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1 l » I i \ .v. '¥ y.v X * . . v * * * ; ' • * The Chronicle Express, Penn Yan, N .Y., December 28, 1978—Page 3 s w . * ? • . Y m ■:-x>ZSf a: •X- x - y - • jit .o c w * . A V . -X: V-.-. .-.• v K ' I v a v : -S Dugan says $ V - > \ X* S v . A : X .V . i t s s w ,w;:s ..... N ^ •••yx-N ^ ;v* s Z» • • •is%% .i.'.V. :<•'- « S ? .V .V .N ' X * > •X; m m - :- :Y s s X4».'X IS: > s r * •X-) .W . v « v Sx. •A V m m \ ' A \ Siii. >4 »S¥: •-V. . ‘A Bv LOREE MARTIN Mrs. Dugan pointed out. is the Rural anymore. Thev have learned *§gp5 i-atfeiK §**£*'• % .V .' ■ V , ♦ *AVk ■ H I \This year more and more women and Health Clinic Act which provides leadership and the value of working in a have realized they are a part of the medical and health costs reimburse- coalition and speaking out.\ Mrs. women's movement.\ said Marcia ment to rural health clinics. Dugan said. Dugan, a delegate to the National Other progress since the conference In her travels to speak to different altitudinal changes easy, they would have been changed years ago.\ she added. \Not all the issues at Houston can be effected by legislation rather they involved we are deal- . Z.. IS: & Conference for Women in November of was an act bv the President to establish 1977. at Houston. a National Advisors Committee of 40 organizations Mrs. Dugan during .the past has stressed sear, ing with attitudes as well as the the economic threat of the countrv now. • • w w v X W — ^ Reflecting on the vear since the women. Mrs. Dugan noted. importance of setting priorities among At least women have more of an NT'•> conference. Mrs. Dugan said, \some women used to think thev had to be for « all the beliefs of the women’s A member of a continuing committee the group’s own issues and working for opportunity to make their own choices to seek action on issues regarding those issues. now according to Mrs. Dugan and \that ♦VV.t* * * * * * Carpenter $ gr a tula ted by meeting of the Martin) equality. Mrs. Dugan has spoken on 33 movement. but the definition of occasions since the conference. She feminist is changing. I like Dr. Betty explained, \the real issue for equality Bone Scheiss\ definition. She believes in my mind is the employment 'any woman or man who believes she or situation If women can't make a living he has been discriminated against and wage then there is something wrong. \ tries to correct it.’ is part of the Explaining her reasoning for being an equal employment activist. Mrs. \We have to be patient.\ she said. \If is what the women's movement is all the projects we are working for were about — choices.\ Carpenter honored Lynn Carpenter, retiring The clerk is charged with the > Yates County Clerk was honored with a plaque Tuesday. Dec. 19. for his 15 years of service to the Yates County court system. He has served as county clerk since 1964. working during the terms of three county judges, the late Judge Maurice W. McCann. responsibility administering the dockets and calendars of all Yates Countv Courts. Carpenter retires on Dec. 31. at which time Deputy County Clerk Marian Mann position. women's movement for equality. ” Commenting on the \chain of activ- Dugan pointed out. \many women ist women across the country.\ who today are opting not to get married and have been working to see that 40 per cent of the marriages end in resolutions presented at the conference divorce. Many of those women who are implemented. Mrs. Dugan said \it have to work or go back to work haven't has not happened as fast as 1 would had the training. \ have liked to see it. but effecting The Comprehensive Employment change does not happen instantaneously. ” Some progress however, as \the extension of the Equal and Training Act has attempted to combat this problem with a bill for has been made, education of displaced homemakers, Mrs. Dugan said. Relating the problem Judge man Smith, now Carpenter wife. s u p e r Meanwhile many residents along the activists were not working for it. she themselves or a family, not simply to Because of a space problem in last road are unhappy with the situation. Rights Amendment'’ ratification date to equal pay for women, she said, would not have happened if the chain of \Many women today work to support Editor's Note: Justice of the Supreme Court and Judge Dugan. Dorothv reside in Dundee. He is the former editor of the Dundee newspaper. said supplement another income « % week's Chronicle-Express, the Philip Millspaugh of 1143 East Bluff Another plank, presented at the Illustrating her point. Mrs. Dugan following story was drastically cut. The Drive has retained a lawyer and conference relating to rural women, noted, \when men came into teaching, story appears this week, in its entirety, presented the town with a bill of more has been passed this year in the new tax the wages went up.