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„ ‘ I -V-. » 4 t i r a 0 * t • « one 123 « i CHRONICLE N O V E M B E R 18, 1926 Page Three F. H. LYNN DEFENDS ON BOARD RECORD (Continued from page one) A regular meeting thereof held June lUlh, 1026 A regular meeting thereof held Aug. 5th, 1926 A regular meeting thereof held Sept. 1st, 1926 A regular meeting thereof hell'd Oct. 7th, 1926 x , A special meeting thereof held Oct. and giving notice o-f bearing, also tha. 1 copies of the resolution be served up on the petitioners. Carried by the affirmative vote o all. ed to the Board of Trusts by H. A. Wagener, E. J. Walker, Jr., F. M. Mc- Ni ft and Chas. Kelly, containing in it charges against Fred H. Lynn asking that he he removed as a member o-l tha Municipal Board he filed and hear­ ing on said charges held before the Board of Trustees on November 12th 1926, in the Trustees Room, Maiden Lane, at 7:00 P. M., and that a copy oi said, charges and said resolution be served upon aforesaid Fred H. Lynn washboard You may have an Easy on such remarkably easy Vacuum E lectric WASHER HOME TRIAL DEMONSTRATION - » ■ • \ e •. i . or soondr—any time you wish, test the Easy in your ow n h o m e with'your own Clothes. No charge for the Demonstration and no obli­ gation. W e’re glad to let you investigate and see for yourself. i , Don’t delay. Telephone or write today. i * ’ EASYS are obtainable on surprisingly easy terms < New York Central Electric Corp. 130 Main St., Penn Yan, N. Y. 27th, 1920 That the said Ftved H. Lynn had due and timely notice of the. time of plade of said special meetings. Second: That 'tire said Fred H. Lynn has for a long -time iprior hereto been engaged in captious- and1 groundless criticisms of said Board land its mem­ bers for -the purpose of bringing said Board and its members, into diareipute among tha -citizens of said village, am hampering and retarding, the work oi said1 Board and its members, -and in publishing in It he public press critb cisims of said Board and its members, and in giving out fals'.e and mislead­ ing information in regard to .the ac­ tions of said Board and its 'members in an effort to discredit said Board and its policies, and to (bring said Board and its members into disrepute and to cause the public to believe! that said Board was engaged in a ‘line oi conduct and carrying out a policy con­ trary t.c the best interests of said vil­ lage and the taxpayers thereof. Third: That the said Fred H. Lynn, while acting as President Board, by various means and devices received compensation for alleged ser­ vices rendered by him as a member of said Board and the president thereof, contrary to law. - Fourth :1 That the said Fred H. Lynn while president, of said Board and a member thereof voted for iand secured the audit of bills against said village and the funds of said Board, unlaw­ fully. Fifth: That the conduct of the said Fred H. Lynn as a member of said f < Mi nicipal Board1 has -been and ts: con trary to the best interests of the tax­ payers of said village, and has tended to retard and hamper t'he lawful ac­ tivities of said Board in carrying out the policies of said Board to the best interests of the taxpayers of said vil­ lage of Penn Yan. Dsited at Penn Yan, N. Y., November 1st, 1923. H. A. Wagener E. J. Walker, Jr. F. M. McNiff To the President and Trustees of the . Village of Penn Yan, N. Y. Gentlemen: % I herewith enclose my answer tc the charges preferred against me b: H. A. Wagener, F, J. Walker, F. M McNiff and Charles A. Kelly, .tor youi corisideration, I emphatically deny all the chdrger set forth in their complaint, and be lieve I have made it plain in each you If you desire any further informa ti-on, I will be pleased to meet youi Board or a committee from Board. Yours truly, Mr, Lynn's Truly First: Since April 4, 1922, when Mr Wagener was appointed a member o the 'Municipal Board, to and including the July, 1928, regular meeting, then of such! were 71 meetings held. F. H. Lynn attended 68/was -absent l H. A. Wagener attended 47, was absent 24 F. M. McNiff attended 61, was absen< 10 z There have been 5*5 meetings since Mr. Walker dame on the Board; lie attended 45, was -absent 10. ■Since Mr. Kelly'was appointed, there have been 46 meetings, and he attend­ ed 42, was absent 4. I believe that I am not making z false statement when I -say that out of the 25 years that I have been a mem­ ber of the Board, I have not been ab­ sent from more than 15 meetings This includes all meetings to date. ’ Second: This charge does not speci­ fy anything that has been done con­ trary to taw, as the law does not pro­ vide any penalty for a man expressing his opinion on -all -subjects, unless il he of a Lbelous character. C. A. Kcilly Trustees Vote For Hearing As to the faZ-s-e and misleading infor­ mation I am charged with giving out all I can say is, it is not false and car be proven by the records; and until i: is proven that I have given false State- Resolution made by Mollendorf and ments, T shall consider it a libelous seconded by Vann; insinuation. Reserved that the petition present- Third: After serving about 13 years / r 1 l t l VACUUM CLEAN ER Known From Coast to Coast . Service Appliance Co. Arcade B ldg., M a in St. > f . A v . . 