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Chronicle-express. (Penn Yan, N.Y.) 1926-current, December 28, 1978, Image 19

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» . [r : ‘>tY‘ D e c e m b e r C o n s e r v a tion com m e n t s P a g e 19 1 Lawrence E. Lamb. M.D D E A R D R . L A M B I & w o u ld re a lly a p p r e c ia t e your an s w e rin g a couple of questions fo r m e . C a n you te ll m e w h a t foods n a t u r a lly contain le c ith in an d a r e th e re an y calo ries in a 1200 m illig r a m v ita m in capsule? A ls o , a r e th e r e a n y c a lo r ie s in v ita m in B co m p le x w ith v ita m in C th a t has 15 m i l l i ­ g ram s of le c ith in in it? D E A R R E A D E R — In th e firs t p la c e , le c ith in is not a v ita m in . I t ’s a trig ly c e r id e (fa t ) attach e d to ch o lin e . Y o u r body can m a n u fa c ­ tu r e choline fro m a m in o acids if you h a v e an ad e ­ quate am o u n t of good q u a l­ ity p ro tein in y o u r d ie t. T h e calo ries in le c ith in com e fro m its fa t co n ten t. T h e r e a r e nine c a lo r ie s in e v e r y 1000 m illig r a m s o f fa t . I t follow s th a t a 1200 m illig r a m le c ith in v it a m in c a p s u le p ro b a b ly contains less th a n 10 c a lo ries. You s h o u ld k n o w t h a t y o u r own body m a n u fa c tu r e s lec­ ith in . The am o u n t t h a t is in your blood s tr e a m is b a s i­ c a lly r e g u la te d by y o u r ow n liv e r . C h o line can be m a n u ­ factu red fro m essen tial a m ­ ino a c id s in th e p r o te in fro m a w e ll-b a la n c e d d ie t and yo u r liv e r can produce th e fa t t y acid necessary to fo r m the trig ly c e r id e p a r t o f th e le c ith in . So i f y o u a r e e a tin g a good n o r m a l d ie t , y o u r le c ith in le v e l is m o r e a p t to be d e p e n d e n t u p o n th e basic c h a r a c te r is tic s of y o u r own ly c h e m is tr y . L e c ith in is found in a v a r i ­ ety of foods; soybean an d soybean products a r e good exam p le s . C h o line is found in m e a ts. I f yo u r d ie t con­ tain s a n a d e q u a te a m o u n t o f m e a t, you should be g e ttin g s u ffic ie n t choline fo r y o u r body to m a n u fa c tu r e its ow n lecith in . N o te th a t le c ith in is not a v ita m in and its c a lo r ie con­ ten t is solely dependent on the point th a t i t is re a lly a fa t. R e a l v ita m in s d o n 't have calo ries. F o r t h a t r e a ­ son, v it a m in B com p le x and v ita m in C d o n o t a d d to y o u r calo r ie in ta k e . T h e y a r e not used fo r en e rg y . V ita m in s a r e com m o n ly used in th e m e ta b o lic cycle to h e lp y o u r cells b r e a k down th e food you e a t and release th e ca lo r ie s t h a t a r e in th e food. These v ita m in s , m a n y o f w h ic h a r e in th e v ita m in B com p le x group, can be used o v e r and o v e r ag a in . Y o u r b o d y is a n e x c e l­ len t r e c y c lin g m a c h in e . I presum e th a t th e th r u s t of y o u r question is y o u r concern about c a lo r ie con­ ten t in v ita m in s a n d le c ith in . A lthough th e r e a r e a few calo ries in le c ith in , n e ith e r le c ith in n o r th e v ita m in s a r e an im p o r ta n t s o u rce o f c a lo ­ ries. O th e r foods t h a t a r e ric h in choline, w h ic h yo u r body to m a k e its Water hearings will continue The Department of Environmental specific numerical water quality based upon the results of that Conservation will continue hearings on standards for non-metals, such as statement. Following the development coliform. pH. proposal its proposal to establish water quality dissolved oxygen. standards for organic chemicals and ammonia and metals such as cyanide, to a task force consisting of pesticides such as mirex. dioxin, copper, zinc and cadmium. Following representatives kepone and DDT. but is withdrawing the recent public hearings on the temporarily, pending further review lX'partment's proposed surface water of environmental organizations and affected industry organizations and consultation with a task force standards, revisions, the Hearing prior to formal proposal and public consisting of industrial, governmental Officer who presided over these hearings. and environmental interests, proposed hearings submitted a report to me The hearings on the proposed water quality standards for metals and which concluded that portions of the standards for organic chemicals and non-metals. Commissioner Peter A.A. proposed regulations were not pesticides are scheduled to resume at accompanied by the type of social and * 10 a.m. on Jan. 16. 1979. in Room 106. DEC Headquarters. 