\ B y MAURICE DUMAS than $ 2,000 for damages to his property Hospital Notes act. she explained. The act changes the For the future Mrs. Dugan sees when storm clouds darken and a from the August flooding, status of women as farmers for \people continuing to be involved by heavy rain starts to fall on Bluff Point Wilbur Goodrich of 968 East Bluff inheritance purposes. A tax on working on their own issues and in the town of Jerusalem, highway Drive has written to his state senator inherited farms previously had to be establishing coalitions to work on those superintendent Charles Hines is sure to and congressman to complain of his paid by women who worked beside their issues. Dec. 18-24 Admissions: Mrs. Ethelyn Kellen. 154 Cornwell St. Michael Cincotta. 124 Cornwell St. Carol Henderson. 330 West Lake Road *»■ Mrs. Mabel Carroll. 328 Liberty St. W. Carl Schuyler. Pulteney Melvin Weaver. Penn Yan RD1 Robert Carpenter, 216 East Main St. St.. U p c o i v i i N q Glen Preston. Dundee RD 1 Mrs. Marie Craig. 25 Main St. Clarence Davis. Penn Yan RD 3 Anne Allen. 217 Clinton St. Lewis Castner. Penn Yan RD 1 Michelle Ansley. 120 Flat St. Thomas Craig. 159 Seneca St. Kelley Smith. 15 Washington Dundee Jack Tretjen. Penn Yan. RD 3 Discharges: Donald Hopkins. Penn Yan RD 5 Lawrence Harris. 360 Liberty St. Mrs. Diana Knapp. Penn Yan RD 1 Mrs. Julia D’Abbracci. Hilltop Inn William Volz. 312 Elm St. David Snyder. Reynolds Trailer Park Mrs. Florence Caskey. Prattsburg RD 2 husbands on the family farm. have a problem. plight. During the last storm his Since the conference \women feel The water that falls on the bluff, a basement was flooded, the walls Another issue involving rural areas, they are not a voice in the wilderness rjdge 0f ian(j dividing Keuka Lake into cracked, the sidewalks broken, and two branches, slowly starts to make its shrubbery, grass, and topsoil were Forum hears talk on home ec wav to the lake. % It trickles down through the drainage washed away. Goodrich says he mav have » i no areas, picking up speed as it flows alternative but to bring a lawsuit.\ PRATTSBURG — There was a fair on their length. There are a total of 23 along the steep slopes of the bluff, because of the town's \continued turnout at the second open forum of the courses. Finally water is rushing in torrents negligence in failing to solve this Prattsburg Central School Board of Today many boys are taking home through the hundreds of ravines that problem.\ Education on Dec. 7. economics, in one course the boys lead to the lake. The last flooding added to the x . r Bridle club to meet The care of brood mares will be the topic of the 7:30 p.m. Jan. 3 meeting of Harold Nichols. Penn Yan. RD 2 the Yates Saddle and Bridle Club at the County Auditorium. Harold Christiansen will speak on the feeding, exercise, and care of the brood mare at the time of foaling. Mary Jane Kukuk home economics outnumber the girls. The courses cover Charles Hines' problem starts when problem, said Pete Tierney, a soil teacher explained the courses she is almost every aspect of home making, the water reaches the base of the bluff, conservation expert who did a study of teaching this year and the major To mention a few, there are courses in which is rimmed by 23 miles of town the area, because it \loosened a lot of changes in the courses for next year. In marriage, sewing, foods, consumer road. gravel all the way up to the drainage preparation for next year's courses, education, interior decorating and child Many of the sluiceways which tunnel area. \ Another heavy rain on the steep Ms. Kukuk attended two seminars this care. Each of the categories are divided under the road are too small to handle slopes could wash enough material past summer, one in Buffalo, the other up into different segments. For the volume of water, which flows over down to plug the culverts and cause at the University of Syracuse. instance there are courses in diet foods, the road, washing debris onto more widespread flooding. Tierney Carol Henderson. 330 West Lake Road She also spent a great deal of time 8 ourrnet foods, foreign foods and so landowner's property and flooding could find no solution to the problem Ski clinic planned Flossie Moss. Branchport Warren Knapton. Himrod Paula Cleveland. 119 Clinton St. Darwin Hammond, Branchport M ichael Cincotta. 