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This is the best time to make selection, as the numbers are complete PENN YAN PRINTING CO., Main & Water Sts. / E> f 10 1 3 □ Hamburg, 2 Lbs. for. .25c D - Roasting Chickens . . .35c 8 8 a □ 8 I a a Lard 15c Am in the market for i Beef, e Pork, □ Chickens. Veals and i . - . . a i i □ □ 8 I D □ I \ . . Hugo $ Bristol i 1 « %■ t 126 East Elm St. Call Any Time 553 Q 46w3 uflnnsreanBBCoaaaoDESBnDBiaDpBMi PU LTEN EY Mr. and Mrs. Henry Price, son, Clif­ ford, and daughter, Anna, of Hornell, spent the last of the week and Sun­ day with Frank Harris and family. Mrs. Price’s mother, Mrs. Rachel Mrs. Elizabeth Harris is visiting! O. E. Overhiser is gaining rapidly Charles Harris and family at Pratts- and expects to return home this week. burg' M A Y ’S M ILL THOUGHT HE HAD MOKE SHOULD BE TRAINED The pupils gave the following pro- Messrs. J. A. and J. D. Coryell, E. M. and G. D. Prentiss and Spencer Clark, of Prattsburg, spent Thursday, F r iday: gram Thursday at the school house Pierce,* i / c o n f i n / l to 'h e r *bed ~at~the j a n d . Saturday in M onterey, hunting i in honor of Arm istice Day: Song— partridge. home of her daughter, Mrs. Price. Mrs. William Melliner spent the last of the. week with Mrs. Elizabeth Pren­ tiss. Miss Katherine Prentiss, who re­ turned to Rochester with Mrs. Chester Stone and son, will remain with them this week.- The Helping Hand committee of the King’s Daughters Society will serve a chicken pic supper in the Presbyterian church parlors Saturday evening. Price 35 cents. Miss Violet Koster spent the week­ end with friends iti Painted Post and Corning. Lincoln Lounsberry, of Bath, visited Mr. and Mrs. Purl Conley the last of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Emmons and daughter, Helen, of Spencer, and Mr. and Mrs. Hart were Sunday callers of Mrs. S. Bush and. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Pierce, ‘also attending .the morning service at the Presbyterian church. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Shaw and daugh­ ter, Ruth, of. Corning, were week-end guestg. of .:Mr<.4)i*d Mrs. Alfred Barton. A cbttc£gbx 'prayer meeting will he held at the home of Mrs. Maggie Moth- ersell Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Raymond and Charles Raym ond Visited cousins in Canisteo for the w celoepd and Sunday attended the funeral of C. R a y m o n d s nephew, W illard W ard, at W ellsville. Pultcney Union School will hold a cafeteria supper in the school rooms on Thanksgiving eve, Nov. 24th. Pro­ ceeds to be used for furnishings for the primary ropm. Stand by the youngsters and com e and help. W ill com m ence serving supper at 5:30. Mrs. Rena M argeson visited Miss Nathorine Prentiss last week. H. E. IloUey and family visited Mrs. H o lley’s aunt, Mrs. O. B. Thompson at Mansfield, Pa., on Sunday. Mr. and M is. W illiam Pratt have Carlton Tierney joined the boy’s moved, into the house owned by Keu- j band that 'was organized in Penn Yan ben Early. i the first of the month. Mrs W illiam C Foster (form erly Leon Rose has received word from Miss Caesie Prentiss), of Canisteo, and ; hlg sister> Mre E E Burnside, that Battle Cry of Freedom; Dialogue— Armistice Day; Song—America; Reci­ tation—in Flander’s Fields; Song— Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean; Flag Salute. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williahti of Ithaca spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. William Schofield. Mr. and Mrs. S. Hart and chauffeur of Pennsylvania have been spending several days with their daughter, Mrs. John Tierney. Mrs. Dennis Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ribble and little daughter, Catharine have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Alva Rogers at Bluff Point. Mrs. Frank Schofield is helping Mrs. William Austin, who is quite sick. m j Mr. Northrup, of Rochester, spent the last of the week wjtb Mrs. William^ s pjorkia ette Armstrong. Mrs. Elizabeth Prudent, of Roches­ ter, spent the week-end with J. A. Coryell and family. * Mv. and Mrs, Dudley Hayes, of Ge­ neva, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Jen­ nie Prentiss. they have .arrived safe in De Land, * Aunt Ada’s A x iom : If money talks, that which is spent on the right food usually talks about savings and health instead of doctor bills. Hubby—I've come to the conclusion you married me because you thought 1 had a little wealth V ♦ WIfit—Wrong again—I thought you bad a good deal. Wlfie—I don't think I approve of this movement to train young people for marriage. llubby—What I Ain’t pugilists and soldiers and ail Other fighting people trained? Pure Breds Pay Contentment shines upon the brow Of Farmer Brov/n. Says he. M1 used io keep scrub cows, but now My pate bred cows keep Me.