50 Wolf Road. Berle said today. ‘-Because current state regulations economic analysis that is required. do not provide any specific water \To the extent that, the department Albany. N.Y. 12233. quality standards for these pesticides proposal would make existing Any changes in the water quality and organic chemicals, such as PCBs standards more stringent, they will be and,carbon tetrachloride, it is highly withdrawn pending a complete analysis important that the department continue of both the environmental benefits subject ironmental Board omprised the procedure for establishing specific which would be achieved through the Agriculture numerical water quality standards for new standards as well as the economic Environmental t hese and Markets. Conservation. substances,\ Commissioner and social implications and benefits for Commerce. Health. Transportation. Berle said. \By establishing numerical municipalities and industry.'* water quality standards for pesticides Commissioner Berle stated that he Labor. Public Sen' Department in c lu d e own w h e a t can use le c i t h i n , g e r m , liv e r , egg yo lk s and needs and other significant chemicals, a was ordering the organic void in the existing preparation of an environmental Recreation. immediate State and the Office of Parks and and six members kid n e y s . Y o u r betw e e n 150 body to 600 m illi- g ram s of choline a d a y . Seven ounces o f le a n m e a t w ill co n tain 200 m illig r a m s . L e c ith in is im p o r ta n t in your body, but you need to know t h a t th e w a y le c ith in is increased in y o u r blood is fro m th e actio n o f y o u r ow n liv e r . T h e liv e r is a r e m a r k ­ able o rg a n t h a t controls th e le v e l o f s u g a r in yo u r blood, reg u la tes th e fo r m a tio n of d iffe r e n t sized fa tty -c h o le s ­ te r o l p a r tic le s , changes one am in o a c id in to an o th e r a m ­ ino a c id , b re a k s d o w n a m in o acids fro m p ro tein s an d even fo r m s new ones. To g iv e y o u m o re in fo r m a ­ tion on y o u r r e m a r k a b le l i v ­ e r , I a m sending you T h e H e a lth L e t t e r n u m b e r 7-8, Y o u r L iv e r A n d H o w T o L iv e W ith It . O th e rs w h o w a n t this issue can send 50 cents w ith a lo n g , stam p e d , s e lf- addressed envelope f o r i t to m e in c a r e o f th is new s p a ­ p e r, P , 0 . B o x 1551, R a d io C ity S ta tio n , N e w Y o r k , N Y 10019. regulatory scheme will be filled. \ Announcing the decision to withdraw for the time being that portion of the impact statement covering the portions of the regulations which had been withdrawn and expected that the representing citizen groups industrial concerns. and water quality standards relating to Department could propose additional metals and non-metals. Commissioner changes to the state's water quality standards within the next few months Berle said: \The Department currently has Chamber forms Electrical Service insurance group The Penn Yan Area Chamber of Commerce has formed a group health insurance program for current and prospective members of the chamber. According to executive secretary Esther Nash, the chamber is offering the group plan as a community service, as many members of the chamber are not now eligible for a group health plan. According to Blue Cross and Blue Shield representative John Felerski. the plan offers basic coverage to \people who can't form their own group.\ The planplan offersrs manvany benefits. R e s id e n t ial • C o m m e r c ial E s t im a t e s ED HALL 315-595-2527 offe m including major medical and full poop Extension elects leaders Eight Yates County residents have Shamp and Reverend George Smith, been elected to positions of leadership Phyllis Button and Dale Hallines c*iam*:>er is °Pen t0 “any individual t L n V n i / v n _ __ i . . P A A L . a * 6 A P O 1 A M I l% l InlM / V O PV M AVk At* out-patient care, at a cost just about the same as direct-bill customers pay for less coverage. Although only Chamber of Commerce members are eligible for the group insurance plan, according to Nash, the «• in the Yates County Cooperative were elected to the 4-H Extension Association. All were elected committee and will join to three year terms, and will take office Ackerman. HelenSullivan. D program Richard in January, 1979. j V • r - ‘ V.v M argot Elected as at-large directors to the Schrouder Martens and Donald person, professional, businessman, or housewife.\ Any resident in the area is welcome to join the chamber. The group health plan takes effect Jan. 15, and the next open enrollment Hope your New Year filled with dear friends, health and many happy moments. C0VELL < . ...