124 Cornwell St. Melvin Weaver. Penn Yan RD 1 Charles Harris. Italy Valley Road. preparing an outline of the courses to be taught next year. The courses could be forth. basements. The Advisory Committee to the After the August rain, flood damage that wouldn't cost a lot of money. According to town supervisor John taught without an outline or syllabus, School Board will on Feb. 7. at another along the road cost the town $20,000 to pavne the town doesn't have a lot of but then there wpuld be no Regent's credits, she explained! open forum knowledgable meeting, men to ! explain have , 11 the clf3PW -... There, is •M l) no equalization rate. It is expected Carl problem.1, - J - . k . . V w — . < i f . * v 1 ' 1 « * v „ > u i ’ v Ay, . ,, i money to spend on one-road Pie .Solution t.Q the Hinoc arlHc thof oc Irxnr 1 V K .4 ‘ s.un Hines adds that as long as he can remember at least since 1935. flooding Harry Bartz. district superintendent. Cartridge. ToWh\asse$sOr'and'George- According to Hines' estimate, it has occurred on the bluff roads l A cross country ski wax clinic will be Naples at 6 p.m. until Thursday. Jan. 1 1 . in Weed Physical Arts Center Lounge on the Keuka College campus. commended her for the amount of work Fox. county tax director will be would cost $4,000 each to replace the Rob Haggerty. Karhu Ski representative will present the clinic, which is free and open to the public. Persons wishing further information should contact Marv Schleiermacher at 5364411. ext. 249. Dance party set The Penn Yan Friendship Squares will have a New Year's Eve Dance Party at the Penn Yan Grange Hall on Route 54A Sunday. Dec. 31. with hats, noisemakers and door prizes. A round dance party will be 7:30-8.30 p.m. followed by a square dance party. 8:30-12:30 a.m. A pot-luck supper will start at 12:30 a.m.. and cvervone is asked to bring a dish-to-pass and table service. 5 A night owl dance will follow the supper. Hunters’ dance set The Seneca Lake Duck Hunters Association is having a New Year’s Eve dance with Bruce Pinneo. A free buffet « lunch will be served at midnight. Noisemakers and hats will be provided. All members and all guests are welcome. Maple Carroll, 328 Liberty St. Elsie Bloomfield. 110 Court St. Judith Copp. Old Dundee Road Gladys Smith. Naples Dante Marasi, Penn Yan RD 3 Jennie Olesen. Skylock Village. Penn Yan Dorothy Welden, 521 East Lake Road Ethelyn Kellen. 154 Cornwall St. Robert Carpenter. 216 East Main St. Carl Schuyler. Pulteney she has done and for high standings at the seminars. present. On March small three foot culverts with five-foot To make the matter worse, many houses built since that time are near 7. there will be another pipe It would cost the town $40,000 to creek and a few evcn slradd,e the Elementary home economics is meeting at which time the budget for replace the 10 most troublesome taught in grades 4 through 6 one day the coming school year will be sluiceways along the road, which has each week. There are nine week discussed. This meeting will give the about 200 culverts in all. courses for grades 7 and 8 . Grades 9 citizens in the school district a chance through 12 have many electives to to present their views as to what should flow of water is increased, adding to the choose from. The student has to take be in the budget. one course from each category and Refreshments were served by some the road. streams. Tierney adds that since the ‘60 s. ....... . , . \we’ve learned that flood plains are not r 6 . enj,^ 3 1 H 16 the place to build anymore.\ ..... r , . . . All of which, though true, is of little possibility of damage to property below consolation to those persons who have must take six to nine courses depending members of the advisory committee. either built or bought a home near one CHINA & FRANCE HONG KONG — China has signed a $13.5 billion trade agreement with Fance including two nuclear power stations, and the Peking government said it must make major increases in its imports of advanced technology. The town has investigated the of the bluff’s numerous creeks. They, possibility of state aid. but the like Charles Hines, can only hope when Department of Transportation has said the storm clouds form, that it doesn't it can’t help. rain too hard. 4 : JAMBOREE POSTPONED GENEVA. Switzerland World Scout Jamboree scheduled for The 15th T w o t u r t l e d o v e s July next year m postponed, the World Scout Bureau said. The Jamboree had been scheduled to take place July 15 to 23 in Neishaboor. 500 miles east of Tehran. Iran has been These two turtle doves decorate the front entrance of the Dresden Elementary School. They were made ; paper by fourtl Maurice Dumas) BEST WISfiES 3 v V 1 M Our sincere senti­ ments in wishing oil o happy holiday celebration. Now and throughout the y e a r ... our thanks. &feetfogi and Best Wishes for a prosperous and joyful (1 1 1 >• 1 . COLE FURNITURE STORE East Elm St. 5 3 6 -3 7 3 3 F r e e P e r k i n g N e a r O u r S t o r e Penn Yan Jew e lry & G ift Shop 129 E. Elm St., Penn Yon 536-6826 VISA • * z . r 1

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