\ Publicity a member of the Municipal Board, during -which time the sewers and DUNDEE in both The mothers or uie cmidre lights were installed, and acting asjlhe cradle Roll department and Prim- President, I had the greater :pan: ot|avy department, were entertained by the executive work to do, I began toitjie Sunday school teachers of the Pres feel that I should be relieved from some ot the work, and about April 1, 1914, Mr/ Dexter, Secretary of the Board, at my request, called an inforr mal meeting ;at his office. I there -stat­ ed my 'feelings to the Board, and re­ quested that one of the ether members take -the Presidency, and I would as­ sist them as much as my time would warrant, a-s I ifelt the same energy pm on .something else would benefit me more. No on,e wanted to act as President, so they decided that Mr. -McNiff, Mr. Dexter and -Mr. Cramer call upon the Board of Trustees and confer with . them as to what was best to do in the matter, which resulted in the follow­ ing resolution being passed by the Board oi Trustees on April 20, 1914: Moved- and carried, that the follow­ ing resolution ’be adopted: Resolved, that the Municipal Board 4 he hereby authorized to expend from the funds under its control, ,sqc‘h sum of money as may be necessary, no exceeding $300.00 a year, in payment of compensation to such ‘person as i may designate to attend to its cor res pondence and prepare its official re ports, and to exercise general super vision over -Its business. Members of the Board of Trustees a this time were: Ernest R. Bordwell, Prest. C. II. Femtibaugh James C. Good speed John II. Mosher Timothy Costello E. G. Hopkins II. Allen Wagener I have ibeen informed by Mr. Ferei: baugh that Mr. Wagener made the nv tion for this resolution, and he himse] seconded it, and said he was willin to -stand by it. At a meeting of the Mumcipa Board held May 8, 1924, members be ing present; Messrs. F. M. McNiff R. A. Scofield F. H. Lynn L. E. Dexter John B. Cramer the fo'lowing resolution wa-s pasesd: Whereas, The Board of Trustees, a ■x meeting held April 2Q, 1914, passe? the follCiwing ij solution (this resolu tion is the one just given above) Resolved, That F. H. Lynn be desig nated to act in accordance with th above resolution, and that he receiv for his services three hundred dollar per year, two-thirds to be paid fron the light, fund, and one-third from th water fund. I wish to call your attention to th fact that two of the above parties-— H A. Wagener and F. M. McNiff—-signe the request for my. removal. Fourth: The same conditions exis as in charge No. 2—there is no spec fid charge stated—therefore I aim. qn able to defend myself. One bil-l■■comes to my mind, that is Nau, Rusk & Swearingen, Public Ac co^ntants, amounting to $667.62, whic declared unlawful by the St^t Comptroller in a letter of July 14, 1921 and another letter received Febrpar 24, 1926, stated that there had beer change in the opinion of the Depart ment. When the vote was taken on th proposition, no one voted against so if one is liable,\ each and ever member of the Municipal Board is Ik ble. Fifth: In the January, 1925, meeting the question of a new turbine w. brought up, and I .suggested that v . hire a competent engineer to go o the matter and make an estimate ( the expense, and that a proposition l submitted to the taxpayers- at the an­ nual election in 1925. We. would ther have ample time to make a contrac and install the^turbine by August 1 1925. For some reason, there was no dis position on the part of the other mem ber-s of the Board to is-ubmit a proposi­ tion or advertise -for bids; they seem­ ed to -feel that they had the authority to go into the open market and buy a turbine, the same as you would a pound of sugar. I admit that I resisted this attempt and matters went on until about De­ cember, when the Board passed a reso­ lution to buy a turbine. As President of the Board I refused to sign the con­ tract, and a motion was made to au­ thorize any other member of th: Board to sign it. I notified them -tha I should commence an action stopping the -payment of the funds, which a that time was illegal. Evidently thej must have called on Mr. Huson, th Village Attorney, and he notified them that it wou-ld be necessary to adver­ tise for bids. the last Legislature, amend­ ments were made to the General Vil­ lage Law, giving permission, if the village had sufficient funds on hand in that department, to