« association board of directors were Thomas Murphy. Jr. of Penn Yan R.D. and Delos Dann. Jr. of Penn Yan R.D. . They join Mary Jane Ingram. Donald House. Rodger Francis. Kenneth Gibson, and Dr. Timothy Dennis on the board. Lance Fullagar of Penn Yan R.D. 2. and Lee Petersen, of Penn Yan R.D. 1. were elcted to the agriculture program committee, serving during 1979 with Lyle Jensen. Larry Anderson. Jack Snow. Edward Pinneo. and Leonard The board of directors and the for the plan is April 1 committees will all hold organizational meetings in January. Officers of each group will be elected at that time. TREE TRIMMING & REMOVAL S » MICHAEL FALVEY & C O . • E. Lake Rd., Penn Yan 536-4621 Free Estimates 4 4 Fashion Right S A N D B L A S T I N G - Portable unit allows us to work anywhere RAILINGS — HOISTS — BUILDINGS -Vaughan W I T I a a I A/ Elected to the home economics program committee were Frances Lawson of Dundee and Sherry Lawn of Penn Yan. Other committee members are Connie Castelluzzo. Pauline Fehr- enbacher. Debbie Pinneo. Barbara B A R D E E N 'S U p h o i s t e r y S h o p 5 3 4 Liberty S t., Penn Yan 5 3 6 -6 6 5 6 RD 3 Contractors Lovejoy Road A l l types of residential: Penn Yan * R E M O D E L I N G * P L U M B I N G * E L E C T R I C A L * E L E C T R I C H E A T M I K E W O R D E N , B u ild e r J A d d i t i o n s 0 F r e e E s t i m a t e s M a s o n r y W o r k 1 R e m o d e l i n g S e a W a l l s P h e n e 5 3 6 - 6 1 9 8 NEW ADDITIONS ■ Kitchens. Bathrooms, G a rages 30 years experience 536*0788 IN S U LATIO N F o a m , C e l l u l o s e , P o l y s t y r e n e , U r e t h a r v JOHN SNOW BLOWING SNOW PLOWING and G E N E V A H A L L P E N N Y A N B A T H F o r F r e e E s t i m a t e s C e l l Dick Rothfuss Dick Rothfuss i Tom Smart Peter Robbins 315.526-5118 315-526-5118 315-536-3013 607-776-48*2 * * Minor Home Repairs * Plumbing * Electrical * Interior Painting W a y l a n d , N . Y . 716-728-5500 JOHN WIGSTEN 140 Benhom St., Penn Yor. 5 3 6 - 8 2 0 3 Burn.er Service Tune-Up * Cleaning * Installation 536-8238 * R o g e r C h a m p l i n 173 Senece S t .. Penn Yen O ff The G a s Mains Lowest Cost Automatic Energy Fuel For: Heating * Cooking Water Heating * Clothes Dryer Crop Drying Plentiful, Clean, Portable own Storage on your remises. Immediate instal- ation. Deal with a local, long established, experienced ser­ vice company. Shau j} a SINN VAN 350 Elm St., 536-3301 r l l ft V F, v Sr Your insulation job - Of- expires Jan. 1st., 1979 tax credit on 1978 income tax Paym e n t plans available on request No Carrying Charge * We Fin a n c e * Free Estim a tes DAILEY’S MODERN INSULATION Call; 607-243-7972 Or 315-536-9209 « l *■ 1 A 9 •« ' 1 ^ V » W h e n t h e w e l l i s d r y y o u k n o w t h e w o r t h o f w a t e r P H O N E 3 1 5 - 5 3 6 - 4 0 3 2 3 1 5 - 5 9 5 - 6 6 1 3 i , RITTER WATER WELLS KiQZZJl jfeftj t/O v iM « ' i C i IVY Lfc RITTER OWNER Penn \ an. New York prag/wrv; - 8 DALE HANSE CONSTRUCTION Wager Hill Rd. Penn Yan x, . : Fully Insured Estim ates 536-9678 All types Building & Rem o d eling For Winter Fuel Savings & Summer Comfort Phone 536-3121 . , We blow insulation in from outside. No inconvenience to ydu. Call for free estimate. CONTRACTORS g a r a g e s * carp e n try Phone 536-3480 or 596-6550 Remodeling Specialists Residential-Commercial ifing, 15 & 25 Years Guarantee Siding, Vinyl & Aluminum * additions * bathroom s * porches * m asonry We DARDEN HOMES * Financing & Lots A v a ilab le Fully insured-Free Estim ates Pre-Emption Rd., Penn Yan . ,. Penn Yan Plumbing Pat D'Amico 536-2541 t 4 Complete Line of Gould Pumps SUMP PUMPS PUMPS SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS SEWAGE PUMPS American Standard Bathroona^Fixtures A.O. Smith Electric & Gas Water Heaters Pat D'Amico., 128 East Elm St., Penn Yan (Off Champlin Ave formerly Jensen Machine Shop location INSTALL w GOULDS PUMPS HOT WATER & HOT AIR HEATING SYSTEMS LOG HOMES New Construction and Repair TIM TETTER 315 536-2589 315-536-6013 ■’1 Joe & Pete Townsend, 208 Clinton St., Penn Yan * Commercial * Residential * Industrial Excavating * Masonry Managers 536-8076 * or 536-6762 Sand. Septic Systems fi Black Topping * Gravel Stones * Snow Plowing & Removal 0 r Fully Insured * Free Estimates WAREHOUSE CLOSEOUT PRICES * PLUMBING * HEATING * ELECTRIC SUPPLIES * KITCHEN CABINETS YATES PLUMBING HEATING SUPPLY CO., INC. 137 Benham St Penn Yan Open: Mon.-Sat. 7:30 a.m .-5 p.m. 536-4495 ROOFING SIDING INSULATION i Call J IM DEAN S a l e s R e p . 536-3146 FIBERGLAS INSULATION ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS ROOFING - Residential & Commercial » SIDING- Vinyl & Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES A L L I S O N DANIELS O V E R 3 2 Y E A R S I N T H E S A M E B U S I N E S S L O C A T I O N W. LAKE RD 536-3121 PENN VAN \ *• V 9 t r*

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