are all the very best goods at the low. est prices. H i i l ’s 'B ï o c ï i . j Ho» »a « :. A jndgnient tgiinst j , 3hreenw»h. W * York, pbtu. — ... iota,fdvenmetsrMr.B&töe, tap pro»»»!««

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