make iimprove- mefilts and extensions. This law be­ came effective April 30, 1926, when i was signed by the Governor. Previous to this time the law limited the amount of expenditure without a vote of the taxpayers. So I consider I was right on tin* stand I took at first. As instructed by Mr. -Huson, about May 1, 1926, the Board advertised for bids, and the turbine was bought, an­ as I understand it, is about ready for operation. During my 25 years’ experience f ? the Boyrd, if anything was wanted, i' was voted by the people, and they nev­ er turned anything down. I have fcl that the people should have a voice * the expenditure of large sjinis of mo­ ney which belong to them, and not to the Municipal Board. The Fascists have issued a deertee abolishing the election of municipal officers in Italy by popular vote. Those Fascists surely do favor the short bal­ lot. During The movie actqr has to face The perils of publicity And sacrifice, in quest of ‘'space,* His marital felicity. Newton Baker says that his debt cancellation proposal was his own idea. Well, there is nothing like be­ ing original. +- \ % h Read ALL the WANT ADS. Hot biscuits for dinner may be mixed after breakfast kept in the ice-box till time to bake them. i In the middle west they have been counts, having some terrible floods, and now or supper the entire country is submerged in a and * flood of campaign oratory. Oqr idea of a real treat would be jto sec Senator Jim Reed trying to in* t vestigate Mussolini’s expense ao- ♦ Judging from the way he ran in the California primary, Senator Short- ridge must have gotten the bathing Advertise in the Chronicle-Express, beauty vote. byterian . church on Friday. Rev. H. Oepl’cr gave a short talk to the moth­ ers; Mrs. James Turner sang a solo and Misses Winifred Orr and Rebekah H^rpending rendered a violin and piano duet. A meeting of the Dundee Home Bu­ reau Unit will be held at the home of Mrs,, Philip Roof on Thursday after­ noon, Nov. 18. This will be the Christmas suggestion meeting under the leadership of Mrs. Ethel Anderson. All members bring their dues. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Trask left this week, by automobile, for Hollywood, Florida. They were among the for­ tunate ones holding property in that place. They have been therb for three' yea re and owned a home. Last winter they sold this and‘When they left in the spring they were living in rented apartments. During the recent storm the house which they had owned uras wrecked. The Carpenter apple evaporator is working at full force and waft just completed a few weeks ago. It is built on the site of the old Carpenter S'tvorts evaporator urhicli burned sev­ eral years ago. The new building is a cinder block building. Fire of incendiary origin was dis­ covered Saturday evening on the east side of the barn on the premises occu­ pied by Lee Jacobs. This property is known as the Benjamin place. Mrs. M. Ingoldsby discovered the lire. \Vhen near neighbors arrived they soon put out the blaze and then it was bund that rags soaked in kerosene had had been placed near the barn where the fire started. ,Rev. and Mrs. Jesse Mullette, Mrs. Flora Price, Mrs. Thelma Hill, Mrs. Anna Burnham, Mrs. Esther Yawger, VIr. and Mrs. C. J. Sackolt and Mrs. Katherine Annin attended the group meeting of the Methodist church at Montour Falls the first of the week, 'inhere will be a meeting and supper t the Presbyterian church on Friday wening. Supper will be served by the ladies, after which a program will be put on by the Chemung Presbytery, in what is known as visitation day. The moderator and other leaders will iddress the people. When 'whitewashing add a little salt iv kerosene to the mixture. This will telp to prevent the whitewash from ubbing off. Read what our advertisers v>*vo say. ***• 5 i i * a s a 8 □ □ i □ □ ■□□■■□□■■□□MODSBDDmoaeM W e Don’t like to toot our □ □ □ □ 8 □ □ □ □ □ 5 5 3 Own horn But Here are two toots W e do know Diamonds and W e are proud of it SHEPARD & GRADY □ J ewelers □ y y«DDe»DDBBBDn»eaD»BDDBenDBti ^ ^ ^ —— —— I Whipped Cream Specials fuesday, Thursday, Saturday Real Fruit Cake for Thanksgiving eynolds Bakesh Bessie Flour FOR ALL PASTRY every iiousewife and user should in­ sist u p o n /‘ Bessie” Flour— net only because it is made in Penn Yan, but because it is as GOOD ?,s any and BETTER than most pastry flour on the mar­ ket. It is made from White Wheat by the most up-to-date process known to milling. # Your grocer can supply you with “ Bessie.” Should he sug­ gest that you try some other kind say to him, “ No thank you— I want what I call for. ’ * The Birkett Mills PENN YAN, N. Y. _ i Yl - . - 4 ' i/d ijy bn ■h| X* ♦ * ■f A i t o. , ♦ 4 - * t + ♦ 4k •H Vi ./I . • . 1- j • i i o.' MV. .V V ■r<‘ A , . P t 6 *^•'1 V X r

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